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Found 32 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Operator manual #A-5274 Wiring 6 pages 7.31MB Illustrated parts list link Use the 1970 parts list for the Raider 10 model 1-6051 and Raider 12 models 1-6251 and 1-6253 with the following exceptions For 1970 electric clutch use Electro 12 model 1-7255 2 pages 282KB We also have the 1971 tractor parts manual that followed 1971 Raider 10 model 1-0300 - (1-0300-6) - Uses HH100-115145C with magneto ignition (Engine oil capacity 2 quarts) 1971 Raider 12 model 1-0310 - (1-0310-6) - Uses K301S-47407C with breakerless magneto ignition (This model also made in Belgium) (Engine oil capacity 2 quarts)


  2. Charlie Smith

    UK HELP! Rear Tyres.

    Hello all. People from other parts of the world can answer if they know of anywhere in the UK.... But can all the UK users out there please try and help. I want to remove my grass/turf tyres and store them up but i want to replace them with some Cleat/Agricultural Tyres. Any suggestions where to buy these.... Thanks Charlie.
  3. Conner Anderson

    wheel horse charger 9

    I own a Charger 9, it is a 68 and I am wondering what I should ask for it. I personally want to trade it, just cannot find anything worth my efforts. I found a younger gentleman in his 20's, he's over 650 miles away from me and he has himself a raider 12, I want it just he wants two tractors for it. I personally feel my Charger is worth more than 250, as it is one of a kind. Please, let me know.
  4. My cheap-o walmart U1 battery is starting to bite the dust again (barely able to crank it over fully charged, and ozzing everywhere) after 3 years on my 68' Raider and I am looking into a new battery for winter as I now have a plow setup. I was thinking of either getting the original 22NF battery that came with it or running a mazda mita battery which is a U1 size. Is the AGM worth the extra money over the 22nF even in the smaller size? I think the vibrations keep killing the cheapo batteries and I am trying to make sure I can leave it out in the cold and not have a problem starting in the winter. It does get down to 0F or below zero every once in a while. I don't think I want to go all the way to a 22nF AGM as it is $200. Thoughts?
  5. Robert2000996

    Riding then died now won't crank

    I was riding my raider 10. Kohler in drive way running fine then it dies and now it won't even click when I try to crank over starter
  6. ohiofarmer

    when are new piston rings enough?

    I am picking away at the k series on the raider10. Basically the Piston blew through at the ring grooves as it appears the rings may have had too large a gap. I can feel a slight erosion of the bore where the ring gaps All lined up, but not even close to catching a finger nail. I am hoping just hoping out the bore will get it back to round close enough that a ring job will do . In any case I can measure the bore and report back. Discipline demands that I do not tear this engine down right now as too many things are taking up my time. Just hoping the gurus can offer a bit of guidance
  7. Just recently had a 10 pinion differential axle gears lose their teeth as shown in this picture from a post in 2014. Was wondering if others have had this happen and if they determined the root cause and corrective actions. I am considering replacing the two axle gears and five pinions that were destroyed but did not want the same thing to happen again. I assume the failure was due to a worn cylindrical spring that I also plan to replace.
  8. 12 hp Kohler

    Charger and Raider LSD

    Been looking at a lot or Raiders and Chargers lately and was wondering if they all have LSD? I know most of them did but I was wondering if some of the later models might have had the Uni drives instead ? Thanks, Robbie.
  9. Hello all. Just wanted to share a few pics of my 69' Raider 10 at roughly 85% complete! Still debating whether or not I want to totally repaint the tins or just wet sand and hit it with clear. I'm not doing an all original resto. Just repowering with a K181 thats been torn down and cleaned, new seals and gaskets, electrical connectors, wire replacement (about 90%), gas lines, points and condenser, rebuilt carb, and primed/painted. While I had that on the bench I rewired the chasis, scraped/cleaned/painted the tank tray, dash, various other parts, new nuts/bolts as needed, new tank, rewired lights with LED bulbs, new headlight cover, and LED tail-light. Some of the custom mods: All new stickers made to OEM specs , New Ags and rims for the back, new tires / rims on the front, stack muffler (Not pictured I think), and here is the one thing I did that I couldn't be happier with....I added a red LED light mounted on the dash wired straight to the ignition switch. When that key is on the light is on. No more running my battery dead by bumping the key when I get off, or just flat out leaving it on! I highly recommend this as it's already saved my keester about 4 times and I haven't even fired the motor. LOL. Now that I'm a supporter I can fire away with the pics! Wait for my next post. I just picked up a C120 that's been sitting in a barn for 35 years. I LOVE IT! Any advice on the final steps of making the changeover from SS to Points? I'm using the Kohlers ignition switch and wiring. I'd love to replace it though. Any idea where to get a replacement? Thanks all! 🤘✌ More pics..

