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Found 17 results

  1. neilevans1971

    42in Snowthrower WH attachment #79362

    42in Snowthrower #79362 for sale You pick up, as I cannot deliver. Lot's of fun to clear a sidewalk in one pass or driveway in just a few. I have the manual, belt and attachment parts that go with it but are not pictured. All are in good working order.
  2. Hi all you movers of snow, I have a Wheel horse 520 H 1996 Model 73501 and just reattached my model 79361 snowthrower on it and the belt is very loose. I had used the blower last season and it had performed great (it came with the blower already on) I removed it for mowing use and reattached a month ago with the same belt. Even with the belt on the inner/larger PTO pulley, the belt was so loose that it would barely turn the auger without engagement into snow and completely stopped in snow. the belt then came off and was damaged so that the steel cords started to protrude and I replaced the belt. (belt: # 116332) The new belt slips also and the symptoms are the same, even on the larger PTO sheave. The belt tension spring is mounted and functioning and as far as I can tell I have routed the belt correctly. I tried to visit pages that show images of this, but was not allowed to view the content?? Are there any additional ways to make the belt fit better? I'll post some key pictures of what it all looks like shortly When I removed the cover for the belt at the PTO I noticed that I had it on the smaller/outside sheave and moved it to the larger. this did tension the belt better and perhaps it will work. However I am concerned about the Belt guard that is situated between the 3 pulleys on the thrower- is it in the right position?
  3. So long story short I scored a two stage snowthrower for my 520xi in the off season and hooked it up to my tractor and finally got a chance to use it this past weekend after we got a storm that dumped about a foot of fresh now. First time out everything was going good and the snowthrower was moving snow like a beast, I did notice though when I got to the berm at the end of the road the blower would shake and vibrate pretty good when going through it. I thought it was just normal operation since the snow tends to be more compacted from the plow, I just made sure to go nice and slow when I got to the end of the driveway and was able to clear my driveway and the neighbors without any issues. Fast forward to the next day and I fired up the tractor to clean up the driveways as we got another couple inches over night. Was able to finish my driveway but halfway through the neighbors when clearing the end of the driveway the blower shook and the suddenly stopped. I shut it down and looked around and noticed the belt was broken, I didn't think too much of it as when I put the blower on the tractor the belt was showing some wear but when I saw how expensive the toro belts are I decided to run it as it looked like it would make it through another season no problem. Once I got it back in the garage I removed the belt and that's when I noticed that something didn't seem right, the spring loaded pulleys on the right side of the pulley box were hanging below the blower frame, I took the chain and belt cover off the blower and noticed there's damage to the main belt pulley on the blower as well. I pulled the pulley box off and noticed that there's groves worn into the metal from the pulley and what looks like some belt rub. Anybody have any clues on what caused the belt to fail? I'm including pictures to hopefully give some clues to those who have used these blowers extensively. I followed the manual while installing the blower but I'm wondering if maybe I don't have something assembled correctly or am missing some crucial part. I'd really hate to spend the money on a new belt only to have it blow because I didn't correct the actual issue. I will say all the bearings seem tight on the blower and there doesn't appear to be any play in the shafts. I look forward to any insight you guys can offer, thanks.
  4. The tall chute snowthrower on my 520H will twist the kotter pin and disconnect from the lift rod. I've also used kotter keys with worse results. Has this happened to anyone else? I do have 2 washers on the end of the lift rod. Adding maybe 1/8 of a inch to the total length of the lift rod. I've never had a problem with the short chute snowthrower that I have hooked up to my B100.
  5. I picked up a used single stage that has been sitting. The auger spins, bit things need a little TLC. What chain lube have you found to work best, and last longest? Any lube needed on the bearings? Or just replace if stiff? Thanks!
  6. Youtube video of my 1979 Wheel Horse C-161 throwing some snow!
  7. Jjf02914

    1963 model 633

    Hello just wondering Im looking for the snowthrower setup for ny tractor think its a st 324? Just looking for some pro input, where can i find one if anyone has a idea would be awsome ty .
  8. 608KEB

