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    Hello all and Happy Saturday Night!! Perhaps 2 or 3 years ago I dragged this one out of a small field with 4 ft high weeds on the side of a small engine mechanics place that works out of his house. It had been there ALONG time... let's say 10 years+... and before that it was at "some guys" house outside again in the weeds... Yes I paid for it and another parts tractor that is seriously J U N K... Today I dragged it out "of the weeds"... pulled carb bowl and gave it a blow out with carb clean and hit the points with a flat file She started right up and sounds real good.... freaking amazing You cannot beat a Kohler K or a Wheel Horse-- PERIOD Tony
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    Picked this 417-A up 3 weeks ago in someone's barn, last time it ran or moved was unknown. When you put your mind to something its amazing what you can accomplish! Brought it home, power washed it, found the starter ears were broken off the block so I repaired them, Also #2 cylinder had bad head gasket, did a full tune up on the KT17 while I was there. Added an oil pressure gauge to help tell the life of the engine. cleaned the fuel tank and put all new lines with a rebuilt carb. The old kohler fired off within 3 cranks and is putting out about 60IBS of oil pressure. Re wired a lot of loose ends and splices that were cut in over the years. Brand new Carlise turf savers up front and True Powers in the rear. Stripped every piece down to bare metal and primed and painted all in 3 weeks! I absolutely love this stuff.
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    What do you get when you cross a Horse with a Moose??? A pretty good snow plow set up that's what. A friend of mine wanted a wider plow for his C195. To accomplish this on a budget he did a very good job of fitting a Moose ATV plow on to a plow frame. I was very impressed & thought that some of you might like to see the results. He had to add a little metal to the mount for the frame and the swing mount for the plow. The radius of the Moose plow mount did not match well with the frame so he had to add some metal to get the lock pin to work when angled. The plow swings as it should without leaving the comfort of the seat. A very nice addition to his "unstoppable" tractor.
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    Picked up another horse. Saved it from being parted out and sent to the scrap yard I got a 1989 312-8 12 HP kohler magnum came with a 42" side discharge deck Guy had it for sale for weeks for $950. Dropped the price down to $750 about a month ago I messaged on it to ask questions . He told me it ran great, drove great, all the lights work and the hour meter works. He was in need of cash and ready to part it out/scrap it Well I got it for 300 bucks with the mower deck DELIVERED!! Put the battery charger on it and the headlights work, tail lights work, hour meter is clicking/working I havent tried to fire it up yet, but it looks promising!!! oh, and as the snow melted off it overnight, looking at it this morning it appears to be in great shape. Just needs a good wash. Pics to come shortly!! Pic below is when we unloaded it in the shop (battery was dead so we pushed it inside and let it thaw overnight)
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    So here it is… my newly acquired 1977 C-160. Drove 89 miles one way to scoop her up… So far here are the obvious things that will need doing… 1. Oil change 2. Check/ charge battery 3. Investigate why my electrical hoses were leaking smoke while I was trying to unload her. 4. Repair or rewire those smoking hoses. 5. When I get her running, flush and refill transmission. 6. Rub down her work clothes with a penetrating fluid to freshen up her threads. 7. Replace front wheel bearings… hope the lack of which did not ruin front spindles. 8. Replace shifter boot. And that’s just a start… here are a few pics…
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    They learn a work ethic early. Yesterday I was loading my cart with firewood while my neighbor was plowing nearby. When I turned around with an arm full of firewood, I nearly bumped into his 5yo son Danny. Danny stepped back and said, " vud ya like sum help Mr. Kennell". I was nearly loaded, but I let him carry a few pieces and then went to the house to get him a handfull of candy that I made him promise to share with Dad, Mama, and younger brothers Amos, and Elam. Danny likes my Wheel Horses.
