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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. This topic will be dedicated to the upgrades and modifications I'm going to do to my 512-D with sweeper attachment. The plan was to complete my mini IH 1468 before starting to work on the Wheel Horse but since the leaves are coming down quick I developed an 'itch' to get working on the Wheel Horse. First things first, I had to get it running again. New ignition switch and new inline fuse, aswell as cutting out all unnecessary (for now) stuff solved the non-running issue. Dashboard wiring seems to be OK This is a mess. Two unnecessary relais, one unnecessary switch and a bunch of unnecessary wires everywhere. Next up will be a new battery and probably some modifications to the pto-clutch and new oil all around. Also I'm on the lookout for new filter elements for the oilbath filter for the Robin DY41D engine. Done for now. Major upgrades and or restoration will have to wait until after I finish the Murray to IH 1468 project. Running again. Listen to that THUMP! Almost forgot to mention.. probably needs some new rubber mounts Greetings from the Netherlands, Mark
  2. sjoemie himself

    1986 512-D

    As requested some pictures of my 1986 Wheel Horse 512-D with sweeper attachment.
  3. You can search for the specs but here are some links: https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/index.cfm?xCaller=Toro&lang=us_en https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/modlinfo.cfm?xCaller=Toro&o=2&x=22004&b=9900001&e=9999999&m=73552&y=1999&n=523Dxi Garden Tractor&channel=CN https://lookup3.toro.com/partdex/modlatch.cfm?xCaller=Toro&x=22004 This is a beast! Comes with the 60" deck and also a 48" deck and a new battery. New belt (installed but unused), newer hoses, regular maintenance. There are wheel weights too but idk if they fit this unit as I've never tried. 758 hours I got a zero turn and a Kubota tractor and this has sadly become ignored.
  4. shallowwatersailor

    The Diesels Day to Play

    Today my two diesel tractors finished this year's mowing season. With leaves covering the ground, I needed to fertilize for the last time this year. A portion of my front lawn was torn up a few weeks ago due to having an underground fuel tank removed. Because of where the tank was buried, the contractor's two trucks and backhoe made two routes to the tank's location. A lot of the lawn needed to be reseeded. I added 10 yards of topsoil to help the new grass along. Of course, we had 22 days without rain so I needed to sprinkle every day! Using "Paladin", my 523Dxi, I first mulched the leaves so that the fertilizer would be applied to the ground and not the leaves. It is nice having power steering as I ran wide circles amongst my trees so that I wouldn't tear up the new grass. Then it was my DC-105's, "Dillon", turn to pull my broadcast spreader. Some nice seat time! Now to get the 523Dxi ready for winter. Of course, I was supervised the whole time.
  5. WVHillbilly520H

    4x4 in the near future?

    The wife thinks I'm crazy bringing all these little red tractors home so asked if I got 1 little red tractor that was just a bit more capable/flexible then what? Answer ; "some could stay; the ones you have the most parts/attachments for and that you're most comfortable with , the ones you don't have to go before a new one shows up "...so with being said I think I found a great deal on a brand new sub compact 4x4 diesel with 60" mower deck, FEL, (available front hydraulic snow/grader blade, 2stage snow blower,soft cab) mid/front and rear pto, nearly as sharp turning radius in 4wd as a 520H (already test drove it), and the biggie it's RED with a 7 year power train warranty...Jeff
  6. shallowwatersailor

    Worked a Couple of Blackhoods Today

    Most members probably recognize me for the 5xi tractors but I do have a few other Wheel Horse tractors, including my second favorite, the Blackhoods. I worked two of my three today. The C-145 came back from just sitting since I broke my ankle in June 2015. I was using it in the beginning of grass season while I prepped the 523Dxi ffor a trip to the Big Show. It never was stored properly but yesterday was a rainy day so I figured I would play around and see where I got to with it. Put a fresh battery in, it had spark, so I tried putting gas in it. Lets say gas flowed through the tank. It seems the mice were at this tractor, as well as my C-105, as gas came flowing out from around the valve. Called my local Wheel Horse (Toro) guy and he had two valves and grommets in stock. Using some new gas line I had, I re-ran the fresh line and added a fuel filter in-line while I was at it. Poured gas in the tank and second crank, it starts! Speaks well of Kohler K-series, Marvel Mystery Oil, and Stabil Marine additive. Not bad for sitting under my carport for 16 months unused! It needs a bath - really bad. After cutting the lawn, I needed to put down some Fall fertilizer. The DC-105 came out to do the honors with the spreader in tow. Its the perfect tractor as the torque available with the diesel never slows it down climbing my embankments. Plus it does have positive lubrication, unlike the K-Series, so I don't have to worry about starving it. A nice fun day for seat time!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=c4-feed-u&list=PLZacihMA2uxR7W7yLtu5RcQmBG3Hmr4ey Hello I just bought a "Custom" Wheel Horse last weekend, and I am curious as to what model/year this tractor is? It was repowered with a 10hp Apollo CF 186F (E) Diesel Engine, and I believe some pulley modification. Also does anyone know where I could pick up a mower deck for it? Thank You!
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