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    As most of you know about 14 months ago I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. My cancer Dr at Hershey Medical Center said without treatment...3 months to a year. After three types of chemo and my sixth bone marrow draw, the Dr told me today there's NO signs of leukaemia. As I left, the infusion nurses were lined up in the hallway to see me ring The Bell. Again I want to thank all my friends here for the prayers and well wishes. It worked... Still have to go twice a week for blood tests and infusion until platelets and hemoglobin get back to normal. See you all at the next Big Show Jay
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    Thought I'd share how I free up a frozen cable. Clamp the wire end in a vice. Hold the knob end from turning. Turn the sheath with a wrench working back and forth slowly until the entire sheath turns on the wire. If there is a Z hook, cut it off. Pull the wire out and sand until it is smooth. Install the wire in the sheath and work oil in till the entire inside length is coated. Rebend the Z hook. Works better than a new one.
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    Everyone wants a chance at it. Life doesn’t get much better.
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    No this is not a drinking story. Although at times it may have been enough to lead a guy to drinking. Just as my '05 Dodge Dakota was nearing 200k miles it started lacking power and started drinking coolant. The coolant issue was not extreme so I kept limping it along hoping for work schedule to slow down a bit before I addressed the problem. 6 ten hour days don't leave much time to address such an issue on my daily driver. Well like most things that you try to ignore, this came back to bite me. One day when I was leaving work the truck started running really rough. I was able to limp it home but it was very evident that it was time for the ol' girl to get some attention. With it now having over 200k on the odometer, I started thinking about some options. 1- Jack up the radiator cap & put a new truck under it. 2- Put a re-man engine in it. 3- Do a tear down to find the issue and fix it. I really liked option #1 but that was not in the cards financially. Before deciding on option #2 I figured that I should investigate to see what the issue was. After pulling the valve covers and the intake off I found out why it started running so rough. One of the lifters had collapsed causing the rocker arm on cylinder 7 to be sent for a ride. I also figured out that it was burning coolant on cylinder 8. At this point I figured a set of head gaskets would pretty much cure the coolant issue. With aluminum heads a re-surfacing is usually in order when replacing head gaskets & well might just as well do a vale job right away. To save time waiting for a machine shop to rework my heads I decided to order a set of re-man heads & hopefully be able to turn the truck around in a couple of weeks. Ordered a head gasket set & some new head bolts The heads I ordered from Cylinder Heads International and tore the heads off with the engine still in the the truck. During this process I noticed an oil leak under my right hand tire. Turns out that the rack & pinion was leaking. As long as I had to replace the rack I also went through the rest of the front end with new ball joints & tie rod ends. I Started with the head swap on a Saturday morning and by Sunday morning I had the engine back to this point. By early afternoon it was all put together and ready for a test spin. The results were anything but satisfactory. The truck ran worse than before plus it now leaked oil from the right hand head. Back in the shop it went for investigation. I pulled the valve covers off and preformed a leak down test on each cylinder. What I found was that cyl #1 had about 80% leakage through the intake valve & cyl #6 had 60% leakage through the intake. A few of the other cylinders also had leakage through the valves and I also noticed some leakage past the rings. There were a few other things about the heads that I was not exactly pleased with as well. Well...the heads had to come back off, truck is already down, so I might just as well take care of the leakage past the rings. So on to round two. I contacted CHI to see if they would warranty the heads. They were very willing to warranty the heads & sent me a replacement set before they inspected the first set that they had sent me. I dropped the block & crank off at my local machinist on a Monday for the machine work on them while