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    I moved few horses out to clean my heated winter shop in the basement. Then took my first WH...the C-120 Tecky for a ride and mowed some trails. My Amish neighbor has the entire farm planted and irrigated with fertilized water. The sweet corn and cabbage show the results. The big corporate farmer that leases the adjacent farm spreads dry granular fertilizer on his field corn. Heading home. To find the corn being sprayed. Just another day in the neighborhood! Thanks for riding along.
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    Today I saddled up the 1960 horse and put her to eating grass! Not the fastest but man it cuts great! Gets lots of looks as people drive by! Time to clean her back off and let her relax!
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    Another interesting score here today. So I get a text from the nephew the other day about some horses for sale on FB. The ad was put up Monday the 3rd sometime in the evening. Mr. and Mr. Seller said the computer start smoking and phone was getting texts so fast it went dead. More on the Sellers and approaching a potential buy later. Seller and I we really hit it off, more on that later too, so he threw in a nice little complete AND unmolested L167 AND a brand new square pan seat cover... . Will fit in nice with my '67 line up & now don't feel so bad about missing the 702 labeled 701. (701 with a 702 belt guard). I gotta get crusin cause Dan is coming over to pick one up but here is a few that I got. Missing a few things and POized for sure but both savable. Smokin deal.... 3 bills for the whole load!
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    I am getting older and wiser, well older anyway! I had a transmission to change out and decided to use my head rather than my bad back. Made a little roll around dolly that made transmission removal and replacement a snap. Four casters, some short 2 X 4s and a bit of scrap plywood and I was in business.
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    And....a friend had it about 20 minutes from the house! A 414-8! Not sure on the year or hours, but it runs great! Only items I’ve found it needs are an ignition switch and a choke cable. There are about 3 rust holes in the deck I’ll need to fix and I don’t mind doing a little welding. I got home and couldn’t resist giving it a pressure wash even though it was raining.
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    After a day of work I like to sit in the garage put some music on and have a cold one and look at these tractors. I am always amazed how simple these are made, but engineered very well. I have seen many other brands and how they are made but they are not like Wheel Horse. I am not taking away from the other brands but just the engineering or how they where made. Enjoy the site. Just my
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    My son and his fiancé are shopping for a house so what do I do??? Start shopping for a WH for them as a gift of course! Talking with Russ @SALTYWRIGHT I discover he has a 314-8 with a Magnum 10 under the hood....perfect ! We work out a deal and I bring it home. Mechanically it’s in good shape, gave it an oil change and lubed up any moving parts. Decided I didn’t like the 22/7.50/12 rear rubber so with my Harbor Freight tire changer I go to work...off with the old rubber, clean sand and wire wheel the silver rims, coat of black primer and two coats of semi-gloss black. I had two brand new Turf-Trac RS tires in a 23/9.50/12 size so mounted them up. The fronts are what came on a 70’s vintage machine and my neighbor took a fancy to those so I gave those to him. Meanwhile in my shed was a pair of 16/6.50/8 tires on the deep rims that just needed paint. So they get the same treatment as the rear rims received. With the same semi-gloss rattle can I repaint the front of the hood. Still need to mount the rear axle bracket and figure out what to do for a mowing deck. The tractor came with two 42” rear discharge decks but I’m thinking I would rather see a side discharge on it. This will be a surprise once they find a house, my son never goes on Red Square so he won’t see it posted here. Although once he owns this sucker I’ll make sure he signs up to be a Red Square member. He does attend almost all the Wheel Horse Collector Shows with me and will be at this years show as well.
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    I told my wife 6 years ago that I would build her a Gazebo.It doesn't have 8 sides and we renamed it the cannery,since we do all our canning in it.
