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Found 109 results

  1. My son asked the local scrapyard owner to give us a call when he gets any WH tractors. we have bought a few from him. The owner calls my son today and says a Wheelhorse just came in. Stop by in 1/2 hr and take a look. Well.... $150 later... Its an amazing score. Whoever scrapped it drained all the fluids and pulled the filters. I wish I had filters! It looks like it just needs a good going over. Tmw we’ll get it fired up. 420H with a pretty near perfect 48”deck and a 2 stage snowblower. I think we’re missing some parts for the blower though. If this thing runs and moves it’ll top the Massey Executive find from the same scrapyard. 😁 OH! And the best part is last year the carpenter at work gave me his binder from the 520h he had and sold. He had compiled everything you could get into a big binder. I think I have every bit of paper work for this tractor! Repair/service manuals and owners manual. 😁👍👍
  2. Mike Sullivan


    I have my snow blade off of my old TORO 416 (1995?). I would like to mount it on my 520H (1990) but not sure where in mounts and I am sure I will have to apply some innovative rigging but would sure be appreciative of any advice. Thanks in advance.
  3. WVHillbilly520H

    New "shoes" for a horse

    I finally got around to mounting 1 set of new tires front and rear on my "Good Friday" 520H after 22 years the original Dico brand were weather/dry cracked through the sidewalls only tubes were holding the air inside, @HorseFixer, Duke the 23x10.50-12 Nanco brand Ags mounted out to 9.5" not 10.50" but still more than 8" wide ,I don't think you would've been happy with that for your set up, but I'm OK with them being a bit narrow, means a bit more traction and bit less flotation for my intended purposes mowing,gardening, and snow pushing. The fronts are Trac Gard 16x7.50-8 turfs they were an PITA to seat the beads but got it done, had tire shop do the rears, also did inside MF approximately 45# and outside weights CC 30# on them and put my one off powder coated wheel covers on (they hide the "blue" weights that were originally MF red) all this today since I'm on 4-10 hour days now Friday is going to be project day, anyways here the goods, Jeff.
  4. After much consideration, I've decided to sell my 520h. It is in very good condition...the only item not working is the fuel gage. Oil (engine and transmission) and filters have been changed within the last 10 operating hours. New seat. Mower deck is NOT included in price; please make offer if interested.
  5. Chuck14025

    Starter just clicks

    1994 520 H. Starter just clicks. 1. Battery 12.6V, load test OK., New solenoid. Ground good. Key switch tested ok. Wiring diagram shows a 'kill' relay - I can't find it on the tractor. Checked the 3 relays under the battery box - they work. Neutral switch, PTP and seat switch work mechanically. 2. Not able to find article on this problem when searching. There must be dozens. How do I find them? 3. Can I test the starter without taking it out? 4. Is there a 'kill' relay? thank you...
  6. This Hydro is ready to go in your Wheel Horse Tractor. Just removed. Is 100% working condition.
  7. 608KEB

