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Found 26 results

  1. Bach-Ed

    Rim Color

    I am repainting the rims on my 857. It seems they are originally a cream color. Has anyone found a good color match in a rattle can? I don't know, but I think I am replacing the original tires as they had the Wheelhorse logo. After 47 years I don't know why they had so much dry rot LOL. The rear rim interiors look as they had recently come from the factory. That is why i'm sure cream is the original color.
  2. I 'm making this thread on the partial restore of my 312 that I introduced here a few weeks ago.. This will give me a place to post the many questions I'll encounter. The current plan is to get it running and see what other bugs it has besides carb cleaning, Then I plan to give all the sheetmetal a good paint job. Currently not sure about how far I'll go on painting the tractor chassis. My initial thought was this was going to be by worker garden tiller tractor. My oldest son was home this past weekend and when my wife asked what he wanted for Christmas he promptly said that " old red tractor dad is working"on would be great for his new house. ......so you can see where this is headed! He's actually a fairly good mechanic, so his hands will get dirty before this is completed I've sand blasted and painted the rims so I can get some wheels under it. I used XO-Rust Aluminum for the first coat and it was too silver. Then I used some Rustoleum High heat engine paint for the second coat and it looked a lot closer to the original gray-silver. The book says it came with 23x9,50-12 rear tires. The original tires were terribly dry rotted. Today I saw some 23x10.5-12 reat tires on Craigslist. Can anyone tell me if they will fit or will they be too wide? since I'm in Texas I won't need inside room for snow chains. As i previously mentioned the engine would run when i sprayed gas into the carb, but not on it's own. The fuel system was very gunked up after sitting for a couple of years. I've cleaned the tank, replaced tank grommet, valve, hoses and filter. I soaked the carb for 3 days to dissolve the hard grey/black residue that was built up on the top bowl faces and everywhere. My carb parts kit came and valve cover gaskets came in today. This weekend i hope to adjust the valves and clean the breather, Then reassemble the carb. Looking forward to hear how it will run. Most of the sheet metal has surface rust, but the rear fender pan has some heavy pitting. I didn't see a 1985 tractor manual for the 312-8 on the website, did I miss it? I found the 1986 manual and noticed it listed an hour meter and alarm lights on the dash that mine doesn't have. Were these options in 86, or new in 86? As a newbie, I appreciate the warm welcome and appreciate your kind guidance!
  3. Tinman1962


