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    Got my new find home today. Well not home home but home to my buddies shop for the winter. I try to get up to the shop a couple days a week to BS over a cup of coffee or three. This little 657 looked better than the pictures so I am very happy with my purchase. Gary and I are both kind of busy for a few weeks but we will try to get the Kohler running before Thanksgiving and see what I have. Here is the good news as this appears to be a good news bad news kind of thing. So here's what was in my mirror this morning. Brake was pretty good rolling of the trailer and it seems to shift in and out of all gears as expected. Here's a little better picture of it once I got her in the shop. The paint is very nice but once you look it over the seat pan and frame are a slightly different shade of red. but all in all it will make a very good looking worker. IT looks to have been a tire on rim paint job but up close it was a good one. The deck is really nice. no rot anywhere. Can not be the original deck. If the tractor had enough hours on it to burn up the Techy then you would think the deck would have some dings and dents? The shifter boot looks to be original but still in pretty good condition Not sure where he got this seat but it is a beauty. Nice to sit on also!! Found the rope when I opened the hood. There is a slot on the front of the frame that appears to be a hood stop but the tab appears a bit bent and does not go in the slot? As usual its not all good news so here is a bit of bad news. Hopefully not too bad. Took a picture under the kohler and found this ugly mess. Sure looks like a big problem to me but I am no mechanic. The wiring is suspect also. the back of the switch looks like it was hot at one time Maybe the wires were hooked up wrong? Also there is no dip stick? Once I know the wiring is right and I get the new battery in we will find out if I have a $400 roller or a very nice 857 ready for work. If the engine is bad I will take it out and get it to Holden's Machine shop and hope he can get it healthy in time for spring. Bill does incredible work but you don't want to tell him your in no hurry. He always has 10 things going at once it seems. So let me know what you think guys. Good and Bad. Will download the manual for an 857. Your input and advice is as always very appreciated.
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    I am hoping to pick this up Saturday 11/24/18. Will be a fun little project. Know it needs a carburetor and I'm sure a few other things. Will know more this weekend. This is all I have as of now. Know we all like pictures...LOL
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    @Machineguy, @PeacemakerJack, @WHX21, @Ed Kennell, @ebinmaine Today was opening day of firearms deer season in both WV and VA...I have not pulled the trigger in 4 years...here's what showed up 20 minutes after I sat down in my ladder stand today...I believe you will get a good laugh at the first picture if you read the sign in the camper window...I'm sorry if any of the pics offend anyone, Jeff.
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    Took scrap in today and seen this cub near office with weights on. Tires were shot. So I bought the weights. Paid 20 bucks for them lol
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    Sorry it took me a minute... some of us do still have to work you know.
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    Well here it is guys, first and foremost I have to thank my wife for letting me go get this tractor I have recently pick up 3 other tractors in the last 2 weeks and this came up I tried talking @WHX21 into going to get it but he said no he is tractor tight, so I message the man and told him I would take it, this machine is a one family owned the gentleman I bought it from it was his uncle's bought it brand new, he past away in 1974 and was sitting in a small garden shed that was falling over and he decided to put it under for sale. I told him I would come get it Saturday and the family found out about him selling it he messaged me Friday afternoon and told me he could no longer sell this tractor to me due to his family being mad at him, they wanted to keep it in the family as a family hairloom and restore it when he had time. I told him I understood and I was willing to still come buy it and restore it and bring it back down 2 hours south so his family could see it and ride it when ever I could get the chance to do so. And he said he was out number I said ok keep my number so if you guys decide to let it go I'll be the guy. Friday night I was talking to my wife and I get a call from the guy and I answer he said he and his family talked and he is willing to let it go as long as I bought it back down to show them. I said done deal. It is really kinda a cobbled up mess but I am real glad I didn't pass this up! The cable steer part has been converted over and will go back to original along with alot of other things..I'll get more pictures later on
