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Found 39 results

  1. Whnewone

    Wheel weights & tiller

    Hi, I'm new here. I have inherited my dads C-145A and I'm looking for a set of wheel weights and a tiller. Any info would help.
  2. Whnewone

    Correct Tiller

    I have a C-145A that I have inherited from my father after his passing. I'm just know realizing what kind of tractor it is. I looking for a tiller and need help with knowing the correct one for the machine again it is a C-145A. Sorry I don't have any pics of the machine at this time. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am selling my 1976 Wheel HorseD-250. I believe this was the first year they produced theD-250. Tractor runs good. Package include a 60" mower deck and a tiller. Tiller has been welded. I am asking $2000 OBO. Tractor must be picked up. Please call (217) 249-3793 or email anderson.jeffreyalan@gmail.com
  4. I am selling my 1976 Wheel Horse D-250. I believe this was the first year they produced the D-250. Tractor runs good. Package include a 60" mower deck and a tiller. Tiller has been welded. I am asking $2500 OBO. Tractor must be picked up. Please call (217) 249-3793 or email anderson.jeffreyalan@gmail.com for more details or to schedule a time to look at tractor.
  5. ZebraIII

    Wanted: Tiller #79375

    I'm looking for a complete tiller assembly #79375 for a 520xi.
  6. I have a large dirt leveling & shaping project coming up down the road. Seat time! I need to be able to loosen up high areas to push them around to level and improve drainage of a 100 ft x 150 ft back yard. The soil is sandy/clay granite gravel. It has enough clay in it to be very hard when very dry, but will dig fairly easily when damp. So I'm starting to think about how to install a tiller and dozer blade on my C-160 at the same time. I wish I could even mount the Tiller and a Center Mount Grader Blade at the same time. But I suspect the blade would hit the front wheels when angled since it would be mounted forward of its normal position, or it would hit the front tiller pulley? One idea I'm thinking of essentially making a double rear axle hitch, one in front of the other. The tiller would mount in the rear mount under the axle in the normal positionn so the pulleys would be in the correct location so the belt length would not change. The dozer blade wound mount in the forward mount, and its lift link would have to be a custom length. I'm thinking I need to make some type of support bracket from each side of the front mount that would mount to the frame. The forward mount would also have to be spaced forward enough so the end of the dozer blade arms would not hit the tiller cross bar in the rear hitch mount.The normal hitch locks probable would not work, so I'm thinking a locking bar would be bolted on to lock both implements in place. The other idea would be one hitch directly below the other in the normal axle position. It would also have to have some type of brace to the forward frame so as to not put a twisting force on the axle. I haven't figured out if there's enough ground clearance to do this type of arrangement. The front dozer blade would be lifted by the existing hydraulic lift and the rear tiller would be lifted by a 2nd rear hydraulic cylinder. Only one implement would be in use at one time. I'm thinking I will make a wood mock up of both ideas to work out some basic details before I start cutting & welding. Has anyone tried this? I would like to learn what worked and what didn't from others. if you haven't tried it, I still like to hear your thoughts on what might work, or potential problems that I haven't thought of yet. Thanks So many projects, got to find a way to make them fun!
  7. runs strong, little use since the engine was rebuilt, always garaged. been in my family for over 25 years. i used it for four seasons cutting grass and tilling flower beds - been in my garage since i bought a walk-behind. kept it to restore, but i've moved on to other projects. it needs a battery. details: 1974 Wheel Horse C-160 garden tractor model-1038 sn-992085 8-speed unidrive solid, no leaks or slipping like new tires black rust inhibitor on most of the body original Kohler 341s 16 hp engine sn-5215813 rebuilt in the '80s - 4 seasons on rebuild over $100 worth of new in box Kohler spare replacement parts: coil, selenoid, ignition kit, and voltage regulator the tiller attachment works good. 48" mower deck is solid but in rough shape. blades and pulleys disassembled, extra set of blades. manuals for tractor, mower, tiller, and engine sold as a lot - not interested in parting out pictures here: http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/grd/5367095433.html
  8. Johncic67

    5xi. Plow tiller wanted

    Hi looking for attachments that fit 5xi tractors
  9. I purchased this B100 last spring as a project tractor with the tiller. I got the tractor and tiller up and running and used it to till my gardens last fall. I rebuilt the transmission in both the tractor and tiller this summer. The tiller works great, but is too big for my small gardens. I bought the snowblower this winter and got it up and running as well. It does not do well on my gravel driveway, and have a four wheeler with a blade. The fuel tank is a used tank from another engine as the original tank has a pin hole somewhere on the bottom, I still have the original tank. The only other issue is that one of the interlock safety switches is not working and does not allow the tractor to start. I just jump the starter solenoid from the battery, its too cold to find the bad switch or wire. There is no hour meter on the tractor or engine. I do not have the time or patience to paint the tractor and my interest in the project is running out.
  10. Chas520H

