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Found 23 results

  1. MrTrimmier

    701 is finally home!

    After almost 2 years after purchase, we drove from Beaufort SC to Winston-Salem NC to claim the 701. The seller was supposed to bring it to Myrtle Beach and save us a bunch of driving but it never happened. Oddly enough, when we were about 20 minutes out from his place I noticed a trailer in front of us with a restored 701 and another round hood sitting side by side being pulled down the road on a red trailer. As we passed it occurred to me it had been 30 years since we had sold our 701 and it's implements, which was the last time I had actually laid eyes on a wheel horse. Having said that, it was an uneventful trip back through my home city of Charlotte NC back to Beaufort. The 701 is in very sad shape, having set outside for obviously decades. The shifter is sheared off above the pivot. The L steering arm to the spindle is broken off where the roll pin goes through, and the belt cover is missing off of the Kohler. The seller told my wife "everyone" wanted the mower deck so I suspect the belt cover was a quick sale item to one of the lookers. The wheels and seat pan are rusted out, the mower deck is holed and pitted. Other than that it is a complete 701 replete with vintage battery and liquid varnish in the tank and sediment bowl. I have some other wheels to fit, so that will be step 1 followed by vacuuming the leaf buildup around the shifter and in the tool tray. The 7 horse spins, but I didn't get too aggressive without some lubricant in the cylinder. It appears all the hardware is now melded with it's respective sheetmetal. Some PB blaster will be in order prior to any attempt to remove the lugs or hood bolts... Guess it's time to pull it down into chunks and try my hand at some electrolysis tank immersion... I bought a new dash, throttle cable, muffler, rear hubs and adjustable implement lowering device while in the Middle East... Good Times Ahead!
  2. T-Mo

    1961 701

    1961 701s
  3. This one was on Marketplace for quite a while with a hefty price tag. I ask if he was flexible on price, Nope. After a quite a while longer same question before I made the drive. Come on up, maybe we can make a deal. The rest is history, I didn't steal it, but I'm happy with the deal! Ya I know you want pictures, but there a little more interesting back story. His granddad's business was Nicholson Machine and Equipment and he was a Wheelhorse Dealer in the 50's and 60's in Paris....., Tx that is! He sent me this picture of the glass window from the door to the business that he has framed. He also wrote me a short note about his Granddad's business. So after his he passed, his dad gave the tractor to him. he's had it for quite a few years and said it's always been garage kept. So if a Dealer owned this for his own use and never sold it, and then it passed to his Son, and then Grandson, that would technically make me the 1st buyer, Ok so on to some tractor photo's beautiful double pulley belt guard front and center. It starts with a spray of gas in the carb, but doesn't stay running. All there, nice and original, you can see a weld repair on the front of the belt guard, Here's the serial number @gwest_ca The plastic dash is intact and not cracked! My 1st old style split key. it still has the orignal Silverton Ags. They hold air, but their so hard they probable don't need any. I wonder if their hard because they might still have calcium chloride in them??? The hitch pin isn't frozen and the lift cable even works. Interesting decal plastered across the front of the hood. aluminum gas tank is fairly clean. Hood bottom tab has been repaired. topless view of the engine, needs a bath. The front tires are original and hold air, but have some splits across the thread. Homemade choke and throttle cable bracket. The base of the engine has wet oil, so i suspect it needs some gaskets. Both axle seals are dry, but the input shaft and brake shaft seals leak. I've learned if the top of the transmission is filthy oily, it probable means theirs water in the transmission that has floated the oil out. This one is clean so hopefully that's a good sign. Started some maintenance and a beautiful sight, not a drop of water, just black oil. It shifts through the gears nicely so it will be interesting to see how it runs/drives. I'll gradually go all through it with my checklist. 701 Minor Overhaul Checklist.ods Then have to decide if I rub it down with linseed oil like it is, or buff with some steel wool or wet sand to bring a little more red out, then oil. How would ya'll put your finishing touches on it? I'll update this thread as I do maintenance on it and get it running.
  4. Hi all, i bought this 1961 701 in fall of 2018 and restored it. I completed it in fall of 2019 and I wanted to show some pictures of before during and after I got it done. I did my research and tried to make this tractor as close to original as possible. The few exceptions are tires, wiring and the steering support. Not a perfect tractor but sure is nice enough for me. all stainless hardware Rustolium stops rust Primer Rustolium Regal Red enamel paint powder coated wheels and seat Glenn Pettit Reproduction dash
  5. So just picked up a 701, obviously the engine isn't right. I have a 7hp Kohler to put on and will put B&S on my Speedex. Anyone ever seen a post come out on the right from the rock shaft? It rotates with the lift handle and has no holes in it. It was done up well, almost looking factory.
  6. NJ Tom