    What color is this called n where can one buy some
  4. Evening, Looking for a known aftermarket paint brand and color number match for my Toro 520xi model #73542. Normally I would have the local auto paint store match a tractor part, but due to Covid, that's not an option right now. Was hoping someone can recommend a color they have used for the same tractor, as I've heard paint with the Toro label is a bad match. Thanks!
  5. I'm located in central Indiana. It's now on the colder side here and I'm in the middle of a project. Project now slowed down due to cold and no heated area to paint in. Just wondering what everyone else was doing in a similar situation. Would like to see pictures and maybe an explanation of how and what you have to paint inside to control overspray and paint odor.
  6. I recently acquired a C160A and the PO repainted over the factory finish on the hood. The rest of the machine looks to be pretty much original and I like the used look. My question, has anyone taking off a coat of paint to machine the old finish? Tips welcome. Joe +
  7. Hey all, i recently picked up a Raider 8 and and Charger 12 to add to my small but growing collection. Both need restored including paint and I have never had much painting experience when it comes to auto paint. Can someone give me some helpful tips on prep , like if i need to strip it to bare metal or not and what colors to use? As well as how to mix the paint with hardener and clear coat. Thank you in advance!
  8. does anyone know what the correct paint for a wheel horse 227-5 as i have bought one and it needs restoring. if you could tell me what it is it would be much appreciated. thank you
  9. Hello everyone, I have finally joined Red Square after several weeks of reading posts and looking at the awesome pictures everyone posts of their WH’s. I guess you could say I need a place where I can talk to people who have the same “addiction†as me because I can tell you my wife is about ready to make me move out to the garage if I don’t stop talking about WH’s to her. Anyway, I just wanted to post my summer project I just completed two weeks ago. My dad gave me a 1983 Wheel Horse GT-1642 Work Horse back in May. He didn’t have any use for it sitting around his house after he stole the deck off it for his 520 (I owe my dad and my uncle for getting me hooked on Wheel Horses). The tractor was in pretty rough shape so I figured I would give it a go and see how I could do restoring the old beast. I completely stripped it down and got the frame and wheels painted just in time for the big show in Aredntsville. I put the rusty sheet metal back on the frame so I had it to ride around the grounds. The next week I stripped it back down to the wheels and chassis. I sand blasted all the sheet metal down to bare metal so I have a fresh rust free surface to work with. Once all the body prep work was done, I primed it with Rustoleum rust prohibiting primer and then shot it with Rustoleum Smoke Grey oil based enamel. I know the color is a darker than the way they came from South Bend but I liked the color on the tractor. I ordered new decals from Redo Your Horse, which the quality is absolutely amazing!! After some wet sanding and buffing I assembled it back together, stickered it, installed a new seat, and I have been using is to pull my lawn sweep after I mow with the 520. It’s a blast to drive. This is an awesome forum site!!! Thanks for letting me share!!
  10. Really excited about finding this great 854 last week. Planning on spending some time this fall getting her running nice and showing the K181 some love. Planning on restoring the old girl over the winter. I will post progress pictures here as I get the project under way.
  11. So while I was waiting for paint to dry...I installed Matts Hydro Pedal kit...It was fun and I can't wait to get it adjusted and try it out. Unfortunately it WILL have to wait, as I have more cleaning and sanding and painting. I guess you folks already know what I am finding out. In my first attempt at a refurb....The deeper you go the more problems one encounters. Found a broken seat pan bracket and my 48" mower deck has severe metal fatigue and a crack that is not going to last the summer....But anyway a few pics of the pedals and my feeble attempt at painting. I hope to learn enough this year, so I can take it down to the frame next year. So that gives me a year to learn to weld and paint...
  12. In a previous thread, several folks asked me how I painted my rims with tires already mounted. I recently did another set, so I illustrated the process as I did it. Typically, I like to paint the rims after they are mounted anyways, because inevitably when you have tires mounted on painted rims you’ll always scratch or nick them somewhere. I like to get the rims all cleaned up, blasted and primed, then mount my tires. Here’s my process: 1) Rims were sandblasted and primed with self-etching primer. Tires and tubes were mounted. Everything was wiped down with a pre-kleeno wax and grease remover prior to taping. 2) Using blue 3M tape, I go all the way around the rim slipping the tape between the rubber and rim occasionally tucking it tight with a very small standard screwdriver. 3) Then I create a wider tape ring a few inches out from the rim lip. 4) Slide the whole thing into a kitchen garbage bag. 5) Cut a hole in the bag revealing your tape ring below. 6) Tape the bag to your tape ring previously created on the tire. 7) For silver rims, I like Eastwood Silver Argent rally wheel paint and I use a Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear. http://www.eastwood.com/silver-argent-rally-wheel-paint-set.html 8) I wipe the rims down a few more times with a pre-kleeno wax and grease remover, blow them off with the gun, then shoot two coats of color and two coats of clear. I find that the Rust-Oleum clear holds a much better shine if you don’t let it set long between coats. As soon as it flashes, hit it with round 2. I do all four coats in about 20 minutes.
  13. I'm thinking of using Sherwin Williams Sher-Kem paint on my 1985 312-8. Does anyone used this paint, and do you have a color code match for the WH red
  14. What kind of primer paint do you use and what are the pros & cons. My 312-8 and C-161 both have some light/medium pitting on the sheet metal. They will be worker tractors, but I want them to look as good as reasonable possible. So my interest is the best looking, most durable primer and top coat combination. I've sprayed a lot of lacquer on wood projects and rustoleum and equipment enamel on metal projects over the years I haven't used much automotive hi-end paint, but I'm not opposed to learning how to apply it. Are high-build primers any harder to work with? If so, what are some recommended brands? are some primers more prone to chip, or make the top coat less durable.
  15. Hello All. I have been looking around in my spare time. For rare, unique, coustimized, Different, coloured etc wheel horses. I've found some great ones out there. I was wondering do any of you have any pictures. Here's the ones I've found.....
  16. Hello everyone!! A few weeks ago I was fortunate to stumble upon a pretty nice 312-8 with 675 hours. Much to my wife’s dismay, I drug it home but once she took it for a drive she was smiling from ear to ear. She actually said she liked it better than my 520. I kinda scratched my head and just said ok dear. Anyway, I decided I wanted to put 23x10.5-12 on the rear of my 312 instead of the 23x9.5-12 that is stock. I found a set of Goodyear tires without rims at a consignment sale that came home with me. Then the hunt for rims began….Low and behold I found a set of rims that my neighbor had laying around his garage. I was told they came off his CASE and he didn’t need them anymore. So tonight I decided to scuff them up and paint them metallic silver to cover up the red. I have yet to find an exact match to the factory silver WH put on their wheels that I am happy with. I have found though, if you have a nick in your factory rim, a Sharpie Metallic Silver marker is the best for the task of touching it up. IMHO. So my question is this: I blended a mix of metallic silver and Smoke Grey paint to produce the color of the rims below, do they look close enough for horse shoes? I can’t decide if I’m happy with the color or not or if I need to do a grey metallic. I’d appreciate any opinion. Thanks!! Below is also a pic of the 312 they wheels and tires are going on.
  17. I'm not so sure this is OK to do even if I plug up the holes and stay away from seals. Just a thought I had because it would save me loads of time. But I don't want to risk anything. If anyone has other suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
  18. A good friend of mine gave me this dozer blade he had sitting back in the weeds a few months ago. I used it the other week to grade asphalt millings where he parks the vehicles (His 520 was a little under the weather). So I got bored this afternoon and it got the best of me. I decided to give it a quick make over. I sanded, primed, and shot it with magic IH red. Its feels good taking something from being a rusted piece of metal to something with new life breathed into it. :)
  19. Here are some pictures from a few months ago... I mixed up some of my paint (ppg) to test how it worked with my primer and it worked well. Some spots have filled bubbles but looks very nice! I will post more pictures soon...
  20. This is the hood of my 1960 suburban I'm restoring for the Pensylvania show this year. I wanted to see what you guys thought! Thanks!
  21. Charlie Smith

