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    Today I donated my grader to the Long Island Antique Power Association. I no longer have a use for it, so I figured the best place for it would be to give it to this club. They have their own property where they have a few shows a year and truck and tractor pulls. For my donation I will receive a lifetime membership and I’ll go run the grader to grade the track when they do the pulling.
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    I bought my 416-Hydro new in 1993 (1994 model) and for the past couple of years wanted a 416-8 to match. Finally picked up a super clean 1995 416-8, thank you and it was great meeting you @Brockport Bill
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    Just picked up my third and most likely, fastest, horse. Has a 4cyl 1.2L Toyota K series engine. Picked it up at auction so don't know much about. Guy there said old guy dropped it off said he used to mow with it! Sat covered in a barn for 15 years. The fluids have been drained. Haven't started it yet. Fogged the cylinders today and turned it by hand. Changed the oil... Marveled at the craftsmanship... Check out the throttle! Anyone seen this before??? Any information about it would be much appreciated
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    I see it all to often! JD folks will do anything for something easier to work on and more reliable.
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    We @TonyToro Jr. started a quick fun project. We call him MaTer…like from the movie Cars. He’s rusty, crusty and going to stay that way. Yesterday we brought him in and stripped down. There were some things bent, broken and unfortunately to rotted that needed fixing. We removed the Briggs and Stratton and installed a pull start 8hp Briggs and Stratton. Today will be reassembly and look how the cargo/brush guard will get attached and then how the rear boom is going to mounted.
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    My name is David. Thanks for letting me join. I have 28 wheel horse tractors and lots of attachments.
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    Completed the assembly / restoration of a 42" side
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    We put em in Thur and the Kids pulled em out this morning. What a great day. One of the big ones ... a 23" rainbow.
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    New decals for the SL & WHN RR… now known as the “Solar Express”… Thanks @Vinylguy!!! As usual - great job!!!
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    Well, I never had any kids.....and no, I'm not adopting any of you...
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    Hey! I was looking around for a tractor for my son, he's 5y/o, and I didn't want to buy a power wheels for him to out grow in a few years and why not get a little extra out of the deal .... So I picked up a 1277 that needed some help for $300. It's missing a bunch of items; PTO and lever, belts, main drive cover, seat is gone. The unit came with a mowing deck, snow thrower and an extra engine, the tractor wasn't running, generator/starter didn't work ... which made me weary..... engine had compression and fuel was tarnished. Starter/generator had a broken connection on a brush and dirty. Put a little elbow grease into the fuel and ignition and she fired up... still a little wary of not knowing about the Hydrostatic pump and trans working or not. Ran to tractor supply got a belt (which is to wide) threw it on just to see if it would be enough to spin the pump and it did and it moved! RELIEVED!! This my first garden tractor I'm working on this indepth.. if anyone has information they'd like to share, as I scoure through this forum, it's welcomed!! Thanks for reading! I'll post a quick video next!
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    Had the 1067 in the shop for some repair & upkeep. This was broken BR (before resto). I welded it but it cracked again. Made a plate to bolt over it & hopefully cures the problem. Put a new @76c12091520h seat on it. Yep It needed spacers too @Achto
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    Been thinking about this ever since I had to handle the dismantling of my Dad's shop and his 50 years of accumulated tools, machines, parts, and materials. Ultimately, he agreed with my suggestion that he take a small kit of tools he would want at his assisted living apartment and then let the children and grandchildren draw lots and then pick one item at a time from what was left. Children (there are six of us) went a couple rounds and then the grands got a round. Each person chose the item that meant the most to them from what hadn't yet been chosen. The large, expensive power tools were NOT the first to go. It was hand tools that my Dad had taught us to use when we were young. He was very moved by this, I can tell you, and it compensated a lot for the loss of his shop. The whole process took days since I had to create an inventory of each possible pick and not everyone could be available at the same time to make their choices. Eventually, some of us could not use anything else and dropped out. When everything that was wanted had been chosen, the remainder was donated to a charity's tag sale. For me, my shop and tools and the tractors are a hobby and the costs are sunk. I won't try to recover any money when it's time for mine to go, so I'll have designated recipients for some specific items but the rest I'll leave for others to choose. I've started an inventory to help whoever does this for me.
