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Found 17 results

  1. backinthesaddle

    Massey-Ferguson MF10

    A project I no longer have time nor space for. This 1967 MF 10 has a TEC HH100 engine that was rebuilt from several other HH100's. I replaced the original CDI ignition with an inductive proximity sensor/HEI system. Starts easy, runs hard - carburetor issues that I haven't had time to deal with yet. Four speed transmission in good working order. New battery, regulator, starter/generator, lug tires and decal set (if planning to finish restoration.) MF 620 snow thrower in very good condition. There is no mower deck. Please e-mail any inquiries.
  2. Just recently purchased a 1964 34R and a separate deal landed a Snow Thrower, believe it to be a ST323 maybe a 324. It does not have the idler pulley. I did find posts for measurements on the pulley arm for Ranger. I need close up pics of the ends of the clutch rod and the crank rod as well as measurements so that I can fab these parts. Or if anyone has these parts for sale I would be interested.
  3. I have a 42" Snow Blower for Sale. Includes the lift tube and flag. This was used most recently on a 1979 C-161, but it will work on many other models. I used it for over 10 years here in Michigan and never had a problem clearing my drive way, even in the worst conditions that we ever had. The wheel weights were made by Wheel Horse as well and have the company logo on them. Also included are tire chains and the carriage bolts to attach the weights. Hopefully somebody in this community has a use for this. I no longer have the space to store it or a tractor to put it on..
  4. Decker4

    C-195 with attachments

    1984 Wheel Horse C-195 black hood edition 19.5 hp twin Kohler engine 3 point hitch (NO rear PTO) 60" heavy plow 51" mower deck (That's without the guide chute attached; not sure if that's considered 60". ) 36" Snow thrower 60x30" wheel horse wagon (currently this is included, but a local sale is pending) original owners manual Wheel weights (Tires are also filled, gel I think) Chains on front tires and parts for chains on the rear (rear chains in picture are not available) An assortment of other part, including heavy bar for the snow thrower, a pull chair, spare oil filter, etc. The tractor starts and runs well. It has some cosmetic issues but not what I would call damage. It's big, powerful, and a lot of fun. It starts, but the current battery is undersized, so while it starts fine in the summer, I've been using my truck to jump it in the winter. The easy solution is battery with more cold cranking Amps. The mower deck has been redone with some welding (heavy duty steel) where it rusted through. The center guide wheel it missing. The snow thrower works, but is currently missing a link on the chain, and the sprockets are worn. I prefer to sell everything as a set, if possible Please email me if you're interested with "C-195" in the subject line. I live in Upstate NY along the PA line.
  5. I have a C-161 8 speed manual. We recently got some snow here in CT (about 8-9" for me) and because of the 2 inches of existing snow on my driveway from Christmas, I had almost zero traction. (For what it's worth, went out about half way through the storm, when the wheels did hook up to the ground she plowed like an animal.) A friend of mine gave me a snow thrower a few months back. To my recollection, he said it worked on his C-161 hydro. I mention this because I don't know if there's a difference in attachment sizes. Just looking at it, it seems as though the "arm" portion of the snow thrower is too long. Even so, how the hell do I hook this up? I'm usually decent figuring crap like this out, but this one has me stumped. Thanks for the help. All the manuals I downloaded were vague and only listed parts and part numbers. No "install" instructions, best I can find.
  6. xzbyr7