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    11-13-1898 Elmer Pond was born Wheel Horse started in Elmer Pond's garage in 1946. Mr. Pond started building two-wheel garden tractors using surplus parts. Within ten years, his business had become very successful and began to build a full line of lawn and garden tractors, in addition to riding lawn mowers. This is a story that starts out way before the brand name "Pond" or "Wheel Horse." It starts out with the name "Shaw." Elmer Pond and his associates, Glen Hielman and Harold Pond worked for many years for Shaw making tractors. These tractors were produced out of motorcycle and automotive parts and were made for the bigger gardens and small orchards. After a while the three men decided to build their own tractor and go into business for themselves. Harold Pond had worked for Shaw since the 1920’s and decided that he would make a tractor known as the Speedx Model "B," and Pond garden tractor in 1938, which would be one of the first four-, wheeled garden tractors. Glen Hielman would make the "Garden Master" in 1952. After World War II, Elmer Pond took the advantage, as did the other two men, to make a smaller lawn tractor that could do the work of a garden tractor and a lawn tractor. People who had a small garden didn’t need or want a big tractor for the small jobs they had to do, so they depended on these men for their garden needs. Another reason smaller garden tractors became very popular was that these tractors were rather inexpensive, so even the typical family could own one of these tractor and maintain it for a low cost. Many of these tractors were made from small air-cooled engines, drive systems, axles, wheels, tires, and other various parts that could be found. The framework was made from pieces of angle or channel iron. Elmer Pond started production in 1946 in his two-car garage in South Bend, Indiana. These tractors were made from crude parts that could be found. He produced a two-wheeled tractor that was self-propelled, which was sold under the Pond name. Pond made these for nine years, known as the "Walk- Away's " because the design of the tractor. After the first year of production Pond decided to make a four- wheel tractor. This tractor was made from crude parts such as a model "A" transmission, an 8.3 Wisconsin engine, Tiller steering, and much channel iron. The tractor was known as the Ride-Away Senior and was mainly for garden use. This model of the Senior was designed without a hood for easy serviceability. In 1948, Major changes occurred to the business and the tractors. Cecil Pond, Elmer Pond’s son, joined his father to make a partnership that would last for a long time. The tractor they created gained a fiberglass hood, and a Ross steering gear. The Ride-Away Sr. was produced for another seven years with small variations. In 1955, Pond started to make three different tractors, including the Walk-Away, Ride-Away Sr., and introducing the Ride-Away Jr. This new tractor would have a 2.5 HP Briggs and Stratton, or a 3.6 HP Clinton engine that would satisfy the needs of the typical house hold. The small tractor had a unique engine mount located between the driver’s legs and a belt driven transmission, "Variable speed." Pond made it so that you could put many different attachments on these tractors by welding brackets on them or making simple attachments that sold under their names. By the end of 1957, Pond had exceeded $1,000,000 dollars in sales. During the next years, a change would happen to the tractors; they would stop producing the Sr. after the first year of selling the little Jr.'s. They also changed the steering wheel on the smaller tractors from cast-iron to a larger diameter steering wheel. A new model was produced in 1958, which included a three-speed transmission. This transmission is called the Uni-Drive transmission that Elmer Pond designed in 60 days. The Rj-58 was the name of the model and it included one of the following engines: the Clinton B-1290 was used along with the Kohler k-90 were used to drive the small tractor. The Rj-35 had a Clinton B-1200 was used to drive the belts to the gearbox to move the tractor. They also put a Briggs 2.5 HP engine, which made the model of the tractor the RJ-25. The attachments remained the same for the RJ series. From 1956-1957 wheel horse changed the color of the wheels. They changed them from black into an almond color. The demand for these little tractors grew so much by the end of 1959 that they couldn’t keep up with production. But, they still made over 4,500,000 dollars. In 1960 there were significant style changes. However, the engine location immediately in front of the operator and the 12-inch wheels stayed the same. Two models of tractors were introduced this year: the model 400, with a four-horse power Kohler engine and the model 550, with a 5.5 horse power Lauson engine. These two models were known as the "Suburban" tractors. During this year the company obtained property on 515 W. Ireland Road. South Bend, Indiana. This plant was constructed in 1961 and occupied in July and August concluding of the 1961 production year. These two successful