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    A neighbor called and asked if I wanted a WH tractor. This Raider 10 is what I found behind his garage. I offered to fix it up and sell it for him, but He said he didn't want paid for it...he just wanted it gone. I told him about the Big Show and suggested we donate it to the WHCC for a raffle . So, I contacted the WHCC and they have agreed to accept it for the raffle. I have been working on it and got it running pretty well. It starts one turn and runs with no smoke. It does need some choke and searches at low speed. I will continue working on the carb. It runs great at WOT. I have had the deck apart. The tensioner pulley and slide were frozen. They have been replaced. The spindles bearings feel OK, although the deck is pretty loud and has a rust thru spot. It does run in all gears and mows well. Got the lights and even the cigar lighter to work. It is all original paint and tires. I had to patch a tube in one tire. They have some cracking but all have good tread and now hold air. I painted the wheels. The tins are really good and straight with only minor rusting. I did some rust removing and cleaning. Here's what she looks like today. If the Corona doesn't cancel me or the Big Show, we will be there. You could win a Raider 10.
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    Well, I’m in the new fandangled brotherhood of Blackhoods, I suppose! This already has a steel fender pan and the FEL makes the hood look most proportionate. I’m doing a base line on this. The front axle is very tight, spindles are well greased and one tie rod is a bit loose but nothing to worry about. There is one outer wheel bearing that is sloppy, so I’ll add that to a needed list. I am going to remove the hood for safe keeping for a bit. There’s a bit of a miss that I plan to diagnose and other than fluids, this is a good solid tractor. @jay bee told @zekepiks that I was looking for a FEL and Skip responded to me via Redsquare. I appreciate them both! I have yet to meet Jay Bee, but Skip is a very nice man and was as up front and honest as he possibly could be with everything. I’m tickled Pink!
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    RedSquare family, We are all affected by this global pandemic, and at some point one or more of us may need help. I have seen this forum do some amazing things, so I have created this section just as a place to seriously discuss any issues you may be facing and needing assistance with. Whether it be a brother lending a hand or someone having advice with how to work from home for those who can, this section is for you. This is for serious discussion only, please be absent of jokes, political commentary or non-helpful banter. I hope that this crisis passes and all of you remain healthy with little impact to your lives.
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    After way too many months I finally can say its done. Gently restored, my originally owned 312. After restoring a 520 I picked up, I thought I should do mine after so many years of trouble free service...
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    Everything is getting shut down where I live. We are cleaning all of our campuses starting today and I mean clean them. I am not allowed to respond to any emergency HVAC calls until Monday at the earliest when the schools start feeding kids. I am not allowed to call in sick unless I go to the doctor and have proof I went. And you folks who say you'll do what you want, you can get the virus, have no symptoms and pass it on to others. I am in the high risk group and I'll be damned if I am going to get this because someone else is careless and not taking precautions. I love the show, but I'll stay home first if things are still nuts.
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    I've been looking for one of these for a few years now, and I finally had one fall in my lap. It is a RR-65 Wheel Horse REO Lawn Skiff...perfect for my little yard. Well, after a few days with another that was interested, I got the OK to buy it. Squonk came to the rescue and bought the Work Horse and he and Randy went and picked up the little guys last Saturday. I'm guessing that is D_Mac standing with Randy. So they hauled it back to Squonk's house last Saturday. Enter Jim (WHX24)...he gets in touch with Brian Miller in Mass. (who is planning a trip through Indiana & Wisconsin)...Super-C 4 me. It works for Brian to pick up the RR-65 in Waterloo, NY and bring it to Illinois. Then after a trip around Wisconsin, it comes to it's new home. Brian Miller...Thank You Sir. The RR-65 mingling with the 702 and 857. My wife made Chile today, so we set Brian up with a bowl for the road and a bottle of Wheel Horse Rye Whiskey. Remember all of the restaurants only have the drive through open. Hey Mike...Brian did drive away and we forgot the cardboard thingy. I called him right away, and he came back to the house...so I have the rubber mat. What a nice day. I want to thank you all for making this work. Safe trip Brian...it was fantastic to meet you.
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    Cleaned the shop this after noon and pulled the DeSoto in for some much needed attention. The U-joints are binding and the E brake doesn't want to stay on. As dirty as the oil is I'm thinking it's still got Non-Detergent oil in it. If working on the creeper goes well I might pull the pan and clean it and check the rod tolerances. I'd like to get it on Detergent oil. Oil pressure is a good 45 lbs at idle so I don't think they are too loose. Here it is in the shop a little bit ago.
