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    Here it is... @oldiron613 Rob I might need some help identifying anything I don’t point out... but the bellhousing and clutch are not lever steer normal, I don’t think many frames were bent either. I was told most of the lever steer tie rods were just a flat bar with bolts/pins, so maybe with all the added touches, this might be the last lever steer built in 1947? The engine has been swapped, so the build date is challenging to pin down... but it is what it is and it’s home for good! Once again, many thanks to @Bow_Extreme for the lead on the Senior in the first place, then passing “dibs” on to me on this one! 1947, Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. I’m not much a fan of baseball, but I’m a fan of his story. I’m thinking I’ll call this one “Jackie”
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    The combined forces of the allied nations turned the tide of WWll at Normandy France. Many gave their lives so we can all live free today.
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    Things are just getting out of hand. Can't people just mind their own businesses? Here what happened today on a trip to the supermarket with my wife: As we are putting groceries into the trunk, lady gets out of car that just parked next to us. We both have our masks on still from being inside supermarket. Lady approaches us and starts to give us a lecture of what was just determined by the CDC just out of the blue basically stressing HER objection to us wearing masks.. We both ignore her and keep to our business placing items in trunk. She gets closer now basically looking at us in the eye. We look at each other and say nothing. Suddenly out of her mouth comes the statement" Oh you are foreigners and don't speak English". As she says that she steps backwards two steps like we have the plague. Now she starts to lecture us in a sort of " having pity" manner that to be in the US we should learn how to speak English. Needless to say our silence was then over. Essentially the "foreigner" that was an English teacher for over 30 years gave her a lesson on manners , civility and what is proper as to others beliefs and the right to do what they want. Lesson here is, believe what ever you want and act accordingly. We are educated and intelligent enough to make our own decision as to what we do with our lives. We do not need unsolicited lectures or advice on masks vaccines or other subjects. We respect contrary opinions and leave it at that without attempting to influence others on our beliefs. We have the same access to the same information which is available to all..
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    I've been several years without a truck. Here in Maine and particularly in our rural life that's a little like being several years with one hand super glued to your forehead. You get by ok but it's just.... Challenging. The BBT/Significant other and I have been talking over the convenience of having a 3rd vehicle for awhile. We're finally in a position in life to be able to do so and not fret. I figured on waiting another year but my daily driver is showing its age a bit and I really need to stop using it as a tow vehicle. We need something that can tow a few thousand lbs and carry a decent load of aggregate too. I've been wanting a 1980-86 F series with a particular drivetrain for years. As much as I love an original creampuff we need a worker. Well I found this rig and decided to pull the trigger. I got me a Truck. It's an '86 F-250 HD. 300. 4 speed manual. 4WD. Low geared. Make no mistake... it's no cream puff. It's a worker. But it's a real live two owner truck with 43,000 ORIGINAL MILES. The original 1986 truck was bought by a mason local to central New Hampshire but it was right near the end of his career and he only used it for about 30, 35,000 MI. Then it sat for quite a while. Fella I got it from bought it about 15 or 20 years ago and over the next maybe 10 years? He did a full complete frame off restoration. Frame and drivetrain are the original. Cab is a '95. Bed is a southern one from '97. Nose is 85/86 vintage. It's not by a long shot a concourse d elegance show winner. But it's damn solid and has waaaaaay too many new parts to list. The PO was forced to stop working on it due to health reasons just before he finished up the final touches. It does run and drive perfectly fine and has a current inspection. I'll be doing some work on it like most of a set of engine gaskets. One rear wheel seal. Some interior trim finishing and changes. Things I'd like to do depending on finances and time: I really liked having a flat bed on my last truck. I'm thinking about making a steel reinforced wood bed. Maybe 7 x 8.5? I'd also like to do a 4 BBL carb/better intake and exhaust swap over. Stock HP in 86 was around 100, 110. Above changes can add 30 or 40. More important... More torque. I'll be in the market for those parts if anyone has a lead on good used ones. Here's a few pics.
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    Just finished annual maintenance. Air filters, spark plugs, engine and transmission oil, grease, and polish (belts are only two years old). They get about 30 hours a year now. Hoping to pass them down to the next generation in a few years for them to care for.
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    New to this forum, Let’s see what other wheelhorse’s are in the UK, I’m in South Wales. RJ-58 Lawn Ranger Commando 8 C-120 C-101 C-160 Auto
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    “Made lemonade” out of a blown engine… Kohler time…
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    Unloaded my new toy this afternoon. A little more than 200 miles round trip and over state lines.
