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Found 28 results

  1. Well it looks like I'm out of luck. I have been looking for blades for my Lawn Ranger and having zero luck. I have tried Wheel Horse part numbers 7908, 7909. Toro part numbers 8777, and 53322 and no one has anything like this. I was thinking about doing a cut down, but finding right hand and left hand blades seems to be the problem. Anyone making blades, constructing blades, got a work around, etc? My blades are usable, but that is about it.
  2. cbj75

    D200 Package for Sale

    I have a 1975 D200 Wheel Horse with front mount dozer blade, package includes Wheel Horse Dump Trailer, 48" belly mower side discharge, Wheel Horse front and rear wheel weights, turning brakes, rear PTO and 3-point to 2" receiver attachment, and Brinley twin disc harrow. Rear luggage/rack carrier, All refurbished, sandblasted and painted Ford red in 2016. Lots of extra Wheel Horse parts included. Package price $3000.00. Bryce Johnson 102 Anglers PT Mc Cormick SC 29835 913-638-6788 IMG_1962.HEIC IMG_1965.HEIC IMG_0279.HEIC
  3. Joe Warren

    Mower Spindle Components

    Mower Spindle Components mostly new old stock Prices shown do not include the cost to ship. Message me with your needs and any questions. Thank you. Joe PART NUMBER(S) DESCRIPTION QTY. AVAILABLE PRICE EACH 103711 NOS Spindle shaft assembly 1 39 103711 (used) Used spindle shaft assembly 1 29 101686 or 5875 NOS Spindle shaft sub-assembly 1 49 104890 NOS Spindle shaft 1 49 104982 NOS Spindle shaft 1 44 107998 or 107446 NOS Spindle shaft 2 89 109912 NOS Spindle shaft 1 59 112673 or 109965 NOS Spindle shaft 1 59 108849 NOS Spindle shaft 1 89 102780 or 104373 NOS Spindle cups 1.0” tall 2 39 ?????? NOS Spindle cups 0.9” tall 2 39 102784 or 104374 NOS Spindle cups 0.8” tall 1 39 100289 NOS Needle bearing, MFD USA Torrington 2 19 101411 NOS Ball bearing, sealed both sides, MFD China 2 29 101480 or 1515 or 5493 NOS Ball bearing, sealed both sides, MFD China 6 9 106084 NOS Ball bearing, sealed one side, MFD Japan 11 9 106085 NOS Ball bearing, open, not sealed, MFD Taiwan 16 9 106070 NOS Seal spacer 10 9 100674 NOS Spacer-pulley 1 13 107445 NOS Spacer-bearing 1 9 106069 NOS Spacer 1 9 110234 NOS Lock bolt-pulley 4 2 110242 or 908033 NOS Lock bolt-blade 11 2 915090 or 32146-20 NOS Lock nut-pulley 11 2 936028 or 32120-42 or 52-6640 NOS Snap ring 7 2 8389 spindle housing 1 39
  4. Upnorthman

    314-8 package (sold)

    314-8 In great shape. Used for mowing more than anything. Bought it a few years ago but got a new tractor. I used the blower very little and it sounds like it needs a bearing on it. Runs well. I have new chains I've not put on yet and extra belts.
  5. Where's your go-to source for QUALITY 103119 bearing shaft assemblies? Also, I don't have my deck apart yet, but seem to remember they're tough to remove from the housings. Any tips or tricks? Finally, just recently I've had a couple of the center bearings go loose on two different decks. Once is one thing, but twice? More than a coincidence? Should I be releasing tension on the belt by loosening the mule drive when not in use? We've had WH tractors for over 40+ years and I've never done that before! THANKS in advance!
  6. The belt on my Wheel Horse 314-8 mower deck (05-37SC01) appears to be contacting the deck bracket between the spindle pulleys. I am a novice when it comes to Wheel Horse maintenance (at best), but this does not seem correct. I recently inherited this Wheel Horse, so I do not know the maintenance history. Unfortunately, the mechanic who previously worked on it was a no-show for a scheduled maintenance visit. Any advice on how to address this? Thanks in advance... this seems like a great forum and I'm looking forward to spending time here! Photos (please forgive the dirt and grime, I plan to clean it up!): https://imgur.com/a/4PknZuJ
  7. one NOS 106846 right drive pulley, mower deck, used on double D style shaft, replaces part 5877, $55 includes shipping within US lower 48
  8. CB1993

    1277 Mower Deck.

    Hello. I just purchased a 1277 today and was wondering if there was any info on the mower deck. Is there a manual for this deck? What kind of belt is used? I have attached some pics. Thanks for any input.
  9. 4,660 downloads

