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Found 53 results

  1. MainelyWheelhorse

    Hi from Maine!

    Hi All, I’m a member of the RedSquare Facebook group, some of you may have seen My tractor there. I have a 1992 312-8 with a 37 inch deck. It came with a house my brother bought, and was given to me. It needed work but just minor things. I mow my lawn with it, and I just bought a plow to push snow/dirt so it’s a working restoration. It was relatively well taken care of by the previous owners so it really just needed a refresh. Anyway see you around the site!
  2. tallen4392

    rear wheel weights

    looking for rear weights 12 inch close to 01077 zip maybe fits also let me know what you have Thanks
  3. Very Solid tractor! Newer Agro Tires on Rear and Solid Front Turf Tires. Wheel Weights on rear. Fully Swapped Forward Swept axle off of 520h. I ran my 60" Deck on this tractor for over a year with no issues. Deck it solid top to bottom with no rot and newer blades. Belt and Pulley are good to go! She's just a little dusty and needs a cleaning. Can get a nice Seat a Tractor Supply. $1175 OBO -POOS (248) 9for3-8six3four Text or Call. I do not visit this site enough. God Bless. NEW SEAT INSTALLED ON THIS TRACTOR! Started it up and ran it for a while yesterday... Forgot how nice this thing is. Tempting to keep it but it's time to send her one her way. GREAT TRACTOR!
  4. DerrickH

    312-8 Headlights

    Still learning about my WH 312-8. Where do i start looking to figure out how to get headlights to work without buying new lights right away?
  5. Wvtroutbum81

    New member

    Got my dads 1992 312-8 when he passed have a snow plow and 42” deck. gathering parts to restore back to new as possible. This is my therapy.
  6. I 'm making this thread on the partial restore of my 312 that I introduced here a few weeks ago.. This will give me a place to post the many questions I'll encounter. The current plan is to get it running and see what other bugs it has besides carb cleaning, Then I plan to give all the sheetmetal a good paint job. Currently not sure about how far I'll go on painting the tractor chassis. My initial thought was this was going to be by worker garden tiller tractor. My oldest son was home this past weekend and when my wife asked what he wanted for Christmas he promptly said that " old red tractor dad is working"on would be great for his new house. ......so you can see where this is headed! He's actually a fairly good mechanic, so his hands will get dirty before this is completed I've sand blasted and painted the rims so I can get some wheels under it. I used XO-Rust Aluminum for the first coat and it was too silver. Then I used some Rustoleum High heat engine paint for the second coat and it looked a lot closer to the original gray-silver. The book says it came with 23x9,50-12 rear tires. The original tires were terribly dry rotted. Today I saw some 23x10.5-12 reat tires on Craigslist. Can anyone tell me if they will fit or will they be too wide? since I'm in Texas I won't need inside room for snow chains. As i previously mentioned the engine would run when i sprayed gas into the carb, but not on it's own. The fuel system was very gunked up after sitting for a couple of years. I've cleaned the tank, replaced tank grommet, valve, hoses and filter. I soaked the carb for 3 days to dissolve the hard grey/black residue that was built up on the top bowl faces and everywhere. My carb parts kit came and valve cover gaskets came in today. This weekend i hope to adjust the valves and clean the breather, Then reassemble the carb. Looking forward to hear how it will run. Most of the sheet metal has surface rust, but the rear fender pan has some heavy pitting. I didn't see a 1985 tractor manual for the 312-8 on the website, did I miss it? I found the 1986 manual and noticed it listed an hour meter and alarm lights on the dash that mine doesn't have. Were these options in 86, or new in 86? As a newbie, I appreciate the warm welcome and appreciate your kind guidance!
  7. Hello y'all, I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy. If not, i pray that you or whoever is afflicted be healed soon. I hope to learn a lot from the forums and hopefully can use some of you young whipper snappers for your brains (ideas, how to's and such). Lol. Btw i am only 30, much respect for the older generation(s)! For me, well... If i would have found this 5-6 years ago, i would have said I am new to Wheel Horse. That is about the time my dad bought the 312-8 (that i now own). That purchase and talking to my dad about implements/attachments that i could purchase is what got me so interested in wheel horse. Like i mentioned, i started with a 312-8. When i purchased from my dad, it came with a mower pan and a snowblower (wrong model tho). Wisconsin winters were brutal and a regular snowblower was taking me 2+ hours to clear the driveway. Thats when i bought my B-100, included in that deal was a mower pan and a plow. Boy... that B-100 has plowed a lot of snow. I love it. I had also bought 2 lack luster tillers at some auctions. Well, that made me look for a tiller attachment. Found one relatively close and went to go look. $200 later, i had a tiller loaded into my truck and i had asked if he had the tillers mount for the rear axle. He said he wasnt sure, but he has a wheel horse sitting in the back. Told me to go look. I look over this 854, and there is no rear mount. Just as im getting up, he asks if i want the tractor. I said i only got the $200 i gave you. He said free of charge. And thats how i gained my 854. (854s hood is in my shop) I want to start restoring my wheel horses, pretty paint, new decals, clean them up. I am proud of what i own. And now im looking at getting a D200 with FEL and a backhoe. Its a sketch time to buy but i could use the tractor for house and cabin work. Pics are attached. Please ignore the messes. They aint the prettiest tractors, but they all run.
  8. Been a long time since I posted. Hope everyone is doing well. I work doing HVAC In a medical center and have been working quite a bit. Anyway my son and I made a run to the local salvage yard today to cleanup all the scrap steel that’s been laying around. My wife was happy to see us finally getting some money for our junk instead of paying to get rid of it. Well..... it cost us $20 but we got another horse. let’s see how this goes. 312-8 with SD deck.
  9. I picked up a 1989 312-8 and have it in pretty good shape after a couple weeks of paint & detailing. I do need to replace a spindle shaft on the deck. I started looking at the manuals here and realized that the deck was not from a 1989 machine. The closest match I can find is a 1973-1975 42" SD #5-1010, but the illustrations show the height adjustment lever & mechanism as being on the left side of the deck, mine is located on the right. Can anyone help to identify this deck? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi All, My first post on here so apologies in advance for any rookie mistakes. First off, I am the proud owner of a "new to me" 312-8. I took it out for a spin yesterday and when I engaged the PTO, currently there is a 42 in side discharge mower deck on it, there were sparks flying from the disk directly below the muffler (maybe the flywheel or clutch?). Any idea what that may be and what needs to be addressed? Thank you !!
  11. Bill D

