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Found 13 results

  1. I need some help. I just purchased 3 garden tractors, plus implements, from a guy on Craigslist and I'm having difficulty identifying one of them. It looks to me like it's a C100, but honestly for all I know it could be a Raider10 or a charger10 just as easily. I'm really not sure. The tag under the dashboard reads, Model T10, Serial # 329650. When I googled Wheel Horse T10 I got nothing. Can one of you great Wheel Horse guru's help me out? Thanks Chris
  2. Bowdoinham Dan

    Raider 10 won't start

    I've got a Raider 10 that won't start and am not sure what to do, but I suspect that something needs replacing. ENGINE MODEL: KOHLER K241S 10HP WHAT HAPPENS: I turn the ignition and hear a loud buzz/crackling sound coming from somewhere in the vicinity of the starter/battery area (PICTURED). I turn the ignition over again and the sound repeats. I turn it over a third time and it's dead. RECENT MAINTENANCE: Replaced/patched some wiring, new battery (charged yesterday, had been sitting for the winter), new spark plugs. I'm an idiot with the internal combustion and am probably in over my head with this thing, but willing to give it my best go with good guidance. Would really love to get the tiller running for the spring. Thanks gang Dan
  3. Happy Easter fellow Horse Junkies! I am not happy with my Raider 10 after I swapped out the Lauson for a K181. Its not so much the difference in power between the 10hp and the 8hp, its the fact that my other 2 tractors are a Bronco 14 and a 416 8 Onan. I hop on the Raider and even though its the most mechanically sound and aesthetically pleasing tractor, it has the least cajones. I have a low hour 14hp Magnum sitting around that I was saving as a backup but I think I want to drop it in the Raider. Anyone make this type of swap before? Anything that makes it not doable or ill advisable? As always I appreciate the input and your time in answering. Happy Easter!
  4. Kyle Rogness

    Raider 12 overheating

    Hello Wheel Horse people, I have a raidar 10 with a 12 horsepower Kohler engine in it and it will run fine for 10-15 minutes then we'll overheat and drives sluggish with not much power any ideas as to what I should look for or possible causes? Thanks in advance
  5. Bowdoinham Dan

    Correct wire gauge for k241

    I have a Raider 10 with a K241 engine that won't turn over. It's totally dead. Headlights won't even turn on. I've got a brand new battery and new battery terminal wires, but the small wiring is old and this might be the problem: a disconnection somewhere. So I'm gonna rewire some parts with new wire. Does anyone know the correct wire gauge to buy? I can't find it listed in the manual.
  6. Followed up the Trailblazer 7 purchase with another good CL find. This one is a REALLY good one. Picked up a 68' Raider 12 That came with wheel weights, chains, 48" deck in insanely good condition, and a dump cart with hydraulics! I'm not sure if the cart is an actual Wheel horse, it could be but the tires aren't right. Obviously the hydraulics aren't original. Either way, I paid the equivalent of buying the cart and wheel weights at Fair market value. I couldn't believe it made it past 24 hours. Nice to know I don't have much competition in the area! Couple of questions on the setup of this beast. My buddy thinks it was a pulling tractor. It has the rear wheel hub extensions (which I don't mind at all. Looks slick if you ask me), it also has a modified throttle body which works fantastic and is a thousand times better than the twist-lock cable, it had a homemade steering tensioner at the base of the steering wheel made from a spring and half a coffee can lid to protect the paint, and the footboards have extensions off the front sides. The fella I bought it from got the tractor from his uncle who I'm guessing passed away because he didn't have much info on the tractor at all. He wasn't sure why things were setup like they were. Certainly explains why the deck is pretty much mint. I swear those blades are original. Overall, the thing runs like a top and purs like a kitten with the modified muffler. Will the 48" deck mount up on my attachomatic setup on my 69' Raider? That's the other thing, take a look at this rear. There are no latches. Thanks in advance for any info!
  7. Hey guys, I've started the restoration of my 1968 Raider 10. I originally found that they didn't make a Raider 10 in 1968 but through discussion with the experts here, we determined that my tractor was a 1968 that was badged a Raider 10 with the 10 HP Tecumseh. Here's the starting point picture. It was in better shape a few years ago but it was a slight casualty to hurricane Sandy. Nothing is rusted through, thankfully. It's unfortunate that it happened and I never expected it to get wet where it was. We were at least a 1/4 mile from the water -- probably more -- but, I came to work (where it was stored) the following day and we had a garbage dumpster from the business across the street and a boat dock in out parking lot...It was insane and very unexpected. Anyway, I've disassembled a bunch of it and will e-tank the crap out of everything.
  8. Bowdoinham Dan

    Mounting Instructions

    Does anyone know where I can find mounting instructions for my dozer blade? It's on an A-frame mount, model 6-4113 7. I have a Raider 10 tractor.
  9. Bowdoinham Dan

    Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    I need a little help troubleshooting. I have a Raider 10 that just up and died in the middle of a tilling job. It now sits in the middle of my field with a tarp over it :-(. I initially started it yesterday after it sat all summer. It wouldn't turn over at first, so I charged the battery for 4 hours and afterwards it started without a problem. It ran for about 10 minutes until running out of gas (whoops). I filled the tank, started it again, and worked it out in the pasture with the tiller attachment for about 45 minutes. Then it died. The engine just shut off. I turned the key and got nothing, not even a click or an attempt to turn over. I assumed this was a dead battery, so I went to home depot and bought a new one. I installed it just like the old one (see photo). I cleaned the terminal cables with steel wool. Still nothing. Totally dead. Any ideas as to what to do/what happened?
  10. WheelHorseNut

    Help on Identifying my Tractor

    Hey guys, question for you: I have been trying to identify my tractor but have come up with conflicting info on a few fronts...I always thought it was a 1973 Raider 10 but see the info below: The model number on the tractor ID tag riveted below the dash says 1 6931 which, when looked up on this list, corresponds to a 1968 Raider 9 - 8 speed. The decals on the tractor say Raider 10 - 6 speed and look like the 1968-1969 decals as seen on redoyourhorse, I have the manual for the tractor that says 1973 Raider 10 - 6 speed. The trans has a 1-2-3 and high and low (6 speed, right? Reverse doesn't count, right?). The engine is a Tecumseh which, according to Tractor Data, is only in the Raider 10's up to 1972. The model number is HH100-115095B, which is a 10 hp Tecumseh and the serial number on the engine is 7362, which I am not sure what that is deciphered into (first digit being a 7 -- 1967? 73 for 1973? Not sure). The model number of the engine does match the 1968 Raider 9 - 8 speed that is on the list. Any thoughts? I know it's a bit strange but, I guess I'm leaning toward the 1968 model but I'm confused on the Raider 10 decal and the 1973 manual that I had in the house from which the tractor actually came... Let me know what you think. Thanks! - Jeff
  11. ohiofarmer

    Raider 10 and others

    Hello. i am not new to Wheel Horse, but am new to the old stuff before Toro got into the act. I have a garage queen 416, a well used 520H with a Predator engine, and just bought the Raider 10 for $300. The Raider is very solid and it mows and adjusts better than the 520H. I swept the barn for parts and came up with a much better seat for the raider and mounted it 4 inches higher and added pivots and rear springs to it. Unfortunately, I was mowing weeds and grass higher than the hood and the center mower drive bearing got tight. Should have greased it before use, but now I have the opportunity to go over the entire deck. I cannot say how impressed I am with the design and durability of the older machines. I like the simple stuff and the Raider looks as tough as woodpecker lips. Not perfect, but straight with all the original stuff working. The original tires were leaking from the sidewalls and they had used that horrible Fix-A -Flat on them that had hardened like glue. nothing worked as the sidewalls were too weak to support removal. An idea hit--So i got out the propane torch and heated the bottom edge of the tire through the rim in about a foot of arc. When the smoke first appears after about a minute of heating I applied the tool and off she came just as slick as you please. I then used a 36 grit segmented disc wheel and finished critical areas with wheels like this http://www.harborfreight.com/4-1-2-half-inch-nylon-abrasive-wheel-94017.html and this http://www.harborfreight.com/4-in-80-grit-nylon-abrasive-wheel-with-14-in-shank-60325.html Primer and paint and a new tire tube and she works for a fraction of what a new tire would cost. I found some nice small Led lights at Rural King for $15 and they might fit by removing the logo panel at the top of the hood. The rear of the frame where the tilting seat pan mounts was also reinforced with angle as it was in poor condition. Just minor stuff ,really on a machine of such experience. Of the two wheels, the polycarbide wheel is also a good choice to strip paint on sheet metal as it leaves not much in swirl marks and can even leave a shiny finish if used with care. Try one. . I used the 80 grit abrasive wheel to get at the tight radius areas and then finished up by hand sanding
  12. I know this will not sit well with Wheel Horse purists, but here goes: My husband and I picked up our first Wheel Horse earlier this year; a beautiful 857 with a Robin Subaru engine, 48 inch deck, 6 speed hi-low and repainted. After driving it around, I was hooked; I became a Wheel Horse fan at that point. I half-jokingly told my husband that I wanted a pink tractor for my birthday and he began to search the ads. I expected that we would buy a tractor and it would never really get painted as we were mainly looking for a working tractor that would be put to use in my expanded garden plots next season. I picked out the pink paint, still only thinking that a couple of minor pieces would be pink and did not expect much else. To my surprise, I came home from work to see my borthday present nearly completed. I know it is not everyone's ideal Wheel Horse, but it is mine. I love Wheel Horses and I love pink, so this is the best of both that I could have ever dreamed of. Eventually, I would like to have a Wheel Horse for each series, but I'll take it one at a time. Attached are photos of my Raider 10 in progress.
  13. Ironman

    Raider 10

    I'm not sure of the year on my Raider 10 yet...
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