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Found 25 results

  1. Joe Reese

    518H Project/Roller

    518H Project/Roller Cash - As Is Has last compression/spark last i checked, currently not running. Gauges work when hooked up to battery and engine turns over freely, Has new fuel pump & carb. Comes with original carb & parts
  2. Joe Reese

    60 Inch Mower Deck

    60 Inch wheel horse mower deck with no rot. All spindles greased and spin smoothly. Comes with mule pulley guard & deck belt covers and the rare offset front mule. Has standard blades installed. Have brand new gator mulching blades for an additional $50 Great Joe Reese
  3. MainelyWheelhorse

    Hi from Maine!

    Hi All, I’m a member of the RedSquare Facebook group, some of you may have seen My tractor there. I have a 1992 312-8 with a 37 inch deck. It came with a house my brother bought, and was given to me. It needed work but just minor things. I mow my lawn with it, and I just bought a plow to push snow/dirt so it’s a working restoration. It was relatively well taken care of by the previous owners so it really just needed a refresh. Anyway see you around the site!
  4. This is a (1-Owner) 42” Single Stage snowblower attachment (low hours of use) . This is the Attach a Matic system that will fit WHEELHORSE- Toro 5Xi series tractors , as well as New Holland GT (18 , 20 & 22) series machines . It comes complete , with Factory Manual , chute direction crank arm & support , every clip , nut n bolt , bracket needed to mount it to your tractor . Only used on paved surface / Rock Solid ~ Light surface rust only , No holes or weakened metal , nice skid wear pads . The (dedicated) Mule Drive & Drive Belt are also included . It works Great , however I now have a plow truck , and no longer need this attachment for my mower . Note ; I also have the W/H 75lb wheel weights & tire chains , that can be worked into the deal (if needed) !!!!! For additional purchase information ; Please Reply with a name & phone number / I will respond with with my Contact info ; Thanks 4 lookin’ / P.S. I can skid this all up & drop off @ FASTENAL for your Pre-Arranged shipping .
  5. Conductorsmith

    308-8 approx value

    Hello. Can anyone give me an approx value of a 1987 308? It runs great. Stored indoors. I have a receipt of repairs done to the tractor from the owners " get ready to sell" for $556.24 Thank you.
  6. Monstrosity


    Show off what your doing from the seat of your Horse!!! Fixed up a mowing deck for the 1277 and put the plow on the C1014. Getting ready to level a topsoil pile and going down the block to mow the small park to test the mowing deck out.
  7. Flat Thunder Channel

    520-H Ignition Trigger - Replacement

    Hello everyone! I am going to replace the ignition trigger on my grandfather's 520. Any tips, tricks or important things I should know before starting? I already have the parts. I just need to tear into it. I didn't know Cummins owned Onan.
  8. Good shape. Electric Start. Kept in a shed. Need the space now. Includes Manual. Pickup only.
  9. New to this forum, Let’s see what other wheelhorse’s are in the UK, I’m in South Wales. RJ-58 Lawn Ranger Commando 8 C-120 C-101 C-160 Auto
  10. I’ve recently gotten into flux core welding and I’ve been making all sorts of attachments for my 310-8. I was wondering what other crazy things people have made for their tractors.
  11. Flat Thunder Channel

    Generator Head/AC Power

    Anyone have creative ideas / designs for building an economical generator for 520 tractor? I have always wanted one and contemplated building one a time or two before. I have only found a few used models over the last 20 years. Recently saw a new old stock unit on a tractor on Instagram. It was pretty awesome!
  12. Nathan

    Need help with identification

    Can anyone help finding year of this tecumseh motor off a 603. I need a carburetor.
  13. Sirtowsalot

