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    Several months ago I ordered this Sunex service cart for work. It served me well, but it did have some downfalls, one major one was the top tray wasn’t big enough or deep enough to hold all my sockets. Finally broke down today and upgraded to the US General. So much more room and much better quality. Had to settle for the black one as they were out of red and blue, which were my first two choices
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    go to a funeral with the sole purpose to rustle horses from the widow
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    Very nice Lane... almost forgot, I just picked up this double sided one too! Like you...I've got no available wall space to display it though.
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    Swapped to the fatties on my cruiser for this weekends tractor/machinery show.
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    I keep a John Deere in my dinning room. Right behind the fire truck and next to the airplane.
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    So here we go again...As soon as I finished up the last wheel barrow conversion I knew the Wheel Horse & Sylvan Lake Western RR was gonna need more capacity...two simply wasn’t enough to meet the demands of the nieces & nephews... So... I saved an old folding chair cart from the scrapper along with some beat up old metal folding chairs... It will hold 4 chairs in line. Plan is to put in a floor, secure the chairs, add seat belts, paint frame red, chairs and hitch black. Thinking of using extra set of rears that came with my recent WHrat WHrecker build...should raise whole thing up to perfect height for level platform... Will become car #3 in the Wheel Horse & Sylvan Lake Western RR... seating for 6-8 depending on passenger size... Pic of the frame so far and the existing RR cars it will attach to...
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    Im excited to have just aquired this early RJ58, serial #1099. It's a little rough around the edges but has some neat early characteristics such as the RJ35 style front wheels, slab hitch and leather shifter boot. Ive never seen this style of big, round rear hubs before. I assume these were used on the earliest RJ58's? I ask because my other early RJ #1789 has the more conventional, triangular looking 3-bolt hubs. Out of curiosity, does anyone know what the earliest known RJ58 serial number is currently? Thanks, Rob
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    Just about ready to weld up the new hoops for my Senior's front rims...
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    Well its been a long road for this little REO but its finally running, moving, and mowing as it should. I bought it almost two years ago. Running and driving before I loaded it onto my truck. Stopped at a friends house to show him. I had to talk him into unloading it to drive it around his yard. Well we unloaded it, he got on and drove it like 25 yard where the transmission locked up. So after my cancer treatment we finally got around to cracking the transmission open to find out what the problem was. Bad bearings and a broken shift fork. Found the parts and never having seen the inside of a transmission before was able to get everything installed and back together. When that was done took the carb off and soaked it and got a rebuild kit. Well its all back together again and to my surprise working as it should ! Did a quick clean up on it but for being all original and 55 years old it looks pretty good. Im glad it is running and driving again. Saved from being a parts machine or hauled to the junk. I said earlier that I think I am the only one interested in these rear engine little horses. Can anyone put a value on them? I never see any around. At some point I will have to part with them.
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    Looks like we may have three to display next year!
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    A funny story about the first late fall/early winter after my girl friend moved in with me. She came home from work & I was setting up a ramp on the front steps. "What are you doing??" she asked. "I'm bring my Harley inside for the winter, just like I do every year" was my reply. "If that bike comes in the house, I'm moving out!!" was her reply. I said "Well, I'm gonna miss you. Now get out of the way" My bike spent every winter inside the house until I sold it about 8 or 9 years later. Oh yeah! My girl friend stayed & even married me, been together 27 yrs. Moral of the story? Heck I dunno, but it worked out well for me. No more bikes in the house for me, (For now ) The only display tractors that my wife allows in the house (so far) is part of my collection of 1/64th scale Case & IH tractors. Here is part of that collection. I started collecting these about '82 or so & have tried to keep up with the new Ertl releases every year since then, plus collected some of the older ones. I also have some made by other companies as well. I have 4 large totes full of tractors that are still in the package yet that I just don't have a place to display.
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    Oh yeah? You think you are a tough guy? I'll plow you under.
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    I figured I'd take advantage of the beautiful day and get my 05 ready for winter. If everything goes as planned we'll have some 300'+ of blacktop drive to clear so I decided to go with these Terra Grips instead of the steel chains I've been using.
