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Found 49 results

  1. Keaton

    RJ 59 throttle help

    i do not know how to route this throttle cable on this RJ 59, i will attach some pictures, i watched packrats video on adjusting the govner on his 401, it did not look the same. also i think that and is way to long so that might be part of it. ( and also the color on that block looks beautifull) there is come pics, the more the better!
  2. How can you tell the difference between a 1955 RJ and a 1956 RJ, 1957 RJ? Tom
  3. Wheel Horse RJ-58 with RMR-32 deck and a slot hitch cultivator for sale. I got this cleaned up, motor swapped from a giant old 3hp Briggs (got rid of the spacers the previous owner had under the hood) and rebuilt the mower deck with new bearings, bearing blocks and gear covers, found two sets of NOS blade tips, mowed the yard five or six times and it's ready to go to a new home. Found that the model/serial were hand-stamped on the frame alongside the tag. Weld-repaired some cracks on the RMR-32 and the slot hitch. I don't have the room or time to do a proper restoration. As it sits, it's a solid mowing machine that's ready to work for another 50 years. The good: Great running Predator 212cc, trimmed airbox and routed exhaust to work with hood Cleaned gas tank and new gas line/filter New shifter boot New belts Fresh grease in all fittings Flushed and fresh gear lube in transmission New bearings in RMR-32 spindles New bearing blocks for RMR-32 driveshaft Solid deck, very few if any rust spots NOS hi-lift blade tips less than a season old Additional set of NOS hi-lift blade tips Smooth-shifting transmission Original BFGoodrich/Firestone tires Tag/serial number still attached to frame Cultivator has been freed up and adjusts properly The not good: Weld-repaired front wheels Rear tire inner sidewalls starting to peel Hood has a few extra holes cut in No belt guards Right rear hub had a bolt driven into the key slot and stripped the threads - I removed it and cleaned up the keyslot, added another threaded hole and put a set screw and fresh key in. The hub has been shimmed on the shaft with brass stock to take up some slack left by the old bolt and shaft wallowing it out slightly.
  4. 2,038 downloads

    Operator manual Illustrated parts list 6 pages 3.73MB Illustrated parts list #A-7136 Includes PSB #023 #052 #058 #060 #080 10 pages 938.48KB Engines used according to Toro Clinton B1290-1107 Kohler K91-31307A Kohler K91-31388A Electric start kit Electric starter kit model EC-35 for Clinton engine - Listed for 1958 and 1959 Electric starter kit model EK-35 for Kohler engine - Listed for 1958 and 1959 6-12 tire chains model TC-12 - Listed for 1958 and 1959 Seat cushion Foam rubber with imitation leather cover model FC-24 - Listed for 1958 and 1959 Transmission drive belt 1567 - (4L x 29" or 1/2" x 29") Details & Attachments 2 pages 107.33KB 1958 model RJ-58 1958 serial numbers that have shown up for the RJ-58 Early models used Kohler K90T-27107D equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter. 00005 00251 01099 - No casting date on trans. Leather gearshift boot, large, round rear wheel hubs, "slab" hitch, replacement engine 01188 - Has round rear wheel hubs 01516 01768 01789 - No casting date on trans. Leather gearshift boot, 3-ear triangular rear wheel hubs, "slab" hitch, Clinton engine with Schnacke recoil 01797 01871 02525 03177 03501 - Located in UK 03796 - Kohler K90T-27107D with serial 364044 equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter. 04883 04885 05000 05619 05714 05798 06528 - May be 16528 06749 06771 07633 07649 - Transmission J12-8 October 12, 1958 07725 08440 08612 09284 09337 - Hard to read 10163 11432 11628 - # 3521 spline gear with 10 splines changed to 11 splines in 5003 and 5010 transmissions at serial # 11628 PSB #023 11916 12221 - B3-9 trans casting date - Kohler K91 engine with Schnacke recoil 12291 14473 14713 16097 16528 - May be 06528 166x6 16868 - F4-9 trans casting date - Kohler K91 engine with Fairbanks recoil, solid pan seat without holes 18348 June 2023 18500 and lower Late 1958 units came with a Kohler K-91T-31307A equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details & Attachments 2 pages 106.94KB 1959 model RJ-59 1959 serial numbers that have shown up for the RJ-59 Early 1959 units came with a Kohler K-91T-31307A equipped with a Schnacke recoil unit with a backup rope starter contained under the recoil assembly and an oil bath air filter. 18501 and up - Possible 1100 units built 20078 - Located in UK 203xx 21033 292xx 21900 - 1960 Suburban 400 began production at serial #21900 somewhere around Aug-Oct 1959. Late model RJ-59 tractors with a Kohler would have a K-91T-31388A with the Fairbanks recoil starter and paper air filter element. The 31388A was also used on the 1960 Suburban 400. K91T-31388A Serial 425251 found on RJ-59


