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    Well I went out to the Greencastle Airport today and spent the $75 to take a fifteen minute ride and it was worth every penny. Amazing plane for the 1920's! The ten passengers and two up front (pilot and co-pilot) flew around Greencastle . I was on the sixth flight of the day around 2 PM. There were 199 of these Ford TriMotors , (also known as the Tin Goose) made and only 18 survive with just 8 having FAA air worthiness certificates ! So not many chances left to fly in one of these so I said lets go! I sat behind the pilot up front . The take off was a bit loud but I have to say the landing was the smoothest I ever had in an airplane of any size. If one of these comes to your town I highly recommend taking a flight in this airplane! A thrill a minute! Here is more information about the Ford Tri-Motor passenger airplane. Photos to follow.
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    Brought home a new toy today , runs great and mows nice , and the best part was the price was right
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    Having a few people over for a bonfire...figured I’d put the 656/Honda to work. Hauled out a few chairs that needed scrubbing and a couple loads of wood. Have some nice dry pallets close by as well . Wife wanted me to toss out a wicker laundry basket today (but I saved it for tonight! Wicker burns great!!)
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    Just got the 314-8 up to PA, repurposed as strictly a plowin stallion and somthing to stare at in the garage ...Its only wet because she just got a bath, this machine will never spend a night outside again! . Just waiting on my new set of AG tires to arrive and thanks to a member for the new plow setup!!!, fits perfect and with all the stainless hardware that was added it will last generations to come!
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    I wanted to share with you Wheel Horse fans my latest off road upgrades I’ve done to my C-81 while trying to not butcher the original tractor. I built a bumper with a winch for the front and a rear rack too. I also made a video about it. https://youtu.be/YT_SguWXuN4
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    We've got a lot of squirrels here
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    They're not red but they sure are COOL ! We lease about 4 acres from another local trucking company to keep our loaded trailers and I peeked inside one of their out buildings today . There was a fella messin' around with one of their older Pete's so I walked over and struck up a conversation .
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    Went and picked up this c101 yesterday from its original owner. It came with a deck snow cab, snow blower, and two sets of tire chains for $350. It was on that offer up site for almost 4 months!
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    The folks here get it. Fun mixed with technical information about useful toys. I’m glad to be a part of this forum.
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    When I finished the refresh on Putt Putt and momma took her first ride, she asked me, “Is this one mine?” Now I swear I love her, but I couldn’t imagine giving up Putt Putt if I had another option. 5 months later, I find this gem. Mrs. Pullstart is out of town on business, so in the morning the girls and I plan to go look at it. The owner hasn’t ever started it and the transmission seems stuck. Not sure if it is stuck in 2 gears or locked up by water or other means, but he said it used to roll just fine. It has one light, some cool stars on the hood and some sweet rear tires. The starter / generator is a bonus for the Mrs, she has a tough time pulling Putt Putt over even though she can start her Polaris 440 snowmobile just fine.
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    A friend let my wife drive his Oliver 70 in our parade and 3 weeks later this followed me home!
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    Well Monday had a great day rounding up some attachments. Now to clean them up, paint, get new badges from the vinyl guy. Just a few projects for winter and maybe summer we see how it goes. Just not sure which I'm going to do first. Almost forgot the new addition to the heard.
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    Hi folks, i dont own this anymore, just recently sold. Fella i got it from said it was used to mow cemetaries. Sounds legit enough to me. Anyway figured id post some pictures for you to take a gander at, and if anyone else had ever seen one.
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    Great September Day in Greencastle, Indiana today! Airport Appreciation Days in Greencastle, Indiana today. A 1920's Ford Tri-Motor plane is flying over the town with people taking rides for $75 each! Flew over the Wheel Horses I had out running the engines and preparing for winter several times already this am! Also had a film crew flying a drone over the DePauw University 1884 McKim Observatory located across from my front yard! Watch Video of the Ford Tri-Motor flying thaty you get to hear that famous motor sound! 015.MOV
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    Listening to some Josh Thompson, cooking with the fog rollin’... Not a bad way to start the weekend! Oh yeah and coffee too! ( @ebinmaine )
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    Earlier this week my brother David Ralph and I got the 1964 Wheel Horse 1054 we use for snowplowing ready for winter duty. Here are some pics of the tractor . The rear drawbar hitch my dad made for three of our 1054 tractors, the the special leverage left for hauling logs and steel beams, and the WW-93 Wheel Horse Wheel Weights that work well year round!
