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Found 16 results

  1. Kenneth R Cluley

    K181 two piece cam

    Got my parts from Lincoln, governor gear and shaft. So, I started assembly today. Took me three tries to get that two-piece crank in, thankfully it was within spec when done so I didn't have to take it back apart to shim! Got the crank in, lapped valves and ground to spec. I found this old aluminum fixture from a hospital bed oxygen filter mount and squared it up on belt sander that worked really well on valve stem. Progress at last, will finish up soon. Hope it runs well when done! Going to put it on my 653.
  2. Kenneth R Cluley

    Rebuild 8 horse

    Okay engine Guru's, newbie needs some help! Rebuilding older 8 horse and I am new to small engines. I have rebuilt numerous car/truck engines but never a kohler k. I have researched all available videos and really appreciate the small block tutorial by Prondzy. I am at reassembly stage, so my question is, related to timing marks. I have camshaft with centrifical advance which has a groove or line on spacer that engages pawls. does this groove line up with pointed part of casting on inner rim of gear? Also, there is a groove on opposite side of camshaft gear that I believe should align with pointed mark on casting of crankshaft. See attached pictures. Thanks for any help. Just want to be sure!
  3. Jennifer

    854 mowing then shuts down!

    Hello everyone! Got a real puzzle here! Husband has visited with some on here by phone, but he is getting really frustrated! Can anyone help us with this tractor! It will be mowing fine, then start dying off and on at different time frames! Temperature out side sometimes seems to play a part but could be coincident. So he has put more and more money in this and not fixed the issue! A list of what he has done thus far! new Fuel line new condensor new points new carb new plug wire new spark plug Used fuel pump new coil new switch new battery new head gasket soaked it with marvel mystry oil soaked it with sea foam removed fuel tank cleaned and blew out cleaned sediment bowl. Brand new one is on its way changed oil all 4 brand new belts
  4. Hello, I recently acquired a wheel horse model # 1-0120 8 with an 8 hp motor (k181). I believe it's a 1973 and has 3 forward and 1 reverse It appears old and neglected but it does start and run. I tried mowing some thick grass with it and it bogged down then blew the head gasket (gasket was already blown but then patched with gasket maker). The blades are pretty dull but I thought it should do better. My John Deere L100 would mow through that with less effort. My question is, should this mower be able to handle thick grass or am I expecting too much? Also, what can I do to make it more powerful? I have areas that are kept mowed but other areas that are neglected and only mowed enough to keep brush from growing. I've looked into pull behind brush cutting mowers but they cost too much. I've never worked on a tractor, only rebuilding chainsaws, but I think I can handle working on it. I've considered: 1. Carburetor adjustments - Probably easy but I've never tuned one on a mower 2. Rebuilding the engine - Have looked at $85 after market kits on eBay 3. Putting on a larger engine - Have no idea what would bolt on directly Basically, I just would like to have a mower that can handle neglected areas without taking too much of a beating. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. New member ...and another old-Iron guy here...with my 1st Wheel Horse tractor. I was looking for something mainly for pulling an old aluminum boat (18' starcraft) around the property. Capability to mow and haul yard waste would be a bonus. 2 weeks ago, a C85 showed-up on CL for a song. He couldn't start it for me and it didn't take me long to figure out why... This will be a running thread / rolling-restoration as I bring her back to her original, Black-Hood glory! (DISCLAIMER: I'm an engine-wrencher ...I have the tendency to leave my foot off of the project's gas when the engine starts drinking it!)
  6. Wheelhorse427

    K181 governor problems

    The Kohler K181 on my 855 will only rev to about 2500 RPMs. When I pull the throttle cable out the whole way with the engine running, I can see the governor arm push the throttle back down. I have adjusted the governor by the manual 3 or 4 times, but it made no difference. I'm pretty sure the throttle linkage is hooked up correctly because the throttle will open the whole way when the engine isn't running. Do I need to replace my governor gear? Thanks in advance.
  7. Happy Easter fellow Horse Junkies! I am not happy with my Raider 10 after I swapped out the Lauson for a K181. Its not so much the difference in power between the 10hp and the 8hp, its the fact that my other 2 tractors are a Bronco 14 and a 416 8 Onan. I hop on the Raider and even though its the most mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing tractor, it has the least cajones. I have a low hour 14hp Magnum sitting around that I was saving as a backup but I think I want to drop it in the Raider. Anyone make this type of swap before? Anything that makes it not doable or ill advisable? As always I appreciate the input and your time in answering. Happy Easter!
  8. njdpo