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    Tired of your 'blah' fireplace, want something different? Well, here you are, get to work .... course you still gotta have a little bucket first
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    My 95 year old Dad died peacefully in his sleep this morning... I can only hope to live the rest of my life honoring his legacy. I am a very fortunate man. Rest in Peace Dad. A couple pics: Christmas Day 2022 (5 degrees) - Out for his daily walk... he was not a wimp. Train ride with a bunch of his Grandkids... IMG_0826.MOV
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    Some had wanted to see the progress on this 857. I tried to put pictures in order, might not be, but enjoy. The weather down here has not cooperated very well, so things are going slower. Big difference from the original, had to include the Little Guy! He likes this riding tractor. Dennis
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    I picked up this 417A last weekend that had been sitting a while, took it home and removed all the shrouds on the engine to give it a good wash due to years of build up and mouse nests. As i looked harder i saw both starter mounts were cracked and soon as I touched it the starter broke right off! pretty sour feeling when something like that happens. Some people would say it was unfixable and throw it away but with a little engineering and a few hours worth of work she is good as new!
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    I watched a young Amish fellow buy this 65 acres for $1,005,000 last fall. It is mostly pasture land too steep for farming with horses. Rumor is it will be a dairy/ cheese making operation. I can't wait for some good extra sharp cheese. Last week the foundation was laid and the deck was on. Noon today they had three 18' high walls up.
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    Making a handle with a plane his father made at his age while using the bench that I made.
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    I was at a friend's today with my JD 110 and we had that and his Wheel Horse out for some seat time and his better half took some nice photos and I figured I'd share. I know I know some of us don't like green machines. Sorry ahead of time but I'm a old machine lover of all makes and models. I just have a bigger space for WHEEL HORSE!!!
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    I just wanted to thank the ones that replied back on my thread as I really appreciate your thoughts and kindness though this heart break that I am going though; yes I am going to have some rough times ahead so it seems that I will have to take each day as they roll by ; what really hurt the most was that I was here when it happened and really there was nothing I could had done even though I tried ;if she had told me that she was feeling ill or something wasn't right I might had the time to call 911 sooner and get her to the hospital and they could had saved her but really no one ever knows the out come ; last but least I will say that the horses have been my hobby for years and the wife knew it matter of fact there were times that she helped me tinker with them and I know that she would what me to stay with them and tinker with them at times when they need it ; my dad used to call her little joe as she was part Indian and she would never were any shoes of any kind ;she always thought that was funny to be called that I know that she is pain free from the open heart surgery that was done 3 years back but having kidney failure at the 4th stage didn't help but it seems her doctors delayed so many of her appointments which I really don't understand why but any ways I want to thank every one for caring ; I will be around from time to time but as of now I need to get my head straighten out ;
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    My grandpa passed a couple years ago in 2021. One of the items I ended up with was his old bench vise. Decided to put it back in service. It's a nice size for a smaller shop, 3.5 inch. Got it cleaned up and greased. It'll kinda be like he's always giving a helping hand... I'm sure some of you are using an old heirloom bench vise. Post em up if you got em!
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    Trina's been working from home 2 to 4 days a week and that's become a permanent thing. She got herself a more "work-friendly" laptop that's been VERY nice because she can be anywhere in the house building upstairs or down and even outside to an extent. She needed a better holding platform for it... Now, if you're a Trina, it can't just be any old flat place. Likely you'd want to make something out of "reclaimed/ future projects" type scrap pile wood ... And ..... It has to be well... Different. Like her. 😜 So ya do the usual poking around the web and see what's out there. She found this: VERY cool.... Here's her interpretation: 1. Diagonal lines. 2. Boxes in the corners, Line down one half. That gives you 14 sections. This amount can be variable. 3. See below. In each section, start in one corner. Draw a line slightly angled to any edge, as seen in the above pic. Top left. Then from that stopping point draw a line slightly angled to the next edge. Repeat.Repeat.Repeat.Repeat.Repeat..... Until you have no more space on that section. Depending what corner your start in determines the pattern you end up with. Shade in and round off corners that look like they go together. The above drawing is on standard 8-½ x 11 paper. It took her about 20 minutes. Voila !! The piece is a 19" ish square cabinet door that some of you may remember she got in a pile of neat little partially cut stuff from the neighbor who had unfortunately lost her husband and we helped out by cleaning up her yard. Use what ya have !! It'll get legs of some sort soon....... To be continued.....
