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    Over my 72 years, I have dabbled with automotive body work from time to time. Back in the early 1990's I took a night school course in auto body. I learned a bit, but lots of things have changed since then. In 2009 when I decided to restore my B-100, the bug again bit me and I watched hours of YouTube videos on how to use hammer and dolly to remove dents. I found it fascinating, so i bought a set. Fast forward to 2018 when I bought a project 701 at the WHCC show. This is what the hood looked like. It's been over 4 years of working off and on with my hammers, and I think that I'm finally ready to put some primer on this thing.
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    After about 100hr on this one. I am done. This is my third 1257 I have had and have. I hate to paint these, but the P/O did the outside only It had three shades of red, so that is why I redid the paint. I hope you enjoy the picks.
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    I had these tucked away in my collection, they are artist concept drawings for advertising early 1960's Wheel Horse tractor models and attachments. I acquired these at auction many years ago and think maybe 5 or 6 were available, I was out bid on some and one was given away as a raffle prize at the Annual Wheel Horse Show. The artist was Edward Einar Johnson of Hartford, MI and are in their original folder with the wax paper cover. Now when taking a close look at the drawings you see a 1962 model 552 pulling a gang style mower but the SGM-603 which came out in mid-year of 1962 had out rigger type reel mowers attached mid frame. And the picture with the cultivator set came out at the end of the year in 1962 but is listed as the AC-673 and is being pulled by a 1962 Model 702. Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    I think the pictures, for the most part, tell the story. Other then the grinder the total cost was $10 and that was for the 2 knobs. The angle is fixed at 33 degrees. It can be reversed for left hand blades. I also set a stop clamp behind the sliding block so I start grinding at the same place everytime. There is an aluminum angle on the front side of the blade hold too so the wood is protected from the vice. Note the notch in the bottom of the blade holder that fits in the vice so its held more securely. The threaded 5/16" rod is threaded into the grinder almost all the way so the grinder can pivot on the rod. 1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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    I just got home after spending the day with Jay's brother Guy. We met at Jays early this AM and I took pictures and inventoried his collection of Wheel Horse tractors, implements, and parts. After I recover, I will list the collection in our classified for all members to see. Hopefully I can get it done this week. I have around 50 pics to load and add descriptions. Stay tuned. BTW, Guy said Jay did not want any formal service. Let's just keep him in our good memory file.
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    Earlier this year, I bought a B-112, of which the deck needed some welding. I put it away in a shed as a future project. A few months later I saw an ad for a compatible NOS deck (5 of them, actually). I picked it up August 18, and believe it or not, it sat unopened in my garage until 15 minutes ago. Going as far back as when I was a little kid, I don't recall ever opening a Christmas present with as much anticipation, followed by happiness with what was in it, as I did today. The manual was printed September 1979. Do you think I should mail in the registration card? I'd hate to void my warranty!
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    A friend of mine inspired me to do this. Since I haven’t been in the game very long and haven’t had the chance to go to any tractor shows let alone a Wheel Horse tractor show I’d do my own little tractor show. These are all my current running horses catching a breath of fresh air. Thanks Eric! Gitty up and cheers!
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    Brace your selves. This exhibit was by far one of my favorites. Fact I spent about 20min admiring this thing. No this is not just a pile of junk parked on the fence line. This is a full on Class A motor home built on a John Deere A chassis. All the amenities of home on this baby. A few pic's of the general outside features. @ebinmaine this is what you & BBT need for your adventures through Main. Note the patented water collection system. Just under the boars head you can see the central air conditioning. The honey wagon on the back is handy for brining along those few little extra things. It also includes a high end rest room. As for the kitchen, well this sign is here to let you know what the main staple in life should be. Always remember to keep fresh road kill in stock. The holding tank is easily emptied by simply pulling this lever. Note the small sign. I believe that it is the security system, it reminds passers by that this is some ones home. Custom interior includes cabinets, heating system, & lighting. The over head counsel in the drivers cabin has all the bells & whistles. Seriously!! No less than 5 different horns at your finger tips. Plus a wolf whistle and a pull string bell. A couple of signs to remind you just how good life is.
