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Found 10 results

  1. Berco

    Dead 520LXI

    Hello all. My battery in my 520LXI was going out, the lights would come on but the engine would not turn over. I put a 1.5 amp truckle charger on the battery when i left for a 4 days trip. I come back and the same. I also noticed i left the key in the run position (the hour meter did not run). I swap out batteries and now the mower is completely dead. When i turn the key - nothing. I verify the battery it good (13.04v), negative is connected to the engine block, voltage is good on the solenoid side of the starter. I out the key to run and try to jump to see if i can start and nothing. Not even a spark. I have used this mover for years and has 500 hours. Could the ignition switch or brake switch be bad? The seat switch is jumped.What else could cause my mower to be dead? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hey guys! new wheel horse owner here. I picked up a 2001 523xi that came with a berco subframe. I happened to find a 40" compact berco that was hardly used to slap on it only I'm not sure where to start as there are no resources for this that I can find. I'm mechanically inclined, rebuilt the injection pump, injectors etc... as I purchased it non-running as it wasn't receiving any fuel to the injectors (it runs amazing now btw). so for starters I'm going to go out on a whim here and say that this will require the mule drive or "pulley box". and I've got the rest of the parts in the picture. The parts of the subframe that look to bolt up seem so narrow compared to the hookups on the rest of the tractor. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I have an oil leak on my Kohler CH22 in my Toro 522XI (see video). I put in new head gaskets to remedy low compression. Then upon first start i had a large oil leak. It seemed to come from the aft oil seal. So i pulled the engine again and replace the seals. I re-installed the engine again today and the leak is still there. This is the leak now: https://youtu.be/pi382fXVXPQ What could cause it? I did blow out the air line from the fuel pump with compressed air into the crank case to clan out any debris. Could that have caused a leak this bad on the oil pan gasket? or another location? thank you all in advance!
  4. Berco

    5XI Transaxle tubing

    I have a transaxle from a 518XI that i have as a spare. I would like to put some caps on the two open hydraulic lines, but i am having some hard time figuring out the thread and type to mate with the existing tubing. Does anyone know the specs for can point me to a fitting that will work? thanks!
  5. Spook345

    Looking at a 522xi

    I'm going to look at a 1998 522xi tomorrow. it has approx 300 hrs. Described as like new condition except for slight paint fade. If it is indeed in very good condition, what do you think is a fair price? it is a one owner and was supposedly serviced regularly from the dealer that has it now. It has power steering, deck wash down fitting and the arm rest seat. Thanks for any replies.
  6. The last two weeks we have been splitting time between our new home in VA, and finishing the little to-do projects before going on the market with our MD house. Juno has been helping me navigate the drive! It must be the breed as she stood by my shoulder for looking out the windshield most of the way for the 181 mile trip. Mrs. Sailor has to drive by herself. Whittling the collection of tractors has been an interesting exercise. Different scenarios of equipment needed depended on which house would be our new one. Properties that we looked at ranged from 3-1/4 acres down to 0.4 acre, which is what we chose. After the choice was made in January, I have been divesting of the equipment that was used on our current wooded two acres. With only four trees compared to our grove of over 300, the log splitter, chainsaws, chipper/shredder, etc have been sold off. The primary tractors at the MD house have been my three 5xi. But I have decided that my three Black Hoods are better suited to the new house. Ironically the 1980 C-145 will become the primary mower at the new house - and the 1998 518xi will move on to another owner. The C-145 will receive a rebuilt engine and general refurbishment. In the meantime one of the other two Black Hoods will temporarily take over.
  7. shallowwatersailor

    The Diesels Day to Play

    Today my two diesel tractors finished this year's mowing season. With leaves covering the ground, I needed to fertilize for the last time this year. A portion of my front lawn was torn up a few weeks ago due to having an underground fuel tank removed. Because of where the tank was buried, the contractor's two trucks and backhoe made two routes to the tank's location. A lot of the lawn needed to be reseeded. I added 10 yards of topsoil to help the new grass along. Of course, we had 22 days without rain so I needed to sprinkle every day! Using "Paladin", my 523Dxi, I first mulched the leaves so that the fertilizer would be applied to the ground and not the leaves. It is nice having power steering as I ran wide circles amongst my trees so that I wouldn't tear up the new grass. Then it was my DC-105's, "Dillon", turn to pull my broadcast spreader. Some nice seat time! Now to get the 523Dxi ready for winter. Of course, I was supervised the whole time.
  8. shallowwatersailor

    Finally Some Snow!

    Finally it looked like Winter was going to arrive today! This - after the daffodils and cherry blossoms were already blooming. But, the line moved further North and the sleet and rain took over. We were in the 8-12" forecast range but was actually 4-5" of wet, wet snow and a lot of sleet. I have to admit for this snow storm I wish that I had a steel edge on the plow instead of the UHMW.edge. It had a tendency to "ride over" the ice underneath. I always wait until the county plow comes by before going out to do my neighbors and my driveways. It was nice to have the second cab on the plow tractor considering my other cab never got installed this Winter!. With the 25-30 mph wind blowing I hardly felt the weather while plowing for two hours.

    520H or 520Xi? HELP!!!

    Hello everyone, I NEED HELP! I came across a gentleman that is selling his whole Wheel Horse collection to clear out his garage. This is what he has: ($600) 93 520H, 1400hrs runs perfect, 48" deck. Torn seat. 20hp Onan. Has owned since new. He says it is a gas guzzler. ($1000) 01 520xi, 2889 hrs (key must have been left on). 20hp kohler. Looks in good shape. tight and shows little wear. Starts, runs fine. only a puff of smoke at initial start-up. minor Hydro noise, but it was 25 degrees out. comes with 78363 48" deck, 42" blower. ($500) additional 60" xi deck, clean, no rust, original ($1000) 268h with 360hrs in the best condition of the 3. ($1200) 52" Z-master zero-turn with 600 hrs. ($500) 02 520lxi for parts, running. ($3500) for everything above. I am upgrading, potentially from a Deere GT225 with around 500hrs. The GT is uncomfortable, and the 42" deck is small. I have hilly terrain and about an acre of grass. I need the tractor for snow removal and mowing only, in addition to hauling a trailer to/from the woods. I have a 1981 1710 Ford tractor with a FEL, PTO/3pt, and back blade for big jobs. Please steer me correctly. Tell me what to look for specifically, as I am new to Wheel Horse. Thanks for any/ALL input!!! -Eric
  10. acemanrocks

    5xi Pulley Issues

    I have a Wheel Horse 5xi that threw a Idler pulley and tore up a belt. I bought a new pulley and belt, installed and adjusted. 2 minutes into mowing I threw the other idler pulley in the box. What am I missing? What am I doing that these pulleys are walking off the shaft? Thank in advance for the help. Aaron
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