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    IMG_8948.MOV The kids were really board in the house! We live in a small town less then 30 people total, so we got on the horses and rode around for awhile! Enough so that two tractors ran out of gas! Lol. Go figure it was both that the hubby and I was on! 753 and 854! We had a great outing with the family getting fresh air! Boy had a wheel fall off! Lol. Simple fix, hubby had it back going quickly! We drove around town and then out in the country! Grandma even stepped out to record us passing by! Horses saddled up today was our Arkansas RJ, 1961 Suburban, 700, 753 and the 854! The two youngest are the most wildest drivers! Lol IMG_8948.MOV
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    So I finally got myself a day off from the family projects, and dove into a steering upgrade and test fitting of new shoes for my baby. Do not know if it has any interest, but thought I would share, so perhaps someone else could use the info. Ore just have a laugh at my fumbling around . My current worker C195 goes as my test platform too, where I try out different ideas to make sure they work as intended. When all the ideas are testet thru, the no goes are discarded, and a restomod will start on a second C195 i have stored for that purpose. Hense, the pictures will show a C195 with less than pretty solutions here and there, and some unfinished mods. This is baby Steering is a bit loose, but it already has the gear reduced setup from a 520. So in order to fix some of the slop/play, and to make room for bigger front wheels, i dug out a very tight front end from a 520 that I had saved for this project. One of the major advantages to the steering was adapting the steering rods with zero play, compared to the "ball in a square hole" type, that was on it. The front end on a C195 is a bit wider in the pivoting point than a 520 setup, so I had to shim it quite a bit. Another advantage to the 520 setup is the threaded end of the 1" spindles. The C195 is also 1", but drilled and tapped type. The threaded type is as custom made for trailer hub upgrade. I went for 4 on 4 bolt pattern. The rims are 7x8, with a 0 offset, and pretty much eats up the full 4 inches that the 520 front end is wider than the C195's. But the steering arms on the spindles can not fit, so a little tweaking had to be made. Nice and tight I put new roller bearings and thrust washers in, and reused the old ones on top of the spindle. That took all play out of the spindles. Tire time. 20x10-8. Water filled to help keep the front down when something heavy is on the rear of it. Those things are heavy when full. I tubed them and gave them a 100% fill, which adds 85 lbs per wheel. + the trailer spindle setup, then lets call that at least 90 lbs extra on each front wheel. Here's a few shots of a 520 wheel and the std 195 wheel in comparison. Got it all aligned. A tip is to make sure the "triangle" is centered, and work from there. I measured the with of the rear end, which now was narrower than the front by two inches. Then used a peace of square tubing to put on the side of the front tire, and then adjust till there was 1 inch space to the rear tire. So now it tracks straight Now all this would just look silly, if nothing was done to the rear, so on to the shelves, where I found these. They are 14x15 rim shells, and centers. I pressed the centers in place to give me 1" clearing on the inside. Then mounted them on the tractor, and ran them to see any wobble. tapped them until they ran true, and welded them up. So now is when you think: 14" wide???? WTF is that crazy dude mounting on those.................... 31x15.5-15 on top of the standard 27" wheel. And no, they did not go on by hand and two screwdrivers like the fronts These got a 100% water fill too. The new rims were heavier without tire, than the complete std wheel. The new wheel with tire is a hand full to lift without water, and I estimate they are at least 40 lbs heavier each than the std. The water fill adds 285 lbs to each wheel, so at least 325 lbs extra for each rear wheel. No more slipping I hope Forgot to take pictures of it, but I put bolts in the rear hubs, and now it runs real lug nuts on the rear too. This is how it turned out It is now in use as my daily worker How does it run and feel? Well, changed is a mild description. The steering is much tighter, and the added 900+ lbs to the wheels, and the bigger diameter certainly has put it's mark on how it reacts. The roughly 30 hp diesel has a lot more to log around, and I feel the hydro is working harder. Much harder. now it can pull rpm's down quite a bit in idle, just by accelerating. I am aware that I have to be more careful with the controls. Before I was hard on it. full speed ahead and fast stops etc. This is just too much weight to handle like that. But on the very positive side, it now pulls like the 1 ton tractor it sort of is. No slipping, and no discussion if it is the tractor, or the trailer or what ever implement that decides where we should go. The wider stance and weight has made it incredibly stable. I will be testing out a bit of tilling today too. Why did I chose a 100% water fill? well that was simply to avoid the water moving around in the tires. Also to test out as much weight as possible. This is surely on the high side of what it should handle long term. What can I say. On tractors I like big butts
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    Long story short, my son has loved WH’s since my father in law gave him a 211-4 when he was 7yrs old. He is 15 now and has since acquired a 1970 Charger 12 and a 1988 312-8. He got both of these for under $500 and they were in rough shape when we bought them. A used sunstrand hydro pump and a set of new valves later we will be able to use both this mowing season! He saved all of his chore money for parts/tires for his WH’s. I’m real proud of my son and now I’ve got the WH bug!! My grand parents had a 520h when I was younger and that is my next target. Anywho, here’s some pics.