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    I bought this little beauty! It was for sale in Wisconsin. I don't have it yet, but hope to pick it up in a month or two. The engine isn't original, but it runs. I have all three of the optional engines, but I don't know which one to use, and I can decide that later. It's my first little RJ and I can't wait to get it back home to Indiana.
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    I've been slowly relocating to Hancock County Tennessee over the past several months. I sold my house in York, PA right before Christmas last year and stayed in my nephew's townhouse until I could make the move. I just changed my driver's license and registration yesterday. I'm now living in a double wide on a friend's farm in the mountains. He has over two square miles of land and I'm surrounded by trees. Plenty of trails through the mountains to explore and two natural springs on the property. Lot's of opportunity to play with my tractors. I have access to a yellow construction full size Cat track dozer, a Case 580K 4x4 backhoe, a ditch witch, and other farm and construction equipment. I just got a Kawasaki Brute Force 650 four wheeler to run around the farm.
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    At the Florida Flywheelers Show tractor Parade this picture is a true classic as it shows Charlie Culley the President of the Wheel Horse Collectors Club with Brandon Pfeiffer of Lawn and Garden Collector Magazine on my 854 ... uh and me on my 500 SPECIAL. But what I'm I doing .... well it's a Tecumseh power tractor so I have to adjust the carburetor as I drive along! Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    Sometimes things just fall into place.. I've joked around with the fella we all know as @wallfish a few times over the last 5 years that if he ever needed a new home and steward for this incredible piece of machinery... Well... We'd be happy to take it in. This is a screenshot of the P F Engineering website pic John submitted years ago. Back in late July, John and I along with Trina of course, started blabbing back n forth about the possibility of she n I becoming the VERY appreciative new owners of a 1986 ish 416-8 with a FEL and Backhoe. Mr Wallfish wanted the machine to go to a new home that would both USE it and be able to repair and maintain it. Well I think we all know the BBT Trina person would absolutely love to put this beast to great use. Here it is being delivered to our house. Covered up and peaking out. I changed the hydraulic filter and bled the system. I've ordered a new tank cap/fuel gauge. We'll remove the tank and clean it out. Today we changed the temporary fuel line and added a primer bulb. Also changed the spark plug. We moved it to the place it'll stay for a few weeks while the new pole barn is built. Can anyone identify the loader? John, we REALLY appreciate the opportunity to own this magnificent tractor. Thank you.
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    This one was on Marketplace for quite a while with a hefty price tag. I ask if he was flexible on price, Nope. After a quite a while longer same question before I made the drive. Come on up, maybe we can make a deal. The rest is history, I didn't steal it, but I'm happy with the deal! Ya I know you want pictures, but there a little more interesting back story. His granddad's business was Nicholson Machine and Equipment and he was a Wheelhorse Dealer in the 50's and 60's in Paris....., Tx that is! He sent me this picture of the glass window from the door to the business that he has framed. He also wrote me a short note about his Granddad's business. So after his he passed, his dad gave the tractor to him. he's had it for quite a few years and said it's always been garage kept. So if a Dealer owned this for his own use and never sold it, and then it passed to his Son, and then Grandson, that would technically make me the 1st buyer, Ok so on to some tractor photo's beautiful double pulley belt guard front and center. It starts with a spray of gas in the carb, but doesn't stay running. All there, nice and original, you can see a weld repair on the front of the belt guard, Here's the serial number @gwest_ca The plastic dash is intact and not cracked! My 1st old style split key. it still has the orignal Silverton Ags. They hold air, but their so hard they probable don't need any. I wonder if their hard because they might still have calcium chloride in them??? The hitch pin isn't frozen and the lift cable even works. Interesting decal plastered across the front of the hood. aluminum gas tank is fairly clean. Hood bottom tab has been repaired. topless view of the engine, needs a bath. The front tires are original and hold air, but have some splits across the thread. Homemade choke and throttle cable bracket. The base of the engine has wet oil, so i suspect it needs some gaskets. Both axle seals are dry, but the input shaft and brake shaft seals leak. I've learned if the top of the transmission is filthy oily, it probable means theirs water in the transmission that has floated the oil out. This one is clean so hopefully that's a good sign. Started some maintenance and a beautiful sight, not a drop of water, just black oil. It shifts through the gears nicely so it will be interesting to see how it runs/drives. I'll gradually go all through it with my checklist. 701 Minor Overhaul Checklist.ods Then have to decide if I rub it down with linseed oil like it is, or buff with some steel wool or wet sand to bring a little more red out, then oil. How would ya'll put your finishing touches on it? I'll update this thread as I do maintenance on it and get it running.
