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Found 19 results

  1. cJ_3D

    PTO clutch support screw torque

    Hey all! Replacing the drive belt on my 252-h. Anyone know the torque specification for the center screw when I put this pto clutch back on? I know it was on there tight it took a minute for the impact to break it loose. Thanks! CJ
  2. razorback1995

    308-8 Pully ID help

    Hey all, This pully blew up on me yesterday. Having a hard time IDing the part # or replacements. the 308-8 schematics I've found don't list this part. Its the pully in the front that runs from the motor to the mowing deck. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just recently purchased this two stage snow blower for my 520h. I am not familiar with this blower because it's my first one. I took the side cover off to inspect the belts. I noticed that these 2 pulleys are riding on each other. Is this the way they are supposed to be?. If anyone could give advise that would be great. Also shouldn't the one pulley move for belt tension?
  4. I need a little part number help. I'm looking for the part number of the idler pulley that tensions the drive belt on my 857. The diagram shows the left side of the tractor. And I can't seem to locate the pulley on the parts drawing. The bearings have gone out on my tractor's idler.
  5. JackHorse

    36" Deck Spindle

    Having a hard time justifying $300 to rebuild the spindles and replace pulleys on my deck. The deck is a (i believe) 05-36MS01 on my 1982 C85. I found these kits on Pat's and was wondering if anyone had tried to adapt them to a deck like mine? Thanks
  6. one NOS 106846 right drive pulley, mower deck, used on double D style shaft, replaces part 5877, $55 includes shipping within US lower 48
  7. Mellison@hvc.rr.com

    spindle assembly

    How to pull pulley
  8. Jmshocker

    6594 pulley

    I really need a 6594 pulley if anyone would sell one. I really really need one. I exploded mine pressing the bearings out. I’m so sad and feel stupid. If I can’t find one my all original 877 is basically useless to me. My grandpa bought this thing new in 67 and we have used ever since. I love this thing and want to be able to pass it down to my son. Please help!
  9. I have a 42 SD Deck to repair. Two of the pulleys released one did not. The center two pulley drive spindle was cut off and removed with great force. Cutting the spindle as well. I never made a pulley before so it was a good project. The critical spacing for the pulley was the lower one ( smaller) with the deck belt so it would line up with the other two pulleys. The top side was less critical as it just just to the PTO side alone. Dimensions were copied from the existing spindles and the original mangled pulley. The double small same size pulley on right is for the bagger unit. Curious to see how the now heavier Steel pulley runs on the deck, Comments and Questions Always Welcome.
  10. Hi Guys, Had a random occurrence this week. Mowing along with my C85 eight speed in 1 low (grass was thick and wet), went to depress clutch and the drive belt jumped off the idler. I've had this tractor 3 years and it's been working great. The belt itself looks good except the top of it was a bit chewed up in a short section which I believe happened after it came off. I put the belt back on and continued to mow with no further issue. Any ideas as to why this would happen or adjustments I might need to make to prevent another incident? Thanks
  11. I got a couple of questions here, my (1997-ish) Toro Wheel Horse 520H (hydro) was doing a couple of things that I noticed. First thing I noticed is that after an hour or so of cutting grass, I noticed the hydro temp light went on. The fluid level was fine. I even changed the fluid at the beginning of this season. So I am at a loss as to what is going on. Secondly, I noticed after riding the tractor for a while, when I back off the throttle, I can hear squeaking. It sounds like it is coming from the pulley under the seat ( I am guessing where the hydro fluid pump/fan is). Ay help/ advice/ comments would be appreciated. thanks in advance!
  12. allen9878

    312-8 Pulley Wheel Question

    Afternoon! I am looking to adjust the diameter of the pulley on the engine and the one on the transaxle to speed up my tractor a bit. (For fun) I have decided to increase the size of the engine pulley by 1" and decrease the size of the trans pulley by 1". I have not been able to find the proper pulley in local stores, and am hoping anyone here might have some insight into where I could order them online, and maybe help me identify the proper side as I'm not exactly sure what size is on there currently (Do you measure the outer diameter of the pulley, or the inner diameter of where the belt lays? Base on outer diameter, they are 4" on the engine, and 6.5 inch on the transaxle.) The tractor is a 312-8 1985, with a 4 pinion 1" axle shaft transaxle. I greatly appreciate any feedback or help! Thanks! -Bert
  13. JayB

