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Found 105 results

  1. WVHillbilly520H

    New "shoes" for a horse

    I finally got around to mounting 1 set of new tires front and rear on my "Good Friday" 520H after 22 years the original Dico brand were weather/dry cracked through the sidewalls only tubes were holding the air inside, @HorseFixer, Duke the 23x10.50-12 Nanco brand Ags mounted out to 9.5" not 10.50" but still more than 8" wide ,I don't think you would've been happy with that for your set up, but I'm OK with them being a bit narrow, means a bit more traction and bit less flotation for my intended purposes mowing,gardening, and snow pushing. The fronts are Trac Gard 16x7.50-8 turfs they were an PITA to seat the beads but got it done, had tire shop do the rears, also did inside MF approximately 45# and outside weights CC 30# on them and put my one off powder coated wheel covers on (they hide the "blue" weights that were originally MF red) all this today since I'm on 4-10 hour days now Friday is going to be project day, anyways here the goods, Jeff.
  2. KyleHorse

    mule drive

    is the mule drive on a 520h and 461h the same part number## one is 60" deck and the other is a 44"????
  3. I have a 1991 520h and I can mow for hours on end until I turn the tractor off and then restart it. The tractor restarts nice and easy warm but when I engage the PTO (mower deck) it slowly kills the engine. If I disengage the PTO it revs right back up. It is an electric clutch. I was thinking if it was a kill switch wrong I would imagine it would kill it a lot faster than allowing me to cycle on and off the PTO. Any thoughts?
  4. Rich16

    Valve Adjust 520h

    Hi All, Looked on the site (and YouTube) and can't find anything comprehensive about adjusting valves without taking things apart - most are with engine removed I don't want to do. Can you adjust the valves with engine on by just taking off the air cleaner unit to expose the valve covers and take the plugs out? Can Top Dead Center be found without removing anything else or does the flywheel canopy have to be removed? I've adjusted valves on cars, etc and it's easy and straightforward - but I don't want to have to take anything apart that's unneccesary. Many thanks!
  5. The Tool Crib

    Motor movement

    Hey y'all I have a 520 H which has some motor movement. Not sure if this is normal or needs to be tightened up. Any ideas?
  6. Goat 2141

    No charge

    Have a 520h it will charge the battery how can fix it.
  7. Goat 2141

    Adjustments on belt 42"

    How to a just belt 42" snowblower on 520h.
  8. I was talking to my colleague the other day and I knew he had a wheel horse tractor. He was having issues with the transmission leaking fluid and there is a bad hub. But other than that it is in decent shape considering it has 2100+ hours on it. Needless to say he bought a new zero turn and no longer needs his horse so he gave it to me for FREE! He was the original owner and has all the original paperwork. It is a 1991 520h and I am still shocked how quiet it is compared to my Raider 12. Anyway the good stuff...the pictures.
  9. Hi! I'm a new member and sure this has been addressed here but how do you remove the gauges on a 520h '91? I just bought a replacement tach on top right (sticking with all Toro to match) and almost cried when I saw how difficult replacement seems to be. Saw one post about bending the dash cover and loosening the metal piece behind the gauge flange but I tried and don't want to take the chance of breaking the dash cover. Is it necessary to remove the steering wheel and maybe the hydraulic levers to get to them? The voltmeter isn't registering either (bottom left) and it's even more difficult to get to so I don't think bending anything will work. Everything else works perfectly. Help! Just purchased this 520h with just over 600 hrs and really worried about the rear valve seat issues but it purrs like a kitten and is a delight to hear - love it! The owner mostly restored everything and I'm finishing the job.
  10. Goat 2141

    Oil sensor switch

    Where is the oil sensor switch
  11. For Sale - 520H with 48" mower deck, Front pusher blade, Belly grader blade, rear tiller. Runs great. Sold as a package. Additional pictures upon request.
  12. Will not charge battery
  13. I have a 1994 520H. The hour meter works if I take a ground wire from another ground source. I looked through the 520H wiring diagram and found that the hour meter ground runs into the oil pressure switch. I have taken the 9 pin connector apart. It's in good shape. I cleaned it and used electric contact grease. When I turn the key to on, I noticed that the oil pressure warning light does not come on. I'm guessing that the ground running to the oil pressure switch is at fault. Is this correct or are there other possibilities?
  14. Frank The Tank

    60 in Mule Drive.