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    Here is the type brace I used on my stack. The one inch ninety degree elbow is replaced by a 1'X1/2"X1" black iron "T" with the 1/2" outlet pointing down. A 1/2" plug was drilled and taped for a 1/4-20 bolt that attaches the bracket, other end goes to a motor mount bolt.
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    Never owned a short frame hydro before, so I’ve been casually looking for one on FB Marketplace. I never look on Craigslist anymore as there isn’t much WH related listed anymore, but for the heck of it I checked last night. Well whatta ya know!! An 876 is for sale IN MY TOWN! And to make it even better it was 1.2 miles away! Story: guy has owned it for 24 years, he thought it was a lousy mower and gave the deck away, so for the last 14 years it was just used to clear small snow storms and pull a yard cart around. He’s a Gravely guy and used the 3 he has for mowing and deeper snow. Struck up a deal and it’s mine now. Runs and drives well. I think full RPM’s are less than 3000 so that’ll need adjusted, seat is a bit messed up and the front tires are way to big at 18”. I’ll get a set of 16x5.50’s back on it. Included the plow, 4 link chains and rear wheel weights Pics of course….
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    Finished up the reassembly last night and the seat was installed this morning.
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    I put a jack stand up under the front axle to raise the front up high and then cover the stand with leaves and since there's always a skeleton in my closet, he takes the 753 with his trusty skeleton dog for a midnight ride. Wild Bil in Richmond VA
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    Back in March 2009 I was driving home from a tractor show that was in sunny Florida and then hit a bad snowstorm starting in North Carolina and the snow came down hard all the way home to Richmond, VA! Now take look at the dirt and snow build up on the truck BUT NOTICE YOU DON'T SEE ANY SNOW, DIRT OR DEBRIS ON THE WHEEL HORSES! Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    Driving down the street today and saw this. I have driven down this street countless times in the last 35 years, but have never seen this out before. The owner says he just got it back from the guy that rebuilt it, and it is beautiful. Hydrostatic, 2 speed trans. Kohler K482 motor. Owner says it will cruise at 20 mph. I have never seen one up close and personal before.
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    I took one of the grandsons to the Studebaker Museum for his birthday. I had yet to go to the museum since it moved to its new location in 2005. From everything I've heard I didn't expect to see any Wheel Horses on display anymore. We walked in as they opened and four guys from the Netherlands walked in right behind us. I got to chatting with them and mentioned the possibility of seeing them. They had never heard of them so I explained a bit and showed them a couple on my phone. The museum is three levels and we walked the mail level, went up stirs to the 2nd level then down stairs to the basement. Almost to the far end I spied them. A Suburban 551, a Pond lever steer, a 420 LSE and a 69 Work Horse 700. I no more then got to them when I heard the door open. It was the guys from the Netherlands. They showed an interest and apparently I went into full tour guide mode explaining what I knew about them. My grandson noticed and made comment about it as we had some lunch. It wasn't much of a display but at least it was something.
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    Getting pretty close to a running tractor. I guess with just a couple more wire connections I could physically run it, but would not be able to drive it anyways. Still have to paint the motor tins, belt guard, seat pan, fenders, and the foot boards. Hope to be to that point by the weekend.
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    I should have done this a long time ago. Came across a nice lightly used two post lift. Had the help of a few buddies including Kyle and his dad to help wire it up today.
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    My son Brad gets married today…so he stayed over at my house last night. Wedding day can’t get in the way of chores tho!! Saturday is dump day… so I put him to work this morning
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    Not sure about the gentleman stuff Jim. But when Jay learned of his cancer, he told Guy, "when I pass, call Ed to dispose of my collection". So, I'm just fulfilling the request of an old friend.
