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    I have always thought a 953 would look good with a narrow front end and finally decided to take the plunge. The tractor is more maneuverable than with the wide front end and steers great. This 953, which I bought from @Mike'sHorseBarn, has the Ross Steering box but the same thing could be done with the later models with a Fan Gear 953/1054 or GT-14. The entire steering system bolts in place with holes that were already in the frame and the entire process is reversible if I were to decide to go back to stock. I started with a foot long piece of 3/4" round stock (an old steering shaft) and bent it at the center to fifteen degrees so the tires would be canted in like they are on an old farm tractor. Then I made a fixture to hold the axle in place while welding it to a piece of one inch round stock (an old one inch axle). I mounted the tires (Deestone 3.50-6) and wheels and they looked great! Shaft collars were added inside and holes for cotter keys were drilled on the outer edges of the wheels. The excess 3/4" axles were cut off. Once the axle and pivot were welded together it was on to the bearings and attachment fabrication. I used 3/16" X 4" flat bar and driller and tapped them to secure it to the frame. Having a 963 frame hanging around made the job easier. A four lug one inch trailer hub is used as the pivot point. With the bearings in place I could determine the location for the snap ring groove to hold everything in place and cut off the rest of the axle. Next a steering arm was fabricated and welded in place. It was a tight fit between the frame and tire. Now it was time to fabricate a drag link between the steering box and the steering arm. I bought the ball joints from Lowell https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html#!/3-8-x-7-16-Ball-Joint-2-Tie-Rod-MTD-Cub-Cadet-Toro/p/84788581/category=23548038 and fabricated the drag link from 5/8" round stock. I drilled and tapped the ends and used 7/16-20 threaded rod to join the ball joints to the link. This was a fun project and I am pleased with the way it came out. Looks a lot like the image on my tractor crossing sign.
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    Since it was a nice 55 degree day yesterday, my oldest son Max and I broke out the lawn ranger and picked up sticks in the yard. Here he is when we got started, he was so happy tractor riding season was finally here!
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    Never thought I’d own a full detailed wheel horse toy to this caliber . I’d have to thank Eston Hoffman for the build . His attention to detail is out of this world. This is serial #2 out of 10 made . Case is all led lights .
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    And ain't gonna take it with ya... heard tell banks got plenty of money... So the Missus and I went in on this together. 2019 tractor show circuit is lookin to be be pretty sweet! Not to mention a BS trip! Figure I can stuff at least one or two long frames and a a couple of shorts in it. Thing has got a 30 gallon auxiliary tank with fuel pump for gassing tractors not to mention all the other amenities.
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    This is for Scottie Have you ever needed a part for your tractor that was just a little better like a tie rod, or even that very hard to find part like the pulley system for a rear mounted tiller? Who do you go to for help? When I needed a cover for a sickle bar mower, I had no luck, I tried finding it on eBay and in the RedSquare classifieds. I put out a feeler to see who may have one and within an hour Lowell PM'd me. He didn't have one so he MADE one for me, not only made it perfectly but drilled and tapped the screw holes AND sent along with it 4 stainless steel fasteners! You all know exactly what I am talking about, because I see it all the time, someone looking for something hard or maybe even impossible to find and you send them to Lowell. This is because Lowell and his wife Joette along with their son's Travis, Bryan and Scott (Scottie) have the reputation as being there when you need them and getting you fixed up and running again without hassle. Additionally, they are just a wonderful family to be around. Then a parent's worst fear happened, Scottie, their youngest son, has suffered serious injuries in an very unfortunate accident. I'm sure that most of you have been following his story right here on RedSquare and know the extent of Scott's injuries as well as his journey to recovery, if not see the flyer below. I am also sure that you all know how expensive this journey can be. Now it's our turn to help Lowell, Joette and their family as they have helped us. The Scholljegerdes family is offering special "Team Scott" t-shirt's as well as sweatshirts, hoodies and a limited number of Wheel Horse mat's. These items are for sale to benefit Scott's recovery effort and can be ordered by downloading and completing this form: Scott's Recovery Benefit Order Form There are instructions within the form where to send checks or to donate via PayPal. If using PayPal, you will need to email the completed order form to ScottsRecoveryBenefit@hotmail.com along with your PayPal donation. Please be sure to indicate the email address used in your PayPal so they can properly put your order together. Your item will be available for pickup at the Wheel Horse Collectors Club 2019 Big Show in June. Please note that due to WHCC rules, there will be NO sales of any shirts at the show You may still purchase items which Lowell and his family always bring to the show as usual however. If you absolutely can not make the show your item *can* be shipped to you, but please note that shipping costs will need to be added to the order since this is a fundraiser activity. What if I don't need or want another shirt or hoodie? Just donate, send a check along with a note to the address in the order form or a donation via PayPal donation. Or even something as simple as a get well card, or something special from your neck of the woods to cheer Scottie up would be appreciated as well. You can send cards and other gifts directly to Scott at his home address (click here) Lowell and his family deeply appreciate your prayers, kind thoughts, notes and gifts and are humbled by the generosity of the community and wish to express their sincerest gratitude for your continued support!
