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Found 11 results

  1. Berco

    Dead 520LXI

    Hello all. My battery in my 520LXI was going out, the lights would come on but the engine would not turn over. I put a 1.5 amp truckle charger on the battery when i left for a 4 days trip. I come back and the same. I also noticed i left the key in the run position (the hour meter did not run). I swap out batteries and now the mower is completely dead. When i turn the key - nothing. I verify the battery it good (13.04v), negative is connected to the engine block, voltage is good on the solenoid side of the starter. I out the key to run and try to jump to see if i can start and nothing. Not even a spark. I have used this mover for years and has 500 hours. Could the ignition switch or brake switch be bad? The seat switch is jumped.What else could cause my mower to be dead? Thank you in advance.
  2. Looking for a replacement headlight assembly. I just bought a 520XI with a snowblower and I’m looking to fix the broken headlight before winter. Not sure if anybody knows of anybody selling one. I’ve been looking for a few months now. Thanks for any help.
  3. ToroMan

    Plow Toro 520xi

    Good afternoon, looking for some help regarding a plow assembly for a 1999 520xi model # 73542. I'm told that a traditional Wheel Horse plow assembly will not fit this tractor, that the xi series requires a special plow assembly. Problem is, most of the people selling plow assemblies don't seem to know what they have, and I don't know what I need! I have included the supposed model numbers pulled from the Toro website, including that of a retrofit kit, but I'm not sure what that retrofit kit does! Does it enable me to fit a traditional Wheel Horse plow to an xi model? Don't know. One guy selling a plow knew what type of plow he had and told me it would not fit my tractor, stating "Lift link and handle are in the wrong locations." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just need to know what the hell I'm looking for, which might help me find it! From Toro site: Model #: 79355 48" Snow/Dozer Blade Model #: 95-4090 48" Dozer Blade Retrofit Kit Thanks!!!
  4. Berco

    5XI Transaxle tubing

    I have a transaxle from a 518XI that i have as a spare. I would like to put some caps on the two open hydraulic lines, but i am having some hard time figuring out the thread and type to mate with the existing tubing. Does anyone know the specs for can point me to a fitting that will work? thanks!
  5. Heads up for those in the midwest, there seems to be a good candidate for a project or fixer upper 522xi on chambana CL. I hope someone in the St Louis area grabs it so i can lend a hand an learn a bunch too (i currently own a 522XI). For $400 you get a 522XI with electric issues (wires chewed from mice), plus 52" deck and snow blower. I would be all over this but i do not have the time, money or space right now.
  6. Texas Todd

    Deck Blades Way Off

    Bought a 520xi with a 52" Side Discharge Deck #78370. Got the belt gremlins figured out I think. I replaced all of the spindle bearings as the left one was shot and sounded like a B-52 in flight. It's a very strong mower, but the scalp mark going down the middle of each pass, isn't good. The center blade is cutting significantly lower than the outside blades. I measured the right and center on concrete and the middle blade, when pointed straight forward, is about 5/8" lower than the right side blade, when it is pointed forward. When I turn the blade tips to meet (side to side bias), they are pretty close to being the same height, maybe off a 1/16" to 1/8". I removed the anti-scalp rollers in the front when measuring as well. I didn't mow enough with it before I changed out the bearings to really get a feel for the cut, but I would think it would have jumped out at me.... Any suggestions? I am at a loss.

    520H or 520Xi? HELP!!!

