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Found 35 results

  1. Greetings, First time here. I don't know many technical terms. I'm a farm girl so bear with me. I purchased a used 520 H wheelhorse in 1998 (it had 200 hundred hours on it so it much be a 96 or 97) and for the most part have kept it running by just practical maintenance. i took it in for general going over and tires/ seals etc. 1) I have a 42 inch deck. When I lower the deck to its lowest level it all but shaves the ground. I noticed the lift bar has 2 small holes and the oval slider hole. The lift chain is in the small hole nearest the rear wheels. Is this correct? My belt barely clears the deck mount. I have tried to research all this and can't find a helpful site. #2) My throttle will not stay put, l have to hold it up or it goes back to crawl. I see all the parts but need an easy fix. Can you guide me or give to the help i need. I tried Toro site and Y tube but I'm just not very technical. thank you. Pazephyr
  2. My double pulley deck drive spindle seized up and shredded the shaft. Looking for a replacement assembly. My rig is 310-8, 1986ish. The deck is 36" rear discharge. Similar vintage but has no identifying tags. The drive spindle on this one is front and center, not the older version with the tall spindle near the back.
  3. Jayzauto

    Toro - WheelHorse Deck Chutes

    Toro - WheelHorse Deck Chutes available. Fit 42” & 48” Side Discharge Decks. These are New & Restoration Quality. I have 2 available. $50ea/BRO
  4. 87buickt

    D200 Attachments

    Listing for a friend, late 70s I believe D200 deck and plow. Been sitting for a while, make reasonable offer, friend also has tons of literature he may part with, if Interested let me know
  5. I have a 1996 520H Wheel Horse for sale. The tractor has just over 800 hours on it. It comes with a 48 inch deck. The deck is a 1995 and has over 1,500 hours on it, as it came brand new with my 312-8 that I sold several years ago. This 520-H has the swept front axle so it can handle a 60 inch deck. I just replaced the battery and the deck belt this summer. The engine is a 20HP Onan and it starts right up but requires the full choke. The transmission is an Eaton 1100-062, hydrostatic. The deck is in rough shape but the spindles appear to be in good working order. The right rear tire has some cracking. The original operator's manual for the 520H is included, as is the original operating and maintenance instructions for the deck, plus the installation instructions for the deck. Also included is a new PTO belt and several miscellaneous deck wheels and rollers. Additional pictures available upon request. Asking $500.
  6. Gentlemen, I’m having trouble with getting my deck to raise up and lock and I think it might have to do with the deck being incorrectly set up. Based on the picture, does my mower deck look incorrectly positioned? That is, should the pivoting support bar be positioned above or below the wheel support pin? Brian
  7. BrianKoch

    Wanted Mower Deck Lift Rod

    Gentleman, I’m in need of: Mower deck rod lift part # 6699 (I really just need the rod, not the trunnion or nut) Thank you!
  8. I thought I'd circle back and see if I can fix a 42" deck (05-42MS05) that came off of one of my previous tractor purchases. I got the blades off and the bottoms of the spindles look good, and it needs some metal welded on where the wheel height adustment bracket bolts on. No big deal. The problem I'm having now on this deck is that I can't get this one spindle off. I haven't gotten the others off either, but they seem to be fine. This pulley is flopping around and obviously needs help. I've tried heating it with a torch after spraying it with penetrating spray numerous times, and it won't budge. At this point, I'm thinking that I'll just need to grind it off, right through the spindle shaft, unless I can successfully cut through the thick ring without damaging the spindle shaft. If I have to grind through the pulley, it probably doesn't matter because I think it's shot already. Anyone have any other ideas? One question: Is that thick ring supposed to be part of the pulley? This one is detached and the pulley spins freely (and sloppily). Assuming I'll need to buy a new pulley, but was hoping not to have to buy another spindle shaft also. I did take the grease zirk off and have hammered on the top some, but only with a block of brass in between. It could already be damaged there. The picture doesn't help much, but here it is:
  9. firstimpauto@gmail.com

    1977 C160 Automatic

    1977 C160 Automatic Tractor. This has been my go to tractor for over 30 years. Not a show tractor by any means. Could definitely use a tune up but still runs and mows. Included are original manuals, 2 mowing decks, cab ( which needs all the windows replaced) including the doors and tire chains. Someone modified the plow so it doesn't really fit this tractor. I purchased a larger machine so do not have a need for this. Hydraulic lift is not working. One front tire has a slow leak. Open to offers. Thought I had this sold but it was someone trying to scam me with a phony cashiers check. Please be careful. This is the only site I have this listed so the scammer must be monitoring these ads. Sold the rototiller. So adjusted the price.
  10. Workin_Horses

