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Found 25 results

  1. robertsonchris06@gmail.co

    8-25 Riding mower belts

    After using my 8-25 mower successfully for several years I noticed the belts were very worn. I replaced the belts and used the mower several mowings this past summer with no problems until as I was mowing the last time the mower would not move in any gear. After stopping and inspecting the traction belt it was almost completely destroyed. Prior to this I had noticed that the engage/disengage lever was getting hard to activate (very stiff). Has anyone had a similar thing happen? Thanks in advance for any help on this problem. Just want to keep my mower running. Chris
  2. MachXXII

    1988 252-H Wheels

    I’m trying to restore my grandfathers old 252-H to use around my property. The tires are shot and the rims aren’t too far behind. Anyone have any recommendations for rims and tires that would fit well on it? right now it has 22 x 7.50 - 12 on the back and 15 x 6 - 6 on the front.
  3. 87buickt

    Snow thrower help

    Newb here, recently purchased a b310 that now runs with snow thrower, plow, and mower deck for what I believe to be a good deal for $200. My question to all y’all gurus is what am I missing for my snow thrower attachment? I’d like to get it squared away before winter I know I’m going to need a belt and chain any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I need help Identifying my wheelhorse tractor model number 105109 I don't know how to read it
  5. Samone

    First mow / no PTO

    I recently acquired a 520xi. She's a pretty sweet machine and I took a liking to her before she landed in my garage. I've used her a few times this spring to haul some brush around in her trailer. As the grass grew taller, however, I knew it was time to put the deck on her and start mowing. Note: this is my first wheelhorse, and also this was the first time I'd mown with her. Anyway, I did about half an hour of mowing (about half of my lawn), having turned her pto on and off a few times for various reasons, when at some point I turned the pto off to back out from between the dead-end swath between 2 trees I had just mown. I backed out, turned around, lined myself up to get back on track with the mowing, pulled the pto knob, and....nothing. Or so I thought at first. There is a quiet, though definitely present sound whenever I pull the pto knob on. At first I thought the blades might be stuck or something and the drive belt was sliding on the pto pulley. After some inspection, I found it wasnt. I prooved it wasn't by taking the drive belt off the pto and trying to turn the pto on. I still hear that same sound and the engine acts slightly stressed when I turn the pto on. One last thing. I turned the engine off, took the front grill off the tractor and tried to turn the pto pulley. It moves but is stopped by some kind of what looks like a safety stop (a bar on the pulley hitting a bar in the way). Anyway, this is where I'm at. If anyone knows or has any idea why what's happening is happening and/or how to fix it Id appreciate it very much.
  6. I recently bought a 520xi lawntractor (got it today, it's sweet!) But I figured Id look for a snowblower while its off season. I found a few, but I'm not sure if theyll fit. One is a model# 79263 it's close to the model # listed on toro site as fitting the 5xi. Will it work?
  7. Samone

    520xi vs 270h

    I found 2 tractor I'm interested in buying. First let me give a summary of their intended uses: I just bought a house on 1 acre of land. It is not flat and has many medium to low degree slopes. Primarily I am interested in its mowing ability, but also tilling and snow blowing possibilties. Now to the tractors.... The first I found was a 520 xi kohler 20 h.p. engine with 380 hrs. Comes with deck and trailer. I talked the seller down to $1800. The second is a 270h kohler 20 h.p. engine with 73 hrs. Comes with Deck. Seller asking $850. Both may go soon would appreciate quick response. Thanks!
  8. Roblox

    a-81 engine spins very fast

    so i have a bit of a problem with my a-81 when it runs it it spins very very fast i just put a new carb on it so maybe i didnt attatch the trottle right im not quite sure any tips?
  9. Jennifer

    WT-30 Tiller

    Needing someone that has one of these WT-30 tillers to please load pictures of the belt tension thingy! We know there has been two at the big show one this past year another the year before! Hopefully they are members here! If so and you would be so kind to help us with this, Thanks in advance! Husband is trying to get ours useable. He got a 32" belt but something isn't going his way! LOL! Every thing we have gotten on this tiller shows a Kohler K91. We have in fact a Clinton 1200 that runs fabulous! The Tiller does not appear to have ever had red paint on it. Engine and tiller paint match. Also we are looking for the speed reduction to slow the tractor, CC-60 conversion assembly! Thanks everyone!
  10. LengerichKA88