    2 stage snow blower

    Looking to sell my 2 stage snow blower. I have owned it for the last 5 years and it works awesome on my 520. I changed the bearings in the front, a new wear block for the chain and a new belt. I haven't used in the last two years and its taking up space in my barn. I have a new toy to plow my driveway with now. All the brackets, extensions and tubes included to make it work.
  7. I am still trying to attach the Ber-Vac W0246D snow thrower to my 520-HC. I was busy the last few days and just got around to working on it again. Here are some pics of the parts I have for it. I think I may be missing some parts. I got a lot of useful info from everybody here the last few days and I want to thank you all for your help so far. For more pics of what I have please see the topic "New Toy" I posted last Thursday March 3.
  8. Well it was a nice day. And the sun shining through the snow. Makes for a nicer video and whole lot more fun than blowin through a blizzard! I hope you'll agree. Video of clearing out snow after the storm with my Wheel Horse C-161 manual 8 speed with Snow Thrower Attachment
  9. I got a C-121 and was wondering if a model 06-37SK01 snow blower will fit it? Thanks for any help!!
  10. I just got a very nice condition tall chute blower and I'm looking for ways to protect it from my gravel driveway. I'm thinking about a 6" deep by 1/2" 'board' of UHMW that would span all the way across the bottom of the blower, forward of the scraper blade. For mounting I was thinking of replacing the existing skid shoes with angle bracket that would allow me to bolt this large strip of UHMW all across the bottom of the auger. The idea here is to prevent stones from being sucked up into auger. I'm not worried about 3/4" of snow left behind. I'm more worried about putting 3 tri-axles loads of 3/4" stone through my blower. Maybe I could do the same thing with a pieces of 5/4 pressure treated decking. The idea is the same, lift the blower up a bit and only allow it to throw the snow that's in the auger chamber and not allow it to pull things in. This is my first blower of any kind so I'm new to this and would like to make it last. This could be hair-brained and stupid, which is why I'm seeking input before proceeding. Thanks
  11. I just got finished making up a crank rod to turn the snow thrower chute on my 520-HC with a Ber-Vac snow thrower. Here are some pics of how I did it. I am very pleased with the results. I used a 3/8 drive universal and a 3/8 drive extension. My neighbor welded the extension into a piece of 1/2 inch conduit and the universal into a piece of 3/4 inch conduit. Then he welded the original crank handle in the other end of the 1/2 inch conduit. The universal snaps into the extension giving me the flexible joint I need for the angle and also it's easy to remove when I remove the snow thrower with no tools. I can let the universal attached to the snow thrower. The 3/4 conduit has a 3/8 hole drilled in it for a bolt to fasten it to the chute gear on the snow thrower. The 1/2 inch conduit fits perfectly in the hole on the support bracket attached to the tractor. All I need to do now is make an attachment for the lift assist springs on the front quick hitch bracket.
  12. I just got a 1988 520-HC with a Ber-Vac W046D snow thrower. I downloaded the manuals from here and they just basically show the parts. I would like to know how to attach it to the tractor. If anyone has any pictures of a similar snow blower on a similar tractor or could at least point me to a topic or thread that could help me attach it I would really appreciate it.
  13. I would like to share this idea to help take some of the weight which the snowblower/thrower adds to the front, and add it to the rear. While also making the blower easier to lift. I know some of you use the spring to help with lifting, but most of its tension is when the blower is in the down position. I ran the cable directly through the cable tube and not using the rock shaft. Ran it it through a pulley (NOS idler I had) which is connected to the "attach-o-matic" and back to the bottom hole in the lift arm. While the flag is in the upper hole of the lift arm, the weight that is in the rear, is connected to he bottom hole giving the added weight a little better mechanical advantage. So the weight in the back is actually helping to lift the weight in the front.
  14. Hey Guys, So I've been looking for a snow blower for my 70 GT-14. I found that in the manual the 6-6211 snow blower. Does anyone know if a 6-3211 will fit on this tractor without mods? I found one and am thinking about picking it up but wasn't sure if it would fit. Thanks
  15. I have a 314-8 with a 79360 snow thrower on it and I just picked up a 79253 48" plow. I was hoping to swap back and forth between the two as the snow conditions required. I currently want to switch from the blower to the plow but I've reached a snag. I've gotten to the point in the detachment procedure where I remove the pin clip holding the thrower's lift tube flag to the tractor's attachment lift control arm. I don't have a tractor lift and I'm laying on the floor in my unheated garage and when I lookup to see the pin and clip, I can barely see it at all. I can barely get a plier to it let alone, clamped on to it to pull the clip. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to reach this pin to remove the clip? I'm concerned that if I somehow get lucky and pull the clip off, I'll never be able to line up the lift tube flag and the control arm to get the pin back in the hole and the clip back on when I want to reattach the blower. Sorry about the lousy picture but it's very tight under the tractor and I was fumbling with a flash light and a smartphone with next to no clearance and the only way to see the pin clip was to take a photo almost straight up. The thing I circled in the overexposed area is the pin clip in question.
  16. slufoot733

    A good days work

    Woke up this morning to 5" of new snow with 1/2" of ice on top. After breakfast I fired up the D and hit three driveways. The snow thrower slowly ate through the heavy snow & ice. The chute clogged twice so I had to slow down some. The fourth driveway was a different story. My D has the power but not the traction. The drive is about 100' long and most of it is uphill. Thye D just will not grab, even with chains and wheel weights. So I had to resort to my Deere with the snow plow. At least it will go UP the drive so I can plow DOWN the drive. Once I broke up the snow with the plow and pushed it as far as I could (which wasn't too far) I was able to chew through the piles and throw that stuff where it belongs. Now, all three of my elderly neighbors can get out if necessary, All in all, it was a good day.