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    After our Easter dinner my nephews and nieces came up to me with that look in their eye. You know the look that says "We would like something but we're afraid to ask" They never asked but I knew what they were waiting for and being the big softy that I am, I got a tractor out for some cruise time. With one nephew at the wheel and a tub full of great nephews and nieces they spent a good hour or so cruising around the neighborhood.
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    I did something I never could have imagined myself doing today. Thanks to this forum, the encouragement of the members and detailed instructions from @T-Mo, I rebuilt my carburetor! thank you!
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    I know you can buy a C-195.... but not here in the UK - and besides, what’s the fun in buying when you can make your own so starting with a gearbox and frame - I’m adding the bits. Big front wheels and GT-14 rears.
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    before I miss some pictures and progress, best add a little more detail. I didn't have any GT14 hubs, and besides they won't fit a manual trans. So made my own... I don't think these are going anywhere soon, I think they should work well. Once I bolted the wheels one, theres a snag - the offset it wrong and it is about 26 inches wide at the rear! So off with the tyre and drill the spot welds out to move the centres. this was tedious - but needed doing. It now looks to sit a little better - also put 10" wheels on trailer hubs at the front to balance it.
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    To any members who have standing orders placed on my website or have contacted me for special requests. Please be patient and also contact me if I have forgotten you. As I get older my ability to multitask is weakening. Seems everyone is ordering at once. Never in 12 years have I seen this many order come in such a short time. Working hard to get caught up but still maintain the best quality product. Thanks for your continued support and patience. It has been an amazing ride and I hate the thought of letting any of you down. Thanks again Terry aka. Vinylguy
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    Finally,after being on order since this past early November,my new equipment building has arrived.I did all the site prep late last November before the ground froze and snow started falling.Crusher run floor.44 feet long.20 feet deep.Main part is 12 feet high.Leanto's are 10 feet high sloping down to 9 feet.Took a 4 man crew a total of 8 hours to erect.They got here at 2 PM yesterday and left at 7.Got here at 7 AM this morning and were done a little before 10 AM. Last pic is of the building finished except for the trim.Those guys were working fools.Gonna leave the front open,at least for now.Plan to put my backhoe,bulldozer,mini excavator,of course a few Wheel Horses,park my Daily driver Jeep Wrangler in it too.Will start to fill it up over the week end.
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    It was a good project that could not have been done without the help of all your expertice,suggestions and encouragement a specially from a local member RJ Collector who helped carry it over the finish line
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    @WHX24 and @pullstart were posting adds that they were finding for for sale. This type of enabling got me to looking around until I happened upon one that they missed. It was a D160 at a very reasonable price so I decided to give the seller a call and set up a time to go look at it. His schedule and mine dictated an early morning run for me. With trailer in tow, I started my 3hr journey at 4:30am to go have a look see. What I found was a fairly strait tractor that was in need of a little (Ok maybe a lot of love) Seller was at 2 1/2, after looking it over and pointing out some issues I countered with a buck and a half. We met in the middle at 2 Benny's which I thought was a good enough deal. Of course it didn't happen with out pic's, so here's some shots of me new baby. I would have liked to see some more equipment hanging off from the rear end but for the price it was not a deal breaker. If the meter is correct there are not a huge amount of hours on the 'ole girl. Known issues so far. Engine turns over & has compression but no spark. Wiring is a nightmare Steering needs some surgery. Missing throttle linkage. My first plan is to see if the Onan will run and how well it runs. If it has major issues I will most likely look for a K341 to replace it with. The steering pivot arm under the tractor has been broken, repaired, broken, repaired etc a few times. I may look for a new one but will more likely fab one from steel as these are often an issue. Future plans are to build a FEL for this tractor and maybe a back hoe. Back hoe is not in stone though. Currently I have so many iron's in the fire that I won't be able to start on this tractor right away, so don't look for any progress on this right away. She will be put on moth balls for a while until I can give her some attention.
