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Found 35 results

  1. I recently began pondering what all i could 3d print to dress up a horse. I'm pretty good with deaign sofware and came up with a couple small items to start, and figured i can easily print things like headlight covers, hood ornaments, and badges of all sorts.Then I wondered if maybe rather than a decal if i 3d printed an embossed plate or sorts with the appropriate graphics in 3d. These could be enamel painted, or printed in a silver that would give a brushed nickel type of finish. Here's a couple photos of what ive created thus far in some gray test material. Please let me know what ya think.
  2. giddyap

    Hemi Horse

    Featuring a WH plow frame a partial front frame and rear frames are attached. An inverted WH front axle and spindles are linked to a ross steering column. 8 speed and 301 Hemi Predator drive my extreme wheelbarrow tub custom Wheel Horse

    © Jonathan Karmelita

  3. OldWorkHorse


    The start of the new winter project. I'm going to need more K1!
  4. WHX??

    Rat Fink

    Just got my FAVORITE rag in the mail today, LGAT and just thumbing thru the pages to get to coverage and I find this. Our very own @Achto's rat rod! We hauled this thing out to the BS last June and well trained eyes in the form of Matt @grnlark Castagno spotted it as a center piece for a such a well written article. Dan says a big THANKS Matt! This tractor is always a show must have for Dan and gets looks....alot of looks. Too many as it would seem as youngsters want to play on it and pick the moss off much as Gretzki (his wife as I call her) would have done..oh no no no... patina. I remember one lad proclaiming at one show "daddy this tractor has grass growing on it, we need to mow it!" I think it was at Symco Dan I CRS but 'bout died laughing. Had another looking at it once and said why don't you sand...I stopped him short and threatened bodily harm. Since Dan is considered a regular at most of the shows we attend the Rat Rod is quite well known local and he, and I the few times I have run it, often get the flip up hand signal meaning do a wheelie. Unbelievable how people just love that! Now I had known about the Rat Fink caricatures for many years but never knew about the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's creation of such a character that provided such a good humor to many sports & hobbies and it will be always a big part of Americana history. Thank you Matt for that tidbit of info. Many more pics and input to follow.....
  5. Design by Nathan Amyx & Barry Gundlach started as a basket of 854 parts. powered by 6.5 predator with build kit. Currently produces appx 11-12 hp. The larger wrench on left side is hand clutch. This has right foot throttle control. Yes, it’s pretty fast. I’m really happy with the way this turned out. My entire collection is Wheel Horse Custom Modified’s. This fits right in.
  6. This is my first born custom and is still under construction. Only one of the hoods, gutted frame, seat tray and seat are from my recently acquired 551 Suburban. A newer 3 speed transaxle and belt guard will round out the remaining Wheel Horse parts. The front axle is flipped and moved forward 6 inches. Its origin along with the tie rods and steering column comes from a 102 Cub Cadet. Taking 2 steps back for every advance is part of the fun. But now I'm at a loss and overwhelmed at all the V drive pulleys available at Phoenix pulleys. Can anyone suggest what pulley I should use with the 13 hp Predator? Thanks in advance
  7. Has anyone tried adding/installing deck wheels to a WH 211-5SB? If so, is there a specific make/model that would work best on this tractor? My lawn doesn't have the most level of surfaces, so adding wheels will save me from multiple scalpings (I think).
  8. I started my second full custom a day after the Big Show. My first was a supersized Suburban built right here under " V drive pulley for Predator" After laying out everything I brought home, I bolted two frames together. I then added a Commando hood, wheels and Lawn Ranger seat pan. The stretched horse was blah so I flipped one frame and was inspired with the Z frame look. I added a round hood and other parts and came up with my 2 seat concept Not apparent in the photo is the long section of frame behind the rear wheels. Here I will mount a 420cc Predator and connect a live axle with a go kart clutch. No transmission and no reverse. I believe this setup will be more like a "dune buggy/rail" or go kart impersonating a tractor and should be a wild ride.
  9. I bought this cart a couple years ago and I have never been able to find any pictures of another one like it. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me about it. Thanks
  10. About 30+ years ago my dad who is now 80 was working in a sheet metal (HACV) factory and decided to make himself a rear clevis hitch mounted scraper blade for his CC 1200 to repair our 1/4 mile long driveway after winter and rain storms, so with an old pair of cast iron plow shares he got his radius to break a piece of 12? gauge steel for the moldboard approx 6" tall by 48" long with 1/4"x2.5" flat bar for the wear edge (that was later upgraded to a car leaf spring), he also bent a piece of 3/16" into a "U" for the swivel mount to the moldboard then a 3/8"x2.25" flat bar for the lift/pull/swivel arm, finished off with the clevis to attach which he also drilled to be able to tilt for pulling side ditches, long story shortened, it worked very well for many years with my body being extra weight when necessary, after I moved out to find my own way he added brackets for extra weight, fast forward to the past few winters it sat outside the shed where he accidentally ran it over in the snow with my Kioti, so the last couple months I've been in the process of fixing it for him/myself and here's a few shots of the broken to fab to final (hopefully a bit better and easier to angle plus turn for pushing version) waiting on paint stages that I just finished up today... Father's Day, Jeff.
  11. Any one seen anything like this before??? Its a dual port I believe, which would make it 1600cc? Quirky for sure. Never heard it run. Have to wonder if there's enough air movement to keep the thing cooled. No shroud or fan........doubtful, IMO.
  12. Mallory