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    Put the 520-H to work tonight. With all the rain, a little snow last week, and being out of town for 2 weeks, the grass was getting out of control. Finally got most of it mowed. The back corner is still too wet to drive on. You know it's wet when the Mallards start to move in.
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    All the kids came out for a romp today. First time out this year. No jumper cables or starting fluid needed. They're not all Wheel Horse, but at least they are all red. Except for Casper of course. I left the green in the barn.
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    How bout a Before N After on a "side shot" of a KT17 carb.
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    Is this why it’s called a twin?
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    Been looking for one for a long time. Thought about making one but wanted something with a bit of “soul” in it already. Came across this one needing only minor work such as replacing some of the missing compartments and locks. From the details on it seems to be from the mid 1800s. Plan is to fill it with the proper tools and leave it for Grandchildren to appreciate how craftsmen had pride in their tools and the way they kept them.
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    Figured it was about time it earned its keep; definitely knew it was back there......
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    Ha, bunch of old men Remember when that was women instead of tractors?
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    Sup guys! Where y'all been? I thought I'd drop in and say HEY! I was over at Van Bennetts house a couple weeks go and he gave me this C125. It's my first black hood. She's a smoker, but still alive. I've never had a shaker plate motor before so I need to look Into whats needed for new mounts and such. My son went with me and had a blast. I think he likes tractors more than I do! Van will be at show this year! The top 3 questions I get at the big show are: 1. How the heck are ya? 2. Where is/how is Van? 3. Have you seen Jay?
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    Came across this Wheel Horse on the local craigslist. A Wheel Horse WB 2000. Never seen this before. a brush mower using a 38 RD deck. Looks original to me. Maybe another Belgium special? Bit to expensive (1250$) for me or I would have bought it.
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    So I went over to my buddies house this morning to pick up the dash off the 856 project. Leaving his house there was a junker picking up stuff on the curb. His truck was piled up so high I thought he may be related to @Pullstart. Well he was older and and trying to get a washing machine balanced in there. So I pulled over to help him lift it. Well as he was removing stuff in the truck in order to get this washing machine squeezed in, I spot this buried in the back. We pull it out, I told him I give him 10 bucks for it and help him load the washer. Deal. Needs tubes for the tires but it's all there. I put these little wheels on for now cause that's all I have until I get tubes. Works fine, nice and solid but paint peeling off. I painted the dash for the 856. I'm not going to paint the rest of the tractor. Going to leave it ratty looking, but I just wanted to do the dash.
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    Need to revise my Daily Driver today. for this issue i built myself a simple but cool Tool. What‘s it for? Guess.... Felt a rapidly increasing play in fast corners on the steering wheel and in stronger corners I hear a click, click ... The car develops a massive life of its own in fast corners. I assumed it would be the driveshafts and tie rod joints, but finding a cheap complete set I bought the whole thing. Most of the parts were delivered promptly, except for the brake discs. Since the lower ball joints were still good and the wheel bearings as well, I decided to save them for later. When replacing the tie rod ends, I only found a self-locking nut. I once had an almost catastrophe because such a mother had completely dissolved while fast driving i ain‘t trust them allone further. That's why I really want to have a safety pin inside. the old ones also didn‘t have the holes, so i made it myself but it is not allway‘s easy to drill exactly in a thread. but since also this new version didn't have a hole for it, I needed again my „tool“ to set the hole precisely in a thread. ok, somebody may say hey disassemble it put it in a Drillpress and do the Job, but i‘m still on the Car and want waste that Time, so i quickly made this jig out of an old piece of pipe. Luckily i throwed it in my Toolbox and luckily i found it again J.i t. Now it’s a simple Job, just slide it over the thread Set the center of the Hole into the thread and finally drill the hole. After the threads have been countersunk, you can remove the tool and drill the hole completely. easy and simple and repeatable at any time. hope that simple trick will help somebody someday.
