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    My grandson, Ryder is in first grade and this is his writing assignment for today and a pic from a couple weeks ago. Gonna hang a copy in the shop.
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    So today I received my first Social Security Pension payment. Its a good thing but it has me feeling a little old.Feeling shouldn't last too long hopefully. Been pondering for a little while to stop doing work so I decided today that it is it. I will no longer look to do any work for others. Thankfully I did not need to do it anyway for a long time since I already collect a very decent pension from the Carpenters Union anyway and do not owe anyone anything.. I do however enjoy my work, so now all work will be dedicated to us here and my children. Going also to concentrate heavily on passing the craft to my grandchildren the oldest one in particular now since he has taken a serious liking and aptitude for it.
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    Just before heading out this morning I decided to check the Red Square classifieds. I then see a RJ-58 for sale about 40 minutes from me. Well next thing I know I have a change of plans for the day, and I’m on my way to get an RJ ! This tractor will receive a full blown restoration over the winter.
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    So for quite sometime I had this shed . At the time I got it it was just put on blocks since i did not have time for any footings. Sure enough over the years between the flood which placed a ton of sediment against the front of it and the tunnel system underground by Mr Ground hog , the sill plates rotted and the whole shed was virtually collapsing on one side. Had to raise entire shed replace all sills this time doubling them ,dig and pour footings. Decided to also make a deck in front. It’s been three weeks of hard work all by myself but finally except for some paint on replaced parts she is looking good. Even wife got into it and made some valences for windows and put candles at windows. Incredibly she also asked me to place one of the 35s as an ornament there. Center section of fence is clipped in with z clips and comes out to place ramp when needed. I ordered a nice long ramp of aluminum 7-6” x 48” long.
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    Wanted to see other people restorations. Always like to see the small details that were put in to make it different. Tell how long you’ve had it. How you got it. And 1 thing you changed when you restored it. And 1 or 2 pics of course. I’ll start. Here’s my 856. I got it earlier this year as a birthday present from my girlfriend. 1 of the many things I’ve changed is the color scheme.
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    I just found out in @WHX24 thread that @stevasaurus and his wife Chris have tested positive for covid. So far it sounds like their symptoms are not too serious but we've all heard how this monster can operate. Lets all of us sent our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for these wonderful people.
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    @rjg854 picked up a nice Raider Sunday and I scored a 75 B-80 with a 4 banger for a Grant and Lincoln (Yay North! ) at an online auction. Had to have Randy (THANKS AGAIN RANDY) pick it up as I'm currently on temporary lockdown. Had to install a used wheel and tire, used battery and put in some nice clean gas from a nice clean gas station. (Fred Flintstone reference) The old gas looked like Mountain Dew. Drained the tank, lines, fuel pump and carb and she took off! Deck has a hole in it. Haven't driven it yet but it sounds good!
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    Got a "Heads Up" from my neighbor about a sale with a Wheel Horse in the inventory. Went down to take a look and a funny thing happened.......I bought it 1966 Wheel Horse Model 876 with mower deck (no holes) Runs, (no smoke), hydro smooth, hydrolic lift, slot hitch, lights front and rear work, no dents and good tires $350
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    @Stepney Spenser had mentioned wanting before and after pictures of the driveway at some point. Figured I'd share with the group. Trina took some material from the center and moved it to the sides. Also dug a couple water channels at the sides which aren't very evident in the pics. Here's 3 before: And 2 after: And a video:
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    Morning all Took a while but finally made enough room in the corral for all four, now it is hard to hide them ...my addiction has been revealed..... First words from my daughter on walking in..... "hmmm I see FOUR steering wheels Dad, with tractors attached" My thought was "no problem" now I can get two more for the trailer.... I made a small dolly for the rear of the B100 Hydro to make it easier to slide up into its new parking spot. When I lifted the rear end by the trailer hitch I was able to investigate what I thought was a bad axle seal..... crap....I got about a half inch of movement in the left side axle,,,,, hope it didn't tear up the rear end housing.... that will be a surprise for later in the fall. Excuse the mess but it is the first time I got all four housed and put away.....I'm slowly winning the quart in a pint jar dilemma- but losing the battle of Wheel Horse addiction.... Mike B
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    Gave the 854 a bath today and then a ride around the property. I decided this year to retire it from grass cutting duties. I cut alot of grass with it.
