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    Like most parents I am proud of my children and their accomplishments. My son graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a chemical engineering degree from Va Tech. He went to work for Azdel Corporation as a production engineer. The parent company, Hanwha, is a multinational corporation with holdings servicing ,the petrochemical, financial and chemical sectors. Hanwha started an advertising campaign asking its employees to submit an essay about why they are proud to work for Hanwha. Hanwha proud was the theme. Out of the many submissions my son's was one of the five chosen.The prize was a poster of him and the other finalists to be displayed in New York's Times Square and a company paid trip to see it in person.This my son Andrew with his likeness on display. Shortly after he started to work for Azdel, he came home to visit. He spent a lot of time on the production floor then and interacted with the workers. He told me that he met an elderly woman who was a custodian and found she was walking miles home because she had no car. He started giving her a lift home. I told him that alone is one of my proudest moments as a parent.
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    So I went today to look at the other goodie he was telling me he had! Well as a true HORSE-A-HOLIC would do, I seen it and had to have it. So I loaded this beautiful 1054 and sickle bar up and brought it home!!!
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    . Here's what I've doing for the past two weeks. The entire gang was here the first week. Mike Me Mark Reed Libby Owen Julie Jake Grandma Nan Clayton We did some serious eating...ribs and corn. Seafood at Medings and Son restaurant. Crabs and fried perch. Kayaking with my boys. Reed Jake Mike ???? Mark Clayton Owen Corn hole tournament. The gang left and Mrs k and I enjoyed a slower pace the second week. Walking the crowded beaches searching for "sea glass" and watching the wildlife. This is a horseshoe crab that was tagged by the University of Maryland. It is the third one I have found in over 50 years of walking the beaches and righting the helpless overturned crabs.
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    The wife wanted a herb garden this year and now it's time to start harvesting and drying some of her herbs. This gave me a chance to do a little smithing. First a loop, this was done cold. Then welded together. Then I bent up some links. Raw finished product. Finish was done by heating the metal red hot & then rubbing it with bee's wax. Then add some S hooks for holding the bundles of herbs while they dry.
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    My grandparents and aunt and uncles 70th wedding anniversary to be exact. My aunt Shirley and uncle George who are both in their 90s were married on July 23 1949 and my grandparents Ralph and Millie who are in their late 80s were married a week later on July 30 1949. They were married in the same place as each other at my grandparents farm and all 4 of them spent the afternoon sitting under a canopy in the shade in the spot where they were married 70 years ago. My grandpa met my grandma when he was out in the neighboring town with my great-grandpa delivering either coal, ice, or vegetables I believe and my aunt met my uncle on a blind date after he came back from either basic training or being stationed away somewhere with the Marine Corps. I'm not too sure which as it was a little hard to hear him cause he was getting tired as it was about 3:30 in the afternoon and it was a hot muggy day. A couple months ago while planning the party my mom had contacted the local state representative about it to see if she would make an appearance. Once she knew what it was for she went a step further. Her and the Senator had resolutions drafted and put into the state Senate records recognizing the fact that all 4 of them had made it their respective 70th anniversaries. If I understood them correctly this will be a permanent record in the Massachusetts senate as long as the records exist. There were relatives that came from as far away as California and Alaska. I did manage to get a few pictures My grandparents are on the left and my aunt and uncle are on the right
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    Our local Antique Tractor and engine show took place today and we had a good variety of tractors, hit and miss engines and interesting stuff. I didn't get too many pictures due to a lightning storm that sent everyone packing early, but here is what I did get during my lunch brake.
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    Grabbed these 2 little gems yesterday
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    Hello All, after months of diversions and general dithering about I have finally finished making my transport box and mounting frame (apart from painting it!). The original reason for making it was to carry our rubbish bins down our 400yd. track to the pickup point . Also I am demolishing an old concrete-block shed and have got to move a couple of hundred blocks from a very inaccesable spot, luckily the Wheelhorse can just get to it saving a lot of wheelbarrowing! I've attached some photos* of it during construction in case anybody is interested, I think it's going to be very useful. I managed to buy some paint today that I think is the right colour but haven't had time to try it yet, isn't it tricky matching old paint to new! Regards... Chris * For some odd reason there are two copies of me doing the 190lb. test on it, I can't figure out how to delete one of them!
