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    As some of you may know, the company I work for has 2 divisions: a collision center and a recycling center. I work in the collision center which overlooks the recycling yard; about 10:30 this morning I was carrying a door out to our scrap pile when I spied with my little eyes : All for 3 cents a pound! Loaded it up, took it home, gave it a bath. Don't know anything more than that, yet! (and I have the missing hubcaps too)
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    In a very heart felt PM @12Horse Paladin contacted me about helping him out with a Bronco 14 that he needed help with. I would have rather helped him fix the tractor but a 2 hour travel time between us made it difficult to just be a helping hand. Instead the decision was made that I would pick the tractor up and work on it at my place. @WHX24 and I made a trip to pick the tractor up. Here is a picture of the Bronco as it was when we picked it up. After evaluating the Bronco we realized that it had a few more issues than was expected. Knowing that we would be working with a budget Jim & I decided to reach out to see if others may have some extra parts to help bring this back to life for Jason. A special thank you to @A-Z Tractor, @dclarke, @ebinmaine, @stevasaurus, @Vinylguy, @wheelhorseman for helping Jim & I make this happen for Jason. Here are some of the hurtles that we encountered. First off the axle key ways were damaged and of course the hubs were trashed. The hubs were replaced and the axles were repaired. After the trans-axle was fully repaired and ready for service attention was was given to sheet metal repairs. There were multiple damaged pieces, with the repairs that were needed it made sense to extend repairs to a repaint as well. More pictures and the unveiling of the tractor to Jason yet to come.
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    Or was it supposed to be covert?? Any way, Last weekend I had stopped by my brother Les's to plow his garden. When we were finished he jokingly said " If you guys want more land to plow, you could plow my 4 acre field ". I looked at him & said "Let me get in contact with my friends, I might be able to make that happen ". A few texts & phone calls later, I had a crew put together for today. The weather was great other than a very strong wind. With the rain that we had earlier in the week then a couple of dry days soil conditions were almost perfect, other than a few wet spots and some roots in the field. The land was in a Set Aside program for 30yrs until last year when it was cleared and brought back to "farm-able" land. To prep the land last year trees, brush & what not were cleared. Stumps ground down and the land was run over with a disc. Then a crop of soy beans were planted. Saying that there was some residual remnants of its past 30 years may be putting it lightly. So here we go... the first time that a plow has been dropped in this soil in over thirty years. This is me striking off the first furrow. Some of the morning crew turning up the land. Even though was out numbered, we were able to get the work done any way. A line up of the crew. First, niece's husband Paul on his Cub Cadet 782D My brother Tim on a Farmall Cub. Jason on his Snapper 1855. This is one beast of a GT! Joel on his newly set up Simplicity 2012. A friend of Josh's that I have met a time or two. I feel really bad, for the life of me I can't remember his name. His ride is a CC 1872 "Super Cub" Judge on a Cub Cadet 100 Caleb on Grizzly. @Coulter Caleb you must have been really putting the coals to Grizzly, looks like you have the front wheels coming off of the ground. A plowing line and apparently the only time that I was able to catch Josh @PeacemakerJack on a tractor. Josh was busy helping his younger boys get some plowing done as well as helping others with their plow set ups and taking pictures. I'm hoping that he has some more cool pic's to add to this post. It was a great day to be outside and to responsibly spend some time with friends & family.