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    They say age creeps upon you. This morning it has with me. Eldest grandson's wife has just had a baby boy. I'm to young to be a great grandad. Honest!
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    As a follow up to my earlier post about pretty tractors, I just made my 141 a little prettier. At least I think so. I found out, what most of you probably already know, You cannot use the stock 7/16 lug bolts to attach wheel spacers, and of course my little metropolis here offers little in the way of 7/16 fine thread anything. But I found enough hardware to at least temporarily bolt on the spacers. Then came trying to get the wheel on to the lug bolts. Nope. A 1/2" bolt would go through the holes, barely. Getting 5 of them through 5 holes was not gonna happen. I (reluctantly) bored out my new rims, to 9/16. That worked. When I was measuring, and looking, and trying to decide how thick the spacers had to be, I decided on 1 1/2". Of course I was doing all my measuring on the right side. The left side has the brake mechanism. CRAP ! I added (2) 1/2" flat washer to the studs, and the tires cleared. I added another washer for good measure. The fronts were another story all together. My original hubs are about 3 3/4 wide at the spindle. These new spindles are about 2 3/4". If I was suppose to order spacers for this difference, good ole Ed at Miller Tire, neglected to tell me that. Actually Ed was a great help. He knew his product, he knew what I was trying to do, and he knew what I needed, even if I didn't THANK YOU ED ! I cut some spacers from some 1" galvanized pipe for now. Tomorrow I will get something a little better. As a side note. My wife loves it. Reminds her of her High School days. WHEW !
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    The entrance to the WH storage shed is always wet, this year really wet!!. Almost time to wake up the Summer horses and put the snow horses to bed. Don't want them getting all muddy so hauled some 2A stone. 310-8 is my mud season go to horse. Big fat tires, no weights, light tractor and 10 pinion limited slip she does really well no ruts left to fix later.
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    Dropped off Craig’s (AMC_rules) 60 year old Sivertown tires he bought last year in Indiana to his wife Linda (Mrs. AMC_Rules. The great Big Show photographer) at 8:30 am this morning In Newburgh, New York! Ruth and I were on our way to Boston to celebrate birthdays for two of our granddaughters-and we did surprise them!
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    Years ago, I was watching a Johnny Carson re-run. Jimmie Stewart was on the show and read a poem he had written about a camera. He wrote the poem as if the camera were speaking. I thought it was kind-a cool. I thought if a camera can write a poem, so can a tractor. I wrote and published this on another tractor forum in 2017. It is a true story about one of my "other" red tractors. I wrote it shortly after completing the rebuild on it. I have adapted it to fit a Wheel Horse. I am a Wheel Horse Tractor, 14 horse power strong Start me in the morning, and I'll run hard all day long I'll mow the grass, push the snow, and even turn the soil Just fill me up with gasoline, and please check my oil My owner used me every day, I didn't ask for much A little washing, an oil change, now and then, a tune up I got bumped and bruised along the way, and scratched in different places But time and time I proved myself, going through my paces After 30 years I was handed down, to his son in law And after ten more I was handed down To his son in laws, son in law. The years had taken it's toll on me, I was looking pretty rough My motor spit and sputtered, I was filled with dirt and rust I was delegated to a shed, returning ,slowly, slowly, to dust To let me waste away like this, I thought that it was wrong I am a Wheel Horse Tractor, 14 horse power strong And then one day my second owner, came back and saw me there He looked at me and shook his head I need tender loving, care He took me home and washed me off, I wasn't much to look at He scratched his head the way guys do and thought, “I think I can fix that, The wrenches came out, the bolts removed, I was laying there in pieces In buckets, cans, and jars were parts, I looked like a pile of “feces” He'd work for hours, and was happy to, Now thank God and Wheel Horse, he had something he could do I wanted back together, it shouldn't take too long I am a Wheel Horse Tractor, 14 horse power strong He'd work till dark, go inside and promise to come later I sure hope so, I miss my tires, my bolts and nuts, and my carburetor Sometimes he'd go fishing, leave me all alone I wanted him to come back “Get your dumb ass home” It took a while, some cuss words, a smashed finger with a tear Some paint and polish, a little cash And a whooooole lotta beer I feel much better now. I'm back together again new wires and switches, and best of all new paint on all my tin Now I feel like a million bucks, and he says that I should But if he had the chance to do it again I'm certain that he would I am back to greatness, feeling like King Kong I am a Wheel Horse Tractor, 14 horse power strong.
