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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all you movers of snow, I have a Wheel horse 520 H 1996 Model 73501 and just reattached my model 79361 snowthrower on it and the belt is very loose. I had used the blower last season and it had performed great (it came with the blower already on) I removed it for mowing use and reattached a month ago with the same belt. Even with the belt on the inner/larger PTO pulley, the belt was so loose that it would barely turn the auger without engagement into snow and completely stopped in snow. the belt then came off and was damaged so that the steel cords started to protrude and I replaced the belt. (belt: # 116332) The new belt slips also and the symptoms are the same, even on the larger PTO sheave. The belt tension spring is mounted and functioning and as far as I can tell I have routed the belt correctly. I tried to visit pages that show images of this, but was not allowed to view the content?? Are there any additional ways to make the belt fit better? I'll post some key pictures of what it all looks like shortly When I removed the cover for the belt at the PTO I noticed that I had it on the smaller/outside sheave and moved it to the larger. this did tension the belt better and perhaps it will work. However I am concerned about the Belt guard that is situated between the 3 pulleys on the thrower- is it in the right position?
  2. What’s the correct v-belt size for a xi drive belt connecting to a 60” deck? Just shredded mine today.
  3. The belt on my Wheel Horse 314-8 mower deck (05-37SC01) appears to be contacting the deck bracket between the spindle pulleys. I am a novice when it comes to Wheel Horse maintenance (at best), but this does not seem correct. I recently inherited this Wheel Horse, so I do not know the maintenance history. Unfortunately, the mechanic who previously worked on it was a no-show for a scheduled maintenance visit. Any advice on how to address this? Thanks in advance... this seems like a great forum and I'm looking forward to spending time here! Photos (please forgive the dirt and grime, I plan to clean it up!): https://imgur.com/a/4PknZuJ
  4. seven

    Rear tiller

    Does anyone know what size belt is required for the rear mounted tiller off of a charger 12
  5. Hi Guys, Had a random occurrence this week. Mowing along with my C85 eight speed in 1 low (grass was thick and wet), went to depress clutch and the drive belt jumped off the idler. I've had this tractor 3 years and it's been working great. The belt itself looks good except the top of it was a bit chewed up in a short section which I believe happened after it came off. I put the belt back on and continued to mow with no further issue. Any ideas as to why this would happen or adjustments I might need to make to prevent another incident? Thanks
  6. DownHome

    855 mower belt?

    Looking for belt specs for my 855. Need to know which belt I need to attach from motor pulley to mower 36" mower deck. Thx
  7. elicountryboy1996

    Proper belt for Wheel Horse c161 Auto Hydro

    I have recently acquired a Wheel horse C-161 Automatic Hydrostatic, and I noticed what seems to be the drive belt is missing some chunks so I am wondering what is the proper belt to fit it, and if it is indeed the drive belt, It runs from where the shaft comes out on the side to the rear of the tractor,
  8. Team70R

    C120 belt and guard

    I've got a c120 8 speed that started it's life as a work horse 800. I'm having a hard time finding the correct belt and getting the belt guard to fit. Did the real C120 have a different belt guard than the 800?
  9. Cannot find info on proper drive belt size for my 48" mowing deck. I have what I believe is a 1990 416-H (41-160E01) with a 48" deck (xx-48SC02). All parts guidance on the various web pages recommend a 1/2"x103" belt for both 42" and 48" decks. However, this size is too long when I tried to replace. So rather than go trial and error with buying several belts and seeing what gets me lucky, I thought I'd first post a note here. Thanks for any constructive assistance.
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (very thankful to have found it) and a fairly new Wheel Horse owner. I believe my tractor is an early 1960's E32 Lawn Ranger. I haven't been able to pin point the age or exact model yet. Here is the problem I am currently having. My barn find did not have an engine so I used a predator 212cc as a replacement. I have found a pretty good pulley for the engine, but seem to be having trouble finding the best length to utilize the clutch/brake function. I have moved the engine back a bit to allow clearance for the hood. I have two 1/2" v-belts that I am trying to work with, one is a 61" and the other is a 62". I have also read and recently learned that the belt cover must be on to make sure the belt doesn't spin off. However, I can't seem to get the rear transmission pulley to stop spinning when I engage the clutch pedal. The belt definitely seems loose enough when using the 62" since it will literally fall off when I engage the pedal all the way. It even seems a bit loose when only pressing half way down. Anyway, I have posted a few pics to show what I am talking about. Any help on proper belt tension would be greatly appreciated. Glad to be here!
  11. Hi all, Just a little bit of information regarding replacement drive belts for the 227-5 in the UK if you are not buying OEM that might help someone in the future. The part number listed is 108427, which specs out as: Top width: 13mm Depth: 8mm Outside Length: 2235mm = 87.99" Sadly, a number of the first sites I found didn't specify that the 88" is the outside measurement so I having trusted their information and with the old belt still installed I just ordered A88s. Anyway, as I'm sure you all know, belts are sold based on the internal measurement therefore you would require A86! Actually now having spent some more time digging for information about the belt I have found sites specifying 88 as the outer diameter. including http://outdoorpowerinfo.com/, which seems like a pretty handy website. Regards Chris
  12. Hi All, (what's the proper term for Wheel Horse aficionados? Wheelies? Horsers? Whiskey Hotels?), Just became proud owner of a 1970 Charger 12 Auto with tiller and hydraulic loader. We've decided to call it Samwise because it's small but mighty and (we hope) dependable. I'm still figuring things out and have one issue: the parking brake lever keeps popping up on its own. That doesn't stop the tractor, so I assume the pawl has been ground down / busted. And, the transmission continues to get power with the lever up, which makes me think someone has installed a drive belt that is too short. Does that seem likely? What is the proper size belt? Thanks! I'm sure I'll have many more questions. I've already learned a ton perusing the archives.
  13. How do I determine if this deck size is 48" or 52"? I think it's a 48", but would like to know for sure. The model wheelhorse I have is 73550. I need to order a new belt this Spring. Thanks
  14. I have another belt question, this time on a 1056 tractor with mower deck. I received the tractor with the deck belt tensioning idler bracket resting against the underside of the right-hand steering tie rod. There is no spring, just the belt itself applying tension forcing the bracket against the bottom of the tie rod. The tie rod is badly worn from the machine being used like this for years. In the photo, it's the bracket angled downward resting on the floor. Anyone know how this is supposed to be positioned? Are there parts missing ?
  15. deere173

    Trans drive belt

    Hello. Post from a new member. I am having a problem with the trans drive belt on a 1990 312 H tractor. Using the original # 7473 Wheel Horse belt it appears to be too long. The crude picture I included shows where the belt is contacting itself where it passes beneath the tensioning idler. This is a fairly new belt and measures about 81 1/2 inches using a tape measure around the outside. Can't find specs on the official belt length but when crossed to other brands they call for a 5/8 X 82 inch belt. It appears I need something less than 81 inches. Has anyone run into this? I see no other way to route the belt.
  16. Hi, I am trying to locate the part number for the mower deck to tractor belt for a 1969 Charger V8 Model 17841. A manual would be nice as well... Cheers, Hugh
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