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    Once again, I want to thank Trina, @ebinmaine’s wife for her work to put together another 12 months of Wheel Horse Calendar. The effort is greatly appreciated by all of us here on RedSquare! As always, the calendar is free to download. Thank you Trina so much for your beautiful work!
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    Finished up a long overdue in depth servicing / upgrade on my 76 C120. Beyond the basic oil change, gear oil change , I added the heavy duty front spindle kit along with the matching rear wheels ( same as a 520 ) , new front and rear tires ( rears filled ) , new tie rods , replaced rear wheel bolts with studs and nuts , new axle seals , new set screws on the hubs, repainted the front section of the hood ( discolored from the heat ) and added heat reflective material to the inside , removed and sandblasted the original muffler ( usually about every 10 years ) and refinished with high temp paint , went thru the carb and rebuilt the fuel pump that was getting weak , changed out the fuel lines and added a filter , installed some non-corrosive hardware on the battery ( stainless and plastic ) , fixed / welded the all too common C-series steering tower crack at the lift arm , replaced the mule drive pulleys with the desirable early cast iron versions that have the replaceable bearings , replaced the 30 year old drive belt ( old one was still good but did it while I was in there , new clutch disc , replaced the bearings in the PTO , tightened , adjusted , shimmed, and bushed all the linkages and steering , and added LED bulbs up front . This tractor was my first Wheel Horse ( and will be the last one to go when that time comes ) and we restored it back in 1992- 93 . It has plowed snow / dirt with chains on it , hauled everything I needed it to , and has been my everyday grass cutter the whole time. Other than basic service this should get me another 30 years......I wish I had taken pictures of it before it was restored because it was really bad - blown engine, sat outside for years, surface rust on everything , original deck was rotted to pieces, but the price was right....FREE!
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    Hey everyone. Last weekend I got invited by a friend to their plow day, and he loaned me his 1963 953 with plow to take for the day. I had a blast and figured it would be a good time to film and launch my garden tractor YouTube channel. If you'd like the see the 953 (and some Cubs and Sears tractors) do some field world, here's the link - Hi
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    Mr. Jay would be 75 years old today. We miss you @roadapples, wish you were here!
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    Happy to have such a big family, kids and nieces and nephews! Two twin boys were welcomed into the family last weekend, Leighton is a big sister yet again! Tomorrow we are volunteering at the local homeless shelter, serving food all day. Happy Thanksgiving to all my tractor buddies!
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    Today I had the 416 out for the continuation of the leaf harvest!
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    Another one followed me home.... This one appears to be a mid 80's (tag is faded, cant see the numbers) 414-8. It has the kohler K series K321 14hp engine quick story this was listed last night (11-26) at 630pm on facebook marketplace. I messaged on it right away, and by 7pm i was loading it up. It was 10 min from my house Story behind it The girl i bought it from had it given to her by her dad last summer (summer of 2022) They were going to use it to mow the lawn on their new house. But the new lawn didnt go in until the fall of 2022, so this sat in her garage since the summer of 2022 unused When i got there, she said "my dad gave this to me last summer to use, i never used it, and i didnt know how to start it, so i just hired a lawn service to cut my grass this past year. I know nothing about the machine" I asked if it ran or if the engine was shot, and she said her dad drove it into the garage and it sat there Well, battery was dead, so in the snow i pushed it on the trailer and took it home Put the battery tender on it overnight, went out before work this morning and with a touch of starting fluid it fired right up! No smoke, no leaks, Runs and drives perfect!! Also came with a great condition plow, mower deck is the best one i have ever seen and a set of chains Should wash up nice Only thing it may need is a new battery, ill see if this one holds a charge or if its shot anyway, here is a couple pics of it! its in great shape. Stored indoors its whole life
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    Been working on these for awhile now. Made a couple 701 aluminum dashes.
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    Hard to believe that RedSquare turns 17 years old today. Thank you to all the members, past current and future who have made this a one stop resource for everything Wheel Horse!
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    Awesome! Trina REALLY does enjoy the calendar production process. I hope everyone likes it!!
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    It's around 1956 or 1957. If you notice, he has converted it to a "ride-a-way" using my wagon and a camp stool.
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    Been 7 years since my wife blew up my 95 chevy truck .sold it for 1k$ .finally pulled the trigger on a 2022 gmc limited elevation with 20k miles .5.3 gas half ton 4 wheel drive rated to tow 9200 pound .needed this to pull my boat and haul stuff just put tri fold flush mount cover on the bed .trucks sure not cheap these days
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    Took a ride on this RJ I have with the battery and 12 volt coil as a recoil boost starter! Previous owner could not find the correct magneto for the Kohler motor! The frost was on the grass this am too!