I was waiting for the replacement heads. My machinist called me the next day stating that there was no reason to over bore the engine, it only needed to have the cylinders re-scuffed and that the crank only needed to be polished. Not bad for having just over 200k miles on it. He gave me the measurements of the main bearing journals so that I could order the correct size main bearings. Note the Mopar 4.7L engine has 3 grades of cranks - A,B,&C. The "B" crank is considered standard size while the "A" crank is .0004 under size and the "C" crank is .0004 over size. Given the tight tolerances on the engine Mopar produces select size bearings for this engine. The machine work on the block and crank was done by Thursday the same week. The following week the new heads showed up. They looked much better than the first set that they sent. Unfortunately the new gasket and head bolts did not show. Apparently Partsology's next day delivery is not as advertised. After watching my order sit in "processing" for over 3 business day's I was getting a bit frustrated so I gave them a call. Was told my parts would be out that day. Then came the end of day 4 and my order was still listed as processing. At this point I ordered parts from Engine Tech, then called Partsology the next morning and asked them if my order had shipped. My answer was "No" so I told them to cancel the order & refund the money that they had already removed from my account. Funny - They removed money from my account the day that I made the order, yet it took them 4 business days to put it back into my account. Lets just say that they did not earn a return customer. Finally the weekend before Christmas I had everything I needed to put the engine back together. On Saturday morning I started with a bare block. All of the main bearings were installed and clearance measured using a plastigage. This process was used for the rod bearings as well. Just wanted to make sure that all tolerances were with in spec. Put together, take apart, put together, tedious but this way I know for sure. Fit the rings and finally it can start going back together to stay. Below is where I called it a day on Saturday. Sunday morning it was back at it. Before lunch time the engine was closer to the finish line. I preformed a cylinder leakage test while it was still on the engine stand and every thing checked out as it should, minimal leakage and nothing leaking past the valves. My friend Joel took some pictures while I was dropping the engine back in. Around 7:00pm the engine was bolted in, accessories all back in place and ready for a test drive. It ran smooth but did not seem to have much power in the 2000 to 3500 RPM range. Plus it did not want to shift when it should. Mon. after work I did a cylinder leakage test and a compression test. Again all checked out good. Tues. while I was at work I had another thought to try, I wondered if the catalytic converter was plugged . To test my theory that night, I dropped the "Y" pipe down from the manifolds and took the truck for a drive. Other than sounding like a demo derby car, it ran and shifted like a brand new truck. I was quite happy to know that I would not be tearing the engine down again. After pricing new cats/ Y pipe I was a little less happy but they definitely had to be changed. Ordered the new cats that night with an expected delivery of Dec 29. Not as soon as I would have liked but what could I do. Next day I received notice from FedEx that it would be delivered on Dec.24. Well, Dec 24th came & went and no package. It did how ever show up on my porch by noon Dec.26th After installing the new cats the test drive was very satisfying. Since then, I have put around 500 miles on the truck and life is good so far. Thanks for reading through my trials & tribulations.
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    Shouldn't there be a Before and After day?
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    Been a rough year but Santa 🎅 was good to me today . -2007 60th anniversary (last year made ) N.o.s brand new never ran no acid in battery -1972 commando 800 N.o.s brand new never ran
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    '' Tis the season'' for a train ride. If you look close you will see 2 occupants in the drivers compartment, but wait is that @pullstart driving with @WHX24 riding shotgun , no it can't be it must be Jim at the controls, if Kevin was driving the front wheels would be in the air, especially when pulling a load .In all seriousness hope you all enjoy your Holiday and pray for a better 2021, stay safe all.
