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Found 12 results

  1. Picked this up today because I wanted the deck for my 875. The 875 has no deck so I figured this one is better then none at all. Question is what do I do with the rest of it??? 875, was told the engine needs rebuilding. Been sitting in a barn last 20+ years. Steering wheel is broke. Both front tires are shot and coming off the rims. Original paint. Plow needs the arm to turn the blade. Its repaired in a fixed position. Worth more in parts or as whole? Not sure I want a big project. What do you all suggest???
  2. PeacemakerJack

    The 875 in Action

    For those of you that have followed the "Iron Horse" restoration thread, you know about the history of this tractor with our family! Judge had been asking to drive it and so I gave him the opportunity to do so... I don't think there is an easier tractor to drive and he had a blast. It is hard to believe that it was 33 years ago that I was driving the same machine at his age! Here I am driving it in the Fourth of July parade 2017
  3. Robin Boulianne

    Hydrostatic oil

    I had to open my transmission to fix a small leak. Now, since all Dexron ATF is removed, I can change the type of oil. My question is what is the main advantage to change this ATF for something else like engine oil for instance. I also have a hydrostatic CubCadet 2185 and the maintenance manual indicates a special oil for this application. Is it possible that another type of oil provides a higher pulling torque? Better performances in very hot conditions? Reduces leakages? I look forward your opinions. Regards.
  4. KC9KAS

    Spring missing!

    My 875 is missing the small spring that is attached to the cam/neutral plate. The part number is 1230 and NLA. Anyone have one or know the dimensions of the spring? Thank you!
  5. KC9KAS


    ISO of hydro motion control lever bushings. These appear to be parts # 5666 (nylon) need 2, # 5983 (Nyliner) need 2, # MW2195 (bronze) need 1. Please PM me here. Thanks in advance.
  6. 62 downloads

    1 page 196.25KB 1 page 82.24KB Dated February 17, 1965 232613 Kohler belt nla Use 231605 232613 - Gates 7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7320 .41"x32.58" 36 degree 231605 - Gates 7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree or Napa 25-7315 .41"x32.08" 36 degree 1964 model 854 1965 model 855 1965 model 875 Starter/generator belt Kohler 10hp, 12hp - 235262 (7345 Gates .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) (25-7345 Napa .410" x 35.09" 36 degree) Wheel Horse 1593 (3L x 34.4") - nla (Gates replacement 6735 3/8" x 35" 38 degree) 1964 model 1045 1964 model 1054 - Not in PSB - Wheel Horse # 1593 nla {3Lx34.4"} - Gates 7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree or Napa 25-7340 .410"x34.58" 36 degree 1965 model 1054A - Not in PSB - Kohler 235262 replaces 235528 [.41"x35.09" 36 degree] - Gates 7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree or Napa 25-7345 .41"x35.09" 36 degree 1965 model 1055 1965 model 1075


  7. 24 downloads

    1 page 227.67KB Dated September 22, 1965 Replaces PSB #56 and #57 Hydrogear leak at slide casting Kit # 6066 1965 model 875 1965 model 1075


  8. 51 downloads

    1 page 245.91KB 1 page 94.58KB Dated November 1967 Replaces #085 Tiller 1967 36in model RT-367 1965 model 875 1965 model 1075 1966 model 876 1966 model 1076 1966 model 1276


  9. Nick P.

    Pop's 875

    875 bought new by my dad and now mine. I learned to drive on this when I was in 6 th grade! Pop ran a Parker sweeper tow behind the rear discharge deck. Still used for mowing, No winter duty. It retires to the garage after fall leaf mulching. Nick P.
  10. i am a new member. i have a 1965 875 wheel-o-matic. the engine is knocking and smoking, so, i decided to replace it with the parts tractor motor. identical motor. in order to get the old motor off, i removed what appears to be the mower deck or snow blower mounting plates. on the right side foot rest, there was a spring tensioned pully. i didn't think i was going to need it for running a snow plow blade. long story short, i can't figure out how the belt and this spring tensioned pully need to be installed. looked all over the internet for a belt diagram, no luck, pleanty of mowerdeck and snowblower info. i am close to throwing in the towel and taking it in to a high dollar repair place. i don't want to have the wife chew on my rear anymore that i deserve, somebody, please help me!!!!!!!
  11. ralphxj

    New guy from Ohio with an 875

    New guy here from Austintown Ohio. I'm a Jeep guy, however I'm currently without a Jeep or project and the shop seemed too empty. I found my next project, my grandfathers original 1965 Wheel Horse 875. Grandpa bought the 875 new and used it until he passed away in 1992 (I was 12). After that my uncle and grandma used it for a couple more years, then got a newer mower. My dad brought the mower to our house shortly after that and we used it (along with a newer wheel horse dad had) to mow my parents 2 acres. I spent MANY MANY hours on this mower as a kid!! It was kept under roof its whole life, so it has very little rust on it. It still fires right up and runs with no issues except a starter/generator that is sparking at a loose terminal (already have a rebuild kit). The mower deck is SHOT, its been repaired many times over the years and is too far rusted at this point. The plan is to do a mild restore project. I plan on painting the main sheet metal and clean everything else up. Other then the rear tires, its all exactly how it was when Grandpa used it!
  12. woodbird007

    2012 10 26 17 26 52 652

    My father's 875. Motor rebuilt and ready to install. Original seat- need to order seat cover
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