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    I’m picking this one up this week. 2016 Tundra TRD Off-road package in Wheel Horse Red !! It’s a Toyota certified truck so it comes with a 7 year 100,000 mile drivetrain warrantee that starts the day I pick it up and a 12 month bumper to bumper warrantee. Dealer installed 4 brand new Hankook tires, brakes and a new battery so I should be good to go for along time. Also this dealer offers free oil changes for as long as I own it and free batteries as long as I own it
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    Most people enjoy the back story so here goes. My grandfather purchased a new 855 back in the day. His next door neighbor was so impressed by the little horse "possibly jealous" that he went out the following year and followed suit picking up this 856. When the neighbor passed my father purchased it and it saw mostly mowing duty as the 855 was worked much harder plowing snow grading etc. Growing up I have fond memories tag teaming yards for pocket money with my father on the one myself on the other. They were always struck me as simple reliable machines which required very little maintenance. That being said the machines found themselves eventually relegated to collecting cobwebs... Fast forward twenty years I got married, purchased a house and had my first born. Time I find is more precious these days and push mowing my hilly 1.7 acre yard ate far too much of that time up. My dad bless his heart felt sorry for me and gifted me the 856 which lived a much easier life of the two, and had a better chance of reviving with little effort. A few hours and some typical tune up stuff filters, fuel line, head gasket, spark plug, rebuilt the OE carb, fresh fluids, had her putting around once again! It served me well this past summer... but it deserves better! Like the million dollar man we can rebuild him...
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    Shortly after Jim's @WHX24 plow day I was cleaning up my trailer to get it ready for a fresh coat of sealer on the deck. While I was cleaning I noticed this nice little surprise. Last weekend I pulled the deck off to get a better look at what had happened. Well things looked even worse on the under side. Seeing this reminded me of a car trailer that I looked at that was built out of tubing that had the same issue, Nitro boat trailer were built with tubing and also had the same issue. Lesson in life, don't buy or build a trailer with steel tube construction. Well mine is unusable so nothing to do now but turn this. Into this. Stand by for the building of my new trailer.
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    Within an hour I had two driveways done after work I love my 876
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    Had good weather today so I was able to get some work done.
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    I’m wondering, how many Wheel Horse junkies (aficionados) grew up with an Erector Set as a childhood toy? I received mine in 1959. Over the years I tore it apart building all sorts of things. Today all that is left is the box and a few parts. But the experience stuck with me my whole life. For Christmas this year, we gave our grandson the same set I received in 1959, only this one is in mint condition. There are no plastics, glues, transistors, computers, or snap fittings - just the most basic mechanical stuff and a noisy electric gear reduction motor. Seems to fit well with an interest in old tractors and basic mechanics - how things work. Anyone else have a similar childhood toy?
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    I just wanted to share photos of my family and my grand baby. With everything i have had to deal with in the past 3 years and my dad being gone. I miss my dad everyday me and him were great tractor buddies. This grand baby of mine makes up for alot of things! I am so proud to be a grandpa! God has blessed me with 3 wonderful girls my wife,son in law and grand baby! I am very thankful for my family!!
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    Picked up this 552 project yesterday. I got a battery for it and it runs. Next step is some tires. I pulled the wheels and dismounted the tires. I’ll be taking the wheels and hubs in for powder coating tomorrow and replacing the axle seals while it’s apart. Once I get it functional I’ll start fixing it up more.
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    Offering hub broaching service for hubs and pulleys. $20.00 + return shipping a hub and includes drilled and tapped for 2nd setscrew. Most common sizes done. Discount for supporters. Pm for details.
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    Here's my rather untidy workshop. Power tools in cupboard under the bench. Most hand tools, spanners etc in mobile tool chest. To the right on the first picture, out of view, is another bench with shelf for storage of fluids and boxes of parts. Ex hospital bed acts as lift and a mobile bench. Don't forget something to sit on while having a brew.
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    Having been born in the late 50's I never really considered a Vintage truck any newer than 1972 because in 1973 the Horsepower ratings started to drop and along came more emission control systems to the Trucks and Muscle cars that a lot of us loved. When @PeacemakerJack started the vintage truck topic he mentioned that he did not consider a vintage truck after 1977, so my thought is there must be many members here that have a lot newer trucks they would like to show but are hesitant to post them on vintage including myself. I will need some time to post pics maybe 1 or 2 for now to get things going. What do you guys think, And of course a big thanks to @PeacemakerJack for brainstorming this great idea. Post them up.