    New guy

    I'm new sorry but anybody like dual military engine horses ?
  13. Has anyone ever made their own hydraulic 3 point/front loader systems? I would really like to put one on my 414-8 but don't want to jump into anything without any knowledge. By the way I am new here and just now learning how the site works. Thanks and God Bless.
  14. Three point hitches are handy & I've seen some nice ones put on Horse's here at RedSquare. Member "kpinnc" custom build stands out. Member "stevebo" 3PH is another. Those are just a couple off the top of my head, there have been several. I wanted to give it a shot...so I came up with this. 30 second 3PH installation. Step one. Step two Okay I cheated a little bit. It's a Koplin 3PH designed for ATV use, rated at 200 pounds lift/300 pounds downforce. Made to fit in a 2" reciever hitch & powered by an electric actuator. I seen it on Craigslist, haggled with the seller & went after it this morning. It fit's right in the 2" receiver hitch designed & built by member "smoreau".
  15. Who has a customized/built 'worker' dump cart to show off? I'm hoping if I see some others, I will be get some ideas for my own. I have an old steel dump cart.... it was "custom" made (Frankenstein-ish from many parts) approx 40+ yrs ago, and my dad used it with his old gravely.. later with our 310-8, then later with my ZTR.... May have started life as a Gravely item, IDK. It is just a square cart, approx 3' x 5', x 1' deep... with 1 1/2" square pocket stake pockets in the corners, and a top hinged removable tailgate, 4.80x8 tires. I'll try to add a pic later. I want to restore it to some degree, still gonna be a worker. Want to clean up the rust, paint it WH red, new tires. I will create a removable front and sides that can insert into the stake pockets to increase the capacity for things like leaves and firewood. I'm thinking of PT decking for the side rails. Maybe a spray-in liner material for the inside? My goal is workable, durable, and decent looking!
  16. Hello All. I have been looking around in my spare time. For rare, unique, coustimized, Different, coloured etc wheel horses. I've found some great ones out there. I was wondering do any of you have any pictures. Here's the ones I've found.....
  17. Hey everyone. As you know I'm hot and heavy into wheel horses now and many of you have answered many of my questions and helped me TREMENDOUSLY. But I've finally decided to give my horse a paint job and I thought I'd post pictures along the way. Here's the engine cleaned,sanded, prepped and primed. This is the first thing I've done. :)
  18. Jparkes43


