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Found 11 results

  1. sjoemie himself

    Case International 585

    You know those people that have too many projects?? Yeah me neither! Another tractor added to the heard. Case International 585 with canopy/sunroof. It's a 60-ish horsepower tractor with very limited electronic gimmicks. Has a nice tight turning radius. It was built in Doncaster from 1985 to 1990 and the hourmeter says it has ran 4700 hours since then, I'll take that with a grain of salt though. Plan is to use it for all kinds of jobs around the house and barn/stable for my gf's horses. Ofcourse it is not a new machine so there are things that will need looking after but all the basics are there. Pictures you say? Sure!
  2. I have for sale a 1984 C-105 with deck and Snowblower. I got this as part of a package. There’s no battery and I haven’t tried to start it. I’m selling it as a project. The deck has one spindle out, but with it, as prior owner claims bearing was replaced. The snowblower has the flag and looks to be in very good condition. All but 1 tire holds air. The mower is complete. Includes mule drive. The extra hood (c-175) you see in the picture can go with the tractor for an additional $50. Thx for looking.
  3. Working on a custom light bar for the recently restored 314-8
  4. Hello everyone! I recently inherited my grandpa's Wheel Horse 753. I remember it running before his health declined about 15 years ago. My intentions are just to get it running and do a mild restoration, it'll stay in the family. Without further ado, here it is! Having a hard time with pictures due to no phone service at my shop. I'll be sure to update soon.
  5. Rollerman


    I find myself checking out the "Other Brands" thread quiet a lot....& feel a little guilty for not being a Wheel Horse purist. The three Horse's I have do me fine, sure I'd like to have a couple more round hoods when & if I ever get my pull barn up....maybe a Speedex, one of them green round fenders, Powerking, etc, etc... So to get this thread on track & end my rambling, I like the odd ones, hand built or obscure GT's that never caught on (see my Homesteader thread). Whatchamacalit, I'm not sure what else to call this or what thread this should go under. But Odd & Obscure fit it pretty good. I believe it was built as a parade car? It's 11' long & 55" wide, powered by an 8HP B&S, with a belt driven 3 speed car trans & a car type rear axle. No suspension & with all the weight towards the front, if the front end dips low enough to lift a back tire....there it sits. What I have....a 22HP Predator engine, a HD 8 speed from a C series, a pair of Samurai axles & driveshaft's. Maybe some 26" ag's or bigger, have to do some math, see what kid of gearing I would have in the axles & at the drive from the engine to the trans. For suspension I'm thinking maybe a transverse leaf at the front & golf cart leaf springs in back. Anyone seeing where I'm going with this? Isn't it fun to dream & ramble.....
  6. As many of you know I am basically an RJ guy and do not really deviate from original, yes I like to build clones but the clones are as they would have come off the factory line. The last couple RJ projects have pushed me into building something else. As I really do not have a worker tractor in the family I thought it was time to build one. So I turned to my brother and as usual he found the perfect "must have tractor"... what did he find? A 1967 857. At first glance it was a pretty solid tractor with minimal rust, ran strong with no smoke and most of the original parts were intact. Even with that it did have one major issue... third gear was gone... I mean a real grind fest! With that it started the wheel rolling in my head. I had a lead on a "free" B-60 with an 8-Speed but a tired motor, a perfect swap in my mind... and that's exactly the direction I'm going, blending the best attributes of the 857 with the B-60... I want it to still look like a 857 at first glance but as you look closer you start to see things like the 8-Speed, wider front rims and the seat spring system. There is even the thought process of adding a set of vintage lights and upping the HP to a Kohler Magnum 10... As usual the entire build will be up step by step on my YouTube channel so please take a look and comment... suggestions are always welcome...
  7. So the grandfather in-law is a self proclaimed hoarder. He has two barns full of old tools, trailers, and junk. I recently purchased a new house and we were talking about getting a riding lawn mower to both mow and plow snow. He says he has an old mower in one of the barns and if i can get it out, i can have it! Low and behold i dug out an old Wheel Horse Raider 9! It is complete and stock. It was in decent shape but could for sure use some TLC. I got it home and here is my progress... Here it is after i pushed it around the garage 20 times while i moved in and got settled. It had wheel weights and flat tires. IMG_2770 copy And as i started digging into it. IMG_3076 The battery obviously is shot and the wiring harness has been chewed on by something. I ended up cutting out some of the wires because they had rusted together. IMG_3077 IMG_3078 Pulled the head off to see if it was all rusted out before i tried turning it over. If it was seized i was going to put a motorcycle motor in it. Oh well... IMG_3079 IMG_3080 I got tired of cleaning the head by hand and cleaner. I got this angle die grinder on sale from HF. Also picked up some fine abrasive pads for it. Worked great. IMG_3411 IMG_3412 Learned these things can get a little squirrely. Set it down on the bench and it turned on and grabbed my glove. Luckily it just burnt my skin a bit. IMG_3413 Got the tank off and started looking at the wiring. It is a mess. Its clearly been spliced into 5 different times and chewed into. I am trying to find a wiring diagram but everyone I find has a different layout. IMG_3414 IMG_3415 So two questions, is there supposed to be play in the rear-most pulley on the trans? and does anyone have a good wiring diagram i can use?
  8. Ironman

    D-250 Project

    1978 D-250 with a front blade and tiller. Needs work but that's what I like about it. :)
  9. Ironman

    Wheel Horse D 250 (1)

    1978 D-250 with a front blade and tiller. Needs work but that's what I like about it.
  10. Ironman

    Wheel Horse D 250 (2)

    1978 D-250 with a front blade and tiller. Needs work but that's what I like about it.
  11. Ironman

    D-250 Project

    1978 D-250 with a front blade and tiller. Needs work but that's what I like about it.
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