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    I’m a huge fan of the Magnum series for motor swaps. My GT1600 (originally a Briggs 16 twin) has a Magnum 10 under the hood and it’s my favorite machine. I had a C-105 with a Magnum 12 that I regret selling a few years ago. So when I saw @Chris T had a machine with a Magnum I casually mentioned that if it was ever up for sale give me a heads up...we’ll he decided to sell and it’s now in my garage! Smooooth and quiet and starts in a pull or two. Motor fits in it real nice and the hood isn’t chopped. It’ll be a perfect cruiser for shows. If you ever have the chance to buy off Chris go for it! Straight shooter, honest and no BS. He even surprised me and delivered it
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    It been a long while since I had a W/Horse. Sold everything I had, thought I did not need them. Bad move on my part. This will come with a plow. So I may be back in the saddle again. . Will post a vid when I get it.
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    my wheel horse is ready after the restoration. now only restore and overhaul the cutting deck. The results are impressive! what do you think?
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    After 60 yrs, 3 surgeries (1 back) and 2 stents I finally decided to pamper myself. Almost a Qtr. million miles on the Tundra and it was time. Picked up this 2013 GMC Sierra SLT 78,000 mi. Only thing it doesn't have is a moon roof and rear defogger. Buttons everywhere. I hit one by accident and the mirrors folded in. Hit another one and the mirrors ,seat , and pedals moved. Really digging the 10 way power seat and Bose sound. Finally had a nice day for some pics. Just waiting for my Weather Tech mats to arrive. I'll be Stylin an Profilin!
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    Well, I'm at the ER 😢. Today was not a good day. I decided to go horseback riding - something I haven't done in many years. It turned out to be a big mistake! I got on the horse and started out slowly, but then we went a little faster; before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn't take the pace and tried to gracefully bail. Unfortunately, my foot got caught in the stirrup and I got dragged by the horse through the feedlot. I couldn't get the horse to stop and was choking on cow chips (yuck!). Thank goodness the manager at Toys-R-Us came out and unplugged the machine. But, he had the nerve to take the rest of my change so I wouldn't attempt to ride the elephant. How many of you actually read what I wrote? If you did, copy and paste for someone else to get a laugh!!
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    With all lthe talk about mid-graders, PERFECT TIMING!!! Got 4 yrds. of crusher run for the driveway. Skonk and HHHOOOWWWAAARRRDDD!!! got to play in the dirt today. The 6 spd in Skonk is pretty handy for close quarters grading. Elivs came out for a bit but the little guys said " Get out of our sand box"!
