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Found 65 results

  1. Has anyone got a WT-30 tiller they can send pictures if pleas? It’s the one fitted with a K91 engine for RJ models. Many thanks
  2. Jennifer

    4hp Kohler k91 issues!

    Husband wants some advice… lol. So we did an engine swap today on two suburbans because we could not get the one engine to spark all the time to get it running! The engine ran last year before parking for the winter sleep…. Points were changed out for new the engine was cleaned to make good contact has new spark plug new coil condenser we even switched out the fly wheel today thinking maybe the magnet was weak…. Advice??? It would where are you out yanking on the recoil five or so times and maybe only get the points to fire twice if you’re lucky.. checked the gap and pull again… same thing over and over! Thanks in advance!
  3. Jennifer

    My big boys new toys!

    Well my husband got new grownup toys! Lol. Just wanted to post them on here to share! Sure most seen for sale but they arrived yesterday at our back door glad we found them before it rained again! Not sure why delivery person made the effort to go to the back of the house…. 🤔🤯
  4. grnlark

    Liking my new 551

    A couple weeks back I picked up this nice, original 551. Since then I just gave it a quick bath and swapped the rims and tires with an extra set of Cubs that were sitting in my shed. This is the first electric-start Burb I've ever had and I'm really digging the turn-key. No plans to restore. It's just a nice driver with the right patina.
  5. Vaughan32850

    UK RJ / Suburban Appreciation

    Let’s see all the RJ’s and suburbans that are in Europe / United Kingdom. Here’s my two RJ-58’s.
  6. So I went to get a haircut this morning in the neighboring town of Kingsland. Saw a few garage sale sign so I though I'd check them out. The Garage Sales were a bust, but as I drove through the area, I spotted this 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban being used as a mail box post. It was chained and locked to the T post and the front rims were sunk well into the dirt like it had been there quite a while. I momentarily though about knockings on the door, but the hood was cut, there was no motor and the transmission shifter rubber boot was long gone. I say it's a 1960 as it had the treadplate foot rest. It's probable best left for the yard art it's currently being used for.
  7. Jennifer

    WT-30 Tiller

    Needing someone that has one of these WT-30 tillers to please load pictures of the belt tension thingy! We know there has been two at the big show one this past year another the year before! Hopefully they are members here! If so and you would be so kind to help us with this, Thanks in advance! Husband is trying to get ours useable. He got a 32" belt but something isn't going his way! LOL! Every thing we have gotten on this tiller shows a Kohler K91. We have in fact a Clinton 1200 that runs fabulous! The Tiller does not appear to have ever had red paint on it. Engine and tiller paint match. Also we are looking for the speed reduction to slow the tractor, CC-60 conversion assembly! Thanks everyone!
  8. WHX??

    Rat Fink

    Just got my FAVORITE rag in the mail today, LGAT and just thumbing thru the pages to get to coverage and I find this. Our very own @Achto's rat rod! We hauled this thing out to the BS last June and well trained eyes in the form of Matt @grnlark Castagno spotted it as a center piece for a such a well written article. Dan says a big THANKS Matt! This tractor is always a show must have for Dan and gets looks....alot of looks. Too many as it would seem as youngsters want to play on it and pick the moss off much as Gretzki (his wife as I call her) would have done..oh no no no... patina. I remember one lad proclaiming at one show "daddy this tractor has grass growing on it, we need to mow it!" I think it was at Symco Dan I CRS but 'bout died laughing. Had another looking at it once and said why don't you sand...I stopped him short and threatened bodily harm. Since Dan is considered a regular at most of the shows we attend the Rat Rod is quite well known local and he, and I the few times I have run it, often get the flip up hand signal meaning do a wheelie. Unbelievable how people just love that! Now I had known about the Rat Fink caricatures for many years but never knew about the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's creation of such a character that provided such a good humor to many sports & hobbies and it will be always a big part of Americana history. Thank you Matt for that tidbit of info. Many more pics and input to follow.....
  9. Going to pick up a load of horses Thursday evening. D160, rj, suburban and c141. Will post pictures when I get them. I’m gonna try an get them all in one load so I am gonna have to use some of @pullstart loading skills. I think I can fit three in the truck and put the d160 on the trailer. Here is a little preview, that’s all you guys get for now unless you just happen to find ad for them
  10. Looking for the measurements for items #69 mounting bracket and #79 lifting rod. So that I could fabricate and be able to install on my RJ59. Any pics of the mounting bracket would be a big help.
  11. I have owned 2 old wheelhorse tractors for about 20 years now, that were originally owned by my dad and uncle, and I'm finally ready to part with them. I have questions about their value and the best approach to finding the right buyer. I am located in St. Paul, MN Wheelhorse 1: Was owned by my dad, acquired around 1961-2. I think it is a Suburban model, not sure. Engine was replaced with more current Briggs 7hp. steering wheel replaced, head light added, other modifications to go with an electric-start engine that was on it in the 70s. I'm currently trying to get this one fully functional, (I have the mowing deck) but the Briggs has no spark and having trouble getting that fixed. Am I wasting my time on the Briggs? (Will any buyer immediately yank the engine and replace it with an original 4hp Koehler?) I'm thinking this one might be worth around $300 if I get it fully functional and cleaned up...not sure if that is a pipe dream, considering it has so many non-original modifications to it? In the attached pictures, it is the one with the family around it (that picture was taken in 1963) and the one with the blue seat (picture taken 9-21-15) Wheelhorse 2: Was owned by my uncle, I think he bought it brand new around 1959 or 1960? I think it might be an RJ. It is mostly original, but also not running. I hope to get it running also. It has a mower deck as well, and original tires, I have not seen any other wheelhorses of this vintage with those front tires. I'm thinking with this one being more original with a Koehler engine on it, maybe it is worth more than the other one, though I'm not sure on that, and it probably depends on me getting it operational. In the pictures below it is one the man (my uncle) riding it and looking at the camera, with the silver fish on the cabin behind it. (I think the picture was taken in August, 1960.) If anyone wants to contact me about these I can be reached at farmerie@yahoo.com. Otherwise, I'm just interested in hearing opinions on what I should do to maximize their value and make them visible to whoever would want them the most....also wondering what I can hope to get for them.
  12. I just picked this up at an auction, I know its some type of suburban, but have no clue on the model. It has a small Tecumseh on it
  13. So my son had some fun taking pictures of my grandson Jeremy and some of my tractors this past weekend. I though it would be fulno do a "Caption This: thread with them, so I'll start and ya;ll have fun. I didn't do it Grandpa I know you're hiding a Big Block Kohler around here somewhere! I won't tell Grandma how many you have! Ya, I can fit it, just watch Let me show you how to fix this tranny Let's get some red on!
  14. Hi, new here! Looking for a 1960 suburban manual to download. Just picked one up and would read the manual. I found a previous post but the link was bad. Thanks
  15. 12 hp Kohler

