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Found 55 results

  1. Red144runner


    I mow 7 lawns on the side 3 are neighbors. One in is a good size and flat. The only pita is a swingset. I like using the tractor on it for several reasons, it does a beautiful job, it needs to be bagged and with I only need to empty twice, my proline 36” I empty 7-8 and it’s a good excuse to run it for 90 minutes.
  2. Part 1 of John Deere STX Lawn Tractor Repair Video Series. The Engine won't crank.
  3. Hey all, Looking to find a muffler for my engine - the original has decided enough is enough. Would prefer to keep as stock as possible. This is for a ~2000, 14 hp Kohler Command Pro (model 73449) - it's one of those horizontal tube types with an S bend from the engine forward to the front end of the muffler. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  4. WVHillbilly520H

    Cub Cadet Original

    @WHX14, @Achto, here's the offending culprits of Kohler K161 fuel tanks on the CC ORIGINAL, that keep breaking the solder around the fuel outlet bung, any tips on repair would be greatly appreciated, as well a couple pics of the original engines/tins and the tractor with few upgrades I'm planning with the repaint, besides the K181 with ring gear starter out of a Gravely, Jeff.
  5. 12 hp Kohler

    Kohler k321 (14hp) added pics

    I have a kohler k321. I picked this engine up at an auction and I don’t know it if it runs or not, I haven’t tried and don’t have the time. It has good compression and is complete. It would work in a wheel horse but would need to be wired differently. Pm or email me for details I will try to get back to you ASAP. The engine is a little dirty and could use a hose down. I can haul the engine to the big show.
  6. Bill D

    13 Fin K321S?

    Hi, I have a K321S, Spec # 60424, S/N 14169017. I was counting the cooling fins on the rear of the engine and noticed that it has 13 fins. I read somewhere that 13 fin blocks were more sought after thatn 12 fin blocks. If so, why? Also is it possible to have a 13 fin K321, or did someone possibly change the cover in the past? Also is it possble to tell is this engine has balance gears from the numbers? I have read that some engines did not have them. Thanks
  7. 12 hp Kohler

    Kohler magnum 8

    For sale is a kohler magnum 8. The engine came out of an 308 eight speed. I haven’t tested the engine and suspect it need some work to run. The P.O. said the fuel tank leaks at the grommet but I’m not sure. The engine is as is because it is missing a few things and has not been tested. The engine isn’t locked up it turns free. PM me or email with any questions I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. The only thing the engine appears to be missing is the air cleaner assembly but there may be more as I have not done much work on the magnum series kohler.
  8. Went out in the middle of the week, temperatures in the teens, tried to start my C145 plow machine.......no go! Seems like the ACR is stuck, backfires through the carburetor. Using 10w-30 oil. The machine always started pretty good. I was thinking I may need a block heater. Anyone using the heaters? If so what type? wattage etc. I see pad style, drain plug styles. Joe
  9. Newport style


    1986? (Not 100% on year ) 310-8 Wheelhorse Garden TractorRuns and still mowsOne headlight missing8 speed transmission, very low gearedTires in good shapeKohler engine 10hp Have all original manuals and paperwork. This was my granddad's, and i am only second owner.Best offer 2522592720
  10. runs strong, little use since the engine was rebuilt, always garaged. been in my family for over 25 years. i used it for four seasons cutting grass and tilling flower beds - been in my garage since i bought a walk-behind. kept it to restore, but i've moved on to other projects. it needs a battery. details: 1974 Wheel Horse C-160 garden tractor model-1038 sn-992085 8-speed unidrive solid, no leaks or slipping like new tires black rust inhibitor on most of the body original Kohler 341s 16 hp engine sn-5215813 rebuilt in the '80s - 4 seasons on rebuild over $100 worth of new in box Kohler spare replacement parts: coil, selenoid, ignition kit, and voltage regulator the tiller attachment works good. 48" mower deck is solid but in rough shape. blades and pulleys disassembled, extra set of blades. manuals for tractor, mower, tiller, and engine sold as a lot - not interested in parting out pictures here: http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/grd/5367095433.html
  11. I was cleaning some oil residue from an earlier dumb move - I try to keep things clean so any leaks that spring up show easily . I noticed along the top of the block towards the center from the right cylinder's valve cover a cast marking , cleaned it off and found this - The casting mark clearly shows K532 . Now , is this a case like the single cylinder blocks that were stamped "301" but you had to check internally whether it was a 10hp or 12hp engine ? K241 & K301 blocks are stamped the same and that is common knowledge . But , what about the K482/K532/K662 twin opposed cast iron engines , same deal ?? Any insight on the blocks or anyone know for sure ? Or - did someone swap out the original K482 from this '74 D180 to a K532 20hp from a donor ?? Some of the tins seem to be completely black to the bare metal , while others are clearly red underneath the black - so some painting has been done and this tractor it has at best a sketchy history . At one time it lived at the welding shop next to me to the West , or at least for a short time . The folks I got it from are about 40 miles away in a rural area and the gal that sold it had told me her father had gotten it from the town where I live - from the local welder . His son that now owns/runs the shop doesn't remember it but it may have belonged to his Dad who started the business - but he does say he knows his Dad never bought a new Wheel Horse , he'd only owned a Cub or two that he remembered . Anyway , hard telling on it's history and a lot of mods/repairs have been done in the machine's lifetime . I'm just curious if this is the original engine/block - the tins are marked as a K482 / spec 35222b as it should be to match the '74 model year in the published model year reference list . The model tag was long gone off the tractor when I got it , the year came from figuring out the sum of it's parts as to the model and such . Maybe that casting mark explains why this engine feels so strong , there is a noticeable difference between the 482 and 532 engines before from when we used them in other industrial equipment such as Ditch Witch , ect . The 20hp version just had a lot more torque and grunt compared to the 18hp . The K662 is insanely powerful and quite underrated - I ran one of those years ago on a compactor with a gear drive transport feature - that engine is a whole different animal compared to the 18 & 20 versions . Sarge
  12. This engine has been bored .030 and has new internal parts installed. I purchased it from a man who was restoring a tractor and had the machine work and build up completed by a local machine shop. Part way through the restoration he decided to quit and sell off the parts he had completed. I have a Wheel Horse C120A that the engine lost a piston and I thought I could replace the k301 with the k321. As it turned out this engine has a cub oil pan and the pan from my k301 was not compatible. I repaired my k301 and now have this engine for sale. I removed the head and pan in order to take these pictures. The original piston and rod is with it and a rebuilt carb. It has new points, and the used coil. It is minus the shroud and the governor linkage. I had planned to use them off of my K301.
  13. Chris Shapardon

