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    Don't remember last time I visited since I sold all my Wheel Horse tractors. Lots have happened since then. Moved near St. Louis where Wheel Horse isn't seen a lot. Have a nice spread with near 9 acres to mow with some pretty steep hills requiring 4x4. Anyway I picked up a Work Horse 1642 for my youngest son who bought his first house. Will be searching for a new engine but it is decent otherwise. Glad to be back
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    Big trip under Norman’s belt this last weekend. Something like 1,840 miles we ran, to ND and home. I need to figure all these out, but I believe a 400 and some 551s. These are the pictures that got me interested. The Panzer is something else!
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    It was our annual show and pull weekend for the local club which is always a good time and the boys and I were able to get some corn in the ground too. As we were out putting seeds in the ground, I took the time to explain the real reason for the long weekend.
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    Removed the near mint original high back seat from my new to me 520 loader tractor and replaced it with a new one ( this ones gonna get used ) . Also added fluid filled ags and a set of new old stock era correct wheel weights to help with the terrible traction and weight distribution issues. Original low hour Dico tires and wheels will go in storage. Added roughly 250 lbs to the rear axle. Also added wheel studs and replaced / torqued the set screws on the hubs since I was there. Front tires are next.
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    So last fall I put a want ad for an . Either an E-141 or an A-60. Crickets... Then I get a lead, text this guy in Minnesota, who I don't know and is not on RS... He says ya I have a NOS A-60, but it's in Iowa. Ok I says, can you get it to Minnesota and then we'll see what happens... Yup... couple months go by... it's in Minnesota. Now what? So i put out some feelers to some Wisconsin and Minnesota boys - @WHX??, @Achto, @wheelhorseman, @Shynon, @prondzy as well as my Michigan buddy @Pullstart who is well known for short jaunts to pick up wayward 's... Thank you gents. Would not have happened without your help!!! Long story short, achto and whxx pick it up in a late season blizzard (covered trailer thank you!) on the way back from their own wrangling mission. So now it's in whxx's shed, which is a sketchy place to be if your a young filly far away from home... But all is well, as whxx begins lookin it over he notices flat tire, missing ignition coupler, etc. and proceeds to fix said items!!! Now I'm waiting on pullstart to go west to North Dakota to pick up a herd he bought last fall. Snug in her temporary home, A-60 waits... Then, long winter over, Mrs Pullstart insists, i am told, that she spend Mother's Day in Norman on the way to North Dakota to get some more Wheel Horses... Couple days later and voila... A-60 is home!!! The first pick up by an unknown assailant from Wisconsin. Note the cheese curd stains on the jacket... The second pick up (note the signature shorts and safety boots): The third and final pick up: And home: Done so far: Cleaned up. lubed 3 new deep cycle batteries from Costco. Saving the WH branded, never seen acid still in shrink wrap, for garage decorations. New spring for clutch Lubed chain Penetrol on all sheet metal. 2 coats. And she floats!!! More to come as I fine tune things and look over belts etc. Here's some pics and a video of first known ride on this tub in 47 years... IMG_2256.mov
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    Remembering all those who gave their lives for The United States of America.
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    Picked up a very nice 1-owner original 854 w/ deck & blade. Also had my riding partners which require 3 hamburgers/each 🍔 for their security services. 🐾👮‍♂️
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    These mufflers I'm using on my Vanguard 14s are made by Nelson, but a larger diameter than what is usually on a Wheel Horse. I wanted to put a guard on this one, but the factory guards are a little too long. Plus I had to weld brackets on the muffler to hold the guard on. Thank goodness for wire welders! Still a challenge even on the lower settings, but it worked. So I found some 16ga perforated stainless online. Expensive, but not as much as the chrome OEM version, and this one will never rust. Not perfect, but some functional bling for a worker. Now I have to finish the new manifold. That'll bring the muffler in another 1.5 inches toward the hood.
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    NEW TOY ! Recent purchase of a very original and early 58RJ. Its gonna stay in its work clothes......probably wont even get washed. It is wearing its original tires the rears are in good shape, the front has one good and one shot. Would like to find a decent used BF Goodrich silvertown tire, The one i need is a EXPRESS, (writen over the tire size) Runs great just waiting on a new engine pulley and belt .
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    After almost 5 months without a truck, and without the use of my right hand, we're finally back in the Horse hauling business. Ordered a new truck back in December after my accident, and had surgery to repair my right hand. Got the cast off 3 weeks ago and the truck came in the same week. After a 500 mile break-in period, we got to try it out : brought home a 250 hour anniversary edition 520 with a Kwik Way loader and a 48" deck. Didn't even know it was back there. Hopefully this will be as trouble free as my last Toyota. Did gain a new found respect for those of us that are permanently without the use of a hand / arm / limb , it's not fun......
