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    The newest member of my herd came to me from our very own @Vinylguy. A big bonus to this acquisition was @WHX24 & I getting to hang out with Terry & Lola at their fantastic camp site / Summer home. It did needed a little TLC. After a new flywheel and a couple of minor adjustments to meet my personal tastes it is right as rain. I took my first week of ownership to make the repairs so that I would be able to take my new tractor to a show the following weekend. My future plans for this tractor is to repaint the S/G belt guard and the fan shroud on the engine. The rest of the paint and the custom decals are in great shape so the only other things on the menu are to maintain & love it. Without further ado and a big thanks to Terry, I'd like to introduce "Terrance" my new 857.
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    Here are a few progress pix of “The Low Rider” that Nathan Amyx built for me. It’s ALMOST done. Nathan is an incredible fabricator. tell him how you want it, and he pulls it out of your head and makes it a reality. Pinstripe guy came today. A True “Old School” artist! Still have to get the seat replaced and tires white lettered. Hope to have that finished in the next week or two.
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    Since we haven’t been able to take any of our tractors to shows this year, Emory wanted to have our own show. We moved 24 of our tractors to a field at Dad’s and camped out with them. Emory had a blast! I’ll be glad when we get back to real shows though! i had to go help a fellow tractor club member cut a poplar tree today. Afterwards we all went to his shop and looked around. I found a surprise sitting in one of his sheds and he wanted to know if I wanted to buy it. I asked about the price and he said $75! I couldn’t pull the money out of my wallet fast enough!! Bought a little Bolens walk behind tractor with cultivator. It’s even still wearing its original paint. Emory was thrilled when I got back with it!!
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    Hello all. I have been writing n rewriting this post on n off all day. But for some1 who is rarely lost for words, i am, yet again. But i gotta try n say something; express my gratitude. The way my life has been going...well, it doesnt take much to throw me these days; lotsa times i struggle. Just to keep it together. But things happen, here n there, that remind me there must be a reason why to it all. Well...so i do; so i am. I make no bones that rightnow, God n Clara...i draw strength from them; believing He must know what is right, above all else. Though my faith in Him is what it is, and i would be lost n gone without it...i struggle with the human side of that, sometimes. But, like i said above, things happen. N sometimes 'right' people happen. And ya know what? I sure seem to find A LOT of those people on this forum. And i just want to add Bob Ellison to the list of people who have shown me, once again, that decency n kindness in this world isnt dead...and im sure God will sort it out, n following Him certainly seems the way to go in finding one's way through these strange times. I wont go into detail because i dunno how much i should share; i'll let the pics tell the rest. Besides, all i did was was express some thoughtfulness because one of Bob's posting struck a nerve. I never thought much of it past that, because, well, ive always thought, Isnt that the way a fellow Man should be towards another, who is facing hard times? Lord knows, many of you here have done that same thing here, for me, many times... And so i just want to close by saying that i consider Mr. Bob Ellison not only a fine Craftsman,but also another fine & decent human being that the Forum is fortunate to count as a member. I am humbled, Sir, and i thank You. I will be in touch again, as i wrote you earlier; count on that, as well as continued words with Him, about all concerned. And i thank the rest of you, too, for having me in your ranks. I am grateful.
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    Hi all, i bought this 1961 701 in fall of 2018 and restored it. I completed it in fall of 2019 and I wanted to show some pictures of before during and after I got it done. I did my research and tried to make this tractor as close to original as possible. The few exceptions are tires, wiring and the steering support. Not a perfect tractor but sure is nice enough for me. all stainless hardware Rustolium stops rust Primer Rustolium Regal Red enamel paint powder coated wheels and seat Glenn Pettit Reproduction dash
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    Last night I saw a mower sitting at the side of the road waiting for a scrap collector to pick it up. I knocked on the door and asked if I coukd take it. The guy was very happy for me to get it out of his way. I could see the recoil spring was out of its cassette so a simple fix. He asked if I knew anything about mowers, he has bought a brand new one from Amazon to replace this one and it would not run. I took a quick look but it wouldn't even offer to fire. I brought both mowers home and put the new one on the bench. It has a B&S OHV engine, checked spark, no problem. No fuel getting through though. Took off the fuel line, OOPS! engine oil drips out. Dipped the oil and sure enough, sump full of ⛽ petrol. So a thorough clean out and fresh oil and fuel in the right holes and the problem was solved. The guy was lovely, he had suffered a brain injury after being badly assaulted a few years ago so struggled with some things, hence getting the fluids mixed up. He was delighted I had fixed his mower and I was happy I'd been able to help him out. Rewound the starter spring and the old one runs like a good un. So all in all a good day for someone who doesn't fix lawn mowers lol. Mick
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    First if all I'd like to thank @Stepney Spenser for connecting us with another Wheelhorse. This one is believed to be a 68 Raider. 6 speed so it should have an LSD transmission. Needs some TLC like mouse house removal and general maintenance. Runs and drives well just as it is.