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    I've had several suspicious moles removed over the years, one about a year ago. The first biopsy on that one because the mole looked weird, then got called back to have another layer scraped off becsaue of that biopsy showing a high number of pre-cancerous cells. Had my yearly full body skin cancer scan today. Yup, FULL (like everywhere) body scan. Good results, nothing new. Good until next May. Moral of the story - if you have a weird lump, bump, or mole, or if an existing lump, bump, or mole has changed size or color, don't be shy, go get it checked out.
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    What a busy last 2 days the boys and I have had. As you guys have seen Alex my now 11 year old has been on fire with Wheel Horses acquiring 3 in just a couple months. I have an add on Craigslist that he helped me write and it paid off with one of his 3 tractors and a great score Friday night before baseball. A gentleman emailed me about a wheel horse Rototiller he had. He said if it really was for a kid who’s into the hobby he could have it for coffee money but if it was for me I needed to make an offer. Well wouldn’t you know it Alex missed out on a Wheel horse Rototiller 2 weeks before when it was sold out from under him. So the guy and I talked and him and Alex talked and we all agreed to meet Friday. I texted him and said “we never settled on a price” thinking there is no way this guy is seriously going to sell for coffee money. He texts back a picture from the Dunkin Donuts drive thru and says “my afternoon fancy coffee was $5.77 he pays me that and I’m Happy”. I was blown away. We met up and he was extremely nice. He was super happy to see another generation getting into tractors and small engines just like his kids did. When it came time to pay Alex hands him what we agreed on which was 10 dollars and the guy literally said this is more than I wanted. Alex was ready for this and said well hopefully you can use it to get a second coffee. They both laughed and we were on our way both happy as can be. Yesterday both boys Alex and his older brother Aiden (who never wants to do anything tractor related anymore) and myself attended our first show. The boys had an absolute blast and Alex and Aiden put miles on driving around checking out everything having a blast. Aiden said he forgot how awesome tractors and shows were and asked if he could get back into them. i no sooner than got us home and unloaded and I got a message from @Crazywheelhorseman. I had been talking to him earlier looking for a project tractor for Aiden. His message was the link to a 856 with plow, mower deck, paper work and extra parts posted 9 minutes ago. I messaged the guy and the race was on. Driving an hour to get it while he was telling me other people want it and asking if I was coming. The results were awesome. The 856 and plow look to get mostly original the mower deck has been repainted. The engine was rebuilt in the 80’s and it runs and drives perfectly. My oldest son is back on cloud 9 and loving every second of it. and I hit you guys with a long story again sorry!
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    After the demise of my Land Rover Discovery I replaced it with a Hyundai Santa Fee. Unfortunately the Santa Fee hasn't got the towing capacity of the Disco. Just 2 ton against the Disco's 3-1/2. So my 12ft x 6ft twin axle trailer went to live at a friends farm. At the weekend I purchased a second hand single axle trailer. 8ft x 4ft I can only carry one tractor instead of four now, but that's not a problem. Having to cut down on the shows with the way things are. It'll be also handy on my trips to my mates in Scotland for hauling logs home. I intend to remove the ramp and replace with a tailgate. Less drag and I have the light weight ramps I used with the 12 x 6 trailer.
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    This weekend has been the Hethersgill Vintage Clubs annual rally. Because of covid we have not been able to run it for three years. So it's been like a fresh start. Friday I took my farmer mates caravan through to the site, while he followed with cattle trailer with signage, table, chairs and my Sears/Roper GT16. We then erected the auction tent. I later returned home to load my car with stuff I was taking for the auction a long with a small 3X4ft trailer. Saturday was mainly spent booking in early arrivals and things for the auction, plus setting up the car display area. After a whisky laced coffee in the caravan and retired to bed in the back of the car. Number 3 grandson bedded down in his car along side. His first time away with me and at the rally. He did very well helping out here and there. Up early Sunday and soon was time to start booking in the car entries. Three of us were doing this but I kept getting dragged away to sort out some other peoples problems. Ten o'clock and the gate opened for the public. The show finished around 4pm and it was time to start packing stuff away and helping load things that people had bought at the auction. I got a nice little trailer. Quite pleased with it. Also a cast iron Bamfords seat of some farm equipment. That will turn into a garden seat similar to one we already have. I hadn't given any thought as to how I was getting the trailer home. But Lewis phoned his eldest brother and he came and collect it along with the Sears and delivered it to my place. Eventually I arrived home about 8pm. had a bite to eat then unloaded the car. Well and truly tired. Bed by 10am and didn't wake till 6pm. Today back to the site and helped finish clearing up. Took the newly purchased trailer and brought a couple of tractor tyres my mate had bought. So below are some photo's for your perusal. This belongs to a friend of mine who has quite collection of vintage bicycles and some cars. Great fun to drive. This is the pickup he brought it in. 1920's Citroen. That all for now. I do have a few more that failed to load. I'll try later.