    60" Side Discharge Deck

    Nice solid clean 60" deck for 520H Model # C560SC04 $500 OBO
  11. Fombelles

    Looking for a deck

    Looking for a deck for my gramps charger 12. We used to sell tractors in New Castle, and this is what I have left from that. I have the feeling he modified it, fits a mule drive in front and attachomatic center. Also I screwed up a few years ago on a few things I hope you can help with. We had to reset points, but unsure of what they are supposed for be at for cast iron Kohler 12. I believe I also removed a bolt that keeps the parking lock/belt in tension on it. I’ll attempt to attach files. thanks a lot, first posting, but have used info from here before.
  12. Selling my trusty WH520H. ~880 hours (currently used for moving snow when needed so hours may rise) very solid machine, strong and hardworking. 20HP Onan, hydro transmission and hydraulic lift. Has Matt's foot-pedal conversion for forward/reverse. Included in the sale is a tall-chute snow blower and 60" mowing deck. The blower is in excellent condition and is on the tractor currently. The mowing deck has been a workhorse over the years. No holes but could use some TLC, probably needs new spindles at some point and could use a couple spots touched up with welder also does NOT have any pulley covers/protectors (see photo). Tractor has been an incredible tool, very solid and dependable and I'm certainly going to miss her when she's gone. Recent maintenance: replaced the plugs this summer, fluids as needed (hydro has about 100 hours on fluid/filter; oil was done in the spring and has about 25 hours on it). Battery is about 3 years old as are the tires, Terra Trac tires on the rear and turfs on the front. The seat (with arm rests) isn't in great shape. I've got a cover for the seat, never used. It's never really bothered me but new seat cover is included in sale as are 4 hub caps, chains for the rear tires, and some misc spare parts (see photos). I've owed this machine about 8 year and put ~350 hours on her. She's not a show piece but could be restored. Sheet metal is generally in shape, no rust however the hood does have a couple dings in it. I'm only selling because I'm trying to help my son get a small lawn care business started and looking to move to a zero-turn. The 60" deck is too large for our trailer, the mowing deck lacks pulley safety shields, and we'd like something that mows faster. My only complaint with this machine is the top-speed (which isn't great when comparing to today's machines) otherwise she's a beast. They don't make them like this anymore.
  13. I just bought a deck for my 310-8, it’s a 42inch rear discharge, it came with a complete parts tractor, but I need new belts for it. Does anyone know what size belts I need?
  14. Hello all - Working on my 312-A with 42" deck, 21-12KE01, 1986. In previous posts I mentioned I was not able to make out the model number, but with the help of DIY digital forensic analysis (Yeah, real technical stuff, eh?) I got it figured out. But to the point, I am wondering how far down I will be able to strip the deck with the object being to stop the rust and get a durable finish on it. In particular, after reviewing the parts explosions I can't tell if I will be able to remove the baffles from the main part of the deck or if they are welded. If anyone has some insight on this I would most appreciate your comments.
  15. JackHorse

    36" Deck Spindle

    Having a hard time justifying $300 to rebuild the spindles and replace pulleys on my deck. The deck is a (i believe) 05-36MS01 on my 1982 C85. I found these kits on Pat's and was wondering if anyone had tried to adapt them to a deck like mine? Thanks
  16. This deck and a 32'' came with my WH but this one dosent fit my 877. Wondering what it dose fit and if I should trade it or part it out...in Mo.
  17. Hi First post looking for a cutting deck for an early 90's 312-8 Serial number 3112K801 11877 How big of a deck can I use ? The original deck was a side discharge ? (42 I think ) In addition to the deck I need the assembly for the pulley assembly for the front of the tractor. Does anyone have a picture they can post of the correct deck ? Are these parts available new ? Thank You for your help Joe Denver NC
  18. I bought my very first lawn tractor yesterday. It’s a 211-5SB. After mowing an incline yesterday (I went sideways) the blades stopped engaging. It took about 6-7 tried to get the engine to turn over this morning, and the deck still isn’t engaged. Any tips to debug for a novice? Pic of scalped incline and my tractor for reference. Thank you.
  19. Hello friends, We have a '62 lawn ranger, and a couple of years ago we bought what should be an original mower deck from another '62. The time has come to see if I can fix the deck up and install it. I have been looking for information on how to correctly mount the four separate pivot arms to the frame. Two of our pivot arms have shoulder bolts on the frame mount ends that allow the arms to pivot at the frame, and the other two have regular, non-shouldered bolts with lock nuts. I did a search of the forums, and found photos of how the deck mounts on the later 60's models, but the earlier deck that we have has some differences in construction. Some pictures or a diagram of the attachment points for a '62 lawn ranger may help us make sure everything is in the correct position. Second issue...The two mower blades on our deck are mounted so that as they spin, the tip of the blades touch each other slightly as they go through their revolutions. Should the blades be clocked differently so that they have no chance of contacting at the tips while spinning, or am I just seeing the results of worn bearings, or bent or incorrect blades? The mower deck that we have appears to be the same as the one in the attached pdf file from the archives on this site. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide. Daniel Mower Rotary 32in RD 1962-63 RM-113 IPL.pdf
  20. I would like to check with you guys about the pros and cons of increasing the speed of the deck blades, possibly by increasing the diameter of the drive pulley on the PTO clutch. Anybody do this????? I'm not so worried about the spindle shafts on the deck as I grease the heck out of them on a regular basis. The Mule longevity however, without a grease fitting concerns me. Your thoughts????
  21. DownHome

    855 mower belt?