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    This is a long post. Bear with me. I’m surprised the “vaccine rollout” topic hasn’t taken off...so I’m restarting it in a different way here. Yesterday the second mRNA COVID vaccine got the blessing for general use. This is quite possibly one of the most exciting and significant breakthroughs in a century...certainly in my lifetime. If their efficacy tracks the trial phases and production and distribution can keep up, we can be out of the woods on this pandemic by summer. The thing so exciting about these is how the vaccine works. It tricks your own cells into producing one of the proteins present on the protein coat of the virus and in turn triggers your immune system to mount a response against it. No live or dead virus is needed or used. No stem cells. No specially reared chicken eggs. There is zero risk of contracting the very disease it is meant to protect against which can’t be said for normal vaccine development. The dose of injected mRNA is low and the material is consumed, so lingering and long term consequences should be minimal. It’s such an elegant solution that can very well pave the way to faster response to future regular viral ailments and pandemics. And no; it can not, does not, and will not alter your genetic material or DNA. Refer to any high school biology textbook for information on how the central dogma works. As millions of people receive their doses there are bound to be undiscovered side effects that crop up. But the 30000-patient trials were so promising with so few significant side effects reported that we are looking at something truly novel and revolutionary. Last spring when my wife and I saw that they were calling for volunteers to be in the trials we both signed up immediately. They were specifically searching for volunteers with health problems to ensure that the vaccine didn’t conflict with various persistent ailments. They also were looking for people who were at risk of unavoidable exposure to the virus in their daily lives. We applied for both the Pfizer and Moderna studies which were both being trialed locally through the St. Louis medical research centers. St. Louis has a lot of problems, but lack of world class healthcare isn’t one of them. I was picked for further follow up, she wasn’t. I was probably a better candidate since my job creates a lot of exposure for me and she is healthier than I am. Enrollment in the study wasn’t automatic. There was a phone “interview” to verify a bunch of things. After that gate is cleared they had me come in for a screening visit which was, essentially, the normal history and physical you get as a new patient when you go to a new doctor. And the requisite nasal swab to check for active covid infection as well as a blood draw. Ouch. This was early September. In mid September I went in for my first injection of either the vaccine or a placebo. The odds were 50/50. In these “double blind” studies neither I nor the research center doing the workup knew if I was getting the real thing or the control. The shot itself is a normal shot. Clean the skin, make the stick, it’s over. You wouldn’t probably choose to get a shot for no reason, but it’s no big deal. The price we pay for living a civilized life. After my first dose in September I had no side effects. Of course the spot where they stick a needle in is a little tender for a day, but other than that it was uneventful. They held me in the office for 30 minutes to make sure everything was stable. Checked blood pressure, heart rate, etc. then I left. For the next 5 days they had me keep an electronic diary of my symptoms and provided a checklist of things to check: fever, soreness, aches, swollen nodes, etc. Had to take my temperature And keep a record. Each day the diary is uploaded. I never missed an entry, but if a patient does they get a phone call to check what’s going on. Serious business and very well managed. In addition to the diary, they call once a day for those 5 days for a safety call with a litany of Questions. After the initial 5 days these things all happen once a week. At the 3-week mark in October, I returned for dose #2. Again the nasal swab and blood draws. Shot #2 was The same as the first. Same protocol of waiting after the shot, doing the diary, having the phone calls, etc. my shot was around 10:00 in the morning. I went to work as normal. That night around 5:00 I just felt a little lousy. Not bad, but a little achy and just a little off. Was running a very mild fever around 8:00. Nothing bad and it didn’t disrupt my normal activities. Slept it off that night and woke up normally and feeling fine. Easy. At was at this point that I was pretty optimistic that I’d received the real deal instead of the placebo. The placebo in the Moderna study is just saline, so it seems unlikely I’d show effects from that. And it makes sense...after dose #1 my body had mounted a response and created antibodies. Dose #2 put more of the stuff in my system that my body had to react to. In the meantime we had a few cases of COVID go Around the office and shop at work. I managed not to catch it so far as I know. I did get a nasty cold in November. Part of the deal with the study is I am suppose to report ANY ailment to them. So I called and told them i was sick. They had me come in for a comprehensive workup and poked, prodded, measured, and tested me. It wasn’t pleasant. This time I got multiple nasal swabs. Fun. Verified no covid. But i did have a rhinovirus cold. Being a typical whiny adult male, I’m sure I acted like the cold was killing me. The study period is to last 25 months from my first visit in September. They will continue to take blood samples presumably to check for antibodies in me and the other 30000 participants. This will monitor for lasting protection. There is talk that they will “unblind” the study so that those that got the placebo can get the vaccine. So I expect to know for sure whether I got it or just the dummy very soon. Based on my response to dose #2, I’m fairly certain I received the actual vaccine. The point of this post is to reveal that I’m 100% behind this science and to give you another datapoint and to make your decision when you’re offered the vaccine. I obviously thought the risks as I understood them were worth the reward. I was in the Moderna study and see at the volunteer level how thoroughly things have been monitored and how their selections for candidates were made, but I am sure Pfizer and the other companies took similar or identical steps. the day the Pfizer vaccine was approved for use last week I cried I was so happy and excited. Yesterday, I did it again. I truly think in a few years we are going to look back at this as a turning point in fighting disease and can hopefully ward off Such a calamity in the future. best wishes, Steve
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    Hi from the uk here are some of my horses.