    Hello everyone, I NEED HELP! I came across a gentleman that is selling his whole Wheel Horse collection to clear out his garage. This is what he has: ($600) 93 520H, 1400hrs runs perfect, 48" deck. Torn seat. 20hp Onan. Has owned since new. He says it is a gas guzzler. ($1000) 01 520xi, 2889 hrs (key must have been left on). 20hp kohler. Looks in good shape. tight and shows little wear. Starts, runs fine. only a puff of smoke at initial start-up. minor Hydro noise, but it was 25 degrees out. comes with 78363 48" deck, 42" blower. ($500) additional 60" xi deck, clean, no rust, original ($1000) 268h with 360hrs in the best condition of the 3. ($1200) 52" Z-master zero-turn with 600 hrs. ($500) 02 520lxi for parts, running. ($3500) for everything above. I am upgrading, potentially from a Deere GT225 with around 500hrs. The GT is uncomfortable, and the 42" deck is small. I have hilly terrain and about an acre of grass. I need the tractor for snow removal and mowing only, in addition to hauling a trailer to/from the woods. I have a 1981 1710 Ford tractor with a FEL, PTO/3pt, and back blade for big jobs. Please steer me correctly. Tell me what to look for specifically, as I am new to Wheel Horse. Thanks for any/ALL input!!! -Eric
  8. So I'm going to ask the WH "Lions Dens" opinion on this one? As the story always goes I was searching 'that for sale site", usually looking for that rare old round hood and I came across this ....1997 Model 520xi Toro Workhorse, Number 73540 Kohler 20 hp, engine, Eaton 11 Hydro, 2 speed Uni-Drive® transaxle with a hydraulic lift 52" Side Discharge Mower. Seller is asking $600 and is selling due to moving from larger property to a small property across the country (He is the 2nd owner and has maintenance receipt's back to 2002 when he bought it. Last fall it had +$300 of service, (belts, blades, engine & transmission oils & filter changes. It runs good, no smoke, and has a few paint scrapes and the hood bottom front piece is broken, seat has cracks, tires seem good, Eaton transmission seemed to work OK but I did not get to get it hot and spin the tires with it against a tree, deck appears solid, reportedly garage kept. I really don't need a 52" deck and would end up putting my 42" on it. I'm a little concerned about all the electronic circuits on it (I sort of like the simplicity of my older 312 and C-160) I have a John Deere LT150 as my mower tractor that I could sell to my sister and almost be no money out of pocket. I've only physically seen one of these, so I'm a rookie on these later model WH's! I 'm on the fence of why this one interest me, so here's my questions: 1. Am I correct it does not have the "swept front axle"? (I've read most 97's do not) 2. It does not have power steering....would I regret that? 3. Am I correct that my current attachments that fit my 1985 312-8 (42" deck ,long frame doze blade, grader blade, and tiller) will fit this tractor (since they fit all 300, 400, 500 series tractor)? 4. WH are somewhat rare in my area which means there usually a little pricier, but they all do show up for sale over time. So if I want a newer model should I be holding out for power steering and a swept front axle? 5. Yes I have the WH addiction, but do ya'll see anything in the pictures and price that I'm missing
  9. Usmc1968

    Which fuel filter 520xi

    Howdy folks, I have been searching but cannot find an answer so thanks for your patience. I am getting my 1999 520xi with the Kohler Command engine ready for Spring. Changing all the filters and fluids. I cannot read what is on the inline fuel filter. Last time it was serviced by a Toro dealer so I do not know what they put in there. Thanks in advance Semper Fidelis
  10. I am new on the site. I have a 520xi 1998 with a snow blower and cab. runs great but needs new paint. I also am looking for a mower deck to add to the unit. thanks for looking David
  11. I have a low hr 520xi, and recently had some summer help using it. The boys just used it to pull a cart with brush.. starting and stopping the tractor many times. When I went to use the 520, it would not turn over, and I assumed that the battery was dead. After charging the battery and realizing that there was something more than a possible dead battery, I thought maybe the soleinoid was faulty or a loose wire. I checked all the connections, and could not find any that were loose or disconnected. However, after fussing with it, the tractor turned over and started. All seemed ok, except that now the oil pressure light was on, and the oil pressure gauge was pegged below the red. I pulled off the air filter, and the plate and the connection was solid to the sender. I fully believe is is a connection issue, and think there must be something that I disturbed with the starting issue. As an aside, the ground to the battery was not properly tightened, and that resolved the starting issue. I did take out the 3 relays, and interchanged them to see if one of them was not working. I checked the fuses as well. any insight would be much appreciated! Mark
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