    C-120 Restoration

    Hello All. Just a few pictures of one of the tractors I've helped restore. Sadly this isn't mine but will be one day it's currently my granddads.... When he first brought it.. She never run. Everything was rusted shut... She even had a tree growing out of her. Had been stood for some years... Still not finished due to health issues with my granddad and he wanted to be the one to do the finishing touches which is fair enough.. She wasn't sprayed. She was hand painted.. But still looks rather amazing,. It's the wrong shade of red we think. Only slightly tad bright, and the wheels are too white.... but here's some pictures...
  22. Hello All. I am wanting to restore/re-spray my little raider 10. I've got the paint for the body...... But I'm stuck on the wheels... Some seem to have a cream. Some have an off white. And others just have plain white? Any recommendations.. These seem to be cream. These seem to be white. Does anybody know the original? Thanks Charlie.
  23. So awhile back I posted a topic called " Modification Dilema" where I asked whether or not I should cut the fenders on my 1054 to accommodate some taller tires. In the end I ended up cutting the fenders, only to realize later that the tire were way to damn tall as they stood at 32" compared to the factory 26/27". About a month later the 12hp Kohler I had put on it started to smoke like a chimney and I knew it was time for a total redo of the machine. Jump to a couple weeks ago I began pulling it all apart for a fresh coat of paint, newer 16hp twin Briggs, swapping the 4 lug hubs for a pair of 5 lugs, and finally a set of 26x12x12 Ags. The engine proved to be the biggest challenge as it was way longer and wider than the original Kohler. For the width I bolted on a piece of angle to the side of the frame, but for the length I had to make brackets to extend the 50# grill 5" ahead. For extra support and to have a place to bolt on the hood I ran a piece of 1" flat stock from the grill to the tower. With all the modifications came a drastic new look. Let me know what y'all think. If I ever get decals made up for it I'm gonna call it a Wheel Horse 1054 "Low Boy"
  24. I bought this at a yard sale for $100 back in March of 2011 because I needed a riding mower - that was all. I didn't even know what a Wheel Horse was. That first summer, I spent a lot of time on the Internet and money out of pocket just getting it mowing again. Thanks for letting me lurk here and learn how special these Wheel Horse tractors really are. In the process I've developed an appreciation for how well they were built - and started to realize that some day I'd do a full-on restoration. By the way, I graduated high school just two years before this was built and I've never restored anything. I've spent my entire live avoiding things mechanical, so every time I picked up a wrench, it was a learning experience. In fact, now that the project is finished, I've amassed quite a collection of tools I've never owned. Sometime around September of last year I decided I was just going to paint the air cleaner cover... I swear I just wanted to see what kind of results I'd get with a can of IH Red and some sandpaper... nothing serious. A mild winter, a lot of paint, elbow grease, mistakes, and successes resulted in this. I love this photo - looks like it could be out of an advertisement from back in '75. This winter, I signed up for a small engine repair class at the local high school. I figured that if I was going to pull the motor, I was going to do it under supervision, but I really just wanted to get my hands on the inner workings of an engine. I had it soda blasted before dragging it back and forth to school, and worked on it for six weeks both in class and out of the back of the station wagon (way to heavy to drag all the way back to the barn every week.) I think it looks pretty good now, and runs great too. I didn't do any body repair - maybe that's the next class, but somehow leaving the dings and dents in says "I worked hard and deserve this." Perhaps that's me talking and not the Wheel Horse. The mower deck is mechanically restored, but still needs a few coats of paint - some time this summer. Again, thanks for all the help in this forum. It's been invaluable. Now, if I could just get my head around the governor/linkage/throttle thingee, I'd be a happy camper. I'm gonna take a break and ponder the whole thing while I bask awhile in the glow.
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