    Looking for belt specs for my 855. Need to know which belt I need to attach from motor pulley to mower 36" mower deck. Thx
  22. Tried to spend most of the day yesterday finishing up the utility trailer and getting it ready for service on various tasks that need done , as in NOW as the weather here has changed drastically . Temps yesterday hit the mid-60s but it came with 40mph winds . Hard to even concentrate but I got the lift assist cables done and everything works as it should . Loaded up the little Deere lawn tractor I use at times to mow /backup as well as the engine hoist and the old push mower - those items need to go out to the storage unit asap and get out of the way and weather . Late afternoon I looked at the yard and realized that grass had gone crazy on a growth spurt the last few days of rain/warmer weather - decided to mow "real quick" . The Deere did a lousy job last time and left a lot of clumps as usual - it's discharge plugs up far too easily and it can't handle cutting any more than about 1-1/2" at a time . I wanted to knock it down to "one notch off dirt" and the 16 Auto has my "good" 48" deck that I run doubled blades on - standard hi-lift on the bottom and Gator blades above those , it mulches up the grass great and seems to discharge much better . I cut almost 4" off the top and left it pretty short for winter - same as always and the grass always comes back nicely in the spring . Went pretty well , the old Kohler rattling along and barely ever touched the governor - until I just barely caught the drainage inlet in the lower back yard - the ground has sunk this summer from some really heavy rains/flooding and the cover is sticking up more than usual . That was a bad hit and it caught both blades on the discharge side - cast iron versus hardened steel at high rpm is never a good thing .... Can't believe the blades actually cut a notch out of that 60lb cast iron cover - those things are very tough and designed to withstand heavy equipment running over them . What is even more surprising is it did not damage the spindle - it still runs dead true with zero wobble . The hit did bend the deck housing slightly just inboard of the spindle - a few choice whacks with a 4lb hand drill and a block of wood fixed that - it was trying to hit the blade tips to the center spindle . Deck still cuts nice and flat now , just as it always has - amazingly tough parts . Both blades suffered some pretty heavy damage but luckily didn't break or shatter as they sometimes do - I was glad of that . Caused a 20 minute delay swapping the blade set for some old used ones ( I always save a couple old sets) and fixing the bend in the deck shell . Finished the rest of it in the dark and it looks great - temperature dropped 38* last night and today the high is 43* with high winds , again . Glad I got it done , hauling out the load to the storage unit later today . Here's the crazy property I mow where we rent - lot of hills and holes and places where no Kohler K series should ever go except up/down , never side hill it when mowing . I'll have to grab a pic of the one blade that got the worst of it - held up amazing well against that cast iron . Sarge
  23. Hello everyone, I recently had some issues with the middle blade cutting grass while I was mowing. I decided to take the mower deck off. I believe I have found the problem, and that would be a missing bushing or spacer, but I can't seem to find it on any of the assembly documents I have. Could anyone help me verify if my assumptions are correct, or assist me if you see something else that is wrong? Here are some pictures to hopefully better show what I am referring to. The mower model I own is a 86 Wheel Horse 312-8 manual mower. The first image is the mower deck itself, presumably a 0542ms04 ( this is the 42" deck). No identifiers on the actual deck. The second image shows the pulley being referenced and the mount in which is suppose to attach to. The third image is hard to see, but the actual spindle shaft sticks up higher that the pulley so tightening down the top bolt does not actually secure the pulley in place. This causes the pulley to spin with the belt, but the pulley is loose with respect to the spindle shaft. The fourth image is the assembly drawing I have been referencing to troubleshoot the issue. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. And this is my first post in the forums so if this has been answered before, or this post should be moved, please let me know. Thanks!
  24. I have a '68 Electro 12 and recently purchased a good used '90s 42" deck model 15-42SC01. The deck is in great shape, new blades, bearings, all new wheels, no rust. I installed it on the Electro 12 yesterday per the Wheel Horse manual and tried a test cut. Deck runs fine but cuts uneven side to side. It's not leaving a strip, just cutting lower. I haven't been able to determine what side is lower yet, I'll get to that tonight. Any ideas on how what I can do to get an even cut? I can post some pictures later tonight and I'll have a better idea of what side is cutting uneven after I hit a strip in the front yard.
  25. I'm used to messing with the narrow, rear discharge decks. The deck on my newly acquired C165 doesn't seem to cut evenly with multiple passes. It cuts great with one pass but if I make a second pass the grass is super uneven! What do I need to adjust to make it cut consistently? Here are some pics after 2 passes, in the same direction
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