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    After too many years of neglect, I decided it was time to redo my Dad’s 1973 Ford LGT125. I mowed with this tractor when I was barely old enough to reach the pedals. We used it up until I was about 21 and moved and didn’t think we could use it. Long story short, it sat behind a building for 25 years until I decided to try to give it some life. My grandfather owned a Ford Tractor dealership and originally sold this one new. My dad was a salesman and did deliveries for him. This one was repossessed and Dad was able to buy it for the payoff. Back to the tractor. I brought it home, soaked the cylinder with penetrating oil, cleaned the points, replaced the coil and condenser, cleaned the points, rebuilt the carb, and bypassed the wiring. She turned over 4or 5 times and fired right up! The hydro is still even good. I’m in the process of cleaning the engine, frame, and trans for paint. I lucked out and found two LGT165’s about 1 1/2 hours away for $350. One runs great, it doesn’t charge - regulator not hooked up a and the other is good for parts. All in all not a bad price for two tractors, one with a good running 16hp Kohler and all the parts I need to use on Dad’s tractor.
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    I called on a “free firewood p” posting on CL and it was advertised as easy access. I called, let him know I had a truck, dump trailer and saw ready to go and could be on the way soon. He was good was that, and I asked if I could drive up to the wood. He hesitated, then asked if I know how to drive a tractor. “Well, yes I do!” As long as I don’t scratch the tractor or outside of the bucket, I’m allowed to use his loader tractor. Well, here I am heading to dump one load, get him some fuel and cut another load before the day’s over! Would you you tell someone to com over and grab the tractor f on a CL ad, when you’re not there? I can tell you I wouldn’t!
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    Added one from a new series to the fleet today. Fires on carb cleaner but won't stay running. Gas smells old. Took the seller and me and a come-along to get her up onto my Tacoma. So heavy I had to drag it up onto my loading ramp as the Tacoma was squatting. Came with a 48" deck in poor shape and a snow blower that has some ugly welding repairs. Hood and belt guard are here but not mounted. Hood needs a hinge. The seat is in perfect shape except for the Fix Or Repair Daily logo. Another project not sure what she will be used for yet.....
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    Had to cut down a 45+ yr old maple tree in my front yard. Most of the tree and limbs ended up in my driveway. So the 753 came in handy clearing off the driveway so I can get to work in the morning. Can't get over the power that little tractor has.
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    Saw a gt14 for a really good price on Craigslist yesterday went and looked at it last evening, ended up buying it . It’s a 68 or 69 gt14 but I’m not exactly sure which. It’s in decent condition and seems to be complete. It has a really nice complete three point hitch and a really nice three point tiller. I didn’t think the seat and muffler were original but I looked at a manual and it turns out they are. I’m gonna try to get it running for the big show but if I don’t I will still take it. The best part is I bought it from a super nice guy that knows a lot about wheel horses. Some of you might know him, his name is Less, sorry didn’t catch his last name. He has been going to the wheel horse show since the beginning and personally knew Cecil and Betty Pond. He used to have 74 tractors but he narrowed it down to his favorite three. Overall it was a really good day. I got to meet a really nice guy, get another tractor and hear some good stories. Here are a few pictures of the gt14 and tiller. I am gonna start working on it this Sunday. Tractor or serial number Tiller serial number
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    This is the normal view of my new Amish neighbors farm from my kitchen window. This morning when I looked out, I could see Mrs. Fisher on top of the mound of top soil holding the reins of six horses on this side of the mound and an overturned piece of equipment on its side behind her. I could not see Mr. Fisher and was afraid he may by under the wreck. I yelled for Mrs. K to call 911 as I grabbed my binoculars. With the binos I was able to see Mr Fisher working under the horses to untangle the harness. It appeared no one was hurt so the 911 call was cancelled and I sprinted the 300 yards to help. It takes about 3 minutes for a 76 YO to cover 300 yards. They had borrowed two horses to help their four pull a heavy 15 row grain drill that they were going to use to plant grass seed for a pasture. Mr Fisher was between the drill and the horses where he was starting a small engine that powers the hydraulics on the drill. When he started the engine the horses bolted up over the dirt pile and the drill overturned and dug into the back side stopping the horses. Luckily he was able to dive to safety before the drill ran him over. This would certainly have been a fatal accident. We had to cut some of the harness as it was tightly wrapped around some of the horses legs. After unhitching the six horses and getting them secured, with a fork lift we were able to right the grain drill and pull it off the dirt pile. The only damage was to the cut harness and the 20' long 4x4 channel tongue that had a slight bend. Just another day in the neighborhood.