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    Im not gonna say much here, tonight. Ill be startin aother thread tho, prolly tomorro, to say/add more. Been a long day n just got in from the garage again; rearanging the garage to fit everything. Will say i was speechless for a good bit after 9am, at 1st....and thats not something i am, often. You...guys, gals...all of you... Are amazing. Shoot, im choking up typing this...so all add more later; close withb1 pic of my own, for now. Thankyou Dan; Jim...All of you!😊❤
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    A good looking tractor with a good transmission and a good engine still needs to handle well. The tie rods were in poor shape so to repair them I chose to turn the original tie rods down and fit them with replaceable ends. Some final body work to be done on the sheet metal. After blowing some paint around a little assembly work. On to getting the implements ready. The dozer blade was my job, Jim took on the mower deck. To start with the A-frame was not exactly correct for the tractor so some alterations were required. First of all a PO made an addition to the A-frame to convert it from a short to a long frame set up. Issue... they stopped short of where they needed to be. When the plow was pivoted it would hit the front tires. I removed the addition that a PO welded on and added on a more suitable addition. Unhappy with where the pivot handle ended up after the addition, alterations were done to make thing fit better as well as be more comfortable for the operator. The plow after it was finished and fitted to the tractor. I did some work on the mower deck. A little welding to take care of some worn out parts. Weld up some over sized holes so they could be made the correct size. The rest of the deck was up to Jim @WHX24. I'll let him give a take on that.
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    Seem like this question is asked nearly every week on here. The answers given quite often include buying expensive Bore Gauges or Inside Micrometers. I have an inexpensive down and dirty method of evaluating the cylinder's wear that uses a tool nearly everyone has or could buy for around $ 5.00. A set of feeler gauges and a ring from the piston you just removed will let you know without any other equipment. It won't tell you how much it should be bored (though you can get close) but it will tell you if it is beyond the point of being successfully honed. In the photo below you can see the first step, placing a ring at the very top of the cylinder above the ridge. The piston ring end gap in this case is 0.080. The cylinder at the ridge measured standard at 3.25" and the cylinder walls and ring edges were worn smooth. Next I used the piston to move the ring down to a point just below the ridge. The piston helps keep the ring square to the cylinder wall. At this point the piston ring end gap increased to 0.110" This step was repeated three more times at 3/4 inch intervals. The results were 0.117", 0.118" and 0.117" Next the ring was moved to the bottom of the cylinder where the piton rings would not have contacted the cylinder walls. The piston ring end gap returned to 0.080". The greatest deviation of the ring end gap was 0.038". Now we can do a little fuzzy math to figure out how much the cylinder need to be bored. Changes in the ring end gap will be a change to the circumference. Bore changes would be a change in diameter. So, 0.038" divided by 3.14159 will show that the greatest wear in the cylinder is 0.012" larger in diameter than standard and should be bored 0.020". This is a quick easy way to get the job done without spending a bunch of money on tools you will never use again. You are going to need the feeler gauges when you put the engine back together anyway.
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    Last weekend was final fit & finish day. I hauled the tractor over to Jim's so that we could do final fit of the implements. First we installed the plow and made sure that my cable set up for tripping the pivot release would work. Then we removed the plow and fitted the mower deck. While doing this we discovered that we had a damaged belt tensioner. Lucky for us Jim had the part that we needed in stock. I may be jumping the gun on the deck as I'm sure Jim has some pictures to share with the work that he did (and of course we want to see them, as well as hear about the decisions that were made about the deck) but here it is mounted on the tractor. After we had every thing fitted, Jim loaded the tractor & implements into his enclosed trailer. Yesterday was delivery day. Jim, Cindy, our friend Joel & I loaded up in the truck and headed to Manitowoc. I had stopped sending Jason update pictures of the Bronco towards the end of the assembly process, as I wanted him to see it first hand when it was finished. On arrival Jason was quite anxious to see his Bronco again. When I finally drove it out of the trailer he was pretty much speechless. Jim & Cindy were running cameras so I hope they have some good pic's of that event to share with us. I managed to get a couple of pictures. Jason taking his first cruise on his rehabilitated Bronco. Taking it all in. Jason with the "Mafia" delivery crew. I wish more of the people who helped on this project could have been there for delivery day. We had a good time with Jason, we helped him switch implements around so that he had some first hand experience with them. Jason is a great guy & I really hope he enjoys his Bronco every time he uses it. To give thanks to those that helped on this project and to let Jason know how our community can work together I asked Terry to make up a decal to place on the inside of the hood. The names in each group are in alphabetical order as each one was equally important. Thanks Guys!!