    What's it worth?

    Hi, My neighbor has a late 80's 312-8 with a 37" deck and bagger that she no longer uses. I was thinking of asking if she would sell it. The machine has about 1100 hours on it. The deck is rough, but the tractor is in beautiful shape. What's a fair price to offer her? Thanks. Bill
  12. My son has a 312-8 Wheel Horse he gave me a SN of 2112K805 and from what I think I have found it's a 1988 model year. The deck plate with that number on it is gone so I don't know what deck it has under it. I measured the belt or what is left of it and it was 139". And it was some sort of a double V belt. Everything I seem to come up with is the decks with this length of belt had just one belt for the drive and the deck. This one has 2 belts one for the drive and one the deck. It has two blades and I'm pretty sure it a 37' cut. Did some of these things have two belts with the double V for the deck and a regular belt for the drive/mule?
  13. The Tuul Crib

    Light switch

    I have a 312-8 that I'm trying to get the lights to work. They work if I jump them off the battery but the hot going to the switch is not hot. The switch checks out OK. Any ideas ?
  14. The Tuul Crib

    It stopped starting!

    Put a new battery in this old tractor and has been starting every time I turn the key and push the clutch pedal turn the key in and it would start. It would turn hard the first crank and then would start but now there's nothing. I jumped the solenoid and it would start that way. It has a new key switch and all the connections are tight. Any ideas ?
  15. First pic is the now. Second pic is when it was found in tall grass. Third pic is the tear down getting ready to sand and paint.
  16. Anybody had any success mounting Kenda Terra 502 tires on 7.5 x 12 Wheel Horse rims? Kenda says the tire needs a 8.5 x 12 rim. They spec. out as 23 x 10.5 x 12. My 318 rims measure 7.5" from inside of bead to inside of bead. So they just might work. Reason for all this being I have some steep slopes down to the lake. Yard has a toboggan run slope, a couple of 8 - 10 foot drops with flat areas in between. Total drop of about 20 feet in about 100 feet. Plus the soil is Michigan sand. Grass is thin and the old original Carlisles just aren't cutting it anymore. Looking for a more agressive tire for turf. Have read some goon reviews of the 502's on this forum. But not much detail on the rims they were mounted on. Any experiences good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks Old 5 Foot
  17. 608KEB