    This thing is going to make me SNAP(per)

    Model:281123BV Serial: 41076273 So, my FIL picked up a pretty good looking snapper for 30 bucks.... guy said it needed carb work. Turned out it needed a new recoil start too, no big deal. Well the carbs on, got the pull start on. Got a few (3, maybe 4) starts out of it. Starting with the second start, the shroud (which the recoil housing screws to) started pulling loose. This would mean that I had to loosen, replace, then tighten it each time. This is because the bolts that keep the shroud in place do so by having a washer type head on the bolt hold down little plastic tabs. Apparently these tabs wear down over time, who’d have thunk that metal running plastic would wear it down? 🤯 Go to start it today’s making sure everything’s nice and tight. Shroud pulls loose with a metallic clang.One of the hole for the mount (that’s what I’m calling it) broke. This is part of the block, and the only way to secure the shroud. There are two on each side of the engine. As o go to pull the shroud off, I see the pawls for the recoil start fall. My recoil start that got here Tuesday, has broken. 🤬 I take usable pieces off the old one (only problem was the spring) and replace. As I’m securing the shroud, again, the other mount on the same side breaks. They were part of the aluminum block. Why you would have the recoil starts only point of contact with the machine be a piece of plastic, is beyond me. Why you would design the shroud to attach in such a poor way, is beyond me. How to fix this and make it usable, without buying a new engine, is also beyond me. Has anyone had this happen, and how did you fix it if you did?


    I'm new to the wheel horse but I got tired of the same old junk lawnmower's from box stores. I needed a new tractor I can use in winter to plow and in summer to cut grass.so I did a lot of research and I really liked the wheel horse so I purchased a 1995 520h in beautiful shape. it will serve me well I just need a plow for it for winter, so I was on craigslist and saw a wheel horse for sale ( I got the WH bug) and I went to check it out. turns out to be 2 WH 's . one is a 1974 WHEEL HORSE C160 MODEL 1-0480 9 with a looks like 48 or 50 inch deck and the engine runs good so I removed the deck because it will fit on my 520h which has a 42 inch mulching deck . and the other is a L 156 this is a small tractor. the C160 runs good (after I rewired it), I took it for a ride in the yard but when I looked at it the left axle was coming out about 6 inch's, so I tried to push it back in but it will not go all the way in . I want to fix it up but I don't know if it is worth fixing or selling for parts.I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FIX .HELP
  12. I was getting my riding mower ready for another season, changed the oil, filter, and I tilted the mower on it’s side to change the blades, just as I do year after year (my tractor is about 12 years old!) so once I was done and I got the mower back I found this piece laying on the ground. I have carefully examined the deck and I can’t seem to find where this would go. I tried checking the manual and a couple websites to see if I could identify the piece and no luck, anyone know where this goes? Thank you in advance!
  13. My father has the above listed tractor and found that it had a crack in the exhaust manifold that water in the engine and froze. He has come to the conclusion that the oil pump Drive gear ON the cam is sheared or broken... requiring a new cam. ALL answers/ info are welcome! Questions: Overall, how much of a project is it to replace a cam? Front suspension removal? How much engine disassembly? Do we need to replace the lifters as well as we would in a car/truck engine? (I'm thinking yes) Other than the obvious cam, oil pump, and gaskets, what other parts? Whatever you can tell is appreciated !!!! Thanks.
  14. I am active with a couple of food banks and many of those are connected to community gardens. Red Square members like their seat time. So if you have a plow, tiller and later on a cultivator find one of these gardens and offer to help. There are people who need food and fresh produce is a real gift. And you meet some nice people in the process of doing some good.
  15. Krzlarry

    Distributor cap and rotor button

    Hello, thanks for having me, I have a d250 with the 4 cylinder Renault engine, I been looking for the cap and rotor button, distributor has numbers 4483A iv looked in all my local part stores no luck, looked online, no luck, any suggestions?
  16. Cub Cadet 582 682 782 23x10.5-12 ag tires and rims Looking to see if these will fit my tractor. Need some advise.
  17. Notfishin

    8 speed 1 1/8 axle

    Guys would anyone know Part # or size of the Half moon keyway i need for the hubs and axle on the 1in and 1/8 axle . hopeing i can get this at NAPA . and the little freeze plug on the side . Thanks
  18. Horse Newbie