    Auger sprocket

    I need to replace the auger sprocket on my snowthrower # 79360. Would some one know where I could find one? I was planning on grinding the welds on the old sprocket to get it off. I was missing a bushing on one off the idler sprockets and the chain wasn't lined up properly. It wore the teeth on the inside off the sprocket pretty good. It works fine. I've alined the chain the best I could. Maybe it will last awhile. I was afraid it would wear the chains out prematurely. Any thoughts on this?
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of how the lift assist springs attach to the Ber-Vac snowthrower on the 520-HC? I know it's past the snow season but I would like to get it done while it's on the tractor so I can remove it to put the deck on and be ready to attach it next year without any delay.
  10. Just wondering if anyone out there has made modifications to their D-series snow throwers to improve their efficiency? Mine works but the snow only flies about 10 feet. I would think it should go further. Of course it boggs down quite easily in wet, heavy snow but the light fluffy stuff doesn't go go much further. Or is this the norm for a single stage unit? Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. arminer8

    Lift Assist Spring

    I saw a post on here earlier of a lift assist spring. What exactly does this do? Can I get a dummy crash course on this? Also, does anybody know how to make a homemade one for my snowblower?
  12. arminer8

    Snowblower Lift

    I have a Snowblower problem, well kinda. Every time I get into snowplowing, which has been a lot today because of the storm, the lift bar to lift the blower up off the ground, breaks through the pin on the bottom of the blower, causing the blower to fall to the ground, which is an obvious problem. It's so aggravating, I finally quit just shoving pins through the connection, and am worried that if I shove stuff in there just to get through the storm, it will eventually break the connection piece, which is attached to the blower, out the bottom, as it has already started to break through. I can't fit a bolt through it, and I can't get it welded until after the storm. Any ideas and what have you guys done in the past? A cotter pin worked great up until now, and with all the heavy snow running through it and sitting on the blower housing, it gets heavier than what the pin can hold, and snaps. I know the picture is a little blurry and hard to read, but the circle is where I am having problems. I just need a quick fix, but won't wreck it completely and beyond repair! Please help!!
  13. SethL1984

    2 Stage Gear Box

    Ok Fellas, 2 Stage (79361) froze, was blowing snow and then the screech! Won't move, I believe its the gear box. I haven't had a chance to tear into it yet but what should I expect/look for? Are the gears readily available? HELP!
  14. I cannot figure out what this single stage snowblower fits. The guy I bought it from told me it would fit C and 300/400/500 tractors, but the pulley and PTO don't even come close to lining up. The blower is 36" wide with the wings, 30" without. It has the steel wheels and cable rotating chute. There is a tag with serial no. 30543. Can someone help me identify this. Thanks, -Justin
  15. lodestonefarm

    Will this fit my WH 520-H?

    Will an 6-6214 42" snow thrower fit my 520? I've been watching for a blower for this machine and most of what I can find, and afford, are these older models- single-stage, short-chute. From what I can tell this older model would fit the 1975 C-120 and C-160 but I have no idea if it will fit my much newer (1995) 520. Anyone know for sure if this fits, what if any mods it would need? Thanks in advance.
  16. I have a C-Series tractor, 1980 or 1981, black hood. It came with a snowthrower (snowblower?) already mounted. When I removed it, I didn't take pictures, and wish I did. Now, today, I have attempted to reattach it. I have it attached to the frame via a single bolt that goes all the way through. There is a long bar and tube beneath. The tube has a large nut at one end, and it goes into the hook located at the center rear of the snowthrower. The other end has a long rob, with a piece of flat stock welded to it, and a hole drilled into it. It is just large enough for the pin on the rock shaft (I think thats the term) which normally goes into the mounting point of a mower deck. So I placed the flat stock in such position that it does that. (see pic below). I routed the belt onto the pulley closest to the engine because in the outer groove it would not line up properly. The auger turns great, needs a bit of oiling I think. When I put the hydraulic control into up or down, the snowthrower body does nothing. It never rests on the ground, and in the 'up' position the shaft and tube assembly bend to a degree that makes me nervous. The tube and bar meet up with a pin and there is nail to keep them together. It appears that the snowthrower has had some fabricating done to it, not sure if it was out of necessity to keep a worn implement running, or if it was due to modify it to fit my machine. I cannot find much from the data plate (below pic). The measurement is about 36.5 inches at the front. Does anyone have any suggestions about the tube and bar stock which is supposed to lift? I went 17 pages deep into implements forum, and search was relatively bland for solution. As always, thanks for your assistance.
  17. Had my '78 D-200 (K532 engine) w/snowthrower out today and found it lacking in power. The engine starts and runs fine but when I attacked the snow the engine RPMs dropped off quickly. The snow was wet and heavy so I didn't chage in too hard. I got the job done but it deffinately wasn't as strong as it was last year. I believe I have to adjust the carburator. Can anyone tell me if the engine is running too rich or too lean? Thanks for any assistance, Kevin
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