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    A guy that my son in law works with knows of his fast growing addiction to tractors and asked him if he wanted another one. Apparently this tractor was given to this guys uncle from a neighbor. Not knowing what it was I asked for pictures. Once I got them I told my son in law that we are going to get it right after work! It was less than an hour round trip. We got it home, checked the oil and it looked brand new. All we did was put gas in it and it ran beautifully.
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    Someone near me wanted to trade his 1949 Farmall C for my 1950 Cub. He also threw in some cash, so I have been wanting something bigger than my 1944 Farmall B, though I was thinking a Farmall H, but a C or Super C was also on my mind. So why not? This one will need some TLC, but it does run and drive good. I have since remove the cultivators and will put them up for sale. I just don't need them. On a related note, I also got a "free" No. 8 Little Genius 2-12 moldboard plow. It will need tires and also some TLC. I will need a plow hitch now.... Unfortunately the C will need rear tires - one holds air, one will hold air for a few days. I probably will regret getting this C as tractor tires in that size will cost a lot.
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    1948 Grand Haven. Older restoration. New tires all the way around. Runs and drives like new.
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    Trina, the pup, our best friend and I spent a good portion of today walking in Caribou/Speckled forest outside of Stoneham ME.
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    I got decked this morning..........
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    I have a cheapo Campbell Hausfield sandblaster my neighbor gave me years ago that I've never used. Today, I made a duct tape and cardboard blasting cabinet. It worked like a charm, or at least long enough to strip the nasty, rusty wheels on the snowblower I'm restoring. The best part is, I'm pretty happy with the way most of the "cabinet" turned out. So now I can break down the cardboard, lay it flat and have a decent template for a real blasting cabinet. Redneck engineering at its finest. My Dad taught me well.
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    I am thinking I am going to call this one "Columbo". This whole renovation has taken a long time and had been just "One more thing" over and and over. Still need to repaint front wheels. Project has taken so long it has 4 different paints. Valspar IH Red (can't find it anymore) Rustoleum IH red and Krylon IH red (really different.) and finally Rustoleum Regal red couldn't find anything else at the moment. (I hate painting....) Not bad for a $50 dollar purchase. Was an Electro 12 that had a K341 small base engine. Engine has been to machine shop .010 over and under. I resurfaced the Hydro slippers, valve block and pump base replaced some acceleration springs and a new anti slip spring in the 10 pinion. Rebushed the front axle pivot and new pivot pin. Added hydro lift. New home made tie rods. She has had a few shake down runs cutting heavy grass. Took awhile to get the carb dialed in. It is a more expensive Taiwanese one but took a lot to get high speed set, still not thrilled with idle but as hydro mower she won't be idling much. (the original carb was a Walbro fixed jet that I couldn't get to work well at all.) I have the electric PTO and it works but my preference is for the manual style.
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    This is one of my favorite planes and a rather important one here. Made by my Grandfathers brother in 1927. It was given to me in 1983 (the second mark CCS 1983 is mine).? The brass wear channel on the bottom is to replace the worn wood it was made of, which wore out from so much use. That was done by my father in his 20s. In 1992 I made the separate oak fence and wedges so it could be used for what became my trade mark detail in the corner of door frames . I have planed literally miles and miles of beads with this plane many of which are in my house.
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    Making a raised panel the old way. Only 3 tools needed Rough mark field for adze work Rough it out with adze end grain first Rough work completed Finish with panel raising plane set fine end grain first Long grain next panel complete Smooth face Completed panel.
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    Took a few pics of the new to me C 160, and 48" Deck.......and optional goodies that came with it
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    I just got on FB market and clicked on a Case 210 when I went back to the main page this was just listed for what I thought was a no brainer. I got ahold of my cousin (I don’t do FB) to message him with a offer and he excepted (I probably could’ve offered less ) after being listed for 12min total. My cousin had to meet him yesterday at a fire station. Said a old man was cleaning out a shed and putting things on the curb and he scored it for free. This is the closest you can get to NOS and I think that it might be a factory hitch pin . He did replace the tires as he said the originals were to far gone. The wife isn’t to happy and I can’t wait to see the reaction from my son but it was to good to pass up.