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    Do ya need something to look at instead of Covid-19 news, fake news and general drama? If you answered yes then post up your side shots!
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    Well we’re in the motel for the night horses are under the security light had a good time visiting with David and adding to our collection. Will finish another 7 and 1/2 hours on home in the morning to introduce the new horses to the already growing heard!!
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    The new Arkansas horses on display for SIDE SHOT SATURDAY!!!! Thanks David we love them!
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    I sat down to watch "Follow that Bird" with my kids. It's the movie from 1985 when Big Bird is adopted by a family of DoDo birds in Oceanside, IL. He tries to walk back to Sesame St.. To my surprise, a late 70s wheel horse makes a few appearances, and Waylon Jennings showed up too! Working on getting pics.... my mac blocks screenshots of itunes movies. Edit: This is my phone photographing my laptop.
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    With the excess time these days I did a clean sweep or the barn. There is a tint of green starting to develop so I figured it was a good time to put the herd out to pasture for the day. Being self employed electrician I don't have to much time to sit down at the computer but I do enjoy reading the posts on Red Square in the evening on my Kindle while watching the boob tube. I feel like I know a lot of you by reading your posts. Here in the "Last Green Valley" we're kind of stuck in the middle of all the big cities of southern New England. I know most everybody enjoys pictures, especially of a cool rainy Sunday so I'll throw a couple out there with a short description. 1963 - 753 Restored about 15 years ago 1978 - C101 My father bought new. Just did a mechanical restore this winter. I had the Kohler rebuilt with all Kohler parts $$ 1993 - 310-8 Bought this new. Snow blower winter machine and 36 inch deck for summer. 1997 - 312-8 Just picked this up in late fall with 250 hours, 37 inch deck & almost new grader blade for $1000 1997 - 520H Have had this for 10 years. 300 hours with my Kwik Way loader & Matt's foot pedal conversion (best mod I've made) 2003 - 315-8 I went to my local dealers open house about 5 years ago to look at new Mahinda's. He said "your a Wheelhorse guy, I've got one for you" . 2 hours on the meter with a 48 inch deck $3000. Loaded it right on the trailer. It cuts about 4 acres a week with 450 hours on it now. It is also used with my DR lawn & leaf vac in the fall. Great combination. Thanks for all the info and knowledge I've gained from you guys. STAY SAFE !
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    This is as far as I have made it
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    Here are a few of my "Red" tractors....
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    Friend of mine has a collection of Ransomes crawlers. He wanted to get them out today, line them up in order of age ad take photo's. I did think he was being rather ambitious to do it in a day, but off I went to help today. Now my friend has been quite ill for some time, though slowly improving. So most of the tractors have not been run for some time. The plan was to drive out of the garage those that would start and tow out those that wouldn't. Below are a few photo's for your perusal. Don't ask to many questions, because it's doubtful I'll be able to answer them. Below is what we used to tow the non starters. Ransomes Turf Track. My friend Jonathan driving. Handy set of pallet forks on the back. VW recon engine on the pallet for a Beach Buggy. Before we started moving things. The one below is a copy of a prototype of which non exist. Built by a Scottish lad, from old photo's when he was 21. The idea was a tow tug for pulling canal barges and trailers etc in factories. The ITW stands for Industrial Tractor Wheeled. Steering wheel is connected to the brake bands and acts just like levers. Jonathan got a bit close when reversing, taking the MG6 with him. Below is number 38. The oldest known. Jonathan rebuilt it from the ground up. Another ITW. This is fitted with a winch [n the back. The prongs are ground anchors. MG6. This one came from France. A little line up. Various others. Brace of MG6's. Sand Skimmer. Used in water treatment plants. Yes! That is the drivers seat on top and you steer with your feet. Front view of the auger. This is the conveyor frame. Goes from front to back over the drivers head. The sand would come off the elevator and drop into a dumper like this one. Another Skimmer. I nearly demolished a garage wall with this. Driving in, Jonathan shout, "Mind you head". My natural reaction was to stamp on the brakes. You steer by the brakes. The left on was better than the right. The Skimmer pivoted 90 degrees before I could work the throttle lever. Centrifugal clutchs on these BTW. Stopped just as it reach the wall. Loading shovel. This is a digger Jonathan built himself. Very handy machine and has earned it's keep. Still does bits and pieces now and then. Jonathan is putting them all up for sale with the exception of the digger.
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    Standing on the seat of the 312, I could reach the Bluebird boxes for cleaning and repair. This guy was watching as I installed a new box.
