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    Every year I restore a Wheel Horse with my class. This year’s project is a C105. My students are getting good at bringing Wheel Horses back to life. I really enjoy passing my knowledge down to the kids. Some of them have even started their own collection of wheel horses.
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    So I got this Allis Chalmers 7045 pedal tractor in the early 80’s as a young boy . Had to beg and cry for this and we owned the dealership. I rode the heck out of it , then two cousins after me . In 1992 I restored it back to its old former glory and gave it to my nephew then went to his younger brother . I had to replace every piece of plastic and all the wheels as they were split from riding it so much . This was before the internet so I went straight to Ertl for my parts . I had to use JD wheels as cream wasn’t available but having access to original AC paint it wasn’t a problem. Fast forward to this week and my nephew came by and wants to redo it for his boy . Have to replace the seat and maybe the steering wheel. Also going to have to weld in a hitch repair casting as the top right was broken when I was riding around on this tractor . He’s going to split the tractor into it’s two half’s and sandblast the entire tractor and hopefully get it back together to put under the tree for Christmas. I’ve got to say this little tractor has been through the ringer but put a smile on all are faces and just maybe many more in the future . more to come as he blows this apart and preps for the casting repair and paint .
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    Getting closer to having my HY-3 rockshaft done! Got home and test fit it in the tractor and it all lined up and operated smooth!
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    My Annual Holiday 15% sale is in effect now through Dec 15th 2019 For those who are paid support members and have registered with redoyourhorse.com will receive the Holiday discount on most items in addition to the 15% they currently receive when logged into the website. Thanks again for your support and if you are a paid support member and do not see the reduced prices please contact me with your name so I can find your account and add it to the RedSquare discount group.
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    Photo's from May 2016. My better half, Carol trying the C-81. Number one's grandson's then fiancé, now his wife. Believe it or not, this was the very first time she'd driven anything with an engine. Number 4 grandson on the C-125. His big sister and only granddaughter looking to see who's watching her as usual.
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    A bit long, but this guy is truly amazing. Puts me to shame, for sure.
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    Went Poly on mine and love it. Drilling holes a cinch and works great, can be rotated once, used the existing worn out blade as a guide and brace......
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    Do you see what I see. Picked up this Junker last night and to my surprise, an electric lift.
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    So since I picked up these two charger 10s I brought the better one of the two in the shop and started to take things apart. By looking at it with all the grease that is on this tractor and the fact that it was kept inside it has no rust whatsoever. I took the dipstick out of the transmission and it had bright red fluid in it . This should be an easy cleanup and a patina machine is underway !
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    Jim...thanks for that. It is truly amazing how much those people that are/would have been in their late 80's and early 90's had so much in common. Some history was lost today with her passing, but I also remember a lot of what she told me. Take the time to listen to what your Mom can tell you.
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    Right here is my 312, just chains and a 48” plow. Just got done plowing yesterday!
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    I got the power king for free!👍😄 the power king had sat outside for 5+ years outside in Maine; through the snow and rain! The motor was wrapped up in a tarp. I dragged it home with the two rear wheels locked. Found out that the brakes were locked up on it, the finals drives on each side were filled with water, the clutch was locked, the coil was gone and the points were stuck! The kohler k series 10hp purrs like a kitten! The tractor is as simple as it gets!! Lots of never seize! 1965...lots of steel💪💪it plows decent without chains, no frills or anything, no hydraulics, and just a 3 speed transmission!
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    "Restored by: Stevebo" 520-HC. The new snow blower machine
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    Didn’t like slipping all over when the last snow fell last week so I got chains and installed them today. And fixed the chain the broke on the thrower.
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    This morning I did my routine Sunday and came in the back door of my kitchen only to find my Pella door it is completely rotted out from moisture. This really set the wheels in motion forA complete overhaul of my home which I built 20 years ago. So I have decided to start the process of building a new kitchen cabinets and two bathroom vanities. I'm planning on retiring in five years and I surely don't want to do this when I'm retired. That is what my tractor collection is for. So today I decided to clean out the shop and put all my red parts and collection away for now and turn my shop back into a woodshop. I only hope this all doesnt take too long !!
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    Thanks Eric @ebinmaine . I can’t wait to get up here for good. There is a lot of deer traffic through this place. I plan on doing a lot of back porch animal viewing with a nice cup of coffee in a rocking chair...... if she let’s me.
