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    Always thought a C-160 Auto would be the cats meow but ones I found were ridden hard and put up wet. Just landed the "unicorn"! Whoo Hoo! Drove 4 hours to Charlotte to pick it up. Original owner since 1975. He passed years ago and it sat in his shed. Local guy cut the widows lawn for a year with his zero turn and she gave him the C-160. All original including the wheel horse tires. 730 hours, hydro lift, slot hitch, original seat with arm rests, mower deck. I did use plenty of elbow grease / 3M compound and wax to preserve that original finish. I know everyone here loves pictures so attached a few below. I am always amazed at the restorations folks here do but for me, an original worker is just fine!
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    We've been really putting a bit of focus on maintaining and adding to our trail network the last few weeks. We use them for recreation in the form of walking, snowshoeing, or even an occasional tractor cruise. We use them in a life sustenance essential form because these trails are how and where we pull firewood from the forest. With our Annual Fall Gathering and Meet n Greet coming up here on the mountain side we wanted to set into improving the trail system so it would be usable by November 13th. Trina, her mom, and I have been adding a bunch of gravel to all the trails to help make them smoother and more tolerable for towing heavy loads. Side benefit is they're also more usable for the other folks coming up to buzz around the forest. Here's a video Trina made on her last trip out this evening. This shows the main path headed past the Horse stable next to driveway, out over the bridge, and to the right of the acreage. Note when she slows down the RPM. That's either a steep downhill or rough spot. About halfway through is a good shot of "Split Rock". Not in the video... the trail continues back on up the hill and out to the bridge.
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    Got a lead on a 702 the other day not too far from me. Dragged my feet a little bit on it and decided to take the ride to pick it up. Was found out of an estate and has been sitting many years in a cross base. Has some potential I’d say
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    Began working on gas tank install, hood install and steering set up yesterday on my long delayed RJ build for my brother David. It is coming along pretty well! Motor is a good 4 hp Kohler I bought three years ago. This RJ was $60 when I bought -however in need of some love. It was a very rusty mess. I was originally going to use a hood that had been cut at the back for a bigger motor - but I just could not bring myself to do that after looking at it. I had two RJ hoods melded to make one good one. Transmission still a lit RJ le tight and I think it just needs to be run. The honing of the brass bushings in the rj transmission rebuild process is very important to smooth operation of the axles. I did not rebuild this one but I know it had all new brass bushings , bearings and seals when I bought it last year. This makes about the fourth RJ I have redone to full operation. One more still stored for rebuild awaits. The last picture is what I started with last April. At $60 I just could not say no.
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    I'd ordered this door knocker from @Wheel Horse 3D Grey awhile back. The Paint Department tossed a coat of multicolor on it but was never quite pleased. Over the last few days she's corrected it...
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    Thought I might post some pictures from the years. John, Scott & his dad Dave, Duke Kelly's 2011 John, Jon Bell & friend Kelly's 2012 JoeBob, Buckrancher, Martin, Scott- SMaurou (sp), John Mentone 2016 Jake Kuhn, Lonie, John, Lonie's son John & I in Toledo..delivered a sign to him. 2012 penn show...dropped of the 4 wheel wagon. Penn 2013 ] Penn 2014 Ricky V's auction John and Smokin'Joe The NOS trailer in the motel room. R.I.P. John Say hi to JimD.
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    Ok, I use the word trail loosely because the trails are pretty much gone now. But @Docwheelhorse texted me and said how about a ride in the woods and of course I said “Yep”! Me on my trusty C-105 and Tony on a less trusty 312/8 (tie rod popped off like 25 times) and his nearly 15 year old dog Cole. The one water crossing was quite mucky today…I let him go first to check depth .
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    Thank you all for your prayers I have been very weak but your posts lift my spirit up. GOD did bring me out of death's hands. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤ 2 to 3 more weeks physical therapy.