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    Got a delivery of a commando 8, 1045 today . The 1045 hands down has to be one of the best restorations I’ve yet to see .
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    Thought this was cool and worth sharing.
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    hi men, many moons ago a guy from PA was bringing me 5 wh tractors. it was close to my birthday. the guy pulls up in front of the house and my wife comes out and say's "which one is yours?" i replied "all of them". she just shook her head and went inside. she has gotten me back though more than once. i came home one day to find we had a new living room set. i said "how much did that cost?" she replied "how many wh's do you have?' i did not say another word. worst part was i had to pay for the living room set and i do not like it.
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    I’ve decided to start this thread to keep this info together. It’s about this C-161 I have. It showed up at my house one day around mid-2021 as a “parts” tractor. I had no idea this was going to be left at my door, abandoned, tired, unwanted. I can’t remember a lot of what I was being told about it as I was staring at it wondering why I was chosen, apparently, as the one who was to strip it of it’s organs and transplant them into some other “being”. By the time those who brought it left, even though I never said it until just now, I knew I was going to attempt to resuscitate her. No longer an “it” she was certainly worthy of a shot at another life. 16 HP Kohler, Sunstrand Hydro and hydraulic lift! I had already fallen in love with the C-100 I grew up with that I later inherited, but this girl had something extra, something different about her that I thought was … appealing. Parts tractor? Not if I can $@%# help it! She was glistening. Maybe it had something to do with the rain that day on the ride over. But she IS glistening!
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    Offered without comment.....but not for the purist's among us.....
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    I've been rearranging/ thinning out the horrible mess in the garage. When we moved here, we came from a house with both a full floored attic and a basement to a larger place with niether. Half of the garage and my utility building have become dry storage ever since. Every couple months I take a few boxes and go though them, in the hopes that I'll be done before I croak. Last night, buried in the bottom of one box was my old Simpson meter. It's dusty but still works. Some might think this is old junk, but these things are the only way to go! Made all the day's begrudging work worth it! Just another example of "I forgot I had that!"
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    Hi all, I thought I would introduce my collection. Wheelhorse 520H 50th anniversary Wheelhorse lawnranger mk2 Wheelhorse no name 8 Wheelhorse commando 800 European spec Wheelhorse 518he Many thanks Haddow
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    Pulled this one out in some work space today. It amazed me and started and ran good. Even took some seat time on it. Got it back in the shop and would barely idle. Putting a Novar ignition on it see if that helps. Wanted this gal to be on on show circuit this year but may go down the road if she don't start seeing things my way... Clinton B1290 and all original.
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    Wanted to do something a little different on this one.. it was a fun little project and thanks to @Pullstart for the Kohler carb idea it runs great agin. And always @Vinylguy with the high quality vinyl to finish it off! IMG_4460.MOV
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    A few months back I finally came across an old Collins 6lb splitting maul with the axe eye design. I've been holding out for a splitting maul with this exact size and eye for a bit now. Seen lots of the round holes around but wanted the axe eye version. I know you can buy them new still but it's funner for me to save an oldie and get a fun side project for a rainy day. I had split down most of my wood pile with axes, which I prefer to use, but there are number of big knotty rounds that the axes were no match for. So this will fill a nice niche in the splitting arsenal for me. For the handle I had been looking around the last few months and honestly the hardware stores have gotten pretty pathetic over the last 5 years or so. Seems even a decade ago or more I could still get a good selection to hand pick a handle from a large lot. Still could find a cruiser handle, etc too. Now it's not much and they never stock more than a couple of any kind it seems. But I decided to try a Truper handle brand that looked good enough to try. I'd probably grade it a B or high C as it did have a little knot towards the handle end but don't think it'll be an issue. We'll find out though. Anyways...on with the hanging. Marked out the line to cut some off the end. I always leave about half an inch more than you think when you lay the head over it. Wood shrinks when you're pressing it in so don't cut it off too short. But it's nice to eliminate the top inch or so and not have to waste time working that down. Step one was sanding off all the lacquer...worse part of the job. getting it worked down...slowly but surely... I do like to bring them all the way down on the shoulder. It's the strongest point for most of that impact stress. This looks good and will take the head off one last time for final sanding and also do some edge work on the head before final hanging So this head must of been made on a Friday at 4:55pm as the edge was not lined up well and much thicker on one side. I used the grinder to take it down a lot then finished up with the file. Got the edge where I want it so now for final hafting The wedge set nice with lots of curling trimmed it down and left the kerf about 3/8" proud. Filled out the eye nicely! I then set in a metal step wedge and gave it a BLO rubdown and headed off to the wood pile to try it out on one of the knotted rounds Split up the round with ease! I profiled the cheeks down and gave it just enough edge to stick in the splitting stump pretty easily. Turned out really nice and I'm looking forward to putting it to use! thanks for looking! And feel free to post up your favorite wood pile splitter! I'd love to see em!
