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Found 9 results

  1. PWL216

    C-121 Front End Loader

    About a year ago I bought a C-121 auto with the intention of using it as my go-to mower. Shortly thereafter I got a great deal on a low hour 314-8. It ran perfect and had several attachments - it became my new go-to mower. So, I decided to repurpose the 121 to be a front end loader. After purchasing the build plans from P.F Engineering (which are excellent), I realized I couldn’t build it for less than $2k in material. I decided to look for a used one and found a Thompson TC10 local to me, mounted on an “end of life” 1077, for $1,000. The loader swap itself was pretty straight forward. The only modifications needed were drilling a couple of mounting holes in the tractor frame, grinding away a little of the loader top frame so the hood opened/closed and welding in a new hydraulic pump mount. I have a few things to button up still and the bucket itself needs attention but it’s fully functional. I also bought a pair of clamp-on pallet forks. I also did a “refresh” of the 121. The total project cost is shown below. Roughly $2,300, with just the FEL itself being around $1,300. Tractor C-121 Auto $500 Solid engine mounts $50 Front End Loader Johnson 10TC $1,000 Hydraulic fluid $35 Spare hydraulic hose $40 Ignition Battery $35 Battery cables $20 Points & Condenser $20 Fuel Carb & Gasket $65 Electric fuel pump $60 (later removed) Air filter $10 Fuel filter $15 Fuel line $10 Spark plug $5 Decals and Paint Decals $115 Paint $30 Lights Headlight Lens $45 LED Headlights $25 Rear lights $25 Misc $200
  2. Baxtercr

    C-121 for sale

    Great condition C-121 for sale. if any ones interested lets dm. I'm based in North Yorkshire near Harrogate
  3. Christof421

    C-121 snowblower issue

    Hello, I recently purchased a single stage snowblower attachment for my C-121. Currently going through my first storm with it. Made some passes down the driveway and blower was blowing a bit of snow backwards under the tractor. Snow is very fine and light snow. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has suggestions on remidies.
  4. ohiofarmer

    A score for Jay

    I found a standout looking C-121 . i found it on FBmarketplace, but those guys had it blocked for replying to the owner. Ask price was only 220 and after i took the chance with screwing up my life on the computer, Facebook would not let me talk to the owner because it was too new. what FB wants is for you to hang out for a while and post. My buddy jay was corrupted by me to get into old Honda motorcycles, so I had him do the contact and used me as an additional phone number. The owner texted me last night with permission to call him. he got an offer to buy while i was enroute to look, and since i texted him i was on the road, he waited for me. It is a one owner,bought for a project with the second owner deciding that the project might take longer than hoped. it's an eight speed that is putting a fine mist of oil inside the hood, so at least a head gasket or possibly a ring job, but it runs and is all there with a 38"' RD deck in great shape. No piccs yet as we are picking it up later this week. Gave him the money and he gave me a bill of sale. Farmer to farmer is why we came to that agreement It came up in conversation that we are both farmers, and it does make a difference that we would rather sell to each other than having random ppl from town casing our places for gas tanks to steal from and stuff like that.. Anyway, Jay needs to get away from green/yellow.
  5. ***warning long thread alert with lots of pictures and videos*** I don't post as much as I should, despite 3 horses regularly earning their keep round here - all have had build threads. So this seems no different At the 2015 UK Wheel Horse round up, I bought a C-121 from a friends son. He had half stripped it... lost bits, sandblasted some - lost faith. £50 was a steal... $75 to you guys in the US. We've moved house and pushed this thing around for 5 years and decided we need a regular Horse that the snow blower, plows and tiller will fit - this seemed the most apt one out of the GT14, Commando 8, Lawn Ranger and C-160 auto parked next to it to resurrect Looking under the hood... theres no wiring or cables for throttle and choke. But engine looks intact.... turning the pulley however it sounds pretty grim, something scraping! So first thing pop the drive pulley in case it is scraping nope not that... so pull the flywheel... ahhh that'll make a noise! out with the epoxy... that should do it Next to strip carb and fuel pump... no pics of cleaning them - pump was full of white corrosion - carb was remarkably clean I can tell it was spent a long time outdoor by looking at the blower housing repairable, but I've got better things to do... Before torquing the flywheel I checked if there was any oil - I think there was a drop on the dipstick, so very low. Poured a quart in... doh! someone had snapped the remote drain off... So weld a 3/8 bolt into the remaining piece and use a fibre washer! fixed! So let's balance a coil and condenser on the top with a 12V battery and see if we can get a spark. Nothing - pull points cover and points look like fuel pump, all rusted up and contacts not good! quick clean and emery cloth, setting the gap to 0.05mm (we are metric here in the UK - plus I don't have any imperial feelers ) Turn the flywheel and a spark Whats the chances now if we dangle a fuel pipe in a jerry can and jump the starter? IMG_1230.MOV Started and ticks over nicely, used the basic 2-1/2 turns on both needles and it runs pretty well - I never fail to jump on the backfires, will run better with a muffler! Daren't run too long without the blower housing too!!! Join us tomorrow for the next exciting instalment
  6. WH Believer

    Help! First time buyer C-121

    I have wanted a good garden tractor for what seems like forever. Having moved into 1.24 acre yard I finally have a decent excuse. I have found a C-121 nearby on CL and they are asking $350. They claim it runs and cuts well while the pics seem to show a machine in decent shape. Having an abundance of zeal but minimum knowledge I come to the pros. I was wondering if a tractor this old was would likely leave me in the lurch but seeing the many machines you post on here still working after 50+ years speaks for itself! What should I look for if i get a chance to check it out? What in your minds would prevent the purchase? Bear in mind that while I would love to do a full restoration I don't have the time or resources for it now. I need to be able to get working with minimal wrench time. Does the support structure exist to find parts if something breaks? I have always been drawn to older machines (cars, motorcycles, anything that was built to last) and have fallen in love with the look and legacy of the Wheel Horse. Help me avoid an ignorant purchase that would spoil the fun. Thanks Here's the CL link if it helps (don't scoop me now):
  7. RedWheelz

    310-8 deck question

    Will a 42" deck, rear discarge ( Model: 05-42RK01) off a C-121 fit a 310-8? Thanks
  8. Will a 36" side discharge deck off a C-121 fit the 300 series tractors?
  9. TrueRed88

    c-121 8 speed

    Not sure what to do with this one. I do have the correct hood for it. Thinking of pulling the transaxle and fitting into the 953 behind it. Or build a puller. Hmm or maybe build a puller out of the 953. Too many decisions and not enough Horses!
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