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    First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH DON! This man took the time out of his day to send me a Caterpillar 12 book and spent time on the phone with me chatting away one evening. It seems to me that the friendliest people are in collector groups.. seriously, I can't think of any tractor, truck, car or garden tractor show I attended that anyone was intolerable. Everyone eager to help in some way to make it enjoyable. I now have something that was recently gifted to me and will be needing help with ( hint hint C-Series-Don). Lmao 🤣. I was given a C125 that is new. New meaning that it was used for an hour and parked. This has mowed for an hour and parked in a shed since 1982. After digging in the shed moving vending machines, I finally found it. I'm actually in shock that it's real and was told to take it. What do I do with it? Sure it would be sweet to use again but I don't want to scratch it all over. Motor turns freely, tires need air, seat is nicer than my Super Duty. Not a scratch on the deck and has the grass chute. What should I do with this tractor? Parade use? Mowing? Do I even bother with trying to make it run or leave it alone? All input is welcome!
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    Ever have something on your mind that made you wake up and head to the shed early morning? I couldn't sleep after receiving my latest Wheel Horse so, I got out of bed at 3 AM and set out to go play with my adult Tonka toy. Figuring it would be a good day, me, my thermos of coffee, and a can of Skoal went out in the darkness. While fumbling for my shop keys a pile of iron jumped out of the bushes and threw me to the ground. After a few minutes of pain and sentence enhancers, I found myself with a torch, plasma cutter and welder surrounding me. I finally fabricated my own box scraper out of a few pieces of 14 gauge flat steel, 2 inch box and a chunk of cutting edge for my 980 CAT. Didn't realize in two hours I finally had a piece of three point equipment I can use. I'm thinking about building my own loader with a few valves and a pump from an excavator....... Inspiration comes out of the strangest places!
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    Starting to get the new to me RJ snowplow on our old RJ tractor. I will be using this for my winter driveway snow plow!
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    Owned since new, 22 years now…replaced one deck spindle that failed in all that time. Absolutely NO complaints about this rig! Just finished the final leaf pickup for 2023…
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    Installed and prepped the snow equipment!
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    Dragged out another RJ project today. All but 10yrs since it last saw daylight. Actually made it up onto my lift too. Anticipate making more progress over the winter.
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    Mounting a close match patina Schnacke to the 56.
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    I will soon no longer be a big dumb dinosaur, as my family says. I don’t know how I feel about this whole 21st century thing called smart phone.
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    Decided to see if I could build a 1045 just from parts in my yard and well here’s how it’s going lol. frame is a 606. rear end is b-80. hood is 606. fenders are 702. dash tower is custom. dash is 856. lift handle is a commando 800. front axle is 604. seat is off a lambert tractor. belt cover is off a commando 6. brake cover is off a 854. braking system is out of a 310-8. engine is a predator 224.
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    What have I done with my Wheelhorse today? Well this weekend I've done a lot, but what I really want to share is my story of a battery box/mount. I've inherited well-used Raider 12 & 1054 units from my dad, these were not the horses he had when I was still at home. Earlier this weekend I was digging through stuff on the shelves and found a red piece of flat steel with 2 holes drilled in it, one slightly off center, I remembered this piece, but couldn't place it, well today in the back of the cabinet I found another red thing and the light bulb went on. I had made a new removable end piece for a battery box (I was 13-14 yeas old), I don't recall painting the box, but here it was all nice & red. The old horse that this battery box belonged to has since gone to the stable in the sky, but I hope I can use it on the Raider 12, it will be the 1st shiny red part on the Raider's recovery.
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    Mostly original 701 for sale. May have a broken rod as the piston doesn't move when turning the flywheel. An engine rebuild is outside my wheelhouse so I have decided to let someone more competent than me have a chance to bring it back to life. Has all the correct covers ( missing attachment hdw.) including gen/starter and appears to be original with exception of a few minor parts (shifter). Transmission seems ok, and lift functions. Just trying to recoup the $$ I spent getting it but open to reasonable offers. Thanks. PS. Forgot to add the tractor comes with original mower. Rusty but salvageable.
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    Most of the members of congress need their clocks cleaned...
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    Made the winter change over. Put some mowers away and got the snow movers and wood hauler ready. Put the tiller on and tilled the garden.
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    I'll go out to the shop today, put the horse mask on the tractor and activate the horse whinny horn in his memory.
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    Hi everyone, Ive had my 1964 model 854 for 12 years! (bought it from a fellow RS member in 2011) I love it! still un-restored and in original condition. I made a webpage with a small bit of info about it back in 2011, but then Google sites forced an update that killed my original page. The page was then down for a few years.. Well, I decieded to revive it! and this time I updated it and made it mostly about the Model 854 in general, and not so much about my own tractor specifically.. Check it out and let me know what you think! https://sites.google.com/view/1964-wheelhorse-model-854/1964-wheel-horse-model-854 thanks, Scot
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    Had my little helper with me over the weekend wiring the diesel starting and charging system. Now I just need to find a place for the battery.