models continued until the next year known as the 401, 551,701. This was the first year for the front mounted engine tractor. Wheel Horse made the 701 with a 7-horse power Kohler engine. A change in transmission from two side plates and a piece of cast to two pieces of molded cast that went together instead of three. All models remained the same from 1961 to 1962 with all having the front mounted engine. The models were called the 502, 552, and the 702 the hood was a major appearance change. In 1961 they had an aluminum gas tank and a unique hood shape with a slotted grill. Also this year Wheel Horse produced the 32R and 32E, which were named Lawn Ranger, and they were made for lawn care only and removal of snow. In 1963 all five models remained the same as in 1962. The new product introductions for 1963 were the model 953 tractor and the model RM 483 48-inch mower. The garden tractor had a 9.6 horse power engine and 15-inch wheels with 27-inch tires. The model 953 unit was the first of the "large frame" garden tractors offered by Wheel Horse. In 1964, an 8-horse power Kohler engine replaced the 7-hp engine in the model 854. The model 953 was updated to the model 1054. At the beginning of the model year Wheel Horse acquired the REO product line from Motor Wheel Co. This product line consisted of walk behind rotary power mowers and walk behind snow throwers. Walk behind tillers and a rear-engine-riding mower also acquired but were closed out and never put into production. Sales volume in this year exceeded 11 million dollars. 1965 was the first year for the infinite speed shift system to the industry. A Stundstrand hydrogear unit was added to the Wheel Horse "Uni-Drive" transaxle. Tractors using the automatic shift were called "Wheel-a-Matic" tractors. The new "Wheel-a-Matic" models were the 875 and the 1075. Other products introduced in 1965 included a new 42-inch rotary mower attachment, a "REO-Matic" rear engine riding mower designed by Wheel Horse, and a completely revised line of REO power lawn mowers. The 1966 model products were unchanged from 1965 except for the addition of a 12 horsepower, automatic shift garden tractor and a 36-inch tiller (RT-366). The large frame model 1054A tractor was dropped from the line. Sales volume in this year reached 19 million dollars. 1967 saw the emergence of the "six speed" tractors. A Hi-Lo range was added the "Uni-Drive" transaxle to obtain six speeds forward and two reverse speeds. The new six speed tractors were the 867, 1067, and the1267. The Lawn Ranger models L-107 and the L-157; "Short Frame" models 607, 657, 877; and "Long Frame" models 1057, 1077, and 1277 were also in the 1967 line. In 1968 Wheel Horse began the model naming process, Commando (3 speed), Raider (6 speed), Charger (automatic), and the Electro (Automatic with electric clutch). They also had full-length footrest; and "B" section drive belts were added to the long frame tractors. Also in 1968 there was a "500" special tractor that was sold to dealers in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio in a promotional event tied into the Indianapolis 500-mile race. In 1969 they initiated more new products than any other year in Wheel Horse history. Wheel Horse’s first 14 horsepower tractor called the GT-14 was at the top of the line. It was a large frame tractor with 27x 9.50-15-rear tires. A new series of tractors using vertical shaft engines and a new vertical input transaxle was introduced. The spring of 1969 saw the opening of a new plant in Geel, Belgium called Amnor N. V. Wheel Horse lawn tractors are known for their standardization across the years. In the 1986, Wheel Horse was purchased by Toro. Toro continued to build garden tractors using the Wheel Horse name until 2007.
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    This is a 1986 K-20, 8600 GVW, 4 Wheel Drive 4 Speed, LT9 350, 4 Barrel with YE9 Silverado Trim Package that I Factory Ordered in March of 86 and took delivery in June 86. This Truck was only used in 3 New England winters since i purchased it new. The original paint had some issues and I had it redone in 2016. The Interior is original other than the installation of a GM Headliner which was replaced due to separation from the foam in 2000. It now has 104,000 miles on the original drive train, clutch included. This Pickup has been an unbelievable, reliable & fun truck, All this for $14,850.00. They sure knew how to build a truck at the Janesville, Wisconsin plant. Thank You for taking time to check this truck out. Jim
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    Trina and I spent some time this evening putting the snow/dozer blade on the Patriot B80. The first Wheelhorse Implement we've used. I've Never plowed with a tractor and I'm really looking forward to it. We had to find and install all the brackets and levers and located pins and bolts and such around the workshops. Aannddd... I was looking for all the above listed stuff and found a Wheelhorse down pressure bar !!! So of course I had to try it out on the leaves at the edge of the driveway. Here's a few pics.
