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Found 12 results

  1. wh315-8

    Commando 800

    Picked up a 1972 Commando 800 w/36” rear discharge. From the grandson of the original owner. Hasn’t run in decades but have no doubt that with some cleaning up of carb, fuel system and check the head, it will run like a Horse. Has anyone ever seen the steering cap logo like this?
  2. Trying to design and 3D print the front emblem. Below is my model. Any body who want to try out 3D modeling and 3D printing, I’m using Onshape (this file is public so you should be able to find it) and an ender 3 v2 printer.
  3. My '69 Commando V7, model 1-4741, has a 36" mower deck, model 57361. The three spindles do not have grease fittings and are making noise. The spindle shaft, ( with bearings ), is avaliable on the web. It looks like all that is needed to replace the shaft/bearing assembly is to remove the pulley, re-insert the pully bolt most of the way, then smack the bolt with a good sized hammer. This would drive the shaft out of the spindle housing such that the shaft would drop onto the concrete below the deck. I could then remove the "blade driver" at the bottom of the shaft, put it on the new shaft and then insert the new shaft into the spindle housing. AM I CORRECT IN WHAT I HAVE SAID? OR.... does the spindle shaft come out from the top side? What are the chances the spindle housing will bust apart when ths shaft gets smacked from either end? Thanks for any answers, tombones49
  4. rustyoldjunk

    Got a call from a buddy...

    Got a call from a buddy and fellow Red Square member a couple weeks back. He and his family were moving and he has less place space then he had. While he took the majority of his tractors and parts,there was one project tractor and some parts that he didn't have room for. David,wanted to know if i wanted the old Commando 6 and some B80 parts. I didn't waste time getting over to pick up the tractor and parts. He said he had put a little gas in the transplanted in Briggs engine in the Commando once or twice a year and it always starts in 3 or 4 pulls. we loaded it up and when i got it home i put a little gas in it and it started in about 3 pulls ! So i took it for a test drive. It runs and drives great. I did have to swap the front wheels out because it had tiller or trailer style wheels with no bearing in them. ( The same wheels that i sent to David on another Wheel Horse earlier in the summer lol.) Thanks again David.
  5. Hello, I saw "jason.c's" post of his HotRod Wheel Horse. So I thought I better learn how to put some stuff on here rather than just watching! This spring I got a 1972 Commando 800 with a broken engine. ($75) It only needed a connrod and the cam needed welded. So I fixed 'er up and it ran just fine. Smooth and good power ... and quiet. But after 20 minutes the oil was metallic gray. So I tore into it again thinking it was going to be the rod journal. No problem in what I did ... the piston was all scraped up. Oh well ... just set it aside. I sold the K181 parts and that more than covered the price of the tractor and new engine parts. Then at a yardsale I got a 2003 Kohler CH12.5 which needed a starter. ($5 for the motor) And $27 for a used starter. I knew where it was going! The shaft was too large for the PTO but I didn't need another mower anyways! And this is what I ended up with. Still needs one item taken care of ... the ackermann is backward now. That can wait until spring. Well, here's the pics. One is a "before" pic. Once I get to resizing the pics of the other WH's I'll put some of those on here. TNX, Joe
  6. JimmyJam

    Takin' her home

    1972 Commando 800. Solid worker with deck and the Kohler K181 doesn't smoke!
  7. JimmyJam

    Takin' her home

    1972 Commando 800. Solid worker with a lil' TLC and a few cosmetic pieces...like a new seat!!
  8. The 1969 Comando V7 has what the parts manual calls a "Plate-Cover- Instructions", (identifier#211, pn 8497). This is a plastic plate 5.25" x 9" in size. I want to replace the one I have, photo attached. Does anyone have a source??? I prefer NOS ( New Old Stock), but a replica or cherry original would be fine as well. tombones49@gmail.com
  9. Before the Wheel Horse show back in June, I was looking for an original seat for my Commando 8. Although I didn't find what I was looking for, I was sent various pieces of seats, which included several seat pans. Among the pans that I received was this one, sent to me by bowtiebutler956. When I went to the show, I looked around various vendors for seat parts that I could make a correct seat for the Commando. But while looking, I found that parts for the 3-piece seat were more available than parts for the Commando seat. So I purchased a pretty beat bottom cushion, several ripped covers for the top cushions, a foam insert to use for a pattern, an adjusting knob, and so on. I took the seat pan to my powder coater, and just picked it up today. Here's the result. After working on the cushions and upholstery for the last couple of weeks, I finally have my coveted 3-piece seat. Now I have a dilemma. The seat looks so good that I don't want to use it. Maybe I will just sell it and buy another seat from Northern Tools. :hide:
  10. So, my parents bought this tractor from the original owner in the early 90’s to do landscaping and lawn work. It also had the 36 inch deck and 42 inch plow. It was in pristine condition and had all the original manuals for the tractor, deck, and plow. We even have the plastic bag those papers were enclosed in at the dealer. And the tractor was used, for landscaping, pulling a craftsman dump cart, and plowing the driveway in winter. Fast forward a couple years, and my dad needed a bigger tractor. He was actually thinking of buying a 414-8 or even a 520. But he ended up buying a Kubota B7100 HST with a FEL and a backhoe by Kelly. This tractor has gotten a lot of use. My dad needed a place to keep the Kubota, so the Commando 6 was kicked out of it’s place in the garage and left outside. About 5 years later, we are going to move. So my dad and I dig the tractor out and we bring it along to our new house. The next summer, my dad effectively gives it to me, and we make a project of repainting it and making it run. Since then, It has worked hard, leveling the ground for our neighbor’s pool and sweeping the lawn with an Agri-fab sweeper after the Kubota mows. So I’ve been waiting a while, and have finally started a proper restoration on it. I wish to make the tractor shine like new. I have the decals for the tractor itself, but I’m going to need those for the deck, plow and engine. I have just about all the parts for it, but there are some little things I will need like an original starter switch, new gaskets for the transmission, new hubcaps, etc. I started with the wheels. Here's how it was when I started: Blasted and masked: Makeshift spray booth and my fancy method for hanging the wheels: Feeling sorry for itself: After a hard day's work: This week I hope to start on the rest, starting with the hood and fender, then working my way down to the frame. I am going to have to split the tranny, the gasket between the two halves is bad. My goal is to have this done before it snows.
  11. johndeerecjq

    Looking for front blade

    I'm looking for a front blade for my commando 800 from the research I have found it is a medium frame tractor I got front and mid attach a matic and the silver mounting bracket on rear end so I know previous owner had one on it at one time my budget is a max of $200 so im not looking for anything fancy just something to push snow around for my older parents im located in south central Michigan between Grand Rapids and Lansing I can be contacted by email charles_quinty@yahoo.com Thank you for your time
  12. weien's wheel horses

    comando 7 3 speed

    craigslist find 50 bucks has a 12 hp brggs scrap iron and snow plow
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