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    Im taking the Horses for a stroll..........
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    Showed Mrs. P the newest member of her collection... Thank you so much, @Bow_Extreme for your leg work in this matter!
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    Well with the summer coming to an end and winter right around the corner , it will soon be building season to get ready for the 2021 shows , i am still putting together the stack mufflers and keeping the price at $60 for 1 and $110 for 2 mufflers , building the standard 6" and 8" tall mufflers that are 3" in diameter , and come with a 8" tall chrome stack , they all come with 1" male pipe thread inlet , custom sizes are available just let me know what your looking for , and as always shipping is free
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    A-Z Tractor is now offering an axle hub for the 1" and 1 1/8" axles. This is called a repair hub. This hub is manufactured with a tapered hub that clamps down on the axle when installed. This will help with axles that have a worn keyway and axles that might be wore from bad hubs. Also this hub is very easy to remove for future repairs. To purchase these hubs you can either call A-Z Tractor at 1-717-821-2542 or you can go on the website at a-ztractor.com and purchase them on the sight. To find the repair hub on the sight just type in the part number of the hub you are replacing or type in repair hub. When these hubs are installed properly under most conditions the hub will not turn on the shaft even if there is no key installed. These hubs sell for $110 each and when you are purchasing you have to select the correct one for your shaft size. The same mounting hub is used just a different center shaft hub for the different size shafts.
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    What did you guys think of the weather today. As much as I like snow to play in with the tractors I could enjoy this type of weather year round the older I get. Today's project was fall cleaning in the cabin. Checked the flue for the woodstove and all was clean, only burn good dry hardwood sure helps and took a few pics from rooftop. Pulled everything from the cabin and porch out and vacuumed with the help of the Honda generator and washed the floors with Murphy oil soap. Washed windows and stocked up the firewood on the porch before the snow hides it. Had lunch and a cold one listened to some music and enjoyed a day in the woods. Getting ready to do some overnights out there. Used the 420 to haul the required equipment out back to stretch it's legs.
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    Before I set my C-141 with the grader blade I gave my Raider a little exercise. Tomorrow I'll have to see which one of my Horse's is up for some lawn sweeper duty.
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    Get today a delivery of some Steel i wait for. like to built a Frame myself from Scratch.. firstly find the needed lenght, i like to have. i ended up from rearaxle to Tip with 1,60 meter. than i cutted the lenght and use the Bandsaw and later the Grinder to cut angles in. i cut the Angles a bit wider, because i will reinforce the welding sections later. so i be able to bend it in the Vice to my destination angle i need. Short verification after bending. doesn‘t look too bad. when i lay it on the floor in correct dimensions, i check, if my Plan will work. It seems i can go further forward with my Project..
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    My life is kinda...messy...at the moment. But spent the last few wks north, up by my folks, just to...regroup. Did a lil 'tractoring' too. Hadda be sure the 'new' (stole from my 160) front tires n rims, which my Dad helped me mount, workedout, ya know, on the 312-8 my Dad gave me in '17 that started this whole adventure. Come spring, shes getting full tuneup/cleanedup, & a rear discharge deck mounted, I hope. Thinking im going to do the rims up in gloss black, just to be different, lol. For now, nice for trail rides... And Annie seems to like leading it, on her runs, lol. I love this tractor.
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    Half an hour away from our storage garage; literally a barn find ! Needs some love, missing a few things, some incorrect parts, but there's good bones here. Same owners for over 50 yrs.