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    I got lucky one day and a Red [] member new that I was looking for one: He can chime in if he likes. Sent a pm and off I went to pick it up. All I did was use marvel to clean it up. Easy way to clean and bring back color. I think when at the factory they ran out of the side decals or the assembler put the wrong ones on. No big deal. The bonus of this is it is the same year as the tractor. And pretty much the same area in the state soooo you never know could be a set? Or not. I will hook it to the tractor one day to take a side shot Friday for Sparky. Hope you enjoyed the picks and the story.
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    Bit fuzzy had to shoot through the window
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    Here is the diorama I made to display my 1:25 scale wheel horses. It has come a long way and I’m sure I will add too it. I will post here if I make any changes or progress. i posted some pictures of building the display.
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    This is the design file for the wrap The actual picture is a bit dark. We put led light on them so we can throw after we get done fishing.
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    Found this 416-8 on Craigs list at $200.00 The seller says or best offer.I respond with $150.00.He accepts and informs me he has 2 other running WHs for sale.I ask what they are and he says a 312-8 with a Kohler M12 and a Work Horse wih a Kohler M !2.He says both run but they need tires and a battery.Heard that before but he wants $100.00 for the pair.We come to an agreement and he delivers all 3 for $270.00.Just what I needed more ugly.By the time he drops off the goods I am running out of daylight so more pictures will come Tuesdaty Two of the machine have Brinley hitches and he dropped an additional 42SD in the yard as well.
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    So I usually don't ask anyone for anything, but this group, like no other, has been a rock to so many people. It all started for me with a little boy named Maxx Nunn who had cancer and wanted to sell his Wheel Horse to be able to buy a 4-wheeler. RedSquare responded and helped him and his family until his sad passing at age 7. Then when my first grandson had to undergo open-heart surgery at age 9, you all came through for him with much love and well-wishes. He is doing fine now at age 16. When I had to have spinal fusion surgery back in 2015, again RedSquare supported me. Now, unfortunately, I am asking for my wife. Many of you who attend the Big Show refer to her as Mrs. M and are familiar with her chocolate-chip cookie bars. Well, Theresa (Mrs. M) is scheduled for spinal fusion surgery on August 24. She is in tremendous pain from a large benign arthritic cyst at the L4 level, as well as some other disk issues, and can barely move at times. The date of August 24 was booked back in June, as it was the first available date and time due to Covid-19 set-backs keeping hospitals from performing major surgeries. Two weeks ago, she went for cardiac clearance and the doctor said her tests were not normal, so she is scheduled for a cardiac catheterization this Friday. If nothing major is found, the 24th surgery can proceed, however if something else more serious is found, it could delay the back surgery for months. This would be horrific. So with this in mind, I am humbly asking that my fellow brothers and sisters here on RedSquare keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will update this thread as warranted. Thank you!
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    Bought this 1986 312-8 in 2000 and decided to do a makeover. This tractor had just over 1000 hours but the engine and trans were still very strong. Included were a 48'' dozer blade, 42'' RD deck,AG tires, chains and a cart that is seen behind my C-120 in other photos on here that I kept. I learned a lot about WH tractors doing this as I feel it was a very positive experience and still remember the time and effort it took to make it come out right.
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    Thought I’d share a few pictures of my 1956 Economy Tractor. Just finished a total restoration -the rear rims. Runs like a top! Gotta say I love Kohler but they have nothing on the early cast iron Briggs’s.
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    Jay @roadapples needed a brake lining, so he and his brother made the short trip down from PA to pick it up in person. While here, they were the first RedSquare members to see my new pole building in person. Thanks for the visit, and thanks for buying a brake lining.