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    To say this tractor needed some love is an understatement. Lots of PO cobblements and lots of just plain old worn out. Just getting it on a trailer without the wheels falling off was a job. The good news is both Dan and I could see a diamond in the rough. The motor started and ran good with no smoke. And the hydro seemed strong. After getting it home and into another mafia member's shop and after a bit of head scratching. Dove into it. I took custody. Of the transmission parts whIle Dan comenced to whittling in some full length keyways on th axles. A quick call to Lowell and bearings, gaskets and new HY hoses were on their way. As with most projects clean up is the worse part. One day Dan and I were brousing Fleet Farm we stumbled on some farm paint in IH red at a very reasonable price. Here we go full paint. It was our orginal intent to just stay mechanical but figured this far apart might as well go whole hog. A fine selection of gently used hubs to choose from thanks to other members here.
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    I've been working on this project off and on for just short of 4 years. This tractor has all my favorite tractor components. Diesel, 8 speed, 3 point, and gear reduction steering. The engine is a 3 cylinder Shibuara from a Ford LGT14d. As you can guess, it was not easy to find room for everything under the hood. But with the help of some skilled welding friends we made it all work. The 3 point is winch operated, and works very well. I plan to put a loader on the tractor down the road when I am able to find one. I was only able to post a few pictures in the thread, but if you want to see images from the every step in the build I included a google photos album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Hoxk1nWrTwBiJP37 The start of the project Final Mock Up Paint
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    The stepson and I decided to get two of the horses out for a Sunday drive to try and forget about what is going on in the world right now. No matter how bad of day I am having a ride on one of my Wheel Horses always puts a smile on my face.
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    Boy...today was super fun! Thank you Dan @Achto for inviting me and my family out to turn some earth in the spring time. Surprisingly, this is the first time that I have ever plowed in the spring, my schedule or the weather has never allowed that to happen. I will do a write up in the plowing thread about plow setups and soil conditions but just let me say that overall we had a great time today. With all the “panic” surrounding us in the last several months it felt soooooo good to get out in God’s fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views and meet some new friends. Many thanks to Les and his wife for allowing us plow dogs to come over and invade his space for a few hours. Kelli and Claudia has other plans and so it was father/son time for PeacemakerJack! Before I get started let’s shout out to a few of our plow dog buddies... @WHX24 @Shynon @pullstart @prondzy @WVHillbilly520H @Rp.wh @19richie66 @ebinmaine @stevasaurus @Stormin Just to generate a little more buzz😉 Dan said I could invite a few buddies and so I reached out to my friend Nathan, he goes by NateRo most of the time. I had picked up Super Cub a few years ago with a bad motor about the same time as NateRo’s box store JD croaked. He saw it and he was in love. I repowered it with a Kohler Command 23hp engine and he installed a Cat O setup on it late winter. He has both tires loaded and just built the front “IH” weight set. The tractor did a good job and NateRo was ecstatic to attend his first plow day. He’s definitely an addict! Next up is Zach: he was very very upset that we couldn’t bring Blackbeard to plow but we just don’t have it quite setup yet. Needs AG’s, weights and some fine tuning and we can get him rolling. However, I did get him on GhostRider for a few passes and he did a great job. Is this kid cool or what? I’m so thankful that he was entertained by hanging out with the guys and talking off their ears about tractors 😁 Then Jonathan: We call him Judge. If you zoom in on his hat you will see that is says “the Judge”. He was given this nickname at birth and it stuck. Those of you that have followed my posts over the years have seen his Cub 100 many times. Often it is the “solo” Cub at Jim’s plow day. Some people would think it is mine but it is owned by Judge. However, this is his first plow day where he was old enough and capable enough to plow by himself. I walked with him on one lap explaining a few things and then pretty much left him to it. He was absolutely stoked to be able to turn soil by himself on his own tractor! @Coulter Caleb He spent some serious time on Grizzly! It is a full on Custom Cub 107. Updated with a custom hitch, fuel tank, Briggs twin with dual straight pipes (think: LOUD!!!!). We need to build a weight bracket for the front but other than that, we have it pretty dialed in and Caleb enjoys plowing on it. However, don’t be surprised if some day you see a gear drive on this one! The Hydro is fine but a gear slammer is where it is at for a true plow mule! Joel: I really like this guy. I’ve had the privilege of talking with him multiple time over the last few years and I have always enjoyed his company. He is