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    Interesting Sign on Truck I followed Yesterday in Indianapolis!
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    So I ordered new rims and tires for the push blower since one was leaking air and both are cracked heavy. In the mean time I remembered seeing tires filled with foam so thought, "Ah what the heck, let's give it a try". Got noth'n to loose since it's going to be replaced anyway! Drilled 2 1/2 inch holes, filled with a can of foam and plugged the holes. Everything went well until I got impatient again. Pulled the first bolt out of the hole and it was good. Pulled the second and all hell broke loose. That crap flew everywhere! Kind of funny even at the time but luckily the tire was tilted away from my face by having it sit on top of the blower. If you have ever had this stuff get on you, you know how hard it is to clean off. Even carb cleaner is completely useless against this stuff. Anyway, here's the aftermath. Pics don't really show it either as I'll probably be finding foam spots all over for a year.
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    Well it’s been intermittently on and off for a while now. But on the 22nd or 23rd, I will start my trek west to Boise ID area. Over the past 1.5 years I culled the collection down to 4 tractors. 3 of them I will personally trailer cross country and the moving company will have responsibility for my C160 which is set up as my mower. Also needed to load onto trailer any flammables, liquids or anything perishable. And valuables or heirlooms simply because I don’t trust people anymore. Needless to say it’s maxing the trailers load capacity. As as I will be on business travel all next week I needed to get my trailer ready this weekend. Its about a 4 day trip, ~ 2800 miles. it will be kinda nice not to have to deal with stresses of work for a few days though:-) The Horse Haulling set up is finally going to earn its keep: i think I may quadruple the number of wheel horses in Idaho:-) Here is the worker which has very few hours since Fireman (in CT) restored it. After 6 months sitting all winter, it fired right up.
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    Very Longtime member that has been gone for a long period of time. I thought it'd be worth taking a few minutes so the new faces might get the chance to know the old face that's new again. Life and the drama that at one point enveloped some of the WH haunts that I frequented in the past pretty much drove me away from online forums and the like. My collection has been maintained and grown slightly here and there, the love of the Horse hasn't diminished. At the end of 2015 I had a house fire and lost pretty much everything. It's been a long slow road, but with good home owners insurance, good friends, and patience, things are pretty much back to normal. It took six months or so to get a new home that could be lived in and many more months to get all the contents replaced. In the Spring of 2017 I got Married - NEVER thought that'd happen!! I also left a long time job and stepped out on my own. It's had it's ups and downs, had to make sacrifices along the way. There's a few other things that've happened along the way that I'm not going to get into just yet. Think that's about it ... Glad to be back on a limited basis.
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    Many times I am commissioned for job that is a little more challenging and interesting than usual and this was one of them. So I have this client that has a collection of some very expensive and rare artifacts. He wanted me to make him a modern style display unit for some of them in a small TV room he has in his bedroom. He also had the concern that when he goes on vacation he always removes what he has on display and places them in a large safe. He was concerned about the large safe being very obvious and easily found. So, I came up with the solution of building a large “closet” all the way across end of room where display unit was to go and then the display unit over that wall with a secret movable cabinet that when open will allow him to walk into hidden room where safe will be. He will also have much more space for additional artifacts there. Cabinet is nearly impossible to detect that is it movable (one would have to know it) and it is also alarmed. Cabinet is anigre with glass shelves, weighs nearly 400Lbs, swings on a single pivot and can be opened and closed with one finger. As much fun this one was I am kind of glad it is over.Installation on this one was not easy.
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    I've got a happy camper!
