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Found 25 results

  1. I am looking for a snow plow in the Western NC area, might be a long shot but iv checked marketplace and craigslist. No luck. if anyone has one or knows where I could get one. I believe I need a long frame one for my tractor. Thank you!! sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. One year after owning my wheel horse and still running strong!
  2. TailGate18

    Knowledge Needed (help)

    Need help please Can't exactly identify my wheelhorse. I believe I've pinned it between 74-79 but not sure exactly. I'm not real knowledged in mowers but interested in learning. It ran few years ago. Then parked in a storage unit for about 3 years with gas left in it. I can't get it to run at all unless using ether. I've drained all the old gas, I've replaced the fuel lines, new plug, new gas, but it just won't start up and keep going. I figured on new carb but don't know exactly what I'm looking for and thought I'd better know the exact details of the mower so I know I get the right parts. Any help would be appreciated. The info I do have is as follows. The mower itself all I could find was one tag on the frame under the gas tank. ID # 61-08K801-05782 Then under that 4 digits 6337 Has a Kohler motor info as follows Model-K181 Spec- 30538 Displ (cc)- 305 Serial #- 2613800539 It'll crank but not start. Not even attempt to start. With the fuel line off of the fuel pump it shows it pumps fuel. I thought the possibility of the float being stuck in the bowl but again not very knowledged in this field. Would appreciate any insight, details, knowledge, help or anything of the sort. Or info on the information of the tractor so I know exactly what I'm asking questions about Says it's a B-80 8 speed Thanks in advance
  3. nickjet67

    My B-115

    Hello all, I recently acquired a "new" B-115, and with the help of @ohiofarmer, I will be fixing her up, first with a engine he is trading me for my old Kohler engine off my '77 B-80 that I trashed when I was 13. I haven't been in the Wheel horse game long, as I am 16 now, I hopefully will be able to keep this project updated on here, especially in the spring when I will be completely repainting it! I am super excited for this project, and am ready for all the challenges that lay ahead with it. if you have any helpful information you are willing to share about my newly acquired project, please share! I haven't had tons of luck finding tons of information about it.
  4. nickjet67

    Rough B-115

    Hi, been a while since I been on the forum, but I needed to log on to get some help with my "new" b-115 I picked up for $25! I saw this beauty sitting on the side of the road and I just needed to have it. only issue is it doesn't have a engine and the steering was all discombobulated. Last night I got that all welded up and now I am looking for help, I need to get the Briggs motor that came on it now, I have had 0 luck with finding the right motor for it but I have found almost every part I would need to build one from scratch. They are all over ebay and craigslist (the parts) and would be expensive but nice. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (also am looking for a snow blower and a bagger for it, dont know if the bagger for it exists but would be nice to have.
  5. dmhill


    Does anyone know what drive belt and deck belt I need for the 1980 B 82? Also if anybody had pics of the drive belt installed I would appreciate it..... When I picked it up both belts were/are missing. Not entirely sure all the necessary hardware is under there either, however, it seems complete. Thank you in advance.
  6. I have looking at my cracked, now severely cracked, seat on my B80 and have decided to look into replacing or recovering. I prefer to keep the seat pan as it is in good shape and came on the tractor. The seat has an embossed Wheel Horse logo on it. Has anyone had great success with an upholsterer or replacement? any info would be appreciated.
  7. tractor girl 58