  5. Robert Concato

    Rj 35

    Hi I'm new to site. I am looking for a gas tank for an RJ 35 Tractor any help would be great thanks!
  6. Looking for the measurements for items #69 mounting bracket and #79 lifting rod. So that I could fabricate and be able to install on my RJ59. Any pics of the mounting bracket would be a big help.
  7. I have owned 2 old wheelhorse tractors for about 20 years now, that were originally owned by my dad and uncle, and I'm finally ready to part with them. I have questions about their value and the best approach to finding the right buyer. I am located in St. Paul, MN Wheelhorse 1: Was owned by my dad, acquired around 1961-2. I think it is a Suburban model, not sure. Engine was replaced with more current Briggs 7hp. steering wheel replaced, head light added, other modifications to go with an electric-start engine that was on it in the 70s. I'm currently trying to get this one fully functional, (I have the mowing deck) but the Briggs has no spark and having trouble getting that fixed. Am I wasting my time on the Briggs? (Will any buyer immediately yank the engine and replace it with an original 4hp Koehler?) I'm thinking this one might be worth around $300 if I get it fully functional and cleaned up...not sure if that is a pipe dream, considering it has so many non-original modifications to it? In the attached pictures, it is the one with the family around it (that picture was taken in 1963) and the one with the blue seat (picture taken 9-21-15) Wheelhorse 2: Was owned by my uncle, I think he bought it brand new around 1959 or 1960? I think it might be an RJ. It is mostly original, but also not running. I hope to get it running also. It has a mower deck as well, and original tires, I have not seen any other wheelhorses of this vintage with those front tires. I'm thinking with this one being more original with a Koehler engine on it, maybe it is worth more than the other one, though I'm not sure on that, and it probably depends on me getting it operational. In the pictures below it is one the man (my uncle) riding it and looking at the camera, with the silver fish on the cabin behind it. (I think the picture was taken in August, 1960.) If anyone wants to contact me about these I can be reached at farmerie@yahoo.com. Otherwise, I'm just interested in hearing opinions on what I should do to maximize their value and make them visible to whoever would want them the most....also wondering what I can hope to get for them.
  8. Hi guys my name is Zac, I'm new to the forum and currently restoring my first Wheel Horse, I believe it is one of the late RJ models, (RJ-58 or 59) the serial tag is missing so I'm not sure (let me know what you think). Before it was given to me it was my great grandfather's and he was the original owner and he died before he could restore it, my grandmother had someone els work on the tractor but they lost most of the parts one the engine and never finished the job, thankfully didn't touch the rest of the tractor and she gave it to me and I am restoring it for her. The engine like I said was missing parts like the serial tag and flywheel guard and recoil and I can't tell what kind of engine it is, I know an original engine for a 58 or 59 is a Kohler K90 or Clinton B-1290 or the 498 Clinton, but my engine look nothing like either engines, the crankcase is a different style, I looked at other engines that came on Wheel Horses and I think it looks like a Lauson/Tecumseh H55B or D, take a look at the photos and if you can verify the model it would be great, it's probably not original so I am looking for an original Kohler or Clinton engine and if you have any suggestions on where to get one please let me know, Thanks for looking!
  9. Afternoon/evening all it would appear that somehow I have an RJ 35 on my bench Unfortunately it isn't actually mine but belongs to a chap you all know and love.. Neil.. Yep the very same Neil who happens to be a moderator around these parts.. So why is Neil's RJ on my bench? Well, Neil brought it up for Nigel in the workshop next door to do a bit of work on it, get it running, driving and maybe more.. I offered to help and it so happened that I had some space on the bench.. It's also nice to have a break from the quad for a while as I've missed working on Wheel Horses It didn't take long to get the belt guard and hood off.. The first job was to have a look at the engine, it has good compression and after a bit of plug and plug lead cleaning it has a spark I expect with a temporary gas tank fitted and a bit of move juice the engine should come to life.. Something to look forward to on Monday The engine pulley is not quite in the right place on the shaft, it should be closer to the engine.. Me thinks the pulley needs to turn a little on the shaft as well.. Having not worked on an RJ or any really early Wheel Horses before this er.. brassy bit on the back of the pulley confused me for quite a while until I worked out it's the reverse er.. cog In fact the whole drive belt system confused me for a while until I disconnected this spring and then everything fell into place.. Speaking of belts, does anyone know what part number/size the larger rear drive belt should be? I need to fit this nice new throttle cable.. But has anyone a photo of the clip/small bracket thingy that holds the cable outer sleeve to the carb please? That's all for now folks, more action as it happens..
  10. 12 hp Kohler