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    We showed up at AJ's enjoying the nice sunny 60+ weather, perfect day for a show. By the time we were done plowing and playin with the stone boat a thunder storm rolls in. This kinda stopped me from strolling around to get more pic's. I was quite happy sitting under a canopy shooting the breeze with @stevasaurus. Fact is the only pic's that I came home with are the ones that Cindy took with my camera. So I'll share some of those with you. Radpferd turning a little dirt. After burying the plow as deep as i could get it, I couldn't seem to make the engine work. Couldn't even get any smoke out of the pipe. No added weight, 2nd gear at about 1/2 throttle & I was running other guys down. This Horse is kind of a Clydesdale. Jim getting the rings seated on his 1055. With out added weight his tractor had no problem pulling a plow. Some other brands struggled a bit to do the job. Next we had a chance to play with a stone boat. A Cub Cadet with duels on was up before Radpferd, They had to drop down to one added weight in order for him to move it. I hooked up with the single weight on the sled. Mover about a foot & said too easy guys. So they threw another one on. Another foot or so & I said a little more please. Keep 'em coming boy's!! At this point the belt started to chirp a bit so I decided to call it good. Still no smoke out of the stack. It was like we were just cruising in a parade. Towards the end of the track I stopped to up shift but lost traction. Jim hooked hooked up. He had some traction trouble getting going. After he was rolling I added my weight to the equation. His 1055 purred right along with no issues. All in all it was a good show even if the rain chased some people off. It was good to talk with people that I hadn't seen since last year.
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    Got home today after a long day at work, found this in my driveway, knew right away who it was from, a friend of mine original owner, says all it needs is a carb cleaning, and a battery and she will run, nice original condition. Think im going to clean her up, some fresh decals and use her as a general yard tractor.
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    So in my Yahoo inbox today was an email from Photobucket.....I was never a big Photobucket user and haven’t accessed my account in probably 10 years. Established a new password and went scrolling. Mostly pics that I could care less about but this one caught my eye. I can’t tell you what year this was, maybe @nylyon can recall. Long story short Karl myself and Chris went on a road trip to Pennsylvania to pick up a “surprise tractor”. The young man on the right is Chris Sweetland, he actually started RedSquare as a high school project. That’s right! Hopefully his teacher gave him an A+ . Fun fact: Chris is member #1, he called me and asked me to join his tractor website so that he would have at least one member and that’s how I became member #2. Next to Chris is me, hands on my hips like I have attitude . Next guy is Dustin Messinger or DMESS he used to be a member here. I still talk with Dustin thru Facebook and Im picking up a parts tractor from him at the big show in a couple weeks. And last but not least, the character on the far right is our own Karl or Nylon. This was a great trip, my trailer, Karls Durango towing it, Chris sleeping for HOURS in the back seat and the C-160 surprise tractor! (Disclaimer; tractor in the pic is not the surprise tractor.)
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    After 50 years and three generations, this horse is training the fourth generation (it was their great grandfather’s lawn mower). With some luck, it’ll be around for their kids. (Notice the wash rags. They clean it before they drive it - good habits start young.).
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    I have changed the theme of the forum to one which is patriotic. This weekend we honor those and their families, who have sacrificed their lives for us all. I wish everyone a healthy Memorial day weekend, and appreciate those who served the great nations of the world! Please remember, you can change the theme back to RedSquare by selecting "Theme" at the very bottom center of each page.
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    Some of you know I did a little work to the Raider recently. I replaced the fuel lines and removed , stripped , fixed and painted the battery tray and removed the deck . With the very rainy spring we have had here , mowing opportunities have been few and far between . Yesterday was perfect . Got home from work a little early , fired up the zero-turn , went in the garage to close the doors and when I came out the Z/T was chugging black smoke , sputtering and running terrible . I pulled the carb and cleaned the sucker 3 times and each time I reinstalled it it would run fine , then start acting up as soon as the float bowl filled . By then it was late and time to shower , eat & turn in for the night . Today I got home from work just before the rain , managed to get the deck re-mounted on the Wheel Horse and after a little adjustment she roared to life . I cant describe the feeling I get when I do mow with this machine ( been about 4 years now since I did ). A big smile always accompanies the steady cluck , cluck , cluck of this "big single" torque monster called Kohler . Not to mention all the glances from the neighbors who seldom ( if ever ) do get a chance to see this machine . So , a sincere thanks and a hearty toast ( Arizona Sweet Tea no ice for me ) , to those responsible for creating this wonderful , seemingly timeless machine called Wheel Horse ! Thank you !!!!! -Gene
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    Special thanks to Tom @Shynon .... Transmission Parts Jim @jimkemp - exhaust Bob @Racinbob steering wheel Richard @953 nut mafia tractor parts & advice Lowell @wheelhorseman transmission parts Terry @Vinylguy decals Dan @Achto advice, hardware, transmission parts, paint, Capn't Morgans & madness Other thanks to JRC Racing Motors & Machine Shop, Norm @ I save tractors. No thanks at all to Mike @squonk for not giving me dibs on a set of rims for sporting V-61's Well a little bit Mike that is one of your plug wires!