    12 HP Kohler compression question

    I bought a 1999 WH 312-8 last winter for my father. When starting it if it kills. When he tries to restart it. It won't turn over unless he removes the spark plug to relieve the built up compression. The engine has the OHV. How can we fix this?
  18. A couple months ago i got a WH 312-8 from my wife's cousin. I have mowed with it numerous times and i always had problems making it up my hill. I changed both drive belt and deck belt (he had 1/2'' on them) and put proper belts on from Toro dealer. I also replaced the spring on my clutch pedal (it does not have piston to slow it down). Now my 312-8 will only go up hill in low gears and will not go in 2 or 3 hi at all. 1st gear in hi will move but not up hill. My drive belt stops moving sometimes when trying hi gear. Please help this newbie!
  19. FrankenCub

    New to Wheel Horse

    I'm new to Wheel Horse, got a fair deal on a 312-8 this week. I have some questions for you pros here, I'm a Cub Cadet junky lol. I'm not positive of the year, thinking maybe '84-'85? Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of the serial tag and it's at our other property right now. Has a steel frame, not stamped, so I guess it's before Toro got involved? 12hp Kohler Mag, great engine! It also has a 42" rear discharge deck, rough shape but I like the rear discharge. Got it running yesterday and figured we'd give a test workout, went pretty well. Today got into some damp grass that bound everything up, figured that would happen. The PTO clutch started getting hot from slipping and spit out pieces of the facing so I'm sure it wasn't in great shape, and blew the PTO belt. Just to get it going again without spending huge cash for top tier belts, where can I get them other than Toro? NAPA maybe? If you guys know off hand the belt numbers or sizes for the PTO and the 42" rd deck that would be great. Also going to need a PTO clutch disk if you could point me in the right direction. If I get back over to our other property this weekend I'll get some pictures, she's a tad rough but not bad.
  20. In 1987 I purchased a new Wheel Horse 312-8 with a 37” side discharge mower deck. Two weeks ago the mower deck belt broke (belt was 5 years old). After I replaced it, I noticed (for the first time) the belt comes off the inside adjustable “V” idler pulley at an odd angle to the inside groove of the PTO clutch pulley. I cannot see a way to adjust the alignment of the belt. Belt life has been good – maybe 4 or 5 years between belt breakages. Could it have been manufactured like this and run this way all of these years? With the pulley support cover in place, the misalignment is impossible to see. I happened to notice it before I installed the cover. It gets a little better as I remove the slack, but not much. Any suggestions? Is this normal? Full disclosure – I had replaced the PTO clutch about 8 operating hours before this belt broke.
  21. Goldann520

    I'm back!

    I'm back @WV Hillbilly, @ACman, @horsenewbee. I'm once again a wh owner. You guys were right. Only this time it's only a 1990 312-8 classic. But hey, I gave $50 bucks for it!!!!! Kohler magnum runs like a champ and has a nice 42" rear discharge deck on it. Paint not too bad, pics to come. Of couse has normal hackery for this price, but im back in the game ! Gotta get back to work now, talk later. Goldann520
  22. The Gman

    Infrared of my 312/417-8

    A short vid of my 312/417 in infrared. It's a FLIR one. Uses a smart phone, I have an old Note2. After looking at it I did notice the rear cylinder exhaust seemed to be running cooler. It will even show what wires are drawing more current and heating up Enjoy???? flir_20180123T111311.mp4
  23. Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me out with info or advice on how to go about fixing my brake pedal on my '92 312-8. I don't know if it's just a pin/part that needs replacing, or there is more to it than that...I have hand tools, but am not really mechanically inclined---learning this stuff as I go. Pics/instructions to follow, would be appreciated. My machine is parked/put up for the winter, 'bout 120miles from here; going about lots of this backwards, I know, but I'm trying to build my store of knowledge, for now, Thanks for any and all help. Here is a pic for reference. Dad told me it is a common problem; we just didn't get to it lasttime I was back home, where it is stored currently (after going over fluids, cleaning, etc). I just like things to be "right"...he laughed when I found a replacement NOS hr meter for the pictured empty hole (now since installed),,,to him THAT was an uneeded "bell" (as in, ...whistle). If the mods need to move this post, no problem; I looked around, didn't see a "specific" place that fit better to post my question.
  24. Shooter67

    Got her goin

    I started the restoration in 2009. Had to stop (work and life) finally got it back together last week. It still needs some stuff here and there but the hardest stuff is done
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