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Found 24 results

  1. gwood

    seat replacement

    Question: I'm looking at the seat and decal drawing and could use an answer! Does the the seat spring or the adjusters go under the seat? It looks like the adjusters go directly under the seat and then the springs under the adjuster. If so, where does the spacer (110932) go? The reason I ask is the seat is quit low and the back sets low making it hard for me to reach the brake/ return to neutral pedal.
  2. Newbie here and I have a 520-H that runs, but needs some TLC and some minor things fixed and/or adjusted. It comes with a like new tiller that I believe has only been used once and has paint still on the tines. I am the 2nd owner and I have personally never used the tiller. I am selling my previous home that I rent and where it has been stored. My current home's yard just isn't big enough to use a rider and I need to find a new home for it. I want to sell them together to simplify and I need them gone in the next 2 weeks. Please reach out with any questions and I'll do my best to answer. I am definitely not as knowledgeable as most of you on this forum, but figured somebody would like to fix it up, part it out and/or needs a tiller. Please email or text.
  3. Hello - Last year I inherited a 1992 Wheel Horse 520-H Garden Tractor and several accessories. I was able to get it started at the end of last summer and drove it around a bit but I am now looking into get something better suited for my current situation. I have absolutely no idea what the tractor and accessories are worth and would love some ballpark numbers from those in the know. I've attached photos and would love any advice as to what I should try to sell these items for. Thanks so much! The tractor is a 528-H model - 1992 289 hours on the hour meeter The mower is a Side Discharge Mower? 48" Snow Dozer Blade - Part No. 810746R1 36" Tiller
  4. I recently started experiencing "bucking" on my 1997 520-H with the Eaton 1100 series transaxle. This occurred after 500 hours of heavy use with the 60" mowing deck, with all transaxle oil changes performed per specs. In reviewing causes of "bucking", I came across this for a similar complaint in a Simplicity 4711 that used the same transaxle. ( simpletractors.com/forums/topic/7441-simplicity-4211-hydro-bucking-problem/ ). One thought was that this was due to missing or loose bolts securing the transaxle to the frame. This turned out to be precisely the reason for the "bucking" in mine. One securing bolt replaced, all other securing bolts tightened (along with the engine bolts), and the Forward-Reverse lever/linkage adjusted and tightened, and the tractor is back to "usual". It's just something to consider before the nightmare of a transaxle overhaul...
  5. Hey Guys, Doing some Maintenance on my 2 Stage snowblower ID # 0644SC01 60442 Ser# 9317 Problem # 1 Last winter Noticed that the Drive Pully on the Blower was wabbling This spring when I took the belt off I noticed that the Keyway on the spindle and pulley was worn. The Key ways actually rounded The set screw in the pully to spindle was missing. So, what is the easy/cheap fix that will solve this issue Thinking of mig welding the pulley to the spindle. How Stupid is that idea? Problem #2 The scraper Blade is well worn. Should I try to find a new piece or weld something to it? What would you guys do? Thanks In Advance for taking the time to Respond, Best Regards, Kevin B
  6. Sandman330