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    First, I’d like to apologize to my children for some day having to deal with all my stuff. Got a lawn roller today for $30. It’s built well and is full of concrete, with greaseable pillow block bearings. I’d either have to go 30 minutes home and get a trailer, then 30 minute return trip and 30 back home again… or I made a deal for $65 on this collapsible engine hoist and loaded it into the truck!
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    @WHX?? and I took a little day trip to Calumetville WI to partake in the RS Vintage Steel show. This was a small show but they had a lot of exhibits as well as a lot of spectator traffic. Thought you guys would like a few pictures. My friend Willy with his Frick steam engine. Some nice old trucks. Working hit & miss model engines. This Farmall H was hand made by the owner. All castings were done in aluminum. Interesting use for a JD tractor. Found this GT 14 in disguise. Apparently the owner thought that it looked like a Haas tractor. I guess I can kind of see it. More pictures to come.
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    I said I would refrain from posting wood projects in a tractor forum, but I sort-a tractored these up,l so I thought it would be OK. My wife wanted me to make some small keepsake boxes for the grandkids, so I made 9 of them. Then she thought it would be nice if I made some for the kids next door, so I made 4 more. She also thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of them for the annual Christmas exchange with her family. I made 2 more. Then she figured..................long story short, so far I have made over 30 of these little boxes. I am boxed out. These 2 boxed have a Wheel Horse theme. Several have an Iowa Hawkeyes theme. There is a mechanism inside consisting of a linkage, a 9 volt battery, a solenoid, and a magnetic reed switch. The key you see has a magnet inside of it. The key has to be placed on the box in a strategic place, to activate the switch, and the box will open
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    I was talking about this engine in another thread when I contemplated using it on my C-125. But... I took out the balance gears in the engine on the tractor and no more knock, so I don't need to do anything further... so now I have this 3600W generator in pieces. I figured why not 'clean it up' a little and keep it for a backup to my big generator. It was a real mess when I got it. No wheels, a bag of fertilizer had been stored on top of it, etc... Yes... that white plastic fuel pump is original 1980 vintage! I was very surprised to find white plastic under the red paint. That's where I'm at today... should be able to get the control box back on tomorrow... also the starter and solenoid... then fire it up! It didn't come with a fuel tank. Need to find something that will work. Also missing the 'top hat' for the air cleaner.
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    Had the c195 out the last couple nights discing and running my finishing tool tonight, even did some night work. Plan to seed it tomorrow and pull the finisher once more to cover the seed
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    just finished complete resto of a 308-8. im sure some purists will frown on my not factory correct rebuild however this is 3 parts tractors cobbled together that would of been rusting away still in someone's yard. It took a couple of years to complete. only because of kids,house projects and my other hobbies taking my time. It was made possible by using this forum as a reference as well as a few vendors i used from this site. Ive always been a "taker" on this site and will love to share the highs and lows of this build. If anyone is going to take on a full restoration like i did and has any questions on where to start, i have a few suggestion's. One upgrade took hours to do and im waiting for some eagle eyed expert here to take notice of a subtle change i made. i havent seen it done, probably cause the time involved wasnt worth it, IMO. It was alot of fun to both resto my 1st tractor as well as start to learn about WH's. I handled all aspects of build and enjoyed the process so much i picked up a B80 as well as a decent parts B80 to do another restomod. It will most likely have to wait until springtime unfortunately. i made a photo album but was only able to upload these 3 pics.
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    I found some pictures of my 753 set up with the SGM-603. Note the swivel joints where the reel mowers connect to the arms and rear hitch. Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    This important date, 9/11, should be in everyone's mind today. God rest the souls of all those lost on that fateful day in 2001.
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    For a fairly new guy your not one to make friends huh? This ain't facebook. When 953 said "WE" he meant the majority of members here. Jay (roadapples) was great long time member here and just recently passed away so WE are all still mourning his passing. That stainless fastener you have is weak and a waste of time! Stainless will deform the threads before it bites into that steel hard enough plus not having the cup tip like a set screw does it will not bite. This is my opinion and I'm giving it to you whether you ask or not! Thanks for sharing
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    Well here's a neat find. Back about 40+ years ago Trina's family bought an old farmhouse here in the rural Maine town of Otisfield. Her mom found this Ledger book back then and has held onto it since. Something in passing conversation stirred the memory of it's existence the other day so she brought it over to share with us. I took a few pictures of the front and back covers and nearby pages. There are probably 30 more pages between...