    Wheel Horse

    I have a 1968 Raider 10 3 speed forward with reverse and low and high range shifter 2 what kind of fluid do I put in the transmission because it is like a transmission slash rear end and also where do you find the headlight switch that pops into the dash
  11. Been a while since bendy has seen some snow so thought I'd have a run up the fields and take a few pics. here's a few more pics of the snowy yorkshire dales - enjoy!
  12. Followed up the Trailblazer 7 purchase with another good CL find. This one is a REALLY good one. Picked up a 68' Raider 12 That came with wheel weights, chains, 48" deck in insanely good condition, and a dump cart with hydraulics! I'm not sure if the cart is an actual Wheel horse, it could be but the tires aren't right. Obviously the hydraulics aren't original. Either way, I paid the equivalent of buying the cart and wheel weights at Fair market value. I couldn't believe it made it past 24 hours. Nice to know I don't have much competition in the area! Couple of questions on the setup of this beast. My buddy thinks it was a pulling tractor. It has the rear wheel hub extensions (which I don't mind at all. Looks slick if you ask me), it also has a modified throttle body which works fantastic and is a thousand times better than the twist-lock cable, it had a homemade steering tensioner at the base of the steering wheel made from a spring and half a coffee can lid to protect the paint, and the footboards have extensions off the front sides. The fella I bought it from got the tractor from his uncle who I'm guessing passed away because he didn't have much info on the tractor at all. He wasn't sure why things were setup like they were. Certainly explains why the deck is pretty much mint. I swear those blades are original. Overall, the thing runs like a top and purs like a kitten with the modified muffler. Will the 48" deck mount up on my attachomatic setup on my 69' Raider? That's the other thing, take a look at this rear. There are no latches. Thanks in advance for any info!
  13. Bowdoinham Dan

    Troubleshooting: Dead Raider 10

    I need a little help troubleshooting. I have a Raider 10 that just up and died in the middle of a tilling job. It now sits in the middle of my field with a tarp over it :-(. I initially started it yesterday after it sat all summer. It wouldn't turn over at first, so I charged the battery for 4 hours and afterwards it started without a problem. It ran for about 10 minutes until running out of gas (whoops). I filled the tank, started it again, and worked it out in the pasture with the tiller attachment for about 45 minutes. Then it died. The engine just shut off. I turned the key and got nothing, not even a click or an attempt to turn over. I assumed this was a dead battery, so I went to home depot and bought a new one. I installed it just like the old one (see photo). I cleaned the terminal cables with steel wool. Still nothing. Totally dead. Any ideas as to what to do/what happened?
  14. Got my transmission fixed last year in time for winter and have been mowing all spring/summer no problem until tonight. I got a Raider 12 with a 5060 transmission and when I was mowing the lawn today I went to shift the tractor from 1st to 2nd gear and nothing happened. I didn't hear a grind or anything, but put the tractor back in neutral, shut off the mowing deck and tried going into to gear. The tractor wouldn't move at all. I can still roll the tractor in neutral but shifting the transmission in gear with the tractor off does not have the tractor brake. I already think I know what the answer is, but is there anyway I did not strip a gear in the transmission and not have to drop the transmission to find and replace the gear that probably stripped? Thanks for help.
  15. Had a few questions on the PTO clutch. Just got a new clutch facing for my Raider 12 and am trying to get it install properly and am running into some minor (I hope) issues. 1) It looks like there is a c - clip that is used on the pto sleeve (pic 1 and 3). I didn't see one in the manual but didn't know if one should be there or not to hold the clutch plate from moving to far when installed? 2) The transmission belt guard does not sit flush with the frame anymore like I believe it should. It has been welded (pic 2) at least once to try and make sure it stays as close as possible but it is not completely flush. Is this critical for operation of the PTO? 3) Because of this the rivets hit the belt guard when mounted. I was thinking about putting washers as a spacer to give the pto plate space from belt guard. Would this be a problem or should this work? Any other thoughts or suggestions. Thank you.
  16. Can you help me determine the year and estimated value of another one of my husband's Wheel Horses? (I couldn't have sold his GT-14 without you and so appreciate your help on that one.) I found where the serial and model numbers are located on the tractor but they are not readable. The serial number is something like 010008301. Probably not too helpful. I have attached some pictures. Not sure if it runs. It has been stored a long time - as you can tell by the pictures. Thanks!
  17. mmmmmdonuts