    NJTOM's 701

    Just finished my winter project. I also restored the plow blade, now I'm going to look for some attachments.
  7. here's a few photos (i hope) of a 701 i'm rebuilding. got it last spring from a shed it had been in for years.
  8. Dhodge

    Nice day for a ride

    Picked this up yesterday after a long days ride. I'm going to need to see Terry for the correct stickers though. Left the house at 6:00am and returned at 11:45pm, almost an 18 hour ride. I think it was worth it though. Looks to be all original except the stickers and the front tires. You don't find these to often and almost never with an unbroken dash plate that's original. She runs great, but I'm finding it hard to get my motor running this morning after that trip.
  9. WHX??

    Possible 701 Score

    This is a possible score, about 300 miles to get it tho but the price is right. Take a look at the pics and see if you guys see anything out of place.
  10. Hey guys. I need help finding a steering gear and shaft for my 753. I need it stat! There are a few on eBay that look like they might work but when I ask the seller they don't know can anyone help?? Thanks, Zane
  11. Here are some pictures from a few months ago... I mixed up some of my paint (ppg) to test how it worked with my primer and it worked well. Some spots have filled bubbles but looks very nice! I will post more pictures soon...
  12. Hi I am restoting a 1961 701 and need to replace my Steering Shaft Support-Bottom. The original Wheel Horse numer is 3923. If you have one send me a message or know where I can find a replacement, Please let me know! Thanks for your assistance Terry 701
  13. My next show tractor project is a 701 for the 2013 wheel-horse show And so it begins nice muffler of the homemade kind hubs are welded to the axles on both sides extra parts Brian
  14. I've read several posts on the subject, and I was warned that trying to remove the lift arm from a 701 would try my patients, but I really didn't realize how true that was. I have struggled with stuck wheel hubs in the past, but this is quite the task. I have the roll pin removed, and I have been soaking the assembled pieces in PB Blaster, but as of yet, there is no movement. I don't want to mushroom the end of the shaft by beating it with a hammer, and I don't see any way to use a puller. The entire assembly and hood stand is off the tractor. Any help from anyone who has removed one of these (without damage) would be appreciated. :thanks:
  15. Ok folks this is just the starting point for this restoration. I'll begin by saying what I've always said before concerning "restorations". A restoration is how YOU define it. I define mine as a complete tear down, replace, refurbish and/or refinish every single piece of this machine striving to achieve a 100% mechanically correct machine per the original Integrated Parts List. About the only thing non-original will be the method of painting. I will use primer, which Wheel Horse did not, but as added protection to the longevity of my "Restoration". Hope you all enjoy following along. Here's where we start ...
  16. Last week, I had appended to another member's thread concerning repairs to a round hood lower bracket. Now that I have repaired mine, I thought it best to start a new thread. This is what the bottom bracket looked like on my recently acquired 701. I removed the rivets, cleaned the metal, cut a new stiffening plate for the inside and reattached the bracket. I think that short of welding, this will provide for a much stronger attachment.
  17. Well the Lady Ranger is done and the 701 has been sitting in pieces begging to be put back together. We have had everything back from the powder coater for a while and dad was supposed to be doing this while I was doing the Lady Ranger. Unfortunately he ran in to some other things that took more priority so I am helping him along with this machine. We need to really get cranking on this one as we are wanting to show it in one month at the show in Fort Wayne at the Coliseum. Here is what it looked like when we brought it home........... I worked on it a bit about a week ago.......... Stopped in for a few minutes tonight and decided to take a picture since I forgot to this weekend..... The tins and belt guard for the motor are all done and powder coated. The motor itself is going to need a lot of cleaning and TLC before we can spray primer and paint. Hoping to get cranking on this one. Found out we need to get new front tires since the originals ended up falling apart. So we are leaning toward putting tri-ribs on the front.
  18. I bought a ruff 701 before the show, it turned out to be very ruff, but I'm a man of my word so I paid for it, I can salvage a few parts off it, and believe it or not the hood is not as bad as it looks, only one bigger dent, and no cracks, it will be pitted, but they make good epoxy primer for that. I'll get a number of other parts off it, before the rest goes to scrap. Then sun. as we were starting to load up, I was asked if someone could use my ramps off my trailer, and would I look to see if this tractor was a good deal, so I walked over to see a pretty fair 701 in the back of a truck, the guy had drove by earlier and seen the Big Wheel Horse sign on the fence, so he went home and brought the 701 to see if anyone wanted to buy it, I looked it over and told the buyer it was a pretty good deal even though we could not hear it run, and jokingly I said I'll buy it if you don't, and he said it's yours, he really didn't want or need it, so I looked it over a little better now that it was my money buying it, and still thought it was a good deal, it came with the orig. metal seat pan, mower deck that is ruff, snow blade old style with the foot release also on the ruff side, and a set of tire chains, it also had a newer batt. I had it running in 5 min. after getting it home, no smoke and runs pretty good, has been painted but looks nice under the paint I see no major pitting or dents, and has the orig. choke and throttle cables both in VERY nice shape those are very hard to find, not bad for $225. Ruff one second one in much better shape
  19. Terry701