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    Cart JAG at Cabelas S.T.B... had to push carts for last 3 days in rain across parking lot... I said to Manager I'm not pushing today... he took my pic running my GT 1642 and sent it off to the big boss. Now all the "kids" wanna do carts... Tony
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    First serious shakedown session with Charger 16. almost 3 hours of mowing. (Almost two tanks of gas M-16 are thirsty and this one has a really small tank...but it was hot out and gave eh operator a break for the pit stop.) Only real issue the brake lever rattles and the dandelion fuzz was awful
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    I put the rear hubs on today. Finished painting the rear wheels and went for the maiden voyage. Only thing left is the bodywork and paint on the hood.
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    Finished up placing new knife blades on a 42 inch Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mower knife section. 21 two inch blades and 42 rivets. this was a real rusty sickle so I had to sand off rust and drill each rivet hole after removing the rivets with my Johnson Sickle Servicer. The 7/32 drill bit removes any leftover rivet or debris for easy install of the new blades and rivets.
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    About 8 miles from me is my late great grandparents farm. My great grandfather, George, died in 1989. I always knew that his Farmall Cub was still a part of the farm. As I have been told the tractor has not left the farm in the past 50 to 55 years!! The tractor has been in the barn since 02 or 03, the last time it was ran. Monday the Farmall was sitting right out in the front of the garage; I whipped the truck right into the farm! I kinda know the owner of the farm and he said “the tractors for sale”, I said “how much?”, the owner said $500!!. I OWN IT!😀👍 I couldn’t begin to tell you the the memories I have with that tractor, I was born in 84, so I would have been 5 when George passed. The rides on that tractor, the sound when he used to start it up. It’s has a 6 volt positive ground.... which one goes to the starter? Power or ground? It has a sickle bar with an extra bar, extra zenith carb, the grill I have in the box as well as the muffler... it’s all there just the tractor looks used and put away wet.. it’s a 74 year old tractor😀. What do I use for oil... 10w-30? The owner of the farm said the tractors tired... “it runs great for about 30 minutes, and then she just goes south on you”. I can’t wait to hear it fire off for the first time! 😂tips and tricks for the old Farmall? I’m all ears...
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    Saw these at the Mentone show Saturday.
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    Today was set up day for the Friday thru Sunday show. Beautiful weather today and a fair forecast for tomorrow. But Sat. and Sun. look like total wash outs. I loaded a couple horses. It looked like a pretty good turn out for this first time event. This park is about half way between home and one of my favorite trout streams. I always have fishing gear in my truck, so I swung by my spot for an hour of great fishing.
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    Good day for the horses, in between running hvac calls, (I was on call this weekend) I spread some fresh millings around the horse stable. Even had time to take the kids for a spin! Great weekend!!
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    Turned these wheels black and shiny this morning, should finish the fronts tomorrow.
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    @WVHillbilly520H @PeacemakerJack and all my Chevy buddies... check this out! Our toy hauler camper has been delayed until August, so we went to FL and got the other camper, then grabbed this ‘99 Chevy GMT-400 work truck. It’s got a 454, 12’x8’ bed and the windows make great air conditioning! We figured we can drive this 2000+ miles a month for the amount we were paying for the 2020. I am selling that to Carvana tomorrow and will pocket enough cash to do some safety checks and pay for fuel/tolls on this pig as our second vehicle hauling stuff to the big show!