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    Today was the 1st snow fall for me here in upstate NY. It was also the maiden voyage for my C-161 and the 22hp predator swap. We got about 6" of heavy, wet stuff and the 42" single stage went through it like nothing. Of course this was after I managed to get unstuck and back in a clear spot. I bought some new AG's and weights but it was too late to swap tires, so all I had was turfs and rear weights. This setup proved to be a fail haha. I managed to suffer through and when I was done ran to TSC and picked up a set of chains. WOW...What a difference. Night and day I couldn't believe it. Now I just need to find a set of wheel spacers so I can make a little clearance so I can install the inner set of weights. My mufflers changed color from silver/grey to a nice golden color. The predator runs much much better now to now that it was able to get nice and warm and run for awhile. It did not like to idle without a little choke and now once warmed up will idle nice. I'm sure as it continues to break in it will just get better. Plus i'm sure there was some residual crap gas in the tank that is working its way through the system.
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    Well that explains all the school closings this morning. Guess it's about time to get a blade on horse.
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    Well... I've been scrolling past these two wheel horses for a few weeks. One of the tractors is a C160, the other a C120. Both hydros. They'd been posted for 6 months, so I figured they were gone, but I inquired anyways. $600 for the C160, $500 for the C120. That was more than I figured they were worth, so I forgot about them. Checked back a few days ago, and they'd dropped the price of the C160 to $300 and the C120 for $225. After messing with my GT-14, a friend of mine became interested in WH's. He decided he wanted the C160, so I figured I'd buy the C120. Both are supposed to be good running tractors, and they have new Exide "classic" automotive batteries on them (Which are about $100 a piece). The C160 needs a starter; the shaft snapped as can be seen in the picture. The handle to engage/disengage the hydro is also broken. The C120 unfortunately has a Tecumseh, but is supposed to run good. I can always put a Kohler on it if I have issues. I believe both have 42" decks that appear to be in amazing shape. One deck has Toro on it, so I know it's newer. As an unexpected, but welcomed bonus with the tractors was an extra attach-a-matic with mule drive, which will go on my GT-14 for when I find a deck. They were about 2 hours from my house, but about 15 miles from my moms place, which I was going to anyways for thanksgiving. They're sitting outside but I won't have a chance to mess with them much until I go home on Friday. How do y'all think I did? I haven't found a mower deck, let alone a complete tractor for $200, so I don't think I got hurt too bad.
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    Used the Burb as a Christmas piece today!
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    Hello all, I am starting on my first Wheel Horse rebuild, and first real rebuild of anything like this. I have a decent amount of experience working on things but have not done much to older items so this will be a new adventure to me. Here is the subject for the restoration, a 704 Wheel Horse I found locally on Facebook Marketplace. Originally looking for a RJ or Suburban for my Grandfather but I fell in love with these things along the way and picked up a couple tractors and implements along the way. I'd like to make this into more of a show style tractor to play around on, I have since picked up an 854 and a slew of implements for other tasks. I started this thread to share my progress and also because I could not find all of my answers other places and hope to ask them here where others who may have the same trials and tribulations can see them in the future. Also attached are some photos of the beginning of the tear down process, a picture my wife loves of me on my new horse, and the 653 I bought from the same place. I paid $300 for the two of them together so I dont think I walked away too bad on the deal.
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    Hi everyone just want to introduce myself. I hope this is the right place to post this. My name is Bob Demko. I'm from Honey Brook Pa. I been fooling with cars since I was about 8 years old. I was a auto mechanic for 27 years. I'm now 62. I always wanted to get involved with garden tractor restoration. And or pullers. I really think that the Wheel Horse tractor is the nicest looking and the best built garden tractor there is. I Don't know to much about these. But I am learning a lot just buy looking over this great forum. I hope that you guys wont mind to help this old bird out. Because I know that I will have a lot of questions to be asked. And I do really appreciate it. My friend at work has a 1978 -1979 C-81 with front plow. With 8 speed. And 8 horse Kohler. Its been sitting behind his shed for about a year or so. He said it ran when he parked it there. It looks like CRAP now. It hasn't been running for a while. But I would do a full restoration on it. I would want to put Carlisle Agg tires on rear and 3 rib on front. He said give him $150.00 for it. Do you think I could find a dash panel for it ? Looks like somebody drilled a hole in it. Plus I need a seat ! I think it still has the original tires on it. There flat in the back. I guess take the tank off and clean it out first. Would you guys take the exhaust and muffler off to see if there's any mice nest in there? Let me know guys what you think. And what you would do. Would it be a good one to restore ? Any help would be appreciated. He used that to plow his driveway. Until he bought a 4x4 ATV. I will try to post some pictures if I know how. I am not to good with the computer.