    Fuse block question

    I would like to eliminate the current fuse block in my 1995 520H. I have a wiring diagram. It looks like the wires were tampered with but I'm not sure. Suggestions about why both white wires are on the 30 amp block. The 25 and 30 amp blocks are connected with a bridge. I'm not sure how to wire these individually. The 30 amp fuse was melted.
  8. I have a 520h tractor that won’t stay running. It starts up but dies out after a short period of time. I’ve changed the fuel filter and air filter. Not sure if it has to do with electrical or fuel. If you have any tips on where to go from here it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi! I'm a new member and sure this has been addressed here but how do you remove the gauges on a 520h '91? I just bought a replacement tach on top right (sticking with all Toro to match) and almost cried when I saw how difficult replacement seems to be. Saw one post about bending the dash cover and loosening the metal piece behind the gauge flange but I tried and don't want to take the chance of breaking the dash cover. Is it necessary to remove the steering wheel and maybe the hydraulic levers to get to them? The voltmeter isn't registering either (bottom left) and it's even more difficult to get to so I don't think bending anything will work. Everything else works perfectly. Help! Just purchased this 520h with just over 600 hrs and really worried about the rear valve seat issues but it purrs like a kitten and is a delight to hear - love it! The owner mostly restored everything and I'm finishing the job.
  10. Hi all, New to the group and hoping to tap into your knowledge. Also hoping I'm posting in the right place. Please excuse me if not. I live in NE Minnesota, and am looking for a WH tractor for mowing and snowblowing. I have a couple of questions I'd like your opinion/knowledge on, mostly about snow blowers and steering: Did all 520H/C models after 1991 have gear reduction steering? How do I know if a machine has gear reduction or not? Do the newer xi series have gear reduction? I think the 520/2/3xi offered power steering as an option, but do non-power steering models incorporate gear reduction? I'm leaning toward 2 stage blower, just because it seems heavier duty, and it snows a ton in NE MN. Are the 2 stage units worthwhile? I was lucky enough to work for Toro for a few years, and really want to find a red machine. Lots of green around here, but hoping to stay RED. Thanks for your help. Greg
  11. Hi Guys, I just bought some Carlisle Turfmaster 24x12-12 rear tires to replace the 23x8.50-12 tires I have on there now. I was wondering which rims I should buy to fit these bigger tires. The charts say an 8.50 width rim but should the offset stay the same or does it need to change? Any other dimensions I should be concerned about? Thanks in advance. Hope everyone is healthy and well! John
  12. My 520H has never cut grass really well. It seems this deck is more like a bush hog than a finish mower. It doesn't seem to mind if the grass or weeds are really tall it will mow them down but that's about it. I have a Zoysia lawn that I like to cut at 3" but when I do it never looks neat. This grass is just around my house about 40' or so all around. The rest of our grass I have to cut is a mixture of grasses but now mostly weeds. The zoysia is slowly spreading out into these areas and does a pretty good job of controlling some of the weeds once it gets established. When I cut the Zoysia I try to keep the RPM's up and I have been reducing my ground speed but it still doesn't leave the grass like I would like. It sort of looks like all three blades leave a different pattern if that makes any sense. I put on a new set of blades and belts each spring after the second or so cut once all the winter leftovers are all cleaned up but even with new blades it's about the same. It's a 48" deck and I'm thinking that the 48" deck would be the max for the 520. I have a smaller WH with a 42" deck that would cut the grass much cleaner but that old deck is past worn out and I just use that one for a pull tractor. I'm wondering what the blade tip speed is for the 520 H with a 48" deck. Is there a chart somewhere that will speak to this?
  13. 482 Hours, Grage/Shed kept, 48" Mower Deck, Single Stage Snowblower, Dozer Blade, Bagger, 2 sets of tire chains, Wheel weights, Snowblower cab, Many additional maintenance parts.
  14. Meticulously cared for over the years. Rugged little loader. All new hoses and fittings. I've got an 88-90 520H with the normal 520H issue.... wiring. But could absolutely make it a packaged deal. Trades considered and open to offers.
  15. Michael Moore


    Looking for 48” deck near Pittsburgh PA, good condition, no holes, comes with mule drive and belts.
  16. wh315-8

    Yard Work

    Grandpa wouldn't line up in right way. Stubborn. Nice day today, got some of my herd out. 315-8 w/42" deck to mow. D200 to disc w/tandem disc. 520H w/36" tiller. And RJ59 with 36" Parker Sweeper. These horses done me well today.
  17. 1990520H

    520H swept axle rims

    What is a good replacement rim for the fronts since you can no longer get the stuff from Toro. Been looking. Not much luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Willlawre