    520H help for a rookie

    Boy oh boy I love my 520H but I can not seem to find/read some of the numbers on it to look up my tractors info. It has a 20hp Onan that will need work soon. The tractor it self needs work. I am going to fully restore it but can't look for parts cuz I have no info on it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Under the seat I find I.D # 3120OE01, then 15426 and what I can read of 9264???.
  7. I am asking for help from all the members in Red Square. I have a Wheel Horse 520-H with an ONAN P220G-I / 10955C. I bought a new starter motor and flywheel from my local Toro dealer whom I trust and has never steered me wrong yet. I installed the starter motor with the spacer bushing on the correct side of the engine block to get the starter motor gear out far enough to make contact with the flywheel. Now I see that the pinion gear in the starter motor is not a large enough diameter to fit with the teeth of the flywheel. HOW COULD THAT BE? There is no up or down adjustment on the starter motor mounting. The fly wheel is where it is going to be. Could the starter motor be the wrong one? The solenoid is at a right angle to the mounting bolt holes and that is the only way I could see to mount this starter motor. I had a starter motor that had the solenoid at 180 degree from the mounting bolts but that would not clear the tractor frame.. I have the ONAN P200G Service Manual but it does not cover this problem. It does not give the starter motor number either. I have attached pictures of the gear engaged showing the gap between the gear and flywheel (first picture slightly dark).. Second picture is of the gear disengaged. Third picture is gear disengaged from different angle. Fourth picture is of the spacer bushings in mounted starter motor and engine block. The last picture is of the electric fuel pump for the same engine that is not working. Does anyone have a replacement for that fuel pump?
  8. My mule drive fell apart when I was plowing this winter and I grabbed all the parts I saw, but I'm not sure I got everything. Seems like there should be some spacers or washers to separate the pulleys. When it goes back together, I'll put a cotter pin through the nut.
  9. I got a new coil for my 1988 520-HC. I was having problems starting it when hot. I tested the old coil primary and got 3.3 ohms, the new coil was 3.4 ohms. The secondaries were open on the old coil and 21.66 k-ohms on the new coil. I got some metal bar stock with holes in it at Lowes to make brackets. I used a hose clamp to attach the brackets to the coil. I clamped the brackets to a large socket and cut a little at the bend so it would bend completely around the socket. Then I beat it around with a hammer to form the curve to go around the coil. The tractor started right up and ran great. I was about to mow with it and I noticed I had a flat in one of the front tires It would not pump up and it has a tube in it.I took the wheel off and the tire off the rim and found a big hole in the tube then I found a lot of wire coming out through the bead where it contacts the wheel I have four lawns to mow tomorrow and I desperately need a tire or tire and wheel. @ericj do you have anything I can use? I tried to pm you and it won't let me. It says " ericj cannot receive messages. " when I try to send it.
  10. Hi all, a friend just gave me his rough 91 520-h and a beat up tow behind finishing mower. I know nothing about wheel house except what is on the Wikipedia page, so I figured this would be a good place to learn. My first goal is just to get it running again (it hasn't run in a couple of years and it was giving him greaf before that). Is there anything i should do other than change the fuel, oil, plugs and filters? Never messed with a hydro tranny before, anything I should do about that? I know there are lots of belts, should I be changing all of them? Nothing other than the tractor itself is driven by belts (the mower has its own engine). At some point I will probably tear it all apart, but for now I just want to be able to mow with it. On a separate note, I'm rather curious as to why this rather fanatical (in a good way) community exists for these tractors. I don't mean this in a bad way, I just would like to know why these tractors are so special and why they are worth all the restorations I've seen on here. I had never heard of wheel horse until I owned one, so any insight into why you guys like them would be interesting. Also, how is the 520 different from a normal riding mower? Anything else you guys think I should know? Thanks, sorry for the long post. I have a screaming baby in my arms, so I'll have to add pics later (I've heard you guys like them).
  11. I'm pretty happy with how it performed. I had to hit the plow line in the street with some momentum to bust through, but no real issues. I need more traction, but I was still able to push a pretty impressive amount of snow (much more impressive than what's in the videos). Next year I'll ballast the tires and get wheel weights. Very happy considering I started the weekend thinking the motor was lunched.
  12. I solved the problem of my big 54" blade pushing my 520 sideways when plowing heavy snow with the blade angled! Several years ago my neighbor asked me to cut down his basketball pole. It was a 4" square tube filled with concrete and when I got it down the light bulb came on! This could be repurposed as a front weight for my plow tractor. So I cut two sections about 30" long, welded them together and fabed up a carrier bracket which fits in the front tach-a-matic. The weight itself weighs 77# and the bracket adds another 17.5# for a total of nearly 95% up front. The carrier bracket has been modified a couple times and it now doubles as my lateral movement limiter and down travel stop. In the photos you will see the 3/4" rod which engages the slot in my custom built plow frame for sideways movement control and the chain connects to the frame to limit downward travel to maintain engagement of the rod with the slot. Quick on and quick off and it does the job! One more photo showing the carrier bracket mounted to the front Tach-a-mastic.
  13. Scruffy

    mr-t gets new shoes

    Now that i've had mr-t for a few months and i know he is worth time and money. I invested into some new tires to get my more traction and fun in the field.
  14. Scruffy

    Mr-t doing his thing

    This was the pile of dirt I was pulling from. Had lots of fun learning proper loading procedure.
  15. Scruffy

    Mr-t moving some dirt

    Again, didn't have my trailer so was moving some dirt around for a new flower garden we are building. Loads of fun
  16. Scruffy