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    A few photos of the 89 312-8 in July one month after delivery of what started it all. Summer day under the Maple Tree with a cold Miller High Life beverage ( lower left ) . Plan on Mowing with it today and after cool down wash and apply a coat of Meguiar's and back in the garage till next time. Nice to be able to depend on the same tractor 31 years later for helping out around the yard for many different types of use thanks to the Ponds.
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    My wife's is a good cook and loves to bakes. For the last three months my wife's "shelter at home" project has been learning to make Sour Dough bread. I've toughed it out and eaten several loafs that didn't rise very much, but in the end it's been worth it! She's finally got it down and this is probable her best loaf yet and probable the firth excellent one in a row. Interestingly there are a lot of steps that have to be done and the timing of those steps is critical....Its far different that making regular yeast bread. she bakes them in an open top cast iron dutch oven, which gives then the round pillow top shape With her determination and and working through the details I should have her overhauling a bunch of Kohler engines for me next. Did I say she loves to Bake! It's great with some honey flavored butter.
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    Since the purchase of this tractor almost a year ago, I've done several maintenance items that were long overdue. Plus added and replaced a few things that had some issues. The governor was messed up causing power issues. Then the ACR was not working which caused the motor to eat two starters. When taking the front end a part, the gas tank had been damaged from over tightening the mounting band. So had a great guy build a custom tank that is awesome. Other updates included 1970 grille, new carburetor, custom name plate, dual tombstone weight bracket, and a few others I'm sure to forget. Now was able to get the duals on which are extremely heavy. Therefore, won't stay on very long. Plus, original tires are slightly shorter than the new ones even though they are exactly same. The paint wasn't matched very well so will have to do some arrangements on making the new set inside and originals the outside duals. Having center caps made by a great machinist. Still my favorite tractor in the stable. Hope you all enjoy.
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    First off I can truly say this farm is the picture perfect image of the American Farmer. Just beautiful lands and fertile soil. @PeacemakerJack gave me the quick lowdown and will comment more. This is a farm days where Jack's uncles have been doing this for a few years now. Dan @Achto and I have never been able to make it due to conflicts with other shows but from here on this may have to trump the camping at shows! They got just a bit of everything... I'll let the pics do tje talking.
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    I started this project in the Fall of 2014. Disassembled the entire tractor,sandblasted most of the parts ,primed and painted several of the parts , rebuilt the unidrive transmission,blasted and powder coated the rims and pretty much just started collecting parts including a k91 Kohler . also picked up the parts for rebuilding the k91 including a NOS .030 piston ring set, NOS piston rod and NOS Crankshaft. Also ordered from Terry a custom set of pink lawn ranger decals for the 68 ranger which was custom matched to the paint color of the tractor. And thats about as far as I got and the project was shelved for over 4 years due to life getting busy. So last summer my Friend Denny Clarke @dclarkeoffered to finish this project for me as a winter project to keep busy. Knowing how Nice of a Job Denny does on his restorations (especially Lawn Rangers) i had to say YES! To Make a long story short...Here are some pics.
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    Took it for a ride and had to get a couple of sun shots.
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    This was a long over due project I got started on last Sunday. I built this 12'x8' shed back in '96 or so with materials from a POS addition on the house that got torn off when I built a proper addition. Very little $$ into it and it has served me well over the years but since I no longer have or run bear dogs no need for the three holer dog huts so out they came. Ever since the affliction come upon me this shed was the just shove it in parts shed. Got to be so bad you couldn't even open the door and made @Achto 's garage look like a picnic area! What's worse is I had no idea what was in there. Guy was asking me if I had a S/G belt guard for a K241...yah somewhere in there... I think! Only course of action was to pull everything out and build some shelves. Took two hours to clean it out and two more hours to rip out the dog huts and clean up after the mice. It was infested with mice and they made a wreck of the insulation in the huts. No tractor storage in here but left it open for the barn cats to get in awhile back and strangely the mice disappeared! Should have enough room to winter two tractors in it now plus three more parts tractor to mafia and store. Found parts I never knew I had and a bunch of who knows what this is for! More on that later. Milk crates and buckets helped all the sorting and cataloging. I got the market cornered on pullies and belt guards. Tom @Shynon calls with the Sunday morning check in so we were discussing about guys stopping in off the street and seeing if we ran a lawn mower repair shop and wanting their mowers fixed! No wait @stevasaurus I ain't close to being done! Tom's right much as I hate to say it some of it just has to go to scrap! Just how many belt guards does a guy need!?!?
