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    Time to welcome another new addition, only this time it's not a tractor.... On August 30th my wife and I welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby girl into this world. I've already made sure to inform my wife that I will in fact make sure she loves tractors, and now that we have a new family member that means I need to find her a tractor of her very own...right? Any tips or tricks for a first time dad, whether tractor related or not, are appreciated All jokes aside, I am just so grateful to have this little one in our lives. Thankfully everything went smooth, and both she and my wife are doing well. I have found myself inspired by watching my wife throughout this whole process, she took so quickly to being a mother and witnessing it has been amazing. I am a very fortunate, and lucky man.
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    Since I got the "bug" hanging around this site....I have been hankerin for a 16 HP tractor for plowing and heavy pulling. Was originally planning to use the the GT 14 but it has a "lame transmission" and my 2 C-120's with hydros are good "work horses" for mowing and pushing dirt but not up to plowing...so...I had been looking for a C-160 8 speed. Most I saw were "ridden hard and put up wet" or too much $$$. After much patience this 416 - 8 showed up and begged to be taken home. It appeared to have the "colic" and wasn't running so I had to haggle the guy down to 1/2 half his asking price. Pig in a poke right? Cleaned the carb when I got it home and within an hour had it "chomping like a stud horse"! Its the last year for the Kohler K series 1985, which I prefer, and doesn't have all the idiot lights so was just what I wanted. Enjoy....
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    First pic shows a trailer my Father and I built to use behind his Porter Cable MK 26. (My nephews and nieces are in the trailer and "driving" (circa 1965) Second picture is my niece on Father's brand new L-107 (May 1967) Last two are same girl today on the same L-107. Note the trailer has new wheels/axle setup but, body is the same, just some paint. It is my chore tractor and used year round.. Trailer was made of T-111 left over from the construction of the porch in the background of first picture.
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    Camping for the weekend with the gang and decided to bring the RJ along . I made sure to bring some carb cleaner .
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    I’m salary, so I decided I had given the company all they were going to get outa me and bailed outa work at noon today. Grabbed my “new to me boat” and hit the lake with my wife. We slowly cruised the shoreline and eventually just anchored in some shallow water and watched the boat traffic go by while soaking up some sun. Totally relaxing!!
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    For Sale near me.
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    Loaded the whole family up (those that run and drive any way) for a weekend vacation at the first Pickett garden tractor show.
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    Hello, I'm new to the forum and to Wheelhorse so please correct the model if I've mislabeled. This was my wife's grandfather's tractor and has been sitting in her dad's garage for the past 21 years. Unfortunately her dad passed away last year and lot of the history of this tractor went with him. He and I did attempt to get it to start before he passed but we figured out there were several things that needed fixed. work done so far: replaced spark plug, points & condenser, ignition coil, fuel sediment bowl, cleaned & rebuilt carburetor - it was pretty nasty with debris inside. I verified spark by grounding the plug to the frame and can see a spark in daylight when I turn the pulley and the magneto fires. I'm also getting fuel to the carburetor. Fuel had been leaking at the sediment bowl. current known issue: 0 psi compression according to my meter. I also put my thumb over the plug hole and while turning the pulley I don't feel any pressure. I poured a little oil down into the plug hole and it came pouring out of the exhaust. After doing this the pulley flywheel spun much easier when I wound and pulled the rope. I tried starter fluid and can get a pop once in a while but the engine won't fire. I'm not very experienced with taking apart engines so any advice or test ideas are welcome. There are a few implements I'll post pictures of: plow, cultivator, and a broken harrow. All anyone else can remember about this tractor was her dad needed to pull start it with his Ford 9N. Thanks! Mike
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    I took all my running and driving tractors out for a little drive today. I got some bad news on my yearly cancer check last week that may or may not put me back in the hospitol again. I need some more test until I know for sure. Beautiful day for a ride !! The more I think about my Horses the less I think about cancer.
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    Options were pool time or wake up the tractors. Win! “Cheeeeese! All done.”
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    I have a good hearted,generous friend here at redsquare that’s nuts about 953s( hint,hint) named Richard. You may know him but I haven’t met him personally yet but hope to at next year’s big show. Anyways a couple threads back I asked about Hein Werner pumps and what they were worth. I started getting a lot of useful info especially from Lane Ranger. Later that day Richard emails me with a offer of a pump and cylinder he had but figured he’d never use. For only the cost of shipping I received the pump and cylinder a few days later. I’m anxious to get into it and hopefully make into a working unit. I can’t thank Richard enough for looking out for me so I would like to pay it forward. Hopefully it can continue. I’m not into this hobby to make money but I do try and recoup it thru stuff I don’t need to offset the addiction. I have a 1993 Eaton hydro out of a 520H I’ve been trying to sell but with no luck as I’m sure it’s a crapshoot not knowing the condition. I don’t know myself but only what I’ve been told by PO. That would mean nothing in court. So I would like to offer the hydro to anyone who wants it. I’m going to change my classified ad to show as much. In case ,I have several LTL trucking companies by me and my zip is 44286. I just wanted to share this with all,of you. Sorry for the long post but it’s shown me what’s important.
