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Found 30 results

  1. loudtractor

    New in Box Plow

    96-42BA01 plow. Brand new in box. I assembled to make sure all parts were included. Did have to add a trip spring, spring rod, and index rod. Someone "borrowed" them as it sat in the warehouse for 50 years. Box is a bit rough, but I could reinforce it for transport. I will disassemble it, need workbench space. Made for (per manual): 1974 A800, 1975 A80 1976-7 A90 A100 I believe vertical shaft tractors. Maybe others? Thanks for looking Matt
  2. 87buickt

    D200 Attachments

    Listing for a friend, late 70s I believe D200 deck and plow. Been sitting for a while, make reasonable offer, friend also has tons of literature he may part with, if Interested let me know
  3. Donavon

    Wheel horse 1054

    Need ideas to convert my 1054 A Frame plow into a snow blower Any idea's?
  4. RJ Hamner

    Will it fit?

    Will the plow I am using on my C121 and C160 work on a 876? or is the plow frame different? Thanks Bob
  5. Just wanted to show a modification I did to my 1990 310-8. I recently picked up a 36” tiller for my horse and I tried it out on my new garden area. After hitting a rock, it knocked one of the axle brackets open dropping the right side of the tiller. On a manual I viewed, it had clevis pins to hold the lever in, but my bracket did not have them. I drilled a 1/4” hole through on each lever and mounted a 1/4” clevis pin and hairpin cotter to reinforce the lever. I read on another post to just tighten the bolts on the levers, but I think this will work a little better. Hope this helps someone!
  6. ToroMan

    Plow Toro 520xi

    Good afternoon, looking for some help regarding a plow assembly for a 1999 520xi model # 73542. I'm told that a traditional Wheel Horse plow assembly will not fit this tractor, that the xi series requires a special plow assembly. Problem is, most of the people selling plow assemblies don't seem to know what they have, and I don't know what I need! I have included the supposed model numbers pulled from the Toro website, including that of a retrofit kit, but I'm not sure what that retrofit kit does! Does it enable me to fit a traditional Wheel Horse plow to an xi model? Don't know. One guy selling a plow knew what type of plow he had and told me it would not fit my tractor, stating "Lift link and handle are in the wrong locations." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just need to know what the hell I'm looking for, which might help me find it! From Toro site: Model #: 79355 48" Snow/Dozer Blade Model #: 95-4090 48" Dozer Blade Retrofit Kit Thanks!!!
  7. Hi guys I'm new to the wheelhorse world and i recently picked up a for 416-H and I'm looking to buy/install a plow put on it. I have found one on craigslist but I can't tell if it will work on my tractor or not, it is a wheelhorse plow though. Can somebody please send a photo or even a video of how to hook up a plow to a 416 or equivalent tractor? Attached is my tractor and the plow I'm looking at. Will it fix and what's it missing ?!
  8. woodbird007

    B80s and implements For Sale

    Thinning Herd 2) 1974 B80 4 speeds both run, one in need of rebuild sd 36” deck rd 36” deck short frame dozer blade and mount extra wheels and tires $300 takes all Kalamazoo, Mi area
  9. A friend of mine gave me this brush that he had mounted on the front of his 48 inch WH Plow. Says he used it because his driveway is gravel and it solved the problem of digging it up when plowing snow. He since paved the drive and passed it on to me. I installed my plow today and brush today, just need some snow to try it out. I'll post the results later.
  10. Blackhood Bill

    Monday treasure find

    Well Monday had a great day rounding up some attachments. Now to clean them up, paint, get new badges from the vinyl guy. Just a few projects for winter and maybe summer we see how it goes. Just not sure which I'm going to do first. Almost forgot the new addition to the heard.
  11. Guys, I have an earth plow for year 1964 -1966 wheel horse. I'm not sure the desire or value of these, as I do not have much of a use for it for my two wheel horse's. Is this worth selling via shipping (on-line) or will it just have to be a local pick-up sale do to shipping weight cost. What do you all think?
  12. charging10

    Slat Moldboard Plow

    Picked this up at a yard sale this weekend, never seen a slat moldboard plow for a garden tractor. I think it's a 8 inch. Looks home made, but kinda cool anyway!
  13. charging10

    Getting the garden ready!