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    Hi Guys, I just thought I share some information behind a couple of short-lived, lesser known tractors that I've become pretty obsessed with. Jaques Power Saw company located in Texas started building their Mighty Mite garden tractors in 1946. This was a larger post-war garden tractor intended for truck farmers, large gardens, etc which were similar in size to a Pond lever steer or Ride Away Sr tractor. Most were powered by a Briggs ZZ engine with a Borg Warner T92 3-speed transmission. Shortly thereafter, Gram Paige who made automobiles also wanted to get a piece of the small farm and victory garden market that was booming at the time. They developed the name of Frazer and sold the "Rototiller" which was name trademarked by Frazer. It was powered by a Swiss made, Simar single cylinder 2-stroke engine and that same engine, they put into a Jaques tractor chassis in 1948, painted the tractors yellow and rebadged it as their own. Unfortunately it was very short lived with only a few hundred model T tractors sold until they more or less closed down shop later that same year. Besides the bright colors, what really stands out is the rounded aluminum hoods they repurposed from WW2 aircraft drop-tanks. Ottawa who sold hit/miss engines, drag saws and other attachments since the early 1900's in Kansas purchased the Mighty Mite line of tractors in 1949 and marketed their own line of "Mule Team" tractors powered by Both Briggs & Stratton and Wisconsin engines until the owner passed away and then the factory flooded in 1951. Only about 250 Mule Team tractors were built. Most were outfitted with the same rounded hoods as the Frazers but there are currently 5 known, including my own that were fitted with older, Mighty Mite hoods, presumably because Ottawa ran out and had these available to use up. All 3 tractors with the same DNA were very short-lived, well built and in my opinion, really good looking tractors of the time. Due to file size, I could only post a couple of pictures, but pictured is our 1948 Jaques-Frazer T and 1951 Ottawa Mule Team 15 tractors. Thanks, Rob
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    Me an' the ol' Cinnamon Horse C160 had some fun movin' heavy stuff around. Went out to the forest and got a good load of fire 🔥 wood🪓. When me n' horsie got back the old ball n chain was pulling in the yard with another "Honda Fit load" of cee-ment blocks for the patio project. For anyone needing a Bear and BBT status update... Here's the running "herd" as it stands. Near to far on the right: Cinnamon Horse C160. Trina's Pigpen 867. My 1970 Charger hydro. Off to the left is Trina's Pony 657. Future projects in order: Trina's Military Tribute tractor. Colossus big boy tractor. 1968 Raider 10. 1974 C160 with Tecumseh engine. Couple days ago I started building a wicked rugged trailer hitch for whatever horse it lands on. I'll likely build 2 or more similar hitches for Cinnamon Horse and the Charger hydro etc..... That's 2 x 2 square stock. @JCM @Stepney @Oldskool @OldWorkHorse @AHS @WheelhorseBob @Chestnut And the rest of you Wheelhorse crazies..... 🤪🇺🇸🚜
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    My son decided to take on his own project. He said he wants to get it running all by himself. I’m amazed at what he has done so far by himself. He might have learned a thing or two. He was out there talking to himself saying...WheelHorse makes it Kohler shakes it! 😂
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    I made up this adapter to offset the hitch ball so I can more easily see the side of my trailer as I back it into the storage building. Made parking the trailer up tight to one side very easy.
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    I had all the tractors out of the shed today, rearranging things, to make more room. This is a 1962 Lawn Boy Loafer. You probably won't see many of these around. It was Lawn Boys first, and failed attempt at a rider. After this, they went to a more conventional tractor design. But this thing is a lot of fun. You can remove the mower deck, and attach sulky wheels. Then you can simply pull a cart, or even plow snow. Although I wouldn't recommend over 18 to 20" of snow. I mowed most of my side yard with it, but after running out of gas the second time, I switched to a tractor. If I ever get caught up on tractors, this will get completely rebuilt. When I got it, both motors were froze. I was afraid they had been straight gassed, but they were simply stuck. Everything inside is new, and they both run like a champ.
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    Picked this little monster up yesterday 30 miles from home- FOR FREE! His marketplace ad was 'come get it before it goes to scrap' and had 14 messages in under 30 minutes. I offered him $100 cash to pull the ad immediately, hold it for a few days, and that i'd hate to see it scrapped. Went to pick it up yesterday- 2 brand new front tires, rears hold air, trans shifts, engine spins by hand and has compression, spindles, tie rods, steering etc.. all nice and snug. HE WOULD NOT TAKE MY MONEY, and believe me I tried. Said he parked it in '19 due to battery drain issues and the fact he inherited his grandfathers new mower, who had just passed. Its nice to know there's still good folks out there who's word is their bond. No, I am not going to make a off roader out of it!!!!!!
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    After I read that the Sears-forum is gone shut down because have financial concerns. I finally got around to buy my "support" member ship. Wich allows me to show a pic of my work today. Got some spare time and had these old WH rims with Goodyear AG's laying around. Probably not gone keep them, but I think the "test"-one turned out very well. If tomorrow there is no rain, It's the other one's turn.
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    Today was Kohler day in N. Berwick,Me. The Onan stayed out of sight. Lined them up from 12 HP to 20. great day today. Went for a trail ride and the trails need some pickup. Will wait for a little bit more wind to take the blackflies into a neighboring State.
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    I changed a spark plug, then took a morning stroll today...
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    Rainy day today so no outdoor work. Decided to do some indoor planting 😊
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    Did some mowing, dirt hauling and other maintenance jobs at my mother’s place this week. Used a couple tractors for the various jobs. A 312-8 and a 314-8 !
