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Found 41 results

  1. Toro - WheelHorse SnowBlower fits “XT” Models. Model 79483 Serial 240000164. In great shape, has high chute, wide kit installed and has belt. Skids show little to no wear, so I’m guessing not used much. SnowBlower only. No mule drive or lifting hardware. $250/BRO
  2. Hi all you movers of snow, I have a Wheel horse 520 H 1996 Model 73501 and just reattached my model 79361 snowthrower on it and the belt is very loose. I had used the blower last season and it had performed great (it came with the blower already on) I removed it for mowing use and reattached a month ago with the same belt. Even with the belt on the inner/larger PTO pulley, the belt was so loose that it would barely turn the auger without engagement into snow and completely stopped in snow. the belt then came off and was damaged so that the steel cords started to protrude and I replaced the belt. (belt: # 116332) The new belt slips also and the symptoms are the same, even on the larger PTO sheave. The belt tension spring is mounted and functioning and as far as I can tell I have routed the belt correctly. I tried to visit pages that show images of this, but was not allowed to view the content?? Are there any additional ways to make the belt fit better? I'll post some key pictures of what it all looks like shortly When I removed the cover for the belt at the PTO I noticed that I had it on the smaller/outside sheave and moved it to the larger. this did tension the belt better and perhaps it will work. However I am concerned about the Belt guard that is situated between the 3 pulleys on the thrower- is it in the right position?
  3. arminer8

    Snowblower Bearings

    I have a snowblower that has a bad bearing inside the auger on the chain side. Took it apart, and now I can't find a bearing like the one I need! One thing I need to know is if these parts are metric or American? If it is American, it is a 3/4" inside diameter, 1 5/8" outside diameter, 7/16" width. Anybody have a place they get them? Near Rochester, MN. It is a model 53321 snowblower I think as the model # plate is really scratched up.
  4. mmmmmdonuts

    Tall Chute Snowblower

    Tall Chute single stage snowblower. Has worm drive chute control. Has lift rod as well. Chute is currently detected for storage.
  5. Lets make a deal. The whole collection for $3000 or one tractor and half the items listed below for $1500. I am moving to town so am willing to do a partial trade for a wheelhorse more approproiate for a suburban lot- lawn ranger, surburban models, bcs walking tractor, other? I could possibly deliver or meet half-way or ship. Both tractors run great and are in good working order. Second owner of both machines. I work with these machines everyday so they are not perfect but are, in my opinion, in excellent shape. 42in high-shoot snow blower 42 in rear discharge deck Snow blade Front mount deck hanger with 42in side discharge deck 30in lawn seeder Brinly single bottom plow with cleavis or sleeve hitch 50in grader blade Extra transmission 36in rear tiller - leaks a little Full set of tire chains for each tractor Various body pieces 7.5 cubic ft pull behind cart - may need tires Extra set of rims All required belts, pullys, brackets, manuals, too much to list.
  6. Christof421

    C-121 snowblower issue

    Hello, I recently purchased a single stage snowblower attachment for my C-121. Currently going through my first storm with it. Made some passes down the driveway and blower was blowing a bit of snow backwards under the tractor. Snow is very fine and light snow. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has suggestions on remidies.
  7. i am going to be getting a 518h with a snow blower as i am new to having a snow blower one thing i noticed was that the chains have a fair amount of play how much is to much ,and would like a service manual or a manual that would give me these facts,thanks
  8. So I finally got around to finishing my custom bagger mount weight bracket conversion. It seems to hold weight really well. all that really went into it was a few pieces of steel tubing and a hunk of bar steel. The long bolts I used came with the weight off amazon. A Briggs and Stratton 50 pounder. I’d like to eventually find a nice cast weight, but for now this works great!
  9. So I’ve picked up a 310-8 recently and I’d like to start finding attachments for it. the route I’ll probably go is picking up a parts tractor to rob attachments off of. I’d like to know what tractors have interchangeable attachments with the 310. Would a blackhood or a b series have similar attachments? I’ve always been a bolens guy, so this whole wheel horse thing is new to me. Thanks for any help.
  10. Hello How much is a 79361 Ser. 5900 worth? it's in good shape. The only thing wrong is one impeller blade needs to be straightened. I'm just looking for a ball park figure if the blade was straightened or not. Thanks Sean
  11. WVHillbilly520H

    My other Red tractor

    @WHX24, @PeacemakerJack, @ebinmaine, @JCM, @shallowwatersailor, @pullstart, @Horse Newbie, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @Ed Kennell, and the rest of RS .... As I have mentioned before I would be getting snow removal tools for my Mahindra eMax 22, the whole package plow, blower and soft cab, I had purchased a Kubota set-up a couple years back with the intentions of modifying it to fit/work with it but after careful consideration decided just to sell it to help pay for the correct set-up built for Mahindra (by Berco in Canada), I ordered it the end of October and its showed at the dealer in PA right before Christmas and I just picked it up Friday, and today got the sub-frame (which both the plow and blower use so you can switch between with ease) assembled and mounting brackets installed on the tractor frame (the only thing I don't like is you have to switch these brackets back and forth between this and the mower deck mounts "not quite WH easy" but after a few times it may not be so bad ), then installed the sub-frame , snow plow and ran the hydraulic lines and plugged into the loader/sector valve. The cab and blower assembly will follow within the next few days/weeks. Pics and a little video of it in operation. 20210110_163214.mp4
  12. pics So as fall approaches us, I begin to start thanking about winter snow removal, & clean up , winter is the best time to find out what tyour equipment is made of ! I long for those 2 foot snowfall that Minnesota is known for ..... This summer I've been working on another wheel horse gt14 and I'm putting a steel cozy cab on it so my question is ..... I don't see many wheel horses with steel cabs I'm guessing they maybe didn't make them ? or it's the fender setup either way let's see some tractor and cab setups and snow equipment
  13. Hey everyone! Long time forum reader, first time poster! I just picked this blower attachment up last night for free! Thought it may fit one of my Wheel Horse tractors but once i got it home i was not so sure. I have a 1986-87 - 212-6 and a 1970's C-100. Both have all the parts needed to attach a mower deck. I have no idea how this one would attach to either, it may be missing parts? It does not have any model/serial numbers on it so i was having a hard time finding the manual that goes with it. I also do not know if it was modified at any point, the man i got it from did not know what it came off and my best guess is it came with the house he said he moved into 1 year ago. Thanks for the help!
  14. F. Marra 17