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    The last time that I used my 701 it was acting up on me. It was acting like it was not getting enough gas. Tonight I removed the fuel line from the pump & turned the engine over, it shot gas about a foot to the side. This ruled out the pump, so on to carb. After dissembling the carb I noticed that I could not see through the hole in the main jet. First things first, I can not stand having paint on a carburetor. Pet peeve? OCD? Call it what you want, I don't like it. This carb had so much paint on it that I think a PO just dumped a can over the top of it and let it drip off of the bottom. To solve this issue & make my self happy, I grabbed some aircraft stripper to get rid of the paint. Please take note - Wear heavy rubber gloves and safety glasses when using this product. I left it soak for about 10 min and then gave it a light scrub with a steel brush. Rinsed it off with brake cleaner and repeated the process one more time. After 45min this is my end result. Clock ran out on me tonight so assembly will have to wait until tomorrow.
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    Got the 42"SD ready for winter storage. Scraped and wire brushed and oiled top and bottom. Sharpened, polished, and balanced blades. Coated with oil. Idler sounded dry, so worked in some MM oil. Sounds much better. The belt was cracked. I searched my belt dept.( A 55 gallon barrel full), and found a new WH belt.
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    Started the process here today of cutting through decades of horrendous paint jobs... in pursuit of that glorious... factory original...red gel coat.
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    Put a Jim Kemp @jimkempstack on the 1067. Old one went tink tink but just a tad obnoxious.
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    I truly missed seeing everyone smiling on their tractors at the Big Show this year! So It was great to see big smiles again at Jim and Patti’s meet and greet in Maine last month- and just yesterday in the back yard with @AMC RULES! Please share your favorite pictures on your until we meet again!
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    Hello All, Today a deal that was made years ago was reversed... Russ and I had made some deal and I got his GT1800. Well Russ got a 520h along the way and simply didn't like it and wanted his GT back. We made another deal and the GT1800 again sleeps in his garage where it should be. We all have tractors we wish we could get back... Enjoy it Russ !! And THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THE GREAT U.S. OF A.! @SALTYWRIGHT
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    Thank you guys for the prayers...I know they work. I, Chris and Stacy have been avid mask wearers. We also keep a bottle of the soap in the vehicles. Somehow, that nasty stuff got us, but I still believe in wearing a mask and separation. We all have the same symptoms at this point...headache, raspy throat and cough, slight fever 100-101, shortness of breath, ache all over and chills. The raspy throat and shortness of breath is what scares me. Just getting out of bed and you are trying to breath deep. No taste and no smell and nothing sounds good to eat, but that's OK...not hungry anyway. Hot tea with honey and lemon are very soothing. Getting pressure behind the eyes. Sleep one of two hours at a time. I pray none of you catch this.
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    Head gasket was leaking on the 1076, so I pulled the head and this is what I found. So obviously I cleaned it all up and sanded the head to be sure it was flat And put it back together. Torqued the head and ran it for awhile and got it nice and warm, let it cool and retorqued the bolts. I'll check it again after some more run time.
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    Popped a brand spankin’ new @BOB ELLISON seat on ““Rebel” the 953! The driver kid approves!
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    I won some already painted hubcaps on eBay for cheap! Our youngest likes to paint and she likes horses so natural we let her do a little work on these hubcaps which we will put on our sulky cart! She is Super Concentrated!! She isn’t done but paint rain out of what she needed! Update later after we get more paint!
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    As some of you may know, I am also a Coleman lantern addict. Lantern collectors have one thing very much in common with us here- clean up and run, full restore, or custom. Decided to start with one for the ‘original patina’ crowd. Think it goes well with my patina 655. Hope you enjoy!
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    A few online auction finds that got picked up today, 2 new 8” hub caps and one 11” and one of the wheel horse books that came with the newspaper. Same auction had all 3 editions and a 417 with an Ark 550 Loader
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    Yesterday 1 corner... today ends with 1/2 the hood done so far.
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    Added matching front shoes to the Good Friday 520 now both have OTR R1s on all 4 corners...
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    Owing a Wheel Horse 512 Diesel and an Onan powered 416-8 from my late father, which I want to restore in the future, I was searching for info and came along the forum. Found last week another Horse, 416-8 with a Kohler engine, with I bought for the mower as the mower of the diesel is in a bad condition. Herewith a picture of my 3 horses.
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    Tried out the new camera and some slight editing. Looking pretty good but I think I need a barn/pasture background.
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    Put the newly painted wheels back on.Really liking the “canvas white” rustoleum.
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