    Mr-t pulling his weight

    Again didn't have my trailer so had to improvise. Didn't install ballast weight yet so I went along for the ride.
  17. From the album: My work horse called Mr-T

    I didn't have my trailer around that day. So had to us the front end loader to get my buck logs around. I had my helper do the driving while i did the bucking. I was told power steering would of been nice that day.
  18. Scruffy

    Mr-t doing some land clearing

    From the album: My work horse called Mr-T

    Bought some land a while back and the previous owner didn't do much with it. So now i'm in the process of reclaiming it from the dead falls and rotting wood that was left behind. But man am i having some fun.
  19. Hello Red Square Community! My father recently rebuilt a 1990 520-H he found at a junk yard and surprised me with it as a birthday present. I've done a lot of searching for guidance on implements/attachments that will fit this particular model but am coming up short. I would love to get a rototiller, snow thrower, and a blade but I have no idea what will work. My model number is 41-20OE01. Will any wheel horse attachment prior to 1990 work with this tractor? I'm new to this so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  20. boovuc

    P220 Engine Swap/Observations/Rants

    Well the 1991 loader 520H finally gave it up over the past month. I noticed before Christmas that it was a little harder to start and it had a miss until it warmed up. Once warmed up, it was great. Plenty of power, never smoked, no unusual knocks/noises. I decided to do a compression check on that rear cylinder so I warmed it up just a little and gave it some cranks. (30 PSI). Can't be. Must not be sealed properly! 2nd & 3rd attempts. (30 PSI). The plug was a little dark but the cylinder when running is hot so I know it's firing! I couldn't believe it would even run that low although I'm sure it has better compression once it is near running temps. I would have never run this thing knowing it was going that bad that quick! I believe I lost a valve seat. This makes this engine toast because on the old paperwork, the seat has already gone to .030 and a note stated the original dealer wouldn't try to fix it again. (Wish I would have gone over the entire mess of paperwork before I bought it)! Makes me wonder two things. How well did they do their machine work/repairs at the dealer and how bad did the first PM beat this machine). I know it was a mower so I'll guess it was never cleaned and blown out and I question the oil changes. I found the name of the original owner from the dealer paperwork and looked up the owner's property online. Over two acres! I only ran it a little over 4 years before it went again and I always cleaned it out and changed oil regularly. Even on the loader, it didn't do nasty stuff for long intervals. It had it's hours cut by 75% and I didn't run it much at all to begin with. Maybe 150 to 200 hours since I bought it in 2011. Mmmmmmmmm. The front cyl is only at 92 PSI so it wasn't the best either! I have a spare motor, (1996), I bought from Joe's Outdoor Power years ago. Other than taking the tins off and cleaning it up on the outside, I fogged the motor and kept it as insurance. I was going to swap them out when I wondered what that fog would do if those heads were really carboned up. Wow. All I can say is this......if you really want to clean the carbon deposits out of an engine, fog it and let it sit a couple years! Glad I took it apart before putting it on. It made sense since it was sitting on a bench. Duhhhh! Today I'll adjust the valves and I'm going to take the crankcase breather out and give it a cleaning in some acetone. I have to replace the main multi-pin connector on it too. (Wish our member "Cable" lived closer to me)! I'm taking my good old time on it. No snow and I have the blower and the plow if we do get any! There is always a chance and I'm hoping beyond hope probably that I have a valve issue that isn't seat related. I would love to keep a good spare on my bench. Once I get the original Onan out of the tractor and on the bench, I'll take some pics of what is found. (Should have taken pics of the heads on the spare motor before cleaning them up! Thank God I have the original motor here plus the 416-8. The tins have been off the spare for years and I can't remember how they go back on! I'm really glad I don't do this for a living and you can be glad I don't work on your machines!
  21. 608KEB

    IMG 20140716 135438 629[1]

    1993 $ 1994 520-h's
  22. Hi All, I just picked up a 1990 520-h last week. While going through it and checking out a loose motion control linkage, I noticed the drive belt idler bracket had worn its hole to the base of the hood stand. It sounds like it is a pretty common occurrence. I was wondering if anyone has repaired this issue and if possible, could you post some pics? Also, like my 310-8, the rear of the hoodstand where the fender mount bolts has fatigued and cracked. Has anyone found a solution to this? Has anyone fabbed a more rugged hoodstand? Any and all help is appreciated! Cheers, John ps: I will post pics when the rain stops!
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