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    Bought this 420 LSE. It’s #37/200. More of a worker than a show tractor. I’ll probably continue to use it as a worker. Needs some cosmetic elbow grease more than anything. Came with 48” deck, & wheel horse grass catcher system, Snow Blower, 2 aerators, (plug & spike type), & a grass thatcher.
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    Due to the pandemic, we have opened several no contact Drive thru Casinos here in PeeAaa. You just drive thru slowly and throw your money out the window.
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    I don't know why I bought it. Certainly not looking for a project and I don't have any weeds to mow, but it is kinda cute and it's all there and all parts move. I just neeed to find some spark.
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    Surfing the on line auction sites and found this little beauty. I couldnt help myself and had to have it! I know its not a Wheel Horse made attachment but it was sold by Wheel Horse and can be found on the back of an RJ-35 brochure. Now i thought it has fared pretty good for a 70+ piece of equipment. I'll let you be the judge of that! What the interesting part of it all is it was made not to far from the the birth of the Wheel Horse. I think this will look good behind my late 1955 RJ-35. I dont think I've ever seen one of these at any show. ENJOY THE PICS.
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    There is no greater bond on earth, than that of a mother for her off-spring. EXCEPT ! 2 buckets stuck together
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    Hi all. My brother has been doing a lot of family history detective work, tracing ancestors of ours over the years. A while ago he asked me to take him to a village called Castleton which is not too far from us, about 40 miles I guess. He had found a branch of our family name in that area and wanted to have a look round the local cemetery. After a bit of tombstone reading we found several with our family surname. Its quite unusual, Whittingham. When I was at school my name didn't quite fit in the space on the register, so my teacher would always call out "Whitting" and when I answered he would finish "Ham" Such fun! You can imagine what I thought when I saw the gravestone engraving of John, one of my distant cousins from 1758...
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    I thought we all were going to watch and make an attempt to not keep quoting posts full of pictures so we had to look at them over and over and over and over and over. Think of the people with cell phones please. You can quote what you need to draw attention to why your are posting without copying all of the pictures that go with it.
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    I got a GT 1142 a while back, an 83 but it looks about 5 years old, even the oem seat. I didn't barn find it but the guy who did only kept it sitting in a shed, too. It was missing the linkage rod and he stuck a piece of fence wire in there, but connected it wrong. He jacked around with the governor too. I'm still dialing it in but thanks to this site, I've managed to find not only how it's suppose to be connected, but complete service manuals on the tractor. Incredible resource. I'm obliged to join now.
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    Harbor freight trailers are completely out of stock in my area so I bought this 300lb capacity atv rack instead. It's awesome! On it I have a pair of 18 gallon Rubbermaid totes, a 5 gallon gas can, and my Milwaukee M18 chainsaw. I also provisioned it to pull my gorilla cart which will work until I can get the 4x8' trailer I want. This setup was amazing for running around the property today and getting a bunch of branches chipped up. Oh yeah and I really want to find a way to carry a fire extinguisher onboard... It's like they left the perfect sized area in the engine bay to carry one, I just have to find a way to mount it securely.
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    About a year ago I started to hear a rattle in my K341 thumper at 980 hrs. I replaced it with a used engine from @richmondred01 and the engine has been flawless. Now waiting for the grass to grow I decided to tear into the old one to find out what was going on and evaluate it's condition. First the original story: Got a Harbor Fright engine stand and modified it a bit to hold the Kohler. Degreased it and took the trim off. Got the pan off and engine pieces were laying on the edge of the block! Ended up finding 3 pieces of the piston skirt and what looks to be a balance gear needle Picture of the piston minus part of the skirt Crank and rod bearing surface look good! Engine was really clean inside. Didn't clean anything! Balance gear closest to the pan was really loose. Looks like I dodged a bullet!