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    Did a little patch work on the 520-H. Somebody had run into a couple of bolts with the lower hood, or it may have been the same bolt twice at a different place. Busted the paint and was rusting. I ground off the paint and knocked out what I could get. Filled the area, didn't quite get enough area filled. I didn't have any regular filler so I used BJ Weld and you don't put any extra on as it's hard to remove. I'm not building a show tractor. tring to stop the rust and make it look a little better. Don't use JB Weld for filler unless you have some good Gator Sandpaper. I also knocked a dent out under the right head light I got most of it. I painted the red and put a heat lamp on it for a couple of hours then painted the black after lunch. Lowe's had some Troy Buit Red that I tried looks to be close to Toro Red. I'll see what it looks like after I get it out side. I know you want pictures so here are a few.
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    Old bird bath stand and cast iron Bamfords seat.
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    Merry Christmas, and as my 4 year old grandson says, Yay Jesus! hope ya'll find some neat tractor parts and tools under the tree.
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    Just throwing it out there i can rebuild your old worn out idler pullies #1623. If your looking to keep your tractor original this is the solution. Ship me your old worn out pulley $25 return shipping included in price. $15 each additional pulley if you want more than one done. Can media blast before assembling for you to paint if requested. Also looking to buy bad worn out #1623 pulleys you have laying around. PM me. Thanks Mike
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    Been waiting for some decent snow and were forecasted for 5-8 inches. Only got 3 inches but very wet and heavy tho. Could use little bit more weight but all in all very happy with the way she pushes!
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    Ok @ebinmaine I have been holding out on you only because I don't want you to drool on your phone when you see this. These 3 buildings are on a 25 acre lot and are as follows, 1 a super barn/ workshop, heated and water of course, 2 a wood shed with addition because it wasn't big enough, and 3 a chicken coop with 3 additions because that wasn't big enough. Garage is about 23 years old the other 2 are about 15 to 20, additions are a little newer. These are owned by one of my best customers ever and where my 417-8 came from. I did not include the house for personal reasons, but you would not believe it if you saw it, inside or out. Almost forgot, the back side of the coop is larger than the front. This house is equipped with a heating system like those I have posted on here but have no pics. Wonderful people.
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    Well the time has come to get some work done on the RJ. Got majority of it apart today and the list of "wrong" was adding up quickly. This is gonna take longer than expected but should turn out great in the end. Enjoy the tear down pics and stay tuned for progress!
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    Yes it does. There are two solutions that I've come up with. One is to raise the hood and the other is is to cut an opening in the hood and make a fiberglass hood scoop to cover it. This is what the raised hood looks like.
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    I have built many odd things in my life but I think to most this one will be the oddest and most unusual. Its a typical Portuguese oxen yoke. I am probably the last one in many years that has built one of these, and it is probably the one I am most proud of.
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    Nice ... be carefull in advertising your lathe skills tho... next thing you know you got fellow members knocking on your door for new hitch pins. That's not so bad but then they want to hang out, shoot the breeze and before you know it your adult beverages are gone! Nowhere near as nice as yours but made this one at the ripe old age of 17 in high school machine shop in 1977.... required project where we had to use the foundry, the trunnions are cast AL, and the machine option of our choice. I opted for the lathe and made the barrel out of brass stock. Got an A for the consistent taper on the barrel. It was supposed to be able to shoot firecrackers at the neighbors cats and was always going to finnish off with a carriage but the school had enough of my other antics and said I was gradgeated.
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    Hey guys - I was too pooped to post when I finally got home! It was after 5:30 when I finally went back! They hooked me up to a cardiac monitor, gave med nausea meds, and pumped in a whole bag of fluids. My blood work showed an infection. They said most likely I had another stomach bug just two weeks after the first one. If that doesn’t resolve itself, I have to have a CT scan of my digestive tract. Possibly diverticulitis since “I’m get up there around that age!” It’s almost 4 am and I’m feeling some better. I wouldn’t wish an ER visit on anybody! Seems my body was just reacting to dehydration - thank goodness. Have a great day - I can just lie around per doctor’s orders. Dang, there goes that honey do list for the weekend!
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    Those Kentuckians have their act together! https://www.wheelhorsewhiskey.com/
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    It was about May when I started dreaming this project up. We saw this nice JD 140 at the Portage, WI show. The young man was nice enough to show me the box action. I think hydraulic dump would be the cat’s meow!