convinced that we (think: Jim @WHX24 😁) own all the Wheel Horses around and so he got into Simplicity tractors. I have always like a little variety and so I find them fascinating. After plowing on some of our tractors last year, Joel said he needed to build his own plow tractor. Thanks to Dan, they built this machine. Joel was excited to show it to me and wanted me to make a round on it. I was honored to get the opportunity to do that and very much enjoyed the little tractor. I suggested a fresh primary drive belt before his next plow day and we made a couple of adjustments to his plow on the fly to get it to track better and the heel of the landside to lay a little closer to the earth. He said he felt they were improvements and I’m glad I got to try the tractor out! Jason: he’s another guy who has jumped into the plow dog role quickly and with veracity. His chosen brand is Massey and he has a nice collection. I have to agree with Dan, this Snapper is a beast. Jason has it set up real well and it works amazing. He was trying to plow with a Brinly 12” that he brought along but could NOT get it to work good at all, it kept pushing the nose of his tractor into the plowed field. He found out later that the beam was bent and the suck point of the plow share was canted about 5-7 degrees to landside. That was forcing his tractor to point to the furrow side. He’ll get that straightened out and be in business. Dan: I’ve taken many pics of Dan plowing over the last few years but I had to share this one. I like to capture unique angles when I can. Dan’s Raider is one heck of a purpose built plow mule and turns earth with the best of them. I know you’ll find this hard to believe but Dan was actually plowing when I took this pic and no I didn’t get run over! 😂😂👏🏻 No...we didn’t have an over abundance of horses at this event but I’ll tell you one thing this “dark horse” will hold his own with the best of them. This is a plowing machine if I have ever used one. It has taken me a few years to get it to this point but I am almost there. It would be cool if this would end up being an annual event.
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    Well fellas since I had to sell off my Wheel Horses I felt like I didnt belong anymore. The Lambert and the Speedanza are cool but THIS IS a Wheel Horse Fourm. Well guess what....... Im back in ! Picked this up a little while ago. Saw it on CL and jumped right on it. Not a model I know anything about but it does say Wheel Horse on the side of it ! I am so excited to have it and the best part is that it runs and drives!!! It does need some work... I think the hydro is leaking as a saw a puddle of oil on top of the deck. Checked the dip stick and was hardly any in there. When you raise the deck it seems to come up higher on one side then the other. Seat is horrible, someone glued vinyl on it. Front head light lens busted, rear one is busted and no lights work. came with wheel weights for the rear but nothing else. Still trying to figure it out. I just got it home and off the truck. As usual any info I would love to hear about it. I dont know the year, I believe thats a 16 hp Kohler, not sure but it runs really good. Not a fan of driving it by a stick, seems like something you have to get used to then maybe like. Right now it just seems funny but I only did a little lap in my yard. I think I got a smoking good deal on it that makes me even happier.
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    Trina, Meeha, and I met a friend and went for a super awesome bushwack hike on the mountains across the street from home. 6 miles of rough woods walking. It was FANTASTIC. We found a 900+ acre conservation area about 2 miles away that I'd NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!!! Absolutely excellent day!!! A small cave near the top. Maybe 4 feet deep. I've tried twice before to find the actual peak of Bill Merrill mountain. Both times we were fairly close. Yesterday I finally found the rock cairn that marks the highest point. Here's a video showing the valley we live in. Our house would be below the ridge near the beginning of the video. One of the many boulders left behind as the mountains were vacated by the ice glaciers a few thousand years ago. For scale note Trina to the left of the rock. Her pic of the same, from close up. Walking through rough forest and we popped out on this old cart/tote road. It's now an access road for the conservation area. One of several stone walls we found. This area is known to be farm country from the late 1700s on. One of the walls was 8-12 feet wide on one side which means that farm was in operation for a looong time. A little vernal pool in a valley between the peaks. Moving moss in a small stream
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    Just wanted to publicly thank our friend Terry @ redoyourhorse for a little project he undertook for me recently . I've been looking for quite some time for NOS control knobs for my 520 hydro that i'm restoring, and I've also had numerous people contact me looking for these same items. They just don't exist. Most of us with 300 thru 500 series hydro tractors have the knobs, but the print is completely worn off. A couple of weeks ago I sent my good (but worn) knobs to Terry and I think he solved this problem pretty well. He will now be offering these for sale along with all the other great stuff he offers.