    Wheel Horse D250

    FIRST RESONABLE OFFER WILL NOT BE REFUSED!!! I have a 1980 Wheel Horse D-250 that has a Renault 4 cylinder engine. Has both 2 left and 2 right aux hydraulic ports. I also have a 60 inch belly mower/deck(no holes) spindle are free and tight , 59 inch hydraulic plow, wheel weights and chains and a rear pto driven rototiller, completely hydraulic! This is a real tractor and not like a crate tractor from a store you buy now days! I bought to restore but no time, will turn over but don't know enough to get it running as the engine is basically a car engine, New clutch and clutch plate not installed ,new starter and battery and coil, some new belts, new distributor cap and new plugs not yet installed, overall condition for its age is excellent and is a solid tractor! asking $850 Let me know either way if interested Open to trades also !! 724-301 three nine one two
  11. Champscotty58

    Toro Wheel Horse 520LXI SOLD

    Toro Wheel Horse 520 LXI garden tractor with 48 inch recycler deck. 20 hp liquid cooled Kawasaki. Hydraulic lift, Hi/low range hydro transmission, cruise, power steering. Newer water pump, electric PTO clutch, hour meter, and voltage regulator. No leaks, strong hydro, not sure of hours as hour meter was not working when I bought it. Comes with 48" snow blade and chains, 36" tiller, and Brinly style hitch. Tiller tines are worn but still functions very well. Not wanting to separate at this time. Call or text. Text preferred. Contact for more pictures.
  12. dstitz

    hooking up

    need some help hooking up a tiller. I just bought a 69' model 1-6241 raider 12 and a tiller separate from another seller. I have the tiller mounted, but have trouble with the belt and Pulleys... or lack there of pulleys. here is where I'm currently stuck
  13. Looking to buy a replacement spring for belt idler on my tiller. Tried using one from a mower deck, but it was too strong and bends the idler out just enough that the belt walks off the flat idler. I've done an internet search for the original part number (6135) and came up blank. Any suggestions? Is there a Napa or Stens equivalent? Thanks!
  14. Ahead of the Curve


    Hello All, I am currently looking for a Rototiller , trailers and a Johnny Bucket or other front bucket that fits my 520-H's. I'm just getting back into Wheel Horses and gathering more implements. I am disabled and am really trying to save whats left of my back and heart. Please let me know if you have anything or know of anyone that does.Not sure of all the implements that was available for the 520-H's always willing for other options also. Thanks Tim & Meranda Harper Call or Text me at (989) 326-5571 UPDATE: I found a rototiller and 2 trailers for my 520-H. Might be interested in other trailers and still looking for a bucket. Thank you.
  15. tsmall07

    WTB Idler Pulley Set for 520H

    I just tried to hook up my tiller to the 520H and realized I don't have the idler pulley set. Can these be had or am I in for a long search? Call or text if you have one in the DC area. 703-966-9651 Thanks, Tyler
  16. Ambassador

    Tiller for 312- 8

    Hi, im new here so bear with me as I find my way around. I recently bought my first wheelhorse. It's a 312- 8. I'd really like to get a tiller attachment for it. I only found one on local Craigslist and the guy wanted $650 for it. Am i gonna have to pay that much for one? What is a reasonable price and are there other places i should be looking for one? Thanks so much?
  17. 73C160-Jack

    Rototiller attachment

    Tiller for my C-160. Worked great. Must sell.
  18. markmi

    D series 50' Tiller

    I am looking for a 50" TILLER TO PUT ON THE BACK of my D 160 will need the PTO shaft also Thanks 330-296-3548 Mark
  19. DanKepple

    D series tiller shaft.

    looking for a shaft to a d series tiller. the u joints on mine are shot and frozen.
  20. Hello Everyone I have a 67 wheel horse 657 and would like to get a tiller for it. Anyone have any idea if this is possible and what part numbers or parts I would need to gather? thanks
  21. Horse Newbie

    Hooking up a tiller

    Does anybody know what belt size I will need to use on rear tiller, 520 h?
  22. Purchased a nice Wheel Horse tiller from wh500special. IT appears to be early 80's. Steve had it on a C160. I want to put this on a 520H (belt to short). Does anyone know what size of belt I need to purchase? Thank you, Edwroy
  23. Hi All, (what's the proper term for Wheel Horse aficionados? Wheelies? Horsers? Whiskey Hotels?), Just became proud owner of a 1970 Charger 12 Auto with tiller and hydraulic loader. We've decided to call it Samwise because it's small but mighty and (we hope) dependable. I'm still figuring things out and have one issue: the parking brake lever keeps popping up on its own. That doesn't stop the tractor, so I assume the pawl has been ground down / busted. And, the transmission continues to get power with the lever up, which makes me think someone has installed a drive belt that is too short. Does that seem likely? What is the proper size belt? Thanks! I'm sure I'll have many more questions. I've already learned a ton perusing the archives.
  24. I was thinking of getting a tiller for one of my horses. I have an 876 8 horse Kohler, C-120 12 horse Kohler, and a 520HC Onan. Which tractor should I use the tiller on and if I get one can I switch it between all my tractors? If anyone near York, PA has one for sale let me know, thanks.
  25. Furious


    Just picked this tiller up for $100. I have a 1277 and might be picking up a '68 Electro 12 as well and would like to hook the tiller up. Unfortunately all I have is the tiller. Anyone know what other parts I'll need and where to get them (or how build them)? Thanks.