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    Got out today and did some yardwork with my semi restored trailer. Had to clean a few limbs here and there and good thing I have weight and ags on the back with 100 lbs.I really could use some front weight tho . We have had 5 plus Inches of rain in the past week. I also walked up into the woods to check out my wet weather spring on the hillside. Nice flow coming down. Had to walk up a steep hill to get to it. By the way can you see the horse and wagon I'm 80 feet away!!
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    He's this is old coot who used have only a couple of tractors.....
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    Ssshhhhuuuuuu she really believed me - excellent!!!😂😂😂
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    Looks great! @Vinylguy made these up for me... Great job and I love the attention to detail.
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    I doubt that you will get deep enough with what you are making. Bite the bullet and just go rent a small, walk behind trencher and be done with it. Use your horse to back fill the trench. I have years of trenching experience with Ma-Bell...trust me.
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    That was quite the adventure and a labor of love Lane. Dang, has it been 4 years already??
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    Napa Belden universal Plug wire kit 6 cyl # 700173
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    The red one is a ‘94 we bought used in 95. It’s a big block with 90k miles. I’ve always had a company truck so it was only used to haul our wood for heating and pulling our camper when the kids were little. The black one is an ‘03 we bought used in 2008 once the kids got too big to fit in the super cab. It was a super low mileage truck that we found in Chicago. The owner was having trouble selling it because it was a 6 speed and I love manuals. It currently has 50k miles on it and it’s our wood truck now.
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    @AHS Here are a few more pics.
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    Happpyy New Year everyone!!!!!
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    Thanks @Razorback. The last two years I’ve restored wheel horses for him, but a friend made us a deal too good to pass up on this little tractor. Emory had wanted it the last three years when he saw it at our show. The fuel system was full of crud and it had lost spark, so we were at the right time at the right time. A buddy and I worked on it for an hour or hour and a half the next morning and he drove it around for the next two days!! He loved it mustard yellow, so I hope he likes the change. He doesn’t know I’ve added headlights and rear reflectors.
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    I think it’s a bottle opener. Toss it in there and BANG! it’s open.
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    Radpherd, my 1045D would probably like having another diesel to hang with.
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    Ok my answer to removing the stubborn outter bearing ring on my RJ transmission plate I am rebuilding. I decided to use my Dremel metal cutting blade to cut a slit in outter bearing ring and the welded bearing ring. Cutting the slit allowed me to use a chisel to move the outter bearing race and cut a second and third slit in the outter bearing race using the same single slit I cut first through the welded bearing ring.
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    Thank you all for the nice words. I'll enjoy showing the progress and would be happy to include detail about bodywork. The decision to repaint was mostly because I'd like it to last another 50 years and I have access to the equipment. There was quite a bit of rust not seen in the photos which has now been stopped in its tracks. Another factor was the care (time) required to maintain a patina'd look through wax, oils, etc did not jive well with me. I want to hose it off and call it good...lazy I guess.
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    This might not be practical for some but all I’ve ever done to my wood truck is rinse the bottom of it with clean water anytime I had it in mud or salt. I find that caked on mud left under a vehicle is just as hard if not harder on vehicles than salt because it collects moisture. I’ve been lucky to always have a company truck for daily driving so this truck has only been used to haul our camper and firewood to heat our home for the last 25 years. The underside still looks almost like new.
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    I noticed the old coot has not been counting lately, run out of fingers and toes and beer cans ?
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    Grabbed this little guy real cheap off CL over the weekend. Came with all the original papers, brochure, and a slip claiming a full engine overhaul in the 80's. Seems the last movement was the rebuilt engine's crank stub was broke off by an impact gun. they began repowering with a snowblower engine, but stopped when they found no way to do this outside of cutting the hood.. No idea the state of the original Teccy HH60. But it just so happens I have a NOS never fired H60 in my shed, for a WH.. and it came with the original tank and engine, pulley, etc parts currently removed. Ah well. Another project I really didn't need, but I haven't had a short frame in a while. Planning to mount my sickle on this one since it's a fair bit easier to move and store. Will likely end up repainting this one.. and shame about the original seat. It's almost perfect, but collapse of the foam claimed the edges like they all do.. Had a gorgeous '66 years ago with a red/white seat. May just try and find someone to do that.
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    Pulled the motor out and took the rolling chassis it to the car wash. Cleaned up the engine it was a mess of caked on oil. The crank seal on the flywheel side was loose.
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    Training set for civil engineers...
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    Yeah... I like to hold a rag over the clip to play catcher’s mit!
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    If you have to rearrange your shed every season, in order to have the tractors you're going to use, close to the door
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