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    Being mostly retired is having some benefits... maybe even find enough time to paint that left front wheel...first year I ever got such an early start on NEXT year's firewood stack. We used to move the firewood with hand carts..... Horse and trailer cut the time in half (and saved my 75 year old back). Probably last job of the year for my winter Horse.....time to break out the summer Horse. Couple more cords stacked next week and ready for next winter,,, Mike B
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    The only thing built here that was documented through the process. RJ-58 made of toothpicks.
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    Not so much to the tractors themselves, but added some bling to the barn.
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    I've gotten so much use out of this 1054. Today was re grading behind the pool and leveling for a walkway.
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    I see a bit of an opportunity here guys.... Any of you with time to spare and plenty of sun tan lotion could hop over to Egypt and give em a hand getting this bad boy out. Should be pretty easy, its only sand and with enough Horses she would pull right out; only weighs 200,000 tons. We could name our price! Plus, let Dan gerous know that there will be a sea captain putting his resume out there so he better look after his job. "Position Wanted, experienced cargo captain (and lookout) looking for work, happy to travel and drive your ship. Only one minor bump in 20 years of service" Mick
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    Many hours spent today on placement, fitment, scale and color variations for the new hood ornament... I think it’s perfect!!! Peep...peep...peep...
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    So @WHX24 keeps pokin the bear about everything he has done with my old 1045, the thing he never revealed was i got this beauty on trade. Someone took a lot of time painting this tractor and Jim figured he would just restore it. No way! there is a story here and captured in the neatest patina I've seen. so with a stop at the ranch of @Bear G I scored a set of rear wheels for this old girl that were perfect. All i needed to do was paint a set of fronts to match. So i oiled her up, put in the new shoes and saddle and here she is. What do ya think @Achto is Jim gonna complain about letting this one go too? Thinking i might have to change from Wheel Horse Estates South to WHX 2nd Hand Pony Ranch
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    Got a call yesterday from a lady that was recently widowed and told me to come get her husband's wheel horse and get it out of her shed. Her son got her a brand new husqvarna. So I didn't argue and I went down tonight and picked it up. Apparently they had a lot of trouble with it, but i know these folks and although they are good people i knew this tractor wasn't maintained. I had a Raider 10 a long time ago and sold it and I have kicked myself for it ever since. This thing needs some work, but I think I found next winter's project!
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    A few mornings back I noticed water on the floor near the toilet. I soaked it up and mentioned it to the missus. Packing gland at the valve was tightened and it was monitored for the next 2 days with no luck.. Ferruie fitting at the tank was tightened and leak stopped. The kicker is I didn't do any of that.. The missus took care of it all. Man have I got a gem!
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    I can see the. CL ad already for something like this! Used engine for sale. Only knocks when it runs. It’ll get ya home, most likely! Trade for 40 lbs of bacon.
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    Sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding this statement.
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    Hello Folks! New here from Oklahoma. Looking forward to sharing projects and fun times with the old red tractors. I do small engine work as a side job/hobby and have done some save projects before but had not found the right deal on a wheel horse until recently. They aren't easy to come by here in the south so was happy to come across this 312-8, it's a 1985. Will post more on it later but in the meantime I'm already enjoying some post and pictures from this place and looking forward to more.
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    Well it’s done. This is my loader tractor and I honestly never intended to restore it this year. I’ve made several posts regarding it because I wanted several upgrades for putting it to work this spring. I really only intend to swap in the 520 front axle but ended up completely going thru it. Learned a lot!!! Here she is all done. I’ll be going through the kwikway loader next week and mounting it.