    Still a little chilly, but a good day to plow!
  14. DBlackston

    Plow Identification

    I recently purchased this plow, but have not picked it up. Is this an authentic wheel horse Plow? How do I determine a model or a size? How does a coulter attach? Pics of one all fixed up?
  15. I suppose I should have started this back when I began restoring this plow but better late than never right? It's pretty much completed now except for the decals that I am still looking for... so technically it's still a work in progress. Anyhow, I picked up the HD-42 plow with an RJ mount back in mid January with great help from @OILUJ52. Here's what I started with: It had all the essential parts; blade, front channel, rj mount, lift bar, and foot pedal (no chain, though). The only things missing were the 2 skids. Everything was in decent condition with some light to mild pitting vertically along the left edge of the blade face. The "front channel", as it's termed in the parts list, came mounted on an A-frame with 4 bolts, and the piece that attaches to the lift bar had been removed from it to accommodate the A-frame setup. All easy fixes! First things first, I made a new piece for the lift bar to attach to on the front channel, welded that on, and welded the 4 bolt holes up on both sides. Next, I made up some skids. I didn't snap a picture of the pitting on the left edge of the blade but I ran side by side beads the entire height of the blade about 2 inches wide - must have blown through 10 rods to do it. I filled in any other digs and gouges with welds. Being a plow, I didn't want body filler anywhere close to the blade. I did, however, use a small amount to fill in a couple of scratches on the topside of the front channel. I made one modification that was not original. There are 2 pieces of angle iron that are bent to fit the curvature of the blade and mounted to the backside of the blade on each outside edge. These were originally plug welded to the blade leaving a gap between the 2 on the outside edge - a perfect place for water to get trapped and promote corrosion. So I welded those up on both sides. It makes the edges look much better too! And I just realized that I didn't snap any pics of everything down to bare metal or after body work either. But, here's everything after all my fixes and shot with a second coat of primer. I'm having some trouble attaching the after paint pics. Will post when I figure it out.
  16. Going to pick this thing up Monday! Is $150 a decent price??
  17. Bowdoinham Dan

    Mounting Instructions

    Does anyone know where I can find mounting instructions for my dozer blade? It's on an A-frame mount, model 6-4113 7. I have a Raider 10 tractor.
  18. Team70R

    606 snow blade

    Anyone have a link for finding what attachments will fit a 606? Looking to get a snow blade if I can find one for a decent price! Thanks, wes
  19. I just got a garden plow off Craigslist today for $50. I never had one before so this will be a new experience for me! The separate original bracket in the picture was bent so the previous owner made a new one, installed it, and then he fixed the old one.
  20. Just of quick pic of my 520 getting ready to hill disc the garden.
  21. I was just browsing amazon and saw this in case anyone is interested: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_6?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=brinly+plow&sprefix=brinly%2Caps%2C177
  22. Hey guys I found someone selling a 2 bottom plow and a disc harrow which is supposed to be from a 1960s Wheel Horse. I want to put it on my 1976 C120. Has anyone seen one of these before or know how it would attach to my tractor? Does anyone know if these are really made by Wheel Horse? Thanks Darrell
  23. Hello I have this tractor that has been in my family for a long time. I used to plow driveways with it for money as a 10 year old. I believe it is a 1965 Wheel Horse lawn ranger. I am trying to figure out how much it is appraised for or how much it would cost to fix it up to make it into the tractor it should be. This past winter I replaced the hoses, spark plug, added chains, changed the oil and did some overall work on it. It has always been garage stored. Here are some pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  24. Howdy all you tractor geniuses... I have had the good fortune to acquire a 1977 Wheel Horse B80 recently and have already started to make needed repairs/improvements. One of which is the addition of a model 79252 plow which appeared to have everything attached with the exception of the rear axle bracket (which I have already ordered, received, and put on) a means to attach the frame of the blade to the lift mechanism on my tractor. All of the drawings I have seen call the part I am missing a "plate" with two possible numbers (105-1384-03) or (79551001). My question is, "Does anyone have any pictures of this plow mounted on a B80?" I am just trying to ensure that this "plate" is all that I am missing before ordering it and paying $70 for it! Any and all information would be greatly appreciated as I am pretty new to this, but am trying to keep my new found love of Wheel Horse alive.
  25. TrueRed88

    310 getting it done

    Got the drive all plowed out with the 310-8. Its a plowing machine!
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