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    The grandsons head back to school Tuesday so we decided to take them to Silver Beach Friday. That's in Benton Harbor/St. Joseph and is where the St. Joseph river meets up with Lake Michigan. It was a perfect day in the 70's and a breeze off the lake. We walked out the south pier but couldn't quite get to the end due to the water level being very high right now. Look closely and you'll see a little white speck out on the water to the right of the pier. We were back on land and walking away when we saw what the white spec was. This tanker came into the river to either load or unload. It was a tight fit. We walked over to the Silver Beach Pizza joint for lunch. A neat little place with pizza that's likely the best I've ever had. After lunch the kids put on their suits for a little splash pad play. Thru the mist on the other side you can see the pizza joint. It was a fun day with the grandkids and driving home I got to thinking that these days won't go on forever. When our kids were this age we "didn't have the time" to do much with them. We were too busy chasing the almighty dollar. Geez! I don't remember where those dollars went but the memories with these young ones will be with us forever.
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    All original right down to the grime.
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    I didn't even know that this was an option!! I sure hope that my addiction never gets this bad.
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    With the heat covering most of the US in triple digits, I think it is time to show pictures of horses in the snow...suitable for your Desk Top. So, heat up the coffee and add a little Amereto.
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    I picked up this old girl from @WHX24 at the portage show. Shes tired but has a great color. Thanks Jim! The weather has been unbearably hot and wet and life has been busy but tonight i did a little farrier work and put some new shoes on her i think shes shaping up nicely, Future plans will be a heart transplant, new saddle, along with a new hitch and cable, then i think she will be ready to make an appearance in WI at Jims Plow day. So @Coulter Caleb you better have that 854 ready to roll some dirt so we can show all those Big Block Kohlers what a small block can do! And thanks again Jim!
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    Amongst my WH's and old engines, one odd hobby of mine is collecting the old iron and brass electric table fans from the pre-30's era. Most of my local friends know this, and often show up with some tired out hulk. ..Today's out of nowhere surprise was this cute little thing.. and honestly I forgot they existed. It's a Trico vacuum fan. Intended for 20-30's era cars for defrosting the windshield. It was sold at your local gas station as a kit, (Which includes a fitting, where you drilled and tapped your intake manifold to fit the vacuum barb) and clamped to your steering column. A little oil on the shaft had it humming away.. My only vehicle is an '85 F150, with no air other then wing windows.. not even sliding back glass. (Which honestly I prefer). Always thought about one of the 12v car fans but they are just way too big for my tight cab. Clamped this up on the mirror post and it works great, hums along like a little turbine generator when idling. Conveniently slows down as you accelerate and kicks back up to speed once you stop again. Take this as my old inline 6 is really tired out, or a convenient wear-saving effect on the fan motor.. I don't mind either way Figured I'd share it, neat little piece. Seems to run smooth with very little wear in the bushings. I'm sure it'll probably last another hundred years.
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    Posted June 13, 2013 (edited) Here are photos of my 653. It is 100% original. All decals are present and intact even on engine. Even the carburetor looks like it has never been touched. The plow has never been mounted with the hardware still in the sealed bag. Tires still have a lot of the "knibs" on them. It has only cut grass twice in its life. Cas (additional info edited in) Bought it in 2007 on eBay. It came from Columbus,Ohio.My fiercest competitor for it was Wild Bill. It was his questions to the seller and the fact that he stated who he was that really sparked my final interest in the tractor. Needless to say it did not come cheap. I seem to be the third owner. It was originally owned by an elderly gentleman in a farming comunity and it was only used by him for transportation. Its second owner had it only for a little while and used it only twice to mow an elementary school yard. I don't believe this tractor has ever stayed outside one day in its life or ever felt a drop of rain. With the exception of a bill of sale every other piece of paper that came with it in 1963 I have, down to the engine tag warning to put oil in before using. Everything feels tight like new specially the steering. It was certainly loved by its previous owners as testified by its condition. It has never been touched by paint or a wrench. It only had one diode changed at some time in the past . I can also state that it will stay that way for at least two more generations, since it will not go anywhere during that time.
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    Saw this on facebook. I have a video of the truck from 1961 ad.
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    New front tires,new seat,rebuilt hyd.pump & cylinder,new belts,wiring & fuel system repair,runs & drives great next will be WD40 & steel wool and it will be finished first show this weekend.
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    Spent the day yesterday getting the little guys out for a little bit of a dusting off .
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    1951 Case VAC She just finished mowing about 5 acres of the 6-8 she takes care of weekly or as needed. Never skipped beat. None of my tractors WH or otherwise are show queens they all have work to do. The tall grass in the background is part of the 18 acres that will be cut soon with either a 75 yr old Farmall M and her 55 year old Bush Hog Mdl 600 or a 1953 Case DC 3 and her sickle bar. Wonder how many Kioti's Montana's etc compact tractors will still be working in 70 years.
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    The wood was rotting on my trailer and the wiring was messed up on my trailer so I redid the deck with treated some 2 by 8, 10, and 12 wood. I used plastic decking I got from a friend who got it at an auction for $1 I used galvanized nuts and bolts and ran conduit to all the lights with flexible cord organizer to the plug. I also soldered all wire connections and used heat shrink tubing on them.