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    Haven't posted much lately, been pretty busy. But I found time to rustle up this one. 522xi low hours, was grandma's mower, but it drains battery when sitting. Best part no lights were flashing behind me
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    My Grandson came to visit me today and wanted to go for a tractor ride so I took him on my '73 no name 16 automatic with a 10 hp repower I got from the show in June
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    Been pretty scarce here lately folks, just wanted to throw out a quick update, since I was all over the forums and suddenly vanished. Life is good, just super busy! The woman and I bought some land to build on, so were slowly packing up her place and moving to my little A frame, which is only halfway through renovation. With the cost of materials this summer, I didnt spend much time and effort up there, which is where the Horse stables are. For some reason, Horses in this area have gone crazy as well, and I cant afford 350-500 bucks for a beat up, non running early model with missing parts, just to add to the collection. The lil booger 655 continues to see yard duty at the womans place, 'lawn duty' 1277 is taking care of the A frame, Hoss is getting more cruises than work, ol smoky 701 has been dragging the camper and boat around and fogging skeeters like a champ, and the B-1 bomber has gotten a TON of off road riding, everywhere from Ohio to PA to Kentucky, and continues to give near zero trouble. On a good note, the move to the A frame is coming after the first of the year, so I'll be in the stables a whole lot more than ever, and much more active here! ...and the new place will have a shop as well Hope you are all doing great!!!
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    First things first. I want to say a HUGE thank you to @OldWorkHorse Steve and his awesome woman Ariel for helping my Trina contact @Wheel Horse 3D. Grey also gets the same thank you for patiently helping Trina create EXACTLY what she wanted to give me. Now some of you fine folks may remember the distant past and that we've been working on building a somewhat oversized version of a Wheelhorse C series. Well The Local Creative Emblems Department decided that tractor needed a hood ornament. The pose, is perfect. The size, is perfect. The paint, of course, is excellent. BBT spent several hours over the course of a week masking and spraying etc using the very colors of the tractor. I give you, Colossus, the hood ornament. Here it is setting on the hood of The Military Tribute Tractor which has its own Grey 3D printed ornament. The length of the emblem on Millie is stock. A few other angles of the masterpiece.
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    Today was pretty much the same as yesterday this time I got the 16 auto out, which is my dedicated snow blowing tractor. Changed the transmission oil and filter and engine oil, greased everything and she's ready for the inevitable.
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    Well had a little time this evening, just wanted to say that I am truly blessed and wanted to wish you all a Great Thanksgiving. And remember, It's almost SNOW CHUCKER TIME!
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    It takes a beating and keeps in ticking... 3 days of moving tons of sand and 25 RR ties to make a solid cow walkway so they can get to their feeding station. No more muddy entryway. I couldnt have done it without this thing. We have 2 skid steers and a backhoe, but the skidders rip up everything under them and they are heavy. This thing is light and you can do work faster with a lighter footprint. I should put duals on it just for a bit of floatation/traction but it does fine the way it is. What did I do with my wheelhorse today.... um, got it really dirty. lol
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    Not that iam much looking forward to snow! But I also like to be prepared!!! The 670 predator did great all summer with the mower so iam sure it will handle the snow also!!!