    Hello I have a Wheel-Horse 227-5 with the 17hp kawasaki single cylinder engine and was interested in putting a tachometer on it (just because i won't too) but i need a step by step guide as I'm not sure what exactly i need to do, also if anyone could advise on a good tach to use that would help a lot, while I'm at i thought that i might put a oil pressure/temperature gauge on it. thank you James
  19. Hello on my kawasaki 227-5 17 hp single cylinder i was thinking about putting a straight through pipe on it and people time and time again were mentioning burnt or warped exhaust valves and i have no idea how bad this is or how common it is so i just want to know if i should or shouldn't straight pipe the engine thank you James see my other thread about tachometer gauges
  20. Heres my D-180 from 1975, that i have renovated and build some custom "things" on. For example new gastank, seat, lightning and stainless holders for them, 3-point hitch at front and back, hydraulics with 7 functions and its own pump, new bigger Ross steering box, side exhaust systems with mufflers etc. I have also built tools for it as a snowblade, a loader, counterweight and have also a forklift built going on.
  21. Hello everyone!! A few weeks ago I was fortunate to stumble upon a pretty nice 312-8 with 675 hours. Much to my wife’s dismay, I drug it home but once she took it for a drive she was smiling from ear to ear. She actually said she liked it better than my 520. I kinda scratched my head and just said ok dear. Anyway, I decided I wanted to put 23x10.5-12 on the rear of my 312 instead of the 23x9.5-12 that is stock. I found a set of Goodyear tires without rims at a consignment sale that came home with me. Then the hunt for rims began….Low and behold I found a set of rims that my neighbor had laying around his garage. I was told they came off his CASE and he didn’t need them anymore. So tonight I decided to scuff them up and paint them metallic silver to cover up the red. I have yet to find an exact match to the factory silver WH put on their wheels that I am happy with. I have found though, if you have a nick in your factory rim, a Sharpie Metallic Silver marker is the best for the task of touching it up. IMHO. So my question is this: I blended a mix of metallic silver and Smoke Grey paint to produce the color of the rims below, do they look close enough for horse shoes? I can’t decide if I’m happy with the color or not or if I need to do a grey metallic. I’d appreciate any opinion. Thanks!! Below is also a pic of the 312 they wheels and tires are going on.
  22. zanepetty

    nelson or stanley muffler

    Ive decided I'm putting a new vertical muffler on my tractor. Has anyone had any experience with Stanley or nelson mufflers? Those are the two I'm interested in. Thanks
  23. rockinhorse


    Just finished a few weeks ago. Took 3 tractors to brookville,in. tractor show . This was one had a lot of lookers and people asking about it. Started out as a 654 now has 8hp kohler . Changed frames long frame for c series and extended 7". Has 24x 13-12 tires on rear. powered coated wheels. Still more to do .
  24. Brrly1

    GT16 4x4 Hydraulic

    GT16 4x4
  25. I bought this 1960 400 from Taycotrains a couple years back now. I was missing a couple of the usual suspects, belt guard, throttle controls... I tracked down what I needed here and there and with the help of a couple RS members. Last fall I finally got around to disassembling the tractor and started to freshen things up. Currently I don't have access to a sand blaster so I used a combination of e-tank, chemical stripper sanding and wire brushes to get the parts down to clean metal for new paint. I've replaced some hardware as needed or just for personal preference. At the show this year I picked up a pair of '61 cast foot rests and cast brake pedal. There where two pieces that needed some repairs. First the hood had torn in two places where the rear tank strap was spot welded and second the hood stand was cut up at some point to accommodate a different engine. Learning as I went, I managed to weld the cracks from the tank straps without burning through the hood and when I was done (after I wiped the sweat from my face and unclenched my teeth) decided I didn't want to do any more welding on that thin original metal. One morning while having a coffee and perusing the forums I stumbled on Duke's RJ Hood stand modifications and decided I would do something similar. First, since I'm still tying to learn to weld, I wasn't going to modify an original part. I needed to build a RJ style hood stand that I could bolt onto the frame, then I could add some hood support and maybe even hang the tank from this structure instead of damaging the hood again. This is what I have so far...
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