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Found 4 results

  1. 3,394 downloads

    Tractor vs. Implement cross reference chart for models from 1955 - 2000 110 pages 513.43KB This chart lists the original attachment model The model that replaced the original model The model that was available when the list was made Often many models between the last two are not listed. You must go from year to year and follow the model numbers to see them all. For a complete list of models click on the magnifying glass in the Search box. Enter DNA in the Search box and select Files from the drop down menu. Two pages of 33 results will come up in random order. Find the attachment you are looking for and click on it. The DNA for that model of attachment will come up. Look for the model of your attachment in the DNA list. They are organized from earliest to latest. OR Search the Files using a model number you know will work. Look through the results for DNA in another file name for the same item. That will have the full list of models. STD for a model indicates that attachment was standard equipment that came on that model of tractor. Mistakes in the online attachment list @ Toro. The Attachment Interchange is correct but confusing and the source of the mistakes. 1970 *VS rear discharge mower deck 5-7362 is correct replaced by 5-0610 both CCW rotation 1971 rear discharge mower deck 5-0600 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-7362 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0610 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0611 - CCW spindle rotation 1970 *VS side discharge mower deck 5-2365 is correct replaced by 5-0700 both CCW rotation 1971 side discharge mower deck 5-0710 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0700 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0701 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0702 - CCW spindle rotation 1974 Replacement rear discharge mower deck for the model 5-0622 (side discharge) is wrong - should be 65-36XR01 *Models using a vertical engine crankshaft


  2. The following quotes and paragraphs are from a cousin of mine - Lew - and his friend - Steve - . His friend found a few pics of old tractor/ dozer things and thought he might be interested... So I asked if it was OK to share them here with you all machinery nuts. Lew, to me, others: These are some old photos from an MG friend, Steve, of his grandad's machinery. I thought you might appreciate his description of them even more. Interesting: gasoline only used to warm up the engine so it would use kerosene. Water injection in the 20s & 30s? Any of you remember that? Good Ol' Days. Steve, to Lew: These would be my Grandad Olson's grading outfit. Not sure where or when they were taken but probably late 1920s-early 1930s. Could be Booneville, Missouri or Canton, Illinois or most any small community. Tractor with the big roof is a 60 Cat or possibly a Holt that was bought by Cat. One with the smaller roof could be a 30 Cat but looks more like something else. Could be a Cleatrack or a Rumley Oil Pull. Whatever it is it is pulling an elevating grader. That scraped up dirt onto its conveyor belt and spilled it off into a wagon being pulled along side. Same device being pulled by 60 Cat in first photo. Big fuel tank held kerosene. There was a small one for gasoline used only to start the engine and warm it up till the kerosene would vaporize. There was also a water injection for added power under hard pull. Idle RPM was 300 and red line was a whopping 600. Lots of torque but just 60 horse power at the power takeoff and a few less at the draw bar. Huge exposed flywheel had holes along the rim to insert a pry bar. That is how you cranked it to start. Had to be a Manly Man to do that. These tractors were state of the art and biggest made at the time. They could do a lot of work but were not fast. Mules and side-dump wagons did all the hauling. Later, big bottom-dump Cat wagons with tracks took over that job. Even those held less than a small dump truck does today. Steve's words to me (now US) : Maybe someone in your group (That would be US ) will recognize where the photos were taken. I would think about 1928 or 29. This was Olson Brothers Grading and they enjoyed the highway building boom. In later years I played on some of these old Cats and even rode on one. Maybe someone will know the make of the smaller tractor. I think the two men standing on the elevating grader are my Grandpa and great uncle Harry and Arthur Olson but may be someone else entirely. I would love to find out more about the photos and everyone in my family that might know is now gone. Share if you like and let me know what you learn.
  3. Finally! For years! I hoped to find a mid-mount grader blade without having to pay $300 AND drive all day! $130 and less than an hour round trip I have one in pretty good shape! Happy day! It's different than what I expected though. Frame is more like a cut off dozer blade. I'll add a picture if can figure out how O my phone. #711219 escapes me. Garry! I need you! Rear mount at the axle. Angle control looks odd. No means from the seat. Crap. Don't know how to add pictures from this phone. Craig will harass me I suppose... When I get to my computer Craig!
  4. Graeme

    Mid mount grader

    Hey all, I have a 416-8 with a mid mount grader blade, I love the blade but Id like to know if there is a better way to get down pressure other than doing the not recommended and stand on the blade? I saw someone posted something regarding a stiff lift link or something of that nature. Mine has something like a turn buckle with a 90 at the end that goes through the same lift arm that the mower deck uses. I figured lenthening the turn buckle would lower the blade and allow me to apply pressure to the attachment lift arm to press down with the grader blade, but it doesnt seem to do much, especially when compared to putting a little foot pressure directly on the blade. I know you guys out there know all about this and I look forward to a little grader blade education. Thanks, Graeme
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