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    Have a few Horses and just picked up this project today figured I would just say howdy and this a great forum tons of great info
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    So I walked into a local dealer by me and the owner mentioned to me he was thinking about selling a wheel horse and asked if I would be interested. He said he’s had it for the last 40 plus years and wanted to see it go to a good home. I made him an offer he said he could refuse and I now have another machine in the stable. More pictures to come and hoping to get to tinkering on it soon
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    Had a pleasant surprise yesterday. Got a phone call around noon. A couple of friends, not seen for 3yrs, from my Land Rover days were up from the south coast on holiday. Could they call in and visit and any camp sites nearby. Needless to say the answer was yes and the could camp outside our home. A couple of hours later they arrived and set up camp. 1964 Series 3 ex-military Land Rover, fully kitted out as a camper and re-engine with a 2.5 200Tdi engine. All the work was done by themselves some years ago. They each year they run tours to the French and Italian Alps.
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    Recently added to my collection!!!! Pretty happy about it. XMUX4518.MOV
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    This 520 has had a quick make over and looks real nice. Only 630 hrs but she was beat up. Thanks to everyone's help...
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    Im keeping the 520 , a RJ and possibly one other. You guys aren’t going to get rid me that easy . Is family ......
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    754 last one made all original
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    Just finished mowing with IRV and what great seat time ! I hated to see it end. Time for a black and tan!!!
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    We are hosting our local summer show this weekend in Abingdon, VA. Here are a few pics of a few of the entries. Check out the steel wheeled Huber - only about 10 are known to exist! The John Deere 110 was a surprise for Clay - my friend Joe’s son. He just got it yesterday and is on cloud 9! The last pic shows Emory and Clay with Emory’s new Cub Cadet. Tomorrow is our last day and I’m wiped out!!
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    So I went down to Pennsylvania a few days ago and picked this 701 up. Pretty excited to get back to working on these tractors!
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    Greetings all! my name is Earl and I am a new member from new york- I grew up operating a 1966 606 wheel horse mowing the lawn and plowing snow. I recently purchased a 1967 657 wheel horse tractor with a 36 inch rear discharge deck. It is basically the same machine from my childhood- The machine is in great condition having been garage kept and maintained all its life. It had been sitting for many years so it took some work to get it back to running condition but I finally had the satisfaction of cutting my grass with it just yesterday. A total trip down memory lane for sure! I am looking forward to interacting with other members here and seeing pics and hearing the tales from other proud wheelhouse owners like myself. Will attempt to post some pics !
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    Here is a picture of our adopted cat Spot using my main mowing tractor as a cat bed.He adopted us not the other way around. This 416-8 was a much neglected and abused machine.The tires were full of fix a flat,the tie rods were shot,the fan gear and steering shaft were worn out.The hood stand showed dents from where a chain was used to secure it on a landscape trailer.It has been used as a true garden tractor this season.It tilled the garden and dug the potato rows at planting.Next week it will dig the rows with a potato plow.It has over 1400 hrs and shows no signs of wanting to quit.The hood says 414 but the original hood was junk.
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    So, as you may know, the Mississippi River in south Louisiana is lined with refineries and chemical plants. A fire broke out at one chemical plant, and the local fire department raced to the scene and immediately called for backup - they needed a lot of backup because of the proximity to a large refinery. Fifteen other crews showed up with their shiny new engines and ladder trucks. They looked at the inferno and determined it was already out of control. Best thing they could do was try to keep the fire from spreading to the neighboring plants. The plant manager begged the fire crews to try to put the fire out because his plant warehouse contained forty million dollars worth of chemicals. No one was willing to tackle a fire that was already out of control, nor were they willing to risk their lives and shiny new engines on a lost cause. The plant manager proclaimed that he would award one million dollars to any fire department who could save his warehouse full of valuable chemicals. There were no takers. As the crews organized to keep the fire from spreading, they heard an approaching siren and horn blaring and saw an old, dirty, beat-up engine bearing down on them at full speed. A group of old men on board were yelling "Get out of the way! Get out of the way!" Firemen lept off the road as the old truck barrelled through the main gate to the plant and crashed into the first plant building near the fire. To the astonishment of the onlookers, the old men clammored down off the truck, connected hoses, and deftly set about controlling the blaze. The other crews joined in the effort, and within 15 minutes, the fire was under control. Everyone was amazed at the bravery and professionalism the elderly firemen had shown. When the fire was out, the plant manager approached the elderly firemen, thanked them profusely, and explained his offer of one million dollars to the crew that saved his expensive chemical warehouse. A crowd gathered around them as the plant manager asked the old fire chief what he planned to do with all that money. "Well, thank you very much. I don't know about ALL of the money, but I'll tell you one thing for sure. The FIRST thing I'm gonna do is get the brakes fixed on that fire truck."