    Suburban or Rj

    I saw this wheel horse for sale and I am trying to figure out if it is a suburban or Rj,parts on it look like a suburban and other parts look like an Rj 58 or 59, what are your opinions i would really like to know? I know the front axle is from a suburban but not sure about other parts.
  11. john7

    HD-42 decals

    I just finished up an HD-42 plow with the RJ mount. Just need the decal/decals for it now. I think I've seen a few with a decal on the upper left on the back side of the blade but I don't recall the type of decal. Does anyone know exactly what the original decal/decals are and their placement on the plow or mounts?
  12. C-121uk

    Clinton Engine, no spark

    Hi, I recently bought a Clinton engine for my RJ 58 but it has no spark. We have removed the flywheel, what shall we do next. Thanks
  13. john7

    RJ58 with one heavy haul!

    As you can see, I don't need much of a reason to take the RJ for a spin!
  14. RedHorse54

    Picked up another one!

    Picked up this 58 RJ today! It has the shower head and the original heat shield and reel mower belt guard. Came with a deck, a tub cart, and a snowplow. Will get better pics later!
  15. 72Raider8

    What is it worth?

    Im new to the site guys please help! I found this little guy and was wondering what everyone thinks its worth? Just making sure im getting the right deal and not loosing my arm. These are the best photos i could get.
  16. I am going to be selling the sickle bar attachment in the classified section, but first I had a few questions. They say always take good pics before you tear down, well they also should remind you to no delete aforementioned pictures. yep stupid move. I took these pieces off of more restoration and now I cannot remember if they go with the sickle bar section or just the tractor in general. I would love some advice before I offer it up. I primarily am concerned about the 4 items in the first pic, the other pics show how I took off the unit. any help would be great.
  17. Ya I know, talking about prices is unpopular and varies a lot from place to place. As I deal mostly in two wheeled walking tractors, ones with 4 don't get many second looks from me. However, since I already own 2 Pond walkers, the next logical step would be to get an RJ35 or 58. So now that I have found one, sort of, what are the going prices?? This tractor has been gone though, has real nice paint and new tires. Thanks to all those brave enough to suggest a starting place.
  18. I posted on here awhile back and I finally got my in-laws to let me take home the one owner RJ 58 that was her fathers. At first I thought this should be a bone stock project...Wrong! issue #1 - So after finally getting the tins off and the steering wheel off I started to do some investigating of peoples pics online and I realized really quickly it had a few additions and a few differences. First and foremost it looks as though he has added some sort of power/assisted/?? steering to this thing. Not being sure of what I am lookig at, here are some pics. This pump unit has been mounted on a plate that has been welded to the frame. It looks as though he has added this steering idea to work in conjuntion with a snow plow that he had (I am getting pics of that as well) So looking at other postings he has cut the entire section where the steering collar used to fit in down by the frame, and he has also welded the castle nut directly to the frame. Can anyone provide details on how I can get this back to stock looking? I dont know the dimensions of the 45 degree collar that used to mount on the frame and how the steering column steers in conjunction with the castle nut?? sorry for being a little lost in translation here, but I just don't know how it got this way and how to get it back to original. I would like to either make or purchase this steering coupler thing (very scientific) Don't worry, more to come. haha
  19. I am wondering how to get either of these filters out and how or even if I should replace them. One is for the oil bath filter and the other is for the glass sediment bowl filter on the bottom of the gas tank. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Brrly1

    sweet rj's

    Clinton motor tag, rj58
  21. Brrly1

    58rj 1

    58rj find in South Bend
  22. had a piece break on a 1611 trasmission pulley for my RJ I am refurbishing. Is there any way to weld it, or should I go straight to the classifieds and start begging? haha
  23. The RJ 58 I am redoing did not come with a plate that was attached to the the engine tin. I was wondering if someone had a sample pic of what an orginal says and looks like. I would like to have Vinyl Guy possibly reproduce that and I am sure there will be questions as to what to put on there. I have seen a few closeups but I am not sure what engines they had. I have a Kohler K90. Thanks
  24. Just looking to see if any of you guys have pictures of your little Horses doing any work around the "Barn." I can't imagine you guys all just restore the little buggers to let them sit, so pictures of them getting down & dirty are appreciated!
  25. pezsox

    RJ 58 wheels

    I am wondering what other wheels would fit an RJ 58? Like others my backs are good but my fronts are pretty rusty. 1 is possibly useable but the other one is missing 1/2 of the outside bead. Is there a company that reproduces something close, or is there a number I can cross-reference on ebay or with a distributor? Any help would be appreciated.
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