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Found 25 results

  1. A HUGE thank you to Tony @Docwheelhorse for settin' me up here. The generosity of some of our members never ceases to amaze me. This here is another 1974 C160, but with the rare Tecumseh HH/OH160 OHV engine. Made one year only. It's rough. Very much in need of a full disassembly and restoration. When it came here it was missing one tie rod and the other was broken off one end. Today I popped used tie rods on and Trina used her 867 to drag it from the drive to the shed. The engine wouldn't move. Tin was near chock full of skeletal mouseseses and their house. Cleaned that out and the engine spins freely now. So progress has been made. It'll be a good long while before we get to this one but I just couldn't turn it down considering the rarity.
  2. We're going to take apart the Tecumseh from my Honey's 657 so I can replace the crankshaft. Any little tricks or tips I need to know about?
  3. Nathan

    Need help with identification

    Can anyone help finding year of this tecumseh motor off a 603. I need a carburetor.
  4. So I have been working on a 656 I picked up at the end of last year and I did my first ever motor rebuild by my self on it. However it seems that I have lots of play in the piston and some slop at TDC more then I should have. So to finish the year mowing I am thinking of doing a predator swap while I go over the engine again. I am sure several people have done this before and I have a spare mounting plat to make it work. I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of ones they have done for help along the way. I know I will need a adapter to use the factory pulley and I don't want to destroy any of the sheetmetal since it is in good shape. I will keep you posted as I go along and eventually when I get the hh60 back together correctly to re install.
  5. I've ordered this set https://www.redoyourhorse.com/tecumseh-4-pc-engine-decal-set/ from our awesome vendor Terry @Vinylguy. I know where the balloon sticker goes and the oil sticker. Where does the large "Solid State" one belong?? Thanks!!
  6. Look at the used to be red wire on the left and you'll see a bunch of frayed rope looking stuff. I'm wondering if I can just snap the end off and slide a piece of heat shrink down over it and then re-terminal the end. Can't see why I can't do that. Just wanted to run it by you folks....
  7. 811 downloads

    Service manual HH80, HH100, HH120, OH120-OH180, VH80, VH100 First model year engines were named HH140, HH150 and HH160. Changed to OH140, OH150 and OH160 to reflect the overhead valves 78 pages 1.60MB Tecumseh HH80-110112D used on 1971 WorkHorse 800 model 1-0100 Tecumseh HH100-115095B used on 1968 Charger 9 model 1-7931 1968 Charger 9 model 1-7932 1968 Raider 9 model 1-6931 1969 Charger 10 model 1-7041 1969 Raider 10 model 1-6041 Tecumseh HH100-115145B used on 1970 Raider 10 model 1-6051 Tecumseh HH100-115145C used on 1971 Raider 10 model 1-0300 Tecumseh HH120-120129C used on 1970 Charger 12 model 1-7253 1970 Raider 12 model 1-6253 Tecumseh HH120-120180D used on 1974 C-120 Automatic model 1-0495 1975 C-120 8-Speed model 1-0357 1975 C-120 8-Speed model 1-0375 Tecumseh HH160-170019 or OH160-170019 used on 1974 C-160 8-Speed model 1-0385 Tecumseh VH80-148001 used on 1970 Charger V8 model 1-7851 1970 Commando V8 model 1-4851 1970 Commando V8 model 1-4852 1971 CG-8 model 1-0200 1972 CG-8 Auto model 1-0200 1972 CG-8 Auto model 1-0201


  8. RedRider

    What is this part?

    I'm working on rebuilding HH100 and trying to be as attentive to details as possible with my restoration. The picture below was of an NOS Raider 9, which is very similar to the tractor I am working on. The piece in question is highlighted by the yellow arrow in the picture below. What is this metal hoop on top of the engine called and what is its purpose? I have seen some tractors with it and others without. It seems useless to me and likely to be discarded if someone ever rebuilt the engine. I can't seem to find a good reference to it in the online HH100 parts list, at least not anything that gives me a part number to look up. Any insight into this would be appreciated.
  9. classiccat

    Tecumseh HH100 Crossroads

    As the title suggests, I'm at a crossroads for a '74 HH100 (10hp) cast iron tecumseh sitting on my shelf. It looks like it was once part of a generator or welder (seller's pic below). With a decarb, valve job, tank / carb cleaned and a new head gasket, it runs smooth, no knocks/smoke and has nice throttle response. The bore and ringgap are in spec. The only downside is that the crank is hacked off (I assume it was a tapered shaft anyway) and there's no keyway. What would you do?: Buy another crankshaft and possibly a connecting rod? Have a keyway milled in the existing crank and add a shaft adapter (1 1/8") Here she is getting acquainted with her cast-iron K181 cousin. I think she'd make a fine power plant for a wheel horse roller someday!
  10. Team70R

    Tecumseh sputter, worse under load!