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    I just pulled out my old Windows 98 laptop that I play around with, for the first time in about a year. Surprisingly enough, the 20 year old battery wasn't dead! I was curious how well it might display web pages today, given that things have advanced a lot online, even in the last year or two. I pulled up RS to see how it displayed it. All seems fairly well, except for certain elements that it doesn't know how to process, which display as a rectangle. I'm writing this post with it now. We'll see how RS's emoticons display with this post. It just got me wondering, are there any other nerds on here that toy with old computer technology for fun? I figure probably not but you never know! I've a few desktops that have software as old as Windows 3.1, and a virtual-PC on one of my computers that runs Windows 1.01. I'd like to play with Dos some day. My dad supposedly still has his Tandy TRS-80 (that he bought new) around somewhere, though he hasn't seen it in 25+ years. I did use this computer throughout my first two years of college. You'd be surprised at the looks you get from other millennials! I like most everything old; cars, tractors, computers, music, etc.. I'm a bit of a nut, I know.
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    Welcome to the forum, it looks like you’re in the same town I am. Looks like a couple of nice projects, let me know if I can help out.
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    I just want to know when it’s going to be 78-79 C Series ?! So I can line up a moving truck!!!
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    Nope! I do 3 flat driveways and really have no issues. I do it in lifts so during storms I do it a couple times. Tried chains and ripped up the asphalt...scratched the concrete... Benefits of this approach are: no drive damage, way more seat time exposed to the snow, wind and cold, less set up time in the fall, and did I mention way more seat time?
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    Agreed Trina and I have met some wonderful people because of a few little red tractors. Thank you to everyone!!
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    Oh I’m not finished yet Jim...
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    A few more pics in better lighting (read: daylight, lol) the owner sent me from when it was listed for sale, just because... ETA of General now this Sun. Busy schedules and such, which i certainly understand... Guess it gives me time to find a knob/figure out that funky looking hydraulic lift lever, that i see again👍🤣 Hope every1 has a good day...
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    Pretty new here, as has been the case with a few... This has been a tremendous help to my husband and I. Not only is there good information on Wheel Horse here but as I’ve stated before my husband and I have met some wonderful people. I have found this place isn’t just about the red tractors but it’s about family, friendship and looking out for one another the way the world should be just a shout out to everyone that makes this place as wonderful place to come and get support in any form... Happy Belated anniversary Red Square!!!!!
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    This sickle mower works great. It is the wider set up for the 953 or 1054 tractors. I just am not going to be using it I'm making this 1054 a dedicated snow blower machine. Any questions just call or text. ( this sale is only the sickle mower not the tractor ) loop
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    When it comes time to rehabilitate that horse the isolators will be coming out. The rubber mounts may have been a good idea when they were new but they definitely don't stand the test of time.
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    I would like to thank Stevasaurus and Eric for helping me with the plow set up. that works great. I just put a little pressure on the handle and it cleans it down to the pavement. A big . I have had many plows in the past but I never took the time to set them up right. Happy plowing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    You guys have a serious problem! The show is over 6 months from now. You want to get ready now??? Whether the featured tractor is a "D" C, B, or A, snow mover, custom or dirt dog, we ALL can't wait for the Big Show!!! I guess I have a serious problem too...
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    Lee : Your re enforcing weld job on the Wheel Horse spindle reminded me of a neat trick that a 90 year old Wheel Horse owner taught me. (Earl McEvers of White Hall, Illinois passed away in December 2016) Earl would make and sell two pieces of metal shaped to go over the ball joint on the Wheel Horse steering tie rods so that the tie rod would not come off even when it was very worn. He use to sell these two pieces for $5 and I bought several from him. They work great and I have had on several of me tractors. I am posting as some folks may want to make a set or two for your own tractors. Oops, got the metal upside down in the pics! Here is the way it is suppose to go:
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    Hey @stevasaurus. Did you get those off of @WHX24's bench??
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    @TIGman thanks for sharing the pictures here of your 1054. That sure is a beautiful machine. You were very fortunate to start with a nice looking machine to begin with and then rolled up your sleeves and made it look great! My dad loves blading his driveway with his 953 as well... Ironically, dad hasn’t needed to run chains on his but that is probably because he blows all deeper snows. He loves having the “one-two” punch of a blade machine and a blower machine ready at a moments notice!
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    Now how did I know you would come thru for us Kev....