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    Hello, i am new to this forum. Here's what happened. I met this guy named Roland found him on marketplace I was looking for a vtg manhole cover for an in ground oven I was building at the time. Built a friendship with this older gentleman and started selling vintage stuff he would find in his teardowns. Side note he does alot of rural old little towns here in my area, he finds antiques and vintage stuff all the time! Fast forward a few weeks ago I did my first sale for him 40 complete factory steel windows from an old late 1800s shoe factory in Washington, MO. Well he agreed to pay me a percentage for selling stuff for him, I like to think I am a good sales person. Plus I love meeting interesting people and hearing their stories! Well at the time for him to pay me I said "what are you doing with those old red lawn tractors sitting there?" there was a little Springfield tractor as well very interesting too. He said you want them I said I will take them as payment. I knew they were worth saving and I wanted to get them out of the elements. So came back with my trailer and picked all three up including the Springfield (reminded me of an RJ). It was a Commando 6 with a tecumseh 8hp, a 567 with the 6hp tecumseh and mower deck! Brought them back home and put them in one of the pole barns on my property, they were safe at last! That day I went down that rabbit hole and started researching the brand I was amazed on the info and puctures online of all the models. Tons of info and pictures! I had this thought how much I enjoyed just looking at them. And since I didnt have a running one I thought I find one that was running. I got on marketplace and I met a 70 year old man that goes by the name Bernie. He had two blurry pictures of two different WH. He messaged me at 1am that night 5 hours after my initial message. Haha I was stoked he answered.. marketplace can be a pain the butt! He was an hour away in Troy, MO. I set up and appointment for that morning at 9. I brought $200 bucks since he had price of $250. I was confused with the pricing he had. It was 4 days ago I headed down there to purchase my first running WH. It was a 1076 with a 12hp kohler mowing deck and a hydro drive trans garaged kept. He had more sitting there and I was amazed that they were all running he had a total of 5. Brought the 1076 home it's sitting in my garage now. Well I decided to contact him again, I saw one I needed to have a 1056 with a kohler 12hp, snow plow and standard tranny! Paid the man $350 for that one but well worth it! It's in my garage now with the 1076. Now I have a total of 4 within 2 weeks. Oh by the way I found out we are expecting our first baby two weeks ago! Hahahaha 😃
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    All tucked away in the stable. Waiting for the next adventure. Near to far, left to right. Trina's 867 Pigpen. My '75 C160 Automatic. Her 657 Pony. Her 856 Military Tribute Tractor, Millie. My '74 C160 8 speed Cinnamon Horse. Feel free to post your own!!
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    Since my raider is finally up and running, It's time to show you my pull behind grader blade in action. That has been long overdue. I still need some practice, but it works pretty good. the blade can be angled. It has a lowering limit you can adjust apart from the multiple height positions. DSC_0633_Trim.mp4 This one doesn't load: DSC_0634_Trim.mp4
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    I hope to be able to make it to the big show next year. This year was to hard with covid and the high flying cost. But I might just have found a solution. Instead of kote d'or (goldcoast), I will be writing The Big Show PA USA on my well...ticket? 2021-11-24 16-05-05_Trim.mp4
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    First I want to say thank you to @19richie66 for letting me adopt this tractor. I had a little time over the weekend to tinker with it a little. The hydraulic lever was 3/8 rod and would not let the belt cover go on. I put a new drive belt on and modified the hydraulic control lever and installed the belt cover. Then I started on the cover for the other side. This is where the hydraulic pump sticks out. It was previously installed with pop rivets. I cut the flange off the bump out part to fit the hole and started welding it in place. After I tacked it together I tried it for fit. Now to finish welding it up.
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    The new-to-me '75 C160 Automatic is back up and running. I messed about with it for awhile this morning.
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    Replaced the seat pan with the correct one. Purchased a new seat and installed the seat springs correctly. Wiped a little dirt off. Starting to look a little better. Before After
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    We took the RV to Fredericksburg, TX which is about 80 miles from home. Fredericksburg has capitalized on its old German Heritage, Peach growing, and now Wineries. The granite gravel sandy loan is said to be excellent for some variety of grapes. There are said to be 50-60 Wineries, Vineyards and recently Distilleries in a 50 mile radius of the town. My Uncle Eddie spoiled me in my teenage youth with his sweet Muscadine homemade wine, so I'm not much of a dry/tart wine person. Part of our trip was to visit and Hike at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. This 430 ft reddish pink granite done is a tiny exposed part of a 100 square mile granite rock. This photo is of off their website, much better than mine. The There are 11 miles of trail. The nice trail you see in the picture ends around the corner. We hiked about a mile to the bottom of the solid rock dome, then about a mile winding around the base of the dome. It had drizzled a little during the night in front of a cool front that was to blow through late in the evening. We saw some people slipping and falling as they climbed the dome. my wifes knee started bothering her a little, so we turned around an left it for a future day. I've climbed to the top when I was 20 years younger , with my sons on a Scout campout there. I suspect @ebinmaine would enjoy a hike here, even where we were part way up the view was spectacular. I certainly was on the lookout for rattlesnakes sunning themselves around the rocks, none seen, but there were there.. So I took my wife back to the RV and .............. Headed to a Tractor Museum.............that happen to be at a German Brewery..........that happened to have a tasting Pub. List of their Brews. I tried their German Pilsner and Doppelbock, 2 ends of the spectrum. Zier Gut! These wheels on the 110 HP Case steamer are over 7 ft tall. Ive never seen a wood steamer operating. This is a beast of a machine! I love the 3 brass steam whistles! Of course this tracked Oliver was one of my favorites. This is the Brewery, Restaurant and Special Events @Tractorhead, Their was a sign that said they are guided by the German Bier purity laws of 1516 and are brewed using only four ingredients: hops, barley, yeast and artesian spring water. It was a great way to end an afternoon. P.S. yes I could walk around the tractors while enjoying by bier.