    Flywheel nut/ bolt Onan 20hp 1994

    Which way do you loosen the flywheel nut/ bolt 20 hp Onan 1994 ?
  19. Dan693

    TEC HH100 engine won't start

    Just finished the rebuild on my 1970 Raider 10. I started it last night and it seemed to run pretty good for a few minutes but I had to leave the choke on to keep it running. I figured that was because I hadn't made the final adj to the carb. After a few minutes it shut off like turning off a light switch and now wont fire a shot. I replaced all wiring, fuel lines, and rebuilt the carb during the rebuild. I confused because it seems to have good spark but even with starting fluid in the plug hole it still wont fire. Things tried...... The gas is from my can is maybe 2 months old at most. Also tried starting fluid. No fire. Gonna get new gas anyway. Removed carb again and blew out with compressed air. It seems fine but maybe I messed up the rebuild. Disconnected kill switch wire....no change. I was excited to take a test ride on my first WH after a ton of work......but as of now it's just a big red boat anchor. Any help with starting the troubleshooting process would be greatly appreciated.
  20. rockbuilt


    The good news is I just acquired a 520H the bad news is the trans seems to be stuck it's disengaged (it will roll free forward and reverse) but the linkage arm on the top is stuck it won't move in either direction I don't want to force it.. any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Mr. Fixit

    Snow blade I d help

    Hello,all. I'm new to this site. I have searched everywhere trying to identify this blade model with no luck. Maybe someone here knows. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  22. Mr. Fixit

    Snow blade I d help

    Hello,all. I'm new to this site. I have searched everywhere trying to identify this blade model with no luck. Maybe someone here knows. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  23. accolades of Freedom

    My first project 653, year???

    I want to restore this beauty to its original glory! Where do I start? Can anyone id the year and model? Also, I am sure that the engine is not the original, so, what kind of engine was originally on it and where can I get my hands on one. Thanks to all that can help! Pics are attached
  24. Hey All, Well like the title says, I have acquired my first Wheel Horse. It is a 1974 C-100 with a plow. She is in pretty rough shape body wise, and a bit cold blooded, but once you get her warmed up she can plow as much snow as I can throw at here. I don't know a thing about tractors so please be easy on me. I plan on rebuilding the engine and cleaning up the body a bit. This is the first time I have took on a project like this, so I'm hoping some people on this forum can put up with my ignorance and help me out along the way. After all I am way out of my realm here, by day I am a Humidification product engineer. So my very first question to you folks is this: I have been lurking around the forums and google and I see all these, I hope Im saying this right, like "pulling tires" like big tractor tire treads. How do I get a set of those and how do I know what size I need? (there is my first ignorant question, sorry) So any help would be much appreciated... Thanks in advance AJ Oh I tried to upload a photo but it is way bigger than the 1MB limit. Any camera now days takes every picture at least triple that. Update: with pictures now (Thanks to my new supporter status). I will get better ones tonight as I just uncovered it this year. It was on the side of my garage, I know that is probably a sin in some of your eyes, but rest assured it is now going to be taken care like a new born baby!
  25. Hello. I am new to the site but I have been reading from it for awhile to get info on my Sk-486. I am hoping that i will be able to get some more detailed info about my horse. My family got it from my Grandad and we really didn't know what to do with it for awhile. It sat in the shed for a few years then came out to do some landscaping with the snow blade. It then went back for a few years till I pulled it out last fall and got it working with my dad. It has lots of problems which I will list below. -Carburetor needs ajusting (I have to run with the choke most of the way up) -Carburetor bowl needs new gasket -Top of engine seems to be leaking oil -Needs new dipstick (handle is broken off) -New Paint -New Decals -New wheels on mower deck -Scalps grass when mowing on third highest setting Here are some pictures. This side decal is fine but the others are not so. Here she is all decked out for the St. Patrick's Parade. Can anyone tell me what the "ignition" switch does? It will start no matter which way it is flipped. Well this concludes the first post. Please share any info you might have on this tractor. I will be sharing what I have already found after long hours of searching on the internet. I am sure Mr. Garry (gwest_ca) will be around sson. He seems to be posting in almost everything. I forgot to mention that she is not I repeat not for sale!
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