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    WORK HORSE! I sure hope to find one of those, someday, just because!!!😊❤ 👍👍
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    Unfortunately now a days, social media can take someone places they never should go and expose them to stuff they never should see. Too many parents hand thier kids a device to pacify them instead of spending time with them. Cyber bullying is also something that without social media, wouldn’t exist. Easy to be a keyboard warrior. Kids are exposed to stuff we didn’t see when all we had were books that wouldn’t talk back but with imagination would take you to far off places that only @Achto Dan’s cobbler could get you too. And yes, it’s good to laugh. Stay strong, keep the faith. Tell them they are not alone. Keep doing what you are doing @dells68
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    Don't have any cats in my house, just sleepy puppies and an insane bird. Our young one likes to imitate his older sister, if shes curled up, then he's curled up. If she's splayed out, he's splayed out.
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    I bought a new TORO/WH in 1998 (still have it) like Kevin said above other than the added safety switches/wiring the same basic design and implement attachment style and quality since days.
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    ditch the pacemaker and stick a kohler in there
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    No no no no Get back out in the workshop.... Just a little more spray paint. It'll be fine...
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    I didnt say it was a wheel horse....but a craftsman/simplicity dump truck....it was a ton of fun, but stretching requires allot of duplicate parts like frame section & hood or other parts depending on how you want it to turn out/look. I had a really hard time deciding to cut the old wheel horse hood, let alone hack it to pieces.
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    Actually no Jim but it does look like one. Regular stick build with common trusses. Back in '87 when I built it T-111 was all the rage in siding so that's what I used . Trouble was the siding had defects where missed material made horizontal strips in-between the vertical grooves. Bugs got in the horizontal strips then the woodpeckers went after the bugs & sometimes put a hole right through it. Louisiana Pacific the maker had to cough up some coin so say the lawyers but I never got any! Couple years back I got tired of looking at it and staining all the time so just put steel on and was done with it. Yes this single surprised me on how far it launched it. They don't do well with light dustings tho.. 2 or less inches. You have to run in 3rd or as fast as the hydro will push to keep it loaded up. My short chute doesn't do nearly as well. Fact last year the short got ripped right off in slush and ain't gonna get fixed --- look for a long chute and convert it.
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    Take it all apart, new bearings and bushings, one hub is broken. Little wet sanding, paint rims, see what the Clinton needs
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    Very nice project. Oddly enough I'm restoring my 856 as we speak also. It's currently in a million pieces getting prepped for fresh paint and engine work. I may pick your brain to request specific pics when it comes time for reassembly.
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    My wife took this picture from her quilting room window. He didn't damage the feeder at all, just helped himself to the bird food.
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    to See the WIKI Discussion for WIKI 953 on the home page it will provide you with the history of the 953's. They are really great tractors and as the others have said some of the small items that are incorrect are not a big deal and can be corrected. One thing to note is that that tractor has a hydraulic lift that makes the use of attachments a dream. The handle on the right side controls the up and down of the lift. When you go and look at it check the handle its spring loaded, when moved front to back and you let go of it the handle should return back to the center position. If it stays in place the spring is broken, the lift may still work. The rear tires are original and look to have good, they are hard to find!! If the front tires are Goodyear then they are original too. Even harder to find.
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    From this to this, Raider 10 (Techy) to Raider 16 (Kohler) I used the engine, wiring harness, voltage regulator, key switch and control cables from a C-160. I reused the drive pully from the techy in order to maintain the same size. Everything fit as it should and the Raider 16 was born. Big Blocks Rule!!
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    Your Sundstrand may have ATF or 10W30. Have a clean white rag with you, remove the dip stick and look at the color of the fluid on the white rag. If it is pink/red you need to use ATF (Dex/Merc), if it is amber/clear you need 10W30 motor oil. You should also replace the filter (NAPA 1410) and be sure to jack up the front end to ensure complete draining. Four to five quarts will be needed to replenish the fluid.
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    For those that missed my Facebook Live video of the Stage Coach hitch. Here is the YouTube video https://youtu.be/zAaeTlgBYwU
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    Going back to the Max story. Scott Melberg, who was doing the Scott's Meet & Greet for a number of years, would have a raffle every year with the proceeds going to St. Baldricks in the name of Max. The amounts we donated may be in the threads from Scott's, but I want to say, it would be around $1000 each year we did that.
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