    Still can't get the lawn ranger dialed in.. got the new Chinese carb on and it's doing the same thing before I replaced it. The high idle screw seems to have no effect most of the time! I cleaned the valves and am picking up a set a feeler gauges tomorrow. just when it seems like it's dialed in it will start to sputter and smoke again! What next!??
  11. Finally got me a lawn ranger and picked it up for an awesome price!! Now to get it running good. H60 Tecumseh won't run right. Goes from running great to running absolutely terrible and backfiring from the carb. I'm guessing the valves are messed up? Compression test rendered around 85 psi.
  12. Team70R

    Honda Horse

    Finally got fed up messing with the old HH60 and pulled it off my 606. Slapped the Honda G300 on, which I have $0 in, and got everything working! Just have to set up one of the old Tecumseh gas tanks and modify the exhaust so the hood will fit WITHOUT cutting it. Should be a work horse now!
  13. Team70R

    Tecumseh troubles... Again

    Got the Chinese carb installed on my HH60 and had it running decent. Tried to get it to idle by adjusting the idle screw..Well now it's a bear to start and smokes like a frieght train in the event it actually fires... Fuel shut off is suddenly stuck open as well. Had some sediment in the fuel filter, which doesn't surprise me. Why won't it start now??
  14. Team70R

    Tecumseh trouble

    Cant seem to seem to get my Tecumseh going. Planning on junking it! Any ideas on finding a motor? One guy told me to pick up a harbor frieght predator...... Really wanting to keep it old school
  15. Team70R

    Help me identify!

    Help!! My horse is either a 656 or a 655. Trying to figure out if it's a Tecumseh H60 or the HH60 so I can order ignition parts! Sorry for the pics, still trying to learn the mobile site!
  16. WheelHorseNut

    Help on Identifying my Tractor

    Hey guys, question for you: I have been trying to identify my tractor but have come up with conflicting info on a few fronts...I always thought it was a 1973 Raider 10 but see the info below: The model number on the tractor ID tag riveted below the dash says 1 6931 which, when looked up on this list, corresponds to a 1968 Raider 9 - 8 speed. The decals on the tractor say Raider 10 - 6 speed and look like the 1968-1969 decals as seen on redoyourhorse, I have the manual for the tractor that says 1973 Raider 10 - 6 speed. The trans has a 1-2-3 and high and low (6 speed, right? Reverse doesn't count, right?). The engine is a Tecumseh which, according to Tractor Data, is only in the Raider 10's up to 1972. The model number is HH100-115095B, which is a 10 hp Tecumseh and the serial number on the engine is 7362, which I am not sure what that is deciphered into (first digit being a 7 -- 1967? 73 for 1973? Not sure). The model number of the engine does match the 1968 Raider 9 - 8 speed that is on the list. Any thoughts? I know it's a bit strange but, I guess I'm leaning toward the 1968 model but I'm confused on the Raider 10 decal and the 1973 manual that I had in the house from which the tractor actually came... Let me know what you think. Thanks! - Jeff
  17. Schmendrickthemagnificent

    Cross Reference

    Greetings, I acquired and 1967 wheel horse 657 ... the engine on the thing is a Tecumseh with a Craftsman (very odd and not original I guess lol) mdoel number 143-546122 ... Having a really hard time figuring out the Tecumseh model number, cuz the craftsman site gives me the part list and what not, but most of which don't exist anymore, so wanted to try to find the Tecumseh parts instead of going the way of craftsman... best I can figure out so far is its an H60 engine... THX
  18. Your Shirtless Neighbor

    What Tecumseh Do I Have?

