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Found 27 results

  1. Never used, still in box.
  2. For Sale; one single stage snow thrower. I picked this up in a bundle last year, oiled the chain and adapted the mount fit my C120. It ran okay but could use a little more work. the chute turning cable is gone, needs a new edge. I just don't get the snow to use one of these throwers. This could be a chance to try one cheap, or use as a back up? Pick up only, or I can bring it to the show in June. Joe
  3. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    So I have a 312 Wheel Horse. I have the Snow Blower attached and it was working great. I was using it last night when all of a sudden I heard a bang up near the the blower. I quickly disengaged the PTO lifter the blower and backed up to see if I had hit something. After inspecting i found that i did not hit anything. So I started clearing out any snow I realized nothing was stuck and the shear pins were still good. The augers had the normal amount of play. So I fired it back up and tried to engage the pto again it kind of bogged down and stalled out the engine almost. So I drove it to where i had better light. I could not see anything wrong still so I decided to try to engage it one more time to see if I could see anything. Well it started throwing so I decided to test it out and it worked fine. Then as I was going along it just stopped throwing again. So I don't know what it is. I plan on taking a look at the gearbox when I get home to make sure that's all set. Just thought I would check to see if any of you have suggestions of what I could check.
  4. A 48" WHEEL HORSE SNOW BLADE WITH EXTENSION FOR 520 SWEPT AXLE MACHINES. THE REPLACEABLE PLOW EDGE STILL HAS ABOUT 1/4" REMAINING AND CAN BE FLIPPED OVER. PLOW CAN BE USED ON SNOW,GRAVEL OR DIRT. REAR AXLE MOUNT NOT INCLUDED BUT CAN BE PURCAHSED FOR $30 EXTRA. CONDITION IS GOOD. Shipping Dimensions :L: 6 ft 0 in. W: 1 ft 6 in. H: 12 ft 0 in. 120Lbs There is a Fastenal within 15 miles, I can drop off if buyer makes shipping arrangements.
  5. NOS, Original Tractor Co snow cab Original Tractor Cab P650CC01 *NOTE: as far as I can tell, the plastic white top is all that is missing Otherwise, the pieces are in good shape, never used - just dirty from sitting. The instructions and unopened original hardware also included. Per the instructions this model is for 1990 and up 500 series tractors, although likely will fit / adapt to others somewhat easily. I bought this with my 520h from the original owner who advised it was never used and from the condition and packaging that appears to be the case. I will not use it so I am looking to give a good home. As a side note - the tractor only has 256 hours on it and also has a powered leaf / grass bagger unit (which is not something I see often as far as attachments). But up for sale here is the NOS snow cab and hardware only .
  6. NOS snowthrower attachment, model 06-36SL01, fits 200-series WH tractors. NOS (new-old stock) never been used or even mounted. Needs work from having been banged around and stored outside for many years, some surface rust, belt is missing, pics tell the story. First $150 takes it. Email W1HYN@yahoo.com.
  7. Shea Worden

    Snow Blade

    What plow would fit on a c81? Short frame or long frame? @Sarge @953 nut you two seem like the best people to ask.
  8. Brad Barrone

    Wheel Horse cab for Sale

    This cab has had a wooden frame built and Plexiglas cut and installed. The Plexiglas is in good condition on all 4 windows. The red canvas material and the zippers look to be in good/very good condition and in working order. The white fiberglass roof is completely intact and solid, the white paint also looks good. I have had cab was in storage for quite a while and have finally decided to move it out to someone that wants one. Thanks for looking, feel free to ask me any questions.
  9. henrylrjr

    Toro plow #79364 brand new

    Selling my brand new, never used, Toro model #79364 48" plow. Looks like the day I took it out of the box. The only thing I did was assemble it and lubricate moving parts. Grease still looks like new. Local pickup only.
  10. Big Bear

    Wheel Horse D180

    Wheel Horse D180 automatic Starts and runs greats. This tractor has been barn kept it's entire life and used very lightly. The rear tires are brand new (worth $200 each) with rubber injection marks still on them Paint job is all original and in excellent shape. This tractor can be driven around but needs linkage to be perfect. If you would like to take a look at it or have any questions give me a call. Make offer. wheel horse, farmall, allis chalmers, lawn tractor,
  11. shallowwatersailor

    Finally Some Snow!

    Finally it looked like Winter was going to arrive today! This - after the daffodils and cherry blossoms were already blooming. But, the line moved further North and the sleet and rain took over. We were in the 8-12" forecast range but was actually 4-5" of wet, wet snow and a lot of sleet. I have to admit for this snow storm I wish that I had a steel edge on the plow instead of the UHMW.edge. It had a tendency to "ride over" the ice underneath. I always wait until the county plow comes by before going out to do my neighbors and my driveways. It was nice to have the second cab on the plow tractor considering my other cab never got installed this Winter!. With the 25-30 mph wind blowing I hardly felt the weather while plowing for two hours.
  12. For Sale; Blade Dozer 42in HD-42, Fits early WH tractors, includes OEM Wheel Horse adapter to install on RJ-58.
  13. Made a 4 hour round trip on Sunday to pick up a 48" blade w/rear bracket for $150.. Needless to say, it was well worth the trip and the money!! Can't wait for snow more snow!!
  14. Team70R

    606 snow blade

    Anyone have a link for finding what attachments will fit a 606? Looking to get a snow blade if I can find one for a decent price! Thanks, wes
  15. jmdavidh09

    XI Snow Cab

    Original Cab brand snow cab for the XI's....may fit others but up to you to figure out. This came with an XI i recently acquired...it is complete and i have the manual but it probably needs a little TLC on the metal frame...doors are pristine and its all there from what i can tell! Asking $350 obo...will also consider xi attachments or decks in partial/full trade too!
  16. DennisThornton

    Best Wheel Horse snow machines?