    Tractor vs. Implement cross reference chart for models from 1955 - 2000 110 pages 513.43KB This chart lists the original attachment model The model that replaced the original model The model that was available when the list was made Often many models between the last two are not listed. You must go from year to year and follow the model numbers to see them all. For a complete list of models click on the magnifying glass in the Search box. Enter DNA in the Search box and select Files from the drop down menu. Two pages of 33 results will come up in random order. Find the attachment you are looking for and click on it. The DNA for that model of attachment will come up. Look for the model of your attachment in the DNA list. They are organized from earliest to latest. OR Search the Files using a model number you know will work. Look through the results for DNA in another file name for the same item. That will have the full list of models. STD for a model indicates that attachment was standard equipment that came on that model of tractor. Mistakes in the online attachment list @ Toro. The Attachment Interchange is correct but confusing and the source of the mistakes. 1970 *VS rear discharge mower deck 5-7362 is correct replaced by 5-0610 both CCW rotation 1971 rear discharge mower deck 5-0600 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-7362 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0610 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0611 - CCW spindle rotation 1970 *VS side discharge mower deck 5-2365 is correct replaced by 5-0700 both CCW rotation 1971 side discharge mower deck 5-0710 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0700 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0701 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0702 - CCW spindle rotation 1974 Replacement rear discharge mower deck for the model 5-0622 (side discharge) is wrong - should be 65-36XR01 *Models using a vertical engine crankshaft


  10. I have wheel horse side discharge mower deck and unsure what belt to use for the drive belt. The mower is on a 14hp 8 speed Automatic from the mid 70's. The belt look to be around 3/8 wide and 96 inches in length. I cant read the original numbers. Can anyone help? Thanks, Anthony
  11. Hello friends, We have a '62 lawn ranger, and a couple of years ago we bought what should be an original mower deck from another '62. The time has come to see if I can fix the deck up and install it. I have been looking for information on how to correctly mount the four separate pivot arms to the frame. Two of our pivot arms have shoulder bolts on the frame mount ends that allow the arms to pivot at the frame, and the other two have regular, non-shouldered bolts with lock nuts. I did a search of the forums, and found photos of how the deck mounts on the later 60's models, but the earlier deck that we have has some differences in construction. Some pictures or a diagram of the attachment points for a '62 lawn ranger may help us make sure everything is in the correct position. Second issue...The two mower blades on our deck are mounted so that as they spin, the tip of the blades touch each other slightly as they go through their revolutions. Should the blades be clocked differently so that they have no chance of contacting at the tips while spinning, or am I just seeing the results of worn bearings, or bent or incorrect blades? The mower deck that we have appears to be the same as the one in the attached pdf file from the archives on this site. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide. Daniel Mower Rotary 32in RD 1962-63 RM-113 IPL.pdf
  12. Hello! I have a 1975 C-100 lawn tractor, and it's in pretty decent shape. Only problem is the mower deck is shot. I've been browsing for used decks, but I'm not seeing any of the original part number, s-0622. So I'm wondering, what other decks would be compatible with this model? Thanks!
  13. Cannot find info on proper drive belt size for my 48" mowing deck. I have what I believe is a 1990 416-H (41-160E01) with a 48" deck (xx-48SC02). All parts guidance on the various web pages recommend a 1/2"x103" belt for both 42" and 48" decks. However, this size is too long when I tried to replace. So rather than go trial and error with buying several belts and seeing what gets me lucky, I thought I'd first post a note here. Thanks for any constructive assistance.
  14. I am working on repainting my mower deck. I have taken it apart and started working on sanding and priming. My question is should I paint the underside of the deck and if so what type or paint would be best. I was not certain with grass build up and so on but I also want to prevent rusting in future. Thanks, E
  15. WVHillbilly520H

    4x4 in the near future?