    Suburban or Rj

    I saw this wheel horse for sale and I am trying to figure out if it is a suburban or Rj,parts on it look like a suburban and other parts look like an Rj 58 or 59, what are your opinions i would really like to know? I know the front axle is from a suburban but not sure about other parts.
  16. Schmendrickthemagnificent

    1962 Suburban 400 ?

    Is a 1962 Suburban 400 right? shouldn't the model be 402 ?
  17. Well I got it on my buld table and started the tear down. Only thing getting in my way rite now is the roll pin in the steering wheel is locked and some one broke a punch off it the other side ! But my snap,on man says he can get me a bit to drill it out. This was a one owner and man it show it ! Everything is solid and not worn out like most you see. Also being in a shed for 30+ years helped. Can someone tell me how to find the year on this or if its a 400 or 550 . Here are some pics. I will keep you all posted if you like.
  18. psalms83:18

    my 400 suburban rebuild

    well some previous identification led us to this possibly being a early 400 suburban due to the hood and its lack of pluged hole for the 550. but as I cleaned her up I found this number on the cast....coincidence or does it mean what it says?? not sure my brain is confusing me... one manual sais they used tranny 5010 my tranny doesn't say that... they made 400 401 502 and 550 but I don't find any tractors that are a 501??
  19. Stared to take apart the Clinton and found lots of corrosion & mouse stuff under the tins. Realized I was going to have to pull the whole engine apart to do this proper. Carb very crusty so carb kit on hand with a can of Berrymans & see how that goes. It appears to be white painted so do I paint it again? Any ideas on how to keep whats left of orginal paint through the cleaning/ blasting process? Or not worry about it?
  20. Here is my Rat Rod, project Little Big Horse! It just got starting the build last month or 2 and I haven't had time to do much with it lately. I am shoe horning a big block 19.5 Hp 2 cylinder Briggs motor on a 1960 Suburban! I love the sound of these Briggs engines. I have to cut the frame in half and lower the engine down about 2 or 3 inches to make the hood fit in its original location or close to that. Also have to install a 90 degree gear box(right angle) to make the vertical shaft pulley convert back to the side of it for the rear drive pulley to match up. Then the steering has to be modified too! Wow, that is a lot of fabrication going on! I love the look of the front view, can look at that all day! I will probably have different tires on the front, but I had these new ones on the shelf so I just stuck them on for mock up.
  21. As many of you know, the correct rims (especially the front ones) for the RJ's and Suburban's are becoming pricy. So from a hobby (verses technically correct collector) What other front rms are the same or similar offset and look. Did any other brands use the RJ/suburban front rim, or use a similar looking rim. What other WH or other brand rear rims are similar.
  22. Bob The Wheel Horse Man


    From the album: Bob The Wheel Horse Man

    We finally got some snow here in Ohio! 1960 Wheel Horse Suburban plowing 3 inches of snow. 42 inch dozer blade.
  23. Does anyone have any info on this style of front weight ? Original WH ?
  24. Thinking of putting hard copper fuel lines on my 401. Anyone done this or is there a reason to stay with hose? The tank and engine are both rigid mount so I assume there should not be much movement? Want to put a glass fuel bowl and hard lines from the tank to the carb.

    Engine Tecumseh H60 rectifier


    Original factory literature supplied with '63 Suburban 653, H60 Lawson equipped.


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