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    What have I done with my Wheel Horses lately? I have been experiencing some problems with my hands lately (been coming on for years, being a MAN I ignored it) and finally had carpal tunnel surgery on the first hand yesterday,the second one will be done in two weeks so for now I will be kicking back and wrenching vicariously through everyone's posts. Keep them coming.
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    I bought this 702 that I call "the closest living relative" a while back and put in in the basement next to the washer and dryer. Got tired of going to the other garage for parts to fix my wife's Dad's 702 we were using all year long. Just like AMC, there has been a laundry basket on the hood from time to time. Bill
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    Yesterday we visited Köln, a familiar place. After walking around the Cathedral, we revisited the site that I gave my wife a 10 year anniversary wedding ring 2 years back. Then off to an indoor ski area. What a great idea! The Cathedral was originally started in 1248, took well over 200 years to complete and had to be entirely rebuilt after the war. They were built so tall in that time to be a central focal point for travelers to find church service or the city for food and rest. We have climbed the staircase to the top before, such magnificent sights to see in every direction!
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    Welded up the rim for the dual on the 1054. Need to get longer bolts for mounting it. Then get the tire mounted.
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    I couldn’t help myself. same year I was born, isn’t it cute 1970 Lawn Ranger next a little size comparison
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    Several MPH. Not as fast as a Cub Cadet hydro but still moves pretty quick. I think the owners manual lists it as about 8mph. Seems even a little faster than that to me. The 418-C was a one year only model—1987. It’s followup model was the 520HC. They had multiple little and some bigger differences than their none commercial “brethren”. You will note that the dash panel on the C has less “idiot” lights thus a simpler wiring harness. The seat is of a different design, the front axle has heavier spindles, it doesn’t have the extra chrome. A hard core worker is the best way to describe the C model. (me plowing on my son’s 418-C) Dressed in its leaf removal clothes! Great versatile little tractor that is definitely hard working...
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    Nice Original Wheel Horse, 4-Wheel Utility Wagon I believe everything is original including paint, decals, etc.
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    It’s a slightly better view when driving now
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    I wasn't complaining Jonah @ZXT. Just seems funny for a 22yo to be called a senior. I don't know how it happened so fast, but this 26yo got stuck in this 76yo body.
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    Hello all, I just thought I would introduce myself quick. My name is Brad and I used to own a Wheel Horse. I know, great intro to a Wheel Horse forum. I currently have a 1996 White Outdoor GT1855 that I am rebuilding the Hydrostat on. In trying to find info on the Eaton 1100-057 that I have, I came across this forum and the wealth of knowledge on it. Hello everyone!
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    The wife and Kids come and hang out in the garage now, they watch Tv, play darts and watch me do my Wheel Horse thing. They are loving this particular 701 project.
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    No twitting ... I have no idea what that means @ebinmaine!! No FB ing and no links to out side ads. Good news is anything is open game ... as well as other hobbies, your interests and complaints about yer MIL or BIL in the non tractor section if anybody will listen. Read the forum rules.... somebody post a link for me this stupid tablet.. and we'll all get along fine..... cept maybe for @squonk who thinks the Packers rule but has alot of NAPA part numbers memorized, so we put up with him, @pullstart, who has a few damaged brain cells but we keep him around for his outstanding fabrication skills and his wallet. Then there's. . Aww never mind ther in the same boat as I....
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    Finished up the transmission and got it connected to the frame. While I was waiting on transmission part gave the blast cabinet a real workout with a lot of small stuff. Then got ambitious and took the tower apart. Parts book shows the collar with the lift arms removable from the shaft. Soaked that sucker for two weeks with penetrate. Didn't even phase it. So....the tower frame complete with lift arm went into the blast cabinet. Boy was that FUN!!! The basic frame is done and the rest of the parts are getting their final coats (don't have enough "clothesline") A guy I met a while back called me last Monday and said he was going to sell his 83 C-175, plow and snow blower. Already have a nice plow and rebuilt a snow blower last summer. Not looking to rebuild another snowblower or a plow. Guess I'll have to list em on the classified.