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    Getting just a LITTLE cabin fever so decide to make a Wheel Horse shop clock out of an old engine shroud and discarded wall clock. Mission was to not buy anything (leave home) and getter done..... Happy with the results..... plus I can now tell what time it is in the shop at a glance.....
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    As long as I remember there has been a well rusted (or as some people like to call it "patina") 867 wheel horse sitting in my grandparent's barn. I loved that thing, and I always promised myself that I would own it one day. Well now, 15 years later, it's sitting in my garage. The best part is, it was free and it runs perfect. I drove it all the way to my house, which is actually only about a 1/2 mile from my grandparent's house, but it felt like a very long time. The first thing I did was put a stack on it. It just felt right that it should have one. Today was a very rainy day, but that doesn't get in the way of having some fun on my horse! I decided to take the 867 for a rip around the block. My neighbors probably hate me because it so loud with its stack, but I don't care. I own my dream tractor.
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    Our dog Meeha/Mirror took us for a jaunt through the forest this evening. So peaceful. Here's a few pics and a couple videos. All of you watch them... Often. Over and over. It's good for you. And share with everyone you know. It's good for them too. Woodpecker drinking fountain A giant white pine Turkey tracks
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    Sorry, I just saw this. I love seeing all of your tractors.
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    Thought I would share some pictures I took yesterday while helping my friend Rodger dig out some tractor parts out of the back of his shed. He has a pretty nice collection of Deere and Farmall tractors, including one of each of the letter series Farmalls. Not pictured here are his Farmall A (in the garage at his house), his working Farmall B that he mows with, or his John Deere R (currently a couple towns over being put back together) I always enjoy spending time with Rodger, a couple years back he lost both legs to diabetes, but still enjoys getting out and messing with the tractors, and I really enjoy helping him with them as well Here is his unrestored 720, and a glimpse of the B he mows with in the backround Here is the two seater BN he takes his grandkids on in parades, in the background of the first pic you can see his 3010 we are in the process of putting back together as well Farmall M as well as his restored 720 Another shot of the BN, as well as the Super C and the Regular in the back This restored H is his pride and joy. Before his health started declining he and his wife took this tractor to Nebraska every year for the Great Nebraska Tractor Ride This little Cub has always been another one of my favorites, we have talked several times about the possibility of me purchasing this tractor, but have never struck a deal on it. In the background is an unrestored 730 The oldest (and probably coolest) tractor in his collection, a Farmall Regular Putting the 720 back in the shed, here you can also see a better shot of the B All put away again
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    I belong to a local auction group on Facebook, mostly just to see what kind of junk people are getting rid of, but once in a while something cool comes up, as was the case this past week when I stumbled across this hood for my 701 project. Starting bid was only $5 so I bid on it, had the high bid for 4 days at $9, but got in a last minute bidding war with another guy, and ended up winning it for $32.
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    Don't ya love it when you ask someone to do something and they do that... And then something else.... @WHX24 and/or @Achto Just wanted to say a forum public THANKS for the work on the hubs I sent out. They look great !! And Colossus will be very happy to use them. Pretty awesome how a bunch of folks around the country/world take such great care of each other and their machines.
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    I remember recently a RS member needed help to bring a tractor from Mass to Maine and for me it was a very positive experience I believe for the both of us. Amazing when 2 people are upfront and honest with each other how things run smoothly and develop into hopefully a life long friendship. I just wish this World still operated on this basic old school system that WORKS,we would all be better off because of it. Have a great Sunday all.
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    Let me see if I have a couple pictures 1076 before. After 400 Suburban before After Mclean 4 wheel tractor before After Raider 12 before After 1045D before. After
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    1st is the '71 Bronco14; 1st WH i bought. 2nd is my '92 312-8; 1st day i saw it, in '17. The 1st Wheel Horse that was/is mine, that my Dad found n gave me, which started all this for me, though ive been around Horses my whole life, as that's what he has always owned...
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    Got it dirt cheap, never put on a tractor.
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    Another reason I love this forum. I remember seeing this a few months ago and thought, huh, that's neat...then I read the comments. The vast majority of the facebook comments were hyper critical "why would you do that" "that's just dumb" "kills the value, you're an idiot". You all are a wholesome group, and I appreciate it.
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    I went out and had a nice day on the REO...did a couple of videos, but the batteries are in need of replacement. I will do them again with new batteries. Anyway, I filled up the gas tank...checked the oil...looked over all the controls...2 pulls and it was running sweet. Here is a few pictures of me on this...we had a 60 F day today.
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    @JCM a couple for you with the blower..
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    That's a great looking lil machine Steve!!! For some reason it made this picture pop into my head. J.K. Steve I hope you & your new Horse get along well. I know you will give it a good home.
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