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    With all the extra time been organizing my photos. Here is another favorite job for same client. One of the first smart phones did not take the greatest photos.
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    Been awhile since I posted on this forum. My girlfriend got me an 856 for my birthday in April. To surprise her I’ve been restoring it and am going to surprise her with it. Hopefully it will be done soon.
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    Hoping someone can help me find our lost 520-H it was parked at a recycling center while I was paying for some scrap titanium for a SR-71 I'm restoring - and when I stepped out of the office it was gone this is not the first time we've had to search for this 520-H - there was a previous time when I removed a wheel cover and it became upset and later slipped out of the garage and hid in the woods ... maybe not coincidentally I just recently removed a wheel cover ... hmmm ... ??? ... attached a picture of the tractor - and a picture where it was last parked hope you can help - thank you in advance !
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    GoodMorning, All of You.😊 Look, i been thinking this over since Dan & Crew left; it's been raining since yesterday... And i still cant find the words for a proper thankyou. So many thoughts; things rattling 'round in my skull...you know? I spent the rest of the day after everyone left straightening the garage to fit everything again, listening to tunes, having the ocasional smoke; just sitting n looking/staring at the 'General'. Think i was stunned. Know now i was n still am. These kinds of things...they are foreign to me. Especially since being alone again, i...it... Just boggles my mind. I have no words. Least, none good enough to convey all inside me; what i was, and still am feeling. I had such a good time. Seeing Dan n Jim again. Meeting Cindy n Joel (i sure hope im remembering the right names). Talking n teasing about WheelHorses n Simplicitys (lol, inlike tjose old ones, too). I mean, y'all even helped me figure out my biggest issue that i kno of to date with my 160, which, btw guys, i plan to hope get tended to today to get it at least back up n running (And you bet Jim, i wont 4get; if it ever needs, or i decide its time, for a new home, You have 1st dibs😊 ). Dan; Jim...all of you involved...Lord YES, the General is Beautiful; a beautiful piece of machinery and example of everyone's fine craftsmanship. Ill take good care of it Jim😊; it has a 4ever home, with me, until my time is done. Id find it a good home b4 that; someone who will appreciate WheelHorses...but idc how hard up i get, id never sell it. Thats a promise i can n will keep. But this post isnt about that tractor itself. Its a symbol, to me, n represents so much more to me. For that, i dont have proper words, or anything to offer but thanks with all my heart. If i could ask one thing, itd be that maybe someday i meet more of you that helped with it, in whatever way. I kno there is that special decal (I LOVE THAT ONE), but i bet there are others. To all of you, thankyou. If you chime in here or on the other thread of Dan's, ill see it. I wont add any pics; wanna let Dan's thread finish 1st. But y'all will be seeing the General again, i promise. And Dan... I never was one to have lots of real friends around. I sincerely hope you know i now count you, and others now because of you...very real Friends. Even maybe like Family. If there is ever ANYTHING Ican do for you; any of you here, please ask, n ill try. Bless You; all of You. ❤
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    Youngest grandson Sam over to check out papa's tractors. These are the best days.
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    I just got my ohio steel rollin today. Had to shorten it by 3 inches because of rust. Worked out fine. Thanx to @Vinylguy for these great decals! Still have to do something with the wheels and put a truck bed liner inside of it. But it is now moving!!
