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Found 27 results

  1. OHLB

    Won't start

    Newbie here. 310-8 won't start. Battery is dated 10/19. Did crank a couple times but started losing ummph. Should I replace it or attempt to charge it? Can't tell if the battery is frozen. Never knew until today that batteries could freeze and that it's dangerous to charge a frozen battery. It's been single digits with wind chill the last couple weeks here.
  2. ISO clutch neutral safety switch for 310-8 or alternative
  3. Soo couple of years back did a pulley change on the tranny from 6 inch to 4.5 and used a 1/2 X 79 belt to make it work and it worked fairly well but wanted to get back to a 5/8 drive belt so went to a 5/8 x 81 inch belt and added a second flat Idler pulley. I simply cannot believe how smooth and sharp it shifts and drives now! The added flat Idler was 2 3/4" with a 5/8ths bore used and existing hole on the side shroud and just opened it up a bit. I use to slip a bit on steep hill with the 79" slips no more, the belt drives and the clutch is LOT smoother and in the right pedal area.... Will see how it holds up cut 3/4 of an acre of grass yesterday NO issues.
  4. So I was out mowing the other day with my 310-8 and somehow snagged my wheel in a hole in the yard. Anyways I pretty much destroyed my ball joints. I've since replaced the tie rod with junkyard parts but I was wondering if anyone's found a heavy duty aftermarket replacement for the tie rod assembly. Like would generic adjustable go-kart tie rods do the trick?
  5. so I spent a few hours today welding up a custom front weight bracket for my 310-8. It has two and a half inches of ground clearance with a generic 12 inch weight bolted on. so the question is, how well do y’all think the 300 series front axle will hold the weight? It’s only 50lbs so it’s lighter than the snowblower it has to hold up in winter so I don’t think I’ll have any problems. And I really don’t intend on using it constantly.
  6. I’ve recently gotten into flux core welding and I’ve been making all sorts of attachments for my 310-8. I was wondering what other crazy things people have made for their tractors.
  7. So I finally got around to finishing my custom bagger mount weight bracket conversion. It seems to hold weight really well. all that really went into it was a few pieces of steel tubing and a hunk of bar steel. The long bolts I used came with the weight off amazon. A Briggs and Stratton 50 pounder. I’d like to eventually find a nice cast weight, but for now this works great!
  8. I had a bit of an idea for my 310-8. I’m thinking about making a weight bracket that kinda slides onto the factory wheel horse bagger mounts. Anyone ever do anything like this before? How much weight do you think the bagger mounts could hold? I probably wouldn’t put anything past 50lbs on it. Kinda like the modern craftsman weights they mount to the rears of the tractor. I’d figure it’ll help counter balance the blower in winter
  9. So I’ve picked up a 310-8 recently and I’d like to start finding attachments for it. the route I’ll probably go is picking up a parts tractor to rob attachments off of. I’d like to know what tractors have interchangeable attachments with the 310. Would a blackhood or a b series have similar attachments? I’ve always been a bolens guy, so this whole wheel horse thing is new to me. Thanks for any help.
  10. I am currently fixing up my late grandfathers 310-8, but I am having trouble locating some of the replacement parts. I am looking for both front (15x6.00-6) and rear (22x7.5-12) tires. I have cleaned up and painted the rims, but now need tires to go on them and I am having some trouble finding these size tires. I am looking for a new muffler. The old one had holes rusted through it and I had to drill out one of the screws to get it off. If anyone knows where I can find a new muffler and screws for it, or how to modify a different muffler to fit on the tractor. I am looking for a new gas cap, preferably one with out a fuel level gauge at the top. I was also wondering if there was a specific brand of oil that you would recommend for the engine? If anyone has links to, or knows any information about these topics it would be greatly appreciated if you could share that info with me.
  11. Hi guys luv my 310-8 did a total rebuild on the Magnum 10 Kohler last summer since she was blowing chunks of carbon, ring end gap was 40 plus, now with new rings, piston and hone job she is just about perfect. I want to now attack the drive speed she is too slow mowing in 2nd and too high in third. It has a 6 inch 5/ 8ths bore Drive pulley if I change to a 5 inch diameter pulley would this solve the problem (mowing in 2nd)? assume going to 4 inch would be to much? I also have a 4.5 inch.... any recommendations here would be appreciated. DO NOT want to do anything to hurt the transmission. Thanks
  12. Rmg