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    Finally broke down and bought not one but two pickups today. Went to see a friend of mine this weekend and he had this super nice 94 F150 he took in on trade...fuel pump is out but that's a simple fix...wanted $1200 for it. But knowing I wouldnt be happy with a half ton as my only rig, I also looked at an 88 GMC one ton he has had for a while...finally talked him down to $800 on it. Pondered it for the last couple days and finally decided what the heck just buy em both. The F150 has the Eddie Bauer package and is really clean inside and out for a 25 yr old truck. Has the 351 and automatic transmission. The old GMC isnt near as nice, but will make a good work truck with the 454 and 4 speed
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    Put the battery back in the 701 and brought it out of hibernation. What a beautiful spring day today.
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    For the last few years now, my grandfather has been wanting to start knocking down some invasive brush at his house. Usually we use an old Jari Monarch walk behind, but I picked up a 50" side sickle over this winter, and surprised him by bringing his old Electro 12 back to it's home for the job. Grandfather has owned it for many years before it finally quit and was set for pasture. It's been laid up in my shed for the last few years with a bad rear end and a clapped out engine. A C160 donor engine is in it now, and man what a thumper.. still working on the rear end but I got it going good enough to work all day. Have to say I'm impressed with the little unit. Figured you'd like to see some photos The unit is a 7-1311 50" SMS. Tractor is a 1968 Electro '16' as it was. Fits right up perfectly.
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    Five Things I Like Almost As Much As Driving My Tractor 1. Talking About My Tractor. 2. Washing My Tractor. 3. Fixing My Tractor. 4. Staring At My Tractor. 5. Bacon:
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    Decided to give the fleet a service yesterday. Engine oil on all except the C-125. That was done after the rebuild. So C-81, The Black Horse and Sears/Roper all got new blood. The trans were drained by jacking up the front and a 3" block under the RH rear wheel. I only did the C-81 and C-125. The oil in the other two was done last year and still clean. I did find both RH rear tyres on the C-81 and C-125 had no air in. C-81 possibly not sealing and the C-125 has a split valve. They'll be sorted next week. Today was grease day. Every grease nipple I could find got done. Much to my surprise the Sears/Roper had no grease nipples in the axle spindles. Holes yes. Nipples no. Also no way to grease the axle pivot. OK! I'll do something about that. Jack up the front and lower on to axle stands. Keep the H&S bods happy. Removed the track rods from the spindles and spindles complete with wheels. Why make work. Then the axle itself after removing the front hitch. With that on you couldn't remove the pivot bolt. Drilled out the holes for the nipples and re-threaded to take the larger nipples I had. The nipples protruded into the spindle tube, so thin washers were used to pack them out. Next the pivot bolt. This was over long so lost a1/4" then into the lathe to have a grease hole drilled up the centre. Then a hole drilled through the bolt shank halfway along. Finally the end threaded to take a grease nipple. All back together and greased. Quote Edit Hide all signatures I've been to Midsomer and survived. 1975 Raider 10. Future project. 1978 Sears/Roper. GT16. 1978 C-121 custom. The Black Horse. 1979 C-81 Commando 800. 1982 C-125.Old Faithful. Home built land roller. Home built snow/dozer blade. Home built mid mounted grader blade. Auto Culto single furrow plough. 1963 Wheel Horse Sickle
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    well over the winter its been interesting had moved out where was so no more garage until i get life situated so been going to what is called open mic sessions at a local pub and bar and well getting there but having fun, hope some of you will too with this too i couldn't my fingers so i was struggling a bit but my next tractor will be a c-160 8spd at some point so thought id let you folks 'm still around just in a different hobbie at the moment
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    I stopped in to pick up a file for my chainsaw and I found this on the wall. Zoom in and look around.
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    55 Senior made the trip from Indiana to Nebraska. Please add to registry (if not already there). Nebraska claims 1 Senior. What did I get myself into?
