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Found 161 results

  1. Guitnbusy

    1974 C-100 For sale

    I have for sale a 1974 C-100 wheelhorse with 42” side discharge mower deck. I got this from my father about a year ago and he was willed it from his uncle who passed away. Supposedly it was running when my great uncle parked it. My father got a few wheel horses from him and didn’t have time for this one, so I got it. It had some tranny seal leakage and some bearing damage that I could see. I did basic tune up and replaced battery to get it running. It ran strong and mower deck works well. Now on to getting it to move. Had to replace transmission pulley and belt. It has the 8 speed 5091 transmission and would not come out of low gear. It would shift and drive through R, 1, 2 and 3 but it would not go into high range. I removed rear end and opened up transmission. Looks like bearings had went out and a ball bearing may have gotten wedged and bent shifting fork. So it will need bearings, seals, detent springs and balls etc and rebuild. Gear spindles and assemblies appear to be ok. Or if someone has a valid transmission to swap that is an option. It will also need (1) axle hub (this was unfortunately broken removing transmission). One of the axle shafts has some woodruff key slot wear that would need addressing. I have been able to source parts, but due to circumstances I do not have the time to dedicate to this right now and need to get it to a new home. From what I have seen you guys really see the value in old horses and would hopefully be able to give it the attention it needs. The transmission is still apart, but I have nuts, bolts etc in a box. I’m not sure of the value, So I am just asking $100 to start with, but I’m simply looking for best offer (pickup only). Thanks for checking it out and hopefully it fits the bill for someone out there in Red Square land. Last photo is of one of my daughters mowing before I tore into rear end.
  2. Alex175

    ISO - Misc Parts

    I've been starting to build up a wish list of parts I am looking for for various machines and thought in addition to sifting through posts, I'd also put the list out there to see if anyone has anything they would like to sell. So in no particular order, I am looking for... Snow cab that will fit a C-Series Black Hood (Got) Tecumseh H60 motor, electric start preferred but not required. Cat 0, 3 point hitch grader plow Cat 0, 3 point hitch york rake Bagger attachment for 48" deck C-195 Rear PTO (Got) C-195 Rear Wheels (15" 6 bolt) (Got) All lifting parts for rear mount tiller to fit a C-Series Black Hood. I'm sure there's more, but I will update when I remember. If there is anything on the list you have, and might be willing to part with, please let me know!
  3. Has anyone found a fuel gauge type cap to fit the 2-1/4" threaded neck on the plastic tanks in the C-series? My current cap leaks at much over 3/4 tank, would love to get a better-sealed unit with a gauge on it. I did find a Kelch to fit the D, it's a bit short but works great and doesn't leak, while still vented correctly. Sarge
  4. drewd

    Model # =???

    Hi All, I have what I believe is a Commando 800 but would like to confirm model and year. Tag reads Model # 1 0100 6; Serial # 790336. Have had it for years (bought from original owner) and want to clean it up some. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the input so far. Nothing has worked!?? I have a WH 91-16KS01 1979 C-161 HYDRO. Kohler K341AS Spec # 71246A Original belt which was supposed to have been new earlier this year, was running off idler pulley. Found this this to be true because I smelled it rubbing on belt cover and wittnessed it running off idler. As per 4 suggestions I have received so far, nothing is working. Have new idler pulley, spring and 2 different size belts. NEW: 2 new belts. One 84" and one 82" as per conflicting numbers from dealer and this forum. Tried both sizes, 82" absolutely too SMALL. The 84" WALKS off New idler pulley and new spring. 83" goes on but will not allow disenagement of lever and walks off idler as well. Have tried every possible combination. New idler pulley IS installed correctly so as to line up with pump pulley. Linkage bars have all new spacers and shims to eliminate this as possible problem. Bought the tractor earlier this year for winter snowblowing only. So far new/used transaxle last month. Now while dealing with this belt issue I noticed it was getting hard to start after first start up. While banging my head on the wall behind me in "belt" frustration I have now noticed what appears to be a blown head gasket. Something else to be dealt with once "belt issue" is resolved. I certainly appreciate ANYTHING I may be overlooking on this belt issue.
  6. Hey guys, my wheelhorse c81 got a new transmission last year and now it’s grinding when I drive. First thing the brake pulley is on a higher shaft and doesn’t work with the c81 brake rod and hardware. Second the bearing behind the intake pulleyhas fallen out, which I assume is the grinding sound. Is there a way I can fix it without taking the whole transmission apart? I don’t have enough knowledge to do that kind of repair. Thanks so much -Shea
  7. midpack

    So... now in confused

    I had a drive belt let go on a 1980 C-175 Sundstrand hydro. After searching the manuals it looks like either an 83" or an 85 1/2" belt is called for. Anyone know the right length off the top of their head? Thanks
  8. Going to pick up a load of horses Thursday evening. D160, rj, suburban and c141. Will post pictures when I get them. I’m gonna try an get them all in one load so I am gonna have to use some of @pullstart loading skills. I think I can fit three in the truck and put the d160 on the trailer. Here is a little preview, that’s all you guys get for now unless you just happen to find ad for them
  9. 12 hp Kohler