    Plastic fuel tank

    Can the fuel tank be removed without disassembling fenders?
  13. Rob R

    Kohler M10 Rebuild

    Hi guys need your help on where some parts go on an M-10s rebuild (out of a 310-8) of course the P.O. took the engine apart let it age for 5 yrs and then asked me to do the rebuild and then put it all back together. Need help with throttle linkage, PTO reconstruction and what the heck is the small pipe thing with a hole in the middle...… Thanks wheelers...… p.s. running great now Hone job, new piston, rings, head gasket and carb rebuild.
  14. Bobbi Barroso

    Transmission fluid

    I accidentally added a 1/2 quart of SAE 30 in the transmission, is it ok or do I need to drain it out?
  15. Hey folks - first timer and I love my new-to-me Wheel Horse. I just picked up a late 80s 310-8 with 42" deck and 17cu.ft. dump cart. It is in okay shape, and after performing 20 years worth of preventative maintenance last weekend it purrs like a kitten and is getting smoother. Previously, I had a 1984 Deutz Allis 917H 48" that was just too big and heavy to use at my house; I used it at my grandmas to mow her 2 acre lot. After grandma passed away, I didn't have much use for it. The brakes were lousy, it leaked from everywhere and was just plain worn out so I gave it away. I took a terrifying trip down my back slope on that tractor and that is when I learned a few things - those things aren't built for steep hills, hydro+open rear axle+one pedal=no brakes, they can roll over three times (without deck) land on their wheels, stay running and drive right back up the hill. I heat my house almost entirely with firewood for the past eight seasons. The hobby of getting the wood (usually helping neighbors cut down dead trees) has made me a lot of friends and I truly enjoy doing it. I really enjoy the challenge of all of it, and I keep telling my children that it builds their character. Every year the Misses allows me to buy a few items to help make the job easier. I bought this tractor mostly to help in all ways of moving logs out of other peoples back yards to the truck/trailer and then into my backyard for processing. It has already done great with a 1ft diameter x 50ft tall maple from my neighbors house. In the past I have used a lot of winching equipment to get the logs where I need them, but this is often very time consuming and impractical to use anywhere but my own two acre hillside. Sometimes in the course of this work, I run into some challenging terrain and that is where I'm looking for advice to do a few mods to make this beast more capable. I also want to live and not die from a tractor accident like most normal people. Since I don't have a lot of experience with using a tractor for this purpose, I thought I would ask for y'all's help. For the purists - I don't intend to make any permanent mods. Feel free to vote for or against any of these and add your own to the list if you'd like. I don't intend on spending much on this tractor until it passes a shakedown period - the engine oil was low and dirty and the trans was low and a pretty milkshake brown. Improvements felt immediately after changing both. Mods: 1. Tire chains - should be a massive improvement over the plain turf tires. Already ordered a set. 2. Ag tires - never felt an improvement on the deutz when I switched, are they worth it? I only used that thing on grass though - so my experience may not matter. 3. Front weights - Why would I need them? Because trailer? 4. wheel weights or filling the tires or both For safety concerns and tips: 1. Am I safer without the deck pulling logs or will the extra weight be a benefit? 2. Should I keep the deck on for navigating grassy hills 3. Is my thinking wrong and it is potentially safer to make the tractor lighter rather than heavier Maintenance help: Sometimes the trans has a little trouble getting into gear. I am always at a full stop when shifting, but I have to carefully do the "gentle wiggle" to get it into gear sometimes. I experience no grinding, but I've noticed that if I let my foot off the clutch a little helps it slip into gear. Can an adjustment be made or is this SOP? Seems more affected when not on flat ground. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to our discussion.
  16. Evil Archer 300