    WH Shows - Mid-West

    Hello - I was wondering if there are ever any Wheel Horse Shows in the the Easter Missouri / South West IL area. I have a 1961 701 I would like to show. Or if anyone knows of a list of shows posted anywhere. Thanks, Terry 701
  20. kthack657

    Weekend Haul

    So Jim My father in law and I went to Biglerville, PA today to look at two possible 701's and my notorious belt guard. For those who dont know, I purchased one off of ebay back in...January and here it is April and no package...post office lost it. So after waiting all of this time, we have obtained the necessary belt guard and a little more, namely 2 more tractors (both 701's) a 16hp Kohler engine and a very nice pair of Ag tires. Please have a look at the pics, as with all of these 701's We will finally have a nice quality Tractor. Thanks Jordan for the tour, and letting us look at all of your tractors. It was AWESOME So 5 hours of driving later we are home and have taken lots of pics for you...Happy looking!
  21. As many of you know when I bought my 701 the hood was cut and hinged and the belt guard was chopped, with the front mounting tab and belt guide missing. I tried to keep the repairs to a minimum and still have that patina look, but it is a question of where to stop. This weekend I had a little time on my hands and ended doing a little more than I intended. Hope you enjoy. Pics of what I started with (hinged hood) Hood mig welded back together and slots in rear of hood repaired Went a little overboard and decided to remove all the dents and totally strip all the paint. Pictures are of the hood stripped with the decals still in tact and all the repair areas feathered in with body filler. The decals were later removed After a final sanding 2 light coats of Dupont Etch primer was applied to the bare metal for a good adhesion Next 3 coats of high build primer was applied to take care of any small imperfections On to the belt guard and what it looked like before I started Front mounting tab, belt guide and missing chunk out of bottom of guard all welded back on and stripped down to bare metal All dents are removed and repair areas are feathered in with body filler After finishing sanding etch primer is applied to bare metal on both sides And finally the high build primer applied Last thing was the replacement gas tank. The holes where the hood bolts on were messed up in the old tank and fortunately I had another good tank. Got that prepped also. Now the next question is where I go from here. I got a little more involved than I wanted to but the hood, belt guard and gas tank just needed to be done to make it look presentable. I have the complete set of decals for it but didn't plan on doing a complete paint job on it. Any suggestions ???
  22. Redbirdman

    701 value vs 702

    There was a post where a question was asked about the value of a 701 and a photo was shown.........there was a great gnashing of teeth and people jumping up and down on their hats about the value and the quality of the machine in question. But as far as I'm concerned, that is completely subjective! To me, the value is entirely fleeting. If it's over priced it ain't gonna sell! If it sells, it ain't overpriced! no matter what the price But what is more important (other than the price) is for us to identfy what is correct and to share our knowledge of each machine that we are familiar with. In the above example, the question was asked about a 701. I noticed the photo was not at all like my 701, but rather like a 702. Here is a photo of the rear end of 701 in question.... (() ..... ........And here is my rear end ( ( ) In my OP I believe the first photo is a 702 frame with 701 sheet metal... But let's ask da boyz, WHAT"S THE DIFFERENCE guys? Am I right? Nothing against 702's but I always understood the 701 was a revolution of the RJ58. The 702 was just a stylized version of the 701.... which I am sorry to say means 'cheaper built'..... ED
  23. terry (vinylguy52) has made a set of decals for my 701 that include the serial number of both the tractor and the "RMR3661" mower deck that came with my tractor. he now has an order form to order them with your serial number. just go to redoyourhorse.com and type 701 in the search box. this is the first time i have dealt with him and i think he went out of his way to take care of my request. you just don't find that much anymore. THANKS TERRY. :notworthy:
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