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Found 10 results

  1. rustyedge1

    Wanted K181 Kohler Head 8

    Need head for WH K181 S Kohler. Mine has spark plug hole stripped. Reasonable priced, shipped.
  2. I finally got my first Wheel Horse after months of looking at far too many rusted out neglected horses. Florida heat and humidity can reduce any machine stored outside in the weather to scrap metal with alarming speed. My new horse was owned by a retired aircraft A&P mechanic. He didn't have to be told that corrosion is the enemy. My B-80 horse is original and corrosion free, a rare find in Florida. He and his son had rebuilt the engine about 8 years ago with a .010 oversize piston and rings. No smoke and it started right up. The steering is tight and did I mention no rust? Now for my transmission mystery. The input shaft and pully is locked solid. It shifts into all the gears. It rolls in neutral fine with no alarming crunchy noises. The brake drum spins when rolling in neutral as well. One other thing I will need the forums help for parts for the right side drive shaft and wheel hub. The picture tells the story.
  3. JimmyJam

    B-80 Throttle control

    From the album: B-80 parts

    B-80 Throttle control lever w/cables.
  4. I finally got a couple hours of shop time to try to assemble one working tractor from the C-160 (broken tranny) and B-80 (broken engine), both 1974's. The short-term goal is to move the 4-speed from the B-80 into the C-160 in time to use it for snow-blowing this winter. Then over the winter I can work on rebuilding both the 8-speed from the C-160 and the K181 on the B-80. So I got both transmissions detached from their respective tractors and it looks like everything should bolt right up - even the input pulleys are the same size!. However I encountered two problems with the 4-speed so far: 1. The right hub is turning on the axle, so something is obviously wrong with the key/keyway. I don't currently have a hub puller to see what's up. 2. The left wheel is stuck/rusted to its hub. I tried some PB blaster and pounding a cold chisel into the gaps between the wheel and hub but it didn't budge. I wanted to just switch the wheels, since the C-160 has larger diameter tires (though the wheels are the same size), and the B-80's tires aren't looking so great. But maybe the C-160 will just have to have a low rear end for the winter.
  5. IH8RDS

    New Guy B-80

    Hi! New member here. My Name is Scott and I live in Sweetwater Tennessee. Retired Air Force and now enjoying the retired life. Im the owner of a 1976 B-80 for about 4 years and I have the 36" tiller and yesterday purchased the push blade anticipating some snow this year. I use the 36" rear discharge deck regularly to cut about 3 of my 7 acres with the Wheel Horse. I think I need a bigger deck! The tiller gets plenty of use as I do gardening and can all of my vegetables in the summer. Looking forward to gathering and sharing info on here. Thanks for having me. Scott
  6. Ty Fritz

    K181 Trouble Shooting

    Please forgive the question, if it's been asked and answered. I'm new to the site, and had trouble searching for an answer to my issues I use my Wheel Horse B-80 all year round. It started acting up a couple of weeks ago, first it would die while mowing. I could restart it easily and finish the job. A week ago it wouldn't start and had to use a battery charger because battery needed help. It would run until it warmed up and die like you turned it off. This is not normal for this unit, usually it starts right up, not continuously cranking. At that time I was thinking it was fuel delivery, so I bought a carb re-build kit (gaskets and needle valve), blew out the carb, put it back together. Same thing, 10 minutes and done, won't restart. Bought a new fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the tank and screen on the pet cock. No change. This weekend bought new points, condenser, plug and replaced the now toasted battery. I was able to mow for 30 minutes then it died and wouldn't start. Checked for spark again, nothing. Replaced the coil and was able to finish the days toils, however it did die twice while using it and start right back up. When it dies, it's a complete loss of power. You would think it's fixed, but no. Still dies after warming up. Besides the part listed above that were recently replace, I've also replaced the rectifier, ignition switch and starter solenoid two years ago. Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point, tired of throwing parts at it. I need it ready for Indiana snow. Thank you in advance, Ty Fritz
  7. Oops, I did it again! We got about 6-8 more inches of snow last night so I felt obliged to play around with the video camera once more. (Hey, we don't get much snow...I can't help myself!) In what has become the norm, I cleared all five driveways in our cul-de-sac and then most of the street as well, since once the snow is out of the driveways, I have to find a place to put it! I admit that finding a good place to put the snow while not blocking someone's car, driveway, mailbox or storm drain was challenging, especially since a significant amount of the piles of snow I pushed a week ago are still there! In today's installment—which is the last one this year...I promise—I have the camera mounted on the B-80's hood and I shot the video in time-lapse mode, 1 frame every 1/2 second which roughly equates to 4 minutes of video for an hour of video. BTW, if you don't like Sinatra, you'll probably hate this!
  8. I need some confirmation from some experts please! The quick background is that my 1975 B-80 has had "slop" in the steering for some time, jumping teeth any time you attempted to turn the wheel when stopped or slowly moving. The gear teeth on both the upper and lower shaft were worn, but the lower was worse and when I found one at a good price on eBay I finally decided to do something about it, After a lot of cursing, I finally got the old one out, but when I went to install the new shaft it would not fit. A comparison of the two parts shows the new part to be at least 2" longer. So my question is, am I correct in assuming that the lower steering shafts remained constant for all four years the B-80 was built? I ask because the shaft was sold specifically as a B-80 part. I haven't contacted the seller yet and I have no reason to expect any difficulties returning the part, but before I claim the part was misidentified, I'd like to make sure I know what the heck I'm talking about. Also, while you can't see it very well in the photo, the shaft from my tractor (the shorter one) has three holes below the gear teeth, the new one does not. Can anyone with a B-80 confirm their's does/doesn't have the holes? Any input would be appreciated!
  9. chesbaycruiser

    A Little Snow Pushing Footage

    I know you folks up north are sick of the stuff, but here in central Virginia we are always the bridesmaid, never the bride, or put more accurately, we're always cold rain or sleet while people 70 miles north or south of us get the fun. I guess I'm not the only one in these parts doing a victory dance! Anyway, I figure we got somewhere between 8 and 10 inches. I plowed once during the night while it was snowing, and then again this morning when I shot this video. I used a GoPro mounted on the tractor and a Garmin Virb on a tripod. Nothing earth-shattering, just happy to be able to push something!
  10. This was my father's 1974 B-80. He passed away when I was 6 and my mother remarried. My stepdad assumed ownership of the tractor and I've since grown up and moved out to start a family of my own. He called me a few weeks ago to tell me the engine was burning oil and he was going to give tractor away and replace it with something new. He was nice enough to admit it was, indeed, my tractor so I had first dibs, if I wanted it... I jumped at the chance to get it back - it was back in my possession that weekend. It was in good shape, but needed a little TLC. No major problems - had to replace the deck wheels and the drive belt idler/tension/clutch pulley because the bearing had failed long ago. Everything else was just rust removal, sanding, painting and decals. I'm almost done - just need to get the engine figured out... Here are the pics:
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