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    Title says it all, building up another horse - but trying to make it a little special... so bought these bad boys! 27x10.50-15 BKT skid power HD - hoping I can squeeze them onto a set of GT14 wheels. so I set about making an adapter from 5 stud to 4 stud, but the pcd is close and the holes clash- so it's a little tricky. so had the bright idea of making making my own hubs. Cue big taperlock sprocket! i think it was a lot easier than making the adapters and those taperlock bushes are going nowhere!
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    Well as some of you may seen, i had a add up in the other brands section of the classifieds. it was to help a gentlemen out. His son had passed away and left a large collection of tractors. he was a big wheel horse and speedex fan. Well i helped the gentlemen clear it all out and it was alot. At the end of it all, all i took was the stuff i purchased. Even though i drove 45 minutes one way every time something sold or someone came to look, to make sure a fair deal was made for both parties. Well to my surprise i was up there the other day and was given this book that him and his son each got a copy of at the big show a few years back. Then he tells me that the 1056 that was there is mine for helping out. I told him i would pay for the 1056 and he said nope, he only told me it was sold cause he wanted me to have it. He said the 1056 was something his son really liked and and always wanted to get going and keep original as possible, with keeping in mind that somethings would have to be changed due to condition. it has a 12 hp kohler on it, which im ok with. the rear fender pan is completly shot. it rusted all the way through unfortunatley. But i found something there that will work and will suit the need and i think will make him happy when i show him it. im gonna go kinda custom with it but preserve the patina. he said he knew i had to have it when he seen my reaction to the bug lights. he says it takes a special person to like those. but i got it home now and will start a thread on it soon.
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    Snow plowing and the harsh weather can take its toll on our (my) machines...so I always have a second plow tractor ready and waiting in the shed. Ive sold off quite a bit of my stock and only have two machines that I would want to work hard and plow with. So my C-105 gets the job of second fiddle. Two ply turfs in the rear with 50# weights on the outside and steel pipe flanges that weigh in around 18# on the inside of the rim. With 65-68 pounds I can avoid chains. Pics of course....
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    The weatherman was wrong again and we got 7” of the wet stuff overnight. They said about 1-3” so I didn’t even put the 54” blade on the C-161. I assumed the 606 Rat would struggle but it did great even with the blade angled. I started off in the back pushing straight ahead since I assumed it wouldn’t stay straight with the blade angled. The hill worried me but it went right up. My son snapped a video and some pics. I had a blast. Sorry for all the pics. 6E8D0B79-7EE2-4BCA-B322-AC3EE5710237.MOV 071927F9-C1B8-4331-8288-5EAD280F3332.mov
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    Well, we got 7 or 8" of snow last night so snow team is raring to go. It is still snowing but should stop soon so I will wait then try plowing first and only blow if I have to. Big tractor and blower are heavy and will sink into the ground as it has only been below freezing for a few days and ground is not frozen yet. Big tractor has loaded tires and 4x4 so it has no issues, 520HC has loaded tires and chains. Cleat
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    So we are hit with a surprise snow storm this morning. Thank goodness we finished leaf pickup yesterday. Well I go out to the garage and get my tire chains that I had on the 416-H last year winter, but they won't fit this year. No matter what I tried they were just too short. So what's going on here? Then my wife comes out and sees the smoke and steam coming out of my ears and asks 'do you even need chains? You just put new tires on before the show this summer!'...duh... new tires, more tread, larger diameter, chains too small. Moral of this story...be sure that your brain is fully engaged before working on your horse.
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    Fabbed up a brake rod and mounted the wheels. Emory wanted to gas it up and go on a maiden run. Was a balmy 33 degrees outside. The little k91 fires right up. Drives good in all 3 gears, BUT...sounds a little like a coffee grinder😙. Given the wear on the differential gear, I expected that. I’m hoping it will smooth out a little with some use now that the chipped teeth are repaired and everything is lined back up as it should be with new bushings. Emory even went for a cruise in the dark. Couple of pics, hopefully more by early next week.
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    I thought it would be too easy and for the first time ever, it WAS.! Now, where is the white stuff?
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