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    Anybody else get sidelined for a while with this Covid mess? I’ve ended up tackling projects I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to. First on the list is building Emory and I a man cave den in the basement. I’ve worked pretty steady on it for the last 5 weeks or so and havean’ t been able to be on here much. I’m nearing the end of this project and busting up the old concrete back porch and pouring a new one is up next. I need to put a drain tile in the back yard to divert water during hard rains. I need to paint the house trim and replace some brick mold around the windows. Lastly, will come cleaning out the garage. Big list, but with no shows this summer I think I can spare the time. We’ve lived here 15 years and are just now having time for these improvements. Below is a pic from when I first started with only the soffit around the ceiling done and some up lighting in. The others are where I am tonight. I’ll post more as I finish up. Emory is in hog heaven for us to have our own space!
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    I though it might be fun to have some humour in these dark times. So let's have some good clean, hem hem, jokes from across the world. A young farmer is riding along on a lovely red wheelhorse. His friend meets him and says hey, nice wheels, where did you get that? Well, it's a bit strange but this young girl was riding it along. When she saw me she pulled up, jumped off, took off all her clothes and laid on the ground and said take whatever you want. Well the clothes wouldn't fit so I took the tractor.
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    First of all I'm sorry no before pictures there was a camera accident, got this tractor on a labor trade no engine,bad transmission,bad tires,and a poor paint job with no prep work,I was lucky to have almost all the parts to repair had to buy a new seat,this was a working tractor redo used satin red paint to get it simple have a friend bending me a belt cover and getting ready to order stickers,this is going to be my snow pushing tractor.
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    The deck... It had a orginal '71 vintage 42" deck but after looking at it we decided to go with a '67 RL-486 that I had that was in a bit better shape rust wise. We could have saved the orginal deck and certainly will not scrap it. I have a soft spot for these early side mule drive decks as that's what I used to mow with for years.
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    Not my line of work, but I have a buddy who keeps bees. He has experienced colony collapse year after year due to hive mites. As of yesterday he was down from a peak of 24 hives that he kept to only two. Right after lunch today another friend sent me a text and asked if I knew anyone that kept bees. He had a swarm in a hemlock tree in his front yard. I connected him with my other buddy and hightailed it out to watch the capture. Again, not my line of work, but I have an interest in bees and wanted to see how a swarm capture takes place. The following photos illustrate the process. These bees were not aggressive and did not have a hive of their own to defend so my buddy deemed them very docile. You’ll see him lighting the smoker, cutting the branches that held the swarm, then dropping the swarm into an open hive with a few frames removed. We got lucky and the big clump of bees held the queen. Once she was down in the hive he put the lid on and the scent she was giving off (pheromone) attracted the bees outside of the hive to enter the hive by walking right up the landing ramp. After 15 minutes the majority of the bees had entered the hive. He plugged the entrance, loaded the hive in his truck and went home. Now he has three working hives. Enjoy the pictures and watch the video, if I can get it to upload. Cheers! Dave D022D717-92FC-4B83-80F1-91EB94FAA1BF.MOV
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    Loaded up the 1277 loader and 310 and brought them to town for some dirt work. Had a hundred year old tree taken out a few years ago and the front yard had really humped up over the years. We hauled about 4 pickup truck loads of dirt out, moved more around then reseaded. I took an old scotts spreader and added a hitch made out of conduit to I could pull it behind a tractor. We also used it to spread sand on my heavy clay soil to try and loosen it up a bit.
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    Yesterday we went to mom and dad’s for a cookout. I couldn’t resist getting out the old 875 and taking a few laps. Zach has never driven it and so we got him in the saddle... Followed shortly thereafter by big bro @Coulter Caleb So cool to see those guys enjoying the tractor that I grew up using weekly! My how time flys!!!