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    Picked up this pile of stuff today! Not sure what I will do with it all yet. But I know the weights and the belts will be put to use for sure. THE 603 steering wheel is mint and there's got to be close to 50 to 60 belts in the box. Unfortunately the weights were painted yellow, but I'll fix that.
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    what's red and smells good? your smokey old kohler in your wheel horse. today I took 35 pounds of nj plum tomatoes and ran them through the crusher. lots of basil and garlic a little oregano.... I make enough sauce to last us a year.
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    Dodge County Antique Power Club is always a regular show on our calendars.. and only a week after our Symco drunkeree! . Dan's @Achto bro said they they have been coming to this show for 33 years! More laid back but still a hoot with good food, drink & comraderie and always good attendance. A real good excuse for missing @pullstart 's birthday! Good out turn of there but Olivers, Parr-Hart & Bolens the features. Just a few pics here to kick things off..... I know Dan has got some more nice stuff... I have more if you guys are interested when I get time and WiFi. Somebody had a real nice lineup of Farm Handies ther. Alpacas were a big hit for the younguns.....
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    @Mudrig150, you seem like teenage to young 20’s? There will be so many greater losses in your life. This year, our family’s major upsets were when my mother in-law was hit by a truck, then their house burned down. Months later, our basement flooded. Grandparents will be gone, more pets will be lost, life is not easy. I’m sorry for your loss of what matters to you now, but some day you’ll realize that a photo sharing site, turned advertisements, arguments and full of negativity won’t be all that bad.
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    I picked this gem up yesterday and wanted to share. It's almost 100 pounds, 4ft long, 22 in high with bed down and 41 in high with bed up and just a touch under 2ft wide. It has 4.10/3.50- 4 tires on it. The grill is one solid piece of bronze. I am unsure of the exact history on its build. I do have the base story of how the original owner got it and that's it. But I will be doing more research.
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    Put Vader to work this evening and got to teach the little boys some roofing. The roof on the kids playhouse is about 20 years old and shot and so we decided it was time to replace it. I had enough extra shingles left from a large project and so it was a “labor only” situation! Judge and Zach helped haul the old roofing and throw it in the wagon. Once the roof was clear and the debris cleaned up, we discarded the old shingles and then loaded the trailer with tools and supplies. Once I was confident I had everything that I needed from the big job trailer, it was back out to the playhouse. The three of us took turns driving Vader back and forth because it is just too cool to let any one of us drive it the whole time! Zach handed me up shingles... and Judge got to help with cutting starter course shingles and bringing those to me. One side is done and the other is struck out. The mosquitos were starting to show us who was boss and so we called it a night. Tomorrow we will wrap it up. Fun times with my two little boys and the Super C!
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    Heading to the Delaware Bay tomorrow for two weeks of crabbing and fishing. The family out grew the 35' Shasta so I sold it last winter and rented a five bedroom beach house for two weeks.
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    Heres another.It's a 96 416H with less than 300 hours.Best $250 I ever spent This is how it looked when I went to get it.Thats mud splashed on the grill face.
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    Got my show cruiser back together and ready to do some cruisin’... I put the horn on it that I got from David Brown at the Portage, Wisc Show. I'm ready to race @prondzy and honk at his dad when I cross the finish line in 1st place.. lol
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    Got my sickle bar belted up, needs a little tweaking, but I think I got er'....
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    My father-in-law's RJ-58 as it looked when I got it a couple months ago. Of course, I'm having to change things to make it mechanically sound and get it running,
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    Today...it was more @Coulter Caleb on the horse than me but it was what we did... I had failed to plant a garden this spring and it is overcome with weeds and basically an eyesore. I made up my mind after spending the morning in the office pouring over bids, bills, and paperwork that I was ready to do some physical work. I got out the Big D and mowed the weed patch down and then began the tedious job of tearing up the soil. Normally I would plow it first but I had never leveled from last falls plowing and it was a bumpy mess. Caleb grabbed JackRabbit and his digger from Craig and got to work. Momma had the little boys working in the house and so Caleb slapped a couple of weights on the digger and broke up the ground. As you can see, it was a real mess to begin with but after about an hour and a half we had it broken up pretty well. I followed behind him with my Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller and then he pulled the weights and drug out the rest of the trash before it began to level out nicely. That 418-C is a nice machine and the hydro was perfect for this task. Later this week, we will hook on the drag and continue to get it the way it should be. Another fine day of using the horses! Thanks Craig for the great attachment...looks and works good👍🏻
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