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    So I have been after this machine for over two years now. This was owned by one of my customers which is a corporation. It was purchased new from a local dealer by them, used for a few years to mow and plow snow. It was serviced and then tucked away in a storage shed where it sat for at least 5 years until I finally got a call yesterday for me to come get it in barter. I helped them with a small project and I got the machine! Came with deck, bagger set up, wheel covers, chains, wheel weights and a plow. Machine has only 217 original hours on it. We loaded it on the trailer using forklift and I cleaned her up, drained old fuel, added battery and new fuel and she fired right up👍 What I need for it is the rear bagger bracket and the actual bag that catches the clippings. If you should have those please let me know. This one will be used for fall clean up duties.
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    Brought home a new toy this week.... this ought to be fun! 1969 Falcon, nice interior, 302 HO, headers, duals, 4-speed auto, air..... now to to give it some TLC.....
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    Went to the show Friday, 6/7. Theme was J.Deere patio tractors, but there were just as many Wheel Horses. Had some flea market junk, lots of hit&miss engines, farm tractors, and garden tractors. Met a few WH collectors and some interesting tractors. I took the opportunity to go to the show because my son and his family recently moved to southern Indiana, but I don't think it was good enough show to go that far for again. Maybe it was just hampered by the rain forecast for Saturday.
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    My Names Brent. Im from Wayne NJ. I got into Wheel horse because I inherited a 1960 Wheel Horse 400 from my Grandfather after he passed away, and its cheaper to mess with than a car. Currently powered with a Predator 79cc, soon to get a Honda GX160. Im also getting a second one to modify and this one is going to be returned to normal use with a mower deck and a plow for winter. Cant wait to share my story with you guys!
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    Dan tying down & managed to slip the RR on the tail end of the load...if it fits it ships he says! So we show up with these nice shiney just built tractors ... and promptly proceed to stick them in the dirt! Guys are thinkin ..yah trailer queens... bunch of bozos sticken them in dirt..NOT! I got rings that need seating!
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    Sort of like the president of a major corporation using a golden shovel to break ground for a new building. Two shovels full for the photographer and the off to the Country Club for some refreshment!
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    This whole pipe dream started a couple of years ago when I went to visit my sister a few hours away. I figured while I was there I was obliged by my addiction to surf the local CL for errant horses. I found one real local to her place and went to check it out. It was a real sorry excuse for a tractor. Very mistreated and hobbled by someone and the engine horribly disfigured. At the time I was thinking a cheap parts tractor so for a Grant I rescued it. Now the 1055 is not a tractor we see a lot here. In fact the only other guy I know who has one is Dick Schmidt. Very few pictures in the gallery either. Just don't hear much about a big block in a short frame unless it's a custom. So a few months later in keeping an eye on CL another local 1055 popped up. Now I am not particularly real religious (recovering Catholic). More spiritual these days but I says to myself surely this has to be a sign from God. So I gotta go look.... another sadly mistreated and maimed one. Barely recognizable as a 1055. Apparently some misguided PO must have thought the Ponds were wrong and that later C-series parts should be on a 1055. Good grief. Fortunately the motor was mostly original and I knew right away there was a possibilities of getting one tractor out of two. The seller was convinced that this girl was right up ther with Fort Knox in terms of worth but a reminder that his kids needed shoes and a non running tractor is 100 tops I loaded her up for a Franklin. This winter was her time. Not exactly an original, not a custom but certainly not a franken horse. She's really not quite done yet, mostly just details, getting her dialed in and minor things so forgive the seat till Bob E. takes up recovering this style. Runs like a swiss watch tho & plenty of 241 power so the time in the motor was well worth it.
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    Found this little guy in the yard today. He’s about 6 or 7 weeks old. The picture is perfect.
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    Go empty handed. Buy a tractor and a cart or wagon. Cruise all the barns and fill your wagon. When it's full, drive to your truck, unload and repeat process. You can sell the tractor anytime if you like for something better, or more to your liking, but keep the wagon for gathering implements, parts, accessories etc. Easy Peasy!