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    I really liked the Suburban that @Buzz has in his yard and it has been on my list of things to do for awhile now. Had a tree taken down and the stump ground up but I still had a hump in my front yard. Built a small stone wall in a circle where the hump was and installed an RJ! Still needs some tweaking but it definitely has the “look” I wanted. Came without a motor but my neighbor @Docwheelhorse had a rusty little Briggs that he donated to the project that just looks perfect on it. First pic is Buzz’s setup that was my inspiration.
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    Your more than welcome Jason. One thing you need to understand is this is what we like to do aside of showing our tractors at shows which unfortunately is not going to happen much this year. That said we seem to have a bit on more time on our hands not getting ready for shows so your little project fit in real well. Not speaking for Dan as he is already a master restorer it personally gives me a chance to bring my skills up another level. So there was something in it for both of us. As I already told you already all we ask of you is to work it and mantain it properly. I have no doubt you will. I don't remember much these days but I do remember when we picked it up Jason said if we can't do anything with it we can keep it. Thanks for the offer Jason but Dan and I are both somewhat tractor heavy.... not that we wouldn't take in another orphan but it looks better in your barn! Also keep in mind why we cannot take payment for our work. As Dan always says if we do it turns our fun into jobs and then it's not fun anymore.
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    I picked this one off the curb today. I'll paint the frame and clean up the engine for my 6 month old Grand Nephew's first birthday.
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    I thought it would be of interest to post some pics of my restoration to-date. I anticipate "firing it up" this coming weekend. Bottom-line: taking many pics during the tear-down has been invaluable! I painted it with a two-part I-H red because I had a gallon on-hand, it shoots easy from an HPLV gun and Tractor Supply has rattle-cans on hand for touch-up. PS: I simply could not be doing this project without the support of this forum!
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    @Achto built a huge favorite of mine. Since your asking what would be my ultimate Catallic of a WH be, I would add an Eaton 1100 Transmission and gear reduction steering. I also though about building an identical frame out of 2" square tubing. That would allow a loader subframe with a quick attach to be a minimal addition.
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    Super Nice day Yesterday. Figured I’d get “The Green Machine” out. This one is 60 years old.. (Mfg in South Bend, Ind. 1960) Restored/Modified at The Gundlach Ranch in 2016-2017
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    So the last two weekends, I ran down to the Indiana border for “Rebel” our new 953, then a GT-14 for my friends with enough spares to piece one together for myself. Thursday or Friday, the seller emailed me that he had a 1054 that he’d like me to have first dibs on. He gave me a price and asked if he could deliver it too! I’m tickled pink! this came with a running engine from a 1076 and I’m considering whether I should use it, or the 16 horse Kohler thumper that I plan on using from “Chief” When I disassemble him.
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    Pics of my 1967 Case 195 resto.
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    The 701 that I purchased last fall came with this belt guard on it. Not only was it the wrong guard but it was obviously hacked up and unacceptable in my opinion. To remedy the issue I grabbed a piece of 16ga sheet metal and laid out a new guard. The front mounting tab and the lower belt brake were made from 10ga metal. Then a few bends and some welding to get to the finished product. A final fit shows that my work was a success. Nothing left but to throw some paint at it.
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    Busy Saturday morning (again!) . All 3 came from the same owner. Bought them all brand new. Raider 12, 48" deck,blower, plow; wore that one out put it out to pasture. Bought a 417, electric lift, 48" deck; wore that one out, put it out to pasture. Bought a 520, 60" deck, 44" blower, wheel weights, over 2000 hrs on it. They were gonna take them for scrap.......
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    Had an old four foot fluorescent shop light that needed new tubes. While I was out doing the weekly Corona Virus shopping spree this morning I found a pair of LED direct replacement tubes for $ 8.88 that are super bright. I will be getting more for sure.
  40. 16 points
    Cleaned out the garage today! Took out six of my nine Wheel Horse tractors including all three RJ’s ! Still working on another RJ in garage . Nice day for it. All six tractors started and I even trimmed the lawn on the edges of the driveway with the RJ with the mower deck on it!