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    We decided to venture out to our local state park, Hungry Mother State Park, Friday evening. It had been a while and I had forgotten how beautiful it is in our part of the state. We just walked around and enjoyed the beauty. Afterwards we drove up to the summit at the border of the park for a fantastic late evening view. The next morning we went to another area in the Jefferson National Forest. Bear Tree lake. Emory’s scout troop did a short hike, had lunch, and took a little time fishing. Emory had a ball fishing even though he or none of the other kids caught a fish. He used an open reel for the first time and handled it like a pro!
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    I thought I'd share a picture of on a lesser known odd-ball here that I just aquired in a big "horse-trade" with a good friend. This is a 1955 Garden-All Pup that was a relatievely new, small rider introduced by Garden-All to compete to some degree with the new Wheel Horse RJ35 at the time. It's a very petite little tractor with a variable speed drive, using cable steering and powered by either a Clinton 1100 like mine, or a Kohler K90, both engines with 6:1 gear reductions and an optional Schnacke recoil on them. Garden-All sold the Pup in multiple varations (hood styles) from 1954-1960 until Wheel Horse bought the company for the realestate and manufacturing capabilities. This Pup has what's known as the "mailbox" style hood and is in remarkably execellent all original condition.
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    Got the 310-8 up and running this morning, brought the side covers and footrests back to Maine from Mass to start on those. Was nice to hear it run and the tranny swap from the C-85 seems like it will do the job.
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    Pulled the 854 deck today. Went from this... to this in less than an hour. Long way to go, but we're starting to see it's potential.
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    I have a very good friend who is a realtor. She calls me from time to time to see if I want things that some of her clients dont want to move. She called the other day to see if I wanted an old chest and some old bottles and a sewing machine." Why wouldnt I ? " I replied. I went to the house and loaded them into my truck and brought them home. The bottles were old quart glass milk bottles and some old glass soda bottles. The bottles as far as I can tell are from the fifties. I washed them all and added them to my antique ice boxes and cooler collections. The trunk needed some help. Was pretty dirty. I washed it down, then took some steel wool to it. Cleaned off the rust, steeled wooled the wood. I took some paint and painted the stamped metal. As far as I could tell I think it was gold. Took some gold paint and painted just the stamped metal. let it dry then took steel wool again and rubbed it all to age it. Then took some boiled linseed oil and rubbed all the wood with it. Then wax polished it. Came out so nice I am giving it to my mother for her 80th Birthday tomorrow. The sewing machine is a Singer 404 Slant Needle Machine. It is a very nice machine in a cabinet. I know we once talked sewing machines on here so I know I am not the only one who has interest in them. I cleaned the gears and ordered some bobbins for it. Here are some pics of the chest. Before and After
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    When I disposed of the last Craftsman tractor I rolled over in my yard, and switched to more stable and higher quality machines, one of the first things I wanted of course was a front end loader attachment. I had learned to weld, I had a machine shop, I had wheel horses, I just needed the right frame of mind. Years, a new house and job, and a new boat later, I finally have achieved it. Last year after I lost my job, while I was preparing to move and look for a new job, a caught an ad for a GT-14 FEL, for $1200. More than it was work I am sure, considering the condition. The frame had been half modified to put on a D series, the motor was missing and there was no motor mount. I reconfigured the frame, built a hydraulic motor mount and today, I fired it up (and used it) for the first time. Never give up!
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    Two years ago Rodney Burger (Lawnman_56) and I bought some new baby moon hubcaps online. I think one pair were stainless steel and one pair chrome plated. I pondered this before on Red Square. As the great looking original hubcaps with the horse head logo lessen in quantity ( and increase in price) this is a practical alternative. Thanks to Terry Dennis (vinylguy) and his great decals he made several sets to go on these baby moon hubcaps. Our set was the trail version and were more flat when applying. Terry has since perfected with a center dot for applying and a more rounded look. Just another way to make a great looking show tractor!
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    A couple young bucks are showing up on the minerals.
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    The plowing was different than at my ranch. I have sandy loam but this was a hard pack clayish soil. I was hauling the mail till my lift cable broke .. what say ye Tom @Shynon It was the orginal '67 so it was due. No worry new one on the shelf and I know a guy. Traction sometimes an issue but dealt with it. A pic of Josh TRYING to haul the mail! Cub rims with the wrong offset... really?
