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Found 24 results

  1. Mitchellnh

    Large Wheel Horse Parts Collection

    Wheel Horse parts collection. Many new-old stock and used parts for many models. Please make an appointment to view. No trades. There's a lot of parts for D-160 and the C series. This is a collection left behind by my Father, so I'm really not sure what part is what here. There's even a D-160 Tractor under a tarp in the backyard with a three point hitch. Hasn't run in a decade. I'll throw that in if you meet my price. Willing to sell entire lot for $1850 obo Mitchellocastiglione2@gmail.com
  2. Newbie here and I have a 520-H that runs, but needs some TLC and some minor things fixed and/or adjusted. It comes with a like new tiller that I believe has only been used once and has paint still on the tines. I am the 2nd owner and I have personally never used the tiller. I am selling my previous home that I rent and where it has been stored. My current home's yard just isn't big enough to use a rider and I need to find a new home for it. I want to sell them together to simplify and I need them gone in the next 2 weeks. Please reach out with any questions and I'll do my best to answer. I am definitely not as knowledgeable as most of you on this forum, but figured somebody would like to fix it up, part it out and/or needs a tiller. Please email or text.
  3. I recently posted about issues with my transmission and have now identified the issue. I removed the transmission cover and found that the final pinion bearing had failed. Bearings and race in bottom of cover. Now need to find replacement bearing and also a new filter. Bearing part number from Toro is 93-0446 and is stamped with “Japan Nachi 6203”. The gasket is Toro # 93-0478. Any help verifying these part numbers for a TORO 270H model 72106 and also locating replacement parts or equivalents would be greatly appreciated. My transmission serial number is 049132. Thank you!
  4. Hi All, It's time for me to sell the D-250 I've had for the last 8 years. It’s useable as is, or would be a great project bundle for further restoration. I am selling a large package: the running tractor, a refurbished snowblower (48”), parts snowblower, mower deck (60”), tiller (40”), front plow blade (60”), Cat 0 3-Point Hitch with adjustable top link, WH 3-Point tool bar, wheel weights and tire chains. Also included is an extensive part collection, nearly a second tractor worth. I will include the original manuals, an original 1976 sales brochure, and repair manuals for the tractor and the engine. I made electronic copes of all of the above, and stored the paper copies to prevent further wear. This is one of the most complete D-250 tractor/attachment bundles I’ve seen. Some highlights from the available parts: Frame rails, extra engine, water pump, extra transaxle, extra gears, including worm gears (stored in oil bath), Front wheel set, carburetor, carb rebuild kit, rebuildable original radiator, extra radiator overflow bottle, rebuilt alternator, new voltage regulator (I was planning to change over to an alternator setup from the generator), new in package Renault engine seals, new PTO seals, ignition maintenance parts. There are also many panels, frame pieces, cables, levers, tubes (lines) and hardware in the collection. The tractor engine runs smooth. There are around 1050 original hours on it; It’s a 1976 edition. Everything works, except the dash lights and the rear lights (disconnected b/c of fender). I just haven't sorted out the wiring, but it is all there. Headlights are good and working, as are all of the gears and levers. The four tires are nearly new Carlisle Multi Trac, with nubs still on them. The rear tires have been filled (ballasted) with Rim Guard for extra traction. The hydraulic pump, front PTO clutch and brakes operate but could use a tune up. I’ve used it for mowing and snowblowing on hills, driveway and around my land. I don’t have an original WH seat. The snowblower was rebuilt a few years back, and assembled with all new hardware and bearings. The mower deck gearbox was professionally serviced recently, and has a new set of blades with only a half dozen mows. The rear fender needs a repair, but all pieces are available. The plow and tiller are due for restoration. The Points, Condenser and rotor have all been replaced and tuned in. The battery is good. I've rebuilt the carb, replaced the fuel pump and changed out the plugs within the last 30 hours. The replacement radiator is from a Kawasaki engine; it was installed with new hoses. There are also new custom hydraulic hoses and a new hydraulic lift cylinder. Here's a video of me mowing, this past summer. Transporting this haul in one trip will require a pickup truck and a large trailer.
  5. Hi all, Not a Wheel Horse fan but recently had a WH 656 given to me. It seems complete with the exception of the steering wheel. Might anyone have an appropriate steering wheel for sale or can point me to where I can find one? Thanks Mike Alsup Dekalb, IL mbalsup@gmail.com
  6. Bach-Ed