    Welcome New Raider 12

    Hello. Just received a new Raider 12 from my grandfather after I bought my first house. Already been using it to mow and move wood around. Trying to figure out what year the Raider is and what model it is because I can't seem to find that information anywhere. Also, I am looking into possibly getting a snowblower for it, but I am not sure what I have to do for the front. It looks like he added custom attachments to it but I am not entirely sure nor is he. I am just looking for a little bit of guidance on maybe attaching a tach-o-matic or what I would need to get. Trying to fix the tractor up a bit when I get time and make it look like new again hopefully in the future. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  18. Charlie Smith

    Raider 10 Snow Plough Restored!

    Hello All, Hope everyone is well, over here in the UK winter is coming soon. The met office have said snow is meant to hit Scotland early Wednesday, with all these winters getting worse and worse every year, I have finally managed to get a snow plough........ Looks like more fun this winter for me! Anyway when I purchased it, it wasn't in its best condition.... But it was reasonably cheep at £75.00 (GBP) however it was usable how it was, but... Seeing I had a few spare materials laying around I figured I'd restore the blade, this is the outcome, Now a few before and afters.
  19. Hello all, Firstly I'll start by saying, before your brains switch off half way through. This post isn't very interesting, I just haven't posted for a while and thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of what the raider has been doing in my back garden today. Lets hope this nice weather lasts. Anyway today, we decided we would like to take out back hedge out as we back onto a family owned field we knew there was going to be no trouble doing this, however the hedge was a really thick Hawthorn... Anyway to the bits you guys love... My little raider hasn't been started for around 3 weeks now, I jumped on turnt the key and boom! She fired up, boy was I chuffed I thought there was at least going to be one or two complications anyway I took her up the end of the garden, looped the chain round, bolted the chain round the hedge/chain link fence, and the fun started, Yep that's right, pulling out the two old fences that where hidden in the hedge, pulling out all the big stumps moving all the big trunks to the fire wood storage, Any way that's it for now, pictures below, enjoy. Ps: as I said, not very interesting... But
  20. Charlie Smith

    Getting Ready For Mowing Season

    Hey there, finally the south England (UK ) has been blessed with some nice warmer weather, grounds all dried out and ready for mowing, so today I got the old cutting deck out of the back of the shed and had my first cut, had a few problems putting the deck back on but got there in the end. And didn't think the blades would cut much as they where blunt but surprisingly they left the garden with a nice bright green spongy grass.
  21. Charlie Smith

    Strip Down And Clean

    Hello All just a post here to show you all what I've been up to today as I know you lot love pictures, I've been taking loads not to worry. Today I started to clean my old raider 10 up as I have a vintage country show approaching very soon. And I'm not restoring it just yet, I plan on keeping it original for a little while,so I thought I'd just give it a good clean up, so far I've only just taken the engine housing off and given it a good clean and all around the engine, tomorrow I am starting to work on the whole body and hope to have it shining bright by the weekend, Thanks, Charlie.
  22. Charlie Smith

    Snow Again!

    Hello All, Haven't been on here in a while so thought I'd post a new topic. With all this snow already here in the UK and lots more to come. I've just come back in from outside, I went out to check if my little raider 10 was all okay. Just mainly wanted to see if the battery was fully charged ready for tomorrow's snow blowing and maybe the odd bit of fun sledging, ahaha. Turns out. Snow can get into my shed. good thing though. All okay battery charged and I'm now prepared for this snow
  23. Charlie Smith

    Exhaust Opinions!

    Hello all.. Me again..lol just a quick question this time. ... What exhausts do you think look better..., I know the stacks in the following photo wouldn't make it original.. But your opinions please... This one. (Stacks) Or the original, Thanks Charlie.
  24. Hello All. I am wanting to restore/re-spray my little raider 10. I've got the paint for the body...... But I'm stuck on the wheels... Some seem to have a cream. Some have an off white. And others just have plain white? Any recommendations.. These seem to be cream. These seem to be white. Does anybody know the original? Thanks Charlie.
  25. Charlie Smith

    Raider 10 Snow Fun 2013.

    Hello All. Just wanted to show you all the good old raider holding out through the snow periods and letting us have loads of fun on her. There's also a video on youtube. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HjkMNaHsT_U&feature=plpp Thanks Charlie.
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