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    Hi good folks So I have been messing around with a diesel conversion project, based on the engines I have started import of. Now this week I had thrown in my lab, that I needed to go figure out how to do some basic video editing. I took that as an excuse to practice on that project Thought I could use you good people as ginny pigs V-twin diesel test. Web version.wmv
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    I'm surprised you guys never noticed my brother Harry standing on the porch. Heads Up Harry shows up at my door every October. He's also upset with the way PENNDOT wastes his tax dollars.
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    BTW, here's the 312-8 I picked up today. Just a couple of quick pictures before unloading it.
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    Those twins look familiar
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    Well, my collection was zero 10 years ago... so it’s gained much since then! Thanks a lot, Big Show!
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    Know that Regal Red paint is the one, true "red". Know that the Ponds were not heirs to a facial cream empire... Understand where baby Wheel Horses come from... (lots of them)... and agree to accept them into your home unconditionally...
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    Crop circles... Crop circles... I don’t know nothin’ bout no crop circles...
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    20 acres done...What’s next???
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    once again—sounds exactly like something I would say☺️
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    Got the 8n delivered to our plot of land today. Did some brush hogging and got the rest of the 10 tons of gravel spread out. While my friend owned the tractor, he repainted it, converted it to a 12 volt electrical system, and put new tires on it. He used it in his business to mow and keep the parking lots graded around his warehouse for the last 15 years. We named this tractor EJ, because when I owned it, it had great patina. Most of the paint was weathered off and it had a coating of rust. It had the look of E J Potter's Allison aircraft engine powered pulling tractors. He didn't seem to bother with paint on his tractors, but they were consistent winners. E J needs a little work fixing a gas leak and tidying up some wiring. Probably going to change oil and transmission oil too. I noticed today that the hydraulics seemed slow. I'm guessing that the gasket in the hydraulic pump is needed. Anyhow, it is nice to have E J back in the family. We will send him off to winter storage later this week and start looking for parts to work on him next spring. I'll post a picture or two in the near future.
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    If you got em heres the place to show em! Halloween and just fall in general is Cindy's favorite time of year. The leaves changing, crops to get off, and the harvest thing in general, what's not to like? Horn of plenty always comes to mind of year this time. Turkey day creeping up too fast.. days getting shorter, fall colors... you get my meaning. I'll start it off with a simple one but way this place looks ther will be plenty more if it ever quits raining! Get them cameras out and let see some of your fall decos! Special Thanks to @Ed Kennell and his brother Harry for coming up with this idea!
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    As close as mine are allowed to get ..,
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    Thought some of you would enjoy seeing my sons and grandsons other hobby. All stuff from the 1940s F6BC4BE5-A91C-4A71-83FB-58DA0F457A24.MOV F8D596FF-1DD1-4C1B-A81D-2B881C2FCD8C.MOV
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    Was sup .... *****???
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    The template will fit all 300 and 400 series for sure. I forgot about the member magnets made years ago. Good idea to represent at shows
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    Don't believe a word of it. Toro stayed with the same design until 2007. The worse part about the newer ones is the electrical but that's not Toro's fault. It's a byproduct of all the safety gizmos they have to put on them.
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    Keep those ideas and it will progress over the years until you do have the time and money. I was just like that when I was younger and have now built all kinds of different things. @Tractorhead is spot on. Build the things you can with what you have or can find now. Modify the stuff you have. Then graduate to bigger stuff as time and money allows. You'll get there
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    I hate meeses to pieces.
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    We are certainly blessed! That tree could have hit our house or roof . None of which happened. We are all safe now!
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    I've decided to mill the key out to accept a regular 1/4 key that I'll make about 2 1/4 inches long. I'll make a new pocket on the opposite side of the woodruff key and make it so that it can't slide out front or back. Like I said, I'm more skilled with a mill than a welder plus I have a mill but no welder.
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    Too late. Head's already too big. Ask my wife! For working on tractors, an analog meter is your best bet. I've tried many brands of digitals including the big boys and they all have erratic issues around a running tractor. You cn get a cheapie meter at Lowes, HD TSC ect that would be good enough. I wanted a nice analog to sit on my shelf with the rest of my antiques so I bought a Simpson off of E Bay. If I have a strange issue going on with something electrical, out it comes.
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