    The wife thinks I'm crazy bringing all these little red tractors home so asked if I got 1 little red tractor that was just a bit more capable/flexible then what? Answer ; "some could stay; the ones you have the most parts/attachments for and that you're most comfortable with , the ones you don't have to go before a new one shows up "...so with being said I think I found a great deal on a brand new sub compact 4x4 diesel with 60" mower deck, FEL, (available front hydraulic snow/grader blade, 2stage snow blower,soft cab) mid/front and rear pto, nearly as sharp turning radius in 4wd as a 520H (already test drove it), and the biggie it's RED with a 7 year power train warranty...Jeff
  16. Have a running 1045 to sell, with mower deck and snowblower. 10 Hp Kohler engine. Bought new, one owner, belongs to my in-laws. Location: Indianapolis. What would be a fair price?
  17. What do folks think about a front-mount rough-cut deck? Something that would handle light brush. By light brush I mean saplings 3/8" or less, tall grass, multi-flora rose bushes)- stuff like the included photos over 'rough' terrain. My idea is to put a 48" deck on a front carrier. Cut the leading edge of the mowing deck off and replace with chains (like the leading end of a brush-hog). Maybe I'd need to do some modification to this discharge chute as well. Not sure. The carrier would allow me to set a cutting height of about 5-6" which would let me skim over dead limbs, the occasional rock, and the rough terrain. It would also put the deck out front where I could get under trees more easily. Has anyone done anything like this? How do you think this would work? If the area had been previously cleaned by a true brush-hog do you think the existing spindle-blade arrangement would be up to it? Would the belt-drive give some margin for error? I know on my big brush hog, the blades are actually connected to a spinning plate. If the unit hits something hard, the blade can actually pivot at the plate to reduce damage to the unit. Is this crazy? I'd expect to have to clear the area the first time with a proper brush hog, and only use this setup to maintain it- cut it 2-3x per year. Can't seem to upload photos. System keeps complaining: You are only allowed to upload 6.25mb. I've got two JPGs each about 22Kb so not sure what the problem is.
  18. Hello, my employer has what I have believe to be a 1990 model year, 520H with 60" mower (earlier style with skids on front corners) that has been sitting in a building, unused, for approximately 7 years. Other than being dusty, it appears to be in good condition. I believe it has about 700 hours on the meter. As far as I know, nothing is wrong with it, but we will be conducting a thorough examination, and if OK, a complete cleaning and service of the unit to get it back into shape. If there is a problem (Onan valve issue, etc.), we will probably sell it. Anyhow, if possible, could someone with a 60" mower provide for me a measurement of total width of the deck, with and without the chute/deflector? I'd measure this myself, but the unit is an hour away from me. I am interested in knowing if this would fit in a 6x12 enclosed trailer for transport. Thank you! Update: After I posted this, I found the answer to my question - about 65". Sorry about that! Anything I should check/look out for otherwise on a 520H that has been sitting?
  19. I need a PTO for operating the underbelly mower deck of a 1966 Wheel Horse 856. Anybody got a part number or ideas? Also, anybody got any idea how you could take the welded on sprocket on the end of the auger off and replace it? mine is worn out and don't turn the auger anymore. Thanks in advance, Alex
  20. dalermurphy

    Reel Mower - HELP

    I am going to try for an answer again as I inadvertently hid my reel mower question in a sickle mower question! Just bought an LMR304 reel mower and need to disassemble it to refurbish it. I can't find any resource for parts manuals for the complete mower. All of them show the rear half only and not the moving or fixed blade parts, bearings, etc. If no one has a manual would someone be able to tell me how to remove the moving blade. It appears to have a center through-shaft but due to the rust I can not tell what comes apart. Thanks for any help anyone can offer. The Mad Beaver
  21. I have another belt question, this time on a 1056 tractor with mower deck. I received the tractor with the deck belt tensioning idler bracket resting against the underside of the right-hand steering tie rod. There is no spring, just the belt itself applying tension forcing the bracket against the bottom of the tie rod. The tie rod is badly worn from the machine being used like this for years. In the photo, it's the bracket angled downward resting on the floor. Anyone know how this is supposed to be positioned? Are there parts missing ?
  22. I was out using my 857 mowing and started to wonder how good are my asumptions. My normal practice is to use the inside edge of the front tire as the way to align with the previous cut area. But this means I am not cutting as wide a swath as I could each pass. My logic is the front tire pushes the grass down so that it will not be cut properly. But if that is not a valid concept I'm "losing" several inches of cut. So what is your opinion, am I making a lot of extra trips atound the lawn?
  23. Hi I'm new to the forums. Don't yet own a Wheel Horse but was hoping for some input from this knowledgable community. I'm in NW PA and need a machine that can remove snow from my 1/4-mile long, up and down, gravel driveway. I've come across a number of lawn/garden tractors for sale locally. One that caught my attention is a Wheel Horse 211-5. It comes with a one-stage snow blower and a mowing deck. And it's very reasonably priced- if it's still available. I like the idea of a lawn/garden tractor for this work since I can use it year round, rather than a dedicated snow blower that would sit most of the year. I did a bit of research here and it seems there are strong opinions on vertical vs horizontal engines on these machines. My first question is how can I tell the difference? Secondly, in your experience would this machine be up to the task? I fear it might be over-matched for the snow removal duties. If you think this machine might be a good fit, what should I be looking for when I go look at it? And if this machine is not what you'd recommend, what would you recommend? We're just at the southern edge of the snow belt so although we get our share of snow it's nothing like further north or Buffalo area. But it would certainly get used a couple dozen times a season if not more. Thanks in advance. Peter
  24. kcuttuck

    Deck belt C121

    I am looking for deck belt size for my C121(motor to side discharge deck) so I can go to TSC and buy one. So I am looking for the inches. Thanks
  25. kcuttuck

    48" Mower Deck

    I saw a picture of a 48" mower deck for a Wheel Horse where they doubles up the blades. They where positioned them like an X. Is this a bad idea or will this work?
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