    As that season with the white fluffy nears my mind drifts back to the years when the kids and I shoveled our long driveway and while it does bring back fond memories of great teamwork it also brings back memories of a great amount work that would REALLY suck today! (No more little helpers!) Fortunately since then the little shovels pushed by myself and my young fellas have evolved up to a 35hp 4wd tractor with a 74" 2 stage blower! And since then the addition of several walk behinds and garden tractor driven snowblowers and blades. I've recently decided that a dozer blade is required no matter how many snowblowers there are! And I hate changing attachments and even though WH has taken a lot of the grief out of it I'm still not going to do it and putting cabs on and off is certainly going to become a thing of my past just like the snow shovels! My goal is to have a tractor for each attachment and at the current rate I'm going to get there before I die and without breaking the bank. So with even more Wheel Horses added to the collection and I'm now thinking that I will dedicate one WH as the master snowblower with cab and another to the master snow pusher with cab. Oh the big 35hp 74" will go through ANYTHING but it is also BIG and awkward to maneuver up close and NOT something you want to bump the house or back into cars with! Out in the open it is awesome but I have lots of building, paths and walkways that it is overkill for. And it constant tempts me to just carefully edge up close to something! You should see the neat decoration it made from a piece 8ft 1/2" rebar! And while I've been fortunate and now I've got the big storms covered, I should also be prepared in case it was to be out of commission and have a backup machine, slower for sure but still quite capable. So from experience, wishes or reading, what tractor and what snowblower would make the ultimate Wheel Horse combo snowblower? And which combo would make the ultimate pusher. If you could have any Wheel Horse combo you desired to tackle snow what would it be? And feel free to elaborate! I'm sure there are many that are quite experienced BUT I'm also sure there are many new members that could benefit from thoughts on not only which tractor, auto or geared, which blower, single or two staged, but also tires, chains, weights, cabs, cab heaters, wipers, lights and... I certainly have my own thoughts but before I combine tractor, attachment and cab and later wish I had done it differently, I would really like to hear what have YOU done or what would YOU do now if you had your wishes? Thanks guys for your thoughts and experiences!
  17. jebeli

    200 series snow blower

    200 series snow blower, should work fine, have all the mounting parts but never used it, 15 minutes south of Morgantown WV
  18. Selling a very nice 54" snow plow / dozer blade with mount and rear quick hitch. Believe this was used on my uncle's C series but I'm fairly certain it will work with a 300, 400, 500 series tractor. Model 6 4113. I think it has original paint. Best bet is to call: justin 410-812-1943
  19. Bob The Wheel Horse Man


    From the album: Bob The Wheel Horse Man

    We finally got some snow here in Ohio! 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban plowing 3 inches of snow. 42 inch dozer blade.
  20. Bob The Wheel Horse Man


    From the album: Bob The Wheel Horse Man

    We finally got some snow here in Ohio! 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban plowing 3 inches of snow. 42 inch dozer blade.
  21. Very nice snow plow / dozer blade. 48" width and in great shape. Comes with the quick hitch for the rear as well! Model #06-48BC01 well worth the money. call 410-812-1943
  22. Today 3:45 PM I would like to put my snow blade from my old C-160 onto a recently purchased 520 H. I have used it with great success on a C-175A. But have read that it needs an extender to fit the 520H ? Any help here would be appreciated. Thanx, VGS
  23. Hello Red Square Community! My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  24. Oops, I did it again! We got about 6-8 more inches of snow last night so I felt obliged to play around with the video camera once more. (Hey, we don't get much snow...I can't help myself!) In what has become the norm, I cleared all five driveways in our cul-de-sac and then most of the street as well, since once the snow is out of the driveways, I have to find a place to put it! I admit that finding a good place to put the snow while not blocking someone's car, driveway, mailbox or storm drain was challenging, especially since a significant amount of the piles of snow I pushed a week ago are still there! In today's installment—which is the last one this year...I promise—I have the camera mounted on the B-80's hood and I shot the video in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 1/2 second which roughly equates to 4 minutes of video for an hour of video. BTW, if you don't like Sinatra, you'll probably hate this!
  25. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    I know you folks up north are sick of the stuff, but here in central Virginia we are always the bridesmaid, never the bride, or put more accurately, we're always cold rain or sleet while people 70 miles north or south of us get the fun. I guess I'm not the only one in these parts doing a victory dance! Anyway, I figure we got somewhere between 8 and 10 inches. I plowed once during the night while it was snowing, and then again this morning when I shot this video. I used a GoPro mounted on the tractor and a Garmin Virb on a tripod. Nothing earth-shattering, just happy to be able to push something!