    1977 B 100 Automatic won't start

    I have a b 100 that I am trying to get started. It will turn over but will not start. Just replaced the spark plug with an autolite 216 and picked up a tester at the same time. The tester appears to have zero spark. I pulled the solonoid and cleaned all the connections, still won't start. What are acceptable replacement parts for this? Can I use the ford tractor 12 v solonoid and coil from TSC? What part would be the most obvious to try first? As a side note, I also drained all the gas and put fresh in yesterday just in case..
  8. Hi, I am nick. I am 13 years old and have recently purchased a wheel horse b-80 that i have worked on all winter, then it all came to a sudden halt when i figured out that i dont have my entire pto clutch assembly. if there is anybody that has any parts that are willing to give to me or for me to purchase off them, please respond!!!! Sincerly, Nick
  9. C81 or B-100 To Buy or not to Buy Hi guys. Yesterday I posted that I am looking for a fixer-upper for my son and I was looking at a C-161. Now it may but may not be available. I have two other options. A C-81 in unpredictable shape for $300 (tractor only - no extras shown on picture below) or a B-100 with pictured blow (it runs) for $450. (I would hope to get the price down.) The C-81 is being listed as an 8 speed with an 8 hp engine. The B-100 is listed as an 1976 8-speed with a 10 hp engine. My question is - are they worth the price? Which would you buy for your kid to fix up? Does either one have a better record than the other? We are not looking at mowing and likely not plowing. At least not to start. We would have a trailer and be doing landscaping projects. Hopefully this post isn't too long but some pictures are below. The first 3 are the C-81 and the last 4 are the B-100. THANKS
  10. Hello All. I have been looking around in my spare time. For rare, unique, coustimized, Different, coloured etc wheel horses. I've found some great ones out there. I was wondering do any of you have any pictures. Here's the ones I've found.....
  11. 608KEB

    K181 no spark

    I ran my 75 B-80 about 2 weeks ago fired right up as always. Went to start it tonight no luck took sparkplug out and set it on the head. Turned it over and there is no spark. I read through some posts about this problem. What do I clean the points with. I have a gap tool, but forgot how to set the gap. suggestions?
  12. 608KEB

    Hydro ?

    I have a 1974 B-100. The Hydro doesn't run smooth. It's jerky when I increase my speed. It is more jerky in reverse. The speed is constant though. I have used wd40 on the lever components. I soaked it a couple of times a day for about a week. My C-120 and 520H does the same thing. looking for ideas on how to fix this. I have another B-100 that operates smooth as I increase or decrease speed.
  13. Hi, new here however I have come digging around this site for information in the past (I could have sworn I had an account at one time). I'm looking for information on the tire size for C-series and B-series tractors. Is there a good source for that information online? Specifically I'm looking for information on the tire sizes (front and back) for the following: 1978 C Series Garden Tractor C-101 8-Speed/ 10hp Kohler 1976 B Series Garden Tractor B-80 8-Speed / 8hp Kohler I don't own a Wheel Horse however I keep Dad's C-series running. Also: does anyone know when Wheel Horse switched from the cushioned 2 spoke steering wheel on the 76-B80 to the three spoke un-cushioned steering wheel the is on the 1978 C-101?
  14. JimmyJam

    1976 B-80

    Heading back into barn for carb/engine overhaul.
  15. JimmyJam


  16. Dirtyhorse1984

    Help with headlights

    I need help withy headlights on my b-100. The rear light works but the headlights don't any suggestions?
  17. Picked up a B80 with a 42" Snowblower. Missing the lift arm. I have heard and seen some pictures of the flag, lift tube. Can anyone provide a picture or two of how it looks underneath hooked up and some measurements for fabrication purposes? Would really be great, Thanks. I will post a few pictures tomorrow after daylight when I can get some good pics. The person who sold it to me said he lost these parts.
  18. skrusins

    Lift Rod

    A while back someone showed the holes to use on the lift lever. There are a total of 5 holes and I want to make sure I'm using the right ones. Need to know which hoe to use for the mower deck and snow blower. I did a search without any luck.TIA
  19. woodbird007

    2012 10 26 17 46 12 513

    1976 B-80 8 speed.
  20. woodbird007

    2012 10 26 17 31 01 41

    !975 B-100 Automatic. My "bulldozer"
  21. woodbird007

    2012 10 26 17 49 17 350 1

    Twin 1974 B-80 4 speeds. My mowing tractors. 36" decks, great fuel economy.
  22. Looking for part number for deck belt to pto its seems to be around 96 inchs but no numbers? the tractor is a 8hrs 1974 b-80 with a 30 inch rear discharge. Thank You Mike
  23. KyBlue

    Garden Tillage

    Got the tiller mounted up to get the garden all tilled up for this planting season. I expanded it at the end of last year so part of it is pretty rough. It's still a bet wet ... Let it dry and I'll hit it again tomorrow. Onto the photos! And just so everybody can see em, cause there are always questions, each spring about the pullies..
  24. Nick Vaughn

    need help with rear tires

    hi i have a 76 b-111 old school well after 30+ yrs the tires need changed the current size is 22x7.5-12 can i swap them with a 23x8.5-12 without alot of hassle thank u guys
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