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    All the Best for Christmas One and All.
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    First let me say you guys have a great forum here, This RJ-58 has been in my family all its life. My grandfathers brother in-law bought it new, sold it to my grandfather after about 5yrs, then my Dad got it a few years later, then it was given to me about 30 yrs ago. Motor has been rebuilt once and transmission has had all new gears and bearing replaced. This little tractor has been worked all its life till about 10yrs ago, when I got a 4wheeler to plow snow with, at which time I set it in the back corner of my garage until a few days ago. I have the dozer blade for it, as well as the mower deck. I also collect antique gas engines, so my son in his younger years took it to shows to ride around and show it, but that was about 25 yrs ago. Over the years the fenders have been misplaced, they were taken off because the tire chains caught on them. Everything is original on tractor except the recoil, I think I still have the Fairbanks Morse one that was on it, and the lift cable to hitch has been replaced with a solid mount with a weld on ball for pulling a trailer. I as of yet can't read the serial number, I will be working on trying to see if I can read it. But its time for me to restore this thing, back to its former glory. So you guys will see me in here asking questions and posting pics of the progress. Thanks in advance.
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    We got about 4 inches of snow today. Towards the end of the storm the temperature was headed up and the snow was melting fast. We went right out and cleared the yard. Wouldn't want to waste good snow like that.....
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    Picked up a nice original 401 suburban this morning. All original just need to find a patinaed fairbanks recoil. Way to start thr new year off with a bang
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    My New Years resolution was "no more tractors"... I almost made it 19 hrs! 🙄 God I love Wheel Horse... this one gets a plow, weights and chains tomorrow. Along with grease and fresh oil... Stay Safe Everyone!! Tony
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    I have not been happy with the way my C145 snow pusher steers with the turf tires on the front. Even with the blade lifted it would push really bad when trying to turn. I had picked up a used set of Carlisle X Trac tires to try out. Yesterday I stopped over to @WHX24's for a visit so I took my front wheels along to change the tires out. BTW the Harbor Freight small tire changer works well. It would work a little easier if it were it was mounted solid instead of on a rolling cart. It is much better than trying to mount them with spoons while trying to hold them still. This morning I put the wheels back on the tractor & went for a test run. With the turf tires I would have to constantly counter steer to keep the tractor strait while plowing with the blade at an angle. With the new tires turning the steering wheel is a little bit harder but, the tractor now goes where ever I point it. Very happy with the new kicks !! Of course it didn't happen with out pics.
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    Tractor is finished,rebuilt k91,rebuilt trans,reproduction belt guard and exhaust cover and new lift cable,new tires and paint the next step is rebuilding deck does anybody know what the belt sizes are I have been doing research with no luck.
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    Now I don't FB but my Cindy does and she spied this one.... What happened to my tom girl who dresses wwwwaaaayyyy too much like her dad?!?!?! Wow is this a dude we even know!!?