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    Got some new rubbers mounted up for the rear of the B-80 "FlowahPowah". Just need to get the fronts mounted and painted and she be back in business!
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    This was a 90 520H I bought without the Onan, and butchered wiring. I tossed the magnum on there along with some tin. I've driven it around a bit,. I think it's going to be a keeper. There is no wiring on the tractor as yet, I've been jumping the starter lug, runs great and hydro is strong. Added a motion pedal, an electric PTO clutch today. Planning to work it through the summer and blow it apart for paint next winter.
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    OK so gave up on lettering till it drys but installed new tow hitch and new seat!
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    I can easily pull my big trailer with my 876 since I rebuilt the differential no strain at all
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    Took my Raider 12 out and let him scratch some ground yesterday. Did some cultivating in a pumpkin patch. The pumpkin plants only have two leaves on them so far, so the rows are kind of hard to make out in the picture.
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    No Memorial Day Parade this year due to the Covid so, we made our own parade!!! IMG_0481.MOV
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    I paid $9.95 for one 8' 2x4 last week at my local ACE hardware store. No, it was not pressure treated, just a common #2 whitewood. It might be time to stop printing money and paying people not to work.
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    Finally got the 89 310-8 with 42'' SD deck out for its first mowing today. Impressed by its mowing ability. Some before and after pictures. Hood and rear fender were swapped out that were acquired here on RS and some painting here and there. Installed an 1 1/8'' rear end and refurb to make it a little more presentable working WH tractor.
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    Spent the morning with @squonk today and we did a little " Horse Trading" He came by my house and fixed a leaky carburetor and installed a new muffler on my 1075. In return for his labor I got him some NOS 6x12 tires. @Squonk is a great guy, was really nice of him to help me out. I am really pleased with the results. Thanks again Mike. The 1075 now has a new look. Big Block, Short Frame, Tall Stack !! After you left Mike I remembered I had some high heat muffler paint left over from my 416-8 project so I went and painted the muffler.
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    1986 312-A, model 21-12KE02, 42" deck 05-42MR04 - New to me a month ago, a gift from my brother in law. Hello All. So glad I found this topic. It's been a while since my last posting under other topics. So, I thought I would post as the topic suggests, as well as catch up. Transmission Engage Lever Handles - Such tiny little things to get my fat fingers around. A 5 inch long piece of closet rod fitted with two angles now makes me the pride of my own little world. I wish the closet rod was oak, I would have stained and finished it with urethane. I guess I will look into that when I am REALLY bored. Burnt Exhaust Valve - Symptoms: Died out when hot. Nearly impossible to start. Burnt on one edge, I hear there is a rotator that you can place in there to guard against the problem of the valve being stationary and wearing unevenly. But hey, after 30 some odd years and this was the first the engine had surgery, I'm ok as is. Seat was OK, lapped in the new valve, assembled. Fired up immediately! My eyes lit up as my jaw dropped. Replaced Blades - Not sure I really needed to do that but I did anyway. Deck Pulleys - What a mess. Removed both outers and descaled them, smoothed them out as much as possible with a V-shaped wooden block and 80 grit. Got one new one and have an eye out for a 2nd one maybe at lower cost. The center pulley is in similar condition; failed to remove it, pretty well siezed. I have a feeling I am going to wreck the spindle in the process so I will live with it for a while. Spindle Belt - Lots of confusion around that one when talking with Toro dealer, they got the first belt wrong. It was 86". The docs pointed to in this forum are to be trusted, for this deck a #106125, 1/2" x 89" was correct. Mounting this thing was a little puzzling since I was not able to locate anything that suggested the best way to go about it. In the end, having a long enough belt was key as well as a 4' length of box tubing to leverage the tensioner into the full open position. Hood Hinges Out of Round - This just bugged me. So, a 3/8" piece of rod and two collars (with set screws) from Menards was the start. I'm not a fan of circlips so I figured I'd go nuts. I welded two washers to the hood mounts to put the holes back in shape. After stripped and degreasing and all that nice Rust Oleum Regal Red is drying right now. Fuel System - Replaced carb, all fuel lines, added a filter, cleaned out the tank and replaced the siezed-open shut off valve. Ignition - Replaced the battery, ignition switch and those other two usual suspects needed for spark and timing. Sum total, this thing runs awfully good and should get a little quieter once I get all the deck problems solved. So happens I've been looking to work for quite some time, but have to spend much more time near home to manage my granddaughter for whom I have guardianship. This tractor has done volumes to help me have that feeling of accomplishment one is used to having when being in the workforce for so long.
