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Found 13 results

  1. GuyB

    C141 Wheel Horse for sale

    SOLD A C141 Wheel Horse for sale with mower deck and Kohler 14hp engine, K321AS. It is in good shape, but hasn't been run in a couple of years. I love this machine. Powerful and built like a tank. Selling because of medical reasons. Low cost because it will need a little work and a good battery to get running, but it is in good shape and operates as it should. New tires, but they need air. The belts on it are new and the blades sharp, although a set of new belts and extra blades go with it. Tractor has been kept in the shed. You pick up. I can't lift, so you need to bring your own help lift or roll it. $300 or OBO. Send email if interested. Please don't ask a lot of questions that you can look up.
  2. Landed me 2 Walk Away's today. 1 complete with continuous one piece handle and 6-12 wheels, Clinton Engine. The second one is just the Pond gearbox, Hubs, frame and also one piece handlebars. The Clinton engine tag shows it to be a B704. I have been checking the web for year. Found Clinton site but no direct hint for year. So any of you have any idea how to determine the year of this Walk Away? I know the engine can give me an idea. I have the Walk Away manual download but know it is a 54, which shows the two piece handlebars. So does mine indicate they could be the early ones from 48-50?
  3. woodbird007

    B80s and implements For Sale

    Thinning Herd 2) 1974 B80 4 speeds both run, one in need of rebuild sd 36” deck rd 36” deck short frame dozer blade and mount extra wheels and tires $300 takes all Kalamazoo, Mi area
  4. Northern Indiana Power From The Past in Winamac, Indiana July 18-19-20-21, 2019 Just wondering who has heard of the show and is anybody going?
  5. horse175Mich

    C175 For Sale

    Awesome condition C 175 V twin for sale... $1600 obo.. Starts on first click of starter every time! 52" mower deck , hydraulic lift Hydrostat trans wonderful tractor!
  6. DennisThornton

    Built from scratch & just Amazing!

    I just had to share this! I think you'll enjoy the 5 minute show!
  7. Camarokid

    My First wheelhorse

    Hello red square new member here, I would like to share my very first tractor with you all. A 1958 rj58 that I picked up the other day. This past Friday I left work a half hour early to make it to the bank to only travel 10 mins down the road from my job to purchase a rj. So I took it home and enjoyed my weekend staring at it! Can't play yet with it... Have some searching and work to do XD
  8. RedRidingHorse

    What Wheel Horse is this?

    Hello, I'm new to this site, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right spot. My father past away late last year and left with us, among other things, his favorite Wheel Horse tractor. It stopped working about a decade ago and has been sitting in the shed ever since, but it was always his dream to get it running again. I don't really know much about tractors, but I have to say that it would be really neat to get it working again. As you can see from the photos, it would need a lot of work. My dad wanted to have it as a functioning tractor, so before he passed away he bought a newer engine to mount in it in order to get it working with the hopes of rebuilding the old engine eventually. There's a guy who works on old tractors that we know who said he could install the newer motor (not the one in the picture) and get it functioning with the deck for about $400. He said he could also rebuild the old engine eventually, but finding parts, etc., would take a bit of time. I looked all over the tractor itself, but couldn't find a model or serial number. Judging from the serial number on the engine and doing a Google search, it looks like it could be a 1961 Wheel Horse (maybe??). Here are my main questions: Is this a hopeless project or could this be worth restoring?If it is worth it, should I be getting it sandblasted and repainted first? Does sandblasting and repainting drastically increase/decrease the value (I'm not planning on selling it, but if I were to restore it, it would be nice to do it correctly--just in case one were to sell it eventually)?
  9. Hello I have this tractor that has been in my family for a long time. I used to plow driveways with it for money as a 10 year old. I believe it is a 1965 Wheel Horse lawn ranger. I am trying to figure out how much it is appraised for or how much it would cost to fix it up to make it into the tractor it should be. This past winter I replaced the hoses, spark plug, added chains, changed the oil and did some overall work on it. It has always been garage stored. Here are some pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  10. grnlark

    Another Bantam 8000

    In the world of Bantams, the most desirable three wheeled tractors are the model 3000, 5000 and 8000 varying in size from small to large respectively. The model 8000 (being the size of a standard garden tractor) is probably the most desirable and by far hardest to find. I would venture to guess some of the 8000’s rarity has to do with its lofty price tag in 1956. Well, I acquired a second model 8000 yesterday about an hour away from me in CT. It runs and drives well but naturally will need some general TLC. The gentleman I bought it from said it previously belonged to the Town of Putnam, CT and was used for years to clear snow from sidewalks. He put brand new Carlisle 6x12’s on it and gave me paperwork showing that the engine was honed and re-ringed about 4 years ago. Now just to go through and remove all the non-original bolt on junk. Lol
  11. Hello. I am new to the site but I have been reading from it for awhile to get info on my Sk-486. I am hoping that i will be able to get some more detailed info about my horse. My family got it from my Grandad and we really didn't know what to do with it for awhile. It sat in the shed for a few years then came out to do some landscaping with the snow blade. It then went back for a few years till I pulled it out last fall and got it working with my dad. It has lots of problems which I will list below. -Carburetor needs ajusting (I have to run with the choke most of the way up) -Carburetor bowl needs new gasket -Top of engine seems to be leaking oil -Needs new dipstick (handle is broken off) -New Paint -New Decals -New wheels on mower deck -Scalps grass when mowing on third highest setting Here are some pictures. This side decal is fine but the others are not so. Here she is all decked out for the St. Patrick's Parade. Can anyone tell me what the "ignition" switch does? It will start no matter which way it is flipped. Well this concludes the first post. Please share any info you might have on this tractor. I will be sharing what I have already found after long hours of searching on the internet. I am sure Mr. Garry (gwest_ca) will be around sson. He seems to be posting in almost everything. I forgot to mention that she is not I repeat not for sale!
  12. I have a C 141 with the 3 speed with reverse and high and low range. The shift leaver for high/low range moves and it feels like it goes from one gear to another but the speeds don't seem to be any different. any suggestions? In low range 1st gear it seems a little too fast for tilling. I would think it would be just crawling.
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