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    Cleaned up the snow blade on my 857. Regal Red painted with a 3" roller and the help of a brush. No snow sticking this year.
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    Well I said I would finish it up and try it on today ..... well here it is. My Big Block, Short Frame, Tall Stack,, Custom Decals, Baby Moon, Mowing Machine. I kinda like how it turned out.
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    So, a question I asked when I started my obsession, and also a question I hear and see from other newbies at times is: Well it's just a lawn tractor, and can it really do a bit of real work, or is it just a toy............ Well let me show you what I did with mine over the last couple days. We have a pond out back, well over here its a small lake, but in the US, it's just a goldfish pond of sorts. We dug it out a few years ago, and made some rookie mistakes. 1. the shape seemed as a creative idea at the time, but in reality it sucked. 2. We made it with a small island in the middle. Cute we thought, until the Water Voles took over. Also it being a little pond, the island took most of the view of the water, when looking at it from the house. That had to go. 3. we had very small kids at that time, so we dug it "kidsafe" in all areas facing the house and lawn. Result was the weeds and cattails took over half the pond. Useless, as it was the shallow side facing the house, so no look to water. So, wiser with age (we think so far) , we made a rerun at it last weekend. Now a total of roughly 7000 m3 or about 250.000 cubic feet, or close to 12.000 tons of soil and sand has left that hole in the ground. Averaging 8.5 feet deep, and with 45 degree banks, it's a big hole in the ground. But what does that have to do with a Wheel Horse? Well, nothing so far, as that kind of earth moving takes heavy machinery. But the surrounding area, that's another matter. If you walk around it, there's about a 1000 feet. And the area is between 10 and 30 feet wide. There's roughly 15-18.000 sq/ft. All that area needed to be prepped, as the top soil needed to come off, sand removed, and topsoil reapplied with a laser guided digger, to get a uniform height of the edge meet the to surface when level comes back up to full. First it was sprayed down. WH did that! Then it was plowed and then tilled to fine powder. WH did that too. Took a full day, but it did it just fine! Then, after the big digger had done its thing, I welded a makeshift grader to my tine rake, and forced earth to lay in correct level to the existing lawn, and to level out bigger bumps. So then to make it flat and ready to sow, i made a drag behind "grader" / leveler, out of left over wood. That thing drags up to a full wheel barrow dirt, takes off high points, and fills inn low points. As you go around, the tires set the soil one layer at a time, until you have a perfectly smooth surface. Then the rake on again without the grader mod, and remove debris. Also the rake loosens the top inch soil again. Then some grass seeds (and some flower seeds for the back area), in the WH broad seeder, and off we go. Then the rake again to let the soil snag up the seeds, and hey presto! 2 days work, and that whole area was done. So YES, a Wheel Horse CAN do real work, and do it well. It takes longer that with a bigger machine, but it will get it done. I hate to think what this job would have been like, with a shovel, hand rake, and so on. Think about it. lets just say it was "only" 15.000 sg/ft, all done nicely in 2 days. Not so bad at all I would say! I love my horse, and it saves me from tons of back breaking work. Hope that puts a nail in that coffin.
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    Last week @Matt Lemanski posted about a C 195 that he had saved from the scrap man. It was a tractor he kind of fell into and couldn't pass up, and he was not sure what to do with it. Well, we exchanged some PM's and came up with a price that was agreeable to both of us. Last Saturday, I brought what appears to be an early production C 195 home. Here are some pictures:
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    This one is far better then my 1974 I did here in many years ago. My 1974 before and after pictures
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    No work on WheelHorse today but my son put WheelHorse stuff on his school folder! This is what I truly enjoy about this group. Everyone is willing to help out! Thanks @Vinylguy
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    Today was the first Cumbria Classic for two years. Held at Dalemain House, near Penrith Cumbria. UK. Eldest grandson, his wife and great grandson are over from Cyprus for a couple of weeks. Liam persuaded me to go, as I'd not been for a number of years. So the four off us had an afternoon there. There were 419 entries plus club displays totalling a further 206 entries. There was cars, motorcycles, 4x4s, vans, military plus campers and caravans along with trade stands etc. To much to photograph, but below is a selection. Land Rover based Tomcat. 3.9 V8. Morris 1000 Traveler. I had a 1966 model that I dropped a 1500 Wolseley engine in. Morris 1000 convertible. SWMBOs ream car. And she can keep on dreaming. This would do me if I could afford the fuel. Just the steering wheel is on the wrong side. I haven't seen one of these for years. Austin Champ with Rolls Royce engine as standard. Will go backwards as fast as it will go forwards. This Standard Vanguard pickup is the only one I have ever seen. Me want! Ford Anglia. Had one with a Cortina GT 1600 stage 2 tuned engine. Shocked quite a few at the traffic light GP. Another I once owned. Triumph Vitesse with 1600 straight 6. That's all folks.