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    Was finally dry enough to get my fall plowing done. Did my existing garden and added a new one. The old Horse did a great job.
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    Oh no you don't, old man winter. I remember being caught with my pants down in November 2019. Not this year. I got the wheel weights swapped, the set screws tightened and a brand new #40 chain on the blower. Bring it!
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    @JCM Jim came by today. We spent some time messing about with one of the recently aquired 417As. Jim did a bunch of muck removal and general cleaning. I did some diagnostics on the electric system. After a few hours we had fire in the hole!! Just for kicks I also tossed/hucked/chucked a batt-tree in the 1974 C160 Tecumseh engine tractor. It fired right up!!!
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    @c-series don Has me jonesin for a 420 trail ride,still drooling over his. Pulled this one out today for a nice smooth trail ride on the carpet of leaves and pine needles makes a good base. Come on up Don your tire's won't even get dirty on these trails. What a perfect day considering this late in the year up here, very mild and enjoyable.
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    Set up the Honda-Horse with it's 54" plow today.
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    Just got a tiny bit acquainted with a handful of new rides today…
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    We went to PA and turned right
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    Went to check out the combine’s progress on the north end of the field… then my tractor riding buddy fell asleep!
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    Something you don't see very often and I saw two at one auction!
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    Wooohooo!! Well after 7 long & hope drifting years iv finally done it I found me a WHEELHORSE! I'm in the south, those of you that don't know (all of you above the mason-dixon line) looking for a garden tractor, well it's like trying to find a grain of salt on the beach. I first had my interest peeked 8ish years ago when we went on vacation in northern TN. While up there, there was a guy who had 2 cub cadets parked in his yard, one with a sickle bar mower and one with a hammer knife mower on the front and I thought that was so cool. Fast forward several month's of digging and reading and I had made my mind up, my tractor had to & was going to be a WHEELHORSE no matter how long it took to find it! The days turned to weeks the weeks to month's and the month's to years......welp.... that's that it's not in my card's, I guess i'll just have to go green. My hunt slowed down to a crawl, still look but pushed to the back burner, better yet put in the far corner of the attic but still hoping that one day I will own a garden tractor (didn't matter what color at this point) although not very hopeful. Then one day I'm on market place and I see an ad for a 314H hmmm bet facebook has tricked me again, then I look at the location and its in my town.....wait just a min..... that's just a half mile up the road from me, so I click the ad. I start reading it "vintage toro mower for sale don't know much about it I think it will run just needs a carb and some wiring" but I cant tell much from the pics but what I can tell is that it has been sitting under a pine tree for a pretty long amount of time. I send the guy a message and set of a time to look at it, the next day when I got off work I make a B line to his house (on the same road I live on, I know right) and to the back yard we go. He tells me that the older guy he bought the hose from traded him so work for the mower and he didnt know much about it, but the PO had put a briggs carb on it and it was bogging down when engaging the pto is what the PO told him. (i will be posting more pics and when I do you will understand this next part better). I'm standing there looking at it as he's telling me this and I lift the hood and he points and tells me "that is the briggs carb he put on there I think if you replace that it will run" what he was pointing at was a huff-n-puff that had been put on to do away with the OEM pump. So by now I'm glowing inside, and I ask him his price he tells me $200 but if i was really interested he would do it for $125, I ask him if I can think about it over the weekend (this was on a friday) he say's thats good with him. I come home and immediately find this place and after digging on here I new right away I was going back and buying that thing monday! I head to his house monday after work money in hand, but before I hand him the money he ask me "yall own the NAPA store in the next town over with the tire shop right?" yes sir we do "can yall mount some tires for me?" yes sir we can "if you will mount & balance 4 tires for me ill just trade you out even". I shook his hand and the deal was made, that was at the begging of september and after some looking over the tractor reading on here and waiting on parts, I got it home last week (i had it at my shop at our napa store). Sorry for the long post everyone!!