    1977 wheel horse C-120 auto

    For sale is a 1977 wheel horse c120. It has... original patina, 4 good tires that hold air, brand new seat, Good running 12hp kohler model k301s, original nelson muffler, strong sunstrand hydro transmission with 1 1/8" axles, includes good battery, has working headlights. Pm or email me with any questions. Reasonable offers considered. Thanks, Robbie
  10. Matt Young

    Ratchet strap fail

    Last week I was hauling the c-121 back from my daughters softball practice (I used it to drag the diamond) and I made a right hand turn and stopped at the stop sign. As I made the left onto a non busy county road I watched in my right mirror as my horse decided it didn’t want to be trailered any longer. It rolled over 1 completely time and sat on its wheels. Unfortunately it broke some parts and tweaked the hood and deck lower-lift handle. I did manage to put it back on the trailer as a tripod and get it home. Always check your straps and rigging. Found the ratchet failed in my case. And unfortunately i cannot download a picture for this🤨
  11. fordnut

    My Saturday haul

    Went and picked up this c101 yesterday from its original owner. It came with a deck snow cab, snow blower, and two sets of tire chains for $350. It was on that offer up site for almost 4 months!
  12. ray loyd


    how hard is to put a bearing in a deck ?and where could i get two .you all have help me before .thanks
  13. Good C120 auto w/deck on it, Good C100 8speed with deck on it, running C145 auto with deck on it, running B100 auto (the one I bought from you), running B82 with new seat and two parts decks with new belts and wheels, parts from a C145 (good hydro, bad motor), parts from a B81, 2 usable decks, 4 dozer/snow blades (several sizes, 3 in great condition, 1 non WH rear plow, 1 non WH rear blade, 2 new never mounted frony tires and steering wheel for C145. $1500 for it all. I am keeping my B80.
  14. Hello, Just joined the forum and it seems this placeis a wealth of knowledge.... Anyway, I am currently in the middle of a small restoration job on a C 125. The tractor was given to me by my grandpa and he was the only owner. The tractor was in pretty good condition to start with, just a few small problems. Sorry that I dont have any starting pictures but ill try to find some. I'll try to post updates as I progress through this project. Hopefully this post will spark some good discussion. Thanks for reading!
  15. Hello! I have a 1975 C-100 lawn tractor, and it's in pretty decent shape. Only problem is the mower deck is shot. I've been browsing for used decks, but I'm not seeing any of the original part number, s-0622. So I'm wondering, what other decks would be compatible with this model? Thanks!
  16. wheeledhorseman

    PTO clutch plate lining

    I need to replace the friction lining on the PTO of my C-100. Can anyone tell me the original thickness of the lining when new? I'm thinking of just bonding the new lining to the plate with epoxy rather than using rivets - is that ok? Thanks Andy
  17. Gary L. Wood


    Guess I don’t understand what you mean by title and tags?
  18. Goldann520

    I'm back!

    I'm back @WV Hillbilly, @ACman, @horsenewbee. I'm once again a wh owner. You guys were right. Only this time it's only a 1990 312-8 classic. But hey, I gave $50 bucks for it!!!!! Kohler magnum runs like a champ and has a nice 42" rear discharge deck on it. Paint not too bad, pics to come. Of couse has normal hackery for this price, but im back in the game ! Gotta get back to work now, talk later. Goldann520
  19. lak1965

    C-160 Cab install

    Like many others on this site I decided Sunday it was time to install the New / Used Cab I bought in spring with the help of my brother. I never had it installed so was not sure what I was in for but it was assembled when I received it. First Picture was install rear frame under seat. It was at this point I went to RedSquare and downloaded the manual and printed it out for reference. Next install front of frame. Had to remove some brackets that mounted to the dash and drill a hole one each side of foot boards to mount the inside brace. That is a forward swept axle and tires you see sitting in the shed. Next spring project to mount that on the old C-160. Also I will change the way the lights are mounted on the hardtop. And finally the finished product. I was surprised at how well it fit and how easy it was to install. Let it Snow, Let it snow , Let it snow!
  20. Has anyone been successful mating a D series mid grader blade to a c-series?
  21. What other models can I use the upper steering shaft for my C-120? Are there aftermarket steering wheels for this tractor?
  22. Shea Worden

    My C81

    I cant find any stacks with mufflers that fit on my c81, can anyone tell me where to find some good ones?
  23. Newbie here, I have a C-165 and am looking for information on exactly what I have as well as any other information available. There is an "ID Number" located on tag under the dash. It reads 1116K801 with a space and then Z8603. The engine is Kohler model K341, Spec 71179, serial 2229505963. Have no history as it came with a place I purchased. Mower deck is pretty rotted out & will need to be replaced at some point. It runs well & my thoughts are to just use it but part of me wants to fix it up and then use it some more.
  24. Jason kohli

    C195 Sell or part it out

    I have a c195 the motor just went bad. I'm trying to decide if I should just sell it whole or part it out.I have the room to part it out just don't want to spend months parting it out,what does everyone think?
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