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Found 20 results

  1. Bill Winn

    C-175 1981 + implements

    For sale. 1981 WH C-175 Kohler twin series 1 1. Tractor has brand new ag tires all the way around, brand new seat, new points and condenser, new rear blade quick attach bracket, lights have been rewired with LEDs, it has a brand new lift cable and bracket,seat pan is from a 410... it's surface rusted but at least it isn't busted up like the oem plastic one, starts and runs but smokes a bit on startup if it's been sitting for months but she runs smooth and strong. 2. Tiller is like new. It had been used only about once when I bought it and now it has been used 4 times more. Tines still have much of the factory paint on them. 3. 42" mower deck works perfectly, 4. snow blade was/ is rough but I repaired it so it is quite functional, 4. Brand new rear grader blade, 5. Wheel Horse brand plow, 6. Wheel Horse brand disc- I added a piece of motorgrader blade for a drag. I also welded a post to the top to hold weights, 7. Wheel Horse brand cultivator, 8. Home built furrower. (Makes good rows) The original Wheel Horse plow/disc/cultivator originally came as a modular kit and in order to use it the draw bar and clevis hitch had to be swapped back and forth. (big pain) I fabricated draw bars and hitches onto each piece so this is no longer necessary. I think this is a fair asking price at $2200 for all.
  2. cbj75

    D200 Package for Sale

    I have a 1975 D200 Wheel Horse with front mount dozer blade, package includes Wheel Horse Dump Trailer, 48" belly mower side discharge, Wheel Horse front and rear wheel weights, turning brakes, rear PTO and 3-point to 2" receiver attachment, and Brinley twin disc harrow. Rear luggage/rack carrier, All refurbished, sandblasted and painted Ford red in 2016. Lots of extra Wheel Horse parts included. Package price $3000.00. Bryce Johnson 102 Anglers PT Mc Cormick SC 29835 913-638-6788 IMG_1962.HEIC IMG_1965.HEIC IMG_0279.HEIC
  3. Donavon

    Wheel horse 1054

    Need ideas to convert my 1054 A Frame plow into a snow blower Any idea's?
  4. Ahoy! captjack. I went to Manhattan, Kansas and purchased three Wheel Horses. Along with the machines were a snow plow and the required items to attach it to a WH. I also have a set of concrete wheel weights. The plow appears to be very slightly used. As I am a John Deere AMT collector, I have no idea what a fair price would be. Could someone let me know and, also, I can deliver them. Thanks and stay safe. captjack
  5. WVHillbilly520H

    My other Red tractor

    @WHX24, @PeacemakerJack, @ebinmaine, @JCM, @shallowwatersailor, @pullstart, @Horse Newbie, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @Ed Kennell, and the rest of RS .... As I have mentioned before I would be getting snow removal tools for my Mahindra eMax 22, the whole package plow, blower and soft cab, I had purchased a Kubota set-up a couple years back with the intentions of modifying it to fit/work with it but after careful consideration decided just to sell it to help pay for the correct set-up built for Mahindra (by Berco in Canada), I ordered it the end of October and its showed at the dealer in PA right before Christmas and I just picked it up Friday, and today got the sub-frame (which both the plow and blower use so you can switch between with ease) assembled and mounting brackets installed on the tractor frame (the only thing I don't like is you have to switch these brackets back and forth between this and the mower deck mounts "not quite WH easy" but after a few times it may not be so bad ), then installed the sub-frame , snow plow and ran the hydraulic lines and plugged into the loader/sector valve. The cab and blower assembly will follow within the next few days/weeks. Pics and a little video of it in operation. 20210110_163214.mp4
  6. Howdy everybody! I've got a Wheel Horse 310-8 set up for plowing snow. Wheel weights, chains etc. Ive been plowing with it all winter ...but I don't know if I'm doing it right. I usually run it in third gear "HI range" and just Give er'! Is it better to use 2nd gear? I don't have anyone to ask about the right way to run a plow tractor, so any advise would be appreciated. I don't want to break anything if i can help it. Thanks , Dave W
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a plow blade and snow blower to fit a C-160 or 1973 8hp no name. How can I tell if they will fit my tractors when I see pictures of them? I see a blade not too far from me on craigslist but the seller doesn't know if it will fit either. Here are the pictures. It looks like I would need other parts if it could fit but this is $60 and an hour drive. Anyone know if it would fit and is worth the time and money? I'm in South East Ohio.
  8. porschpow