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    Well if finally dried out enough to get out and till the garden. Got the big D running great, took some time to put the rest of the body on and hooked up the tiller for the first time. Ran great and made short work of the tilling. I put bigger tires on the front and have 3 gallons of washer fluid in each one for a total of about 50 pounds. Still a little light. But I got a couple hours of seat time in and couldn’t resist a photo op.
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    What can I tell you about it other than it was wet & very few of RS members in attendance. Oh well made lemonade anyway. @stevasaurus photo bombed our meager line up. More pics to come Left to right @Achto's Rapferd, his 1076, the Rat Rod, my new to me 1055 and my go to 1067.
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    Used my new sprayer setup to attack the weeds today. Marv
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    Got in a bit of pulling too 'for the rains set in. Sled weights 300 or so weights are 125 you do the math.
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    @AMC RULES @953 nut @pullstart @LengerichKA88 @Mows4three @wallfish @WHGuy413 @Herder @Lee1977 @PeacemakerJack @Achto @WHX24 @Ed KennellKennell @formariz @Vinylguy @buckrancher @stevebo @Sparky And... All those others that believe these above-listed characters that I never do anything. Ever.
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    Mulch day today so decided to use my refurbished trailer. Marv
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    With all the ponies I have it was about time I got something to take more than 1 or 2. 18 ft x 5 ft 2". Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo
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    I have tried to lower the price from $200.00 to keep the cost in line with my 1054/953 seats. Because the metal plates are the most expensive parts I've had to supply, I've decided to lower the price and with the help of bmiller0457 reduce the cost with RedSquare members. if you supply the metal from your old seat. Sort of like a bottle deposit. The old metal must be clean and usable (not rusted out or through just clean metal ) I will deduct $25.00 making the price $175.00 for a set . (This is only for REDSQUARE MEMBERS ) (And only until the Big Show ends.) After the Big Show I'll change this Add to show the full price of $200.00. If you pm me before the Show ends and order a set I'll honor that. After the Big Show I should have enough metal plates to finish out this year. And after the Big Show I'll advertise on other sites to sell to everyone else. So if you are planing to get a set and are not attending the Big Show you will have to get them to me at your expense or have a friend take them to the Big Show for you. (Metal seat pan not included)
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    So I found this gem (1964 854) in a barn. Poor thing caught on fire but was put out before it got totally destroyed. The Stearing wheel, seat, and throttle cable all burned. Luckily I came along and rescued her and now she’s getting new parts and a new home! I would like to see some horses you guys rescued and gave a new life!
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    Well little bit of history, heres a picture of me when i was 14 on a wheel horse c141 my neighbor owned. He found it in a junkyard and did a little restoration on it. He took me and his son to a tractor pull and let me run it. So that pic was taking 16 years ago. Well after that neighbor having moved away and the tractor being sold off (i didnt have the money he wanted for it) I never seen the tractor again.... Until! I found it sitting in a back yard rotting away. Spoke with the owner told him the history I had with it and what not, he told me "I'll tell you what you give me a big bottle of jack and shes yours. I know you'll take care of it and actually use it." So I'm happy to say shes mine! After all those years its cool to own the horse i got my start on.
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    Haha! Made ya look ! My two show put-puts for this years WH Show we’re still muddy from the spring Zagray show (especially the one I let @wallfish drive ). Broke out the electric pressure washer and gave both a good blasting. The front tire treads were the worst to clean. One less thing to do before the trip to PA
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    They say the first step to solving a problem is to admit that you have one. For years now I have been getting flak from my wife & friends. Why did you bring that home? What are you going to do with that? Did you really need another one? The list goes on. Even @WHX24 gives me crap about how much stuff I have jammed into my garage. Well after my latest acquisition of a 753, I think it's finally time to admit that I have a problem. So here goes. My name is Dan & I need a bigger garage. WOW! that's a load of my chest. I bet you thought that I was gonna say that I was a hoarder 'er some thing. Please feel free to share if you suffer from a similar problem. Now on to step 2, decide to add on or build a separate building.
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    My 701 is going to have a rare sickle bar mower attachment on it at the Gettysburg Big Show and Portage , Wisconsin “Garden Daze”. Where Wheel Horse is tractor of the year!
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    Had a run over to a little classic car show held near Penrith, Cumbria, UK. This is held every year and usually has a good turn out. Unfortunately the weather this morning was very wet and windy. So I expect more than a few cars didn't leave their cosy garages. Anyway a few photos of some exhibits there.