    Hi Gents, I just joined up because I started digging into a Tecumseh I've had laying around for about 4 years. Unfortunately, the piston is cracked, and the governor had exploded... all other parts are in great shape, but I want to know what I have before I start buying parts to repair it. The motor is an XL Xtra Life, with a Kleen Air can on it (filter is missing of course). It's a top-tank, metal, with the filler on the side (not the center), all of the electronics are internal of the flywheel. I'm guessing it's an HH60, but I feel that it's "bigger" than a 6hp. Here are some photos. I can brake out the verniers and take some measurements... what should I measure to determine the engine size? Bore x Stroke? Engine 1 Engine 2
  19. I'm hoping someone in this crowd of awesome old iron experts can help me. About 20 years ago, I got a small lawn tractor from a cousin who had ripped the recoil started apart and couldn't figure out how to put it back together and then told everyone he had no idea why it wouldn't start. Anyway, it was a small yellow tractor with a yellow hood but a black, smooth steel front grille. It was older when I got it. There were no lights. All traces of identification were obliterated and I only had it for a year before I moved on to another tractor so 20 years later, I can't for the life of me figure out what it was. If memory serves, it had a 7 or 8 HP Tecumseh engine and I think it had a white & blue pin stripe....maybe. I've looked at hundred of pictures all over the internet and the only thing that comes close is one of the old JC Penny LTs but there only close and seem a bit too big. It was originally bought by my uncle who was, God bless him, CHEAP. I can see him buying this from a store like JCP or Ann & Hope. Anyway, I realize thats not a lot to go on but does anybody have any ideas what it might have been?
  20. DennisThornton

    New 10 hp Tecumseh

    Not sure how usable with a 1 3/8" x 1 1/8" stepped to 7/8" x 1 7/8" shaft but Surplus Center has brand new 10hp recoil Tecumsehs for $140!
  21. Evil Twin

    657 engine ID

    Hello all, I need help identifying what the engine model # is in my 657. I believe it is the original 6 hp Tecumseh w/ electric start. The cover is rusted out where the ID tag was. I need to know what engine it is so I can get some replacement parts. Thanks for the help.
  22. Geno

    Tecumseh engines pronunciation

    What is everyones opinion on how the name Tecumseh is to be pronounced? I have always said Tecumsah, I've heard a lot of people say Tecumsee here lately.
  23. Here is a few looks of my one and only horse. I received this tractor along with a house I'm living in and it has cut a lot of grass over the years. It never had much red paint since I've known it and it had gotten to using a fair amount of oil. Last winter, I overhauled the Tecumseh HH160 engine, but didn't do anything with the rest of the tractor. This winter I decided to give it a complete refresh. Since joining REDSQUARE, I've discovered that this is a somewhat rare, love-it-or-hate-it, tractor with the ovh Tecumseh. Just my personal preference (don't flame me for this), but I kinda like this thing. Impressive power and great fuel economy, and you never have to adjust points. I started off with some new Deestone rubber. 23x10.50 in the rear and 4.00x8 tri rib in the front. Thanks to Matt (Bowtiebutler956) for pictures of his tractor and tires. It makes a perfect match on the original rims. Finally in March, I got the time to begin the teardown. No picts of the actual work, but it was hours of cleaning, sanding, priming, painting, etc. A shout out to Terry (Vinylguy) for working up a decal set. A few things were different on my early 160, but he replicated everything perfectly. Definitely a class act. A shout out to Dave Meyer (chev0545) for the absolutely mint '73 48 in. deck. It still has some original paint on the bottom. I didn't paint it, the paint is original. My old deck was very thin and warped and growing a few holes. There are a few other mods and upgrades as well, but we'll see if y'all can pick them out. More picts on that later.
  24. edwalsh18

    Wheel Horse C120

    First post here! new to red square. new to wheel horse. new to garden tractors... complete rookie here! i purchased a used non running wheel horse yesterday from an ad on craigslist mostly for the implements. i also bought another tractor yesterday, a craftsman gt6000 18hp horizontal shaft. well, i was hanging out with my best friend (google) and i think i figured out my tractor is most likely a 1974 Wheel Horse c120 automatic with a tecumseh hh120. made a quick video and posted on youtube. first time ever posting on youtube so....
  25. edwalsh18

    Tecumseh HH120 not starting

    i just posted a new thread in wheel horse section but i figured the tech talk for starting motor should be on seperate thread so this thread could stay on topic and hopefully that can help anyone later looking up similar problem with same motor. it seems the c120 wheel horse mostly came with a kohler, or it is just more popular from my searches online. ok well i just bought a c 120 and it has a hh120 tecumseh that will not start. i dont know where to start on it as i pretty much suck at anything mechanical. BUT!! i search online A LOT and from what i have seen on RED SQUARE more than any other forum is the help you guys provide seems to be just awesome! so i joined up here. i also joined to share this red tractor with you guys here. first thing i did was i turned the key... nothing at all, no noise. jumped the battery and turned the key and motor turned. did not start. so i disconnected the spark plug wire from spark plug and turned key to see if there was spark jumping the gap... all i got was a click then nothing. checked the voltage and it was 13+ volts on battery/jumper. thinking i just ruined something else with it i just stopped there... Any help you guys could provide will be greatly appreciated. please keep in mind that i do not have much experience at all working on motors like this. Thanks!
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