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Found 10 results

  1. Finally got the stack installed, getting that threaded pipe out of the head needed a little persuasion but all went well, and it looks fantastic thanks to Jim Kemp!
  2. bizzo15


    Decided to sell the 314-8, wife wants to mow the lawn more and doesn't like shifting gears. It's a 97 or 98(i don't remember off top of my head) 314-8 hour meter says it has 261 hours but it's broken so if I had to estimate the hours I would 600-800. Mechanically very strong with no issues, I've used it weekly to mow my lawn for the last couple of years. Comes with a 37" side discharge deck and bagger setup if you want it(not pictured). Only trades I'm really interested in would be a full hydro tractor. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. rockerpeople

    Ignition problem

    I have a 1996 Wheel Horse 314-8 that has a Kohler motor on it. My issue is starting it. It does nothing for several tries at turning the key but finally starts. Seems to be getting worse. Makes no noise during tries to start; nothing till it finally kicks over. I've looked all over this thing to see if it is brake/safety switch related but find nothing. Help?
  4. I have a 1999 314-8. It never starts on the 1st try whether it is hot or cold outside. It always starts immediately on the 2nd try. Is there anything I should be checking/fixing or is this just typical of a 18 year old tractor. The hour meter reads about 350 hours. If the tractor is stopped and restarted during mowing/plowing, it will start on the first try. This is my first tractor, so no response is too obvious...
  5. Hey everybody, I just picked up a 314-8 with around 800 hours on it. When trying to put it into low range from high, the lever wont budge. It almost feels stuck, I cant figure it out... Thanks In Advance
  6. RusTia

    314-8 GT starting issues

    Hi all, I stumbled across this forum while trying to diagnose an issue with a 314-8 GT my dad handed down to me when he bought a new one this past spring. He purchased it in August, 1997 and it has been used for general yard work and lawn mowing. It has had a great life so far with no major issues until late last summer when all of a sudden it would not start. The engine would turn, but not fire up. After some playing around with the carb, I determined that it was not getting fuel when trying to start. However, I would just manually add fuel to the bowl to start it, and it would start right up. Once it started, it got fuel no problem and would run great for hours while cutting grass. A week would go by and I would have to do the same manual adding of fuel to get it to start, but it would run fine again. This went on all summer as I had no time to really look at it. I just assumed it had something to do with the ignition system not activating the fuel pump, but once it turned over, the fuel pump worked as designed. Then one day toward the end of the summer, I turned the key and nothing. No crank at all. The battery is still good and the lights on the panel would light up, but the engine would not turn or even make a sound. In searching the forum, I think I have narrowed it down to ignition module, starter, or solenoid. However, I don't want to order parts that I may not need so I am hoping to get some experienced guidance. My thoughts are that the two issues described above are related. Perhaps the fuel issues in the middle of the summer were symptoms of a part going bad, but still able to limp along. The final issue of not starting was when the part finally gave out. Or, perhaps they are not related and I have multiple things to look into. I would greatly appreciate any information and/or advice. If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. I thought it would go best in the engine since I am not entirely sure what the issue is.
  7. Hey all, Brand new here. Bought a house and it came with a 1998 314-8 with about 1000hrs and a trailer. I replaced the drive belt but other than that I haven't done much but mow and haul debris to the woods. It definitely has some issues—parking brake broken, blade adjustment not really working, plus a few other things that I intend to try to fix or have fixed. Trying to get ahead of winter and found a guy selling a snowblower attachment 79360 36" on Craigslist. $350 in "good" condition. I believe this will work on my model but looking for confirmation and any other advise. This one is in my vicinity and I'm not sure how often I will find one close enough to actually purchase so I think it may be wise to jump on it. Thanks, all!
  8. I have a 314-8 with a 79360 snow thrower on it and I just picked up a 79253 48" plow. I was hoping to swap back and forth between the two as the snow conditions required. I currently want to switch from the blower to the plow but I've reached a snag. I've gotten to the point in the detachment procedure where I remove the pin clip holding the thrower's lift tube flag to the tractor's attachment lift control arm. I don't have a tractor lift and I'm laying on the floor in my unheated garage and when I lookup to see the pin and clip, I can barely see it at all. I can barely get a plier to it let alone, clamped on to it to pull the clip. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to reach this pin to remove the clip? I'm concerned that if I somehow get lucky and pull the clip off, I'll never be able to line up the lift tube flag and the control arm to get the pin back in the hole and the clip back on when I want to reattach the blower. Sorry about the lousy picture but it's very tight under the tractor and I was fumbling with a flash light and a smartphone with next to no clearance and the only way to see the pin clip was to take a photo almost straight up. The thing I circled in the overexposed area is the pin clip in question.
  9. I see a decent looking snow blower #79263 and wondering if it will easily fit either my 1974 C-160 or my 2000 314-8? Your input would be appreciated.
  10. craigbic

    New guy!

    So this is my first post and I wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone here! I've been cruising the site for awhile researching what I could about the Wheel Horse 314-8 before making a decision to purchase one from a local dealer. Totally excellent site and a great help in my decision! I've never owned a Wheel Horse before but have had an early 90's MTD 12.5/38 LT and a much older small LT that I can't remember the manufacturer for. I have a long, steep driveway that I need to keep clear of snow (my elderly mother lives with me) and I really didn't want to go for an expensive new LT with a snow blower as there was no way it would hold up to the strain and I couldn't swing the price of a new GT setup. Then I saw this package at the local dealer but wasn't sure. It's a 1998 Wheel Horse 314-8 with 149 hours on it and includes the 42" deck, vacuum bagger, 42" snow blower, and the snow cab. Everything was in excellent condition - no rust, rot, or cracks! I had no experience with Wheel Horse and wasn't sure of their reputation. Boy am I glad I found your site! After reading a bunch of posts here about Wheel Horse and in particular the 314-8, I was VERY confident in my decision to buy it. It's being fully serviced right now (included in the price - sweet!) so I'm still waiting for delivery but here are some pictures of it (sorry, some of these are blurry - I'll post better pics when I get it home). I can't wait to get it home and put it through it's paces with some leaf pickup in prep for the inevitable snow!
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