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    Me and @TonyToro Just put on a new set of Dog Bone tires on Lunch Money (my pulling tractor). We had a pull yesterday and I didn’t have much traction so this morning we put on the new set. Hopefully at the next pull in 2 weeks I get more traction.
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    Mounted these bad boys on some newly cleaned up and painted wheels and got them installed on the 520-H. This will be my winter snowblower duty WH. I will fluid fill later in the fall and plan on running with no weights or chains on the new driveway. Before: After:
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    Another trail adventure with the Littles… IMG_1807.MOV
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    Here’s a handful of line ups…
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    Bechthold tractor service in Lodi, California, out in the almond fields and whatever else they grow out there is a Wheel Horse dealership AND YES, THEY HAVE A RJ-58! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story ...... Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    Years ago, a Wheel Horse dealer make a parade set up using 4 Wheel Horse tractors without drivers to pull a parade float. It consisted of 1 hydro tractor and 3 manual transmission tractors. The steering was mechanically linked together, and the hydro was the only tractor running and thus pulled the manual tractors along with it. I had gone to the dealer who had the set up and tried to purchase all the mechanical parts, but I did not find everything and decided to pass on the sale.. For the local Christmas parade almost 20 years ago I thought that i will just build my own driverless parade unit. I made a test run with a model 753 and some rope controls and thought hey this will work. A model 704 was used due to the 2 spoked steering wheel that the reins (ropes) tied to each steering wheel spoke could easily operate the steering. The starting and stopping was controlled by a lever operated cable that pulled the clutch brake pedal from the back downward. The clutch had to help back with the level, and I had to shift into second gear and leave in gear. And yes, there was a safety cut off switch wired in just in case something happens. The sleigh was built on top of my 4 wheeled wagon. I drove this set up for 2-1/2 hours during the parade and received many remarks from kids who thought it was magic that there was no driver on the tractor, women who thought it was romantic and wanted a to ride in the sleigh and men that said, "That guy is good". Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    Way back in the mid 80's Wheel Horse offered a factory pulling kit that you can make a tractor puller from, it only came with a few parts, but it did have VIN on a data tag on the rear fender (the decal type). The son of my local Wheel Horse dealership ordered the kit and built himself a Bad A$$ Wheel Horse pullin' tractor. It was the best in state of Virginia! He brought this pullin' tractor up to the Wheel Horse Show one year and let me take it for a ride, now let me tell ya' this 16hp Kohler was built ... I mean BUILT I know it had a Chevrolet big block piston and ran on methanol, but I do not know the rest of the engine specs. Any how he told me to hold on the steering wheel tight because the tractor will drive out from underneath you when you step on the gas !!! Now y'all know where I stand to announce the parade, I drove that tractor from that spot up to 30 feet from the auditorium and back and burned 1/2 gallon of methanol ! I know of this Wheel Horse and one in North Carolina that are authentic factory Wheel Horse pullin' tractors that still have the VIN tag. Wild Bill in Richmond VA
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    I hope your attitude improves and whatever is troubling you resolves itself.
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    Picked this up today with a spare 42" SD. Runs nice and tranny is good too. Giving it my touches and will sit nicely next to my 416H. I forgot how much I like the 8 speed uni drive. The original looking boot is still in good shape! It seems this sat around a lot but looks to have been taken care of. needs tlc maintenance, but it's a nice tractor and I'm pretty happy everything that matters to me works good. Little noise on a bearing on the RD deck and it needs a patch in 2 spots and a thorough cleaning/ greasing treatment (like slippery pete sez) Even came with an axle bracket.
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    Got the 1045 out of the stable and stretched his legs. Some fine tuning but all in all he’s a runner! Also swapped out the wrong seat for a right one. It’s coming along. Gitty up! Cheers!! Update: not a big deal, was going to get to it later but was fiddling with the 1045 putting it through it paces and gave the old original cigarette lighter a whirl. Bingo works awesome. Even felt a small drawl on the motor when I pushed it in. I’m pretty sure it’s original but I could be wrong.
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