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Found 18 results

  1. Salbreth1

    Curbside 418-C puller build

    Hello guys and thanks again for the welcome! So long story short, my wife calls me and says theirs a tractor on the trash. So like any normal human I hopped in my truck and drove up to find this 418-C and a set of aluminum ramps on the side of the road. Had to be fate. So me and my 6 year old sons new found love of tractor pulling has inspired this build. I’ve been researching everything about the model and currently have it stripped and prepping it for paint.
  2. Hello Everyone, First off I would like to say this is a great forum, heaps of information, helpful people and respect for machinery! This is the story of my Horse, it was traded in at work on a new machine (not sure what the customer bought but in my opinion they got the raw end of the deal), I was immediately interested in it as I have seen a lot of lawn tractors but nothing like this before, it was in a sad and sorry state it did not run but the panels were all straight and was complete. I got it home and replaced the battery and checked over the engine, it cranked and started once primed, the sound of the Onan roaring to life is amazing. I have done some cleaning on it, polishing the hubcaps makes it stand out, they are not perfect but look good still! My intent is to give it a good clean, fix anything that is on the way out or missing. I am currently tossing up having to repaint some areas around the pump and bonnet, I know since it is after 1990 'Toro Red' is the preferred colour over Rust-Oleum Regal Red, what is everyones thoughts? And here is some pics! Love at first sight! After its clean (looking good) Getting down and dirty (Probably the heaviest engine i have had to move) Yummy, frequent cleaning would have prevented this (and a air blower would help) After its clean! Will keep you all posted!
  3. I have a 418-c worked great plowing over the winter.. but now is having no power pulling a load fwd. replaced the fluid.. the old fluid didn't look bad. feels a littls better., but still significant loss of power and high pitched whine coming out of the hydro. the lift works fine is there a repair manual our there for the hydro? Is there a way to reverse flush the system? I hear sometimes the hoses crack internally and clog things up.
  4. Price DROP!!! Horse traders out there, this great tractor is available at new price. 99.5 hours, Horse runs like new. Really Like this horse to go to good home. Let’s talk can provide more images if needed
  5. olivertractor

    C120 hydro leak

    I was pulling a roller and thatch rake the other day with my c120 hydro and noticed oil on the back of the fender. On looking closer I saw the plug thing on the back of the pump leaking oil. Any advice on how serious this will be to repair? Anything helps
  6. DennisThornton

    1998 269H with a CV20S? 20hp?

    Just hauled a couple more home and the 2XX already has me confused. I read the engine tag, saw it was a 20hp and promptly decided it must be a 270H. Model and Serial was thought to be a 269H according to: http://www.tractordata.com/lawn-tractors/001/5/0/1507-toro-269-h.html Model 72102 Ser 8900682 Engine: Kohler CV20S, SPEC: 65531 Serial 2801920751 I found this on this forum which indicates it's a 1998 269H, but with a CV19S and this one has a CV20S Kohler CV19S-65531 used on 1996 269-H model 72102 Serial 6900001-6999999 1997 269-H model 72102 Serial 7900001-7999999 1998 269-H model 72102 Serial 8900001-8999999 1999 270-H model 72106 Serial 9900001-9999999 Kohler CV20S-65531 used on 2000 270-H model 72108 Serial 200000001-200999999 2001 270-H model 72108 Serial 210000001-210999999 2002 270-H model 72108 Serial 220000001-220999999 Kohler CV20S-65532 used on 1996 270-He model 72110 Serial 6900001-6999999 - Export model 1997 270-He model 72110 Serial 7900001-7999999 - Export model 1998 270-He model 72110 Serial 8900001-8999999 - Export model 1999 270-H model 72115 Serial 9900001-9999999 2000 270-He model 72116 Serial 200000001-200999999 2001 270-He model 72116 Serial 210000001-210999999 2002 270-He model 72116 Serial 220000001-220999999 2003 270-He model 72116 Serial 230000001-230999999 I also found it interesting that it has an electric powered hydro pump to lift it's 52" recycler deck. First 52" WH deck I've seen. Came with a good hood off another 26X, other than the usual lower most part of the grill is gone. Problem is it needs a drive belt and I gather that's 4-6 hours of pure fun! Any thoughts and tips appreciated! Oh, that WH partially riding on the cab is a 312H. Tag is missing and I didn't get the engine tag number. Got funky little wheels on the front. Not sure I like that or if that's going to be good for a snowblower, but she's slated for use in the snow, with either blower or blade.
  7. Is there a procedure for adjusting the motion control linkage on a 1974 D-180 - model# 1-0611 9 ? The tractor barely moves in reverse and the motion control arm is not traveling the full length of the slot for reverse. The picture below shows how far back it goes. The motion control arm travels all the way forward to the end of the slot when going forward. I never drove this tractor before I bought so I have no idea what it did before. The only thing I have done to it is replace a couple of bearings in the differential and replace the axles, splines were bad on one and other axle was bent. Thanks.
  8. midpack

    So... now in confused

    I had a drive belt let go on a 1980 C-175 Sundstrand hydro. After searching the manuals it looks like either an 83" or an 85 1/2" belt is called for. Anyone know the right length off the top of their head? Thanks
  9. Picked up this C-160 a couple of weeks ago from Joe out in SW PA. It had been on the Classified page for a while so I went out for a look. Got her home and got a new battery, new plug, new plug wire and some fresh gas. She purrs like a BIG kitten! Drove her around the yard a few times and put her on the lift. Got some of the parts I am going to need at the BS and some more from Jay in GA. Wife told me I have to finish the all the trim work in her "home theatre" in the basement so......... I do get a few hours in. After all, "Ya gotta let the finish dry between coats"
  10. Blackhood Bill