  41. 15 points
    ***warning long thread alert with lots of pictures and videos*** I don't post as much as I should, despite 3 horses regularly earning their keep round here - all have had build threads. So this seems no different At the 2015 UK Wheel Horse round up, I bought a C-121 from a friends son. He had half stripped it... lost bits, sandblasted some - lost faith. £50 was a steal... $75 to you guys in the US. We've moved house and pushed this thing around for 5 years and decided we need a regular Horse that the snow blower, plows and tiller will fit - this seemed the most apt one out of the GT14, Commando 8, Lawn Ranger and C-160 auto parked next to it to resurrect Looking under the hood... theres no wiring or cables for throttle and choke. But engine looks intact.... turning the pulley however it sounds pretty grim, something scraping! So first thing pop the drive pulley in case it is scraping nope not that... so pull the flywheel... ahhh that'll make a noise! out with the epoxy... that should do it Next to strip carb and fuel pump... no pics of cleaning them - pump was full of white corrosion - carb was remarkably clean I can tell it was spent a long time outdoor by looking at the blower housing repairable, but I've got better things to do... Before torquing the flywheel I checked if there was any oil - I think there was a drop on the dipstick, so very low. Poured a quart in... doh! someone had snapped the remote drain off... So weld a 3/8 bolt into the remaining piece and use a fibre washer! fixed! So let's balance a coil and condenser on the top with a 12V battery and see if we can get a spark. Nothing - pull points cover and points look like fuel pump, all rusted up and contacts not good! quick clean and emery cloth, setting the gap to 0.05mm (we are metric here in the UK - plus I don't have any imperial feelers ) Turn the flywheel and a spark Whats the chances now if we dangle a fuel pipe in a jerry can and jump the starter? IMG_1230.MOV Started and ticks over nicely, used the basic 2-1/2 turns on both needles and it runs pretty well - I never fail to jump on the backfires, will run better with a muffler! Daren't run too long without the blower housing too!!! Join us tomorrow for the next exciting instalment
  42. 15 points
    Been painting today but unfortunately the wrong color. I much prefer regal red but this project had to get done in three more days!! Almost there. The tops are spalted maple. A lot going on in these small little squares!!
  43. 15 points
    FINALLY got to mow today for the first time! What a sweet taste of victory, thanks to the help of everyone here. Just a few weeks ago, this C-160 was in pieces, slowly eating away at my stimulus check.. I still want to do a full resto thread on this build, but I'm waiting on a few more parts so I can take photos and show off the @jimkemp muffler I've received at the end . Until then, she's rockin' the very loud, rusted-out Nelson that has blown it's guts out entirely over the years. Sorry neighbors
  44. 15 points
    I replaced the bearings and brushes on a Starter/Generator today. To hold the brushes in place while replacing the armature I used a short piece of 1 1/2" PVC pipe which is slightly larger than the commutator. As the armature was being inserted the PVC was pushed out and the brushes fell into place. Easy and inexpensive.
  45. 15 points
    My third trip to West Virginia This year for Wheel Horse items takes place tomorrow! A tractor on the horizon with implements! Pics later tomorrow.
  46. 15 points
    Got the Gopher Terminator 14 out Had the perfect set up
  47. 15 points
    Nice looking mower!! I have a few 's but for cutting grass, this is my mower. This thing is such a blast to drive. It's like a 32" cut carnival ride.
  48. 15 points
    Not just restoring tractors, restoring faith in humanity as well
  49. 15 points
    Got the new 16hp engine for the C-160 today, and it's mostly hooked up. Throttle, choke, and exhaust to go. Along with fuel lines. There's one wire that seems to be missing from the equation . I've got a spot for one to go, but I've. seemed to run out of wires. I want to thank @richmondred01 for rebuilding this engine and having available for sale. Hope to have this running by tomorrow night, if all goes as expected .
  50. 15 points
    I know a couple people may have seen this on FB... but I done and got a new haircut! It was just after our first bracket loss on a Euchre Tournament and we went on to win 1st place! Coincidence? Intimidation?
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