    Yesterday I filled the Rear wheels with RV Antifreeze, Got the wheel Weights on and mounted the plow. Today Grading the 1500 ft Driveway. I'm impressed the new Eaton 1100 pushed like a bear. The Hydro lift is great. For the last 12 years I've been doing all the work here with the 310-8. Huge difference, When I bought this Tractor it was in tough shape all rusty and no maintenance. After some sandblasting ,Paint and a new Hydro I love it
  17. Bought this 310-8 for $100 came with a plow but no engine. Just want to put in the cheap HF $99 Predator 6.5hp. Searched on here and found that people have done this but I cant really find any information on what they needed to do to get it to work. Looks like about a 2" engine plate since the height of the PTOs are different and the mounting bolt locations are different. Besides that, any more tips or pointers? Just making this into a cheap plow tractor, I saw the linkage below the 310-8 is not like below my 312-8. It does not have a chain lift and just a straight bar. I mounted the blade to my 312-8 and it worked fine. Guessing the bar is so I can push down on the blade if need be? Is this something included in the plow package I missed before? Any insight there?
  18. Hi all: I am new to this forum and would appreciate any help you can give me on this. I have a Wheel Horse 310-8 that runs well and mows well. However, one of the front tires went flat the other day. There are no lug nuts on the wheel. It appears that it may be attached with some sort of pressure seal, but frankly, I really can't tell how it is attached so I can't figure out how to get it off so I can repair the tire. The only things I can see on the wheel are the grease fitting, a cap which is filled with grease, and the tire valve stem. Any thoughts or direction you can give me on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Hey guys, I'm sure the answer is somewhere on this site but for the life of me I can't find it. I have an '89 Wheel Horse 310-8 (210K806) and my mowing deck is 0542MR04. I need the belt that connects the two. The one that goes from the engine/mule drive (?) down to the deck. It kept poppin off. I thought I finally had it set right but then it came off again and I ran over it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Dan.
  20. Hi everyone. Newbie to the forum here and newbie to Wheel Horse. Just picked up a 310-8 about an hour from home off Craigslist. She runs and drives and makes the snow blower spin. Came with side and rear discharge decks, snow blower, chains, wheel weights, and the mule drive (thanks Walt!) I'll be lurking around and searching the forums for info, but if there's anything anyone wants to share I'd be glad to hear it.
  21. I have a 1992 310-8. Yesterday the engine started dying when I engaged the PTO (mowing) . I finished mower with my pusher. Don't want to do that again! Anyway I am trying to troubleshoot and understand I can 'jump' the seat safety switch to diagnose (only). Where is the switch or the plug located? What size wire do I need? If the seat switch is ok, can I do the same with the PTO switch? BTW, the belt moves the mower by hand when the mower is off
  22. Doing some yard cleanup today & put my 310-8 loader tractor to use. My wife got the shot of me in the dog pen with the corny smile....notice the hat? I had a pretty decent load of lime stone rocks in the bucket & wanted to see how bad the steering would be....not bad. Once I upgrade the front tires & add the gear reduction steering I got from Kelly it should be really nice. I picked up the Kwik-Way at Steve Myers Service in OH, friend & member Nick857 let me know about it. The weight box came from another friend & member, Derek Workman. The 310-8 was one I gave my dad years ago to mow & plow snow with. He's not able to do the work anymore so I brought it home last summer. It's all dialed in now...well except the front tires & eventually the easy steer. Should be real handy with snow removal, mulch, river stone & whatever else needs done. Maybe build a set of forks for it next spring too?
  23. 310-8 guy

    Need help restoring 310-8

    I have a wheel horse 310-8 and I'm really interested in restoring it. I would love to repaint it and make it look original but I don't have a paint gun. Any ideas?
  24. Hi, Im Tim and somehow I have ended up with a pair of Wheel Horses. Thanks for the information you post here, I find myself searching these forums often for help. The tractors: The 310-8 has 278 hrs on it but hasn't run in many years, mice were living in it and ate the wiring harness and it had some exposure to the elements and has a lot of peeling paint and some rust issues. I bought it for $200 with the idea of restoring it but it turns out that parts aren't so easy to find and a running 414-8 came up for sale that had a 48 inch deck that looks like new so I picked that up. The 414-8 needs some work as well. I will post pictures in this thread and hope to get some idea of what I am up against in trying to keep the 414 alive. I have found that quite a few parts from the 310 fit on the 414 so I have begun using the 310 as a donor. Here is the 310-8 it is from 1990: Here is the 414-8:
  25. The lower steering bracket has broken on my 1993 WH 310-8. I hit a tree while turning and the left ear that attaches to the frame has sheered off. The local Toro dealer wanted $97 including shipping. A guy at work has offered to weld it for me. Will remove and try to weld it. Not sure if it is cast iron or steel. Any advise? Anyone else have this issue ever? I'll post an update next week to let people know how it turns out.
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