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    Hey everyone I thought I would show you what I’ve been working on it’s a c-121 8 speed.It’s the first running tractor from a package deal that me and my brother bought.me and my dad had to rebuild the carburetor and put a new coil on it.we also had to drain the transmission oil but we haven’t put new oil in it yet.
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    The grin says it all. This kids got the bug
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    I was a pretty good wrestler. I started in 1st or 2nd grade, and worked up through 9th, between freestyle and middle school / high school teams. 8th grade, I was bumped up to the varsity team and I believe I was in the 155 weight class most of my later years. I tore my corroded artery and suffered some internal bleeding, making me to decide to end my career wrestling, and begin working. The coaches weren’t happy, the principal and vice principals persecuted me, but at wouldn’t let their actions change my goals and decisions. Fast forward about 23 years. Rylee wants to wrestle. I contacted the coaches of the local club and because she homeschools, they told me she cannot join middle school team, but could wrestle in the club. Two different organizations, club and team. She began practice two weeks ago. Twice a week, and last week Tuesday we showed up for a practice and there was a young kid’s meet being made up from the scheduled Monday it should have been on. Then, after two practices and one meet in the stands, she decided it was time to enter her own competition. Thursday practice, we signed her up. Most weight classes have a Novice and an Open division. Because of her age, her only option was Open division, where it’s assumed there are at least two years of wrestling under your belt. She had three practices! Of the 5 kids in her class, there were two girls. She didn’t win any matches, but she never backed down and never gave up fighting. I’m dang proud of that kid, for even the courage to show up! When I was warming her up in the corner, getting her arms and shoulders loose like my coaches used to do for me, I was hit with a couple of tears. That sure doesn’t happen to this gruff dude, but it did! The other girl ended up second, which I believe is very inspiring to another girl just starting. This weekend, there might be a girls division. I’m not sure, based on the age group though. She has a bit of a shiner on her right eye this morning, some bruises and burns on her arms, and is all smiles!
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    So I've been wanting a 2 inch rear hitch receiver for the tractors and came across a hitch receiver off a 97 F-150 that looked like a perfect modification project for this end. It is straight square tubing and nice long mounting brackets. Got it cheap enough and decided I'd have a go at making it fit. The 312-8 will be the fitment rig. It'll also get used by the C-100. after some measuring it was time to cut it down to size and remove the clevis hitch all work was done with an angle grinder and drill. But this wasn't too complicated a project. So I trimmed down mounting brackets and used that to replace the top mount bracket from my plow mount. Measured all holes out and then drilled holes for the receiver part to fit. It's not the most precise cutting as this was free hand but it'll do the job. I'm going to weld in some some coupons on the square tube ends to close it up and paint it all regal red. But for now I'm pleased with it and it's perfectly functional. Just in time for possible snow too! So this now has the 2" front and rear receivers. Should make it easier to add some weight down the road as well. I'll do an update when it's painted. thanks for looking!