    Snow ready

    © Fmarra17

  15. F. Marra 17

    414-8 USA

    © Fmarra17

  16. Hi guys, i have a 44” 2 stage snowblower on my 520h. I was wondering if anyone has had an issue of it feeling like it’s jumping or skipping in heavy snow? I can’t figure out if it’s the auger gear or the drive chain skipping. Obviously I’m on it when this happens so it’s tough to diagnose. Thanks Guys!
  17. I was given this snowblower as a wedding gift for my 1980 C-105, a buddy of mine bought it used from someone who said they used it on a 312-8. I heard the attach-o-matic was from about 1973-2007. When I tried putting it on, it seemed to long. I could not lift it up. Does it look to long to anyone like something was added? Or maybe it is operator error and I am doing something wrong. If it's for another Wheel Horse please let me know. I have no markings for a model number or serial number anywhere. If you can see these pictures let me know your great wisdom, I am new to the Wheel Horse family.
  18. I got a C-121 and was wondering if a model 06-37SK01 snow blower will fit it? Thanks for any help!!
  19. Hi all, i am looking for a diagram on how to mount the lift assist spring on a 75' c-120. i have looked around and cannot seem to find one. i have tried to mount it on the main crossbeam located near the end of the lift rod and doesn't seem to offer any assistance. After working with that snowblower for and hour becomes quite difficult. i am also wondering if anyone has ever done an effective mounting of an electric wench as a means of lift? Thanks in advance for any help you could offer. CA-120 special model # 133619 Eric
  20. So long story short I scored a two stage snowthrower for my 520xi in the off season and hooked it up to my tractor and finally got a chance to use it this past weekend after we got a storm that dumped about a foot of fresh now. First time out everything was going good and the snowthrower was moving snow like a beast, I did notice though when I got to the berm at the end of the road the blower would shake and vibrate pretty good when going through it. I thought it was just normal operation since the snow tends to be more compacted from the plow, I just made sure to go nice and slow when I got to the end of the driveway and was able to clear my driveway and the neighbors without any issues. Fast forward to the next day and I fired up the tractor to clean up the driveways as we got another couple inches over night. Was able to finish my driveway but halfway through the neighbors when clearing the end of the driveway the blower shook and the suddenly stopped. I shut it down and looked around and noticed the belt was broken, I didn't think too much of it as when I put the blower on the tractor the belt was showing some wear but when I saw how expensive the toro belts are I decided to run it as it looked like it would make it through another season no problem. Once I got it back in the garage I removed the belt and that's when I noticed that something didn't seem right, the spring loaded pulleys on the right side of the pulley box were hanging below the blower frame, I took the chain and belt cover off the blower and noticed there's damage to the main belt pulley on the blower as well. I pulled the pulley box off and noticed that there's groves worn into the metal from the pulley and what looks like some belt rub. Anybody have any clues on what caused the belt to fail? I'm including pictures to hopefully give some clues to those who have used these blowers extensively. I followed the manual while installing the blower but I'm wondering if maybe I don't have something assembled correctly or am missing some crucial part. I'd really hate to spend the money on a new belt only to have it blow because I didn't correct the actual issue. I will say all the bearings seem tight on the blower and there doesn't appear to be any play in the shafts. I look forward to any insight you guys can offer, thanks.
  21. Goldann520

    Today's haul

    Hey guys, @wheelhorseman, @WVHillbilly520H, brought this stuff home today. Big question did wh make a gooseneck trailer like this? Really hope so, paint looks right and came out of the same lot as the rest of this. Owner swears he had blade and blower on the 414-8 Which means it'll fit my 312-8. He talked me (or bribed) me into taking tractor with me. Got the weights and chains too. $440 for all of it. Tractor runs but has fuel delivery problems.
  22. Craigslist score! I've been looking for one and this showed up less than 5 miles from home. It's been used maybe a half dozen times, only twice by the previous owner. Its complete with the flag and chute handle and 2 belts. Is got nice pan no dents and good life in the shoes.
  23. I have a C-161 8 speed manual. We recently got some snow here in CT (about 8-9" for me) and because of the 2 inches of existing snow on my driveway from Christmas, I had almost zero traction. (For what it's worth, went out about half way through the storm, when the wheels did hook up to the ground she plowed like an animal.) A friend of mine gave me a snow thrower a few months back. To my recollection, he said it worked on his C-161 hydro. I mention this because I don't know if there's a difference in attachment sizes. Just looking at it, it seems as though the "arm" portion of the snow thrower is too long. Even so, how the hell do I hook this up? I'm usually decent figuring crap like this out, but this one has me stumped. Thanks for the help. All the manuals I downloaded were vague and only listed parts and part numbers. No "install" instructions, best I can find.
  24. I have a wheelhorse snowblower attachment I want to sell for like 100.00 but idk halow to put it in the classifieds?
  25. Jjf02914

    1963 model 633

    Hi anyone no.where i could.find a.single stage snowblower to fit my tractor? And what.model would i need ty
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