    Kohler K181 rebuild

    Hi all, Back in 2011 you guys assisted me with getting my Commando 800 (engine K181) running properly (http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/27577-wet-cooling-fins/#comment-234931 ). 6 years and many happy memories later that little K181 still runs – but she’s tired. She was tired when we got my issues all ironed out. I never did get around to dropping a new piston and rings in it. At this time the engine is down on power and blowing blue smoke - I dont want to blow up this motor if it can be refreshed. I was thinking of sending the motor out – but I decided I will help my 14 yr old son (Willy) rebuild it. Hopefully I can keep the rebuild costs down – and Willy will learn something interesting. a few questions for the group: Is it possible to upgrade the K181 points ignition to electronic (without breaking the $bank$) ? The points are OK - but im wondering if the motor could benefit from an electronic ignition. Are any of you aware of a document(s) of tips and tricks, and/or procedural documents for going through this rebuild process? Thinking of things like: - Gunk motor off before removal & disassembly - Take picture of carb configuration before removal. - Paint inside of motor with this paint / - Paint outside of motor with that paint - Break in procedures. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer up front. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated – and yes I will be posting pics as we progress through this. Thanks, Dave
  9. Joebag

    k181 rebuild vid. links

    Here is the vids of my k181 engine rebuild k181 engine rebuild part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGb47j3nFt4&t=35s k181 engine rebuild part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooUwtDyFjAQ k181 engine rebuild part 3 https://youtu.be/BadTpbNIHkU
  10. arminer8

    Fire coming out of...

    I have a Kohler K181 8HP engine that when it runs, which aint to often, it spits sparks and flame out of the muffler side, up by the head. I assume that it is in need of a head gasket. Where can I get one? What size? All that good stuff! Thanks in advance
  11. Ty Fritz

    K181 Trouble Shooting

    Please forgive the question, if it's been asked and answered. I'm new to the site, and had trouble searching for an answer to my issues I use my Wheel Horse B-80 all year round. It started acting up a couple of weeks ago, first it would die while mowing. I could restart it easily and finish the job. A week ago it wouldn't start and had to use a battery charger because battery needed help. It would run until it warmed up and die like you turned it off. This is not normal for this unit, usually it starts right up, not continuously cranking. At that time I was thinking it was fuel delivery, so I bought a carb re-build kit (gaskets and needle valve), blew out the carb, put it back together. Same thing, 10 minutes and done, won't restart. Bought a new fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the tank and screen on the pet cock. No change. This weekend bought new points, condenser, plug and replaced the now toasted battery. I was able to mow for 30 minutes then it died and wouldn't start. Checked for spark again, nothing. Replaced the coil and was able to finish the days toils, however it did die twice while using it and start right back up. When it dies, it's a complete loss of power. You would think it's fixed, but no. Still dies after warming up. Besides the part listed above that were recently replace, I've also replaced the rectifier, ignition switch and starter solenoid two years ago. Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point, tired of throwing parts at it. I need it ready for Indiana snow. Thank you in advance, Ty Fritz
  12. Really excited about finding this great 854 last week. Planning on spending some time this fall getting her running nice and showing the K181 some love. Planning on restoring the old girl over the winter. I will post progress pictures here as I get the project under way.
  13. RedRanger

    Engine builder in NW Indiana needed

    Looking for a good experienced small engine builder in NW Indiana/South Chicago area to rebuild a K181 for me. Any leads appreciated.
  14. mr_speegs

    K181S Ignition Coil

    I just (almost) finished a rebuild of a K181S on my 876 Wheel-A-Matic. Everything was pretty much going to plan until I realized that I had no spark. My ignition coil seems to be heating up (I assume it's working), but my plug won't spark. My plug was good before the rebuild, but the plug wire was always loose where it went into the coil. Now the wire comes completely out of the coil housing. I cleaned off the end of the wire and the socket inside the coil as much as I could, but still no spark. Is there a way to repair this or do I need a whole new coil/wire set?
  15. mr_speegs

    K181S Crank Bearing replacement

    So...my 1966 876 Wheel-A-Matic snapped a rod a number of months ago and I've been stumbling through the engine rebuild since. I think I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but I may have finally gone in a little over my head. The connecting rod broke as a result of (or cause of) two worn crank bearings. I've removed the bearing plate side, but am a little apprehensive at what I'm seeing on the PTO side. The large valve/timing gear is blocking me from knocking the remaining crank bearing out. Is there any way of me getting that bearing out short of complete engine disassembly?
  16. Eric857

    throttle cable problems

    Hello Redsquare, I finished my tractor restoration but i realized my throttle cable was messed which is why the machine was not running right. There was always a constant pressure being applied to the throttle because when i originally cut the cable I made it a wee bit to short so last night the new throttle cable I ordered came and so i cut off the only one because it was useless to me and when I wen to put the new one on it is too long even though I specifically bought the one that is for a wheel horse tractor. Now i have to either cut this one and lose the factory bend on the very end of the cable or deal with it being a little too long. It works the way it is now all i have to do is take the excess cable and stick it under the hood behind the grill. any suggestions? This is the only thing stopping me from getting to drive the machine once again, something I haven't gotten to do in 7 or 8 months I AM HAVING WITHDRAWAL HERE!!!! Thanks
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