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    Preparations are in the final stages for the 2023 Sylvan Lake Memorial Day Parade!!! Official uniforms for the crew of 15 arrived today. 10 years old down to 2 months old... We work 'em young on the railroad... Of course, they will also have conductor hats, wooden train whistles and RED bandannas... 100 plastic train whistles will be handed out to bystanders so the sound of the SL&WHN RR will linger long after we have passed... whoo hoo!!!!
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    I had five of the Six RJs out my brother and I own. I just gave David the RJ I had been working on off and on for two years. My neighbor John Bossnack (Hoosier Wi-Fi Guy). Did a couple drone videos that are cool to watch.
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    The other day I found this on a newly acquired '97 520-H. I know this had been sitting for the last year, maybe two... and was only on snowblower duty at that point. But with summer coming on quickly I don't want to run without proper cooling installed. So, I got the part ordered, and literally a 2 minute service to change the fan body, including r&r of the wheel. It's the little things that can make a happy spot in your day, right?
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    Dockwheelhorse and Sparky my self met up Eric and Trina at the tractor show today. Spent much time with them and friends. A nice W/Horse gathering.
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    Hi all, thought I would share a few photos of what I think is one of the finest 418-8 examples. I bought this from the original owner 2 years ago, have all documentation and literature. He did a great job of keeping this machine clean. I’ve never cut a blade of grass with it. When that twin 18 fires up, it’s music! He even had the auxiliary fuel tank, wheel weights, and Wheel Horse cover. It’s really something to go to a box store and imagine how things have changed over the years. Just wanted to share some pictures, Dominator
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    Put some nice ones in for the Kids fish derby tomorrow. Doggies and burgers for all.
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    Finally made it to Ct for the show. Weather was above perfect. One of the main reasons for attending was the sand pit demonstration to rekindle my childhood some. Back in 1972 I was able to get up on a shovel to feel what is was like, something I have never let go thanks to my dad. That heavy equipment was his life. I was able to climb aboard and probably for the last time in my life to experience that at Zagray. Because of a low oil condition I approached the operator and after explaining my childhood I was able to get that feeling back. Once the shovel was back up and running I was invited aboard. Awesome, a much smoother process digging sand/ loam than blasted ledge which I remember as very jarring. Can't ever Thank you enough Gene. @c-series don Will be sending you a PM with some info regarding my experience. Some pictures as well for RS guys who enjoy seeing the old way. Will try to add more pics this week of the show. Thanks Guys.
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    Not my 's but working on 's all the same. @WHX?? & I wet sanded the sheet metal for a club raffle tractor (68' Charger) as well as the sheet metal for Jim's 701. The raffle tractor received 3 coats of red paint today. Tomorrow it will be time for Jim's 701 to receive 3 coats of red paint.
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    some of you may remember me, I haven’t been around for a while. Sold off my last wheel horse a while back. And I’m down to my last garden tractor. My first. My bolens 1050. I haven’t had too much time for anything tractor related lately. Between starting my own business, and a sudden change in interest. I realized my tractors were being neglected. Since I’ve been spending so much time on axes and saws. Anyways, I just want to thank y’all for having one of the nicest communities online. I hope to one day settle down and have another wheel horse or two, but that time is still far off. Thanks for everything ~Mike
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    My wife responded to a local social media post. Garage sale in a neighboring town that I wanted to visit anyway for the farm store. Got some goodies for $25. 8 speed trans, heavy hubs, wheels tires and chains, plastic weights and a fuel tank for a C series. The lady says “my husband told me if you want the rest of the chassis for it we can bring it to you.”
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    Added a few more pieces over the last couple of days. Yesterday I installed the hydraulics and got them plumbed. Hitches installed on the rear end. Today I was able to show more progress. Front end completed, engine bolted down, clutch & brake system installed. I also cut the pads out for the foot boards.
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    Neighborhood garage sale. Last day last hour. Free... Score! Works like a charm...
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    All: I have been trimming these hedges and pruning these three rhododendrons for 45 years now...they are all at least 60 to 80 years old. The rhododendrons have always bloomed the first week of June - this years they are early... enjoy! @Handy Don, @ebinmaine
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    Happy 5th Birthday to my niece, who chose to spend it with Unc and the big seat tractor!
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    Big thanks to 19richie66. I received the cup and it’s super awesome. I love it. Now for refreshing beverage
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    ....but wait, theres more! Knocking some air out from under her- after a quick trip to the local watering hole
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    Well, my manifold is ugly, but it did the trick. First pic is "before" and second is after. Tucked in nicely, but not so close as to burn the hood paint. Added a diagonal brace to support the weight as well on the brake tab.
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    Last till with the Super C. Going to a new home tomorrow. Just a tad big for my garden. Was supposed to be for deer food plot but since we plow that field every year. I just don't use it enough to justify having it & KT19 is gonna need a repo.