    Drive pulley

    I am need of a 1 &1/4 inch bore size pulley at 2" or 2.5" diameter. Need this to add to 12HP Kohler engine shaft to run my sickle bar. Looking to purchase. Got no response in the wanted classifieds. Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. Hello everyone, I recently had some issues with the middle blade cutting grass while I was mowing. I decided to take the mower deck off. I believe I have found the problem, and that would be a missing bushing or spacer, but I can't seem to find it on any of the assembly documents I have. Could anyone help me verify if my assumptions are correct, or assist me if you see something else that is wrong? Here are some pictures to hopefully better show what I am referring to. The mower model I own is a 86 Wheel Horse 312-8 manual mower. The first image is the mower deck itself, presumably a 0542ms04 ( this is the 42" deck). No identifiers on the actual deck. The second image shows the pulley being referenced and the mount in which is suppose to attach to. The third image is hard to see, but the actual spindle shaft sticks up higher that the pulley so tightening down the top bolt does not actually secure the pulley in place. This causes the pulley to spin with the belt, but the pulley is loose with respect to the spindle shaft. The fourth image is the assembly drawing I have been referencing to troubleshoot the issue. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. And this is my first post in the forums so if this has been answered before, or this post should be moved, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. kathyb6856

    Belt adjustment pulleys are smoking

    I have a 1986 Wheel Horse 417 A Model 31-17KE 02 . It has a Kohler engine KT 17QS 24363 and Deck 05-48MS05. Originally, the blades stopped turning and the belts weren't moving. One of the bearings in the pulley was worn so I replaced it, but that didn't solve the problem. I then replaced the clutch plate, which was worn smooth. Now, the pulley adjustment is smoking and obviously overheating. Any suggestions as to what I should be looking at now for repair? Thanks, Joe
  16. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum (very thankful to have found it) and a fairly new Wheel Horse owner. I believe my tractor is an early 1960's E32 Lawn Ranger. I haven't been able to pin point the age or exact model yet. Here is the problem I am currently having. My barn find did not have an engine so I used a predator 212cc as a replacement. I have found a pretty good pulley for the engine, but seem to be having trouble finding the best length to utilize the clutch/brake function. I have moved the engine back a bit to allow clearance for the hood. I have two 1/2" v-belts that I am trying to work with, one is a 61" and the other is a 62". I have also read and recently learned that the belt cover must be on to make sure the belt doesn't spin off. However, I can't seem to get the rear transmission pulley to stop spinning when I engage the clutch pedal. The belt definitely seems loose enough when using the 62" since it will literally fall off when I engage the pedal all the way. It even seems a bit loose when only pressing half way down. Anyway, I have posted a few pics to show what I am talking about. Any help on proper belt tension would be greatly appreciated. Glad to be here!
  17. acemanrocks

    5xi Pulley Issues

    I have a Wheel Horse 5xi that threw a Idler pulley and tore up a belt. I bought a new pulley and belt, installed and adjusted. 2 minutes into mowing I threw the other idler pulley in the box. What am I missing? What am I doing that these pulleys are walking off the shaft? Thank in advance for the help. Aaron
  18. Hello all. I'm new to the forum and have my Dad's 1978 C-161. How can I increase ground speed? I don't want to race the neighbors or anything but I cruise the property with it. I don't mow with it but use it to move trailers, pull a lawn roller, pull spreaders, etc. It's in really great condition and everything works but ground speed is pretty slow. Plus, as you know, Low range is really slow. Thanks for any help and I hope I put this in the correct section of the forum.
  19. I managed to get though last season with a "wobbly V belt idler pulley. Any Ideas on how to change this? I tried a puller which only bent the inner pulley. this is the bad one so nothing lost here. I guess I should change both. Am not sure I could use a press to take them off. I could cut them off but would rather do it the easy way if there is one. Any help would be great! Thanks
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