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    What’s up guys! Just wanted to drop in and say hello since its been a while, and also to tell you about my latest addition to the herd. A couple weeks ago Howard (857 Horse) called me and said he remembered me telling him at the big show that if he decided to sell one of his extra 857s to let me know. I asked him for some details and a price. He began to explain in great detail, what he had done to it, and what he had fixed, etc. I asked him how much. And he continued to tell me all the things he had done, and finally, I’m like, Howard, name your price ( I had already decided I was buying it). He told me his price and immediately continued to explain the reasons for why his price was what it was, and I was like, “Howard, Howard, Howard….sold buddy! No need to explain anymore!”. He said, well “ive had like 10 of these things, and I’ve learned what to look for, so I’m just explaining that you are getting a good unit.” Whatta guy! There is something to be said about the people in this wheel horse community. I continually see integrity and kindness put on display from the members here! Howard said the same thing. He said he had always struggled to find a hobby that he both enjoyed and fit in. He said he knew he had found his people when he was at his first big show, and the wheel fell off his tractor. I wasn’t there, but he said folks swooped in and got him rolling in no time. Anyways, I had a great time chatting and catching up since we didn’t see each other at the big show this year. He showed me his rock tumblers, and educated me on how to give the super polished rocks to my kids. He assured me that they were “just friggin rocks, but when you present them to a 3 year old, you can turn them into magic.” He continued to educate me on the delivery, “The trick is, to wrap them up in a napkin, then crouch down real low, and talk in a whisper.” “These are really special rocks that have been on the earth for millions of years, and now I am giving them to you….”. I can’t wait to give them to my kids and see their reaction! Oh, I purchased a couple other things including some mower decks that will fit my new 857, and a cool little K91 that he purchased at the big show a few years ago. Not sure what I’ll do with the little motor, but for now I’ll just squirrel it away in the barn for some unknown project on down the road. Alright, back to work I guess….Anyone else ready for the big show? I know I am! Only 6 more months! Won’t be as long as it has been I hope.
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    thought id share some pictures of my 552 that i found abandoned in a barn here in the uk i managed to purchase it got it home tipped some petrol in it and it fired right up after a points clean i then stripped it down and had it clear coated by a friend who owned a paint shop this really brought out the colour in the original paint i then re assembled it and found out that it had the rare hy2 hydraulic kit on it so i will be re building the pump and ram next i also have a new set of tyres to go on it and i will re spray the rims and also fit a hl5 light set and some hub caps coming from the USA for in in the next month or so along with my rj58 i have purchased hope you like my little project ive been working on
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    After a self-imposed lockdown of a month by the two families, my son and his family spent 11 days together with us. Gave me some shop time with my 5yo grandson and this was what we came up with. He drew plans, including a "belly mower" and a trailer and we raided the scrap lumber bin together--his new favorite tool is the drill press with a hole saw for making wheels. We attached the mower with a bit of metal sheet glued to the tractor and a magnet embedded in the mower. He's delighted that "it looks just like our tractor at camp!" He has drawings for more implements we can make the next time he comes. I'm looking forward to that already.
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    I didn’t even know this was available!! If I’m not in the garage, then I’ll be doing some light reading!! It comes with a DVD. The whole story of Cecil Pond! I got it for a Christmas present.
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    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for being that great Community, also for exchange and interchange knowledge and Parts. Thanks for become Fella‘s and Friendships. Thanks for be such a great Community - or maybe more a part of a Family. May Santa sent you all the Gift‘s you like, but especially Health, Peace and Freedom. I wish for us all, that we can go back soon to normal and the Next Show‘s comes up as planed.
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    Merry Christmas to the Wheel Horse family. Despite what has transpired this year, this is still a great place to be.
