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Found 8 results

  1. Selling my trusty WH520H. ~880 hours (currently used for moving snow when needed so hours may rise) very solid machine, strong and hardworking. 20HP Onan, hydro transmission and hydraulic lift. Has Matt's foot-pedal conversion for forward/reverse. Included in the sale is a tall-chute snow blower and 60" mowing deck. The blower is in excellent condition and is on the tractor currently. The mowing deck has been a workhorse over the years. No holes but could use some TLC, probably needs new spindles at some point and could use a couple spots touched up with welder also does NOT have any pulley covers/protectors (see photo). Tractor has been an incredible tool, very solid and dependable and I'm certainly going to miss her when she's gone. Recent maintenance: replaced the plugs this summer, fluids as needed (hydro has about 100 hours on fluid/filter; oil was done in the spring and has about 25 hours on it). Battery is about 3 years old as are the tires, Terra Trac tires on the rear and turfs on the front. The seat (with arm rests) isn't in great shape. I've got a cover for the seat, never used. It's never really bothered me but new seat cover is included in sale as are 4 hub caps, chains for the rear tires, and some misc spare parts (see photos). I've owed this machine about 8 year and put ~350 hours on her. She's not a show piece but could be restored. Sheet metal is generally in shape, no rust however the hood does have a couple dings in it. I'm only selling because I'm trying to help my son get a small lawn care business started and looking to move to a zero-turn. The 60" deck is too large for our trailer, the mowing deck lacks pulley safety shields, and we'd like something that mows faster. My only complaint with this machine is the top-speed (which isn't great when comparing to today's machines) otherwise she's a beast. They don't make them like this anymore.
  2. Upnorthman

    314-8 package (sold)

    314-8 In great shape. Used for mowing more than anything. Bought it a few years ago but got a new tractor. I used the blower very little and it sounds like it needs a bearing on it. Runs well. I have new chains I've not put on yet and extra belts.
  3. 4,650 downloads

    Tractor vs. Implement cross reference chart for models from 1955 - 2000 110 pages 513.43KB This chart lists the original attachment model The model that replaced the original model The model that was available when the list was made Often many models between the last two are not listed. You must go from year to year and follow the model numbers to see them all. For a complete list of models click on the magnifying glass in the Search box. Enter DNA in the Search box and select Files from the drop down menu. Two pages of 33 results will come up in random order. Find the attachment you are looking for and click on it. The DNA for that model of attachment will come up. Look for the model of your attachment in the DNA list. They are organized from earliest to latest. OR Search the Files using a model number you know will work. Look through the results for DNA in another file name for the same item. That will have the full list of models. STD for a model indicates that attachment was standard equipment that came on that model of tractor. Mistakes in the online attachment list @ Toro. The Attachment Interchange is correct but confusing and the source of the mistakes. 1970 *VS rear discharge mower deck 5-7362 is correct replaced by 5-0610 both CCW rotation 1971 rear discharge mower deck 5-0600 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-7362 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0610 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS rear discharge mower deck should be model 5-0611 - CCW spindle rotation 1970 *VS side discharge mower deck 5-2365 is correct replaced by 5-0700 both CCW rotation 1971 side discharge mower deck 5-0710 - CW spindle rotation fits long frame tractors only 1971 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0700 - CCW spindle rotation 1972 *CG-7 & 8 side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0701 - CCW spindle rotation 1973 *VS side discharge mower deck should be model 5-0702 - CCW spindle rotation 1974 Replacement rear discharge mower deck for the model 5-0622 (side discharge) is wrong - should be 65-36XR01 *Models using a vertical engine crankshaft


  4. I had the notion that these weren't worth bothering with but the price was just too good for this much painted red sheetmetal! The owner loved it but replaced it with a BIG tractor/snowblower and a Ferris 60". He hated to see it go but had no room for it and wasn't going to leave it outside. I just had too... Many of you will know what it is but not long ago I wouldn't have!
  5. DennisThornton

    Best Wheel Horse snow machines?

    As that season with the white fluffy nears my mind drifts back to the years when the kids and I shoveled our long driveway and while it does bring back fond memories of great teamwork it also brings back memories of a great amount work that would REALLY suck today! (No more little helpers!) Fortunately since then the little shovels pushed by myself and my young fellas have evolved up to a 35hp 4wd tractor with a 74" 2 stage blower! And since then the addition of several walk behinds and garden tractor driven snowblowers and blades. I've recently decided that a dozer blade is required no matter how many snowblowers there are! And I hate changing attachments and even though WH has taken a lot of the grief out of it I'm still not going to do it and putting cabs on and off is certainly going to become a thing of my past just like the snow shovels! My goal is to have a tractor for each attachment and at the current rate I'm going to get there before I die and without breaking the bank. So with even more Wheel Horses added to the collection and I'm now thinking that I will dedicate one WH as the master snowblower with cab and another to the master snow pusher with cab. Oh the big 35hp 74" will go through ANYTHING but it is also BIG and awkward to maneuver up close and NOT something you want to bump the house or back into cars with! Out in the open it is awesome but I have lots of building, paths and walkways that it is overkill for. And it constant tempts me to just carefully edge up close to something! You should see the neat decoration it made from a piece 8ft 1/2" rebar! And while I've been fortunate and now I've got the big storms covered, I should also be prepared in case it was to be out of commission and have a backup machine, slower for sure but still quite capable. So from experience, wishes or reading, what tractor and what snowblower would make the ultimate Wheel Horse combo snowblower? And which combo would make the ultimate pusher. If you could have any Wheel Horse combo you desired to tackle snow what would it be? And feel free to elaborate! I'm sure there are many that are quite experienced BUT I'm also sure there are many new members that could benefit from thoughts on not only which tractor, auto or geared, which blower, single or two staged, but also tires, chains, weights, cabs, cab heaters, wipers, lights and... I certainly have my own thoughts but before I combine tractor, attachment and cab and later wish I had done it differently, I would really like to hear what have YOU done or what would YOU do now if you had your wishes? Thanks guys for your thoughts and experiences!
  6. I'm interested in getting a tall chute blower for my 520-H but I haven't seen a lot of them for sale lately so I have no idea what a fair price would be (either for buying or selling). Now that we're mid-way though the 2016 winter, what do you think a tall chute blower is worth. I'm talking about a unit that has all required parts, has been used but not abused and would be ready to put to work as soon as it's mounted. I know the project/pieces units are out there and can be found easily, but I'm not in a position to repair/rebuild right away. So how much should I budget to get a decent, ready-to-work tall chute? Thanks.
  7. Anyone have any info about this implement?
  8. Hello Red Square Community! My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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