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Found 31 results

  1. Well it looks like I'm out of luck. I have been looking for blades for my Lawn Ranger and having zero luck. I have tried Wheel Horse part numbers 7908, 7909. Toro part numbers 8777, and 53322 and no one has anything like this. I was thinking about doing a cut down, but finding right hand and left hand blades seems to be the problem. Anyone making blades, constructing blades, got a work around, etc? My blades are usable, but that is about it.
  2. arminer8

    Snowblower Bearings

    I have a snowblower that has a bad bearing inside the auger on the chain side. Took it apart, and now I can't find a bearing like the one I need! One thing I need to know is if these parts are metric or American? If it is American, it is a 3/4" inside diameter, 1 5/8" outside diameter, 7/16" width. Anybody have a place they get them? Near Rochester, MN. It is a model 53321 snowblower I think as the model # plate is really scratched up.
  3. Brockport Bill

    48" Mower Deck - used 1 Season

    48" Mower Deck - Side Discharge model # 78361 -- # 312000163. This mower is listed as being manufactured at the near end of Wheel Horse production for this deck in 2012. This mower is in very good condition used only one season on small yard. Well cared for and stored indoors. The deck has double right side pulley for optional bagger attachment. Any owner who cares for this mower will have a great investment of a classic WH deck to last decades. Cash pick up Poughkeepsie, NY area. No returns. Please send p.m if interested
  4. Gentlemen, I’m having trouble with getting my deck to raise up and lock and I think it might have to do with the deck being incorrectly set up. Based on the picture, does my mower deck look incorrectly positioned? That is, should the pivoting support bar be positioned above or below the wheel support pin? Brian
  5. What’s the correct v-belt size for a xi drive belt connecting to a 60” deck? Just shredded mine today.
  6. Brockport Bill

    Mower Deck

    Wheel Horse Mower Deck - Rear Discharge - was used all last season - terrific cut, NO rust holes. Blades, pulleys, good condition. Pulley/belt safety covers included. Belt included, underneath cleaned -- Model # 05-36mr04 - Cash pick up $415, near Poughkeepsie, NY. No guarantees, no returns. Please send p.m if interested.
  7. 1995 Toro Wheel Horse 60” mowing deck. The deck is in decent shape but has been used. There are some repairs that have been made by the prior owner (not me). This deck would be really good for a working tractor and not a show piece. Comes with all the tins, mule drive, mule drive belt, new left and right front anti-scalp wheels and the manual for it. The only thing it is missing is the main belt for the deck spindles. I am located 45 mins NE of Indy. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message.
  8. 1967 Wheel Horse 1277 - Kohler K301S, gas engine, belt driven, hydrostatic. I had it running recently but then attempted some electrical work. I also cleaned it up by sanding some rust, dirt and grime off body and engine. Some new parts were added like a new choke cable, ignition switch, head lights, spark plug, battery and battery cables. I have new seat and some other parts that I will never use if sold. The implements include a tiller, snow thrower, mower deck. I've never attached these items. I have some belts and pulleys that came with it when I inherited it. It's easily accessible for removal and showing. IMG_1727.MOV
  9. so the whole corner of my 42 rear discharge was completely rotten away. I’ve welded sheet metal before, but I don’t really know what gauge steel is need for a solid repair. I have 16 gauge on hand. Would something thicker be needed?
  10. Steven82y

    1964 854

    New guy to wheelhorse world, trying a short cut by asking you guys. Where would be good place to get blades and belts for mower deck? Best I gather she is a 1964 854 model. Also clevis hitch for a plow?
  11. Working in the R & D lab, I installed an extra set of blades on a 36 inch rear discharge deck. How this idea started was the Horse Bug bit my brother. I gave him an old 211-4 cause one of his mowers was down. I must admit the 36 inch RD deck cut pretty nice. To small for me. He liked it so much he went on CL and bought a 208-4, cuts great too. Looking at those machines, the front of the deck is connected to the front axle and pivots with the from wheels. Sure seems like a nice design. (not to mention my brother is a nut about his lawn). I have been working on and off the last couple years on a 88 516H. Finally got it runnable and my brother came up and took her for a spin. (I think he is in love) but says he has no more room for another mower, but ask if there is a 36 inch rear deck that will fit. Well anyhow, I was working on a 36 just to have and thought if I put mulching blades on it to see if it competes. I seen a while back were a member used two sets of blades and thought that may give me that fine cut. Some of my findings are; 1 makes more noise, 2 does use more power, 3 pulverizes the grass, super fine clippings, 4 does blow out from under the deck more, and 5 cuts pretty nice. I had the height set a notch lower than usual and the cut pic it is hard to tell but don't look to bad. I now some other members have done this and hope they share their thoughts.
  12. I got a phone call from a friend today who said a neighbor got some Wheel Horse parts to sell. I got this 36 inch rear discharge deck from him for $20. I can't find any ID tags on it. Does anyone know what it fits or what model number it is?
  13. 67 WH 877