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    A long time liurker here. After years of wanting a WheelHorse but not able to justify the expense, I’ve ended up with two in the last week. Both came from elderly relatives that were downsizing. One is a 1978 C-141. The other is a 1996 M12. Both run and have mower decks. Got the M12 yesterday and the C-141 last Saturday. Not had any time to play with them yet. jhn9840 John
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    Go big and get done quick.
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    This is a must show for Dan @Achto his family and the whole mafia crew so we were estatic when we found out the show must go on damn the covids. I figure the Good Lords gonna call me home what better way than a show. Might be better than a tractor accident anyway. Dan took second in 3000 lb with the 30.. Lots more to come as I get near some real internet.
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    Decided to take a break from wrenching and painting yesterday and replaced all 4 wheel bearings and polished up these 34 year old chrome rims for the 420.
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    Well I'm still working on my son's house. but beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. So' I'm at least back to gather parts for projects. I had disassembled some idler pulley's for my Some Day WH Suburban project's when @prondzy came up with his cool jig to reassembly them with rivets instead of screws. Thanks, with a little red paint they will look original and they roll great with the new bearings. Receive a seat for my Ol' Blue WH 953 prodject from @BOB ELLISON . It looks as original as anyone could ask form. Thanks Bob!
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    Our meager lineup... quite pleased @PeacemakerJackshowed up with a 953 and a Super C...
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    Not sure if I have posted this pic before, it was last fall I think when I took the last of the stump out of my yard.
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    Just got the bad news. My mother tested positive for the virus. She has been in a nursing home for two months. The home had no cases until this week when one employee and three residents tested positive. So far she is comfortable and not showing any symptoms.
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    Today i just do few orders and a bit of Reworking. Firstly i changed the Lift pin of the Mowerdeck with a chain. the reason i did this is an i like to have it more accurate in the Swing while mowing on slopes. the pendle will give it more possibillity to act, even it don‘t scratches on the Beltcover anymore. Than i searched for a better suited Spring for the Governor. Found in my spares a little smaller but stiffer one, that acts dimensios better. A much smoother throttle response was the result without oscillating rpm‘s. After that i fixed the Hoodchain again. stiffned the Oildrain pipe with an mount, that holds the Clip to keep it save even on shaking or vibrations.
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    Jay, were you in the cantaloupe patch this morning ? Thanks for the @roadapples . They picked all day yesterday. And all day today during the hurricane that dumped 3-4" of rain.
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    I took the 48" SDs off the C-120 and the 417H for some maintenance. Cleaned, greased, and sharpened blades. The neighbors were picking cantaloupes all day. They have about 150,000 melons to harvest.
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    Got the decals from Terry today so finished up the hood on the Wheel A Matic. Along with the hood latch and ornament.
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    I alternate mowing between a couple machines....this week it was the C-105 with a 42”SD. Always does a nice job
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    Plucked an old 12hp Kohler off the shelf to replace a worn out and tired Briggs in a GT1142. Converted wiring for mag ignition to battery type. Basically, turned the old girl into a 312. Ready to go back to work.
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    Just wanted to share my excitement for the week with everyone. I just picked this 312 Hydro today to mow the lawn at my house as my JD died on me. Owner had serviced and taken good care of the Wheel horse but I was more than pleasantly surprised when I arrived to hear that he was the original owner and had all the manuals and even his purchase receipt for 1990. Everything worked as it should although the mower deck has a small hole in it which is easily repairable. Brought it home and proceed to mow things just because I could...lol. It mowed perfectly and the lawn looked great, I use to detail cars in my youth, so i decided to see what I could do with the paint on this 312 so I played around with the hood and well, you can see the results. I look forward to doing the rest of the tractor and polishing the hub caps. Im also ordering some new tires tonight and going to do a complete service just for my piece of mind. Hope you enjoy the few pics I took...was a good day. Rick
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    Was finishing up mowing yesterday C141 started to die like she was out of gas. Headed back to shop the thene engne started to race Throttle had no effect. Pulled some choke that slowed it down limped in to the shop. Lost the E clip that holds the governor arm to Carb linkages.... Nice to have an easy fix once and awhile and a failure near the workshop...
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