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Found 9 results

  1. Looking at this Ferris seat and wondering about the issues I may encounter in trying to switch out entire seat on the 417 or even if it can be done ? Any info would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  2. Monstrosity


    Show off what your doing from the seat of your Horse!!! Fixed up a mowing deck for the 1277 and put the plow on the C1014. Getting ready to level a topsoil pile and going down the block to mow the small park to test the mowing deck out.
  3. WHX??

    Ugly Seat Contest

    I don't know if this has been done before but I have been inspired by another member to sponsor this. SHOW US YOUR UGLY SEAT! Rules: 1) Must be mounted on a running or not ..no other brands please they are ugly enough. 2) Need not be orginal seat but brownie points if it is. 3) More brownie points if you still actually use it for quality seat time. 4) Lots of extra brownie points if it's on a trailer queen. 5) No photo shopping .. 6) Can be a pic found on the net but see rule #1 Anyone caught violating above rules will be tied to a G & Y thingy and beaten with a reallyyy dull set of mower blades. In the event of a tie.... I dunno ain't figured that out yet. in the event something else stupid comes up ...I dunno..ain't figured that out either ...we'll wing it. (Hey flying by the SEAT of my pants here) Winner to be determined by number of likes. Grand prize is either an autographed picture of squonk at the bus stop or some kind of horse trinket, winner's choice. I will kick this off with one but i KNOW there are alot better ones out there. (Mods, I thought there was a forum for contests but I fail to find it now, please move this thread if appropriate)
  4. Ritter

    Hello All - New to Site

    Greetings All, Really nice site, and I am a new member. As I kick back and eat my lunch, I could not have imagined that Wheel Horse Tractor owners would have such a cool and well-organized place to ‘meet’ despite being out of production for so long. My name is Ron and I have a 1979 C-81. It has a WH pull-behind cart as well as a snow plow with chains, weights, etc.. The tractor belonged to my grandfather, who purchased it new in 1979 for just over $1,100.00. Some of my best memories are learning to drive it (barely reaching the pedals) and trying to understand the difference between the clutch and brake. I believe at one point it had a lawn sweeper, which eventually just dragged and made skid marks across the lawn until it was retired. My grandfather drove this tractor year-round for 7 years until he passed away. In the winter it was plowing and hauling logs to the house, in the spring it aerated, fall it mulched, summer it mowed. The C-81 always remained at his house and in my family. The most interesting part (or at least interesting to me) is that for the last 39 years, this mower has been in-service without missing one season. It has never been out of commission. To this day, we have it picked up for service every year and it is still running on its original 8hp Kohler Engine and cuts just over an acre of lawn. The only major replacements were pulley bearings for the blade deck and a starter motor. It is ultra-quiet and never strains while performing its tasks. So, when you look at the picture, you probably see a beat up old machine, but I can assure you that is a tried-and-true Wheel Horse used year-round for nearly 4 decades and maintained as best we thought possible. It’s a testament to a reliable and powerful brand. That said, I have decided to lessen the workload on this machine and perhaps get another Wheel Horse as a tribute to my Pop. The main issue is that the cutting deck on this machine is between 32-34” (I believe) and it takes a long time to cut the lawn. (although I enjoy the peaceful feeling of doing it, it’s not conducive with my day job). The secondary issue is that this is a rear-discharge deck. I’d like to somehow bag the clippings for most of my cuts in order to feed my mulch/compost pile. I’m open for suggestions as to what model would be best. I do have some hills (a few steep). One final note… I’d love to crown this C-81 with a new (or comparable) seat. My goal is to get one as close to original as possible, with the same bolt patterns. I can provide photos if needed. Any help would be appreciated. Again, glad to be a part of this community, and please bear with me as I get used to navigating this site. Thanks for reading.
  5. Question is, Is the rear fender also mounted on springs or rubber somehow? I know the seat has springs but the whole rear fender assembly on mine wiggles as if its sprung also. I haven't had the time to tear into it to look further and figured someone here would know!
  6. Hello I want to buy the seat mentioned in Martin Howard's 416 adventures. I tried to contact him but he is not able to receive emails through red square. I have a 1993 WH 416-8 tractor. He used a KM UNIPRO 123 seat from www.turfseats.com Which seat switch do I use on the replacement seat? My used my FLUKE 88 dvom in auto ranging mode to test the original seat switch. With the seat switch disconnected I get a ohm reading and O.L when I sit on the seat. I am thinking that tells me that the seat is Normally OPEN. Am I correct in this? Did the KM seat switch come with a pigtail for wire it up? If not how do I install the switch? Where did you get the seat rubber bumpers for the swing up seat base? I believe they were black or grey. Also I installed a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard v-twin 23 hp engine swap kit from small engine warehouse. The hour meter does not work any more after replacing the swapped in engine. I was thinking that a aftermarket hour meter/tach from esitest.com would work. http://esitest.com/329.html My other question is that I can only start the tractor by turning the key and also turning the light switch ON to engage the starter motor. I am thinking one of the power wires in the white AMP engine harness connector is in the wrong pin position as I had to replace the connector. Please advise, Michael Kotarba mkotarba@hotmail.com
  7. wheelhorsekid

    Approx Year of Seat & Hub Caps

    Got the seat and caps at the big show. Want to put them on my 75 C 160. Can someone tell me the years they were produced? Thanks!
  8. Just bought my third c160 auto. Yep, got the fever. It has the original seat pan with armrests but no pad or upholstery. Would like to get this taken care of but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?
  9. does anyone make a seat cover for a 1054 want the white and black like original. i have the wood and foam just need to cover it. any help would be appreciated.
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