    part id help

    It's been a while since I've been here. My 857 just keeps humming a long. But a while ago I picked up some parts, thinking they would fit my machine but no. so here are some pics they seem to be NOS. I'm sure one of you would love to have them and I would have a little more shelf space.
  7. I am currently fixing up my late grandfathers 310-8, but I am having trouble locating some of the replacement parts. I am looking for both front (15x6.00-6) and rear (22x7.5-12) tires. I have cleaned up and painted the rims, but now need tires to go on them and I am having some trouble finding these size tires. I am looking for a new muffler. The old one had holes rusted through it and I had to drill out one of the screws to get it off. If anyone knows where I can find a new muffler and screws for it, or how to modify a different muffler to fit on the tractor. I am looking for a new gas cap, preferably one with out a fuel level gauge at the top. I was also wondering if there was a specific brand of oil that you would recommend for the engine? If anyone has links to, or knows any information about these topics it would be greatly appreciated if you could share that info with me.
  8. Looking for a transmission and hood for a model 701. I believe 702 uses some of the same parts.
  9. Ok folks I can't say enough about Wheel Horse and More. They helped me get the correct parts I needed. Great customer service and with fast shipping. I will be checking there website for parts I need, if they have it will buy from them. Check them out their fantastic people to work with!!!!!!!
  10. I was getting my riding mower ready for another season, changed the oil, filter, and I tilted the mower on it’s side to change the blades, just as I do year after year (my tractor is about 12 years old!) so once I was done and I got the mower back I found this piece laying on the ground. I have carefully examined the deck and I can’t seem to find where this would go. I tried checking the manual and a couple websites to see if I could identify the piece and no luck, anyone know where this goes? Thank you in advance!
  11. repairman

    Toro 60" mule drives

    Does anyone have some good pictures of this part #113097 idler arm ?
  12. Vincez

    Wheel Horse Servicing

    I live in Connecticut and would like to find someone who can service my 1989 Wheel Horse 310-8 tractor? Basically, I want someone to go through the machine, clean or rebuild the carburetor, fix a disable switch, and keep it running for another 20 years. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might find such a person or shop? The local Toro distributor is way too expensive for the work he does...
  13. Hi, I am new to the Wheel Horse "family" and in need of parts dealer . I have a leaking fuel tank on my 520-H. I have found a couple on ebay but that makes me nervous. Would like to find a goods parts place I can trust. Also does anyone here know where I can find a manual for a 520-H. I have soooo many Questions lol.
  14. Duramax7man7

    Quality Replacement Parts

    Just wanted to give a public thank you to Lincoln at A-Z Tractors for sending me some quality used parts for my 1994 314h and 1991 520h! Parts list... 520h- Paring brake lever, hood latch, air cleaner sensor and rear 1-1/8" hub 314h- Fuel tank, 2x headlights, steering collar and steering wheel All parts arrived with quick shipping as well as packed very well and all were quality products! Thanks a bunch sir! Will be coming to you for future purchases as well. God Bless you and yours!
  15. Being that there isn't any type of seller shoutout or seller recognition board, I wanted to mention it still. Thanks to: (In no particular order) - Lincoln at A-Ztractors (odds and ends parts and all around nice guy!) - Kelly Holister (WH enthusiast and used parts seller here in Michigan) - Lowell the Wheelhorseman1000 (great hitch and WH info) - Carl in Swonton, OH. (not on the internet as he is one of those elderly types that does just fine without it. Super nice guy and used parts seller) And Last but not least - Paul (aka: oldredrider) for sending me a very nice Rock Shaft and installation parts for a great price! You all have helped me get my tractors running and refurbished to use and soon restore. Without people like you all this great hobby would vanish along with these tractors that we all like and use.
  16. kayvonmansouri

