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Found 9 results

  1. Jayzauto

    C-175-8 w/Rototiller

    I have a WheelHorse C-175-8 with Rototiller attachment. Machine is in great mechanical shape, just needs paint. Engine has been replaced with an identical Kohler KT-17 Series 1. New Carb has been installed. Battery, solenoid and cables have been replaced, starts great. Installed new Tires and Tie Rods. Installed radial bearings in spindles, so it steers beautifully. Fuel line has been changed, as well as headlights. Bew mule drive and belt fot tiller and functions as designed. I'm sure there is other items that have been done. Very reliable machine. $800/BRO Selling all my WheelHorse items and moving South. Have other tractors ad parts if interested.
  2. Bill Winn

    C-175 1981 + implements

    For sale. 1981 WH C-175 Kohler twin series 1 1. Tractor has brand new ag tires all the way around, brand new seat, new points and condenser, new rear blade quick attach bracket, lights have been rewired with LEDs, it has a brand new lift cable and bracket,seat pan is from a 410... it's surface rusted but at least it isn't busted up like the oem plastic one, starts and runs but smokes a bit on startup if it's been sitting for months but she runs smooth and strong. 2. Tiller is like new. It had been used only about once when I bought it and now it has been used 4 times more. Tines still have much of the factory paint on them. 3. 42" mower deck works perfectly, 4. snow blade was/ is rough but I repaired it so it is quite functional, 4. Brand new rear grader blade, 5. Wheel Horse brand plow, 6. Wheel Horse brand disc- I added a piece of motorgrader blade for a drag. I also welded a post to the top to hold weights, 7. Wheel Horse brand cultivator, 8. Home built furrower. (Makes good rows) The original Wheel Horse plow/disc/cultivator originally came as a modular kit and in order to use it the draw bar and clevis hitch had to be swapped back and forth. (big pain) I fabricated draw bars and hitches onto each piece so this is no longer necessary. I think this is a fair asking price at $2200 for all.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Operator manual 810343R1 Wiring 34 pages 17.5MB Wiring Colored 1 page 228KB 1984 C-105 8-Speed model 11-10K802 1984 C-125 8-Speed model 11-12K802 1984 C-145 Automatic model 11-14KE01 - Some used alternate inner axle bearing See PSB #369 1984 C-165 8-Speed model 11-16K801 1984 C-175 Twin Automatic model 11-17KE01 - Some used alternate inner axle bearing See PSB #369 1984 C-195 Twin Automatic model 01-19KE02


  4. Foxer14

    Overpriced C-175

    My grandfather is selling his C-175 and I want to buy it from him to restore it. He thinks he can get about $3000, but I think that is too high. It does come with a mower deck that is probably to rusty to use and a tiller. He says the tractor has lots of accessories on it. It will need some work as it hasn't ran in probably 15-20 years. I was thinking about $1000 but I am not sure. What do you think?
  5. I have redone most electrical components and fuel of this kohler K341. new spark plug, coil, starter, battery, rectifier, Carb, rewired, but i have not done points. it starts up great idols fine. when I turn the throttle up it rises up to a certain RPM then starts to seize and puff black smoke and the throttle on the the carburetor jumps. Someone had told me it is backfiring and said i need to adjust the my air to fuel ratio. started messing with the governing arm and spring and thought it was helping but hasn't fixed it. any suggestions?
  6. CB520HC

    starting a herd

    hello all I figured its time to show off the horses that I own and tell a little about my Frankenhorse. My first one was the C-175 auto with original series 1 kt17 bought it for $100 "running" , driving and mowing. Little did I know that it had a broken connecting rod on the front cylinder I found this out due to going over it and checking plugs found the front plug soaked in fuel, and when I removed the piston from the jug the crank had a narly nick in it that I could see. So after crawling all over this forum I found out that my best option was to go with wither a series 2 or swap to the classic k341. Later that week I found a guy not too far away from me selling one in good shape running with starter and carb that came off either a 416-8 or a c-160 and after some custom plates and stab link bushings as vibration pads tractor was operational again and the 42" SD deck that it wears got me hooked instantly on having a horse addiction. I used this tractor to cut 6 acres of land (4 separate properties) and it did it flawlessly could not get that motor to bog at all even in the heaviest grass i could get it into, in the pictures that are attached you'll find the tractor after the swap and right after a bath but other than that i haven't changed anything other than belts and fluids about a month after this project was completed I was looking to upgrade once again to the larger 500 series and i found a 520HC with only 648 hours on the clock it also had the 60" deck that was in fantastic shape stole the tractor for $800 then right before Christmas I found a 56" snow blade chains and blower with custom rear weight bracket all for $500. So to wrap this up I have the fever and I'm hoping to add a few more in the years to come gonna be cruising marketplace this spring. Looking to add to the herd.
  7. Blackhood Bill


    Ok folks here we go again. Looking at a C-175 non running, needs battery, needs starter, what would anybody else offer someone for it. Asking $250, this would be a restoration project. Just looking for what everyone else would offer/pay.
  8. Devin

    C-175 Update

    It runs and drives!
  9. Devin


    Bought a C-175 a month ago Havent been able to get it running yet but when I do I would like to be able to use it I bought it without a deck and I want to know if there are any compatible decks or if I have to buy a original one because from what I have seen those are rare and expensive
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