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Found 14 results

  1. Found these at Lowe's. Same belts as TSC, just different packaging. The 86" I got was on clearance and is not being stocked anymore. They had sizes from 87" to 109" in 1/2". Not a lot of 5/8" belts that would be useful for our tractors.
  2. I just bought a deck for my 310-8, it’s a 42inch rear discharge, it came with a complete parts tractor, but I need new belts for it. Does anyone know what size belts I need?
  3. I have just purchased a 36" 7-1252 rototiller to go on the back of my 71-12K801 C-120 8 speed tractor. The tiller came with the front idler assembly but I am missing the lift cable, the assist spring, the tension spring for the front idler and the rock shaft to lift the tiller. Most of the stuff I can probably figure out but can anyone assist me with the length of the lift cable, the strength and size of the lift assist spring and also the length and strength of the tension spring for the front idler assembly? I have a dealer that has a lot of old wheel horse part but they are not labeled and I need to know the exact length of the cable to match it up to what he has. The size of the correct drive belt would also be helpful. Thanks from a new horse tiller owner..
  4. I've just acquired a renovated C125 but unfortunately the drive belt got snagged with the mower deck belt (maybe because of incorrect fitment?). It looks like I'm on a steep learning curve! I've been trying to find out which belt to buy as a replacement. The belt I've just taken off is 94 inches but according to the parts manual I need a Toro belt part number 94 2501 which is 103 inches? The mower deck is a 42in rear eject. It's funny that the Toro belt has 94 2501 as the part number but is 103 inches & I apparently need a 94in belt? Any ideas?
  5. I have wheel horse side discharge mower deck and unsure what belt to use for the drive belt. The mower is on a 14hp 8 speed Automatic from the mid 70's. The belt look to be around 3/8 wide and 96 inches in length. I cant read the original numbers. Can anyone help? Thanks, Anthony
  6. heysavoy

    Belts for 312-H

    PLEASE!!!! can someone can help me find the part number for a belt I need before I go crazy? I just bought a Wheel Horse Classic. I believe the year is 1990 and the tractor model # is 31-12KE01 . The model # on the deck is 1548SC02. The belt that runs from the mower deck to the PTO to the two small front pullies located toward the front of the tractor broke the first time I used it. I was then sold a drive belt (I believe is what it's called) and that part number was 7473 but it can't be the correct belt because it is way too short. What does that belt go to? Does it sit horizontally on the top of the deck? Are there only two belts total for this tractor? I have looked at every website diagram I can find and do not see the belt I need. I've been given about 5 different numbers and can't afford to waste $$$ again ordering the wrong one. I also downloaded the manual but all it tells me is to "install belt in inner grove if using the mower" (which is what I am using (mower deck) since I don't have any attachments. Can someone please help me? Thanks so much to whoever responds!
  7. CTR

    312 8 Wheel horse

    I have a 312 8 Wheel Horse that i have Had for 16 years and thé belts are thé ones that came on thé tractor.I am having problèm finding thé belts. Any hélp would be great.
  8. FrankenCub

    New to Wheel Horse

    I'm new to Wheel Horse, got a fair deal on a 312-8 this week. I have some questions for you pros here, I'm a Cub Cadet junky lol. I'm not positive of the year, thinking maybe '84-'85? Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the serial tag and it's at our other property right now. Has a steel frame, not stamped, so I guess it's before Toro got involved? 12hp Kohler Mag, great engine! It also has a 42" rear discharge deck, rough shape but I like the rear discharge. Got it running yesterday and figured we'd give a test workout, went pretty well. Today got into some damp grass that bound everything up, figured that would happen. The PTO clutch started getting hot from slipping and spit out pieces of the facing so I'm sure it wasn't in great shape, and blew the PTO belt. Just to get it going again without spending huge cash for top tier belts, where can I get them other than Toro? NAPA maybe? If you guys know off hand the belt numbers or sizes for the PTO and the 42" rd deck that would be great. Also going to need a PTO clutch disk if you could point me in the right direction. If I get back over to our other property this weekend I'll get some pictures, she's a tad rough but not bad.
  9. Shea Worden


    Where can I find a good new drive belt for my wheel horse? I cant seem to find any online or anywhere else. I figured I would run it by you guys and see what surfaces.
  10. dambur

    Buy Parts

    Does anyone know where I can buy parts for Wheel Horse 208-4SB
  11. I need a PTO for operating the underbelly mower deck of a 1966 Wheel Horse 856. Anybody got a part number or ideas? Also, anybody got any idea how you could take the welded on sprocket on the end of the auger off and replace it? mine is worn out and don't turn the auger anymore. Thanks in advance, Alex
  12. Tvtrader

    Belt selection

    I need help in selecting belts for my Wheel Horse tractor. It is an older model with a changed motor. It may be a 312. I know it was purchased before 86. I took my old belts down to tractor supply and measured them. So my Question is this. Should I select a belt smaller to account for stretching and if so how much smaller. Can I use a regular v-belt to use as a drive belt? (same question for the drive belt) Its an older tractor but it still runs well. I try to do what I can to keep it going. Thanks
  13. scott76

    Belts for 314-8

    Hey All - have been a viewer of the forum for a while, but running into my first need to post a question. I have a Wheel Horse 314-8, Model 73402 and Ser. # 6900191. My dad bought this thing new and I've inherited it. Replaced the drive belt last year and the PTO belt just broke yesterday. The deck belt (42" (I think) side discharge) also looks rough. I want to replace both the PTO and Deck belts, but cannot find numbers for the belts anywhere. Can someone help me out?? Thanks!
  14. I have the 308-8 and theres the belt that powers the deck and I can't figure out how to put the belt back on. Its 4 pulleys and one belt.....OH MY!!! Whats even worse is its two sets of two pulleys. Can anyone please tell me how to get this belt back on??? Thank you in advance and I find this to be a very nice information type site. TY
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