    2 stage snow blower parts

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get this massive, manly, blower ready for winter. It has a cheap plastic piece that holds the chute on, I bumped it last year and broke the piece. I don't know where to get a replacement one, and i'm hoping i don't have to fabricate one. Any suggestions where to get this piece? This is a Model 79361-4900001 44" Snowthrower -GT. Thanks in advance
  17. Found another huge Wheel Horse auction in Ohio of a deceased collector, ART PEOPLES . Sale bill states : "45 WHEEL HORSE LAWN TRACTORS IN ALL SIZES INCLUDING TWIN CYLINDER MODERN ONES, SEVERAL CUB CADETS & JOHN DEERE, LOTS OF ACCESSORIES, ROTO TILLERS, SNOW BLOWERS, WHEEL HORSE PARTS, ENGINES, OLD REPAIR MANUALS, GENERATORS, LOTS OF SCRAP METAL, TIRES & RIMS, LAWN CARTS, LAWN TOOLS, SPRAYERS, YOU NAME IT." Location is about half way between Dayton and Springfield. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=219%20W%2E%20MAIN%20ST%2E%20MEDWAY%2C%20OH Listing: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/auctionview.cgi?lid=2713039&kwd=Wheel%20Horse&zip=&category=0&utm_source=azemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alerts Pics: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=2713039&category=0&zip=&kwd=Wheel%20Horse This one looks to be of about same size as the other OH Wheel Horse auction I posted about one months ago. Can't believe this one is scheduled the same day as Portland.
  18. Found a large WH auction on AuctionZip ( http://www.auctionzip.com/ ) in Ohio on May 21. Auctioneer: Farnsworth Auctions LLC Looks pretty impressive to me. Look it up yourself, or PM me for details.
  19. powerrepair2016

    Parts question

    Hello, first off please forgive me if I have made an error in going about this on your forum. I have several wheel horse parts that are brand new original oem replacement parts for a 1974 c120 (I think) I don't know anything about them. I was curious what there value is, i cant find them anywhere and when i do it just says discontinued. Here are the parts I'm currently curious about Tire rod assembly - part # 111412 Assembly clutch bar part # 103227 Taillight base part # 105202 I also have a part that just has a hand written tag on it, says "deck list for 48" 42" wheel horse" it appears to be a part that holds the blade deck up. Any input is appreciated.
  20. I see a lot of nice machines posted in this here forum. My issue is finding parts for my six speed transmission. I have a 1267 Wheel Horse that I am doing a full ground up restoration on. Thanks to this forum and many responders I have found decals, tires, and what color paints. I have not taken the trans apart yet and my just flush it and see what comes out. As far as I know it shifts and works in all gear and high low is working. Thank you all for being here.. Thanks again, bob's toy= 1967 1267 six speed
  21. I am restoring a 1957 Bolen model 20HD02 lawn tractor. I am finding it very difficult to find certain parts like the steering gear and steering wheel. I have found a steering wheel that will work (not the right one).
  22. Hi. new to this forum . my reliable 1067 started behaving strangely while polwing this Virginia snow.... Third gear is slower than it used to be & pulsates, especially when going up inclines. Second gear also, but not as much. [ using high range]. I am thinking maybe lost some teeth on a gear? are used transaxles and/or tranny parts available? I'd like to keep this one running if i can get what parts i need & its not too expensive . Any advice and thoughts welcome.
  23. Well I after months of work I bought out an old WH dealership that probably closed within the last 10 years and had been open since the 60's (I prefer to keep the name private). The building was collapsing on itself water everywhere, mold. just horrible. So my father (shynon) and I went to pick, pack and load everything that we could save. It took two days, my truck packed to the hills, my dads truck packed to the gills, a 5x8 trailer, and a 16ft car trailer! In the end I got the parts inventory (haven't looked through 10% of it yet) although it was in a wet environment and boxes were damp, wet and molding the parts look to be in pretty good shape. I got seven tractors all in some need of repair (most were a,b,c series) three of these had kohlers on them (8,12,16hp). Several kohler motors in some need of repair. All the WH literature we could save, manuals, brochures, dealership info, awards, and two microfiche machines (hopefully we can make one out of them). I also got an electric rear engine rider that I plan to restore for the fun of it, and a porter cable mower from the late 50's, Dealership signs, etc...... I'm probably forgetting some things but here they are the reasons we opened this thread for PICS!
  24. Hey All! I just got a C101, my first WH since I was a kid. I'm looking online for parts and tires and cannot find any good sources. Does anyone have a "go to" place for parts? Thanks for any help.
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