    418-A Won't shutoff

    Howdy y'all! I'm having some trouble with my 418-A. I think it is ignition related, but I'm not completely sure. It starts and runs perfectly fine, but when I go to turn it off, it doesn't work. I can just turn the key into the 'off' position and take the key out while the tractor is still running and it will continue to run as if I hadn't turned the key off. I'm trying to keep this tractor as original as possible, so I don't really want to buy a new ignition. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! *EDIT* Wheel Horse 418-A Kohler Engine 18 HP Model No. M18QS Spec. No. 24510 Serial No. 1619706606
  14. I bought this cart a couple years ago and I have never been able to find any pictures of another one like it. I was wondering if anyone here could tell me about it. Thanks
  15. Hi All, I have a question regarding doing an electric mod on my Wheelhorse A800 Ranger. What I wish to do is install some front headlights, rear brake lights, and indicators on all four corners i would also like to install a horn a some point but that can come later. I'm unsure on the best way of wiring this, what gauge wire to use, do I need a fuse if so what ampage and where also what size amp hour battery is best to use if I'm running these additions so i don't drain the battery. I understand more how I'm going to wire the indicators than how I'm going to get the break light to work but really require advice on both. Thanks for you time in reading this. Jack Oldham
  16. I am very new to finding old tractors so I am not 100% sure if I got a deal or not. Today at an estate sale I was able to pick up a Work Horse GT-1100 for $65. It needs a lot of clean up, and as of right now I am not 100% sure of the working condition. It did come with the snow thrower attachment, and even though it isn't pictured, I also got the mowing deck as well. Not sure what these are worth, but any info would be much appreciated! I have attached some photo in its current condition. Thanks!
  17. Shea Worden

    Firestone Tri Ribs

    I am deciding whether i should get the firestone tri rib tires or the vredestein 5 rib tires.Got any suggestions?
  18. koalassquad

    314-8 not charging

    My wheelhorse 314-8 won't charge the battery while its running, it used to but now it doesnt. The wiring is stock as it came from factory. Runs good, just have to jump/charge It every time
  19. Donellis

    653 split Gas tank

    Can I get the bottom plate welded on so it never leaks again? on my 653 fuel tank .screws have been strpped.
  20. Camarokid

    My First wheelhorse

    Hello red square new member here, I would like to share my very first tractor with you all. A 1958 rj58 that I picked up the other day. This past Friday I left work a half hour early to make it to the bank to only travel 10 mins down the road from my job to purchase a rj. So I took it home and enjoyed my weekend staring at it! Can't play yet with it... Have some searching and work to do XD
  21. Interested if anyone names their machines. Seems like the ones I keep I give names to. The typical name is where I picked up the machine, "Baltimore Bob", "Medina Mary", etc. I do have a few other ones, " old red", "rock chucker" etc.
  22. Hello I have this tractor that has been in my family for a long time. I used to plow driveways with it for money as a 10 year old. I believe it is a 1965 Wheel Horse lawn ranger. I am trying to figure out how much it is appraised for or how much it would cost to fix it up to make it into the tractor it should be. This past winter I replaced the hoses, spark plug, added chains, changed the oil and did some overall work on it. It has always been garage stored. Here are some pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  23. Between my sector channel and the index lever there is a hole in the frame that I'm guessing is supposed to guide a cable that allows the blade to rotate left and right. There is something missing from this hole that will keep the cable from rubbing and eventually breaking. This is my first time seeing a wheel horse plow and I can't find a photo of this particular one to identify the missing part. I am assuming there should be a cable that controls these parts, not sure because it didn't come with this blade. Hoping someone can give me an idea as to how to get this blade to rotate left and right or maybe refer me to product center. Model 6411 Serial 552402 Thanks in advance
  24. Jonathon_16-38Xl

    What's it worth?

    What would a fair price for my 208-3 be? Just curious. All original. Wouldn't sell.
  25. lincman

    Carb trouble

    I have a '97 520H that is having a carb issue. It starts up fine, then it runs fine until 20 or so. Then it starts to faulter. Like it shuts off by itself. If I choke it it keeps running until I get it back to the garage. Took the plugs out, and they were fouled. Cleaned them up, put 'em back in. This time it ran for 40 mins no problem until I engage the hydro and start plowing. The horsepower % gauge moves the left (I believe it's a vac gauge). Before the engine dies it smells rich and vapor comes out of the carb. The choke was sticking open, so I put my hand over the the throttle body and it (my hand) smelled of gasoline. Any thoughts and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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