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    I wanted to install the lower frame brace on the 854 8 speed, but to my surprise there were no 1/2" holes on the sides of the frame plate. (we used to call that "material safe" at work) I made up a clamp on plate jig with replacable threaded inserts that would accurately locate the holes, as my design actually pilots inside those holes. I used a known good 702 frame for the dimensions - the 3 dowels protrude on both sides for left and right side use. Braces are now installed.
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    So every Sunday on the way to visit grandkids we stop at our favorite antique mall. Today I stumbled on these two vises. A 603-1/2 Colombian machinists vise barely used and the little gem next to it. It’s the little guy that is quite the find. An extremely rare ,very early G. Boleys jewelers / watch makers vise. Made in Germany it is from the 1880s . Unlike any other vise, it is the rear jaw that moves riding on precisely machined dovetail gibbs. It is the earliest one I have ever seen. It was just thrown in a crate on the floor mixed up with all kinds of rusty hardware. As I stood over the crate it literally screamed at me for help. It’s basically a once in a lifetime opportunity to find one like this. It came at a cost of a whopping $25.00. Not bad for something worth in the area of $500.00.
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    All of my tractors are under my garage, except for the 656. It has the snowblower? on it, up in the garage. I sometimes have trouble getting up into the door on wet grass, let alone snow. All the batteries except 2 are less than a year old. Even getting the batteries out of the tractors would be a chore. "The children were nestled, all snug in their beds, while visions of spring time danced in their heads"
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    This was my father in law’s Bronco 14. It’s been setting for the last 3 years since his passing. After thinning out the herd, I finally had room in the garage to bring it home. Now the fun begins to get this old girl cleaned up. New fluids, filters, gas line and battery on tap. The correct seat pan also needs to be installed. Also looks like the lift cylinder needs to be repaired/replaced.
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    It's a 82 or 83 c195 "super C" I built this tractor to be a worker not a show tractor so it is equipped and setup for ease of use but even saying that it still looks very nice - I repowered it with a 700hr 20hp Onan from a 520h, -it has both hand and foot pedal hydro control, -linkage has been modified to make pedal smoother but it also adds about 1-2mph and allows u to have full speed in reverse -I spliced in gear reduction steering -has led volt meter, vaccum gauge, digital tachometer and correct and working hour meter for the engine -very nice original d250 seat -working and strong 3pt hitch -led headlights with additional set mounted at bottom of hood -2 sets of rear weight (inside white 25lb each\outside is WH red case weights I believe weight about 45lb) -front hub caps -new rear tires 2 years ago and new fronts at beginning of this year -aux 12v hookup --im sure I'm missing some things but like I said this was a work tractor, it does have a couple negatives, -its sat for the most part atleast a year with a couple exceptions, starts up and runs no prob but carb needs to be cleaned and tuned up, I adjust the choke handle to smooth it out is what I mean.. --im pretty sure the mid lift cylinder has a drip, which is the same as other WH cylinders so can be redone fairly easy -the wiring needs cleaned up, at one point I had a cab and 4 way plow hooked up so some of the wire from battery need cleaned out and everything straighted up.. *I'd take 1400$, I might also consider partial trades for pre 65 tractors or attachments, or a D series snow plow.. there isn't another c195 out there setup like this, it is a beast and fun to drive, I do not need to sell I'm only listing because I used my loader to plow last year and and pry going to this year and hate this girl sitting.. Pickup only Lynn Indiana ** For some additional $$ I have a brinly 3pt garden plow and a homeade 3pt stainless steel weight box with aprx 175-200lb of wheel weights in it that is pretty nice, also a nice snow cab that was for my old c160 that I used on the c195 id sell but only in addition to the tractor not selling by themselves
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    I'm ready, got 3 pair of Wrangler jeans, at least 4 long sleeves T shirt and a Carhart Chore coat. The tractors stay in the shed.