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    I just got my newest edition loaded up at @bizon place, full restoration coming on it, as she is in pretty rough shape. The only Black hood in Belgium I know off was just sitting there in the rain turning into a orange hood. Her new Kohler 16 doesn't run, so could not check the sundstrand hydro with filter out. Pray everything will be okay.
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    Got a little more done on the 1257, got most of the re painted parts back on and a few decals installed thanks to @Vinylguy and installed my 3D printed headlight cover and hood ornament thanks to @Wheel Horse 3D. So with all the help it's coming along nicly!
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    I just snuck up on my horse in the woods. Still doing earth moving things!
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    Painted my 314 muffler again! I do about every two years to keep future problems away! Also ran the 702 a couple times. Gassed it up checked for issues and good to go. I am taking my 702 to Portland, Indiana for the Tri-State Engine Association swap Meet next week!
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    A fellow Mafia member decided that life as he knew it just wasn't worth it any more, so the poor sap went & got hitched. @WHX24 and I were in attendance to give our condolences. To help cheer the new groom up a mini tractor show and some cruising was on the schedule for the after party. The groom parked 17 of his toys out front plus there were 12 more tractors there that 3 of us mafia member brought to the festivities. A picture of the line up that Jim & I brought.
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    Here's something different. This is an unintended project that fell in my lap as I wanted the Roof Palamino but that was sold out from under me. Still, these Roof 60 tractors are very cool machines and somewhat rare. It's worth putting the time in on it. I've been pecking away just a little at a time and looking forward just to the point it can driven. These were made as high end commercial mowers and most were sold to municipalities and places like that. They use a 60" mower deck that's built like a tank. Here's the tractor The Ross steering box bearings were toast but found a rebuild kit on epay. The race surfaces aren't great either but the advice from the experts over on Roof Riders said to clean them up and it should be fine. Had to cut the tube and shaft just to get it apart. The box is back together with the new parts and the steering shaft welded back together but still waiting on the new metal tube to arrive to finish it. Removed the Onan B48 (from the first pic) which was on it and loaded on a big Kohler K532 20 HP which is more of a correct engine for these. Man those engines are HEAVY! Just about blew a nut getting it on there. LoL. I'll cut a hole in the debris screen once the drive shaft adapter ic completely sorted out. It was missing the engine adapter to connect the drive shaft. These were made specifically for the single speed roof 60 one at a time so unobtainable. Found some adapters for the engine on epay to make something fit and work. Luckily the a Jacobson shaft is long enough to reach the drive shaft so that made it fairly easy. The adapter shaft is 1 1/8" and the hole in the end of the drive shaft is 1" so I had to spin down about 1/2" of the shaft end to fit inside the hole. I barely know how to use that lathe but was able to do this. Still need to make sure it's lined up perfect and then weld it together. That's as far as I got so far.
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    After i greased the Frontaxle, i pulled the 656 for a Mowing Ride. It was nearly finished, when 2 young Families with 4 Younger Kids stop by at my Areal and the Kids look curious to the Horse. I see the typically glow in Kiddo‘s eyes and i knew what they liked to ask but they hesitate. I take a stop next to them and the youngest asked very friendly, Hello Sir, can i have a Ride on this beautiful Red Tracta? i answered yes, you can if you learned a small Text and your parents allow. They do surely agree, and the Kids have a lot of Fun on the Horse. This was the first, who asked, so he was the first who was allowed to take a Ride.. after he learned the little Text. After that, the others also will ask a ride. So, ok for me, give them a good Day - but first they must quick learn the right Name of the Red Tracta. it‘s not a John It‘s not a Deere it is a Wheel Horse of course. Each Kid who can say that, was allowed to tale a Ride 😎 they all learned in fract of a second this Text - mission accomplished ! 😂😂
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    I got all my Wheel Horses out made a lap around the property came back and changed the oil and filter on a couple of them. Also changed the oil in the generator.
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    I had all the tractors out of the shed today, to do some rearranging. I thought it was a good time for a photo op. I put this in "other brands" forum, because they are all not Wheel Horses, But I think they all look good. They are not all shined up and pretty, but they still look OK from a distance. All My tractors are in storage now, except the 125, which in pieces, spread over my garage and house. I am waiting on the media blaster, and the machine shop. I have often heard about farmers rolling tractors. I always wondered how they did that. I found out today. I put Casper on his side, just on that small side hill.
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