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    I have a good replacement hood for tyhat... come and get it. ...FREEBIE for your kid. In the PA panhandle...Located 40m south fo Lake Erie
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    And then decided to have my own little show!! Still had more to take out but they are still in hibernation.
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    Well said Joe. I have told my wife that when I check out she should post the news of my demise here on Red Square and let everything go to whoever wants it, free for the taking. The value on most of it is the pleasure I've gotten from it and the love it will receive from another Horse-A-Holic. There is plenty to go around and if it were auctioned at a local auction it wouldn't bring a tremendous amount of money and no one would know what the odd pile of parts in the corner or on the shelf is but folks here would.
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    Today I set out to cure a design flaw that plagues most of our tractors. First let me start off by saying - "If you've never cut 10ga sheet metal with a jig saw, then you are definitely missing out on life!" You really need to add it to your bucket list. I'm here to tell you that it is like hitting your self in the head with a hammer. It feels good to stop. Now back to the task at hand. What flaw was I fixing? Why did I need to cut 10ga with a jig saw? Well first off I did not have a hole saw big enough to do the job, this is why I used a jig saw. Why was there 10ga sheet metal on a D160? IDK, don't know the back story on the custom fenders and seat set up. Guess the PO wanted to make sure that they were heavy enough. As for the flaw, well I plan on using my new to me D160 with a double seat as a show cruiser and there was just no place to safely set my drink while I'm cruising around. To cure this issue as well as cure the issue for my passenger I added two cup holders to the center counsel. But wait!! There's more! Because I saw them and decided that it was a GOTTA HAVE item. Also because I think that even a rusty old tractor deserves a little "BLING", I stepped it up a little with my cup holders. Can you say LED?? Sure, I knew you could. Should have no problem finding where to put your drink while cruising around in the dark with these babies.
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    Removal of a large sugar maple was started one week ago. Due to the close proximity to the house, I paid a crew to take it down and all cleanup was done by the my wife and me. In addition to this work, I had the crew do some serious trimming to four other trees, we cleaned that up as well. Taking one piece at a time to the splitting area. Except for the largest chunks, all of the firewood has been cut and split.
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    Lots of horse stuff today.... painted The Flame... sure @Achto ain't gonna like it.... Naawww just kidding phone went screwball....head gasket was leaking. Head bolts real loose so a new gasket and inspection. Clutch was always grabby and has orginal WH rubber belt so going to try a TSC one. Replaced a roll pin in in the steering. Smoked like a bandito.... too much seafoam or stabil so fresh gas and a oil change straightened that out.
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    Grazing Horses! Figured I’d empty out the horse barn and clean out a bunch of junk. Perfect opportunity for a group photo. Only missing the 310-8 mower tractor with bagger.
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    Been looking for something to set out with my yard art tractor and today I found it ( actually my wife found it) No… it doesn’t generate electricity
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    I got some shop time today while the BBT and her Mom did more work in the new garden site. They got the rest of the fenceposts in and started spreading out some Promix. They were using the tent room as a mobil bug net. I spent a decent portion of the day getting the swap of front spindles and 5 lug hubs done on the Cinnamon Horse C160. It now has 6-12 AG tires up front. I ordered tubes for it. Should be in next week. Also worked on, and worked with, the Mackissic chipper. I found that with the giant BEAST of a chipper out front the drive traction is pretty much non existent. I'll be putting the fluid filled 23 x 10.50 x 12 AGs. Also steel weights. That'll add 250+ lbs to the back end.