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    BBT started her Military Tribute Tractor build this afternoon. The chassis was/is a gift from @Herder Adam maybe 3 years(?) ago. We'll be using the mid 70s Chrysler mil-spec single cylinder engine from @Stepney Spenser. The wheels to be installed are a nice set we picked up from @Sparky last fall at @JCM Jim's North Berwick Maine meet n greet. The Dismantling Department went right to work this afternoon and spent less then 2 hours to get to where she is in the pics. The cleanup crew will be taking over soon. Here's what we'll call the Before section: And here's the current progress:
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    Gave the Raider 12 a MMO rub down and a new seat from Matt Costagono. Before After
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    Today was a productive day on the 1257Heavy. 1 filled the transmission 2 finished the spacer block for the rear fenders and installed it 3 painted the console 4 installed the console 5 finished reinforcing the front hitch bumper 6 re painted the front hitch bumper 7 painted up the dash plate 8 painted few more engine parts so can install some more parts.
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    I thought you all may enjoy this. This is how to spend Easter morning. The tractor is a 1949 John Deere model A. The plow is a Case Centennial 2-14 rope lift. Late 40's I think. Working one of the gardens before it rains. Enjoy.
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    I wanted to give a shout out to Redo Your Horse. Terry is without doubt the best vendor I’ve ever dealt with, bar none. Last fall I sent him a picture of the decals of a 37” deck I’m restoring. He recreated them and sent them free of charge with the decals for my 416. Here are a couple of pics of my 416?progress. I have to admit, putting decals on is my favorite part! First a before pic. Btw I know the Danger sticker is upside right. Toro got it wrong!
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    Let the horses out for some sun and fresh air.
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    Temporarily tossed the tranny and hubs on the 1257H project to make it a roller to finally get to see it with 4 wheels on and rolling! It's coming along slowly but she will get there soon!
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    Here's a little something that I designed and put together a couple years back. Wife needed an office table.
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    I have for sale a fully redone 48" side discharge deck, model # 1548SC03 serial # 1052015. This deck was completely sandblasted, epoxy primed, and refinished in PPG single stage / baked on urethane. The deck carrier assembly was powder coated for durability, and the underside was done with an automotive grade spray in bedliner (thin and hard like a new pickup bedliner, not a thick and gummy aftermarket style). All the spindle assemblies were completely rebuilt with new greasable bearings and filled with Lucas red, and all the spindle shafts were coated with anti-seize before installing the pullies. The belt is new OEM Toro, the slide bar bushings are new, all the hardware is new, the blades, handle grip, wheels, rollers, springs, all new. Put it on your show tractor or put it to work, this deck will hold up better than NOS simply because better materials were used and it was done correctly. This was a solid deck with no holes, patches, or repairs. $850.00 cash only at the time of sale, will hold with a $100.00 non-refundable Paypal deposit (standard Paypal only, no friends and family) . No shipping, No trades, No 3rd parties (if you're buying it you're picking it up and putting eyes on it first) .
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    tested everything out on some grass and it worked well
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    I ended up with a HF tool cart I wasn't using and my other welder cart/table wasn't really working out like I wanted, so I converted my tool cart to a weld cart. First I removed the lid and a divider on the left side along with the locking setup. I cut one end down between the uprights for connections for the welder. Covered the edges with some welting from amazon. I used 13" no flat tires from HF and the axle lines up with the bottom holes on the cart, just opened them up to 5/8" and slide the axle in and weld. I will let pictures speak for themselves and ask any questions you may have. It is working out really well and rolls super easy on my rough floor.
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    I just finished putting together my latest horse hauler New tires, wiring, lights, and even has electric brakes! The taillights/turn signals are thin LED that fit inside the rear bumper. I'm going to diamond plate the whole bed eventually. The 2 x 6 's on the table are to screw to the top before covering it with a tarp. The bed is 18' x 8'
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    Teenager, first week at my first factory job, one of the guys asked me to take some lacquer thinner to another worker across the shop. He pointed to the thinner can and handed me a foam cup, that I filled and headed off to the other side of the shop...
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