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    For those of you that love "Old Iron" here's some BIG OLD IRON! I went to Schulenburg, Tx last Friday to pick up something for a family member. Schulenburg is about 15 miles from my home town. These metal buildings are at the back of the property and were a Oil Field parts manufacturing Machine Shop, Rig Master, Inc. I worked there during the summer of 1976. these warehouses are now a farm feed and fertilizer business. I went by the property as I has heard they tore the old cotton warehouse down. Because the "Compress was surrounded by upper an building and a raised wooden floor, you really didn't see just how massive this beast was. I don't know where the boiler was located, it was long gone by the time I was there. This cotton bale "Compress" used to be surrounded by a large warehouse next to the railroad tracks in Schulenburg, Tx. I have always been told that the top cylinder was steam operated. As I understand cotton was ginned (cleaned) and baled (in large bales) by several area gins. Then the large bales were brought to this rail shipping warehouse. They used this "compress" the bales for shipping (If I've got this wrong' please enlighten me) There is a heavy cast iron pit in this brick foundation that held the bale. This is the ram that pressed the bale in the pit Here in the top of the picture you can see the large piston rod below the cylinder. Then in the middle is the massive cast piece that is above the ram . The vertical timber post holding the upper structure are probable 24 inches square. There was also a Cotton Compress in my home town, but it has been completely torn down. In my youth we rode bikes through the warehouse when it was not in use.
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    Today was finally the day I've been waiting for for about a month now. Back about the first part of October the SnapOn Rock N Roll Cab Express paid us a visit at the shop. I've always dreamed of having a nice box, but never figured I could get the approval with no credit. I have excellent credit with my small town bank, but they don't report anything so credit anywhere else has always been out of the question. But after talking with my dealer he thought he could get me approved, and he was able to come through. Ended up settling for a box that our dealer had in stock, a KCP1422 55" with power drawer and SpeeDrawer. Finished in flat black with teal trim, and complete with a worktop surface with built in power. He delivered the box today, and between it and the US General I already had I should have plenty of room to expand for quite a while now
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    Spent the afternoon in the garage today. Felt good to have a few hours un-interuoted to just tinker and wrench on the tractor. Previously, I had dubbed this tractor the "Night Ranger" as my plan was to do it semi-gloss black. This was my choice, even though I was building the tractor for my young daughter. I had picked up a can of Satin Magenta the other day, as I thought it would look super sharp on the Lawn Ranger. Not so bright and bubble-gum-y like a bright pink. I threw a quick coat of paint on the hood (came out like poop, but just trying to test the color) to see how it would look, and to see if my daughter liked it. Well, she loved the color, as do I. I think the pink with black accents will look super-sharp (vs a mono-chrome pink). So now, the Night Ranger has transformed to the Lady Ranger. Still have a lot to do on the project, but its nice to see it starting to piece together. Here she is, so far, with the test-color-hood. Excuse the garage mess, I need to do a full clean / re-organize.
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    Had a great morning plowing with some of my buddies and my boys. I’m guessing Dan will start a thread and I can post most of my pics there but for now… Achto and Uncle Jim! I love this pic of Zach and I!!!!
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    My latest project machine…just got her to run off the “life support tank”.
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    Made it back home after over 5 weeks on the road. Thankfully it hasn’t snowed here in east central WI. The leaves are 3/4 down and was able to play with momma’s BIG RED diesel today. Another shout out to @Shynon for the deck and bagger system… worked great! the tree behind the tractor was planted as a sapling about 6 years ago. It is looking really nice and the pictures don’t do the color of the leaves justice. the diesel seems to eat through the leaves with a lot of “gusto”! These Xi series tractors really do make great workers!
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