    I just found out, after destroying a new belt that I need a special mule drive for my 60 inch deck. I bought a 520H with a 60 in deck this year. I just taught myself how to weld and fixed the height selector. At least I have that going for me. After a little research I found that I need the special mule drive.... Does anyone have one?
  15. 608KEB

    PTO clutch plate blew apart

    I was mowing tonight. I engaged the mower deck and the PTO clutch fell apart. Part # 114881. Can I still get this through Toro? I bought what I thought was the right clutch pad. But, it's too small. Part#4365. Looking for options to get this part.
  16. DocGeorge

    Cyclone rake

    I am looking at a 1995 520H 60” cut but have a question before I buy. I have a Cyclone Rake Commercial vacuum and am wondering if anyone knows if they will fit the discharge on the WH? I really want a WH but this is a requirement. Looking forward to being able to add a tiller and other implements to it as well if the Cyclone rake will work with it.
  17. ....but she runs and drives and has got potential. The good... 2k & some odd hours but engine sounds real strong and starts easily, no smoke and we all know how bullet proof the 1100 is. Sheet metal all strait and rust free. The bad.... none of gauges work, no lights, steering turns tight one direction but wide to the right. The PTO hoop and linkage as well as the pto center trunnion are all missing. Who in their right mind would take it off and lose it? The hoop you gave me Dan is too short but can be modded to work. The tractor came with a nice 48 incher!?! Somebody correct if wrong but was the coil relocated? Not to worry about Mr 9 pin...already been cut out! The ugly... the seat could have easily won my ungly seat contest. The fronts ...no extra charge for the racing slicks seller says! If all goes as planned with the sale of the attachments, a nice deck and a almost NOS plow, this might be a free tractor.
  18. RainbowMeatballs

    520H Electric Fuel Pump

    Following the death of my 520H's fuel pump, I bought a low-pressure electric pump. The problem is, I know almost nothing about electrical systems, and I am wondering where to hook up the pump. I am thinking that I could use the pink line coming from the A terminal, but I'm not absolutely sure. I was also wondering if I could attach it with ring hooks to one of the meters. (piggy-backing) I'm not sure of the amps this uses, but it seems to have 14 gauge wire. To be safe, would adding a 20 amp fuse screw up the meters if I switched it in the place the 10 amp? This is the pump: Amazon I have an inline fuse holder if my ideas have been completely wrong.
  19. mustangken

    520H engine blew out valve seat

    My 520H blow out a valve seat. Any suggestions on a new motor or should I have the seat repaired?
  20. Is this the correct setting to test the battery or voltage output? I tested four different batteries. The reading is saying about 17.0-17.5 on all 4 batteries.
  21. Dave54000

    New to me 520h

    Hello new to the forum I just bought a 1997 520h with 387 hrs has a snowblower single stage and mower deck its in real good shape i think it just needs a little maintaince. Engine surges hopefully just needs a carb and tank cleaning. Headlights don t work and need to replace a idler sprocket on blower and possible have to replace the lift seal because the snowblower won't stay up it slowly lowers not sure if that's normal because if weight or needs to be fixed. Overall very happy I bought it I grew up using my father's 520h
  22. 608KEB

    Wanted: Original Cab roof Part# 8795

    I'm looking for a Fiberglass or ABS roof made by Original Cab. Cab #P650CC01. (Part number 8795 Plastic top, long.) I'm also looking for the glass windshield with electric wiper blade. Part number 5975. Madison, WI.
  23. Indianajohn

    520H hydraulic line repair?

    Newbie to the forum, and also a new 520H owner. It came into my shop with a complaint of "won't move and can't lift the blade". Obviously a hydraulic issue. Looking around underneath, I noticed oil dripping off the frame. Turns out the steel hydraulic line that runs along the top of the lower frame rail and goes to the front of the lift valve had been sitting in old accumulated grass that had gotten wet and it had holes rusted thru it. After doing some major disassembly to get the line out of there (you basically have to split the tractor), the only fix I have been able to come up with is to have a custom line made up. Used ones seem to be unobtanium, and due to the sharp bends and special flares, a DIY replacement looks like a non starter. And due to a lack of space where the line runs between the rear of the frame and the transaxle housing, a custom hose won't fit. And of course wouldn't be cheap either. The owners have told me they don't want to spend a lot of money on repairing it, and with the labor cost plus the price of a custom made line, it will run into more than they want to spend on "that old tractor". They basically told me I could have it for the time I already have in it. So it looks like I'm going to end up with yet another tractor. However, the Onan engine runs good, and the machine really isn't in that bad of condition. Plus I've always admired the 520 series tractors, so I kinda hate to give up on the old girl and part it out. I really hate it when someone parts out a fixable tractor. So far, my google searches have turned up precious little info. Has anybody else ever ran into this problem on one of these tractors? And if so, how did you deal with it?
  24. I recently purchased a Original Cab model P6500CC01. Minus the roof.I was told by Original Cab that the glass windshield and ABS roof that they sell would not work on my cab. Has anyone modified a new roof and glass windshield to work on this cab? Or does someone know where I might find a used roof and glass windshield for this cab.