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    Likewise from another limey. May everyone enjoy a safe and peaceful Christmas and look forward to a better new year. Mick
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    @WHX24, @PeacemakerJack, @ebinmaine, @JCM, @shallowwatersailor, @pullstart, @Horse Newbie, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @Ed Kennell, and the rest of RS .... As I have mentioned before I would be getting snow removal tools for my Mahindra eMax 22, the whole package plow, blower and soft cab, I had purchased a Kubota set-up a couple years back with the intentions of modifying it to fit/work with it but after careful consideration decided just to sell it to help pay for the correct set-up built for Mahindra (by Berco in Canada), I ordered it the end of October and its showed at the dealer in PA right before Christmas and I just picked it up Friday, and today got the sub-frame (which both the plow and blower use so you can switch between with ease) assembled and mounting brackets installed on the tractor frame (the only thing I don't like is you have to switch these brackets back and forth between this and the mower deck mounts "not quite WH easy" but after a few times it may not be so bad ), then installed the sub-frame , snow plow and ran the hydraulic lines and plugged into the loader/sector valve. The cab and blower assembly will follow within the next few days/weeks. Pics and a little video of it in operation. 20210110_163214.mp4
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    Here's the 312-8 I picked up New Years Day. The story.... it was owned by a teenager, his father runs a construction company (SUPER NICE PLACE) He built the custom pull hitch you see on the tractor. Long story short... the tractor "sucked" due to gas clutch release... crummy 22" tires, no weight and so on. He listed for $500... dropped it to $300 after a month... I went and looked... cried about the "clutch" and so on and took it with no attachments for $200. Looking at it this morning... it has 2 loose hubs, the gas clutch has gotta go in exchange for a spring... it needs a full service in the oil and grease department. The 22" rear tires are going in exchange for 23x9.50 turf savers and chains and whatever else I see it needs along the way. 735 hrs... check out front replacement tires, I like the tread. One slow leaks and may need a tube. OH YAH!! ITS AN "SS" And has the ultra rare Hurst Indy Wheel Horse shifter! Be Safe Tony 20210102_093047.mp4
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    I finally got this 312 ready for Winter. (Decals by Terry) Paints (Valspar IH Red, Rustoleom Sunrise Red and Krylon Satan Black, Banner Red) Replaced hood stand and deck lift. (Hood stand & deck lift by Lincoln) Upgraded the front wheels & spindles to 8” (Special thanks to Eric) Refurbished a Wheel Horse 312-8 Hood (Wheel Horse Show 2019) Added second set of seat springs and a friction pad. She drives nice & tight!
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    A couple days ago an ice storm moved through and knocked out power for thousands including our daughters house. They just got it restored a couple hours ago. Many more aren't expected to get the power back on until tomorrow evening. We weren't affected. I woke up this morning to about 4" of very wet snow. One of my favorite sights is all the snow clinging to the trees so I snapped a few pictures. From inside out the back: Out the front: I had to hurry to get in some playtime. The temps were rising and it wouldn't last long on the asphalt drive. My wife took this: After I was done with the drive I couldn't resist a little ride out back: Made for a nice morning
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    New shoes for the main passenger car of the SL & WHN RR. The little 3” casters gave up the fight a few days ago, which I knew they would, so they got replaced with 10” pneumatic casters... (the frame is an old folding chair cart. The 3” casters could handle the weight but the didn’t like the asphalt paving...) Rides smooth and quiet as a mouse now...! I’ll be doing the same thing to the caboose when those wheels crap out... but for now they work so I will keep them...
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    I got my shopping done for 2021 Christmas. Picked up over $600 worth of toys at a good discount. Now to find a safe place to store for next years Toys for Tots drive.
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    Merry Christmas to all and a Better Happier New Year . Thank you for all the support , encouragement ,instruction and indulgence. Always treasured.
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    The reason why I ask this question. In order to have room to work on Radpferd yesterday my C-145 had to sit outside all day. It was a nice day, so it was just fine out there. After I was done with Radpferd I went to start my C-145 to move it back into the garage. It would crank but would not fire. Checked the plug and it was a little wet put still fired like new. Tried some sniffin' salts & still nothing. Tried a new pug and still nothing. Then the wife shouted out the window that supper was ready and that I better come & get it or she was throwing it out. Given this ultimatum I pushed my 145 back into the garage and headed in for some grindage. Tonight when I got home from work I figured that I better find out what the issue was, as my C-145 is my snow plowing tractor. I gave it some choke, turned the key, and it fired right up in less the 2 revolutions. I took it for a ride around the block and it never skipped a beat. When I got back from my ride, my wife asked what was wrong with the tractor. I told her that it was P.O.ed that it had sit outside all day yesterday while Radpferd was getting some love and attention. My explanation may sound far fetched, but it's the only one that I have.