    New Addition to the herd

    Well I finally pulled the trigger and brought this one home. Along with some extras The deck is included not pictured. Well I took a few photos to start with. Now is the time to research, make a list of missing parts then tear it down and bring her back to life.
  11. It acts like the lever has limited travel and doesn't go far enough to go into reverse. Something binding? Bent? The tractor showed signs that it had a rollover sometime in its life. Right front axle was welded along with some of the steering parts. I have a 68 charger (for parts) and swapped out the repaired parts with it. Possibily bent something there or the friction assy?????
  12. Hy Everybody! I have a Wheel Horse b165 tractor with Eaton model 7 Hydrostatic Transmission (CW). My problem is,that, the hydro motor is very weak. A mechanic tried to repair, and now its rotating in only one direction.... I think, i have to replace this hydro motor, so I need a secondhand motor. Could you help me?
  13. I had downloaded the hydro manual for the Sundstrands SM 492-4206 and as I was putting it in a binder I noticed that pages #18 and #36 were/are missing. My question is does anyone have them?? If they are the notorious "PAGE LEFT BLANK" I guess it wouldn't matter BUT if not they might come in handy. Just askin' Bob
  14. classicdmax

    Tow valve?

    I know it is not best practice to push a hydro around. I've searched owners manual I printed from this site, as well as tranny manual....it seems it's on the left side but actual location is vague to me. I have a 73 16h hydro. The no name year I believe. any help would be appreciated thanks
  15. I'm looking for the dimensional specs on a drive belt for a Sundstrand hydro on my GT 14. The original WH part # is 8334. Any info anyone can provide would be much appreciated. Also any info on recommended after market belt manufacturers of the dimensional size of the OEM 8334 belt would be helpful. Regards, Steve
  16. Hello I am new to this forum but have enjoyed my time here already. I bought a couple of new additions to go with my C111 last month and I need help identifying the model number of the one shown in the picture. The serial number plate has the following on it: 1st line- 10K801 02484, 2nd line-7351 or 7851 (hard to read as someone has sanded on it). I also could not find where any badge on the engine to identify them either. Is there a specific place to look on Kohler engines? I have not had time to inspect them much yet as I am finishing up school. All together I got an Auto 10 mostly complete, front mount blade, an extra set of rear tires/wheels, and an extra hydro rear end. Mainly I just wanted the blade but as it goes I could not pass up on the whole lot haha. I have never ran a hydro model so curiosity got the best of me too! I can get more info if needed once I get settled after the new year. Thanks in advance for any help! ~Colton
  17. Marchettiman

    523Dxi hydro problem

    Have recently bought a 523Dxi wheelhorse here in the UK, only 750 hours showing since new. When cold the transmission only drives forward and reverse with low engine speed, the power steering doesn't work despite cycling the steering wheel through full lock nor does the hydro deck lift work. After 10 minutes or so the tractor will drive ok, power steering works intermittently and finally all works well after about 20 minutes of use. The last thing to come on line is the deck lift. It seems once the hydro unit is hot everything works well. I have changed transmission oil for 10w30 synthetic oil, changed the hydro filter with a new Toro part and cleaned the power steering filter, there are no obvious leaks. Any ideas before I change the hydro pump unit?
  18. I have a D-180 problem that I posted in another thread about a few days ago, but didn't get any response. I figured I would create a new thread to see if I could possibly tap into the collective wisdom of the group here. A couple of years ago, I picked up a D-180 with an Ark FEL. I really got it for the FEL. After using the tractor a couple of weeks, it lost power. The engine didn't change, but the hydro system had a high pitched whine (almost a grinding whine) whenever I moved the forward/reverse lever. I posted about it here, and got advice that it was the hydro pump. I picked up a used pump, and swapped it out. It is very difficult to swap one of those out with an FEL attached to it, let me tell you. I made an error somewhere along the way, and found it leaking from the manifold that runs to the hydro motor. I didn't have time to remove it, and it sat for the better part of a year. Recently, I moved it into my garage, and I removed the FEL, front grill, and assorted sheet metal. It made it a lot easier to get at whatever bolts I need to, to get the hydro pump out. I got a new set of orings, and removed the hydro pump. I installed them properly, and put it back together. I got the motor running again after sitting for almost a year, and after pressuring everything up, I found the new (used) hydro pump leaking from the control shaft trunion. I tracked down a new seal for it (SKS-6763 in case anybody needs that info), and replaced it. After reinstalling the pump and hooking everything back up, I tried to move it. I got it out of the garage, and down the small slope. It barely had enough power to make it back up the slope. This was the same problem that I had with it originally - lack of power and grinding kinda whine. After I got it back up the slope into the garage, I noticed that it was again leaking from the trunion shaft seal. BTW, the first thing I did when the problem originally manifested was change the hydro oil and oil filter. It uses 10/30 (or 10/40?), and the new oil is very clean. Anybody got any idea what is a) causing the leak from the trunion shaft seal causing the lack of power? Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance, James
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