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Found 19 results

  1. wh315-8

    Snow Herd is Ready

    10HP with 42” blade, C-85 w/cab & 42” Snow Blower, 315-8 w/Ark Loader. Ready for some snow ❄️. Last year had up to 14” in Ohio. Snow cab windows were fogged up bad and I used MeGuires PlastX, this stuff was easy, apply like wax, rubbing it in and wipe off, amazing how it cleared that plastic window up.
  2. Picked up this Toro Power Max yesterday. The rake is shot but the gearbox is good and the shaft isn't bent. Why Toro doesn't use shear bolts, I'll never know.
  3. wheel horse garden tractor mower, rear discharge mowing deck & snow blower both in good condition and runs well. all the parts for the snow blower are with it.
  4. craigbic

    Now THAT is service!

    Tom, one of the owners of Boyden & Perron of Amherst, MA, the Master Toro/Wheel Horse dealer who sold me my 1998 314-8 Wheel Horse Garden Tractor came out in the middle of a snow storm, at night, after a full day of work,the night before Thanksgiving to fix my tractor when it broke down after 30 feet of snow blowing. Turns out, when I got out of the cab, I kicked the gear shift which caused the safety switch to turn off the engine - as expected. I'm a big guy and new to the more compact nature of the WH controls and the confines of a snow cab. Apparently, when that happened, the magnetic part on the gear shift broke off. I'm new to wheel horse and had no idea and since I only had the tractor for just shy of 24 hours and I was standing in the dark in the snow with now way to get my car up the driveway (it's a Honda and doesn't like steep grades and snow - both describing my driveway), I gave them a call figuring he could walk me through some stuff on the phone. He did but none of it helped, so to my surprise he came out. Unfortunately, when he got to my house, because it was dark and snowing and the mailbox is in between my driveway and my neighbors and a bit confusing, he chose the wrong driveway and being even steeper than mine and not plowed, he slid off into a ditch. He than walked over to my house to get my tractor working again (we jumped out the gear shift switch) and then he called a co-worker to get him home. Unfortunately, he had driveways to plow with that tuck and couldn't get it out until Thanksgiving. Some time on Thanksgiving morning, when he came to get his truck out, he delivered my tractors bagger tube that got left behind when he delivered the tractor. I felt SOOOOO bad for Tom but that just speaks volumes about the level of service you get from Boyden & Perron! I can't recommend them enough! Here's a video of the poor guy testing out the tractor to make sure all was ok (and probably to kill time waiting to be picked up).
  5. I got hold of a Wheel Horse snow blower model 6 6212. It has the crank with cable to direct the shoot. Everything is there but the spool the cable is wound around. Can someone tell me the dimensions of that spool. Diameter and length. Thank you.
  6. We brought my next project home last night. I think I am going to need a BIGGER shed real soon
  7. Bexter207

    Snow Blower

    So I have a 312 Wheel Horse. I have the Snow Blower attached and it was working great. I was using it last night when all of a sudden I heard a bang up near the the blower. I quickly disengaged the PTO lifter the blower and backed up to see if I had hit something. After inspecting i found that i did not hit anything. So I started clearing out any snow I realized nothing was stuck and the shear pins were still good. The augers had the normal amount of play. So I fired it back up and tried to engage the pto again it kind of bogged down and stalled out the engine almost. So I drove it to where i had better light. I could not see anything wrong still so I decided to try to engage it one more time to see if I could see anything. Well it started throwing so I decided to test it out and it worked fine. Then as I was going along it just stopped throwing again. So I don't know what it is. I plan on taking a look at the gearbox when I get home to make sure that's all set. Just thought I would check to see if any of you have suggestions of what I could check.
  8. kayvonmansouri