    Snow plow attachment

    Hello guys (again), I have a snow plow attachment. Now before anyone says anything, I will get the model number of it, but it seems to me to be missing some parts. It looks as though the shovel has the functionality to go up and down, and it looks like it can rotate on a swivel by a cable. It looks as though the cable broke apart and I am tying to figure out how it all works. Any help is much appreciated
  9. John & Shela


    I just bought a used 48" plow model #79252. I have an older 520XI tractor. Will it work on it? We started to install it this morning, but seem to be missing parts.
  10. Bob The Wheel Horse Man


    From the album: Bob The Wheel Horse Man

  11. Bob The Wheel Horse Man


    From the album: Bob The Wheel Horse Man

    We finally got some snow here in Ohio! 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban plowing 3 inches of snow. 42 inch dozer blade.
  12. Wondering if anyone has some nice pictures of the plow brackets that would fit my 414? Picked up an old plow for cheap at an auction , and ofcourse the axle bracket isn't there. I'm hoping to make sone brackets. Any close up pics with a ruler would help! Thanks
  13. I'm pretty happy with how it performed. I had to hit the plow line in the street with some momentum to bust through, but no real issues. I need more traction, but I was still able to push a pretty impressive amount of snow (much more impressive than what's in the videos). Next year I'll ballast the tires and get wheel weights. Very happy considering I started the weekend thinking the motor was lunched.
  14. Regal_Red


    I am hoping to find a plow for my WH 701. What should I be looking/asking for? I am not seeing it as a part on the 701 manual. Thanks for your help!
  15. What type of tire tread seems to work best on the front of a tractor used to plow snow? I only have experience with Turf-Savers, and I wasn't real impressed. Also, are front weights worth it?
  16. Zach M

    211-5 snow plow

    Hey, I just got a 211-5 and I was wondering if there is a snow plow for it and what model it is, and if anyone has one for sale. Model 3211bx02 - Zach
  17. Between my sector channel and the index lever there is a hole in the frame that I'm guessing is supposed to guide a cable that allows the blade to rotate left and right. There is something missing from this hole that will keep the cable from rubbing and eventually breaking. This is my first time seeing a wheel horse plow and I can't find a photo of this particular one to identify the missing part. I am assuming there should be a cable that controls these parts, not sure because it didn't come with this blade. Hoping someone can give me an idea as to how to get this blade to rotate left and right or maybe refer me to product center. Model 6411 Serial 552402 Thanks in advance
  18. Bach-Ed

    snow plow problem

    For the second time I have tried to plow snow with my 857 and not able to finish the job. The first time I was using chain to lift the plow instead of the solid OE link bar. The connecting link wasn't strong enough and it failed. So I put in a stronger link. Good except the rear cross pin came out of the swing up latches at the rear hitch. Today I was plowing again and the latches opened and the rear of the plow frame dropped down. It is no fun laying in the snow and wrestling it back in place. I thought maybe I needed to tighten the bolts that the latches pivot on really tight. Originally I had them snug so they swung with a little resistance. Was my last thought correct and the bolts need to be quite tight? Or is there something else i should try. I was just about done when I had to get it back in place so I don't know if my tighter setting worked or not. Suggestions?
  19. I need some guidance. I have a 310-8, and I am setting it up to plow snow this winter for the first time. I will buy chains and put them on. I am also shopping for wheel weights. Do I need to get Wheel Horse Wheel Weights or will another brand work? I have seen some used weights on CL and found Craftsman weights at Sears. Will any weights with a 12 inch diameter work? What do I need to do? Thanks
  20. John Sullivan

    snow plow

    Hi all I have a 520-8 speed tractor. I am looking to install plow ser# 220000491 mod# 79362. Question is this plow compatible with my tractor. Thank you John
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