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    Took today off work and spent it tinkering on one of my junkers. It was a 656 originally. Sports a Honda under the hood now. Painted up the rims, added a hood ornament and relocated the front weights. With that light weight Honda this thing will pop a wheelie at 1/4 throttle! Damn scary! Moved the weights to between the frame rails. I know the Honda’s get no respect but this one runs so smooth and real quiet. You can actually yak on your cell phone while cruising on this tractor! Try that with the original Teccy 6!! This one will be my show cruiser at Zagrays in a couple weeks. Hope to see ya there!!
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    Harvest time in SC Pa. Shot this one at 4PM this afternoon on the way to my Grandsons football game.
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    I had been looking for one of these Fiat 124 Spiders for around 5 years. Found this '78 last Sept. After pics are around 400 hours labor later. Before After
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    I saw a post on FB from Glen about 2-3 days ago. He said he was not allowed to drive (auto or Wheel Horse's) and was still on the mend. He had made a lot of items last fall getting ready for "The Big Show" in June, but his stroke fouled that plan. He is selling on Ebay. I know everyone on here is hoping Glen gets well enough to get out and about and make it to shows again so we can visit with him and buy his fine WH goodies
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    Hi folks, picked this up today on my day off from work. Came with 2 extra decks aswell. When i looked at it, there was no battery, owner said he had never tried to start it. It did have decent compression. Lesson #1. Just because it has compression, doesnt mean that the plug threads are not stripped out. DOH!!!...MONKEY MUFFINS!!!!. fortunately i had an old parts h50 tecumseh engine. Swapped out the head, and the gasket still seemed pretty good for now. Lesson #2. When checking for spark with the pull starter, make sure you have the ignition switch TURNED ON! BEFORE, you decide theres no spark, AND pull apaert the flywheel to "inspect" things. Yup, that was me. Heres my sign! In the process of pulling the flywheel, i put my impact gun on the nut, gave a very small quick squeeze, and boom, broke free real easy. Key word being broke!! The threaded shaft that the flywheel goes on was infact broken! But i actually dont think it was me this time. Or maybe it was. There was small bolt thru the end of the shaft, and when i put it back together, well i just thread the broken part of the shaft back on, put it back together, snugged it up, and prayed. The good news is that i did infact get it started, got it running pretty well actually. Still need a little rebuild kit for the carb. Wipe off some excess grease. And putt around the yard. I realize this is the lawn ranger model, but is there a specific model number for this tractor.? Range of year of manufacture? Anywho, just sharing my day. Mike
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    For those of you you don't have one... get one!. 30 years ago when I worked on farms I happened by a traveling salesman who had a press, a engine hoist and a small standing bandsaw all in the back of a pickup. For 350 he let me have all three. I eventually traded the band saw for I don't remember but the press and the hoist I traded to a buddy for my current drill press. I never really had the use for a shop press till I caught the bug. Steering wheels, and other stuck things being such. So my buddy still has the press and never uses it, same thing with that lathe he refuses to part with! He would let me use the press whenever he is at his shop but catching him ther is a PITA. So in watching for the coupon at HF I went and got my own...hey the steering wheels are piling up! $185 regular and armed with a coupon I got one for 130. Yeah it's a over seas cheapy but I figure for a hobbyist. Pros: Fairly heavy and came with a heavier set of multi cut out arbor plates. Paint was fairly decent and resistant to chips. Some assembly required but 10 minutes.... took me alot longer to clear out the junk to place it! Fairly compact but good work space. They offer a 12 ton version that is really compact but I feared 12 might not cut it. Easily removable jack with handle case you need to take it out for that under the apple tree work! Cons: Jack is very slow ... pump to piston displacement means you have have to really work it to get it move a 1/2"to get it to the work piece. Stand ....While the frame is heavy enough the legs are small angle and are held on by four cheesy bolts allowing it to wobble a bit. Would be worse on uneven floors. The ticket will be to weld them solid, shim and anchor it to the floor. Jack handle was two piece and fell apart when you looked at it . Drilled it and put in a roll pin. Rather narrow apron ...might not let you get steering gear or other work pieces throught it. All in all pleased with it so far but will see how it does other work Handled two steering wheels easily. Feel free to show what you might have.
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