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    Get it running and use it! It’s not a “never been started NOS machine” so I would clean it up and put a few hours on it each year. Sitting doesn’t do these things any good. Congrats on the awesome score
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    Hello, I am a 9 year old kid (with my mom's help and permission) looking for some information and advice. My neighbor gifted me a Wheel Horse B-100 tractor and plow to try to fix up or sell. I have loved tractors since I could remember. Unfortunately, my parents don't know much about them, and aren't overly good at fixing things. I am trying to decide if I should try to fix this one up or sell it whole or for parts? Eventually, I am hoping to have a lawncare/snow plowing business in a couple years when I'm old enough to not scare the neighbors. I am also hoping to buy a dirt bike some day. Can you give me an idea of how much my tractor is worth? Or how much it might take to fix it up? Thanks!
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    Harvested the leaves one last time Sunday then switched over to winter mode. Need to find some wheel weights. Let it snow ❄️
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    Good Sunday Morning everyone, Had a real crusty steel tank on a walk behind leaf blower. Used tanks where $50 + and new 3 times that. Guy I'm fixing blower for didn't want to spend that much. Went on Amazon looking for rust dissolver products and happened to see these 1 gallon jugs of 45% vinegar easily available and 75% available if you could wait about a week. I knew people used vinegar to clean rust but wondered about the heavy duty stuff... bought a gallon and filled the tank right to top. Let it sit 5 or 6 hours and shook it gently with BBs in tank. Drained it and rinsed it out with hot water and dang.... its like brand new inside. Ran the drained stuff through a coffee filter and saved it for next time. The stuff does sting your hands and you don't want to catch a whiff... but man does it clean. Tony
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    A friend of mine dropped this on my desk this morning. Very Cool!
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    Well heres the final product for the rims. More upgrades coming soon.
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    Got a little seat time and turn some dirt last night. Always a good time behind the wheel
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    New front lower steering shaft bearing installed with spacers so bearing rides on an unworn part of shaft. Rebuilt front tach assembly bolted on. Front axle assembly installed that had been rebuilt on the original 520H.
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    This is the tractor I recently purchased as a non runner with a locked up clutch pedal. I saw the ad on Marketplace and bought it for the deck. The owners Father purchased it new in 1992 and installed a new 42" SD deck in 2018. He said he was mowing this summer when the clutch locked up and now it won't start. He just wanted it gone so he could get his car in the garage. I'm a hydro guy and don't know much about these gear drives. What I found may help you gear jammers some day. I thought the belt probably came off and jammed the idler pulley against the tunnel. The belt was worn, but still in place on all three pulleys. When I pulled the tins off to find what what was locking the clutch cross shaft, I found one of the dirtiest tractors ever. Did you spot the problem? The worn belt had allowed the plate that contacts the clutch damper to go under the plunger that then sprang back out and locked the clutch. This damper and a worn belt changed this working Wheel Horse into a junk priced roller. She sounds happy to get some fresh air in her lung and the deck is quiet.
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    Got my new snow tires in for the 520! Sure hope they'll fit 🤣
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    Not really what I did to my /'s, but what I did for my wife just in case I get hit by the "proverbial bus". I'm getting close to owning "too many tractors" & she really has no idea what I have. So I sat down and cataloged each one of my tractors. Included in each folder is a picture of both sides of the tractor and a picture of the ID tag (engine ID tag for the few with out a readable ID tag) Also include in each folder is a description, serial number, purchase date, purchase price, restoration completion date if applicable, details on the resto, (engine rebuild specs, tranny rebuild, etc) and approximate current value. NOTE: I did not include the amount of $ that I put into the resto. All this info is on a USB stick with a key fob on it for easy identification. Hopefully she never has to use it but at least she'll have some thing to go by if she needs to liquidate the inventory because something happened to me. Of course now I have created a new issue for my wife. She used to get nervous when I left home with an empty trailer. Now she will be getting upset when I ask for the USB stick.
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    brought this home tonight from guy at work gave 100 bucks for it . wasn't used much still has original paint on sprockets and chain .going to put it on my c 120 have to fab a flag and lift tube i have pattern for both them also have some springs for my manual lift .if i get some work done on my c145 auto may put it on it . hopefully will get some decent snow buying this may scare the snow away
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    Last week I mowed this 2 1/2 acres with my C-120/180-8 speed and my 520-H. I was out yesterday grinding up leaf's with C-120/180. Everything has been dry here for about two months, At least half of the leaf's just turned to dust and blew away. I was trying to get rid of most of the leaf's before it rained today.
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    We have 1.5 inches of rain forecast for tomorrow, so Today was a good day to get the winter lime on the garden and lawn. I used the 417 and could see a marked increase in the traction since I added those cheap Craftsman wheel weights.
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    Miss you Jay! His show banner that came from Terry ( Vinyl Guy ) hangs in my shop and it will go back to the big show and be displayed as long as I go. Truly honored his brother gave that to me
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