    C 161

    Runs and cuts, needs restoration. call, text or email sldneck@gmail.com
  14. GregO

    1964 854 Wheel horse

    I have had this 854 for about 10 years. it was apart when I got it. It is all there. Engine ran , transmission was rebuilt. partly sandblasted and primed. with deck just dont have the time to finish it.
  15. Ffarmer

    16 magnum

    I have a 16 Magnum that will not fit a engine mount on a C 165. Can I swap oil pans with a k341 that is in the C 165.
  16. Postal

    Kohler 321PT on my Raider 10?

    I recently acquired a Kohler K321PT. I want to put it on my Raider 10 but it has a recoil starter. My question is can I put an electric start on this motor and will it bolt up to my Raider 10 to replace the Tecumseh hh100
  17. njdpo

    Kohler K181 rebuild

    Hi all, Back in 2011 you guys assisted me with getting my Commando 800 (engine K181) running properly (http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/27577-wet-cooling-fins/#comment-234931 ). 6 years and many happy memories later that little K181 still runs – but she’s tired. She was tired when we got my issues all ironed out. I never did get around to dropping a new piston and rings in it. At this time the engine is down on power and blowing blue smoke - I dont want to blow up this motor if it can be refreshed. I was thinking of sending the motor out – but I decided I will help my 14 yr old son (Willy) rebuild it. Hopefully I can keep the rebuild costs down – and Willy will learn something interesting. a few questions for the group: Is it possible to upgrade the K181 points ignition to electronic (without breaking the $bank$) ? The points are OK - but im wondering if the motor could benefit from an electronic ignition. Are any of you aware of a document(s) of tips and tricks, and/or procedural documents for going through this rebuild process? Thinking of things like: - Gunk motor off before removal & disassembly - Take picture of carb configuration before removal. - Paint inside of motor with this paint / - Paint outside of motor with that paint - Break in procedures. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer up front. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated – and yes I will be posting pics as we progress through this. Thanks, Dave
  18. Ford_red

    Looking for Kohler starter

    Hi All, Am looking for a starter for my 314-8. Anyone have an extra one? May be at the show this weekend too. Thanks!
  19. OILUJ52

    K321 Engine Block Assy.

    For Sale one Kohler Engine, 14hp., block, head, crank, flywheel, nothing else. this engine was running when removed. lacked power and had a piston slap noise. Pick up only or I can bring it to the show in June.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Owners manual for the two cylinder snowmobile engines. 12 pages 1.38MB


  21. Version 1.0.0


    Owners manual for the Single cylinder snowmobile engines. 12 pages 1.33MB


  22. chalupaalien

    Kohler K241S Complete Motor

    For sale is a complete, running K241S Kohler 10HP motor. In great shape, and is a strong motor. This is complete and has all the parts needed to run. Model: K241S Spec No: 46636d Serial No: 7327815
  23. DennisThornton

    12 hp Kohler Magnum

    Will a 12 hp Kohler Magnum horizontal motor out of a Cub Cadet model 1211 fit a Classic Wheel Horse without major modifications?
  24. JAinVA

    Cam shims

    I am in the process of putting a Kohler M14 back together.In checking the cam endplay I found that I needed 0.015 thousands shims.I checked and found Isavetractors have these shims in stock.Just in case anyone needs any I think the cost is reasonable and its nice not having to go out looking to a dealer for them.By looking through his listing the shim is also used in the balance gears.I didn't know that.Good info, I think.JAinVA
  25. Deadguy

    Two more?!?!?!?!?

    So, today two more horses followed me home. These critters sure are friendly! Somebody should have warned me that they breed like rabbits! Anyways, the first is a B80 with the 8 speed and a 16hp Kohler. The metal is straight and it runs strong. It does need a governor adjustment and the voltage rectifier needs to be hooked up. The tires look ok, but they are very hard and are starting to crack. The second is a Charger 10 with hydro trans, an 8hp Kohler that smokes a little, and duallies. This tractor needs a new voltage rectifier, one new rear tire, and an engine rebuild or new engine. These tractors came as a package deal with a bunch of parts, including a couple mule drives, a 30-some inch universal snow plow, and a 38" triple blade rear discharge deck. $400 took it all home. How do you think I did?