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    Serviced my 42" Recycler deck ; this has been in use since 1996. 27 years of weekly use, just common sense maintenance , no oil soak downs, no fancy coatings ,only cut when its dry (mostly) . I replaced one spindle belt about 8 years ago, the front rollers once, and one set of gauge wheels.....best quality of cut deck Toro / Wheel Horse ever offered.
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    This tree was a hazard. Once removed, the logs needed to be transported through a narrow passage to the sawmill. A log skate would be the answer; but a good one costs over $300. A well used Wheel Horse frame and some welding rod helped me create my own skate.
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    Little sneak peak for what’s to come!!
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    Got a few horses this morning at Zagray!
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    Greased and installed my recently purchased rear discharge mower to my 310-8. Wow, what an easy to install deck. Mowed a small patch of lawn that was two weeks tall. Even with old rusty blades it did a great job. Now to replace the double pulley, wheels and front roller. Sharpen the blades and weld the one crack in the deck. Best $75 I've spent in a very long time. Removed the deck to install the rear tiller. Tilled my 50' x 50' garden. Very impressed with how well the tiller did...and the ol' girl never missed a beat. Normally I use my Troybilt Horse tiller and my shoulders and back are killing me. Using the WH was almost luxurious. Overall it was a good day
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    Dad let me skip school on Friday so I could wash all the tractors and finish my 604.After we were done getting ready we loaded up and slept Friday night in Bernardston for the gas engine show today. A bunch of people liked it and asked questions. I appreciate all the help and words of encouragement from you guys.
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    Betting you know that the fronts are on backwards @BrianKoch Just trying to be different or lack of 4WD doesn't matter!?!? Still nice looking rig... Did a two seater today thank you @Pullstart & took it for a love ❤️ ride. Maybe a cocktail cruise on it tonite to get her in the mood. It was enny minny mighty moe on which tractor to put it on. This one just runs ssssooo sweet. Solid mounts on order now she's got a purpose. Was going to put a deck on her ...easier to sell... and send her down the road but not no more. Had to butch the legs off which I didn't want to do. Figured I could make it into a cool shop love sofa for the off season. Dibs on another one if yer heavy on them. Well then I discovered this Kev... gum underneath and repaired corner... hey I want a refundIf these seats could talk...
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    This one was a worker I believe but all there for the most part. Still a few more plans for it as time permits. Had a lot of fun working on it and trying to bring it back some. I enjoy trail rides and using it to pull a cart around or just staring at it. A very cool part of WH history. Take your time and enjoy working on it. The sound of that engine is well worth the wait. Good Luck
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    Had some wrangling going on here tonite... bunch a dammed horse thieves... Well we run em off and they was so skereed they dropped a D tiller and a Pond bhind and ran...
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    Well I came across a pretty awesome package for an even better price, $250! It's all Wheel Horse brand too. Crazy... Never thought I would find anything like this. So here is the list Full WH Garden Implement System, WITH Manual: Sleeve Hitch bar Moldboard Plow Disc Plow Cultivator Tiller, it is missing the pulley and belt so will need to track that down. 42" Snow Plow, missing mount bracket Set of rear rims, one good and one bad tire I'm super excited for this deal! Gardens won't have a chance!
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    After several Weeks of Rain with just a Sunny day between, we have here the first 3 sunny Day‘s following. Nature grows like an explosion. Yesterday’s Mowing was a Challenge for my Horse, not because of it‘s Engine Power, more because of the Beltwear. It chews 3 Belts at a grassheight of 35cm even with opened Sideexits. So i decided to Rework me a own Highgrass Mower for my 656. Here is the first Testdrive. (Actually with only one Bearing in the jackshaft, the second is on the Way...)
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    Getting the SL&WHN RR ready for the Memorial Day parade. 13 kids have tickets and are ready for another running of the Solar Express... I'll have 4 tractors in the parade total plus the train... C-105 E-141 Electric E-141 Electric A-60 Electric
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    A little after work project. @WHX??'s 701 turned red today.
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    This is why we do it! IMG_2413.mov
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    Put some new shoes on the 520H since the old turfs wouldn't hold air for longer then 20 minutes. These are a 6ply BKT tire and they just slip right on!
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    Yogi Berra once said, " Always go to other people's funerals. Otherwise, they won't come to yours." Yogism I steal "isms" all the time. My son gets a kick out of them. Driving thru Buffalo I will say "You can't spoil a rotten egg ect. He calls them "Dadisms" I needed a belt for a project today. I went to TSC. As I was walking into the store I thought to myself, "Watch they won't have the belt." Sure enough an empty space where it should be. As I was walking out I muttered " I could have predicted that with a 10 ft. pole!" My first and my very own Dadism (Yogism)
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    I got a little tinkering done today. I swapped front sneakers (16x7.50-8) out on the 314-8, and finally added the front wheel weights. The Vanguard is awesome, but very light weight compared to a Magnum. Given the lift on the back, every extra pound of ballast counts.
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