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    This is on a local auction site, I hope to be able to watch the sale. If anything, the pictures sure do give a whole lotta inspiration! I was first attracted to my first 502 Because it reminded me of my Uncle’s old 9N that he had restored years ago.... I wouldn’t expect a newer model to be base for such a replica.
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    I needed to get the hubs off of Big Ugly to install new seals.This makes it painless.
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    Thought I would share, what a C195 also can be used for, and handle. That thing keeps amazing me.............. So, I have about 2 akers of lawn that I spray for weeds, and about half an aker of gravel road I also spray to keep grass and weeds out of. Lots of fruit trees and bushes that also gets a spray against critters. It was a bit much with the back pack sprayer, so I had my eyes on this thing for a while. It sprays 140" in one swat, and has foldable booms. It hold 40 gallon, just what I need to do the lawn in one go. It has a very good wand, and a fair length hose for it too. Full it ways in at about 400 Lbs, and the 3 pt just picks it up with no sweat at all. Tractor runs nicely with it, although a little light on the front legs. If you have the use for something like this, I can only recommend this setup. Heres the tractor porn
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    There I was this afternoon minding my own business, when out of nowhere this crazy Horse just up and jumped in the bed of my truck Was hauling some stuff to the city dump today and stopped to visit with my friend Ray (from my C141 story) and our other friend Joe. Joe was telling me about this 753 he bought at auction the other day. I told him he better keep an eye on it cause as we all know they like to multiply, I started with 1 and ended up with 5. He told me I might end up with 6 after we go look at it, and that the main reason he bought it was he knew I would want it and he could trade me something for it. Ended up giving him his $150 dollars back that he paid for it and about three hrs labor on his truck this afternoon. This tractor has been in the area it’s whole life, being originally owned by the school, then was sold to another gentleman who used it until he was no longer able to, after which it sat in his garage up until his estate sale a few weeks ago
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    Picked this up this afternoon, hadn't been run in a few years, I got it started , but needs some carb cleaning /adjusting. Nice seller, had TONS of wheelhorse, going back for a 701 tomarrow, lil red dragon ranger didn't have enough room.....oh, and I didn't bring enough cashflow
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    Well, the relocation is final. We settled on a house in the country with 5 acres on April 1st. Our mailing address is Bushnell, FL, but we are closer to Nobleton, FL about an hour or so west of Orlando on the Gulf side. Country, cows and horses - not a tourist area, so don't tell anybody where it is I apologize for not posting in a while. We have been very busy getting our stuff from PA to FL, changing DL's insurance and doing fairly major remodel of the house we bought. We have been living in our RV next to the house while replacing floors/vanities/etc. and doing a total interior repaint. It's me for the most part and EVERY project takes twice as long as thought. Plus I discovered a few aches I didn't have back when we built our other house 19 years ago... plus we want to get everything done before hurricane/rainy season. If you don't like hot, this isn't the place for you, but on the other hand, it's been sunny almost all of the time I'm a cold sissy, what can I say... GOOD NEWS - all the Wheel Horses and other restored stuff I'm into made it to FL unscathed! There in the WAY back corner on the right (552 is in the house garage). Fortunately, I have about for times the garage space I used to have! I have to confess that I had to get something a little more robust and user-friendly for cutting about 4.5 acres of grass every week so I got a Gravely that works flawlessly. Hey it's still red(ish) BAD NEWS - Sadly, I'm not going to make the PA show this year That has been my favorite event every year and I will miss seeing all the regular attendees. We are coming to PA for a week in June to finish some business up there but not until 6/24 sadly. I kept the trailer that I can sleep in so my goal is to get back up there next year once things settle. My wife likes the show as well so, wouldn't surprise me trade the 5th we for a smaller toy hauler. We'll see . . . I'll miss you all at the show
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    I have been ask to show a few pictures of the machines myself, and my friends collect. Here is a Caterpillar D6E , and the rig I use to haul the over 20000lbs and larger machines. I will be posting more as I am ask. Thanks for the interests in the larger antique machines. Buddy
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    Been a busy beaver on and off the court lately. Picked up the Panzer locally from one of the forum members, and did a lil 2.5 hour road trip to get the Speedex. Both run pretty good, could use a little tweaking, but nothing major. I've wanted both these model tractors for a long time, almost got a Panzer a few years back, but I didn't want to cough up the dough at the time. Anyway, just sharing.
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