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Found 13 results

  1. I don't have pictures yet but I can get some later. I know that will be helpful but I forgot to take them last night. So here's what I know. When I bought my c-160 last year it came with a plow. It was delivered to my house and the plow was not mounted on it. I never saw this particular plow on that particular tractor. The plow I have is 42 inches wide and has a full frame as most of them do. The angle lever has the Z shape to it, NOT a straight stick of metal, and also bends slightly back towards the operator. When I am pulling the angle lever towards me to change the angle of the plow it contacts the brake lever. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey guys! I'm working on a custom escutcheon plate for my 1975 B80. I wanted a stock look but with some headlights. I bought some bright LED headlights from Amzn and went to work designing in the computer. We have a laser cutter at work so I bought some white acrylic and took a bunch of measurements. I didn't have an escutcheon plate because when I bought the tractor, it was missing... I took a few measurements and cut out a bunch of trial templates for the basic outline. On about the 3rd try, I got exactly what I wanted. I didn't hold the plate's left and right out like WH did, I went a little farther to take up the whole area in that recessed portion. I cut out designs both ways and I liked the look of the whole thing covered. Here are some of the pictures of the work in progress: I'll have the finished product later today. Oh, and I also ended up fitting the red outline in there as well. It'll show on the final piece.
  3. Hi folks, me and the gal pal were on our way to the wheelhorse motherland ( southbend), to shop for some wedding rings. So we go down little country road see a barn sale, turned around cause I spy a wheelhorse. I ask how much , he said 400$, but someone was suppose to be picking it up. Turns out it came with a sickle bar too. My ears kinda perked up then , cause my dad wants on for his 702. They call the other fella, he passed on it, I offered 300$, we settled at 350$. Tractor runs pretty good, lil smoke when ya goose it, but runs and cuts pretty good. I'm hoping the sickle bar will fit my dad's 702, it's a 50 inch bar. Anywho, here's some pics a serial numbers if anyone has some additional info, or point me in the right direction, would be appreciated, thanks!!!
  4. I have at least 7 hubs on different tractors that I would like to add a second set screw to. I have an older but good quality floor model drill press. I have the tap set. I don't recall ever using the tap set to do anything other than clean out threads. Not make my own thread set. Can anybody give any particular advice?
  5. Goldnboy

    B80 pto adjustment

    I have a B80 that I acquired from a PO that had the PTO rod shortened and rewelded and the spring removed from the brake pad bracket. I replaced the rod with a non welded adjustable, and reworked the muffler with a 45 so then new rod would fit in. After researching manuals and forum i can only determine that i need to have a 1/8 or less gap between the clutch plate and the bell housing. I can adjust the trunnion all the way in and it seems that some pressure is applied to disk and going all the way out a less is applied. However all pictures i have seen most everyone has the trunnion at least half way up the rod and state that you engage the pto rod with a lot of force, that is not my case at all. Is the stub with the bell housing the problem, it looks like there is plenty of disk plate left.
  6. Hey Guys, any help with ID or info on this possibly rare bird? It appears to be the original paint but idk for sure. Alo, a B series with electric lift rather rare I think HUH?
  7. Does anyone know if a 6 4113 plow will fit on a 77 B80?
  8. Deadguy

    Two more?!?!?!?!?

    So, today two more horses followed me home. These critters sure are friendly! Somebody should have warned me that they breed like rabbits! Anyways, the first is a B80 with the 8 speed and a 16hp Kohler. The metal is straight and it runs strong. It does need a governor adjustment and the voltage rectifier needs to be hooked up. The tires look ok, but they are very hard and are starting to crack. The second is a Charger 10 with hydro trans, an 8hp Kohler that smokes a little, and duallies. This tractor needs a new voltage rectifier, one new rear tire, and an engine rebuild or new engine. These tractors came as a package deal with a bunch of parts, including a couple mule drives, a 30-some inch universal snow plow, and a 38" triple blade rear discharge deck. $400 took it all home. How do you think I did?
  9. Hi, As I am looking at what needs to be done to my recent acquisition (1974 B80 4 speed), I noticed a lot of transmission fluid and dirt caked on the right side rear wheel, hub and transmission casing. There is vertical and left to right play in the shaft which requires new bearings. From the exhaustive readings on this forum, opening the transmission to change the bearings on the axles is needed. I am up for the task but before I start, can someone confirm whether I will need a press and a puller to change these bearings? Last thing I wish to do is to drive around looking for someone who has a press. Thanks in advance. Patrick
  10. Ty Fritz

    K181 Trouble Shooting

    Please forgive the question, if it's been asked and answered. I'm new to the site, and had trouble searching for an answer to my issues I use my Wheel Horse B-80 all year round. It started acting up a couple of weeks ago, first it would die while mowing. I could restart it easily and finish the job. A week ago it wouldn't start and had to use a battery charger because battery needed help. It would run until it warmed up and die like you turned it off. This is not normal for this unit, usually it starts right up, not continuously cranking. At that time I was thinking it was fuel delivery, so I bought a carb re-build kit (gaskets and needle valve), blew out the carb, put it back together. Same thing, 10 minutes and done, won't restart. Bought a new fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned the tank and screen on the pet cock. No change. This weekend bought new points, condenser, plug and replaced the now toasted battery. I was able to mow for 30 minutes then it died and wouldn't start. Checked for spark again, nothing. Replaced the coil and was able to finish the days toils, however it did die twice while using it and start right back up. When it dies, it's a complete loss of power. You would think it's fixed, but no. Still dies after warming up. Besides the part listed above that were recently replace, I've also replaced the rectifier, ignition switch and starter solenoid two years ago. Any and all suggestions are welcome at this point, tired of throwing parts at it. I need it ready for Indiana snow. Thank you in advance, Ty Fritz
  11. Howdy all you tractor geniuses... I have had the good fortune to acquire a 1977 Wheel Horse B80 recently and have already started to make needed repairs/improvements. One of which is the addition of a model 79252 plow which appeared to have everything attached with the exception of the rear axle bracket (which I have already ordered, received, and put on) a means to attach the frame of the blade to the lift mechanism on my tractor. All of the drawings I have seen call the part I am missing a "plate" with two possible numbers (105-1384-03) or (79551001). My question is, "Does anyone have any pictures of this plow mounted on a B80?" I am just trying to ensure that this "plate" is all that I am missing before ordering it and paying $70 for it! Any and all information would be greatly appreciated as I am pretty new to this, but am trying to keep my new found love of Wheel Horse alive.
  12. I just noticed that my b80 (1975) deck is rusting out. Is there a replacement deck that fits the B80. Tractor is in great shape--had the engine replace several years ago.
  13. I've had this B for quite a few years now, and it's been my constant go to, and ALWAYS starts and is able to do everything I need it to, even when ... it probably shouldn't - haha With that being said, it's time that my favorite gets some TLC. It's going to be slow going ... as I'm still using it as my go to tractor. Sheet metal first - then I'll do the frame and other bits while the motor is at the machine shop. Will be using Base/Clear urethane and High build primer (its much more forgiving on the small imperfections when I block it out to be sure its straight) Pictures! Started with the seat pan ... It is in great shape just the paint is WAY tired so I'm just hitting it with some 60 grit paper on the DA. Geno media blasted this hood for me a week ago, Sandblasting profiles the metal so I had to run the DA over it too, but it's come out alright ... there are quite a few dents that need to be fixed but nothing 'major' - unlike the original hood. It's just in a self etching primer to allow me to bodywork it. Stay Tuned for more!
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