    In a pickle

    So guys was gonna splurge on this wh 520h this weekend got permission to borrow a buddies trailor and everything. So I decided to show it to the wife and talk to her about it. She sends the link to her father to look at it comes with a garden furrow snow plow and working deck. He wants 1650 for it but ive been talking to him and I'm pretty sure hed go to 1300. Now I'm getting it to plow snow and do garden work with. Father In law says it wont plow my driveway cuz its gravel and would move it around when I'm plowing. Now I had a snow blower that would do exactly the same thing. except throw the gravel all the way into the middle of my yard. My drive is only 40 ft long and it is gravel does anyone really think this would be a problem? He saying its not what I need and I should go to the local tractor dealer and get a newer one and have a payment on it because he said in going to have a terrible time finding parts for it but I see these 520s often in my travel of the internet. I really dont want a 12000 dollar John deere. HELP ME!!!
  19. 1991 520 h with 42 in. snow blower single stage,48 inch deck in good condition, and cab. Not sure how cold it has to be to not start but I do know it will start at 10 below zero. Put gas in it turn the key and use it. I am the second owner I am in the middle of trying to find the documentation that I got with the tractor. I've owned it for four years and as the picture show I use it .but I also maintain it religiously it is greased at least bi-weekly and never abused I don't believe it's ever been revved above 2500 RPMs. Fuel gauge just stopped working within the last couple months have not looked at it yet. Doesn't smoke ( I've never seen any and I drive a Cummins diesel) does seem to use a very minimal amount of oil.1512 hrs. Feel free to call or text anytime, Chad
  20. 608KEB

    Fuse blowing

    I haven't posted any problems for a long time. But my luck ran out. The 25 amp fuse keeps blowing on the 520H. I looked at the wiring diagram. Looks like a possible key switch issue. It could also be between the starter and the battery. I'll check the connections. Clean them up also. Am I headed in the right direction?
  21. Hi all you movers of snow, I have a Wheel horse 520 H 1996 Model 73501 and just reattached my model 79361 snowthrower on it and the belt is very loose. I had used the blower last season and it had performed great (it came with the blower already on) I removed it for mowing use and reattached a month ago with the same belt. Even with the belt on the inner/larger PTO pulley, the belt was so loose that it would barely turn the auger without engagement into snow and completely stopped in snow. the belt then came off and was damaged so that the steel cords started to protrude and I replaced the belt. (belt: # 116332) The new belt slips also and the symptoms are the same, even on the larger PTO sheave. The belt tension spring is mounted and functioning and as far as I can tell I have routed the belt correctly. I tried to visit pages that show images of this, but was not allowed to view the content?? Are there any additional ways to make the belt fit better? I'll post some key pictures of what it all looks like shortly When I removed the cover for the belt at the PTO I noticed that I had it on the smaller/outside sheave and moved it to the larger. this did tension the belt better and perhaps it will work. However I am concerned about the Belt guard that is situated between the 3 pulleys on the thrower- is it in the right position?
  22. WVHillbilly520H

    Mowing the "Hill"

    Thought I would share a video of my 95 520H mowing some tall grass on the steep hill next to my house... @PeacemakerJack , @WHX24 here you can see the traction of the Lawn Trac R1s on damp grass and a steep hill enjoy hopefully my bouncy vid doesn't give anyone vertigo lol... Picture after the mowing was done... Plus that Onan singing a sweet tune. 20190826_182107.mp4
  23. Used Eaton 11 trans for 520H. I picked this up as a spare. Was told it was a working unit when I bought it. Comes with hubs and I'll throw in the deck control valve.
  24. Dozer blade, model 47524, with extension for long frame tractor. 520 w heel weights and chains include.
  25. 1991 or 92, Wheelhorse 520H for sale. Repowered with a Predator 22HP engine one year ago. Great care was taken to ensure the new engine aligned with the mule drive and transmission pulley, and it has been operating great since. The dash worked before the repower, but was not hooked up to the new engine's electrical. The hood does not currently fit, exhaust will need modified to allow it to. The seat is in rough shape. 60" deck is in fair condition. The front roller needs some fab work around the pin to tighten it up. Onan 20HP engine for parts is included in the price. The previous owner had fixed the intake valve seat, it didn't hold. Rather than try again, I swapped the Onan for the Predator engine. I can send more photos or videos. Just ask.
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