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    So wife and I decided we weren’t getting any younger. Bought an RV while we have the energy to enjoy it. I Also she said the grand kids were getting to a good age ??(1,2,3,5 years old) Not a toy hauler but can pull a trailer. PO removed kitchen table and put in this bar counter and double recliner We’re camping at Inks Lake State Park (15 miles from home) to learn the ropes. Still undecided if we’ll get a TOAD to pull behind it. Enjoyed doing some kayaking on the lake today.
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    Jim&Patti's M&G N. Berwick Maine 9/11/2021
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    RideAway Senior, fiberglass hood for sale. Was restored around 20yrs ago, and still looks pretty good. Has been kept covered in the garage for most of that time, started occasionally, but hasn't been to a show in 18yrs, so time for someone to enjoy it! The gellcoat on the fiberglass hood was crazed, so for restoration was repaired by an early Corvette specialist, including a nice paint coat. Tires are decent. Engine runs good, was rebuilt when restored. Sediment bowl gasket and shut-off screw leaks a little, so I leave the tank empty usually. Pictures are from Labor Day weekend 2021. Dan (734) 386-6661 dan@vialard.net
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    Thought i'd just barge in here out of nowhere and say hi Been awhile folks, but I'm still kickin! Its been one crazy summer for sure, and due to the cost of materials, not much getting done at the ol A frame. Lawn duty 1277 continues to keep track of the grass, Hoss has been dragging things all over and playing a bit, and ol smoky the 701 is running great- a stiff fuel pump diaphragm was causing the dying and shes good to go now, at least til I have the time to do a nice restore. Had em all out last week and snapped a pic.
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    Had a great time visiting @19richie66 and Karen today with the Stertz Gang! It was HOT and sticky outside but we still managed some seat time on several of Richie’s machines… Zach enjoying another GT-14 besides Blackbeard! Skittles is a sweet machine! Judge liked Karen’s Tractor—that M20 has some power for sure! I drove several including the Heston articulated machine. The cab/sunshade was really nice today👍🏻 Caleb is reunited with Skittles after three years. It brought back a lot of memories from our visit to the BS back in 2018! Thanks Richie for being a great host! The fellowship was wonderful and the whole family enjoyed ice cream at the Creamery! Always fun to connect with fellow RS members🙌🏻😎. Already looking forward to our next visit…
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    Yep, I'm still doing it! This true barn find jumped in my truck today, and it purrs like a kitten! 1 of only 200 produced. '86 Wheel-Horse model 420-LSE. Limited Special Edition.
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    So we were out driving around the country this past Sunday morning enjoying our coffee, when Tasha looks up and exclaims we need that and points out the window. I looked at her confused and said need what, to which she replied that old camper thing out there in the field, it would be perfect for hauling a tractor to shows and save on motel rooms. I guess one good thing about living in this small rural community for close to 20 years is the fact that I know 99% of the people, so I said ok I happen to know the guy who owns it I’ll give him a call. He said he would be interested in selling or trading and to go ahead and drive in to have a look at it. I should have gotten some better pictures but forgot my phone in the pickup. But I did take this from the road, going out to look it over again tomorrow and try to work a deal out on it. What I do know about it is it is built on a 1974 GMC C20 chassis, but has at some point in time had an Olds V8 swapped into it (not sure what it is exactly but I do know enough that it’s an Olds rather than a Chevy/GMC engine) and has a 4 speed behind it, though I’m not sure if that’s original as it does have an auto steering column. I will try to get better pics tomorrow when I go back out there with the keys and a hot battery to try and make her run
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    Well I've decided to start on my 1977 c160 after sitting outside covered up by a tarp. I've finally got room in my garage to get it in. This will be my last horse I can do because of my health. As most of you know I had to stop making the replacement seats because it just got to much for me to work outside. I can only work for an hour at a time then I have to rest. Its really hard for me to breathe if the humidity is high and its been really bad here in Michigan. I got this 1977 c160 about 5 years ago and was going to keep it for a parts tractor but my 1974 c160 is running like a top so I can't part this 1977 and I would rather fix it and sell it to someone that needs one. I will need a front wheel and the starter that was on it someone hit it probably because it wouldn't turn over but they broke the magnets inside of it.( dummys) Anyways I will have to get these parts for sure. I know it runs good because shortly after I got it I took the part's off my 1974 and got it running. I drove it around the yard and it ran fine. I can't paint or wire brush it because of the dust and paint fumes so that is going to be a problem. Just thought I would share this with everyone.