    Deck installation

    Anyone have a PDF for the installation of a 32 inch deck on the 67 T877? Thank You
  14. Getting ready to start rebuilding (hopefully upgrading) my RM-366 mower deck for my 856 Tractor (separate thread as "My 856 Project" under the restorations category). Thought I would post this here looking for some potential ideas from you guys that may have rebuilt, restored, upgraded, modified this particular deck or something very similar. Near as I can tell, the RM-366 deck and the RM-367 are almost identical other than year of mfg. and there may be some others that are very similar. My question is, has anyone with a similar deck ever made any upgrades/modifications to one of these decks to improve on the problematic "wear areas" at the bearing points of the drag link, bracket hanger, pivot tube, and quick hitch assembly as shown in the photos below? Just doesn't seem like a very good original design to suspend the entire weight of this deck along with being subjected to other external forces on the thin edges of only about 1/8" on the drag link and hanger bearing directly on the pivot tube. Would like to improve on this if its possible and thought maybe some of you veterans may have some ideas or something that you may have tried that works (or didn't work for that matter) to mitigate this wear. I realize these decks are designed to be "floating" decks, but don't really like it when the deck starts floating laterally when wear takes over. Now for the photos: These are the areas that I would like to address... This is a close-up of the original design in the pivot tube area (minus the snap rings and washer). If any of you have followed my thread on the tractor itself, i have been adding an abundance of bronze bearings in wear and pivot points on the tractor and would like to modify this in some way similar. The problem is with what I call the "staggered mount" between the drag link and the hanger whereas the drag link is not mounted between the side plates of the hanger but rather alternate inside to outside (see photo). This makes it a little difficult to directly mount a flange bearing in one of the surfaces, especially with the snap rings on the pivot tube. This is the original pivot tube showing the wear at these hanger locations as well as the snap ring grooves... Years ago I made a modification to this same area by turning a "modified" pivot tube and utilizing a combination of bronze bearings whereas the pivot tube was bolted stationary to the side of the hanger bracket and all rotation was limited to the bearing points of the drag link rather than the hanger. This actually worked "relatively" well but still had some issues after years of service. I may pursue something similar this time around, and hopefully someone a lot smarter than me might have a better solution. As for the wear on the quick hitch assembly shaft where it mounts to the tractor brackets, I am probably just going to fabricate a new one and maybe turn it to accept a couple of bronze bearings at least in the areas marked "severe" wear points. I hope that I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just attempting to make something that has been a problem spot in the past a little bit better. Any ideas or suggestions that you may have tried (or thought about trying) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Rick Evans

    Mower deck

    How do I level the mower deck on a 252h mower
  16. Hello! I have a 1975 C-100 lawn tractor, and it's in pretty decent shape. Only problem is the mower deck is shot. I've been browsing for used decks, but I'm not seeing any of the original part number, s-0622. So I'm wondering, what other decks would be compatible with this model? Thanks!
  17. Does anyone have a illustrated parts list, or a link to one, for a 1984 Wheel Horse 48" mower deck that includes the spindle & blade assemblies? Thanks in advance for any help........................Mike
  18. Bill Sherman

    Mower deck interchange

    Will a 48 inch SD deck off a 417 from the mid-80's fit on a 1977 C-120?
  19. I have a 1977 C-120 eight speed. According to the number on the mower deck (05 42MS05) it is a 1986 model year. Where can I find a parts diagram so I can get part numbers? I need to replace the pulleys and I want to make sure I order the right ones.
  20. Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and just brought home (last night) my first Wheelhorse tractor. It's a '75 C-100 and it's in great shape. Unfortunately it did not come with a mower deck and so I am looking at my options. As far as I can tell the 5-1011 is the OEM for a 42" side discharge deck. I was, however told that both side and rear discharge options were (or are now) available. That said, I would love to find a used 42" mower deck that fits my tractor, however I am not sure how to properly ID it if I come across one. Would the model # be 5-1011, and if so would it be stamped on the deck? I have also heard that new ones can be bought through Toro, however I would rather not spend thousands on an aftermarket mower deck if I can restore an original for less $.
  21. Having problems. Rod for PTO will not drop down far enough. So I needed to take top bracket off to get rid out and remove belt? Next item, is there a truck to remove belt? I can not get it out of pulley area as it is twisted and to tight to pull through. What is the trick? I reserved forcing through as I am not sure it will go back on? See pics. I appreciate any help I can get. First time pulling off the deck.
  22. The title pretty much sums it up. I picked up lawn ranger? carcass for $20 in hopes the deck will work on my 606. It looks like they both use the attach-o-mattic, but I could be wrong. Any help is appreciated. Also if anyone needs parts let me know. It doesn't have an engine, fuel tank, hood, front rims, or probably other things too. (Maybe I should just list what it does have, might be shorter) Thanks!
  23. I have what I was told was a 1979 42"Rd deck. I've removed the spindles in newer decks and older decks. I've not encountered spindles with keys in them before. To remove the shaft from the housing do I hit it through? Or use a press? I'm also having trouble getting the keys out. I got 1 out. I got it! I tapped on shaft. It came right out.
  24. I have a "42" RD mower deck model #78350. I'm going to motion industries for new bearings. Part # 109966. Is this # superseded to a new bearing #? I also wanted to get O rings. Part # 971015. Is this something I can get at a local hardware store? What I thought was a bad bad belt, was 2 bad bearings. I hadn't used the deck much. When I did, it was making a light knocking sound. I inspected the belt. I thought it was bad. 2 of the 6 bearings were bad!! The deck also had 2 cracks in it. By the carriage mounts. Welded it up. Also welded a few beads along the rectangular plate underneath.
  25. The 1985 WH312-8 42" Side Discharge mower deck that I'm fixing up for my son, has a label model # 0542MS04 53715. However the manual for this model number is different in that it show a item #2 deck support" that my deck does not have. Mower Rotary 42in SD 1985 05-42MS04 IPL #810388R1.pdf My deck is actually recessed in the area that the deck support would cover and the 2 piece belt guards have flanges to mount directly to the deck instead of the deck support I'm rebuilding the deck, and need to identify the correct manual so I can get spindle bearings and a belt part numbers. also if anyone has aftermarker spindle bearing and spindle belt bart numbers that would be appreciated. Mower Rotary 42in SD 1985 05-42MS04 IPL #810388R1.pdf
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