    2 stage snow blower parts

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get this massive, manly, blower ready for winter. It has a cheap plastic piece that holds the chute on, I bumped it last year and broke the piece. I don't know where to get a replacement one, and i'm hoping i don't have to fabricate one. Any suggestions where to get this piece? This is a Model 79361-4900001 44" Snowthrower -GT. Thanks in advance
  9. I just got a very nice condition tall chute blower and I'm looking for ways to protect it from my gravel driveway. I'm thinking about a 6" deep by 1/2" 'board' of UHMW that would span all the way across the bottom of the blower, forward of the scraper blade. For mounting I was thinking of replacing the existing skid shoes with angle bracket that would allow me to bolt this large strip of UHMW all across the bottom of the auger. The idea here is to prevent stones from being sucked up into auger. I'm not worried about 3/4" of snow left behind. I'm more worried about putting 3 tri-axles loads of 3/4" stone through my blower. Maybe I could do the same thing with a pieces of 5/4 pressure treated decking. The idea is the same, lift the blower up a bit and only allow it to throw the snow that's in the auger chamber and not allow it to pull things in. This is my first blower of any kind so I'm new to this and would like to make it last. This could be hair-brained and stupid, which is why I'm seeking input before proceeding. Thanks
  10. I just bought my first WH, yesterday. I was delivered to my house this morning. I can't wait to get home and get on it later today. Seemed like a great tractor when I was testing it out. It is a 520XI. I'm hoping to put a blower on it. I'm curious as if there are other blowers out there, other then theToro or the New Holland GT series that will fit the 5XI's. Any thoughts and information would be helpful. -Charlie
  11. The bearings went on the two sprockets on the front of the snowblower. Any suggestions, recommendations on how to get them? Thanks Rob
  12. Need some help with the chain on this. The old one let go today and bent in a few places Any help with part numbers, where to by, after market options, etc. are much appreciated....
  13. The bearings went on the two sprockets on the front of the snowblower. Any suggestions, recommendations on how to get them? Thanks Rob
  14. So I acquired a snow blower for free a few years ago that needed some work and I finally get it fixed up and I knew the lift pin under the blower was questionable but I figured I could get a season out of it , on the first lift the arm drops. I know there was a thread where someone flipped the pin and put a nut on instead but I cant find the thread. its where the lifting bar connects to the blower. has anyone fixed theirs or modified it in a better way. Right now I have 2 small "C" clams and it seems to be ok but no snow yet so not sure if the clamps will hold if scraped on the driveway. New auger gear pic below.
  15. Hi people! I came across a "brand-new" (unused, in the box) snowblower attachment for a lawn tractor. It looked like it *might* be wheel-horse tack-o-matic compatible, but I have no experience with these things. I only took a picture of the nameplate on the thing because I was in a rush. It's a Heilman Enterprises thing from Indiana. Does anyone know anything about these? All I could find online is that the company existed between 1971 and 1989. Thanks!
  16. Tlong927

    6-3211 Snow thrower

    Hey Guys, So I've been looking for a snow blower for my 70 GT-14. I found that in the manual the 6-6211 snow blower. Does anyone know if a 6-3211 will fit on this tractor without mods? I found one and am thinking about picking it up but wasn't sure if it would fit. Thanks
  17. Hello everyone, I'm a proud new wheel horse owner having just purchased an oldie but a goodie, I'm already impressed and amazed at the ruggedness of these tractors and can't wait to put it to work........I'm Looking for a few accessories for a 1971 GT14 1-0500-6...specifically, i'm looking for a mower deck, dump cart and a snow blower....does anyone have any idea what part numbers I would need...also need an owners manual/maintenance manual for the 1-0500 but can't seem to find any for a 1971 GT14 in the downloads .... Does anyone know the differences between the 69 through 72 GT14's thanks for any info you could give!
  18. Greetings all. Looking for some feedback. A couple of weeks ago a neighbor gave me a snow blower that was not running. Nice unit...179cc, electric start...cosmetically almost perfect. No major mechanical issues, it got left with gas in it and it gummed up. He's not very mechanical and although I offered to help him out with it he just wanted it gone and was going to post it for free on CL, so I said sure, I'll take it. Anyway, I cleaned it up, ordered a replacement carb/primer/gaskets (cheaper than the rebuild kit), drained and filled it with fresh premium gas, cleaned and gapped the plug and she fired up on the first pull. Only issue is it's really surging. There is a link to a short (>1 Minute) YouTube video below. I have some thoughts, but I would appreciate any ideas or experience anyone has with symptoms like this. Thanks in advance! https://youtu.be/PU0f3JiaJr8 (I sure wish I knew why sometimes when I link to a YouTube video I get a preview image, and other times only the link? I've tried using the Video URL, Embed Code and every combination I can think of but no joy? Weird.)
  19. I see a decent looking snow blower #79263 and wondering if it will easily fit either my 1974 C-160 or my 2000 314-8? Your input would be appreciated.
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