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    Found this 867 for sale an hour from home. Original owner, came with paperwork and a bucket of spare parts, old belts etc. Also new in a canvas bag were tire chains bought for it but never installed. On the ad I could see it was original paint, but when I arrived the elderly gentleman thought he had done me and the tractor a huge favor and shot the top of the hood and fender pan with rattle can red . The new paint is only a week or two old and wasn’t painted onto the decals. I’ll be looking for thoughts on getting it off if you have any. Obligatory pics…
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    c-125 with a 42 RD mowed this strip very nicely
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    Finally got one of these junkyard engines together. Much Thanks to @oldredrider for the needed parts. And @rjg854 for the Kabitzing. Couldn't run it long as it's still early Sunday morning. A little noisy due to bad genny bearings. It isn't charging either going to have to look into that. Also the China carb needs some tuning. Plan on breaking this engine in on this stand then putting it on the shelf.
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    So this isn't perfect by no means, but I couldn't look at the gaping hole in the grille any longer. Maybe someday I will end up with the correct parts to fix it rite. A scrap piece of aluminum, an old emblem from a trash 312-8 hood a bit of paint and no more hole.
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    Gave my deck to my cousin a while back to have it patched. Needed a large patch welded on the front. Seems they all rot out in that very same spot as I have 3 decks all with holes in the same place. I tested a little red paint on it but decided to paint it black and silver to match the custom decals @Vinylguymade up for me. Tomorrow I will put the deck decals on and try it out on the 1075.
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    I seen this at a local show a few weeks ago. The owner did a very nice job on it. He was driving it around and it was impressive.
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    … finally had one of my RJ’s dug out . Anything is progress if it moves around here .
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    So this past weekend, I had the honor of giving my 94 1/2 year old Dad a ride on the SL& WHNN RR. He had a blast! But… it was a chore for him to get on and off the adult seat in the main car… So… I started thinking (always leads to trouble) - why not build a wheelchair “lowboy” trailer and have it available for any folks - kids or adults - in a wheelchair… So it begins: Base is gonna be an old hitch flatbed I have. I’m thinking wheelchair on one side and seat for caregiver on other side. Will have wheels and can be towed solo or as part of the train… Latches will be on wheels and frame. Ratchet ties for redundancy… Some pics of concept and whole train… (white stool is just for concept of caregiver seat area) Initial thoughts welcome…
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    Down with hurt back, grass still grows, daughter number two got r done
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    Just out for a Sunday ride!
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    A little light duty clean up with the 701 today. This is my favorite tractor for pulling the lawn sweeper around.
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    What's in my mirror did not really concern me too much. It's what ended up in my face that was a bit of a concern. Went to a local drive through zoo today. You are allowed to feed the animals through the window of your vehical, some of the critters don't have the patients to wait for you to get the food out side of the window.
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    Some light house cleaning here today. 20210904_132907.mp4
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    In our bed, dark and sleeping. Middle of the night, fire alarm goes off. Not a chirp, full on alarm. I never felt the knob, I never covered my face or took a deep breath. Momma’s awake now, because I flipped our light on as I ran out the door. Jada comes flying downstairs, one cat at the door, no smoke, no fire, full on alarm. I’m blowing on it like the kid’s extra crispy bacon is done and it won’t stop. Mrs. P tosses me a shirt, I whack the thing a few times and it’s off. 2013 date code, I know they are rated for 10 years but time to replace ‘em all. Moral of the story, I did not think, just acted. I could have killed myself long before rescuing my family. Rylee upstairs never heard a thing, Jil downstairs heard something, but thought it might be a wake up alarm for the kids, one cat came strolling down 5 minutes later. I’d have had a 50% survival rate in the house. I know that fire drills are better done with a planned practice, but that doesn’t mean instinct won’t kick in. Be safe out there, and here’s a reminder to check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms too!
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    Much better example
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    I have a cheaper alternative… and it’s staring me in the face!
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    So I picked a couple of these up at TSC. Look and sound great on the 1075 and the 500 Special. Need to go back and get two more. Now instead of yelling g at my dog to " get out of the way " I honk !!
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