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    I took my Raider 12 out for some exercise. We scratched a little over half an acre this morning. The double gang Brinly disc and home made drag seem to pull a little harder than a 12" plow but the Raider drug them around no problem. Now it's time to see if the Swisher is ready to chew on some grass.
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    Got these few things the other day. Still gotta go back and get the rest
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    For starters I picked these 2 up today. Ones an early 2000s 314-8 the other is a 1965 1075. Only reason I got the 1075 is so I could get that nice rusty mid mount blade for my no name 8.
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    Two trailer loads went and only 1/2 a load came home....downsizing. Kids having fun on the see-saw. Oops, that old geezer looks like an @ericj Just a few of the Druck Family pedal cars. A few round hoods. The Big Trike and the little T. Fun pulls Girl Power
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    Finished the 3 point hitch and subsoiler then gave the 953 a little workout in hard red clay.
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    Moved some logs with the loader this morning
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    Spent some more time on my Big Ugly D-160 today. Installed the freshly rebuilt carb, put a few Band-Aids on the wiring, hooked up an IV bottle and gave the engine a spin. I'm happy to report that this ole girl runs and drives exceptionally well. @WHX?? looks like we have a new show cruiser. The front end was quite pigeon toed so I straightened that out a bit, still some fine tuning required there. The wiring is littered with the worst thing ever invented by man, "Scotch locks". Despite the crappy wiring the lights work, as does the horn that some PO installed. It does not currently charge though. it will require a whole new wire harness before I will trust it to be reliable.
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    I'm selling my last 2 children I mean my c160's. NEITHER ONE Smokes AND Both START RIGHT UP. THESE ARE VERY NICE RUNNING TRACTORS. Because of my health I can no longer do my own plowing or grass cutting. The plow tractor is the very one I redone in a post here many years ago. This was my favorite wheelhorse. Tires are loaded with 5 gal of rv antifreeze The second tractor also runs great has a front push bar,and one of my repo seats that I sold for $200.00. I also have a 48 In deck but I've never used or checked it out. I'm asking $700.00 each
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    It's been 1 month and 5 days since my last pictures. So I would like to present these new pictures in a special order that reminds me when we would use fake IDs to get into the live burlesque show. The tease was enjoyable as the finale. Jackie Gleason will start the show.....
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    A truly great Song Steve. I have it in mind today like an earworm while i do my today’s Work. I‘m missing my Friend Peter, who‘s passed 5 years Ago on Cancer. Whenever it was time, we wrenched together on different Things - my thing today was the Start of the Transit rework. Firstly i put the Transit onto the Lift to see if it can lift it ( hey, it Works now - cool) 😎 than i decide to rebuild it as good as i can and as close to Original. Begin to make me templates of the Inner Fender as close to original as i can. Than i begin it Step by Step to shape the Metalparts based on my Templates until they will fit. I decide to keep a little more gap between the Inner and outer Fender to glue it later together instead of Welding. Felt a hundret times check it it will Fit remove reshape check... hammering a little here and there and so on... if it fits i spotweld it on And allway‘s forming shape, check correct it, check... until the whole inner Fender is final. i take a extreme care about a 100% accurate flat surface on the Tyre site. Tadaaa the new Metalstructure inner fender is finished. after that i give the inner side of the outside Fendersheet a primer and a colorcoat, because there are points i can not reach after the outer fender is welded on... yap, you see right, i choosed my RAL3003 as the Final Color Scheme for the Transit. This are my „Wheelhorse Rulez“ Than i grinded it a little to get a little friendlier surface and primer and Paint it also. at least i spot welded the outside Fendersheet on, point by Point but just on the Outside. the inner fender will be later glued together with Sika - a PU based glue solution what is also used i.eg. for Windscreens. That glue is UV Resistant and have an ultra extreme Adhesion. Lotus use that Sika also for their Alu Frame on the Lotus Elise. that will fill also the little Gaps i leave between the Surfaces and prevent that the Metalparts will scratch on it‘s surfaces together. Additionally i thinker also about an Plastic Fender inlay to protect the Metal parts from stones. This was just a little fract of the whole Project, but today successfully finished.
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