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    That is a bracket made by Trac Vac for mounting their leaf vac units to a Wheel Horse. I have one just like it, only it's black. It retails for over $300 new. Save it in case you pick up a leaf vacuum.
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    Got my little man out on the B80 teaching him the basics of left and right!
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    Nice pic Jim. We're ready for a little snowshoeing but looking forward to warmer weather.
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    One more, this one is also now a part of the @pullstart collection. before after
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    Put a little something together today: completely blasted, epoxy primed, baked on urethane finish, spray on bedliner (like you would find on a new truck, not a thick, rubbery type), powder coated all the brackets and lift carriage pieces , rebuilt all the spindle assemblies with new bearings, new blades, wheels, rollers, oem belt, correct decals, every piece of hardware was replaced . As close to new old stock as it's gonna get.
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    As most of you know, Wheel Horse also had a factory in Belgium, the only Wheel Horse factory outside the US. The factory called Amnor N.V. is located in Oevel. Oevel is a Small submunicipality of Westerlo, located in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. Next to a very important highway, it has a central location in Belgium, but also in Europe Production of Wheel Horse ran at this site from the spring of 1969 up to 1991 The factory now, is the headquarters for Toro Europe, and nothing no longer gets made at this rather small building. Thanks to @wh1257 We have some old pics of the factory in its full glory And how it looks these days Info about the factory The adress of the factory: Nijverheidsstraat 5, 2260 Westerlo Belgium Phone number: +3214562960 If you have any pics, please send them, so we can complete this post! Thanks! More forums about Belgium :
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    Many of you know how frustrating drilling large holes with a hole saw can be. The problem is that a hole saw has no provisions to eject the dust it creates. Therefore the trapped dust soon clogs and overheats cutter eventually leading to its early death by ruining its temper. I have drilled thousands of large holes with them many times through up to 5” thick MDF laminated together. The worst material ever to run any cutting edge through . The idea is to create an outlet for the dust by drilling two holes opposite each other allowing an area for dust to escape to and eventually drop through the bottom. In the example below it’s a 3” hole through 1-1/2” hard maple with no burning or caking up of teeth. I also sharpen them on a regular basis by using a diamond burr or a file.
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    Got the subframe built up for the charger loader today. This little harbor freight welder seems to do great with 3/16 thick tubing. I am still learning how to weld. Never been taught and the only time i gain experience is when i need to build or fix things. I think im doing it right lol
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    Happy Birthday Harvey Firestone In the early 1930’s rubber tires on farm equipment was an absurd idea. But Harvey S. Firestone had a vision to “Put the Farm on Rubber” knowing it would save the American farmer money and increase production. Harvey personally oversaw the research, development, and experimentation of this project, much of which was done on his farm in Columbiana, Ohio. In 1932 Allis Chalmers was the first tractor manufacturer to offer rubber tires on their Model “U” Tractor. In order to convince the skeptical American Farmer that rubber tires were far superior to steel wheels, Allis Chalmers and Firestone launched a brilliant marketing campaign. They employed racing legend Barney Oldfield, and land-speed daredevil Ab Jenkins to run modified “U” tractors in speed demonstrations across the country. The tractors were fitted with a special high gear that allowed the machine to reach 60 plus mph. Barney Oldfield set a land speed record of 64 mph in 1933, only to be out done by Ab Jenkins a year later. Before Harvey died in 1938, he was able to see his vision become a reality as rubber tires were by then standard equipment for the majority of American farms and the idea was going global. The priceless technological value to farming, and the world-wide advancement of food production that followed, was all because a farmer from Columbiana, Ohio pursued his dream to “Put the Farm on Rubber.”
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    Spent my day taking deliveries of my nos machines .
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