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    Lets see the Workhorse's. I put the snow machines away yesterday and got out the mowing machines. One being my Workhorse. Its all ready to go. First mowing in a week or so I guess. Its coming on fast here now with the warmer days.
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    D200 moving a 18' diameter at the butt log.
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    Well trying to make some headway now that the weather has improved. I started making the frame for the back trying to get it just right and I had to get me a new hobart welder. But after 2 weeks of off and on bad weather I've got it as close as I can. I bought a heat press to heat and impress the die and frame into the vinyl. This is what I have so far.
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    I’m doin decals today!! Getting ready to mow!! And got my 855 our for a ride ! Weeeeee!
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    Well the 1054 transformed from snow plowing mode to spring garden plowing mode today. Still have to order my new lift cable then I should be good to go.
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    Brought home my third Wheel Horse yesterday. Last week I sold an old Honda ATC 3 Wheeler that I had kicking around. When the guy picked it up he noticed a spare plow I had laying around and mentioned he had his father's old Wheel Horse sitting around and he should probably sell it. Well it didn't take long for me to give him his money back. It's not the original motor, and they cut the hood to make the new motor fit, but other than that it's a good looking machine.
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    The view out my kitchen window this morning.
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    Got out today and Started to clean up the yard after a snowless winter! 70 wonderful degress! Of course I had to give her a bath after.
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    Went digging through some of the stuff I got last week and found a multi peice poster that measures 8.6ft × 19.5ft. Had to over lap the poor thing because it was bigger then my liveing room. The other thing I found was Wheel Horse School of business binder. In 1988 the dealer went to learn business on wheel horse.
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    A few months back I was looking for the flat bar to make snow plow angle levers, they didn't have it at my local TSC so I went to the next one south of me in Lexington, they had the iron I needed but they also had 24x52 steel drum roller priced originally $259.99 but happened to be on clearance for $79.99 that the manager gave me another $10 off because it was scratched up and some rust, but on top of that I had a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase, final reduced price for a brand new unused Ohiosteel roller $63.00...that being said and done it has sat beside the carport since bringing it home I really wanted to change out the "pin" hitch to 1-7/8" ball coupler which I got from HF for $9.99, so today I got at it cut the pin hitch tabs off ground down the left over welds down added 2"sq tube over the 1-3/4" tube then welded and bolted the new coupler to the original tube drawbar, ready to "roll" now.
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    The 310-8 took the winner stand with a 1428 lb. Full pull ! 20190413_134336.mp4
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    Not positive I'll be at this years show, yet. I still cannot drive my GMC to tow yet, not fair to make my little wife drive all the way herself with our cargo trailer, 10+ hours @ way. I can stand and walk fairly well and am making parts again, but my left foot can't push a clutch down consistently, and I still think & react too slowly . . . (strokes), I think I can do things, BUT, I way over-estimate what I can really do all too often. Marrying a good woman really pays off when a stroke like this happens! Hired my neighbor to mow grass, but he has a JD, . Glen Got some really nice WH covers, they look and work great! (for C-series & 300-series, will fit most other models about that size). Just $50 at the show, shipping is $10.
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    @buckrancher and @Herder Here's the combination of Brian and Jo's tractor and Adam's generosity in helping me find this grader blade. You folks just would not believe how much fun she's having. Out here driving around on the tractor and smiling and moving dirt.
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    Well I have been packing up a bunch of stuff and had some room in the shed. Got it to fit in there and set the engine in place. Going to have to do something different with the air cleaner for hood clearance but it fits. That extra 3” of gt14 frame is all used up. May have to trim about 1/2”-1” off the front angled panels the covers bolt too. Thats no big deal. Won’t even notice it. Still have to get the engine mounting plate figured out for belt alignment and then drill/bolt it into place. Then I can get the engine mounted solid. Steering will aslo get done. Baby steps.👣
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    Mrs. K assembles the pies for the annual oyster pie dinner. The flock always comes home for oyster pie.
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    Just buy all three of them you are going to be hooked after the first one anyway.
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