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    For every society, for every industry, for every hobby, for every little niche of everything in the world, there are the normal things, the slightly above average, and then there's this truck and this driver... I shared this short video with my own Ole Man this morning because him and I both like trucks and he likes purple in particular. We got to gabbing back and forth about it and it made me a lot more curious so I did some searching and I found the article that's linked below. https://www.tenfourmagazine.com/2014/08/cover-features/still-going-strong/ The man. 80 plus. The machine. 1950 vintage with somewhere around TEN MILLION MILES. It's had many drivers and many engines and many parts replaced with at least a couple fairly heavy restorations. I'm sure most of you are well aware of the extreme feet of durability that is even with all the changes over the years.
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    Well I've never seen it quite this bad before! Kohler M18QS on '87 418-8. But the new stator looks sweet! Found a good used flywheel on eBay, but forgot to take a pic before installation. At least the electric lift works! IMG_2349.mp4
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    Bens vintage tractors


    Finally found myself a decent 701. Came with some nice AG tires too.
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    Hi folks this is our fleet of snow equipment , now all we need is some snow in Vermont, we're missing about minus15 inches so far! The best snow equipment is on the far left! C-85
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    We got a little bit of snow we didn’t know about and I wanted to plow but my 604 wouldn’t start.Me and my dad pulled the hood off and took the spark plug out and cleaned it and then I tried but didn’t start.We kept trying and it finally started but every time I gave it throttle it would start hunting for rpm.but I managed to plow the driveway.
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    imagine many of you may have seen this poster photo but i just saw today and thought to maybe pass along as a funny
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    I think the final product came out just fine
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    Hello Putt Putt, how we have missed you…
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    C105, 416-H, 312-8, Legacy XL, 425, 420. Probably end of February ill order a loader for the 425. 420 is bigger but its got that Onan...and i trust the 425 more to invest in a loader.
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    the filter was off because he tried to start it before he delivered it. He was trying to get it to crank but it wouldnt I did drain the bowl. It wasnt bad, but it wasnt great either Installed the new battery, and .........Nothing. No power at all i found a brown wire, coming out of the harness loose by the battery tray. I found a spade connector that was empty, and put the brown wire on it..... She fired right up, no smoke, no noises. Nice and quiet. Trans was good. Idled down and ran sweet at 3/4 throttle Fresh gas, oil change, grease and wash and i think we have a winner!!!
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    In 1999 I bought a new Volkswagen Golf for my oldest son in his senior year in High School. He kept and used it until a couple of years ago when it no longer made sense to keep it now having four small children of his own. His reluctance in getting rid of it was obvious because I had given it to him. It now has over 400,000 miles on it. So seeing how difficult it was for him I had an idea and told him that I would keep it. My intention is to have my oldest grandson learn how to drive in it . Ambitious for a car with that mileage and 5 more years until then. However regardless of cost that is my wish. Although mechanically sound and well maintained since my younger son is a mechanic, rust and a couple of silly mishaps were taking it down quickly. Finally decided to tackle the body issues. Went to look at it today and it is getting there nicely with new rockers , body panels , and painted already. Can’t wait to bring it back home. in 1999 a month ago Today . It will be finished by Friday
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    We had a snow storm come sneaking in last night. About 2 inches of snow. Aiden took his 856 and plowed for my dad. Alex handled my driveway but I will let him tell you. Aiden also finally installed his stack I got him for Christmas on his 856. It sounds pretty sweet.
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    I just want to take a second to give props to everyone here at Red Square and say Thank you - without all of you I would never have been able to rebuild that transmission or three - find that transmission half case - cluster gear - manuals -NOS part etc etc etc - this forum has been an integral part I think on all our journeys keeping these machines rolling and working
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    Decided to get everybody out for some run time today move the oils around - quiet winter they’ve been sitting about 3 months 416 - 8 sporting a K341 with the tall chute - 315-8 has the blade - C- 101 back is on light duty , her job is just to look pretty
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